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Bobby 3d
Mein Führer we have failed you
Our countries are losing this war
For many years I disavowed you
For many years I was silent, no more

For I feel your rage, your hate, your compassion
In the speeches you gave I could not find objection
The world hates you Mein Führer even 80 years later
Yet they love Stalin, Juden even as threats grow ever greater

To stand up for you folk, to stand up for Adolf
Even if just standing for support and raising your hand gets you laid off
I will NEVER be silent I will never surrender
I will not give up hope I will never acknowledge their ((legal tender))

For the third position and for the *****
I will fight and fight and fight
For your speeches give me power
Your speeches bring me to tears in this darkest hour

You seemed to care for us, through your words and actions
More than our spineless modern corperations
Deuchland forever you repeat in my head
Better to give my life for the cause even if I turn up dead

I am not evil, I am not violent
but I will be ****** if I ever am silent
For those of you reading ask yourself this simple inquiry
What do you really know of fascist, **** germany?

For when I look upon the fatherland and the ***** I see
A system much better than democracy
Or communism, a fight for your Volk
Not corporate interests and the ever expanding migrant vote

I see a country of principles one that was strong
Countries like that for some are wrong
But for those who have higher aspirations in life
Like nuclear power and manned spaceflight

Mein Führer ist der Übermensch
Wir werden uns erheben und die Untermenche
Der Hagelsieg für unsere Zeit ist wieder da
Unsere weißen Familien werden alle sein da
I remember when I was little,
I used to dance in your room.

I don't know why,
but I guess I really liked your room!

At your wedding,
I called your name all the time.

You were so beautiful to me,
I wished you were mine.

I never knew how much you loved me until now.
And I will give you my promise when I have taken my vow.

You told me you were proud of me,
and you were filled with surprise.

You said,"I always wish for your happiness,"
tears fill my eyes.
Zywa Oct 4
With wide eye shadows,

looking back at all the men:

my perky *******.
Collection "Eyes lips chest and belly"
Shay Sep 20
Never once heard tears fill her father's eyes.
Rarity of reaction.
Bittersweet stupefaction.

Never once had she caused this satisfied expression
Joyful stab feeling.
Wounds slowly healing.

Crawled through life a failing disappointment.
Finally a delayed response of dad's delight.
River Sep 17
who are you to say i cant be free,
to travel with the wind
living out my dream
no one will hold me back
from being me
so who are you?
to tell me i wont be free?

ill rise with the moon and sleep with the waking sun
ill sing of times where things were good
ill immerse on all the freedom ive got
ill be laughing like there is no tomorrow
ill be running with the birds
and prancing with the fish
ill be as free as i wish

so who are you, tell me
to say i cant be free?
i am my own embodiment
of what I want to be
no one will tell me what to do
ill always be chasing after my dream
running freely like the birds in the sky
and the fish in the sea

ill always be free
in mind and in my physical body
this world, the people, and even me
wont ever hold me back
so run with the animals in the forests of magic
and swim with the fish in the never ending sea
or fly with the birds in a sky that goes as far as you can see
or follow the wind, who has a no idea where it's going

because who are they?
to sit here and tell us,
we cant be free.
because what i see
WE can be free.
River Sep 16
one of these days i will grow in to forensic psychology
studying living minds with science to see
but that still wont ever stop me from perusing my dream
to be a poet, writer maybe
to have my words fill peoples hearts
like yours did mine
every word you spoke you said "was gold"
granted yeah i was only in the sixth grade
but you changed my life, still do to this day

i was new to a school, didnt know anybody
all i had was a couple friends, paper, and pens
and a mind full of poetry
but every word i wrote, i felt was never enough
i always loved writing, what a way to expressing the silent?!
but how could i continue with the lack of confidence?
i shared to a friend and they showed you
and man let me tell you, your words.
were truly golden
gave me that hope the fact is, you believed in me
and look at me now, i have PUBLISHED poetry!

all because of you
you showed me that little hope i needed
i was ready to end my writing
give up and move on with my life
but you convinced me i was something extraordinary
not even my own family had faith in me
but i knew every morning i walked in your class
youd say my last name asking "is that french"
and i knew right then
it seemed to be the push i always needed
you gave me hope and taught me i could do great things

all you did for me may not seem like much
but that year my life changed for good
because look at where i am
im sharing my poetry to the world now!
all because you took interest in my work
and made me keep pushing on
ive always wanted to say thank you
some days i wish to shake your hand and tell you how happy i am
tell me arent you proud?

i want to be an English teacher someday
when i fulfill my need of psychology
so maybe one day i could do the same
for some kid like you did for me
ill never be able to forget you and all you stand for
because without you
i wouldnt have made it this far

i guess this is a thank you poem
ive been trying for years to perfect it
but as long as it comes from my heart
thats all you need isnt it?
i pray and hope this poem the world will see
so they all know what you did for me
and i wish you the best of the rest of your days

thank you for being more than just a teacher to me.
i hope you see this, im not so sure if you will or not but this is a thank you for what youve done, for believing in me when no one else would because of that push you gave me look at where i am and where i intend to go
She is a dark skinned girl
With smile as bright as the sun,
With a tender heart that cries for the pain of her friend.

She is just an another girl whom you see in the neighbour,
And to fullfil her dreams she do all the labour.

She is a dark skinned girl
Who wears her confidence in the crowd,
She is intelligent but she
Doesn't cry out loud.

She is a girl who wears those normal spectacles,
And there is no problem that she can't tackle.

She has a lot of stories
That I like to here,
And maybe I would listen to her secrets that she doesn't even share.

She smiles her brightest when she teaches something or when she is telling a funny story.

She is a dark skinned girl
With a soul that I believe is pure,
Who never wish bad for anyone, that i am sure.

She is a girl,
Beautiful and sweet
And I am really happy
That destiny planned our meet.

She is a girl who do not blindly follow the trend
And that beautiful girl,
That girl is my friend.
She is my friend.
Poetic T Sep 8
Our memories are woven
         in those closest.

And the stitches only become
                        faded over time.

But even though never forgotten,
       we see there pictures.

And know that we were proud
          that they were sewn into
the memory of all that we remember
       That there memory is worn well.
Johana Papa Aug 30
Mysterious creature, full of enigmata
You beautifully-made, holy and divine
The elaborated picture of the museum
You are a work of art!

You’re that fragile rose with thorns around
Sweet and soft and ready to attack
You’re that pretty flower people admire
Yet your power can bring everyone down!

Inside of you is the life-giving mechanism
You carry the future of the world
You’ve got the most marvelous body
That adds life to the life it’s got!

Your tears should be like diamonds
Very rare unless they’re of joy
Your being should be like a temple
Where people ask for blessings and pay respect!

You shall always be looked up
And appreciated for what you’ve got
Books and poems and movies shall be made
About you creature, you pave the way ahead!

Don’t you dare underestimate yourself!
The blaze that burns beneath your skin
The destructive power you lock inside
The fighting soul you try to hide!

Don’t you dare let them break you apart
Collect yourself the pieces, hold your head  up high
You were, you are, you’ll always be
Worthy of love, respect and happiness!

Let no one define who you are
Let no one step on you as you leave your guard down
Let no one control that burning light
That shines through the darkest sites!

You’re a woman, do you hear me?
Praise that name and give it a meaning
Fight for what you believe, for those who you love
But never stop fighting for yourself above of all!

Love and respect and appreciate yourself
You’re stronger than you always seem to behave
And in the darkest times when you feel like giving up
Remember you’re a woman, capable of turning the world upside-down!
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