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muteD 7d
Why does it feel as though happiness
is unattainable for me?
Unreachable no matter how far I stretch.
Untouchable no matter how much I yearn for it.
And whenever I do seem to grasp it,
it always vanishes into thin air.
Leaving me wishing for a different time.

I remember being a toddler,
standing in a candy store..
Staring in awe at the sweets around me
and wishing I was big enough
to grab one of the huge lollipops
on the top shelf.
With no adult in sight of my little eyes
I had only one thought running through my mind
“I can’t wait until I’m older..”

and now,
here I am.
Older and what I feel and see now are
my thoughts and dreams,
my wants and pains,
my desires..

I see them swirling and mixing;
one becoming the other until I can tell nothing apart.

What hurts me just might be my destiny.

I wish for a reality where all things are crystal
and all paths are clear.
To know where my soul truly belongs
and to not wander.

A wandering heart knows of only temporary love
and a temporary love
can only end in

You wonder,
“Are you running from me?”
And my answer is,
“Yes, but only if you’re this reality”
Mereology studies whole and parts
I am sum of body parts
This is the view from outwards
On the left my heart
Pumps blood to every part
Intricate relations
Part to part
Nervous system
Originates from crown
I am a whole of my body parts
Physical appearance outwards
Myriad of wholes in different garbs
I talk of living part
Non-living part made of parts
Living, non-living make the universe
The whole universe still a part
A part of the Super Consciousness
Super Consciousness is indivisible
Has no parts
Yet It comprises
Living, non-living parts
Individual consciousnesses
Parts of Super Consciousness
Their sum doesn't make Super Consciousness, The Ultimate Whole
For they lose identity and merge
No longer to be part
Mereology studies whole and parts
Billie Marie Jun 8
this is only a human word
meaningless in reality
I am always now
not in the now
cuz now just is

The words come
the thoughts come too
they come
then go

Free is creating
the universe of which you exist
there is only living
and the mind

There are different ways
various practices
everything goes to the same end
the beginning

a person - family
community - nation
and world missteps and seems
to be forever off-track
even being here
one becomes lost
the appearance of being lost
the sense one is lost and blind
yet still one is here

There is a hard way
and an easy way
a long way
and a short way
complicated and simple
there isn’t time
only now is real
so only now one must see
this is the easy short and simple way
to reach the beginning at the end
Lougene F Jun 6
Late afternoon, the darkness is about to steal the light
We are about to head back down the mountains of Mindoro
A fire and smokes all over the trees, a "Kaingin"
we encounter a family of three camouflaging the forest
Looks like "Mangangahoy" making charcoal for a living

A heart-crushing-afternoon scenario
There is a man, who looks like the father
An old woman seems to be the grandmother with a little kid,
small and as cute as a button
We barely see them as they're covered with dark smokes from woodfire

Our truck stopped, offering them a ride
The father loaded the sacks of wood
The little boy trying to lift it with his bare little hands
so small but he seems can carried heavy loads
It's almost dark
we sat at the back of the truck cargo bracing ourselves
praying not to fall on a bumpy mountain road

This little boy is beside me
I look at his adorable-plumpy-little face covered with dirt
Eyes glistening with innocence
A little jungle boy
An angel of the forest
he reminds me of Mowgli

This bambino inhaling wood smokes daily
working at a young age is a definition of a heartbreak
something made me tear up inside
it comes to a point where you don't know what to feel at the moment
Reality is hurtful
and the hardest part is handling your emotions

This kid deserves better
every kid in the world deserves better

Circa 2019
This might be the saddest part of my outreaching journey
I don't know what to feel that time.
And I realized that moment, this is the reason why. This is my purpose.
Srujani Jun 4
In the part of growing up
I realized that
crying is not a sign of weakness
anger issues are never an excuse
out spoken is not attitude
introvert is not an abnormality
keeping secret is not a matter of pride
being busy doesn't count under fake
choosing alone doesn't mean hating people
being sad doesn't mean you are not happy
and feel of home doesn't always need a house

meaning of words always do differ beyond people
time really do heal everything eventually
choices doesn't count with any friendship
mistakes are meant to be done just to learn
and perfection is almost an illusion

in the way of growing up
I tend to cherish the stays than crying on lefts
love these abnormalities which were always nah's being a kid
feel happy in dark days just remembering
the proud time of future remembering this today
I tend to thank my trauma which I used to hate the most
I tend to accept the reality just while am writing this!
The day I found there's nothing beautiful than to grow up
I felt my heart knocking in happiness
and I don't know why
all the good things you said or did for me stays while I'm forgetting how bad you did me. those sweet talks could be an illusion but what you did is the reality.
call me an idiot for hiding the reality from myself deep inside
Had I had heart to love me, the way I loved you, I would have never been so stupid, vulnerable and misled, enough to let my heart be broken and  my soul be condemned to shatter everytime I hear your name.
Its funny how far people can change, in this cruel world all everyone sees are thier options and choices that they could make so much so that they could forget that they are free of the choice but not of the consequence. One day you are somebody they love and some day you are just another stranger that passes by.
Jessica May 30
Breathing here
Happens though a green straw
Like a lotus rising though the mud
Of societies lackluster grandeur
Speaking here
Best though inherent beauty
In metaphors
Harder to reach than Everest
Walking along
The ***** pond
Satanic windmills above
Rotating in the neon breeze
Take a fresh breath of air
In the metallic moonlight
The only sunlight
In this society
Is the lotus rising
From the artists’ demented dreams
The truth will set you free
Only in quiet reverie
Nothing is, nor has ever been,
As it seems
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