I don't want to hear you,
Telling me that I have
"Self-worth problems",
Not when everything around you is deceptive;
I can be nicer to myself,
Than you have ever dreamed of,
My brain can get confused
Erratically sometimes,
And that's all that it is:
My soul is just fine.
Pagan Paul Aug 2016
Take a peek inside his poems
if you really want to know him.
He hides himself deep, immersed
a tiny piece in every verse.

Take a peek and take your time
savour the moment of every line.
Relish the thought of what lies there
and appreciate his soul laid bare.

© Pagan Paul (31/08/16)
Anne Jul 10
I’ve waited for you,




i’m tired now. but I hope
one day you remember me.

all those,


               ­ texts,

AW Frames Jun 10
A place where the earth is still...
Where the sin shines and the moon glistens
Where the tides wave and the wind takes flight
I want to see the animals relaxing by the stream
I want to hear the rain drops
I want to get away....
Walking thru these lonely
corridors at night,
seeking some sense
and knowledge
to beam forth and
shine bright.

I look into your eyes
Mysticism at its best
If only we had a little longer
To rise and stand this test

This sentiment that burns deep within my bones
Leaving me voiceless
One among the drones

Tho they know,  deep down, which vices are my kin.
Please help me ,dear Lord,  to turn away from Sin.

So Dead do I turn to you amongst the flowers.
Please help me to turn and release myself from this prison.
About a vampire at Hogwarts or the catacombs.  Not sure yet.
Lyn-Purcell May 27
Society now
Judges you by your cover
Not by your content

There is emphasis
Solely on our outer look
Never inner growth

It is further proof
The one who's truly ugly
is society
Society and its need to focus on outer beauty...
Millie May 26
Dear papa,
you call me "daddy's girl" to the eyes of the world
and cut me off when I share my deep opinions
recycling your feel-good sources
your love is conditional
to how great I can make you feel

Dear mama,
you spell me out in your sour words
defining me with my shortcomings
you see your mistakes in me
calling me "a weak child with no guidance"
unaware that you have never shown real guidance

Dear lover,
you fail to show real emotions
to anything that is less than perfect
my imperfections threaten your ego
i am clearly invisible  
fighting through your lack of empathy

Dear self,
you have been buried deep into your mind
obsessing over the ways your dearests have failed you
despite the unconditional love you give
It is time to start recognising how you have failed yourself
and fight for your own peace
Taking each day at a time, fighting depression
My mind try’s to elude from the dangers inside my head.
Each thought of suicide.
Brings me to my knees.
Why? Why? Is this happening.
This always happens.
Good luck trying to avoid these.

My brain is shackles and only suicide has the key.

                         With love,
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