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Blue thoughts, purple dreams
Hands gripping worn duvets
Memeories, clutching has beens
Sadness rests- pale lilac
Dull, faint and melancholy
Sighs are soft, emotions endless
Eyes sting bitter like old coffee
Tears sit stagnant; glass rain

Endless wonder, absent anger
Trying desperately to forget
Begging though, not to be a stranger
Wishing always for yellow days
Shading the truth in pink
Rose petals wilting in dreary heat
Love now, lost in a blink
Soapy eyes, please let me unsee
she tasted like coffee and smelled like gardenias and i was in love
I saw her at the train station
She was looking at the sky
Stars were reflected in her brown eyes

Dark hair, black jacket and glasses
She always brought everyone to laugh
And never let a star shine bright alone

I took her for a ride
Drove many miles
And saw her smile

We sat by the lake
Drank our coffee
Until we got hungry

We ordered sushi from japan
She stole my food from my hand
And ran laughing away from me

She was a cool night
A funny night
A beautiful night
A lovely night

I brought her back home
And I wished her a good night.
From small mistakes you learn something

Thank you aquis for showing my mistakes :)
I visited my local garden centre
into the cake filled cafe I popped
bought a coffee and muffin
but with both hands full they nearly dropped

The server asked if I wanted a tray
told her I had enough to carry
the drink spilled a wee bit
I wasn't as happy as Larry

Never know who that Larry is
but he must be bloody annoying
he makes a joke out of everything
bound to become soul destroying

Anyway I wander from my anecdote
from the tangent I will return
to me sitting in the cafe garden
sheltering from fair skin sunburn

I photographed my drink and treat
and posted it on instagram
yer see my life is boring and sad
I watch paint dry on a webcam

10 seconds later a fly divebombed
into my coffee, drowned and sank
clearly a winged hater of social media
it went too far if it was a prank

I ate the muffin but ditched the drink
kamikaze coffee fly gave me the blues
to turn this mundane non event
to become a rhyming muse
A true tale of woe
the faint smell of rain
and the remnants in my coffee cup
from hours of early morning
wake me from my sleep
and as i lay in the space
between dreaming and consciousness
i breathe in the scent again
in hopes that it would take me back
to a similar time in the past
when i was closer to home.
The signs are posted that say
"Marijuana is prohibited..."
What else is new?
I ain't gonna hurt no one
Or get in their way
So this joint sparks up on its own
And I disrobe at the top of the mountain to
Dance among the pine trees
'Cause I'm a FREE MAN
Gawd dammit!
And I ain't never gonna not be
As long as mah legs and arms
Be a twiddlin'
In the sun
Baking like cookies
On a department store

The only thought
That comes to my soaked gourd
O'er and o'er again

Are there bears
'round here?

They must call it the lair
For a reason...

I put on my shirt
And wait quietly
In the shadows
For the growls
As my manhood
Dangles above the grass...
Inday Sep 11
A cigarette in the morning
To get me over the night time
I forgot to sleep again
My eyelids live on high time.

It's fine I'll just play the guitar
Drink a cup of coffee or two
Walk along to my sanctuary
In my mind I'll write songs to you

A cigarette after midnight
To overcome all this silence
I don't want to sleep again
My eyelids wait for sunrise.

Another double expresso
Until my heart starts to echo
And then I'll stop and start breathing
How d'you get rid of this feeling ?

I'm thinking again of the morning
In the red of the wine time
This bed has become me
I'll get out of here sometime.
You fill me to the brim
Like coffee on a Sunday morning.
Ive always loved that about you, you never gulped, you never rushed.
You paused inbetween, inhaling the brewed coffee beans.
You dipped into the cup with love and wonder,
Always took little sips to make the feeling last longer.
astiani Sep 9
they said love means you fill each other's up.
l o v e; is yours meet mine and intertwined just fine.
l o v e; is a half-full coffee combined with a condensed milk and we called it us.
yet if i only knew, i'm barely bring the house down,
that you are an olive oil to my fiji water, period.
I like americano better
MJ Javier Sep 9
The rain falls once again
I sit on a chair near the balcony
Opening the window
the strong scent of rain
drills through my nostrils,
The thoughts of cacophonic
sounds inside my head
looming suddenly disappears,
The rain still falls hard but gently
the sounds of it creates
a relaxing sound that you like to hear.

I open up a book of Coelho's,
Reading till page seventeen and
I closed the book and got up
Going to the kitchen I warm up
some black coffee to drink,
I picked up my favorite mug
and poured the steaming hot
coffee that just finished heating up,
I hold the mug feeling it's warmth
with both hands, holding it tight.

I walked back at the balcony
Sitting at the chair and placing the mug
I look at the view in front of me,
of how these tiny water droplets
stay still when falling down the air
and breaks after falling to the ground,
and I remembered, "Oh, that was me"
I take a sip off this piping hot coffee
I feel the warmth spreading
and glanced at the beyond and there
I became deathly still.
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