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You were my morning coffee.
With each sip, you became my perfect drip
I became alive-
But never learning
I wouldn’t notice my tongue burning
Neglecting how many grounds I began to waste
Now noticing each day there was a different taste.
Bold. Enriching my mind.
Memories becoming to thick, getting lost in the grind
Fulfilling. Holding you to warm the parts of me that weren’t awake.
Bitter. Starting days with dissatisfaction, never taking a second to reckon my intake of my reaction
Strong. Conquering moments that were holding me back
Forgetting the tendencies I seemed to lack
Perfect. There was nothing else I needed to sustain my days
Routined in my ways
I became addicted
Better then anything that could be predicted
You made the days seem easier, and I felt more aware. Like without you I wouldn’t be all there.
I never thought that you would ever run out after this long -that I would need to take my time having you.
I was wrong.
Unfulfilled. I started burning from the inside out
I could never control the amount
Raw. From each time my lips were burning
Weak. Throughout time I forgot how to make you strong
I just stopped learning.
Cold. From each time that I had left you sitting out-
You couldn’t handle the amount of time waiting for me to wake up and need you.
You were my morning coffee.
The song on loop
and yawn's a constant companion.
The bed invitingly soft and
the worn out cozy blanket.
A half finished cup of Joe
now gone cold
Picking it up not an option
for my lazy limbs,
Sleepish eyes carrying
Stone heavy eyelids
A caffeinated brain
Intoxicated with futuristic ideas'
Streams of probability
And possibilities
Running with Infinite paradoxes
The two eternal repellents'
Bookand iphone
Depicting angel and satan
One on each shoulders
Playing cold wars like
****** and Englishmen
With the hour of devil on clock
And Jesus on the lips
I slid into the eternity
Of pleasant thoughts
Of how to spend the next day
of my life.
Eliza 5d
Your senses come alive
The aroma waking your soul
The brim gently touched by your lip
As you take that first sip.
You smiled at me as you said,
"It's amazing how it energizes you
When you take that first sip."
You don't even drink coffee
You said you do now because I do
I love drinking coffee
But there's nothing I would love more
than doing things with you.
Path Humble Jun 2014
from the bed shared

I offer ask,
"would you like me to reheat yours?"

and she answers no hesitation

"no sweetheart, I'm good,"

not realizing she just
simple and easy,
through her sweet goodness,
reheated my love
for her
1- 2 - 3
Anne Marie May 17
You're the first thing in my mornings,
and I like you whatever form you may be in.
Whether you're hot or cold,
sweet or bitter,
I enjoy you.

You wake me up,
make me feel jittery;
you give me energy.

And when I feel drained,
uninspired and unmotivated.
Your strong aroma fills the room
with so much, just so much
to fill me up.
You are my cup of coffee.
Mei May 15
While the sun was idle
It rested beneath the inky cumulus
As thunder clad the still morn
A tiny ant with a load of bread crumb
Perhaps on its way home
Stopped for a rest on the tip
Of my marmalade coated toast
Then off he went
As wind tousled leaves made a clapping sound
As if, the long wait is over
I held up my coffee
And breathed in,

I smelled rain.
Gara May 14
jazz and cigarettes
a cup of coffee in hand
they fill up the night
the flower looks up the sky
caught a glimpse of falling stars
the night is alive tonight
Alexandre May 11
I loved how you inspired me
I loved how you wrote poetry
And sung and played guitar
And wore old clothes that
Didn’t look outdated on you
I loved how you always seemed
To be looking beneath the surface
I loved how your hair
Was longer than most
And you always seemed just
A little bit nervous
Even when you weren’t
I loved your passion
For coffee and music and people
I tried really hard
to tell myself I loved you
But I loved what you
And I still do
bad days measured by empty mugs in the sink
equal parts sugar, coffee and routine
make for the perfect drink

the count can exceed the hours awake
adrenaline-amped listlessness
is it the physical or mental at stake?

not to worry though, as this too shall pass
bitter darkness will dissapear
like that in my empty glass
f hanna May 10
we met up at the coffee shop where we first hung out with all my friends who had crushes on you
you sat across from me after you had insisted to pay for my tea
you said it’s the least you could do after breaking my heart

you gave me a letter with a stamp on the envelope
you said you meant to mail it but you forgot my zip code
& when i started to open it you said "please wait till you get home
i can’t bear to watch you read the words i should’ve said long ago"

something’s wrong with the way
your hands are shaking
flat on the table
holding back a painful
yet quite avoidable cry
you made the decision & i
sit here to comfort you
waiting for your tears to dry

you finish your drink before i could take a sip of mine
you were always so quiet but now i can’t read your mind
i tell you how it felt to hear you break all your promises
& you sat there nodding with tears streaming down your face
& even then, i told you i still loved you
you said you don’t deserve it, & i said i totally agree

something’s wrong with the way
that i’m staring
when you say it back
& i can’t seem to care
that you're broken & scared
i’m thinking it i swear
but it’s stuck in my hair
& i can’t seem to feel anywhere it matters
my heart is too shattered maybe
but u said i look happier baby


before i could drink it, my tea got too cold
& i threw it away & apologized, you said it’s okay
when you walked me to my car you said that you’ll never be able to say i’m sorry enough, & i said it’s okay

you kissed my forehead, so i gave you a peck on the cheek
& i waited till i’d driven far enough away to wipe it off me
lyrics to a song i wrote :)
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