My melodious fire
Waves and weaves
Making a murder of wood
Delivering a birth of smoke
Those swirling cinders choking
Everything in sight

Breathing in one of death’s contagions
One by one they fall
Until there’s no call to order
Until there’s none left to perform for

The mob grew angry
My wrists, my ankles
Chained with briars
This an execution by my own desire
For I required an exit light here
Unclear liar lost in his lies here
Fear-shaken, no stakes in truth,
Fear-faking, I have no stake in you
So I pull up stakes
See you

I have no clue what I’m going to do
I get lost in myself
But myself I have yet to choose
These paradoxes and riddles
That plague and peeve my mind
Deceive me as I deceive them
Till we’re all left deceiving in kind
Till the other becomes the self
And the self melts away from being the better
Cluttered with curses from the past
This incompatible software overheats
Crashes fast
And now we’re back to fire.

I was once blind to such simple facts
Broken, silly tracks of thought off-track
Lines left carved up in the sand
The next day wiped away
By nature’s erasure or another’s hand

It is sand after all

But I gave up a pair
Received my true third eye
Its blind to these facts
The grains look all turned up and twisted
Spilling from my clenched fist
Like they’re seconds in my hourglass
So, my fellow pair-holders, I ask
Why take a second to grasp
So that a second in turn is given?
I see no bargain driven
Just a reality
In which
If you livin’ happy, campy
You must be trippin’

Today's mood
Kierra 1d

Society is evil
And terribly hollow.
We are lost today
And forgotten tomorrow.

In a world of hate
and artificial love,
the most aware
see no savior above.

You cannot argue,
for I have seen
the deadly epitome
of Reality.

Slaves to Society
may hold us down;
but they will never
deafen our sound.

We have been broken
too many times;
so with tortured hearts,
forever we will fight.

It's a nightmare,
an end to a dream
forever untrue.
A constant seek
for a togetherness
of you and me.
Always lingering
in the gray space
between what is
meant to be
and reality

9-17-17 (C)

I had written these raw emotions at a very sad time for me this summer. It always seems so depressing, so I have hesitated to post it. But, today, I must let this go without revision.
Thanks for reading! K:)

False love
flipped on its head
frozen time thawed
friends to the end.

Yet I am still human, and falling to loss is instinctual.

As always I'm dreading just leaving my bed,
I've got a hundred thoughts threading fog through my head.
Another day to live, twenty-four hours of fight,
I don't have much else to give; I used it all up last night.
Am I the only one to see colour in different shades and hues?
'Cause lately this world seems duller, the Earth has lost it's muse.

My body is aching through every bone and joint,
and my will is breaking, for I no longer see the point.
I grasp fire just to feel pain and stare at the sun to go blind,
It seems I've got a plastic brain and a melting mind.

I'm stressing out in a traffic even though I'm in no real hurry,
but in my head details are graphic of every fear and worry.
Another week to go through, seven days of pointless waste,
you know the feeling too true, you know it's feel and it's taste.
Am I the only one to see colour, instead of just white and black?
'Cause lately this world is duller, there's so much that we lack.

My body is aching from my head down to my toes,
and I'm just faking the knowledge no one else really knows.
I wonder if I'm sane, and if I'm alone and confined,
it seems I've got a plastic brain and a melting mind.

Why does it feel that every person I meet isn't real?
As if they're stuck in a dream, or following a line down stream.
Does anyone else think like this?
That there's something we all miss,
'cause wasn't life a gift of bliss?
Instead we regret and only reminisce.

My body is aching through every limb and pore,
and no matter what you're making, you'll always need more.
Can't be another link in a chain; bound, locked and intertwined,
I suffer from a plastic brain and a melting mind.

A man with a dream
Is No different from a kite
For they all lack vision and sight.
For some the sun shines East to West
But mine shines West to East,
So l have no time to waste.

I wasn't born with a Porsche
I never had a Yatch
I Never had a Country house nor a Country Club.
I never wore fancy Silk Blazers,
But my past does not define me and neither do my deeds or words uttered from my  mouth.

No one believes in me
I am all l have,
My ambitions are like echos from a cave.
But actions speak louder than words
And my dreams will never fade.
I look to the North
The East
The West
The South
But there is none like me
I am different, l am special, l am like no other that has roamed this earth,
They Try to hold me down with the system,
They secretly doctorate me and use Shackles and Chains to limit me.

But l laugh at them
For my dream is bigger than me, them or any man on this earth.
And it is my only drive to the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.


My girl ,
Thinks im crazy.
I'm talking about pushing dasies.
Life ?
Don't phase me.
Only the lord can really save me.
I keep my head up high,
This broken soul been though the worst times
My eyes been flushed dry.
Got you wondering why,
I'm ready to die.

The berserker of ages past,
The Viking tribe,
War machines,
Only humans,
With limits broken,
By drugs,
and mindset,
Tearing through sundered flesh,
Reality ignored.
And man more dangerous than a beast.

Jobira 5d

In this world,
Sadness is filled in some eyes
and glittering glow of lights in others,
all just ignoring each other and passing by each other, sideways

Reality is a fact
It never changes, no matter
How much we fight it,
It's stubborn to remain intact

@jobiranyc (9/14/2017)

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