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Rejoice rejoice my heart is so very full of love!!!
It is not all for you
No, my darling, not all for you
This love is not all for you
It is for every fiber of the trees
That blow in the wind
Every discrepancy in the wind
Shifts and sway
Blew you into my morning cup of coffee

The cup of coffee
Is full of love
For the bitter taste
That you left on my tongue
Tasted like the back corner of my mind
You know the place
You stopped for what felt like a moment
Guess you thought you’d stay

My love is for the time that passed
So very slowly
The time between you and you
Taught me of a silent world
But bright and silent

Please please
Don’t leave again
Because I don’t know what I will do
If I have to spend yet another year in bright, white sun
Staring at the floor of an empty mug
Um, so...?


Say coffee, no, dark choclate whose pretense
Falls short of that, or lo, a cuppa they'll
Assure you is quite good for health, t'avail
Dad's late exper'ments--coc'nut oil dropped thence
In favour of now Hershey's cocoa--whence
I sip half wondring at the ***** scale
Of "coffee," swirling sludge 'til that detail
Unmasks this "Special Dark" hot choclate hence.
And all he'd brew me ere is not sae poor
Now I am forty, as put off in lieu
As twere of, well, concoctions in grand tour
Mayhap of more than just good coffee.  Who
Shall say but that is...better?!  O what were
You thinking, Girl, when you spelled out what'd do?

Ya, kick me to Timbuktu.
...past my waist as her-- "to my foot's glee--"


I wanted coffee, with auld sonnets thence
As erst wont, Missus Browning's sweet detail
From lo, "the Portuguese," as I sipped stale
Last ounces from four nights 'go like's good sense,
With mair than I'd known ere for all intents,
And laden praps as Roscoe was't? thought, frail
Erm, as my seeing more clearly to avail
Just how much we've in common is't? from hence.
One friend some years back said I'd be as her--
Was't cuz I begged for romance? or through
These diary pages shewed I had as twere
That lonely life Miss Barrett ere me knew?
Where now, since losing Mum I feel in poor
'Scuse kinship like my friend claimed, sold to YOU?

Okay, so pick me to pieces, especially cuz I have this thing for laying me out ***** on the page and then thinking that's too cute.
Daksh 2d
Sun is up,
Your eyes;

Coffee sips and old books.
Can't look more beautiful;

Lose clothes and perfect hair

Trying to keep eyes off,
Loving this morning despair.

I had you in a dream last night.
Waking up to sunrise so beautiful,
Sad to see that it is only witnessed by a few...

Looked at her with sleepy eyes,
Witnessed the beauty that no one knew...

Wishing to always see her smile,
Wishing that together older we Grew...

Her presence makes it all colorful,
Without her, nothing but blue...

Takes a long whiff letting the air fill my lungs,
Relaxes my head back, enjoying the view...

The smell of freshly brewed coffee,
The smell of the morning dew...
Daksh 3d
Ready to die, do anything
Darkness is what i love, lights flashing

Don't tell anyone, i missed you
chocolates ardented,
Ice cream, coffee and warm jackets

Your spectacles reflected every star it could

Sitting, tryn not to shake.
I can't love anymore.
The air smells of ground coffee beans and freshly brewed tea.
A girl sits by a large window that, sadly,
Doesn’t provide much of a scenery.
She sees her reflected self,
Her glassy eyes staring back at themselves.
She sees the reflection of the strangers around her,
Their hurried moments of affection,
Their lipstick-stained coffee cups,
Their involuntary displays of vexation.
They see their mirrored selves,
Their idle chatter,
Their fake smiles,
Their forced laughter.
It’s like watching a reality show,
Watching the lives of other people,
On a single glass screen.  
Little do they realize,
That they’ve been watching themselves,
Watching their own lives become other people’s lives.
On the other side of the window,
Passersby peer through the tinted glass,
Into the lives of these strangers.
A woman with her lover but not her husband,
A group of teenage boys trying to woo a pretty barista,
Two college girls trading ***** secrets,
A girl sitting all alone by the window,
Staring into space.
It’s like watching a reality show,
Watching people go on about their lives,
Seeing life without actually being a part of it.
JJ Inda 5d
Coffee stain,
it rained,
poured unto the book cover.
Anger and screams,
killing dreams
as brown liquid spilled all over
the kitchen counter.
Hate thrown at me;
"Didn't you see ?!"
I did this to her.
Who's the boy with the sickly eyes down the hall?
He looks so familiar. But his name I can't recall.
He's on my lips, I can feel him right there,
hope he didn't catch me with my mouth open stare.

He looks like he needs a nap, to get some rest.
His clothes all wrinkled, his posture's a mess.

But he has a thick line of laughter creased in his cheek.
His smile has some tatters, and he's got coffee stains
for teeth.
His glasses are fogged up ***** with that day's grease.
If he took a bit of care for himself he'd be looking,
better than what I've seen.

Too bad he isn't better than he is right now.
some ideas ive had, some remarks ive heard, and a few insecurities i need to face
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