Sand sliding against my toes.
Palm trees shaking their shady limbs.
Ocean waves pushing back and forth.
Gentle breeze breaking at my hair.
Salty air in the deep azure sky.
Strolling along the seashore.

Dark was the night in the hour that you left me
I had no idea to bid you a farewell
And in the night that you had left me
I did not know the essence that you had claimed
And on that night my lungs were clear and free of mildew
But at the break of dawn, my heart was not the same.

Luca C 4d

I have these masses
of hollow spaces
inside of my chest,
          and I don't mean to get my hopes up,
   but I want to believe, that
                 to do some
And meanwhile,
     I am sucking air
  into this body;
          and I don't know
       what to do
                    with any of it.

The Writer Sep 10

you never realize how far gone you truly are
until suddenly you're lying on the ocean floor
surrounded by water, water, and more water
but all you can taste is the salt of your tears
when what you really need is a breath of fresh air
to keep yourself afloat in your own watery grave

Majid Sep 9

Her pillow covering all of my face

Tears suffocating me
Won’t let me breathe
Her pillow covering all of my face
The more she tries to pull me out the more I sink into a worse place
How everything started to get so morose in some robust planet in space
Where I always took my time to enjoy my one and only grace
Her pillow covering all of my face
Inhaling her tears from last night’s race
Enjoy the silence of our heartbeats

Will it get better by any chance?
Or any change?
Will we be able to embrace?
Her pillow covering all of my face

Watch her shut down my full-of-blood face in one glance
The sacred geometry of chance
Watch her draw in silver then lick her sorrow as it turns red
When my veins eventually got the chance to meet their soul mates
When I got the chance to finally appreciate
Appreciate; the ray that is running towards me screaming love when we both know it’s full of hate

Her pillow covering all of my face

Never thought she’d be hiding from me the key to my fancy world’s gate
Inhaling her tears
And I’ve always enjoyed shutting her mouth
Anticipating her suffocating innocent screams
Then with one glance she was able to read my mind
She knew it
Knew well
That If I died today
Lots of aliens would be at my funeral
And she’d tell them about the joyful memories she shared with me

You know what sucks?
Read it all over again
Read it all over again with some serenity
Read it with some dignity

Sweaty rusty bed sheets covering her chopped body
Fifty stitches all over her skin
But her wide bright eyes will fix the whole picture and make it full of mildness and flaccidity


Then her screams again teasing my ears starting up the electricity
Running through my veins getting me thirsty craving for more intensity
And if I could
I’d replace my ink with her blood
Because I needed my papers to bloom
Turn it into a meadow on the shape of her eyes
All of a sudden
Woke up with nothing to look at other than the bathroom tiles

Nausea, revulsion, disgust and repugnance

Nothing to shorten the distance
Until my eyes started screaming for more of my addictive substance
One shot
Got me into watching a huge fight between romance and brilliance
Smudge my face with her blood and tears
While all what were flashing before my eyes are the past four years
Cutting my head open anticipating the brainwash
Until something got me to calm down and bear
A cup of our old cold drink
Pouring it inside her lungs to drink it happily
Then after I was done she smiled then spoke through my mind
That gave me a new brain and a new key that I should’ve tried
Went fine until I found the huge gate with no lock in it
The bus stop that I wouldn’t want to leave
My tears won’t
How will I make it when I can get it all in one night
Even if I could hold it in for one month?
I’d blast myself to keep my veins full of that drug
To keep my life full of that love
To save me from her devil
A maniac if you looked at it from a different aspect

A sick puppy stabbed in the face with a flower

A sign of loneliness strikes again
But I forgot my shoes at the mountain while rethinking my future
Dreams versus nightmares
And the winner was her
Orange and grey, all I can remember
A beautiful abounded house
I’d lick her fear within a second
Eat her up then vomit all of my internal organs
Building a wonderful cycle of admired calmness
White dress
Warm cheeks
Feeding the sad freak
Hiding in the very first place that people will find love at
Everlasting one
The arbitrator behind all my happiness
Dances for a while and then disappears again
Light and awareness
She’s the aliveness and energy controlling every apparent motion inside me and all motion in my mind’s motion and all mind is her mind
And all my thoughts and actions are licensed by her
Empowered out of me and returned to her
She’s the correct consciousness of my mind
Everything I see
Do or know is enabled out of me
It is my mind and my being in use
To end up falling from the furthest planet into the lowest ground
To end up where I can never be found
With her pillow covering all of my face

Curing my crippled soul

A purple sky
Painted by
An artist of love
An ocean of 'fresh' water
Designed from above
A death
With meaning
Meant to take your last breath
Meaningless metaphors
As the rest
Of their minds become askew
From rock to rock
Gentle toes touch
Her mind elsewhere
Sending a rush
Of good vibes
To her head
She dreams
As it seems
Beautiful things

DF Aug 30

as i walked out the door
this morning, i felt it.

i felt the crisp in the air.
the promise of cooler days.

remembrance of things long ago forgotten.

Autumn is near.
hand me my jacket.
my season is about to begin.

{d.f. - 08/28/17}

counting down the days till it's officially autumn.

Be like the wind

You are the wind

You don't bend or break

No procedures are in place for you

Run up against it, flow around

Not out of strength

But out of the hush

Out of the whistle

Out of sound

The wind is nothing

The wind is everything

More than anything that could ever be built

Because the wind will always be


In every lung and every city

Whipping through the whistlers town

"New obsession, next depression" is well said!
Pam Milla Aug 28

The most enchanting of views grasped my conscience by simultaneous never-ending palpitations that slowly but surely circulated through the darkest & most deepest of gardens...

Far and away within those unique datum of charming beats...thousands of charms began to reveal like fireworks in the Sky...

It is an essence that travels so deeply into the air, that the air itself can't help but consume the remaining of the trace it leaves behind with each stroke...

That's the energy that wonders in the air for so long that I can't help myself but not captivate the residuals of the purity of its existence...

It is what it does to me day in...between...and out....

It is a mystery to me
How you all breathe with such consistency
I cannot hold a breath
I gasp in symphonies
I grasp at air running out my lungs

Your hands
Necklaced around my throat
Are tight. So tight.
The blood rushing in my head cries out my eyes

And your hot breath
Stings my eyes
It bites at my words
As soon as they leap from my tongue

There is patience in every part of me
But no tolerance
Not for fools
Not for you, and the heat of your fire only burns it does not warm

I could dare you all the things
Stick a fork in an electrical outlet
Hold your breath under water
Drink this bleach, bottoms up

But you are only a fool
Not foolish
Like my vain, vain hopes
So fill your glass with all my tears
Breathe me in, with all my fears

And take all the air I have never used
Take it, take it, all away

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