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He said he loved me
But he said it to her
He said he was there for me
But said it to her
He said everything to her that he said to me...
But they were all lies
He said *******
And he said it to her
JDL Nov 15
They say everyone is a winner
But if the definition of ‘win’ is to be victorious
Wouldn’t that mean that we have all lost?
Jana Clay Nov 3
Walk all over me I’m use to the abuse!
Step on me and dust your feet from the nasty concrete I’m use to the abuse... no matter what you say you spit and dump on me everyday. You say you love me in what kind of way I’m use to the abuse and the words you say! I was taking for granted you thought I will always be, one day you came home I wasn’t there for your feet. You was lost without your doormat it was no longer there  a house is not a home with just you living here.
Her face displayed a smile,
Her skin made out of false matters,
She painted herself in gold.
How beautiful where her skin,
Her skin striking in the sun,
The paint shone bright,
And inchmeal, she melts.
How could you paint
Plastic out of gold?
Have you dreamt of a world
Filled with her infamous thoughts?
Have you lived in a world
Where her existence
Is just a living nightmare?
Beings? Night terrors?
All because of a
toxic Barbie doll.

You sit by my wooden dresser
There in the corner of my bedroom.
Sweeter you look in front of me,
Than the way you chatter behind me.
Every piece I hold onto,
Thee steal and smirk...
Doing it as if I have not yet caught.
You loved taking my heart into your palm.
Breaking them into pieces
And would make ******* out of them.
What a waste for me to let you
Break it for me.

Call me bossy,
Maybe I’m just clever.
You could be so jealous
I guess I’m just smart.
Do you have those brains, too?
I’ve heard you had none.
You’re pulling me down,
While you had nothing to brag about.
The best of me,
Oh that **** of yours,
I give it my all,
While you had none.
Responsibility, what a word.
Recalling the first times,
You seemed to look innocent.
It was memorable
for you never liked me,
Neither did I.
“Best friend”?
It is such a believable name,
Isn’t it? But, I don’t remember it.
“Stop being my friend”
******, then leave me behind.
I would not be the one doing it for you.
Opening your diary,
While you never read mine.
You ask how I was,
I answered, “I’m fine.”
Your concern? Angelic yet fake.
Look now who’s a Barbie in her smile.
I  am not playing puppets,
I just knew what to do.
I just had a lot of things in mind,
Wishing you told me yours.
I saw those words you held against me,
“She’s this girl and she’s that.”
You little ******, don’t be such a brat.
My mother taught me gossiping is bad,
Why do you do it to me?
I looked like a villain
but I was just a victim.
Oh, I learned in my life...
How I could say “no”,
It is brave, little one.
And to learn is to never trust
And to never talk to a Barbie doll.
Never talk to a Barbie doll!!
Careful, guys. I wish for your safety.
Never love someone who doesn't deserve that love.
Some people are just fakes.
writer omsy Oct 8
They'll just let you
A few amounts of strength
Just to pull you out
And dip back into the darkness

Hear your voice trembling
Underneath their shoes
Won't they believe in you?
Won't you matter to them?

Sometimes, you crawl
And they watch
Sometimes, they fall
And you watch
It's Just Business.
lmnsinner Oct 3
she asks at last,
is this one for me

“of course it is,
was waiting for visualizing
the Oh,
when I heard
you stumbled into it”

she then confesses,
she has
a “tendency to stumble”
without an explanation

her answer is in her manner subtle,
that instantly invigorates,
so decidedly her style,
her answer,
raising more questions,
defeating the illusion of
anybody masculine overconfidence of the challenger

she puts the ”oy” in coy,
deflating my upper-handed attitude,
with an answer tantalizing and hinting,
so simple, it explains everything
and nothing

it seems that when she stumbles,
it’s me that actually,
“all fall down”

ah woman,
when you best me,
it brings forth the best
and adds an
in this poetic beast,
two play fighting cubs nipping
each other. the in us gaming

in this wordplay game,
so exciting,
her subtle reasoning teasing
results in a man as
a happy sore loser
Sueño Oct 3
Why does inspiration hit you at night
Is it because you’re alone and feelin no light
Or are you sad and not reelin’ it in
Is she the pull,
The  trigger that’s clean and driven .
A string to a heart
Will it hurt as bad
Will this one fade
Can you show me a safe side to this blade .
(Can you show me the safe side of a blade)
That’s the ignorance asking
Blind fold chatting

Two sides to every story .
You only get one taste of glory
Opposite pole
A different attraction .

Fatal compassion
Tasteless crash
Too much
Too light
Blacked out night
April 282018
Aa Harvey Sep 20
A Loner

Some people just have to be alone,
Not all of us get to find love.
Not all of us can be happy,
Most of us will spend our lives miserable.

But I shall save you from my misery,
I won’t let you end up like me.
For I only bring peace, love and empathy;
Disguised as my love (inside is a disease).

A ball of confusion,
A web woven by the fallen;
The women of past, present and future;
All gang up to tell me I’m a loser.

So **** me please,
I beg for death.
I can’t have love,
So I would rather be dead.
Than live one more second
On this putrid Earth.

It disgusts me,
It sickens me,
I despise having to live in this world.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Sep 20
Another One About Depression.

Put on your happy face,
They don’t want to see the real you.
Stop looking so depressed,
We’re tired of hearing that you’re so blue.

Get over it, stop being so sad!
Look at the loser in the mirror and force yourself to laugh.
Oh poor little me, they took my self-esteem;
Isn’t life a funny old thing?

Stop pitying yourself, we don’t want to hear it;
For it’s getting rather old now, change the subject.
***?  Why the **** did you make him such a loser?
He’s so ******* depressing, wallowing in his self-pity filled ego.

We don’t need to hear what he has to say;
We’ve heard it all before.
Tell him to just get over it!
And stop being such a bore.
So his girl was a *****,
But he’s not even with her anymore.
**** him!  He can sit there and cry all he wants;
What the **** is he always so sad for?

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Sep 20

SCARED of losing your place, SCARED of being pushed back.
SCARED of missing the bus, SCARED of getting the sack.
SCARED of your colleagues, SCARED of your boss.
SCARED of being late again, SCARED of losing your job.

SCARED of feeling the fool, SCARED of being a joke.
SCARED of being a loser, SCARED of what you just smoked.
SCARED of what was in it, SCARED of what you were given.
SCARED of what they gave you, SCARED of no longer living.

SCARED of not knowing;
SCARED of knowing too much.
SCARED of commitment;
SCARED of being able to trust.

SCARED of a horror movie, SCARED of spiders.
SCARED of not being beautiful, SCARED of what's inside us.
SCARED of being thought ****, SCARED of being thought plain.
SCARED of being thought ******, SCARED of trusting your brain.

SCARED of telling her, SCARED of her knowing.
SCARED of your feelings, SCARED of them showing.
SCARED of pain, SCARED of hurt.
SCARED of her, dishing the dirt.

SCARED of showing emotion, SCARED of crying.
SCARED of showing weakness, SCARED of dying.
SCARED of losing a pet, SCARED of losing a child.
SCARED of losing a loved one, SCARED of being too wild.
SCARED of the consequences, SCARED of what you might do.
SCARED of who you may harm, SCARED of them harming you.

SCARED of being a father, SCARED of being a mother.
SCARED of being cheated on, by your lover.

SCARED of being threatened, SCARED of being hit.
SCARED of pressing charges, SCARED no-one gives a ****.
SCARED of their reaction, SCARED of what they may do.
SCARED of them? Or SCARED of you?
SCARED of forgetting, SCARED of a lie.
SCARED of the judge, not being on your side.
SCARED of accusations, SCARED of being called a liar.
SCARED of them not being punished;
SCARED of getting any higher.

SCARED of being too happy, SCARED of always being sad.
SCARED of being optimistic, SCARED of feeling so bad.
SCARED of depression, SCARED of sadness.
SCARED of joy, SCARED of happiness.
SCARED of being so happy, you feel you can fly.
SCARED of losing your wings, SCARED of falling from the sky.
SCARED of being another Icarus,
SCARED of being another Moses.
SCARED of lying in a coffin, covered with roses.
SCARED of lying in the ground, SCARED of being buried alive.
SCARED to be like the stories, too SCARED to try.

SCARED of not being strong, SCARED of not being right.
SCARED of being proven wrong, SCARED of losing the fight.

SCARED of getting it wrong, SCARED of failing the exam.
SCARED of not getting in the army, SCARED of failing uncle Sam.
SCARED of being stabbed, SCARED of being shot.
SCARED of them taking, all that you've got.
SCARED of being held prisoner, SCARED of torture.
SCARED of dying in a war, SCARED of losing your only daughter.
SCARED of losing a sibling, SCARED of losing a friend.
SCARED of your parents, SCARED of them meeting their end.

SCARED of living forever, SCARED to death.
SCARED of the end, SCARED of taking your last breath.

SCARED of being a memory, SCARED of being forgot.
SCARED of nobody caring, SCARED of losing all you've got.
SCARED of losing your memory, SCARED of getting old.
SCARED of alzheimer’s, SCARED of being put in a home.

SCARED of being buried, SCARED of no one knowing your name.
SCARED of your wife dying, SCARED you'll forget her name.
SCARED of nobody being there, when you finally die.
SCARED of being cremated, SCARED of being burnt alive.
SCARED of being dissected, SCARED of being cut up.
SCARED of necrophilia, SCARED of that wooden box.

SCARED of being a fable, SCARED of being a myth.
SCARED of just being a story, SCARED you didn't exist.
SCARED of being made up, SCARED of not really being here.
SCARED of what you've been told;
SCARED of what you didn't hear.

SCARED of facing ***, SCARED of having no answers.
SCARED of going to ****, SCARED of having no more chances.

(C)2005 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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