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Fatima 3d
A poison i wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy,
The way it makes you feel,
The cuts, the pain.
No one deserves that,
The way it sucks you in,
Bit by bit.
Making you feel worse,
Day by day,
Until the tipping point,
When there’s nothing left
But the end.
Noelis Oct 5
burns and cuts cover my skin
i might as well call it a battlefield
where many times i lost war against myself
which hurt my heart immensely.

people who know my story often ask me
why i did what i did
i guess it hurts less not focusing on the pain others caused you but on the one you caused yourself.

so please don’t ask me again why i did what i did
because each day it’s harder to resist.
دema Sep 30
At times,
my heart pounds with emotions
that don't belong to me,
that cut deep enough to
make me acknowledge that self-destruction can
never take a form stronger than this.
Jack Sep 26
We talked and talked all afternoon
We talked about everything from us to the moon
I wasn't until everyone had left
That I finally asked

Why do you cut

She looked stunned and suprised
She had a glossy look in her eyes
She pulled up her sleeve and there on her wrist


Lines and lines
Never ceasing
Some fading

She told me why she cut
To feel she said
To quell the voice in her head
To fill the void in her heart
To color her soul red instead of black like tar

All these things inside her heart
Having no end
Having no start

So now she continues to cut
She continues to bleed
She didn't stop and now shes gone

All because
She cuts
This is written for a friend of mine who cuts. Please leave any and all advice for what to do.
Katrina Sep 23
You never think you'll start.
And then you do, and you think you'll never stop.
Sometimes you just wish everything would stop.
But it doesn't. And it can't. You know that.
So you quit.
A week. A month. Maybe even two.
Yet slowly you feel this pressure,
This constant nagging of unspoken emotion.
Maybe you don't acknowledge it yet, but you will.
And then all of a sudden it all explodes.
You're standing there. Breaking down; again.
Drowning under it all.
So you take your pail, throwing water out of this sinking boat.
A desperate, meaningless attempt to stay.
Blade against skin
I know it's not super great any help/commentary on the writing style and sorting it out better would be so greatly appreciated!
its just
gotten to that point where
i dont believe a word you say
and panic attacks visit me
in my days of dark
i seek solace in blades
and i know
that there isnt a thing about me
worth loving.
i think
everyone hates me
and i dont know why
but i guess its okay
why are there no blades in your pencil sharpeners?
Can't get enough air
Puts a smile on anyway
Skin becomes more fair
With each breath taken away

Don't look too close
You'll see through the cracks
Sadness overdose
Hidden with a mask

Tears held in
Barely holding on
Can't let the demons win
Must survive another dawn

Can't breathe
Getting faint
Too much
Too much
Can't breathe

Can't breathe

Takes the knife
Slices the skin
Maybe now the air can get in

A real smile

Covered in blood

A last grin of relief

Maybe now I can breathe
I open my skin so I can breathe
Ashtyn Lucas Sep 7
Sitting in front of
The people I love
Hiding from them
My feelings in a cove

The sadness seeps
Up from my broken heart
To my eyes as they search
For a place to start

A place to start
With a knife in my hand
The thin lines as the pierce
The blood pooling in the sand

You hide them the next day
The cuts along your arms
To make sure no one sees them
You raise your alarm

Not a day goes by
That you don't see the scars
From so many years ago
Straight lines across your arms

Years later you know
How the cuts didn't help
All they did was curse you
With the pain that you felt

Each day a reminder
Of the way you made
Made yourself feel better
By giving yourself pain

Scarred for life
Both mentally and physically
You now know why you should never
Never show your vulnerability
Started again a few days ago...but I'm doing fine :) It doesn't help, so please don't harm yourselves.
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