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Miss Fit May 2023
He wanted a woman with curves
She was too self-centred
He chose one with pure skin
She was too sensitive
He got one with flawless hair
She was too cocky
He opted for one with a beautiful face
She was too rude
He went for a fair skinned one
She was too lazy
He switched to a chocolate skinned one
She had terrible cooking
He looked for a tall one
She was disrespectful
He went for a short one
Her temper was even shorter
In all this he learned tolerance
Now he accepts the perfect imperfections in people

Miss Fit ⚓
Nat Apr 2021
Skin dislodged
A bone in the wrong place
Just the wrong size
Can't we see what's underneath?

Cold, empty air
Wind winds through the tunnels
And here and there and there
You can see the ****** funnels
Payton Hayes Mar 2021
once I was a waning crescent, pale and thin—incomplete
a silver sliver of light peeking unwanted in between the
folds of the velvet, midnight sky

and now, having gazed at my sun from a world away, I
am whole—I am full and complete—grand designs,
imperfections, craters—making me no less whole

when you are near it is not you that completes me,
but rather you who illuminates the parts of me I
thought were lost forever

the paradox that you both do and do not complete me
brings me as much comfort as the sun’s warm rays
on my cheeks and the moon’s cool gaze on my back.
This poem was written in 2020.
Grey Feb 2021
As I watch
your soft limbs bow before me
giving me permission to climb your sturdy trunk
up to your leaves.

I peek through the branches,
the world broken up into crisscrossed windows
each one a glimpse into someone's world.

I'm reminded of my younger days,
climbing higher and higher
until the sky brushed my fingers
in a soft command.

I would be a sky pirate, searching
for something or somewhere or someone
until momma came outside with lemonade and PB&J
and all my problems were solved
with a single kiss to my forehead.

Now, though, I simply watch from above
content in spending a few moments alone,
just me and you and the sky.

Wind picks up, your delicate branches waving in the breeze
letting swaths of gold float to the ground
in curtains that coat the cracks in the pavement
and hide the imperfections with golden rain.

And in that moment, there is nowhere else I'd rather be.
Inspired by golden rain trees
GQ James Dec 2020
You ain't gotta be a secret,
You can be my surprise,
No need to keep secrets and tell lies,
Never thought I could feel again,
You changed all that,
You know who you are,
No need to say your name,
This was back in the day,
Things aren't much different these days.

The bond was so pure,
The vibes were so sacred,
Our connection was instant,
I seen something in you from day 1,
I never caught feelings for nobody besides you,
That's how you know what we had was real.

Never been no perfect man,
I always knew we were once perfect together,
Put you through a lot but it's all love,
Nobody could ever take your place,
You're irreplaceable.
I am not perfect
I am an imperfect mess
These flaws make me, me

I am not perfect
I will never try to be
Perfect is a lie

I am not perfect
I love my imperfections
Who wants to be perfect?
beautiful imperfections
marshay lewis Oct 2020
Did you ever think we could've been twins? Not like born together. Not fused like the two sides of an oyster encapsulating a precious pearl. No, I mean like the two sides of a mirror. Perfect opposites. Equally opposite damaged from long days of staring and hoping, and laughing and crying. Begging for things to maybe resolve, maybe become clearer. Maybe disappear with the steam of the 2.AM shower in the pitch dark. Hiding imperfections so that maybe they won't exist. I want to look at us both without fear of what I might see.
I want to see the correct way of viewing things and not the enhanced wrongness of a backward reflection. If we are the same then tell me that from your side we are better. That from your side we are stronger. That....just maybe...from your side, I am right for once.
HOPE Sep 2020
If only you learned to love me through my imperfections,
The affair of our hearts would have been perfected.
Sure enough
when all of the
distractions of life
are taken away
you are left
with yourself
your flaws
there for you to
and you alone
your imperfections
for you to pick
apart,  for you to
but mostly it is
there for you to love
to cherish
and to take care of
at the end of the day
you have yourself
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