Poetic T 4h

Caged within cellophane mirages,
              swimming on promises that suffocate.

With every footstep...

                     If only I had two more steps...  

Reality suffocates slowly...

Poetic T 4h

Buoyancy keeps me floating above
a tide of seductive

I'm a stop motion venture that will
surprise you with a reality
                                       at its ending..

[The lines of the hands formed a complex map]

Reality strikes
The days pass by
Two lines
Different seasons
Separate stations

[Reality hitting on the rocks]

Curve line erasing the good things of the past
2 drops of water falling on the way to the office
  |        |
  |        |
  |        |  Old soundtrack passes over parallel tracks
Theater full, broken line

Days pass and pass
Birthdays pass, not words
Difficult to pretend to be well
No words happen

Places I’m not, line closed
Places you are not, closed line

Romanticism doesn’t feel the same as maps on our maps
2 parallel drops fall
|                               |
The game hits me against the rocks
You don’t follow me in a straight line

[Reality catches me]

there are no words
there is nothing
thick fog

The same lines
Now they are parallel
Your reality hits

[The lines in my hand no longer form a map]

   - Codelandandmore // 4:00 PM ©

Eat drama food

Caught in this net of time,
the restless nights create a paradox in this paradigm.

Caught in this head of mine,
chasing after false hope that seems so divine.

Caught in this reality of ours,
staring at the stars until we snap back into the lonely bar's guitars.

I’m a healer; not a feeler,
a traveler with loss of passion.
Pipe dreams are clear when day is gone,
then I spawn stories you can’t imagine.

I’m a wanderer; but I am not lost,
burn the human manufactures.
The sky is bleeding poor man’s gold,
drowning lunatic dream-catchers.

I’m a winter child; but my heart is fire,
it's a roaring black hole of ancient lullabies.
Follow the zebra through the midnight woods,
I saw glimpse of amnesia in its eyes.

This is based on a dream I've had recently.
It's quite random, which dreams tend to be.

nada es para siempre

Loosely translated to English:
"nothing is forever"
carissa 1d

I was caught in your gaze again
one that if you trace I look away.
a gaze that no one caught except my heart,
oh how my heart skips a beat then races to
catch up. how your smile lifts me up when my tears
drown me out. oh how your words comfort me even
when they aren't to me at all. how your gaze that i'm still
stuck in a maze, until you meet and smile till the next day
ill stick like this for a while.

i love him and don't know what to say.... help

I don't write anything
Just see hidden reality
and feel deep,
the unsaid i read....

And, and

What people do to me
What breaks me
It fills my pen
And bleed.......

rose 1d

Sometimes reality tastes like bitter coffee
I'm trying to find the sugar

Kenya83 1d

White privilege' a phrase I didn't understand
I accepted every man
And I assumed the rest of the world did too
Sure, a racist joke is fine, whether crossing a black or white line
It's just comedy after all, no malice is meant for a fall
Together we'll still stand tall
But then I looked outside of my world
Where the conscious stereotype in abundance sprawled
From another's point of view, it's a completely different view
Even in this time and day,
If your skin isn't 'white' you're likely to pay
A price, of some sort,
As professional worlds are warped
Why can't a black actor play James instead of Jamal
And what if you let the brown guy play the lead role
We are a multi culture,
Our screens should reflect the present and future
Who cares for the colour of your skin
Your ability in your craft is how you should win
So, looking through some casting calls I see instantly,
The affect white privilege has on this community

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