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Long live obsessed with kept secrets
I’ll find them in men of all kinds
Daisies wash away
One by one I call out the ones who
Double dealed, fake, and flaked.
I’m just looking for absolution
Mother Earth once my friend
At the twelfth strike
You trash my world
Speck of love
Yet your eyes double cross
My love has shown me first hand infidelity
Tell me about falseness
As you eat your words
Runaway, look away in hard times
There must be more?
Teach me, better yet model me, then cheat me
I’m wondering, who are you?
You share my DNA but I don’t know you
You think of me as cold
That’s only half the path
Feel the distance
Know it’s your result of mistrust
Those tears say and say
The body holds the source

I know your long lost kept secret
Only a child used so carelessly
All the years of loneliness and void
Blame **** them and forgive them
Please daisies castaway the deception
Clarity swimming in remission
Long before I drown in the many retributions.
used to be that boy
I used to be that boy
that boy who run always
ran from madness to madness
fear -yess but hoped less
afraid of the shattered glass
I was full of broken glasses
there were pain and dog tricks
there were lies and extorts
everywhere, it was burning
heartbreak, it was hurting
captor, i was losing
where was my mind
I had almost lost it

my imperfections became offense
who was really "me" in that sense
I was hurting "me"  in that mess
they all wanted me in that fence

featured out of nowhere
distracted for a nonsense care
searched the last living place
I was not full of success
maybe a living misery

but I was tired of feeling sorry
it was hard being me, lonely

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of "imperfections" and more.

Muhammed Emin KUŞASLAN
Thank you everyone for reading.
My instagram: @eminkusaslan
Take care -E
Meghan Jul 26
I may be a mess but that’s ok
I’m just a rough draft
My stanzas may be uneven
My rhyme scheme nonexistent
But I carry the seeds of a masterpiece

These scattered scribblings will someday mature into defined and refined lines
My tiny wriggling tadpoles of thought will grow legs and a voice
They will explore territory they never dreamed existed

This writer’s block will topple off the edge of my desk and fall to the floor with a clatter

My words will burst through the dam,
First in awkward little leaks
But then in strong, steady streams
That leap forward into unfamiliar territory
With a laugh and a gleeful scream

These nattering notes will resolve themselves into chords and phrases
A motif will leap out of the disordered madness
Stumbling steps will lead to confident strides
And the audience will be satisfied

But for now I remain unfinished
Meghan Jul 26
I’m sorry I’m so clumsy
Some days it seems like the world is fighting me at every step
And I’m losing the battle
I stumble over every stubborn staircase
I trip over my tongue like an uneven rug
Every new set of walls is a labyrinth I get lost in
Every move I make is disjointed and uncertain
My fingers and feet flail when I’m carrying precious, fragile things
And before I know it I’m sprawled on the floor
Surrounded by shattered fragments
Bruised and aching
Burning with humiliation and frustration

But I’ll try to be careful.
If you will be brave enough to trust me
I will try to keep my steps in line and my path straight
I will try to find the rhythm in the song of my surroundings

I will try to see beyond my limitations
My faults, my failures, my frequent falls
I will try to look up and see the beauty in the world
Instead of staring at my feet in fear
I may trip at times
But I will not be trapped in trepidation

I ask for your patience
I am trying to be patient with myself too
My best is all I can really do
And I will do what I can to be the best for you
Paras Bajaj Jun 29
you've been trying too hard to fall in love,
but when love comes to you in pieces;
you walk away thinking it isn't enough.

you've been trying to find someone mature,
but when stability comes in your life;
you find it boring in the first place.

you've been trying to fill your voids,
but when warmth tries to touch you;
you refuse it because you are cold.

you've been trying to find perfection,
but no one is perfect and no one will be
yet you don't care who is there cause'
what's available to you isn't worthy.
Farheen Khan Jun 21
I know what I feel is never worth
Thier is no-one that cares
I don't mind but still
But still
I expect
I know things can never be positive for me
Like how my anxiety can never let me
Feel the real joy of happiness
Without having a thought of pain
But just like my
I have a life
Full of imperfections
And I embrace it all
Living my imperfect life but I embrace it all
Ms L Jun 12
You loved her vividness.
She loved your darkness.
You admired her strength.
She embraced your weakness.
You wiped her tears of happiness.
She mourned your tears of sadness.
And when you saw her flaws,
You suddenly changed.
Dismissing the fact that she first loved your imperfections
Above all your lovable complexions.
I made the toy with imperfections
The broken pieces in my collection

It was whole
And filled with joy
when it was given to me

But so many people wanted it
So many fought for it
Some earned it
Still they crashed it

Maybe because theirs were also broken
Maybe they didn't mean it
Maybe they just didn't know how to treat it

I am aware that there are pieces that do not belong here
I am not proud to say it but I also crashed and and kept pieces of other people's toys
Trying to fix my own
I joined the pieces

Each piece has its story
Stories of different journeys


I've traveled so far with this little gift for you
But how would I know who you were?
Why there isn't a sign on your face saying "soulmate?"
I tried to find you so many times and I had to use my toy as bait
I am sorry for not bringing it in one piece
But hey look around
None of these toys are new
And all this suffering led me to you.
Yes... The Toy is The Heart.
Darryl M May 6
A believer I can’t be,
A fan of love she’s not.
The connection between.
How do I quench my thirst away from you?

Don’t be rubbing your love on my scars.
For all spots on your body,
Your heart, I shy away from.

At our first encounter,
Views of my heart were not in the picture.
Commitment be at a distance,
Send me your location.

Is it love that is a feeling?
For I fall not.
Can there ever be a you and I?
It’s not about what I say,
It’s about what you want to feel,
And unto which source it comes from.

A Rock of Ages it is,
Throw it unto me if it doesn’t hurt back.

As vague a term as love,
Love crafted by her hands,
Shaped by the lovers’ hearts,
Steady as warm water,
Is what the alien craves to explore.

It requires the unmasking of a being.
Not all skeletons are in the closet,
Some are scaled drawings on our faces.
Intimacy is ready for any person,
But can the person dress my skeletons with flesh of love?

Take me for a swim,
So, I may know the depth of your love.
Darryl M May 3
They say, “Yesterday’s news is Old story.”
But mine keeps on replaying.
I’m beginning to worry, coz it’s a true story.
I tried to keep memories just as memories.
But I guess mine are continual experiences.
I wonder if who I am is who I am.
Or who I am is who I ended up being.

It’s very impressive how people
take something positive and make it destructive.
Now I truly realize.
Love is based on a Fantasy we hold for each other.
I keep finding you with another,
But dear dumb me still thinks we’re meant for each other.
Maybe we were, maybe we are, but pretty soon will not be.

How can you be the only right thing wrong in my life?
You’re like a shooting star, when I look at you I stare.
You’re like a snow fall, you bring back my innocence.
You’re like a rainbow and I know all your colors by heart.

This is the only place I ever want to be in.
A place with you in it.
For you perfect all my imperfections.
Titled and Requested by Andiswa S.N. Mzobe.
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