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clem turner Sep 26
i didn’t remember
i cannot forget
that old derry song of
a loser’s lament.

a rag-tag ensemble
with worn and torn eyes
an unfinished puzzle
my girl and my guys

a restaurant visit
where we reminisce
you tell me you’re married
a punch i don’t miss

the fight started earlier
than we’d admit
and they held me back
whilst i yelled at a kid

[27 years apart and yet i knew
we stay the way we are
as losers tend to do.]

i knew that he froze when
he felt so afraid,
like his heart would explode
if he moved any way.

she gave him a weapon
to keep safe and sound –
and, too, for this use
of to **** an old clown.

we retreated together
an unlikely pair
so close i could kiss you
if only i’d dared

you saved me, i saw it
you brave, stupid man
if only i’d paid a spot
more attention

[27 years apart and yet i lost
the chance to hold you tightly
and tell you what you cost.]

your blood stained my glasses
i wish i could see
for the last moments with you
are red and blurry.

we crawled from the sewers
my best friends and i
the light from the sun burned
our dark natured eyes

we entered as six and
we left sans adieu
my love’s in the rubble
my heart burns there too.

i wish i’d remember
i swore to forget
the old derry song of
a lover’s lament.
it chapter 2 be like?
Neha Sharma Aug 18

    ­                B
   ­                 K
  ­                           E
                     ­                   O
  ­                                      E
                         ­               R
                                                ­      M

These are the words that define "ME".

             ~your smiling queen :)
This is ME.
Kai Aug 15
I'm a loser
no need to scream it at me
I've always known
Neha Sharma Aug 9
People called me
Actually they mispronounced

~your smiling queen :)
Motivating myself to become an achiever.
I guess sometimes I lose you.
So am I loser now.
But then I catch you either.
And we again could fly.
Carl D'Souza Jul 23
When I judge myself
by other people's standards
I feel like a loser
and become unhappy.

When I free myself
from other people's standards
and focus on discovering
how to be joyful and happy
in the present-moment
in my everyday life
then I become
more joyful
more happy.
Bloop poems Jul 22
The name you gave still hurts
Only been a day and yet I have more tears to last two years.
You asked what we were and then left when I didnt know left because it's not the answer you wanted...
I can't feel anything, the pain runs through my blood and crushes my heart in to little pieces.
The run of tears from last night still stained to my cheeks..
In the month we talked you brought more light to my life then ever and now you leave me with


Nigdaw Jun 22
You make me feel awkward
Your beauty a weapon
Rendering me speechless and helpless
I am one of the waifs and strays
Standing in the shadows
Observing the game, looking for losers
Potential friends.
Do you know how it's like to be in pain?
And I'm not talking about the physical pain
I'm talking about the mental pain
Every day I hear the same words
*****, ****, ****, and ******
And I don't know whose voice I'm hearing
I believe it's my own
But what if it isn't?
What if it's yours?
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