Nothing 1d
Self harm is a way of knowing you're alive

Its like breathing, you need it to live, but without it you will die.
I'm a goner.
Black dog, black dog
Why do you follow me
What do you want
Why do you rob me of experiencing joy
I try to flee ... It's no good
Wherever I go
There you are too
I fled to a foreign country in aid to escape you
But low and behold there you were
Waiting to welcome me at the airport
Black dog, black dog
Aren't you embarrassed
You ought to be ashamed of yourself
I wish I could kill you
I would if I could
But then I'll have to die too
And I refuse to give you any form of satisfaction
I intend to stick around just to spite you
What do I have that you want so badly
You feed off me
You're nothing but a parasite ... Leech
Black dog, black dog
I can't stand the feel of you
You're a brain drain
Keep me chained at home
Yet you grant me creativity
But at a price of course
I love to hate you
And worst of all ... You know this
A paradox of gross contrast
Black dog, black dog
I have a plan up my sleeve
I'm going to buy a brand new pair of pliers
Then, slowly ... One by one
I'm gonna pull those teeth of gleaming white
I will destroy your deadly bite
Written by Sean Achilleos
17 May 2018©
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In here I can breathe freely
In my own little atmosphere
Away from the nasty smell of peoples opinions
In my little-confined space where I can enjoy the clean filtrated air
A world far away from the pollution that is exhaled through the people which opinions reach far into my mind in an attempt to control me
I can almost feel a slight touch of happiness
Clean lungs
Drop the lock
Gate's open
run, Run, RUN
Into the white
Into her sight
She's beautiful
Emerge, O child of mine
Spread your newly christened wings of glory
Flitter and flutter
To hither and yon
She'll adore your colors
She'll sing your song
Submerge, O tender heart
The deep is cold
But you'll catch your start
Free from those who try to gain
Free from all the surface pain
She waits at the bottom for you to stay
It's silent down here
But that's ok
She's right in front of you
She's fighting for you
She's waiting
She is singing
She shows you her colors
Her glorious vibrant colors
She is
She is
Go to her
Find her
Save her
Amanda Jun 8
I do not know if I should smile or cry
It felt good to see you again
But simultaneously, I believe that things
Will never be like they were back then.

Once something fragile is fragmented
It can never completely be repaired
There will be cracks in places
Hurt underneath memories shared.

It is so much harder to trust you now
I don't want to go through the identical agony twice
To be honest, I'm the only one
Making any kind of sacrifice.

I cannot help it, I fell in love with you
I still love the person you became
The air has changed and I worry
What's been broken will never be the same.
Wrutten 1-12-13
Micaiah Jun 1
Find a mountain
Begin to climb
begin to find, your strength inside
your fingers weak, the air is thin
the rocks are cold, it numbs your skin
but continue to climb, to reach the shrine
a valley on a mountain, from the gods, a sign
Cause nothing worth having, is easily retireved
so climb your mountain, your gift, receive
DM00 May 29
The same stifled,
recycled air
has been circulating
in this glass box.

My body inhabits it,
never fully exhaling lest
I lose sight
of the things in front of me.
Never fully stretching lest
I break the glass,
and all my work falls apart.

But the cage has dissolved,
until I re-build it again later.
the glass has simply melted away,
until I will come back.
to put pen to paper,
for the last year.

So now I breathe
the tendrils of the night air,
the warm atmosphere
as you play with my hair.
I breathe in the time before me,
and exhale everything
that I’ve been ignoring.
This was written towards the end of a very stressful time in my life when I could just begin to see the finish line
Sarah Mann May 21
I want to be in a love like this forever.
With your eyes grazing my skin,
Following your circling fingertips.
You touch me in a way, so delicately,
So lovingly, like you actually care.
Your kisses that you place on my forehead
As I’m drifting off into paradise
Remind me what spring love is supposed to look like.
The grass under my toes pull me into the present
While we dance across the lawn with our hands intertwined.
Butterflies zig zag across my vision and you spin me around.
The music drowns out all of our other problems.
And life feels beautiful.
When I’m in my sundress and
You’re watching me from our picnic blanket
You tell me you love me, and my heart begins to flutter.
The last days of cold are erased by your beautiful laugh
The warmth of sunlight and the soft cool breeze
Further pushes our passion and solidifies our feelings.
You grip my waist and lift me into the air.
Time feels rosy and fair, while the birds chirp and call.
With no real agenda, without the controlling menace of time.
We hold hands and spend the afternoons enjoying the bliss.
The newly bloomed flowers and reappearance of green
Feels like a long awaited, highly anticipated surprise
As does our relationship.
We take in the pink skies together,
Hoping we will never have to say goodbye,
Affectionately kissing one another.
Knowing this is a time we will always miss.
Spring, is a time for new beginnings.
It is the perfect time, for a love like this.
Written over spring break during a time when my life was a little more filled with light.
Helene Marie May 18
Swimming in my own delusions,
I gasped, searching for breath
as I reached the surface again,
and the bitterly cold air
of reality
filled my lungs
and pulled me away
from the dazing daydreams
that nearly drowned me
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