chloe fleming Nov 30

Remember, my dear,
Even the sunshine will return to its darkness

all for you Nov 26

The final two
Her and I
Hand in hand
Like this won’t change a thing
As we await the results

She squeezes my hand
Whispers a gentle
It’s going to be us three
Like always
And i believe it

And as her name is called
I still believe it
Us three
Nothing will change
There was no real winner

If she doesn’t live up to the title
Here i’ll be
To take her position
To take on the roll
And all the responsibilities

She didn’t
And you come crawling to me
Begging me to take the title
To take her place
That i should’ve won anyway

I gladly take it
Because why wouldn’t I
It’s all i’ve ever wanted
You and I
The two as it’s supposed to be

While she’s off on her scandal
It’s as if the competition never happened
And it’s three years ago all over again
With me in the job
And all of the responsibilities

But the scandal lightens
Not as bad as you thought
And suddenly i’m not the winner
And i stand with a crown on my head
And a meaningless title

But you continue to tell me I won
As you tell her the same thing
And how she always says
It’s us three
Even though we know it never will be

But i let it go
As the curtain drops
As the cameras stop rolling
As the audience goes home
As you act like the scandal never happened

And here I am
As I watch the competition back
As I notice how this all really happened
How it is through a different lense
And I turn the television off

And I walk away

it always was her, it always will be, and it's time i accept my title, and walk away // love always
chloe fleming Nov 20

i want to write something people can resonate with.
for most of my life, i spent hours in book that i cried with or laughed to.
but now it is my turn.
i want to write for the ones with swollen hearts that are full of love,
i want to write something for the kids who were never enough,
for those spend hours sitting in the shower because the water frowns out the sounds of their tears,
i want to write something for the ones who have spent nights upon nights dreaming of ways to leave this world,
i want to write something for those finding bliss in baggies and hope in a pill
for the children who have found companionship in literary hero’s,
for the ones who twist words and rhymes,
the ones who for countless hours have manipulated vowel sounds and consonant endings.
i want to write for the ones who still believe in the magic of pixie dust,
for the ones who’s pixie dust only lives in hard bound books and in aisles of forgotten book stores.
i want to write something for those who appreciate the weird and find comfort in the uncommon.
i want to write for those fighting every day for that loaf of bread in the grocery store.
i want to write something people can resonate with.
because i’ve been there
so here it is,
here’s to you.

Skylar Musa Nov 9

It's easy
You should get this
but I don't
I haven't
I won't

Let me help you!
More like let me laugh at you while I fail
Everybody else gets it, why don't I?

I'm not
I am

I guess that's it
Nothing less
Nothing more

There's a quiz
"Until you guys do your job"
Sorry that I don't get it
Sorry that I'm stupid
Is that what I should say when you look me in the eye
Tell me that I make mistakes that should only happen in lower school

Thanks I guess?
He says I must hate math
I say I don't
I just hate him

I hate you too
I kept my mouth  shut
I don't need to say that
I shouldn't say that
I don't

Him and him are so similar
I hate it
I hate them

chloe fleming Oct 25

you are my cup of tea
in a world full of coffee stains

Reach out and cut your hands
On the glass strand shards
Sticking out of my heart
Shouting in rage forgetting my age
Desperately hoping to engage
Or restart

Walking on eggshells and retract
From the fact that both my feet retreat When I sense you lurking so tactfully
One wrong step
Severs that last kind breath
Until we forget what it was like before In between a battleground haze
Mazes comprised to our designs
And ulterior motives

It's amazing how forgetful we can be Until there's no good memories
I need some recompense
To provide for an accurate censor
And try to determine why I feel greed
And propensity in my relationships

I don't want to be caught
In the same headspace
What a waste
To frivolously seek the finish line Leaving impressive vines
With no roots
And nothing to annoint
But I suppose its due
To the exceedingly increasing value
Of time and how that robs us blind With nothing to do and a moot point

I hate my life

We exchange phrases in the dark
Like playmates turned confidants
That needed a necessary spark
To release a subtle vulnerability

While my own heart goes crazy
With this longing, festering desire
Unsightly circumstances
That are shallow and pedantic
Helpless to the careful method
In which your soft voice
Enraptures me

If I paid attention
Suspended my voice of reason
I'd end up searching for a branch
To connect us that bears no fruit
For attraction is aloof
And ever fleeting

And it's been years since we met
With nothing in between
No lover's dreams connecting us
All that comes from me on impulse
Is lust
As you lay enveloped in young covers
And I in forgotten rust

I lay here on my cowardly spine
Tracing lines through memories Attempting to control the feelings Overwhelming me
I'm Lovecraft's outsider
Who fell off the face of the Earth
Once looking upon his reflection
My clever deception that forever Keeps me second guessing

Here comes another confession
As we lay discussing seemingly
Ethereal dreams
You tell me surreptitiously
About your hatred
For concession stands
And breach this tension
That broke my mind's sinful schemes

You're such a good friend
Lying in bed and taking the time
To engage in a real discussion
All the while I'm fighting to control How my face is blushing

I'm definitely attracted
But I wouldn't hold that sentiment
So I sit with a preventative
Dose of rationale designed to corral
All these untethered caprices

It's like a fascist demands
To make a statement
While a whimsical dying romantic Sates himself in a debate
I don't ever ask questions
To get the answers I'm looking for
When all it takes is a turn of phrase or An upturned twitch in cheek
Which leaks so much more
Than mere words can say

I appreciate you for the jovial tune Your voice gives away
It brings me forward
From self-deprecation and the drama Towards honesty

I value your pleasant enthusiasm While the lights are off
That dissipates my impure thoughts
It puts me in a righteous place
Until the break of dawn
When we can see our faces
And once again
Adorn our individual reliefs

You've confided in me more
Than what others get to see
Life has been rough
And even though I'm lingering
Longing for your touch
Your careful words mean so much
And truly I think it's enough

Fuck all of this
kellie pryor Sep 23

you treated me like dirt
you made me feel NOTHING but hurt
I was fucking drowning
i profoundly loved you
past tense
we made close to no sense
why did I even cry
would care if i died?
you only cared if people believed the words that you said
you lead them to believe i cheated
why would you slit my wrist for me
when i couldn't even breathe
some first love
im finally, finally, finally glad were done

this was written for someone in particular but it fits many situations in my life including the battle within my mind. i hope you can enjoy the read.
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