to sit by quietly and
  feel the freshness in the air
  enter my lungs as I breathe in a new day
  would be a wondrous feat to say the least, I'd think

to not have to worry or
  feel the weight of too many lives
  enter the ever growing pool that is my misery
  would be a curse in disguise for without it, I can not write,

I'd think
Dainty Bones Jul 14

I looked up into the trees
and took a deep breath
there you were right beside me
asking me if I loved how peaceful this all was
the trees were beautiful
and so were the stars
but my favorite thing about that getaway was you
we talked for hours
and laughed so hard we had trouble breathing
we napped together and listened to the sound
of the beautiful trees waving good morning to us
we gazed through the telescope for hours
but as you gazed through it
all I could gaze at was you
this beautiful, perfect human
was inches from me
and he was mine
and I looked back up into the sky
and said thank you a million times

JAC Jul 13

As an airplane
afraid of being airborne,
I let myself crash
for the opportunity to burn.

The next time we meet.
I plan to meet you in unnoticed fashion.
To come face to face even if you laugh or chase to how far your mind wanders.
I plan to meet you today and the day after.
Coming face to face with unconscious desire.
Had I do anything else I am sure you'd notice.
Finding myself in finding you.
Extending to a desire to meet you in infinite space.
Accompanying you in certain philosophy.
To fill your lungs with the utmost of need.
The only interruption being,
That you'll never know how much I'll appreciate this one moment.
And how you'll never know,
That this will be all I'll ever know.

The start (of) /
a braid or a rope /
is nothing (at the beginning of this) /
it is only the idea stemming /
from a sapling or a seed to become /
a tree /
reality /
what we touch, see, and wish to be /
Ancient beings can feel how they are not free /
I notice this is my mother’s face /
as I lead her to the restroom /
so near, too far for her /
the years count with her /
the (counted) years count the steps to the toilet /
and consider just holding it /
because the pain of walking so clearly outweighs /
the pain of holding your pee after birthing 3 children /
one of them dead /
okay, birthing two children /
I was cut from my mother /
Regardless, /
maybe if you cut out the lungs /
things would cease to be /
chaotic like the outreach /
reaching out a hand /
praying she’ll find me /
because I’ve gone too far and can’t rewind //////

maybe if you remove my lungs…. /
I could stop focusing on my breathing /
give you all of my love /
show you I am not worthy /
of that admiration leaking from your ears //////

don’t be jealous of me

Jealous of me?
She couldn't be.
How could she be?
Lying beside me--
Wishing to have my something
What I Feel Jul 5

Gentle breezes, kiss
my face and promise peace, and
whisper me to sleep.

Calm haiku #2

Circulating around our bodies.
Emanating within us.
Blood contains the action of life as without death becomes apparent.
It's otherworldly appearance striking fear to the eye.
A distance remaining as hot blood can so easily turn cold.
Temper unpredictable, no reason for its outburst.
But still the desire lets itself be known.
Amounting to more than your will, the crave, the hunger, the need and the unhealthy obsession.
But always the danger, the lust and the calming comfortable ambience it presents with its presence.

Surrounding our every decision air envelopes us in a way that feels right, needed.
Our choices made clear and immediately diminished in comparison to its calm demeanour.
Seeming insignificant in it's presence.
We conform, unwilling to understand what consenquences may perhaps come forward if these actions aren't fulfilled.
Yet we can't exist without it, we hunger for it.
Holding it close we let it in.
Allow it to become one.
Before you realize what it's capability can expand to.
Too much can change everything and just enough feels infinite.

Raw beauty of the Earth refines itself.
The Earth and it's people need each other as without it survival is limited.
Perhaps the want of need affects one more so than the other.
Greed, hunger, it lusts for its reality to change.
The nostalgic feel of home, of nature draws you in and permits you to leave yet you decide against it.
The Earth changeable within itself.
Never truly knowing its own true intentions.
But forever secure.
Your choices insignificant, your memories, your judgement clouded as two big egos are never compatible.
Yet you both crave it.
The difference.

There's just so much water.
Blinding to the eye, torturous to the skin.
I fear this is it.
I can feel my laboured breaths mimicking my beating heart.
Time has no importance.
I can sense my eyesight blurring, my body giving way.
Allowing the water to take full control.
I realize that this was inevitable but is still yet delayed.
The water envelopes my body.
Nothing can be kept sheltered, hidden as I've let myself get to this.
My vulnerability becoming me.

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