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Sophia Nov 28
you give me paper cuts
small, yet deep
and i still happily,
bleed for you.
Jack Nov 25
The sun sets on a beautiful day
The lights shown dimmer
The day draws nearer

It’s a dark night
Something to behold
The star don’t shine
The lights are gone
My heart as empty as the sky
The only thought

Kitchens are weird
We cook and clean
All so we can do what
Learn to live
Why would you do that

I love this sound
The scrapping of metal
Drawing out an edge

My room
Almost as dark as my soul
The sharper the knife
The darker the blood

I’ve wasted away
Far to long
I hold it close
Right to my chest

It hurts at first
Then it feels good
I realize my life has no meaning
So a swift stab
Then I keep repeating
It doesn’t hurt it just feels damp
The floor
My clothes

My soul

All are red

Sorry for all those that have depression if you want to talk to someone message me
Calliope Nov 20
Understand my body is not currency

2. Stop resenting my body for being
something men can't help but want

3. Don't try and make myself undesirable

4. Don't turn people into medicine

5. Don't make a wound to distract from the
old one. They do not bleed the same.
Those scars are not noble.
i cut my hair thinking it would ease the urge to cut myself
i didnt.
the satisfying snipping noises coming from my hair, made me wish it was coming from my wrists.
Fatima Oct 12
A poison i wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy,
The way it makes you feel,
The cuts, the pain.
No one deserves that,
The way it ***** you in,
Bit by bit.
Making you feel worse,
Day by day,
Until the tipping point,
When there’s nothing left
But the end.
Noelis Oct 5
burns and cuts cover my skin
i might as well call it a battlefield
where many times i lost war against myself
which hurt my heart immensely.

people who know my story often ask me
why i did what i did
i guess it hurts less not focusing on the pain others caused you but on the one you caused yourself.

so please don’t ask me again why i did what i did
because each day it’s harder to resist.
دema Sep 30
At times,
my heart pounds with emotions
that don't belong to me,
that cut deep enough to
make me acknowledge that self-destruction can
never take a form stronger than this.
Jack Sep 26
We talked and talked all afternoon
We talked about everything from us to the moon
I wasn't until everyone had left
That I finally asked

Why do you cut

She looked stunned and suprised
She had a glossy look in her eyes
She pulled up her sleeve and there on her wrist


Lines and lines
Never ceasing
Some fading

She told me why she cut
To feel she said
To quell the voice in her head
To fill the void in her heart
To color her soul red instead of black like tar

All these things inside her heart
Having no end
Having no start

So now she continues to cut
She continues to bleed
She didn't stop and now shes gone

All because
She cuts
This is written for a friend of mine who cuts. Please leave any and all advice for what to do.
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