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If you ask my grandmothers
they’ll say my father was a jazz man
in a pinstripe suit

When I pull up to the faded
yellow house with the worn smooth
stairs and a screen door
snap, sunflowers stoop
by the apple orchard heavy
with ants’ sweet bliss
where the day buzzes dry
but the nights are getting cooler now
the girls come running
and I hold their softness close,
breathe in the beating promise of rolling
thunder rousing wild rain
on window pane
cold winds rise, leaves will fall
velvet silence settles
foghorns blow
and inside there is music—
the kind to throw my arms
toward heaven and laugh
out loud
and there he is twinkling, fingers trip
happy across pale keys
old bones forgotten
rhythm shivers free
and we sing
we sing till there’s no breath, until my face
irons smooth, my heart
swells true

Autumn changes air to music
and music is
my home
Fall is my favorite time of the year.

You can already tell when Fall is coming near.

The air is cool, and it is so perfect.

The leaves are falling as if they are imperfect!

The colors are changing from green to yellow and red.

I really can almost sense what the birds have just said.

They are chirping away in the trees like a song.

To me,

Fall makes me feel that there is absolutely nothing wrong!
I had written this when I was at a park sitting on a bench :)
Karen M Jun 24
Inflated egos float up
to the summit with fates
cradled in each hand to
decide whether we peak
or plummet.
Nazish Idrees Sep 23
I like him yum, warm and strong
just like my coffee and routine

I watch him glowing, wide and bold
just like my hobby and work

I call him sweet, polite and honorable
just like my name and aim

I confront him mirroring and matching
just like my face and flame
Falling, Falling, Falling
Through the fluid,
With breath,
In sleep,
It never ends,
Falling, Falling, Falling,
A soft motion,
A lighter,
Past the sailing clouds,
Not yet seen the ground,
Falling, Falling, Falling,
Loose friction,
Peace in one depiction,
Only feel,
Do not think,
No contradiction,
A strong affliction,
Get drunk,
Lost in the air,
Surrounded by it,
Live by it,
Always by it,
Falling, Falling, Falling
There is now goal,
Feathers light,
Hunger whole,
Now soaring,
Speed was storing,
The dive,
The spread,
The curve,
In the talon’s grasps,
Something from the ocean,
Now being carried,
Through a more fluid ocean,
Gliding, Gliding, Gliding,
To a rock,
Feed the ones chirping a good bit,
And now rest,
That’s it.
I wanted to write something about a bird.
Mia Sep 18
I gave her empty promises.
I just told her to see the bright side of things.
And she did.
She saw the bright side,
She saw through it.
She didn't scream while burning,
She embraced herself and whispered,
"I'll finally be free."
We threw her ashes into the air,
From the highest building.
She was free.
Zane Smith Sep 10
6:15am, early start
full with lots of love in my heart,
a cup of coffee with a swirl of whipped cream
a book about compassion and generosity.
step out on the balcony
brisk beautiful air
messy tangled hair,
sun beaming
skin gleaming
peace and quiet.
birds waking up to make their music
where's my bookmark, try not to lose it.
sitting and sipping
take in the new day
new start
new beginning.
reminder : you are growing and flourishing everyday whether you recognize it or not :)
i drowned once and to this day i still struggle to come up for air.
acceptance- when i was a eight i drowned in a swimming pool surrounded by adults, i remember the panic of the water entering my lungs and then falling asleep really peacefully next thing im hacking up lungfuls of chlorine, luckily a fellow eight year old who i grew up with saw me and called for help, i am forever in his debt though sometimes i wish he never saw me.
Rivea Sep 5
counting on people for your air
is a sure way to end up drowning.

i think it's about time
i create my own oxygen.
whaleshark Sep 4
The two flying fish

tails wiggle   and they  glide through

the air  soaring hovering
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