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Amy 1d
‘What’s the worst sin you’ve committed?’
He coaxes
Entranced, she falls into the trap of his tricks
And words tumble and run from her lips
Falling right into his hands
he grins a wicked smile full of evil promises
She obeys like a good girl
Because the dark is alluring, and tempting
And is somehow familiar to the darkest depths of her soul.
For everyone has a dark side owned by the devil.
Whispers of the devil
can drive you to sin as
everyone is capable of evil.
What's my texting character/personality..
well is it like Type F..
Hi, good morning.  hi, hello,
good evening, wyd, goodnite..predictable..
Boring kinda wmtt..aka wasting my time thing..
Or its it a  type D:
hey, hi  ****, hey bae, hi handsome/beautiful
Gifs on kidding
**** cold text, no warm up,
no get to know you richer.
No full sentences.
One word replies mostly,
No time no efforts.
Boring kinda u **** chat history.
Or a C type..
for attempts at times to be creative,
feisty, interesting, warm,
a lil chatty sharing new things sometimes.
Or  B type text buddy for the ability to show real interest,
by just calling you up
and have get to open up fun convo.
And send cute make my day words and positive things.
Finally a
A-type of  text friend..
No time for idle boring chit chat
usually when one can
they have a true vibe of saying interesting
lil comments
that gets you to think,
reflect, open up, share, feel motivated,
makes yah smile, blush,
feel liked, cared about, special,
want to know more,
want to share more,
and look forward  to touching basics.
A fun caring worth keepin not deleting chat history log.
The 3 E's Of
Effort, Energy, Evolving
By selinaSharday
Thoughts of
Give credit to author when sharing
Sharday3 RosePoet#H.E.R_POETRY S.A.M
how do you text, we all fall into these categories at times off who we texting how our moods are.. yes!
AJ Peace Oct 11
I’m the devil on your shoulder,
The voice inside your head,
You don’t deserve to be happy,
You're better off dead.
No one will miss you when you go,
You're just a burden you know,
You're worthless and pathetic,
You’re so fat and **** it’s disgusting.
Why don’t you just **** yourself,
‘cause your life isn’t worth living.

You'll never get rid of me,
‘cause I'm everywhere you see,
I'll even haunt you in your sleep.
I'm always gonna be there,
Lurking in the shadows,
I just want to be your friend.

You need me,
I control you,
You have no on but me,
Just do what I say and I promise I'll keep you safe,
What have you got to lose?
You have nothing,
Haha you’re just a waste of space!
Why don’t you just cut yourself,
Go on! Pick up that blade...

He's the devil on my shoulder,
The voice inside my head,
He tells me horrible things,
And says I'm better off dead,
He whispers in my ear,
And follows me everywhere,
Feeding me with empty promises,
He's says he can keep me safe,
He thinks he’s in control
But not anymore,
Because I’m stronger than him,
I won’t let him win.
Amy Oct 10
life is ambiguous
which is conspicuous
contiguous fellows
believe they know
each other well
they forget that
life is ambiguous
just like people's lives
                                                        ­                      everyone has a side
                                                                ­              that no one knows about.
when you thought you knew someone very well only for them to prove you wrong.
Zywa Oct 8
Her poetry is also about me
even though it isn't entirely true
there ís a fire in my belly

maybe it can be put out
but as long as it burns, it desires
the best of you

that does not lust after my beauty
to penetrate my lips
but is longing

for the best of me
the heavy whole, holy
and safe, my home

that I formed myself
from the metal of my body
and the silk of my spirit
For Siera Mayhew

“Milk and Honey”, 2014, by Rupi Kaur
(Punjab, India, 1992)

Collection “The light of words"
Amy Oct 7
please accept me
for who i am.

accept that i'm:

hang on,
why should i ask for your acceptance?
when i need to first learn to accept myself.
love and embrace who i am.
because one day there will be a person who will love me for who i am.
but first i need to love myself.
learn to accept yourself. There will be a person that will love you, but what about yourself? You are first and should always be.
B D Caissie Sep 12
In a field of corn, it’s ok to be a sunflower.
Be yourself
دema Aug 23
i don’t trust you
to love me through
thick and thin,
when you’re
holding my hand
and when the
distances grow
to think of me
always and
not just when
you need a fan,
when you know
me by heart
but not understand,
to give me space
and not let me
push you away,
when i need your
presence and
your silence as well,
to help me through
my mistakes but
not ease the pain,
when you share
who you are with me
and i don’t get scared.
Sylph Aug 21
Im to point to where
i have to make choices
BIG ones
That could change my little teenage life

What high school do i want to go?
Should i break up with him?
What do i even want to do with my life?
Are they someone i want to keep around me?
Am i to the point of needing help?
Where should i work?
Should i start saving now for a car?

Then theres those questions that have no reason for existing
Will i make it?
Am i good enough to be here?
Do i deserve this?
Can i even do that?
Will i ever be able to do that?
Is that possible for someone like me?

These questions eat
like worm eating a apple
Eating to my core
my center
When i started and where im going to end
The main part of who i am
And it eats and eats till theres almost nothing left
Of what little i had
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