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Wind. Walk outside.
You went again today.
Wood. Familiar landscape.

Blue. You're infatuated by the colour
For some reason or other.
Sad really. Sometimes blue takes over

Your mind so much you can't sleep.
Not that you sleep anyway.
Hilarious really. Two in the morning.

Why are you this way nowadays?
Did something happen? Must have
Because that would explain it all.

Funny thing. How time slipped away
Feels like March slipped to May
Slipped to now. You're staring at a pen and

There's nothing else to do.
Why are you crying now?
Did something happen?

You've been so blue recently.
You're always so blue.
Why are you always blue?
April 2020
My Dear Poet Aug 25
I’m gonna jingle a single in my singlet
Juggle Bintang bubbles in my jocks
Run wild and free in the city
No trickery tickity tock
Just flippity flip in my flip flops
See me rickety rock off your socks
Dangle the bangle and I haggle
Cha-ching cha-ching on the rocks
One dolla two dolla or three
Join us for a beer at a party in Bali
By the bay with a babe by the sea
With Marley and Ali and me
It’s long overdue and lockdowns driving me crazy
midnight and i'm still here
tapping out words in the hope
that i'll write something worthy
of reading.

the instructions aren't clear:
am i supposed to sleep
or work on word therapy

i don't care now
just turn on tiktok
and i'll slip into my beloved
mind coma
Nylee May 26
The entire world is suffering
and most of us
are trying our best
to not fall apart
at minutes interval.

Most of us are dealing with our losses
by remembering the times
when we had it all
and yearned for more
Now our balances are minus again.

We are trying our best to
survive in the harshest weather
of the new decade
many trees been uprooted
By the shore.

How do I not fall apart,
I am left with nothing
On the cart,
Keep these fat tears on bay,
till it flows over.

At minutes interval,
Bad news arrival,
I switch the channels,
It is worse than before,
Than ever before
Neelam May 23
Thinly spread aphorisms

wafting through morning breeze

The joyful radiance of this hindsight

addictive, soothing balm for weak spirit

The unknown aural scene crafted by songbirds

mustered from eternal Being

Overpowered the dark veils
This poem draws the contrast between the utter hopelessness felt by home bound people during lockdown and the glory of the nature which fills us with optimism. The songbirds are the most beautiful phenomena on earth, they bring us light during the uncertain times.
Daivik May 15
थक गया हूँ
कुछ ना कर करके
Betty May 8
A world that is stilled
sparkling water without fizz
trapped in the bottle
A prompt word that I hope will become a thing of the past!
labyrinth May 2
Sunday has certainly lost its crown
Over the other six during the lockdown
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