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Should I change to be the me that others want me to be?
And change to maintain that which I have already obtained, or remain the me that I have always been?
How will I survive without the me that has been alive as me when I throw reality away for another me?
Now I am not the me who I have been for I have changed my personality, permanently barking up an unknown tree.
Tossed aside what I was inside so that I may contrive an identity, from me others can derive their sweet desires.
Will others flee when they see that I have not become what they want to see and rather the me that pleases me to be?
I agree with great certainty that the me that I want to be is uncertain, for even I do not know why I cannot simply be just me,
Why I need the validation of words from lips unimportant,
from gazes of eyes that widen with admiration and pride,
from applause to a facade, a disguise,
compliments to a me that is not me?
I try to provide all that I can provide,
for without the lie that is not me,
those that look up to me may lose themselves too
and just as I have, with a sigh long, long ago
they die.
Andrew 1d
My personality
Is the totality
Of the modality
That powers me
Hourly scouring
A culture souring

I begin to listen
To what glistens
Forming opinions
Gaining dominion
Halting my pure idolatry
By installing an ideology
Using this idol ecology
That falls upon me

I'm my own personality
Developing individuality
Is part of the ride
To not be as trite
As the banal blight
That dims our light

Is hurting me
The introspection
"Who am I?"
Dooms my mind
Clues I'll find
In due time
So I climb
But I slide
This "what am I?"
Slants the grind
Into being blind
Far behind

How will I change
Or rearrange
From the strange
In my range?
Will I be the same person
Or a traveling merchant
That sells then sails
From a personality stale

Born in a different time or place
Born of a different gender or race
What would be the problems I'd face?
What would be the benefits erased?
How would that effect me?
Would anyone protect me?
These worries are dissecting
With perspectives infesting
My mind directly

Every day a sequel
I become different people
Morphing my weak soul
Because of my meek hold
On the personality steeple
That makes this deep hole
Anya 6d
In elementary school
Things were so much simpler
My three titles-
-Basically defined me
In other’s eyes
I am lost
In a sea of people
No clear direction
No clear idea
Of who I am
Where I belong
will I ever?
Eric Sep 14
I appreciate the time we spent together.
You know I used to come to you in any weather.
But you denied me my friend.
This is how I know this relationship will not happen again.
Now I will make sure that odium becomes reality;
Because of you and your fake personality
With these thoughts I aim at you with such veracity.
If only you could feel what I feel just to understand me.
Some would say I have chosen the wrong path,
I guess I will pull out the claws and never retract.
Thanks to you I am more idiosyncratic;
I have no more friends to make this situation less chaotic.
I am certain that all the little things I do add up to nothing to you.
That is why I am saving the best for last, because that is what I am due.
I have been put on the path of least resistance;
Because the most dangerous things in my life will always stay persistent.
Now to make a stand for myself in any light.
The carnivores have me and with a jagged tooth they will bite.
This is my pure unadulterated return.
For years and years my hatred flame has burned.
Never do I want my friends to be enemies.
It is better for me to count sheeps with a Golden Fleece just ahead of me.
Now that is said and done to you.
I hope you do stick in my head like glue.
All of us pay the price for a chosen few.
I hope to never see again.
I hope this remains until the very end.
Anya Sep 8
If I was forced
To consider every word
Every stroke of the brush
Every action
Every phrase
With meticulous consideration
I’d find it extremely stifling
Is that a problem?
V Exeter Aug 31
What's worse
than a shell
of protection?

I can say for sure,
it's automatic trust
response to

They're human, right?
Are as I am, it would seem.
Then more so
do I doublethink:
remove myself
as at their best
they're bad as I am
at my most immaculate.

Brain in a toxic stew
of all logical goo,
I whisper the shorthand,
.help me.

Were I to break the gates,
you would storm the city.
Future sight.
you "know" me.
but you don't know me.

the me you know,
is a bright, introverted mess.
an artist with a touch of glitter.
a stranger.

i, on the other hand,
am dull on both the inside,
and outside.
my emotion is yet to be determined
even by me.
and negativity is the highlight
of my personality.

you don't know me -
you don't want to know me.

- v.m
Destiny M Aug 23
Do you believe in love at first sight? It’s rare something I’ve never found..
But what is this feeling I’m feeling and why did I vibe so well with him? I’ll never really know.
I really might be polyamorous and I can’t help it because I’m single right now. & I want to be single for a while till I find myself and heal. It’s possible for me to like or be attracted to more than one person at the same time whether that be male or female. Because I’m attracted to beautiful people .. I’m also attracted to beautiful souls . Your personality is what gets me more than anything else and your intellectuality. Looks are only really a plus it doesn’t matter. It really always takes me 3 months to fall in love when it’s consistent I’ve noticed this. I just want pure energy and pure vibes. Love me, Like me, or leave me alone that’s it.
ethan gaskill Aug 22
i wield the word
with the kind of hubris
only possessed by
one who has never truly learned
how to give the emotion 'love'

this is as best as i can do
before you get your mind set on hating someone
stop and think about the others who love them
everyone has someone who appreciates them for their good  
stop and think
why it is that their desirable side is not radiating towards you,
do you shine towards them?
or do you
block their light?
everyone deserves to have a chance in showing their soft side
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