Cloud Trick

I am writing on a plane:
An airbus A380 cruising
Through the emptied rooms of heaven -
The place seems larger,
Now there's no one living here.

The clouds below are thick
And suddenly I wonder:
Why is it, every time I fly,
I cannot see the land below?
Yet when I look up from the ground
I often see the aeroplanes,
Travelling through an open sky,
Angels encased in corporate livery.

Now, in my seat by the window,
Staring down,
I see little specks of light -
Perturbations in my visual senses -
Errors of the mind -
Highlighted on the canvas of the air -
And on these flickers of illusion I fixate.

What if there is no land below?
Could it be that every flight we take,
Is a computer-generated fantasy?
An elaborate scheme dreamt up
By secret powers,
Who wish us to believe in forces
Beyond all reach of human mastery?

Maybe they catapult us
To this virtual place -
A hologram of God's old house,
Designed to bring the memory near:
The hope that humanity might have
A parent in the atmosphere.

Upon taking us up
To the promised land
They showcase the sacred vacancy
Of all our dreams of paradise.

Just as I begin to fall
Into the particulars
Of this miraculous conspiracy
I stop, and realise how poor I am -
I always buy the cheapest flight:
Always leaving early in the morning,
Just at the end of the night...

Do clouds form like dew
In the darkness?
As the Earth spins,
Are its hemispheres
Alternately cloaked in veils of white,
Like an eye that opens and closes
In both directions?

What I would give to witness that.

Written on a 7pm flight between Wroclaw, Poland, and Stansted, UK.

Life to me is a game. The day your parents give birth to you, your attributes, looks, social status are given. As you get older, you realize that each and everything matters to you. Money, education, relationships, your emotional well-being. So you try your best to gain recognition and appreciation. Basically like those game achievements. Each choice leads to a certain consequence. It’s up to you to decide on creating a better character or remain the same. In the end, the game (our existence) will come to it’s final chapter. It will be passed on to many generations. Hopefully the existing files (your kids, if you plan on making them) will keep you not only in their minds, but in their hard drives (hearts). If there is an afterlife, I hope we will rest in peace and see each other there.

Brianna 2d

It has to scare them to think there are some girls out there who run towards the wilderness instead of away from it.
To think some beautiful gypsy fairy is wandering into the big, scary woods at night to face her demons.
To imagine what it must be like as she glides into the night in a simple dress, barefoot and brave.

It has to be scary for the fathers who try so hard to protect their daughters to know they can fend for themselves.
Knowing their babies are out there wandering and exploring- dreaming of conquering all the world has to offer.
Knowing they are using the lessons you taught them but changing the rules so that a man doesn't have to save them.

It has to be scary for the men who can't handle that women don't need them in their lives.
To know that the more you put us down the stronger we are going to get.
To know the more you tell us we can't do something- the better we can and will do it.

I has to be scary knowing there are some women out there brave enough to fight.
To know that some women can wear high heels and lipstick and still kick your ass.
To imagine what it must be like as she lets her curiosity take over and her dreams become reality.

J 2d

Back broken my obstacle yet avoids unsettled pleasures of a whispering pine - Low was her voice down a meadowy road she collapsed - Hand vacant a distant shadow of a love she screamed deep horror - Reality hit backside measures a fervent plea for a love so deep - The cracks lay wide beneath the echoes of her feet did tremble - Seemed only miles did separate oceans across fields and time a different light broadcasted - A new moon one he will see only after she has reaped the pleasures of time fast forward a day elapsed he follows her close behind - Scream a name letters blank only pronounces a whisper never in person words transcribed technology helpless - Leaves want desire untamed desires flesh wounds so deep - I and her minuet dance two separated eclipse darkness shadows something solace I long to call mine - Truth forbids perpetuated bliss I shall dream forward pull grasp touch long desire happy smile content in our story one to tell move forward time.....

I'm the bitch with the addictive personality
And erratic mentality
Constantly escaping reality
Causing my fucked up morality
I feel like an animal; you've committed bestiality.

I am sad when I wake up,
I am sad when I breathe,
I am sad when I eat,
I am sad when I sleep,
I am even sad when I dream.
Is there a reason for this perpetual feeling or was I just burn with it?

We can color the world.
Protect ourselves from the dark.
Coward in yellow.

We were kids, wanting to become adults
but when we became adults
we wanted to be kids again....

I have stopped, stopping by
for the people all around.
Its me now in this lonely world
but with less of me in this soul.

Yes, I have stopped waiting
long enough that my heart has burnt all across
I have nothing more to win or to lose..

Just me,
my work
with the
ashes of my dreams.

Facing the harsh reality is very difficult where nothing is mine
which I can see or feel. stabbed by reality.

If you read it from the big black book it's
"True," not just for you, for me for everybody,
We're all just here to waste, make our own sole filthy space,
What you believe is always "truth for everyone" and not just you.
No matter what we say or think or feel or know or do.

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