Sage 7h
you were perfect for hold
pulling close
hugging tight
little did i know
you would fall through
the cracks of my fingers
like sand
and each time I tried to hold to hold you tighter
more of you would fall away
I tried to hold on
but you disappeared between my fingers
and every hand i reached for
turned out to be air
and I was left with nothing to hold
eli 22h
i look at my skateboard
down at the ground
i close my eyes
and roll down the hill
getting faster and faster
until i hit flat ground
i open my eyes

when i roll down the hill
i feel free
the breeze hitting my face
my hair blows in the wind
the sun on my skin
its all too good

i feel at home
like a belong
thank you to my
Sanny 1d
Seatbelt on.

The world is in front of me.

With the windows down I feel the brief summer air.

The roads are clear.

I turn up my favourite song and I sing.

I sing it until my throat gets sore.

Road and sunset, that's all I see.

I love every minute of it.

So free.

Along with the sun I drive, destination unknown.

Just to be, just to feel the life in me.

If this isn't freedom, what is?
Cold and crisp was the air
That blew from the north
Enveloping everything it touched
Leaving hearts frozen solid
Never to feel the warm
Ending in a void
Of pity and regret
I'm flying high above the scenic earth
All I can see are the feathery white clouds
I sit with a glass of wine in a coach class seat
Acknowledging my non-existing worth
I listen and feel the nauseating turbulence
With the sad but bearable hope
That the plane ride comes to an unexpected end
Now that I am above this earth
I am no more useful then I was on our exuberant planet
Why can't I just end it all
Are these just thoughts of an airsick being
Or thoughts of a despised being in need of help
How do I handle these manic thoughts
You. Me.
The stars.
You humming
your favorite song.
No air between us.
The night never ends.
Straight like the soldier
you take your orders
all is pushed aside
you always abide

Cold air you breath
all emotion you leave
you look into my eyes
as all my hope dies

My eyes they fill
yours set to kill

what's that, that you see?
stabbing daggers into me

You're just like I
behind a second life, you lie
you banish it, away!
but it haunts you every day
rd 6d
Full moon night
Placid sky
Glistening stars
Silvery light
Sweet floral fragrance
wafts through the air
You and I
hand in hand
walk down the avenue
sweet memories we share
Summer breeze
gently blows
caressing our cheeks
ruffling our hair.
Rustling  leaves..
certainly, love is in the air!
Closer we draw
Steal a glance
Blush and smile
Our heartbeats prance
Silence pervades
Our eyes talk.
Wrapping  each other in a warm embrace
seal our love with a lip-lock..
She mimics all of the warm things
she can wrap her hands around, like
life breathing through the floorboards of an old house, or a promise
made under summer blossoms -
time flies when you make nothing of it.
Can you remember the innocence that used to grab us and hold us in the air,
wild, like the rays of light dancing in the fields
we roamed together?
Do you remember a time when all of this was speculation, when reality
was made of starlight and fireflies?
I want the memories to dissolve me into
I want to wander back along paths I forgot
existed, I want the memories
burned into my skill to breathe -
take me home.
Millions of coins
Tossed into the air
then time stopped.
And began again, slowly
while all the sides
turned and flipped
side to the other side
The wind churned and
the coins landed one
way or the

Birth was given
when they landed
In the order
that chance gave them
Until they stopped spinning.
The rain came
The water broke
the baby was born.
One way or another
How was the landing?
Chance and choice
Flipping coins again today.
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