See who the authentic you is.
It's a burning flame but its form is
that like water.
Claim it.
Yes clasp and aim for it.
Claim it
and do it proudly so.
Only then can you pursue your goals.
The goals that lead to providence.
Yes the big P.
The providence you decided.
Remember accept your enlightened nature for you're already complete.
You are light
I am light
reflected through the crystal prism of

Each of us shines with a million colors
Fractals that glimmer
in certain light
at certain angles

What really matters
is what you see
my blue isn't your blue
or red or yellow
Those colors are determined
by our place in

There is an energy
consider it magic
that flows and weaves
in and out
of every person
or place or thing
And like a spell cast
that energy becomes our luster

When the sun starts to set
and its luminescence shines though
that cut and shaped glass
window in the front door
we all have
It spills our hue
for all to see

You become a rainbow
I become a rainbow
our pigment splashed on
life itself becomes out personality
And much like we all have
our favorite colors
that's what draws us
to one another
Winding fingers,
Weave the thread,
That wrap me so comfortably in my fears,

Mould my mind,
Shamelessly encrypting my thoughts, Through and through.

Grown to shapen my impersonality,
Both for my lack there of,
And my tenancy for the impersonal.

Yet how,
Should be such a bond to my pains,
An Introspective perfection,
Or am I?

Or is that just my guise,
Impersonality guide my imperfection,
Interspective shapes my imperception.

Impossibilities in my inevitabilities.

I am.
elle b sun Jul 11
how should i act?

to be honest with you,
i didn't plan on making it this far.

i really only planned up to 18.
i've been winging this shit ever since.
and so far, all my plans fell through.

i'm always baffled by my lack of motivation,
but i forget i've already made my biggest accomplishment by

being here today.
E McNamara Jul 10
There is only one letter
from feeling lovely-
and lonely.
I have a very close friend who has this. She talks about it to me and it sounds like hell. You all are so strong. I love you all. Be gentle with yourselves.

To people with friends with BPD. Tell them you love them. Be patient, understanding. They are NEVER overreacting.
there are so many who don't even have to try
born to be social butterflies
they've got friday night hearts
and party light eyes
crafted from pure sunshine
their words are glitter laced
and their smiles warm and inviting
born with swift tongues
and dancing feet

then there are those
born to the world of nature and art
they've got sunday morning hearts
and stars in their eyes
crafted from pure moonlight
their words laced with daisies and moonflowers
crooked smiles and rosy cheeks
born with clumsy tongues
and two left feet

- so, which are you? a soul crafted by the sun or the moon?
you dye your hair a new color,

dawn your favorite outfit,

and paint your face pretty 
with palettes of persimmon hue.

you tint your lips a pale pink,

brush your cheeks with blush, 

and line your lashes with liquid ink,

but your eyes are still dull and broken blue.

you glance in the mirror,

looking at who you are,

this body this heart this soul,

hoping to see a reflection of something new.

but nothing will change,

nothing will be different,

nothing can fix the ugly inside of you.

― you’re only as pretty as your heart is
Blake Jun 28
Tick tock goes my violent clock,
Lub hub beats my sadistic heart,
Bang bang explodes my venom bombs,
Boo hoo sighs my corrupted youth,
Pitter patter creeps away my virtue,
Ding dong calls my insufferable fetish,
Cock a doodle do awakens my undignified temper and
Here comes my distasteful doom.
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