It's far from homely
Odour of something
Don't know what.
Kick crushed cans
Envelopes of late payments:
cant afford them.
Shove them aside
Drag thumbs over
The chipped controller
The tinny TV
The low-res game.
Grab a stranger
One night stand
Clinging to their skin.
Chafed and blotchy
Pretty scrawny
No one cares.
Use them
Like they are using you
To escape the drag
That is this existence.
Leave them in silence
Belt buckle done up
Hiss goes the beer can
Take a swig.
Back tomorrow
To the grind
Splash face
With water
Fumble sleepily
With the nylon tie
And crawl through
Another day.
I decided to be blunt and honest, hooray.
You took the cunt from the current.
You wiped the floor with your wit.
You helped yourself to the hate on the shelf.
And now you're left stirring the shit.

You put the bad in the bawdy.
You took the piss out of me.
Your bitterness trait, your mouth spouting hate.
I'm done with you, now let me be.

You suck the life from the living.
You should just walk to the door.
Exit stage right, with your hypocrite shite.
Your company needed no more.

So glad I got that off my chest now.
New chapter, we're clear, no more stress now.
So beat it - retreat, turn sour into sweet.
Our future no longer depressed now.
I don't know who or what this is about, other than tedium.
Mike D Mar 6
In a crowd of people
Yet I feel so alone
Surrounded by people
But I am alone
How can it be
With so many around me
A bottomless pit
Inside I'm so empty

Hopeless, sadness, entrenched in despair
Feel all has been lost
But does anyone care?

No need for the question
With certainty I know
Those who feign interest
A performance they show
I'm forced to admit
It's obvious after all
How could anyone give a shit
Insignificant and small

Loser. Failure. Not one who has worth
A meaningless existence every day since my birth

A waste of space
Wasted breath
With this I'm faced
Will be 'til death
Why sit here and wait?
Might as well do it now
Express lane to Hell's Gate
Bound to flub it somehow
Just a single success
Have one thing go my way
No, instead it's a mess
Wish not granted today

Or tomorrow and every day following it
Living my life in this misery pit

A poor worthless soul
Not worthy of pity
Beatings taking their toll
Never leave Loser City
Not how I feel about myself now but depression is something I've battled with in the past and this definitely encapsulates how I can feel during those times.

Written: March 3, 2018

All rights reserved
Nena Feb 24
I am always the one starting conversations

Always texting first.
Always making a effort.
Always last to know.
Always the one who isn't doing anything right.
Always the loser.

I want to not make such a huge effort, and let all of it come naturally.
But if I stopped trying so hard.
no one would reach out to me.
I would be left behind
In a corner,
Crying to myself.

So don't you dare say that I need to "chill"
Because you don't know shit
Does the site seem slow too you?
like a troll hacker attack?
someone upset over a row
pissy, trying to get back

Does it take awhile
dots bouncing all around?
the WWW in disrepair
your refresh spinning round

Maybe a DDoS attempt
from a rented China bot-net
everything really slowed down
an anonymous loser threat

Weathering the storm
of angry, simply rotten
unable to do real harm
mentally sub-par

And oh so quick
Hmmm somebody suspended, the site is slow, Hmmmm
Possible connection?
the 19th SCHOOL shooting in the USA in 48 days

the gun lobby is lying low
the president
avoids a straight comment

17 school children dead
because in the land of the free
any psychopath can buy
a semiautomatic without problems
and vent his frustrations and fears
in a shooting spree

home schooling is on the rise
for better or worse

what do you call a president
who is unwilling
    or unable
    to protect
the health and security
of his people?

Apropos the terrible school massacre in Parkland, February 2018
Paz Feb 13
It's a teenage day dream,
To be voted prom queen.
She's only eighteen.
Already seen as the loser.
They are all so mean.
Her hearts a broken machine.
Got a vaccine,
It makes her unseen.
Living by the beauty magazines.
Hanging in an Evergreen.
Gage B Feb 10
I've been told that I shouldn't compare myself to others
because it's not right and not good for myself.
But you know what, the truth is still the truth,
no matter how it should be looked at.

So I just wanted to come clean and say that I fucking hate you.
I wish that you didn't exist.
You act like a complete moron whenever I see you.
You're fat. Your sense of humor is far below that of a 5 year old.
And somehow that whore of a girl left me for you,
a complete fucking loser.

And don't you even dare about playing the "better man"
trying to make yourself look like the good guy, because
I'm the good guy. You're nothing.
And, yes. I'm mad because I wish I was you.
I would never want to be you, fuck no.
Not the way you look right now.

I just wish that she still liked me, just like she likes you.

Maybe I'm the loser.
Maybe even though I wholeheartedly loved her, and I wanted the best for her, and tried to be there for her, I just wasn't good enough.

But maybe now I'm realizing something.

I ought to thank you.
Because you made me realize that my beautiful girl
Is just a slut.
So, in that case, you can have her.
She doesn't need me, so I don't need her.

Fuck you Lora
And Fuck you too Chris
You both make me consider killing myself
in a sarcastically serious way.
Lora, you were so much better than this. What happened to you? Don't you dare put the blame on me, because there was so many ways we could have done things differently. But no, you complain way too much for me to even do anything and you are literally incapable of everything. I'm glad you were in my life so I can know who to not waste my time with.
was just
her mind
is deeper

count me

David Huggett Jan 2014
I slept with a chick the other night
only because she needed a place to stay
she figured she owed me but it didn't feel right.

Of course she faked the enjoyment
and of course I feel like she was just a roll in the hay
She thanks me and then blames it on her unemployment.

We would have been better off reciting poetry
and sipping on martinis with gin from Bombay
But between the two of us there was no chemistry.

I try to remember her name
and I try the worst attempt at convincing her to stay
But it sounded extremely lame.

She put all her clothes together in her backpack
and her flight took off with no delay
I have no luck she will ever come back.

So now I go to facebook to see her status and what do I see
and I knew that this would sound like a play
so now she just unfriended  and blocked me
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