If I would lose every connection, it would be called dedicated deception.
I'd ask myself this question, am I really in the right session?

I've thought about being tall, but people rather wanted me to stay small.
I've looked helpless for a moment, but when I called for help, I just faced torment.
Whenever I felt down, the people who would have shown, where only those who've thrown.

I just want to dream, and I rather don't want to be seen.
I've got hurt so many times, it felt like being captured in a crime.
Those people who've talked to me about love, acually always were rough.

I have no right to rule or demand, but would have loved it, to take someone's hand.
I just want to be respected, and not neglected by all those fucking crackheads.
But everything that happens to me, will be something I'll make you see,
and then you'll agree, that I was feeling like I had to flee.

I never had expected, that I would be distracted,
but I always did, when u acted, like I was accepted.

I've got used, and never really felt amused,
but does it matter, my mood changes like the weather.

Sometimes I cry so much, that my tears could drown you,
and I show my feelings, infront of you weaklings.
You're feeling strong, but actually are stupid all day long.

I've got beaten down, but I am here, picking up that crown.
Everyone of you always feels so high, but for me it's not even worth to sigh.
It might be sad to hear, but I've got used to my fear.

I am strong enough, to never give up, and I will never change,
I'll be the friend for those who need me, and maybe one day you'll understand and see,
that everyone who's around you,
is nothing but a dedicated deception, and you should ask yourself this question...
do you actually have any meaningful connection?
The world is a bad place for a good soul, yet we can ignite like burning coal.
Fire in our eyes, we can make their heartbeats rise, within shady lies.
We pretend to know, but we're moving far to slow, since lies freeze us into ice.

Gotta help someone out, then I can feel proud -
But should I really feel that way, is it really good to say?

If I'd be in need, I'd look for a hand that feeds,
I would be kind, and would not have any bad things on my mind.

I've got used so many times, but I never noticed it.
Trapped inside a shell, never cracked and never escaped, because it had a hard shape.

Sometimes I think about me, who is stuck inside this misery.
I can't live, but at least I survive, even though the knife is my only friend in Life.

I hide my tears, living with my fears, but I smile, since I don't want others to worry,
it's just a normal day, me writting a letter and acting to feel better, but whatever.

I am trying to help people, always and whenever I can, but when they tell me to take care of myself, I could cry and ask myself, why don't you take care of me and why do I have to do it for you, where's the logic, where are you, when you need me I am here, but I am alone and I have to take care of my own fear.

We could live a happy life, but since the world is a bad place for a good soul, we will never be together and our days will be as dark as crows.
You're gone, I won't see you anymore.
I started crying when I heard that you have left.  

Am speechless, because of you.
Am drowning in my tears, because of you.
Am driving insane, because of you.
But without you, I'd not be here.
It's all because of you.

Started from the bottom, and haven't ever seen a glimpse of light.
Was wandering in the darkness, and met you in the night.

You've gave me your hand, and with it your heart.
It felt like a bridge and you've offered me a new start.

You just were there, and I couldn't believe my eyes.
Someone reaching out to me, but I was tired of all these lies.

I've asked you, if you will never leave and let me alone.
You've answered 'No', in such a breathtaking and charming tone.

You've got me up, and brought me over this bridge.
Felt a smile appearing on my face, and didn't even feel a single stich.

It was so good and it felt so right,
thank you for meeting you, at this lonely night.

But now you're gone, we've not been together for very long.
I am about to cry, why has it to be you who had to die.

Am speechless, because of you.
Am drowning in my tears, because of you.
Am driving insane, because of you.
But without you, I'd not be here.
It's all because of you.

I'll always be in love with you, it's because of you.
Whenever I'll die, I'll revive and will take a second chance to destroy another life.
Whenever you will leave, I'll find someone else as long as I just breathe.
Whenever you fall in love, you've got my promise that I'll be rough.

If you ever feel ashamed, you're probably the one to be blamed.
I am the creator of the biggest Sin, probably the reason why I always win.
I'll do everything that I want, because there's nothing that I can't.
I can treat you very well, as long as you're a follower of hell.
I'll set your minds on fire, I'll burn each of your desire.
I know no mercy, only to the ones who will not deny and agree, else I'll put them into misery.

I am a fanatic sociopath, who surely will take you apart so that you'll never have a chance  for a new start.
I've got the power of a thousands, I can be the one who's moving mountains.
But for now you'll be enough, because I can form your life just as I do it with dough.
I am the sin and you're a saint, I've drawn your life, just as I do it on paint.

I am a lingering disease, but one who will never leave, I'll take my room inside your head, that's the place where I will be sleeping at. I'll not let you dream of anything else but me,
I am an abnormality and am taking your dignity until I'll set your soul free.
into oblivion
i recline
the dark
- you
my only
as i fall
the shadow
of reality
into the
hold me
there and
i will be
Ako 1d
I keep slicing reality
With the Knife of Reason,
Yet brushing winds
Carry scents of hope.

Neuron connections of
Misconceptions -
Is that causation
Or empty words?

I keep dicing my days
Climbing the ego
Of a shoreless mind
You keep coming my way
Wearing nothing but bands
Around your thighs -
Limelight moments.
Ticking clocks.
Down my spine.
Written Nov. 10, 2016
Nylee 1d
the past hour
gripped from far
my cowardly stroke
backing away
this moment.

late realisations,
float away.

bed of roses,
my beautiful fantasy.
bed of thorns,
my pessimist mindset.
just wilted flowers,
my true reality.

staged alright
these hard emotions
have built this messy home,
my head feels light
spilling all the thoughts out
Awtumn 1d
I had a dream,
We were sitting side by side.
I was crying.
You wanted to hold my hand.
But I shook my head and said,
"No, you're not mine anymore."

In the dream,
You took my hand
And you whispered in my ear,
"But I could be again."

That's how I knew it was a dream.
Those simple words clued me in.
Because you're not mine.
And you don't want to be.
Cece 2d
Planets and exhaustion.
Flowers and anxiety.
Sunshine and anguish.
Pretty rings and getting annoyed too easily.
Rainstorms and sadness.
Fire and frozen hearts.
Stars and pain.
Strawberries and disappointment.
French fries and 'fuck you's.
Fantasy and reality.

A line between the two,
a chain that keeps us on the ground
stuck with reality.
A cold, harsh, cliché reality.
Unable to fly among the stars,
among the planets for safety.
A pretty, warm,
chocolate chip cookie-type comforting fantasy
forbidden for people like us.
Because hope isn’t allowed here.
We prefer crushing dreams
before we even think of them.

Planets and exhaustion.
Fantasy and reality.
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