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Amanda Mar 22
I am broken without a doubt
Something necessary not switching on
Destroyed my heart, wrecked my brain,
Now every ounce of hope is gone

I thought I had managed to fix myself
It only lasted so many days
My chest opened right back up
Organs in a state of decay

Slowly killed by chaos within
Feel lucky to have made it this far
The brink of unawareness
Healing wounds into scars

I am a survivor of heartbreak
Pretend my injuries are repaired
For no apparent reason other than
In case an observer stares

I am a little chipped, a bit bent,
Scared I'll completely shatter
Keep waiting for someone to show me
My **** parts do not matter

That I am cracked but still magnificent
Imperfect, yet someone's first choice
Scrapes on self-esteem and knees
Will not change lungs or the sound of my voice

Mind racing my body
Palms sweaty from the exercise
Heart pounding, pulse speed up,
Suffocating fears become larger in size

The marks on my body do not make me weak
Regardless of what you may think
They are reminders of my strength on days
I stayed afloat; it was easier to sink

I've tried permanently mending
A thousand sampled antidotes
In my attempts to soothe with medication
Just keep layering on the coats

Sometimes when I am really hurting
Words held back break loose
Each falling out of my brain and landing
On paper eases years of abuse

But it is hard to explain how I truly feel
I'm drowning in a sea of grey
Numb myself, halt my fears,
You're done with efforts to make me stay
It feels unfinished...
Rəhman JA Mar 20
Everyone's having fun,
And i'm staring to gun.
Am i want to die,
Or living in the lie?!
I don't know really,
But this hard feeling.
It's killing me slowly,
Death seems so lovely,
But i'm just little coward,
Loser for going forward.
Let me sleep forever,
Let me sleep forever.
I'm brOKen Mar 9
Once again
Here we go
We're playing the blame game
You can't seem
To let go
So it is all the same
But you don't know
Which path down where it came
So, ofcourse I am blamed
The outcome never change
I can never seem to be acknowledged, even when they're in the wrong
Quinlyn Feb 11
He was always seeking approval.
But at the end of every week,
He was still unaccepted.
moonshine Feb 8
These thoughts are on my mind all day
I don't know why but they always find their way.
I'm worthless.
I'm not special.
To nobody.
Thats what it says.
I got used to it.
I have to deal with it.
Nobody knows it.
I don't want them to know.
They don't know me well so why should they know?
I told my mind so many times to stop thinking about people who had hurt me but it does what it wants.
Nobody can't stop my mind.
Not even you.
I'm feeling good atm so you don't need to worry about me ♡
Elizabeth Feb 7
Love is a funny game,
And I am just a little insane,
Always losing,
But I play it anyway,
I’ts such a shame.
دema Feb 4
Losing my **** over you is an understatement,
that's something a person like you would do,
not me honey.
Ruby Jan 10
Long days and longer nights
Without you by my side
There's no color, no light
No sound apart from my breathing

Alone in my room
Curtains drawn and hidden
No one notices the drops of red
Bleeding from my soul

When you said you'd think
When you said you needed space
I thought I was still nestled
In the depths of your heart

But you left me in the dust
Walked forward without looking back
Leaped into the arms of another
As I lay here waiting

Now I'm all alone
Picking broken pieces of my heart
Piecing them together with tears
Wishing for a miracle that could never be

I don't blame you
For leaving as you did
They all always do
In the end
aubrey Jan 1
1.  stop letting other people’s opinions affect you so greatly.
2. be your own person, stop trying to blend in and act like everyone else.
3. make your happiness #1, **** what anyone else has to say.
4. get healthy, workout, stop saying “oh I’m so fat” and not doing a **** thing about it.
5. be nicer. no one likes a *****.
6. focus more in school. you have to pass and you have to graduate.
7. don’t think about yourself so much, do some volunteer work and help others.
8. be more responsible. as cheesy as it sounds, you only live once.
9. become more social, go outside once in a while. make some new friends.
10. take more pictures. document your memories. you learn from your history and you will want to remember in the future.
11. do not be afraid to get hurt. it’s a part of life, everyone has ups and downs. sometimes you fall down, but it will be okay.
I’ll probably just kms because that’s easier but I like to think I’ll actually complete this list :)
kailee cardinal Nov 2018
He said he loved me
But he said it to her
He said he was there for me
But said it to her
He said everything to her that he said to me...
But they were all lies
He said *******
And he said it to her
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