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Strying 6d
Sometimes I feel like all of the ink in my hand has run out
I keep making the motions
But I don't feel the emotions
I keep drawing in the air
But I can no longer sense anything there.
Sorry I've been so inactive, school's been keeping me busy =)
Hope everyone is doing great <3 missed ya'll
Mark Wanless May 5
i saw a missile
do a left turn in mid air
so **** impressive
LC Apr 30
I jump into a handstand,
flipping my world onto its head.
the tree dangles from the earth
like my feet in the air.
my hands seize the grass
as I attempt to hold on.
so I reunite with the ground,
and my hands release their burdens.
Escapril Day 29! Prompt: inversion.
This was an interesting prompt! I would love to see how you all interpret this poem and prompt. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
LC Apr 28
the air parts like the Red Sea
so a spaceship can soar,
even as the world
drags it down.

she breaks orbit
to release the earth.
she is now free to float,
and the universe guides her.
Escapril Day 27! Prompt: the astronaut.
I think this poem could have many meanings. What do you think of when you read this poem?
LC Apr 24
fragile umbrellas are strewn
across the cluttered forest floor,
nourishing strong connections
from all over the world.
their gills are loaded weapons
that fire spores into the air
at the speed of light.
if we blink, we miss it -
and the umbrellas multiply.
Escapril Day 23! Prompt: blink and you'll miss it. I've been thinking about nature a lot lately, especially fungi, which are so interesting. Fun fact: fungi are more closely related to animals than plants! I never knew that, and that fact blew my mind.
Anyway, this poem was inspired by fungi. I hope you enjoy it 😊
LC Apr 23
when the ocean resides in the cavity of my chest / and the world freezes over / icicles bare their teeth as their menacing shadows creep closer to my sternum / and I choke on frigid air.
he carefully wraps my heart in a blanket / then collects sun rays between his lips / bestowing them onto my heart with warm kisses.
the icicles melt away / and I bask in the sun.
Escapril Day 22! Prompt: intimacy.
This poem is inspired by my current relationship. In all honesty, I could write a book about our love. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I encourage you to celebrate the love you have in your life (no matter what form it's in).
LC Apr 20
their fingers twist around strings
that are tethered to firm balloons.
whenever we see them,
they fly above everyone else,
their taunts trailing behind them.
but when their balloons deflate,
they crash into the rocky earth,
and their taunts are buried.
air always escapes.
Escapril Day 19! Prompt: vanity.
To be honest, this prompt stumped me for a while, and this is what I came up with. Thank you all for reading :)
LC Apr 16
the church used my burning soul to light the candles for every service / my innocence floated away with the smoke from the censer / the past and present clashed like cymbals / and it hurt my ears.
time ran down the slippery ***** of the hourglass / my vocal cords struggled to come together / oxygen left the air / and my flame was nearly extinguished.
so no / I will not give a cent / because I was the donation shared amongst everyone else / even as I burned.
no more.
Escapril Day 16! Prompt: fire.
I overheard people talking about making donations to the church, and it inspired me to write this poem. These are my feelings based on my personal experiences.
I hope you are all doing well!
Snipes Apr 5
The grey storms smite
I was lost, I was dead
Clear the air
God answer my prays
Teach me how to swim without fear
But the answer I got was clear

As the grey clouds collide
With the orange vanishing sun
The golden brown shifts my wish
These last few violet skies
Guide my mind
In the night
Here’s my insight
These cold winds blow
These cold words strike
So here’s my outlook
I am the clear air
I am smiting delirious
I'm angry with you
I am sure you don't care
If these words were spoken I'd be wasting my air
My feelings not even an afterthought in your brain
You are too selfish to consider my pain
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