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carole 1h
Descendant of proud tribesmen and daughter of mighty rulers,
I am the honored heir of warriors and wisemen.
Born and blessed with the bent of words,
I was bestowed the gift of Babel.

Survived the sight of my sanctuary
Being turned to a battlefield.
****** into war without a warning,
I danced with Death from dusk to dawn
Until I became the light and lured it away.
In the fight against life’s fatalities,
I vowed to be victorious. I swore to survive.

Sacred with a soldier’s soul
And the spirituality of saints,
I am destined to move mountains.
Unfazed and unapologetic, I am no longer afraid
Of the flames, for I have become the fire.
All the damaged petals, all the painful days,
All the broken pieces are the proclamation
That I prevailed. Pride pumps in my veins
As harmony and peace hum in my heart.
My dad was a bus driver when I was a kid always a thrill when he'd take me out In his bus got me away from the house for the
Away from my abusive mother that dad was totally aware of I would sit behind the driver seat to watch my dad driving his bus
He was well liked by all passengers for dad was so kind and polite and helpful
to all
He would drive through all those quaint little villages to pick up all the regular passengers I was so proud of him
He was my dad and I missed so much when he passed away and at his funeral
I spoke and said If I had a chance of one more day I'd wish for one more ride on a bus with him such a wonderful father he
My dad was a bus driver he was so well liked by all his passengers always a pleasure he'd take me out with him for the day
Sacrificial lamb
Motivates the hearts of Men.
How good sons are made.
carole Jan 14
The coils on your head are the crowns
that were ripped from your ancestors' head.
The melanin in your skin is the reminder
of how the sun loved you when no one else would.
The stripes on your hips
are the representation of your growth.
The scars on your skin
are the proof that you won those battles.
So don't you dare be ashamed of them.
They make you who you are,
and you should be proud of it.
Feel the rain
on your skin;
no one else can
feel it for you.

Speak the words
on your lips;
no one else can
speak them for you.

Be happy;
no one else can be happy for you.

Be honest;
no one else can be honest for you.

Be proud of yourself;
no one else can be happy for you.

Be yourself;
no one else can you for you.

Do not be who other people mold you into.

Be happy,
because you are you.
Kai Schultz Jan 11
A friend
You are so special
88 days without you
88 days of tears
88 days staying up praying
to the God I didn't believe in
88 days of praying, hoping for a miracle.

Such a brave friend you are to me
so brave and strong and amazing.
I'm proud to know you
I'm proud to see
your face once again
now that you aren't on posters
as 'Missing'.

I saw all these missing posters
when I heard the news
I took time
to go around
and cross out 'Missing'
Then put 'Found' on the posters
and now the posters
are still up
Along with another one
that me and Chase and Lexa put up
that I made
that says:

'Jayme Closs is FOUND'
God I'm so happy that I'm in tears. She was always a good friend of mine, always such a good person, I kept hoping. I never gave up on thinking she was alive. I'm so relieved.
Ankit Jan 9
You are a scented candle.
Your perfume is beautiful.
You are running out of wax
but you chose to be on fire,
To spread brightness,
In everyone's lives.
I know, you will give more
Until there is nothing.
But you should notice
That you'll die out slowly.
You should stop messing about
By burning yourself out.
Do what makes you happy.
Not what makes you proud.
For someone special
the new year comes!
how do you Do?
fine thank you

teh ice covers land
the water will stand
like  a rocket in sand

i am not sad
the weather is cold
the clouds apredd up

but the roses are that
give me the proud
there will be life giving

every word of love
the greetings give us happy
Kim Essary Jan 7
Your life hasn't been all I had hoped it would be ,
You have been to **** and back, sometimes I blame me.
But the struggles and journeys you have faced  have made you the man  you are today..
You have walked through this cold cruel world and kept your head held high, no matter what people might say.
Mistakes, indeed you have made your fair share and will make many more.
Just continue to learn from them son , keep being that guy that I adore. .
You make me proud to be your momma, no matter how people talk.
How special am I that you are my son , hand and hand we will walk.
There's no way that evil will win baby boy with me by your side and you by mine.
Back to back partner to partner no man among us will ever take our shine.
I've been told by some very good guys,
I should be very proud of the young man I raised , for his age he is very wise . .
Many Nick names you earned son some of them you fit the roll, from leo , pchyco , baby boy to " a fine young man with an old soul".
Dedicated to my baby boy Dylan Hinton
I love you very much
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