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Anya 1d
He's a Peacock
Strutting about
Primped and preened
With feathers neatly arranged
My little brother
In his new choir clothes

As he got out of the car,
Heading into work,
I gazed proudly at him.
He was a man now,
Always my child,
But not a baby anymore.
I studied his gait and posture.
It was so familiar...
I realized for first time,
How much he was like you.
Tall, slender, handsome and shy.
Loves to explore the outdoors.
Camping, hiking and tubing.
He is polite and quite,
Til there something important to say.
Smart, strong, and determined.
Nothing was ever handed to him.
If he wanted something,
He worked hard for it.
Never did he like to play sports.
He'd rather grow a garden,
Or make glass into a beautiful art.
His art takes my breath away.
Seeing the man he has become,
Its so bittersweet.
Our youngest,
Our baby boy,
You would be so proud,
Of the man he has become.
I'll never understand,
Why you chose to not be apart of their lives. Though we we're over,
They still needed you.
It's been ten years now,
Since they've heard your voice.
If you could only see,
What our youngest son has become...
Now that he is a young man,
It's like I'm meeting a younger you...

L. Mack

Dedicated to my youngest son
You've made me so proud,
I'm so happy that you've allowed,
me to know that you've needed help,
and always telling me how you've felt.
I cannot begin,
To tell you the appreciation I have for you letting me in.
You're doing what you need,
to love yourself at your own speed.
I'm so glad you're making the right steps,
and are correcting the depths,
of your soul,
so you can finally be whole.
Everything about you is beautiful,
and soon you will know that too.
Dear You,
If you are reading this
Whoever you are
I just want to let you know
I am so proud of you
you've come so far
and I love what you are writing

keep going

Your fellow Writer
Darling it’s a cruel cruel world out there,
one that thrives on danger and despair.
And you’re neither a victim nor a prey,
but the one that bears the mark of a survivor.
“So be proud of who you are and keep your head fucking high.”
Anya Sep 13
There is a fundamental difference
between the peacock and the butterfly
Both are beautiful
Both are deserving
But when it comes down to it
One struts proudly
while the other...
quietly flutters away
Justyn Huang Sep 11
A beautiful mind
Without the courage to show it
How else would then,
The World come to know it?
A message in self-belief.
I used to think my ideas were dumb and no one would read my work.
It really took leaps of faith for me to keep trying and believing in myself.
Micah Sep 10
While the world turns world day by day I'm  never reaping the benefits of today and always keeping the dogs at bay but never finding the needle in my hay.
Who is supposed to stop this madness this never ending supply of badness this unethical devouring of my sadness this always leaving the bar ladless?
I don't get to choose who I get to bruise or who gets to accuse me of losing my cool and filling the cup way too full and making myself look like a fool, always looking for a back door slightly ajar and from afar I see it, the escape, the oh so very jake  ending and if I can just make it over this lake, this never ending water of raw emotion, the ever reaching rivers of depression, my own floodgates pouring out to meet out in the middle and DROWWWWWWWWWN MEEEEEEEEE but I can just reach I see the waters touch the beach and I know that I'll be safe I just have to make it to the bank and I do, and the waters start receding, I've never felt more fleeting I open up in greeting as I wave my hands in meeting and it all makes sense, I can finally see the end. I can let myself relax. I don't have to rush to the finish line, I don't have to be oh so Devine, I don't have to know how to define all of these feelings, I can just tell them all I'm fine.
Stara Sep 3
She was taking a break
Trying to be present
She was sad
She wanted to be balanced
She stretched and smiled first thing every day
She took a deep breath
When things didn't go her way
Because she was in charge
Of her body and mind
Her soul is hers
And didn't have to be defined
She was growing up
And gave herself something
She should have been given when was young
Support to be her fiercest her
And validation she was worthy
Worthy of that degree
Worthy of her body
Worthy of her mind  
Worthy of the people she accepted into her life
Worthy of those who loved her
And of who she loved
She learned to be proud
She fought her demons to be here
She was grateful for those who lent a hand
She learned to listen
She learned to give
And not expect it back
To file the clutter of her mind
She learned to love

Makenzie Odom Aug 28
I left it to waste
It's time to dig my own grave
I am no longer proud
Not proud of what I have become
Not proud of what I have done
I will leave the pieces behind
Build a new closet
To leave my skeletons
Once again
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