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Well time to wake
Need to shower
Got alot to do
Wish I could wake
next to you
I do miss those mornings
Being close
Making your coffee
Kissing you till you woke
Those were the mornings
I miss I really do
Ok time to get my coffee on
Can't lay here all day
Ok there we go
Music's on
Coffee brewing
Hot shower
Now I'm ready
to get my got to do

© Jennifer Delong 1/23/19
when you call me by my name

it’s a warm cup of coffee on a cold morning
the scent wafting room to room
the sleep in my eyes just falls away
and although I can’t see you
I can hear the smile on your lips
and I can feel the warmth in your chest

when you call me by my name
Anton 17h
  serves the plastic latté substance

trice he confused a sugar
with salt dizziness 
vaulting on
pepper vengeance

ladies in red velvet gowns -
roses pulled by roots on dirt -
whine upto dude's gimmick
and dew pinky thighs,
few sword thorns

child and his mommy
stood by restaurant doorway
and cringed
while barista
shone bottle bars
mocking crimson tissue chicks

child shot a video
and uploaded it
to youtube
Apologies for the coffee I had to spill,
Don't worry I got another refill,
Will be back here for another meal,
And more of the coffee, that's the deal.

A bit too clumsy
Moving like a zombie
Spilled my iced coffee
No sleep for me
Went to our usual place (though not really, but I'd like to call it so) this morning (01-19-19). I haven't slept yet as I was on maximum overdrive working on my school work. Had a quite embarrassing moment of spilling my iced coffee as I placed it on my table. And this was my way of apology. Left a note at my table. Love, yellowpotato. :D
he was the art

of deception

of deftly crafted artifice

of reading between the lines

he was the art

of speeding cars

of lightning

of roaring flames

but you

honey, you are the art

of a different kind

you are the art

of the first light of dawn

of the stars winking in the inky night

of the sun showers on saturday afternoon

you are the art

of drizzling rain

of cold coffee and creamer

of simplistic precision

i could marvel at you for days
jecky 3d
Taking care
Of your
Cup of coffee
Is simple
Gently stir
To keep it
Take a sip
Don't burn yourself
Add some sugar
Just as much as
You need to
When it's
Getting cold
Heat it back up
And if you
Truly love your
Cup of coffee
You'll always
Find a way
Love is a working process. It doesn't matter how hard it gets. Love takes love.

This is a follow-up to my poem "A Cup of Coffee".
Arianna 3d
07:30, and I'm the first to arrive,
Staking out the best table,
Positioned strategically
So the entire room is visible.

I curl up by the window,
Admiring the sun rising through the trees,
Watching the city awaken in waves
Of yawning pedestrians.

Chopin's waltzes
Pirouette in my ears,
And Serge Gainsbourg
Stares out the window next to me
Puff-puffing away
Sur un petit café.

I see everyone
Who walks through the door.

I know what time to expect them.

Of course,
They have no idea:

          No idea at all
          That I have code names for each one of them,

          That I keep a list in my notebook,
          Marking them Here when they walk in;

          That I wait for them
          Just to observe them;

          That I notice when they arrive late, early,
          Or not at all;

          That I wonder
          What's keeping them;

          That the volume in my headphones is purposely low
          To hear the conversations around me...

          ... Or that the reason
          I've walked to the counter for water
          Ten times
          In as many minutes
          Is because I wanted
          To look closer at you,
          However briefly...
******* people watching every morning at a coffee shop where I used to spend WAY too much time. :-)

Serge Gainsbourg - "L'Hôtel Particulier":


Frédéric Chopin - "Waltz, Op. 64 No. 2 in C-Sharp Minor"
while the children
are outside rolling up
boulders for snowmen,
the Halloween decorations
are still hanging from
last month’s festivities
and I am at my desk,
sipping on Red Wagon
listening to the
13th Floor Elevators
under the needle
and going crazy at
the blank paper in the
typewriter and while
I’m producing nothing in here,
the children are accomplishing
so many wondrous things
out there.
all I can do is watch
the snowflakes fall on this
cool crisp November morning
and think of my own childhood;
a little less grim and
little more reckless
as they place a carrot for the nose,
the coal for buttons, eyes
and a crooked smile,
a scarf to keep him warm and
the top hat keeps him prestigious.

could it be
that silence
is the only thing
that speaks to me?
Eurus 4d
You don’t know this yet
But when I look at you
I see everything I’ve ever wanted in this life.
I see my every mornings coffees
And favorite hello’s.
Everything from everyday.
From now on.
Too bad you don’t know that yet.
it's just me,
and my coffee smell,
mixed with rain,
ND little bit of air !!
sitting at the balcony
And your smile
That's my happiness..!!!
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