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Lacey Clark May 19
With long ash blonde hair
freckles dotting my face and shoulders
rosy lips and cheeks from the sun
I am a young girl again
Laying on the Atlantic ocean shore
my back pressing into the soft sand
Letting the waves roll over me
laughing hysterically
as the salt water tickles my tummy
and I plug my nose

It was at this age I smiled cheek to cheek
without worrying about the layout of my teeth
I didn’t consider myself lonely
I had quite a lot of fun with my imagination
Not yet the age where I was preoccupied
with image or my emotions
Just living like the waves crashing over me
This is a real dram I had, I think about it all the time.
elle jaxsun May 18
i’d really love to thank her
for being so, so strong.
for not taking our life
when everything was wrong.
i don’t know how she did it,
the flashbacks paralyze me still.
must have been nothing
less than strength of will.
even sometimes now
i’d really like to back out
but i hear that small girl screaming,
“we can’t just give up now!”
I S A A C Mar 20
so much mystery surrounding me
so much inner journey I am bound to be
taking on in the future, so insecure about my future
but truck along fiending for gas, I take it day by day with a little sass
still don’t drink coffee and you can hold the flask
so trying to outrun the trauma from my Dad
it's a tough pill to swallow and that’s usually no issue for me
thank god I traded all that for ****, I always was attracted to green
aquamarine baby, no march aries
pisces like the koi fish coasting on the crystal blue water
evolving, healing stuck in the past no longer
moment by moment, touch by touch, hands entwined
friendship showed me love
Allesha Eman Feb 21
Drifting deeper into this September dust
It’s been a thousand nights of wide open eyes
Waking up to sounds of December dreams
Your hands shaking in this frail wind
As you try to steady your heart beat
To match the stagnancy of these cold encounters
But the little things hurt too much
And the little thoughts dissolve into your atmosphere
Faster then the rain on your skin
Drifting deep into these November nights
A thousand days of rehearsing the right words to say
When all the words you knew too well are too big to house in these hours you dwell in
So you sink into this mud made of spring
Running from a winter that craves your honesty
Your reflections sit here in this fractured mirror
Waiting for you to break this inner silence
Chelsea Rae Feb 16
Leaves shake in the wind

As the rain pours on the forest floor below.

Water droplets soak the ground for growth.

Giving birth to new life

After storms and strife.

A fresh beginning, made from recent revision.

Sun parts through the clouds.

There's no more division.

A warm light now glows, giving view to a divine vision.

My soul now in remission.

It is time to make a very important decision.

To hold on, or go forth on the Hero's expedition.

Don the armour, be brave and bold.

Or stay back, let not the story be told.

To deny my heart, may leave me cold.

False stories I shall not be sold.

Behold, the guiding light, fire of my soul;
And through my example
Change how destiny unfolds.
Collab poem with Jezra Mashego <3
She wears no mask
She wears no make up
You look into her eyes
You get what you see
George Krokos Jan 31
If at times we have to swallow the bitter pill of remorse
we may at first appear to sound much like that of a horse.
And when copious tears flow they tend to purify our being
leaving us with an inner peace and clearer sense of seeing.
From 'The Quatrains' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Billie Marie Jan 18
Now the feeling is calm:
Melancholy in a good way;
in a dying after living
a robustly fulfilling life sort of way.

A little ahead of the herd;
a little behind eternity.
Isn’t the herd me too?
What’s going on here anymore?
Is anyone winning or losing anymore?
It seems a bit chaotic anymore.
Megalomania is a big word
for a little mind.
What can we be if not kings
and queens of forever?
Why chose to be born a slave?
Why make a world this way anyway?

Who’s punishing who?
Whose mirror do I see?
There’s no one else to watch;
no one to wave back.
No one noticing anything anyway anymore.
You can do anything
cuz nothing even matters anymore.
Aren’t we at the crux of the cusp
of the ending and beginning of time?
Can’t you see the party playing
on the screen in the other room?
Didn’t you hear the great HUM
resound in her belly?

Why am I still writing?
No one is hearing my words.
You are speaking volumes of love
to masses of vast empty oceans.
You are riding on waves of endless clouds
under the expanse of endless unbroken sky.
You are writing for me
and I am speaking only for you.
The Foodie One Sep 2021
I am floating
in an ocean of

Words -
solitary waves
occasionally passing by

my skinny mind
ever so gently,

I almost forget
I still
© 19/10/20
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