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We were placed inside a glass fortress
Dull knives were all we were given
Expected to know how to survive
We attempted to carve our way out
To leave a mark of any kind
Desperation flooded our insides
What will we do if we never make it
How will the world ever know of our existence
Right above our righteous heads
The sun flooded in
Yet we remained oblivious
To warmth it gave
The light it provided
The life it created
The sun was above us all along
The fortress was never sealed
We were far too busy trying to leave our mark
We could never see
There was an escape all along
Into reality
Mark Wanless Jun 23
reality the fictitious
truth moment by moment
Cede Jun 20
Pitter patter
Rain drops splatter
On the ground-
Where life goes round.

Cool wind blows
As waters row.
Leaves swiftly pass
As the day pace fast.
Mark Wanless Jun 17
forever i stand alone
surrounded by compassion
illusion and reality
Jammit Janet Jun 15
Authentic City
One of the hardest destinations
To find
Once found hard to stay at
Unless you can find peace
Not always fitting in
Not always feeling liked
Not always being treated equally
Despite being aware of what’s not fair
Or right.
Tiana Jun 15
Candle lights and a day long sigh
Gray evening tea resting by
the journal
which's last page I thought I'd pen today;

But I can't seem to narrate,
today's unfolding
about how the world I knew
Put off it’s last enchanting shred;

But this thought suddenly gone faraway
As if blown by the witches wind,
Yes, witches wind I would say
Though this reality was a thunderous cloud, it brought promise of rain;

And I didn't know my heart did witchcraft, so intense,
It hypnotised me to immerse myself in the indulgence
of cherishing an unlived memory again;
Still working on this
Kassan Jahmal Jun 13
Resite this at my funeral,
If I were ever thinking backwards,
Stuck in my past thoughts, past feelings, past doubts,
Past victories, past regrets, past loves; the past me,
I could never forget years into it's future.

And of all my beautiful people,—
I love you more than I would like to have known,
More than I would like to have experienced, more than
I would like to have told you in words.

At least in a subtle time, it felt so nice to dream;
As with eyes blinded to the harshest reality,
Seems just theory: to dream in a forced reality;
Unrealistic to your dreams. But be it the last I close my eyes;
Know that I would dream forever.

Forever seems found in death.
Eternity; the end of no end, we'll meet at our very end.

You're now dead!
Allesha Eman May 31
Here's to the ephemeral nights carried away by the sounds of birds.
While you were tracing constellations in your popcorn ceiling
I was drowning in the midnight blue, thinking of love,
And how the shape of water reminds me of you,
I packed a bag of dreams for the bus ride down your memory road
To keep me occupied in your dreamscape world
as I chased remnants of wished-upon dandelions
back to the backyard where our laughter still circled with the wind
only to find you waiting with our two-handed promises still knotted together
the dreamscapes shed around us
and sunrise glow burned through our souls
shoulders hunched by weighted confrontations
night escaped hours ago, but I, desperate to hang on, drown in day-glow
My memories and dreams have melted into motion blur
And thoughts of you carry them away to the moon.

I am back to where you left me last, taking reality on a walk,
As a long summer day saunters ahead.
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