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Laid In all my dreams of yesterday to where I thought always
Oh how wrong because
now she's gone from this world and
Never to see her smiling face kiss those sweet lips
brush her
Only now the crule realities of facing life all alone never again to lay In the arms of my
Cruel realities of facing life alone without my true love
Maesie 11h
I don’t remember that she died
And if you tell me I’ll  forget.

You find it annoying that I ask
But wouldn’t you
If you couldn’t remember
You last saw your mum.
Rule 101 with dementia- why put someone through the pain of our reality when their mind isn’t in the same reality anymore.
Face the reality before it faces you fool.
You need to stop dreaming when all you've gotta do is face the reality.
Haylin 1d
There is a vision of the world in a better place
But it left in the dark cause other don't see it being the same way.

People turn to the wrongs of the world
And, not the more important things,
People are talking ******* and meaningless words
Because we are unable to love each other.

We refuse to listen to better information instead hear a ******
And useless thing and write words that voices should never share.
This vision is being bypassed and ignored

When it's trying to reach out to us but it is left in the darkness.
We turn to the poisonous lights
Instead of seeing the warning it holds
We keep going towards it
Haylin 1d
Living life but is hiding,

Waking up but you feel like dying,

Wishing you could fly but falling.

Feeling like the world is crashing down,

You take one breath in and breathe out slowly.

Stepping in the light you go,

Facing reality very slow.

Watching time flash before your eyes,

You see the truth deep inside.

Your world turns out to be the game of life,

Facing it makes you wanna die.

Feeling reality's pain and pleasure,

Yet so strong but very clever.

Embracing it with all your might,

Trying not to give up the fight.

Taking responsibility for your lies and actions,

Seeing the mistakes you made in fractions.

You take one breath in and breathe out slowly,

You step back out of the light that's holy.

Facing reality is what you struggle to do,

But somehow you made halfway through.
is just a goodbye
before the dreams come

reality fades
and the world
you know
is swept
Life is an never ending cycle.
I think of the reality that I’m going to die.
Like everyone else.
I’ve spent too much time
Crying. Cutting. Crying.
I’m trying.
I have no more energy.
I already know
How my story ends.
You won’t realize the amount of my time I’ve spent wishing you loved me back
Until I’m gone
last night i dreamed

you were next to me

curiously close

i could hear you think

how did you tell me things

that i never knew?

are those really your feelings

or my concept of you?

there's a fragment of you

in the back of my mind

but i'm lost as to

whether it's yours or mine

last night i dreamed

little things that you said

but in waking hours

it's all in my head

little things that you said

that i want to be real

buried somewhere beneath

things i try not to feel

now i'm left to decipher

what fate has to say

for i found, while i dreamed,

that you lay awake
Haylin 2d
I live in a World of Fantasy,
So keep your reality away from me,
I see what I want,
I want what I see,
And that is all okay by me.
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