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Ronin 2d
the next time you
have your coffee black
you'll taste the bitter
state he left you in
it will make you weep
but you'll never
stop drinking
you'd rather have the
darkest parts of him
than have nothing

but one day
you'll run out
of tears to cry
no more coffee
but the bitter will
stay, unlike
he did.
i didn't write the first part.
i long to be
your first cup of coffee
kissing those
sleepy eyes awake,
whilst you feel the warmth
spread through your bones.
i long to be
the reminder of home
felt with each
gentle mouthful,
now an essential part
of your daily ritual.
i long for you
to spend the day thinking
of when you might
taste me next,
leaving hints of cinnamon
and sweetness on your lips.
- this morning, with her, having coffee.
K 6d
Oh, Wild Wood
The smell of oil consumes me -
The acoustics surround me like a nest of warmth and buzzing bees.
Oh, Wild Wood-
The rain across the street is slapping against the cement like it's been owed.
Oh, Wild Wood -
Your coffee's burning-
Your touch is lingering - your words are softening like butter and I'm searching for meaning in the cool air.
Take me back there.
Oh, Wild Wood -
have I lied?
Have my memories betrayed me-
am I hollow as a guitar inside?
Like coffee
You taste bitter on my tongue
Slightly sweetened
By the glaze of your eyes
When you wet your lips
And press them to mine
TinaMarie Sep 28
Seconds can feel like an eternity as I anticipate your warmth and taste burrowing through the dense froth that binds us.

┬ęTina Thompson
Love note to a moment of bliss
I bought a coffee the other day,
Gawped at society on the way,
Coffee shop like the undertakers,
Here no conversation makers,
"The  crowd" sitting in total silence,
Gazing at phones, is it sense?
So much for that coffee shop,
The solitude of worshiping Microsoft,
Alone together, where does it stop?
Solitary silence in the coffee shop!
Feedback welcome.
Marla Sep 24
If all life meant for me to do was smile,
I'd spend the rest of mine making coffee.
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