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My mirror only shows me
My imperfections
Soon enough
My imperfections become all I see
nightdew Jan 28
all these jagged imperfections of mine,
why can't you just disappear into thin air,
like my ol' trusty friends,
like my appreciation for life,
like my motivations for myself.

all these jagged imperfections of mine,
why must you stick with me,
through thick and thin,
through rain and snow,
through hail and sleet,
through summer and winter.

all these jagged imperfections of mine,
why must you love me,
more than my friends,
more than my family,
more than my love.

all these jagged imperfections of mine,
why must you show me how cruel life is,
with the sunshine blinding me day and day,
with the rain pounding on my window,
with the endless heartache in my chest.

oh, all these jagged imperfections of mine,
can't you just give me a break,
to breathe the sun's rays,
to stroll through the forest,
to admire nature.

is it a lot to ask for you to go away,
jagged imperfections of mine?
28, January 2019
Where is the manual on life?
Is there one I wasn't informed of?
That says you have to be a certain way?

That you have to be
The same?

Because I didn't get one
KDFr Jan 21
No-one will ever know
hiding behind a wall of lies is a weeping brother trying to sew the torn peices of his broken soul back together.
No-one will ever know
he's withering inside but still still trying to grow,
stretching his limbs for help but does anybody notice him there? No.

No-one will ever know
that screaming from behind a veil of make-up is a girl's dying soul.
Wrapped in pretty clothes
she's trying to break free of the hurt she feels inside
but they don't know.
No-one will ever know she's been tormented by her imperfections and failures
and although she tries not to let it show, it does
but does anybody pay attention? No.

No-one really cares
and they all do a good job at pretending not to see or not to know.
Instead of stopping to help
they turn a blind eye on conviction
and they just go.
Grace Summers Jan 17
Everyone thinks those who win too much
Haven't got a single flaw;
Well, I agree to disagree,
'cause having flaws is nature's law.

She sits in the corner with her nose in a book,
The nose on which perch her glasses;
Whenever someone offers to be her friend,
She stupidly, yet kindly, passes.

She looks at the many trophies on her shelf,
Wondering how she could've gotten a single one.
She's always felt like she didn't deserve them,
Even though she fairly and squarely won.

She talks to everyone with her eyes on the ground,
And everyone just believes she's humble;
So she hides the fact that she's underconfident,
'cause if anyone knew, they'll just laugh and grumble.
The world is a cruel place to live in.
I conceal my imperfections
by staying silent.
jcl Dec 2018
i love your imperfection
dry, split ends, rosacea cheeks, dry skin
the real things, the unique things, that make you

i love you most, in the morning
when you are just waking up
the natural, the real, unvarnished look

unpainted, i can see, you, in all your beauty
the acne on your chin, the scab on your lip
like a diamond with its countless flaws

you look, are vulnerable, approachable
i want to touch, caress your face
kiss your dry, chapped lips

rough hands, warm heart, i kiss your fingertips
nails natural, unpainted, coated in potter’s clay
i press my face into your hand, feel their strength

weekends, wearing comfortable torn jeans
baggy shirt, draping, but non concealing
i hug you like a dear, loved teddy bear

dollar store flip flops with a dandelion tops
the bottom of your feet dried, a bit cracked
from walking, bonding barefoot with gaia

you are the feminine, i am the masculine
you are the woman, i am the man
you are the girl, i am the boy

my love for you is endless, boundless, eternal..., Minou
Elena Dec 2018
Turning table of bare skin and plaster
Sitting model of perfections mastered
Brushing every layer on blank sheets
Watering eyes for moisture in basking heat

Now cry those pictures prettier than me
Wash away what flaws replay then flee
Creating beauty; an authentic frisson
Until the truth is unmasked to glisten

Strokes of warmth into lustrous mellow
Let me shine then fade a sweeter yellow
Add finishing touches on the drying husk
Then marvel at the paint of dawn to dusk.
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