I'm the bitch with the addictive personality
And erratic mentality
Constantly escaping reality
Causing my fucked up morality
I feel like an animal; you've committed bestiality.

life can love you,
if you give it your blessing,
if you tell it you're "happy"
if you're willing to sacrifice everything but love, but leave those who love you behind.

life will hurt you,
if you give it the chance,
if you put others first,
if you're willing to put your feelings aside to love someone else, but expect nothing in return.

life can raise you up,
if you are prepared to push others down,
if you tell it that you deserve love
if you're willing for that love to be fleeting, misleading, and would leave others heart-broken.

life will kill you,
if you try to tell it you care,
if you try too hard,
if you tell it that maybe you aren't perfect, that you aren't popular,
and that you couldn't care less...

life is selfish, gullible,
untrusting, unkind,
unforgiving, misleading,
double-crossing, unjust,

but most of all
life isn't for the faint-hearted

Alec Jul 12

It can blast your eardrums
Drowning out the world
It can play softly, whispering in your ear
Background music for your life as though it is a movie.
Sometimes feeling strong emotions
Sometimes feeling no emotion
The melodic tune that breezes through the air filling up the empty space
The dark empty tone that echoes as though silence goes for miles.
Tunes that some can't live without.
Tunes that others wish were gone.
Harsh, ecstatic, vexing, tranquil, depressing, joyful, angsty, serene.
Emotions felt through a beat.
The chirping of birds, the beating of drums, feet pounding on pavement, oceans hitting the shore.
Music can be found all over the earth
The beat of the city, the time in your head, music sung by artist, songs made up in showers instead.
Music fills the heart, pumps through the veins.
Pounding a beat of individuality
A gateway to the soul
To find out who you are.
The way you view the music,
The way you view the world.

Wyatt Jul 12

My destructive personality
will someday overweigh
always barely getting by.
My disaster will scar me
beyond any form of repair,
I get no answers
when I ask myself
why I leave it this way.

Barely getting by, eventually the streak will be broken and my chances will get too thin.
Lindsey Tyne Jul 10

I believe I created myself. Through the isolated nothingness before birth.
I told my body to be small and freckled and my mind to feel emotion like every exaggerated ocean wave.
I told myself to love like an open door, to burn like the fiery stars in the night sky and to laugh like a continuous echo.
I told myself to feel the highest high and the lowest low.
To bleed out of happiness and to smile out of anger.
I told myself we were all god, once, so we should dance all night, every night in hopes of writing it all down before our ending.
And yet it seems more likely I'll keep myself in a constant state of tragedy.

I was diagnosed with BPD on June 29th, 2017
Adrian Avery Jul 10

I know who you are
I know who I’d like to be.
You’re the reason I live
Will you spend life with me?

I make you smile
Every single day
But I’d love to be the reason
Your spirit never strays.

The rain was falling on my head
Now it’s disappeared
The leaves are crushed under my boots
The breeze is still.

It’s time to gather around the tallest tree
And put aside our daydreams.
We’ll always be friends
But like the season, I fall for you.

We hold gloved hands
But I still feel your skin.
I memorised your laugh
Before it grew dim.

The rain was falling on my head
Now it’s disappeared
The leaves are crushed under my boots
The breeze is still.

It’s time to gather around the tallest tree
And put aside our daydreams.
We’ll always be friends
But like the season, I fall for you.


Like remembering sunsets
Your words don’t fade.
They’re colours that burst
From a single shade.

Like a butterfly kiss.
You gravitate me
In moments like this.

It’s time to gather around the tallest tree
And put aside our daydreams.
We’ll always be friends
But like the season, I fall for you.

The rain was falling on my head
Now it’s disappeared.

20th-21st June 2017

This is a final version of a song I wrote last month. A short poem version is available if you wish to read that instead.
Hope you enjoy :)

strikingly blonde. that's what you became when you started changing.
deathly white, an unnatural shade all over.

it's like you died. the last light in your mocha eyes turned to soil once you decided to see someone new.
after you couldn't accept the fact that you were different, you left.
i don't know where you went, but i can tell you right now that you're not so different after all.

for i think we are more similar than we think.

but at least i didn't leave the people that love me the most.

If you knew everything there is to know,
Then how could you ever learn anything or grow?

If you somehow knew all that will ever be
Could any decision that you decide upon ever make you free?

If your mind was everything and everything was in you
Could their ever be anything else for you to do?

And there you are – right in the middle of this inquisition,
A slave to your own reality – chained to your own constitution.

But it is you who has allowed yourself to be caught in this net
You came here not to remember anything but to forget.

You have forgotten who you are and in your own grand illusion find
A dream of freedom and free will which further confuses your mind.

For knowing everything is a girdle of limitless limitation,
But here we have a place of both the known and the unknown – called creation.

In this ignorance you have something to choose,
Freedom from perfection – there was no other way to lose.

So you see – only if you know yourself as that which is not true,
Only there could you be free to select whatever you want to.

Within a single mind, two hands and two eyes; you think, feel and see
These envisioned experiences – only now they can truly be.

Yes, free will also gave you the choice to forget from where you come,
Yet, the closer we return to that place – the happier we become.

I learned to control my awareness and thus I can oft return,
But the closer I get the less choice remains for me to learn.

Though I long for and receive more and more of the infinite’s touch,
The more I also long for the finite in me not to know so much.

The realities of consciousness are both mind altering and eye opening. If you have never experienced such an event then you will hardly be able to understand this poem. But dear friend, that is a good thing. But that doesn't mean that if you can understand this poem it is a bad thing either. It's like a two sided coin. Whichever side is up is known. Now you may say that if one side is known - then it is easy to know what is on the other side. In this poem I play with the known and unknown making the other side out to be a mystery.  Indeed, just like the coin, we do that our entire lives. We always know what is on the other side of the coin. The fun of life is in the asking, "But what if?"
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