Jewel M C 10m

fake friend / fake friend / fake friend
when the F U C K will it end?
is this the new latest trend?
(just type "fuck you" & hit send)
         i really hope i never see you again

Jewel M C 13m

disconnect me from this reality
i want to escape the
of this: a n x i e t y

(i feel like it's consuming me...)

We look to the horizon to see a sunset
but in the end we see that the sun never sets.
We look up to the sky at night to see the billions
of stars, but in the end we see an empty stage of dark.
We look to humanity to see billions of people, all different but all
kind and happy, but in the end we see the truth. The truth of how brutal life actually is.


this one is pretty bad but anyways, hope you like it!

f I’m too shy to tell you
my feelings,
you’ll know.
I’ll hide behind my thousands of masks
quietly laughing and telling you jokes
because I’m afraid
that if I tell you one small thing
my masks will fall off
and one thing will lead to everything.
I may be unexpressed but I have a lot of things
to think about.    

another little poem hope you people like!
Jewel M C 13h

i feel like a fucking mistake
like a glitch in this fucked-up system
an error that wasn't meant to exist

it’s like everything i touch turns to shit,
my mistakes are all i can create
it’s the tragic design of my fate

& most of the time i don't wanna be here
                                  on this planet anymore
                                  anyway, who cares if i stay?

It would be me to drag you onto the dance floor not knowing how to actually dance-
Resorting to kissing instead.
Things work differently in my head and you are living proof that
They always work out in the end
(More or less.)

You are my dream but like none I have ever had before,
Or indeed could ever dream of having;
You are incredible and make me
Unbelievably happy.

There is just something about you.
And by something I mean everything but
'Something' is one of your favourite songs so I thought I had better put that in for the sentiment.
I am nowhere near as clever as you and
I am trying to keep up:
One poem at a time.

Are we underneath a diamond sky
Or simply in the sky with diamonds?
No matter.
     (Stuff like that does not matter.)
It is a beautiful notion, but unbearably quaint,
Just like the idea of making Love wait.

If your sweetness could be poured into a glass,
I would drink every last drop of it and be rid of
This bitter taste in my mouth- the very same that
Taints the buds of youth to misconstrue my perception of:
'What is hazard and
What is beauty?'

Each thought of you releases a butterfly from its golden cocoon and
Every time one lands on my skin, I invite it to drink nectar deep from within.
In other words:
I no longer reach for the leeches as soon as I wake up- I no longer feel the need to bleed-
Because I have been sleeping on a bed of daisies ever since we met and,
Even as I continue to fall,
It does not hurt.
You are my dream.

Thank you
jas 3d

with the
of you

day 15 of 365
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