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TH 4d
I like to quite down the fire,
Those roaring flames,
by the coldest ice.
Life in pour and flow
Pouring in fun
Flowing in tears
Everybody runs
Away from what they fear

Its scary you see
To be in my shoes that wouldnt
Even fit me
My heart beating so fast
And I dont think I will last
As I ran away from the demons
Who's always chasing me.

Let me name them
Myself and I
Yes those are my demons inside

Yet I always fret
Knowing I will not be free,
Free from being me

But still im ready
Even though its scary
And everything feels so eerie
For no one is better
Of being me

I have done what I can
And  I will just believe,
That believing
Is the only way
Of truly living

Cause its time to put my weight
On this scale
To be the one writing my own story
So I wont be sorry
Because I have carried
My demons into the end
and showed them to the world
That they are not scary
Embrace your inner demons until those demons are the ones that will company you
Zoe G Dec 1
The world is so
that it leaves my
with deep bitter
that no one can
or control
R T Dawn Nov 19
Some days
I wake up a hero
I struggle with being the villain
Cisco James Nov 19
what you've been taught;
what you've gathered
from experience
are things
always known;
the province of
that ever-watchful
presence, you
and not you,
probably abiding
at your core
but sometimes
caught far from home
masterfully surveying--
with a seemingly
range--the very
outer reaches
of your mysterious
Like a bird on a wire,
For thoughts as peaceful as a meadow,
Thoughts that are as elusive as the gold at the end of a rainbow, yet just as precious.
Thoughts I yearn for, but will never receive.
Some peace would be nice.
The life span of humans,
is very similar to flowers,
when you see the big picture.

Flowers start off as buds,
likewise we start off a fetus.

The flower then breaks free of the bud,
revealing a hint of its looks.
And once we are born,
you see our appearance for the first time.

They grow and grow,
needing constant sunlight and water:
to keep them alive.
We too, grow and grow,
our bodies craving the natural substantial resources
which enables us to survive.

When flowers have gone through that process
of all of their growth,
they then hit their peak,
where their petals bloom, and their color pops.
With humans, the highlight of our lives,
can come at any moment.
But there will some when  be a time,
when us humans too, hit OUR peak and shine.

Now obviously,
death can come at any moment for plant or human,
by unnatural causes.
we do share yet another very key similarity with all those beautiful flowers;
the death by natural causes.

When a plant gets old it starts to wither;
petals start crumbling, leaves fall off,
its' once royal blue appearance starts to discolor.
Whereas us humans have different side affects completely.
Skin wrinkles, unsteady hands.
All the typical "old person" stereotypes.
And yes, we humans wither as well; like a wilting plant.
And just like all of those flowers,
the inevitable happens and one day our flower loses its soul,
which is all we have left of us as our beauty along with our youth abandoned us long ago.

You could be the most beautiful flower of them all,
or the most wonderful person of your time.
Yet we all have the same fate.
Doesn't it seem unfair,
that we are of much more relevance than a flower that lives on the ground and just brings more beauty to the earth,
yet we get treated just the same as one.

according to the system:
we are all just huge flowers.
Everything is somewhat insignificant.
Sketcher Nov 2
I feel a mad rush of violence soar,
Throughout my veins and out my pores,
I feel things I know not what for,
A battle inside of myself to restore,
A stable mentality or else I'm done for,
My inner self is becoming a civil war,
This shall last forever no nevermore,
Bringing what's inside into the outdoor.
mariella Oct 29
she always
felt less and

her hair
her makeup
her smile
made her shallow.
Jose Figueroa Oct 25
I'm not what you think i am
This distance between us
Will always remain

A joyful confession
I can barely listen
Getting so used to disappointment
Expectations, they are letting me down

Who were you before you spoke?
Goodbyes is all you've talked about
All these doors that you close
All these thoughts that you choke

Decisions can be misinterpreted
When we both look the other way
Our kiss may of existed
But i never mean what I say

Yes it hurts, but, not for me
Heart is more than i can offer
It's confusing to see
And do not wait any longer
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