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nitelite 10h
Stretched skies and vast spaces
Erase my name from society,
And mosaics, trigonometry, and fractals beneath
At my feet in time become simple and empty.

So with distance, their powers are diminished,
Finishing off the last busy thoughts to my name.
And the explicitly raw material world disconnects
objects of connection to my world and within this plane.

Shut off from the rest of the world, time wasting,
Tasting the distinct flavor of being in time out,
Awaiting a landing that may or may not be homebound,
Undrowned, within the stream of consciousness’ drought
this one felt really weird but i'm glad i tried something new c:
traveling really helped to clear my mind before school started c:
Beings only hide from the truth
Truth never hides
Waves hit the earth nearly the same time the winds do
As above so below
Ancient times with new lines
No shadows can discriminate what’s light in a fulfilled dimension
It’s only overwhelmed by the pure blinding consciousness to dissipate before it even entered and cast
The necessity of distinction has always been in existence......here
finite and limited creations we be within the cube my friend
Lest we seek transcendent wisdom
This will only be and our memories will be lost
Nothing is permanent however
Even if at times it seems otherwise
Experience is the hand that I acknowledge as my support
Being lost is not always so bad, neither is being alone
Getting lost is how we are always found
The original
The indestructible
The evolution of the immortal
Mirror, Mirror
what do I see?
My demon staring
back at me!

That very same demon
that gives me fright
in early day coffee
and every night!

The demon is handsome
with devilish smile
Sad, they don't know
that this demon is vile!

There's times that he buries
himself deep inside
But, when he comes out
there's nowhere to hide!

The demon is tricky
at every turn
disguised as an angel;
ready to burn!

Fantastic achievement!
You're doing great!
The demon said, "Nope!"
then pooped on my plate!

You're doing much better!
Keep up the good work!
The demon says, "Whatever!"
Man! He's such a jerk!

When I tried to fight him;
my body would ache.
I've finally learned
that that's a mistake!

I made a decision
to let my heart mend
and welcome the demon
in as a friend!

You can sit quietly;
don't ring my bell
because if you do
Maria Etre Sep 13
I am
still writing the
and it seems
to over take
the book

Maddie M Sep 6
(The Strange boy is seen on his bed, looking at the ceiling, with his arms tucked under his head, he begins to think of ...her)

'her face is always a gentle touch in my eyes.
the memory of her, keeps me up all damn night.
and the nights after.
she's quiet, keeps to her self.
blushes here & there.
but I can see every flaw, she hides underneath it all.
I can say, she's very smart and hides it well.
her portrait is beautiful, however, none of you can tell if she, on the inside is actually falling apart. or not.
because she handles it all so well, that's what makes her the black haired beauty.
I wonder if she thinks of me,
should I text her or no?
what is she doing right now?
I flipped onto my left side watching the clock.
more images sync into my mind...
she's different from all the women that I see.
she's that flower that stands out...
she could have a bag over her head and I still have the  same, never ending infatuation with her.
she has my full attention.
when we speak, she makes me nervous and jittery.
she's my weakness and she doesn't even know it.
that's how much power she exerts over me.
all I know is that she keeps my heart beating.
a scene of a boy thinking of the girl of his dreams...
his inner thoughts.
she was war,
a collection of cuts and old scars,
armored in the pain of her past,
bones of ash and thorn.
blood like spilled scarlet wine
splashed across the bathroom floor,
she cried alone—
but for all the tears, she rose to her feet
and sat upon her barbwire throne
for these bones still ache,
this body still bleeds,
these lungs still breathe,
and this heart still beats,
still beats,
still beats.

— my heart is not a home for cowards
When I look down I know
one world apart
from when I look up.

A world below, more reality
than what I've known of reality
through living since my birth.

One earth, two worlds,
splitting hairs,
scrambling airs,
creating errors,
chastising errs
so much
that nothing's

Living lies,
Blurring lines,
Up/Down --

It's not that I don't know
what's actually worth a fuck.

It's that I see worth as a curse,
and would, rather than peace,
see ecstasy return me
into the breeze
as dirt.
Isaac Aug 17
in only three
days I will be
pushed out of
the category
of being super young
my twenties have begun
I secretly hope
that I won't lose the fun
of life and living
getting and giving
dancing to the tunes
my heart is singing
dreaming dreams
scheming schemes
excitedly studying
captivating themes
hoping big hopes
crossing thin ropes
and climbing over
giant big slopes
as the next lot
of years slot
their way into me
I hope I will not
lose my inner child
by becoming mild
may my heart forever
burn free and wild
Written 17 August 2018
Eyithen Aug 15
If only you knew what I was going through;
What I was thinking;
But I'll keep it like a secret,
Never to be heard by anyone,
But by only the one who spoke it
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