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It's all about
to become reimagined
along a foreign coast

Embattled shorelines
an archer on the beach
girl in a sling
facing the other way
playground martyrs

Random acts
of senseless violence
the warm taste of human failure

I received the word, just the other day, my neighbor,
A very good friend, for many, many years, passed away.
Instantly, I had a hollow feeling inside, as I reached,
For a tissue, to wipe a few tears from my eyes.
I’ve been in the same situation, many times, the sadness,
Will slowly, fade, to memories of a great man, in my mind.
Each of us have a limited, life this time, a mixture,
Of years, and days, it’s a part of the original plan,
As our soul must travel and experience, many situations,
Seeking perfection, before the final judgement day.
Elmer ( Ray ) Schooley, easy on the Elmer, as Ray would say,
A dedicated family man, A husband, father, and grandpa,
Family was first to him in every way, an honest, true country man.
Many hours raising chickens, and rabbits, always making sure,
His family had food, to cook, in the frying pan. I’ve seen him,
  Pick, flowers from their yard, just to see the smile, on Pam’s face,
When he placed them, in her hands.
Time will move on, the inner pain will slowly fade, then our,
Precious memories, of Ray, will be treasured, and bring a smile,
To our face, as the sun does, after a rainy day. One memory,
I will always remember, of Ray, his rooster would sneak out of,
It’s pen, he would chase it around their yard, with a fishing net,
Before, it ran away. Rest In Peace Ray!
The Original: Tom Maxwell © 04/20/2024 A.D. Ordained Minister ULM
Malia 3d
I’ve already done my ten-thousand hours
Under the light of the moon and the sun.
”Self-made” contains its own divine power
In the minds of the Americana.

My bootstraps, I’ve pulled
Until they tore off.
I admit, I’ve been fooled
In this Land of the Lost.

And still yet they shout, at Forefather’s behest:
“Give it your all! And then give me the rest!”
I need someone who will hold my hand
When he felt that life is getting tough.
Someone who will understand by just staring in my cold eyes
To lift my mood without using sweet lies.
Because I only wanted to feel that I am more than just enough.

There are lots of things that I wanted and needed,
And I don't think that I deserve it.
Something's missing, I wasn't perfect.
But there was you who made me feel that I wasn't lacking of something.
December 08, 2023
Zywa Apr 6
The world does exist,

finally I know for sure:

I am dying there.
Novel "The Satanic Verses" (1988, Salman Rushdie), chapter 9 A wonderful lamp

Collection "Low gear"
Alan S Bailey Mar 29
So you want to lead me, "us all," to the "truth,"
That there is no excuse and that every day
We need instantaneous "failure proof,"
But I know what you are, you can't hide.
You've taken so many to an early
Retirement already with your "sane" logic.
Please give me a moment so I can find out
What it's like to be on the
"Winning side,"
While I sit here, head reeling,
Strangers passing around at every turn on
This city street, completely and entirely aware
About it all and don't want to let you just
Simply pass for normal. It's like this feet that you must commit
To, I'm a victim of your shameless charade,
Lucky me, I am the bad one who has to get out of the car.
That every thing I have ever accomplished means
Absolutely nothing
Simply because it isn't
Bea Rae Mar 28
Will the ghost of you

Haunt me if I cannot let you go

After you leave me
Bea Rae Mar 24
I'm going to miss you.

For days, months, years;
For the rest of my life.

I am going to miss you.

I am sure you will invade my thoughts when I least expect it.
Like when I drink my morning coffee, find a new song or book, or when I hear a laugh similar to yours.

I am going to miss you.

Many things do not last,
But I know my thoughts, feelings, and memories of you will never die.

Even though, at times, I will not want to,
I am going to miss you.
Zywa Mar 23
The fairy tales are

over, since then they just tell --

how it really is.
Novella "De grote wereld" ("The upper world", 2006, Arthur Japin), chapter 2

Collection "Held/True"
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