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JasFow Oct 7
Someone please
Tell me this
Am I the one cheating
If I gave out a kiss
I have no lover
Not a woman nor man
That holds me at night
I’m no part of any plan
Yet they come to me
Seeking relief
Of a pain I’m unable to see
But I feel their tears
As they fall on my shoulders
While I hug them tightly
I lean back to say I’m sorry
That they feel this way
Before I can release my words
Their lips touch mine softly
Time and time again
I stand in awe
Unaware of how so many
See the sign, I must have
Saying I have the healing element
To take away the sorrow
I’ve learned I simply make it worse
Turning to me for a sweet taste of joy
They imagined in the moment
That I never meant to have
So I know what they’d say
As I turn away
“She’s a cheater and a thief”
Not me, I swear, I’d never
Yet, here I stand, not knowing
Am I the cheater as well?
Is it really that bad?
Fenchurch Oct 7
your hair.
your smile.
your lips.
oh, how i could get used to this.
your touch.
your glance.
your hands.
how i wish i could give you a second chance.
Her eyes.
Her voice.
Her smell.
I was in love, now I want you to burn in hell.
Bede Sep 26
I am going out today
To see where I can go
Maybe I won't return again,
Lord i dont even know.

Would it be a blessing or a curse
To just put down my pen?
Why do i write, I feel contrite
To never write again.
Poetry conveys emotion. Poetry conveys power.
And I love you when I’m sober and aching for your touch.
And I love you when I’m drunk and out of my self made funk.
And I love you when I’m swirling my hair on the shower wall and even the nights when my knees shake and I’m ready to fall.
And I could list the ways I love you until there’s no more air and I will love you as you push back my hair.
And I was made to love you, oh how I’m ******* sure.
I was made to love you even though you now love her.
This was a draft from last summer when I thought I met the love of my entire existence. He now has a new love so I had to switch the ending.
EmilyBatdorf Sep 17
Take away my pain, peel back the layers
of aged, crumbling paint.
I’m not in the wrong here, but my heart cries
tears and shreds itself up,
a bomb I never thought active.
Take away my pain,
your love was my warmth, my haven of light,
but now the shadows creep in
and the rocks pull me down.
Take away my pain, that of my naïve heart,
the one that loved you unflinchingly
and is taught to love you still.
Take away my pain,
you made the choice, wavered in love,
take my pain and give it
to the ***** in your bed.
EmilyBatdorf Sep 17
A faint glimmer of satisfaction for not being crazy,
for not reading too much into something that wasn’t there.
It was there, apparently for all to see as you kissed her
in the midst of a sea of people and led her to your room.
Comfort, warmth, bodies, lust.
A path taken that cannot be undone,
the detour some presumed as natural.
I am undone. I am broken.
We are changed.
Where is my heart, my emotion, the ability to feel?
Lost in pieces around this room, both haven and hell.
The room of fear and sanctuary, anger and jealousy,
and above all,
I am here.
Jenna Sep 15
Leaving me behind,
Soar, soar!

You selfish bird.
Spread your seeds;
Hunter Sep 12
This is how it will go.
I’m just going to roll with life throws my way,
Pain or happiness,
Moments of euphoria or depression

This relationship has been the best ever.
But like every human being,
I have my fears,
My anxieties.

I won’t worry about you hurting me,
Running away,
Or finding someone better.

I’ll focus on the good times,
The ones we create.
Regardless if we keep creating more,
Or if unfortunately you leave me with the moments we created.

Just know.
Whatever it is you do with your life my love.
Leaving me,
Or staying with me.
Hurting me,
Or loving me.
I will never ever stop loving you.
I don’t need mutual affirmation for that.

I’m always wondering for a place called home,
I think I found it.
My poem is going through different topics now.

Just know.
Wherever you go.
Whatever you do to me.
Whoever you choose to marry.
I will always love you.

Do whatever you want to me.
I’ll show you I can bend without breaking.
I will always love you.
Forever and always.
I promised that when I first said that.
It's 2 AM, sleepless ranting away. I'm deeply in love with this girl and I struggle with trust issues from past abusive relationships. It's not fair to her that I feel this way but It's all I can say. Right here. Sorry It's not really poetry, It's more or less what my thoughts are at this time.
Oluwatobi Sep 5
She has accepted her fate, but she still has her doubt
Held on for so long, I am glad she finally let it out
Madre always played her along
Even when he was wrong
I want you to experience the love of two parents
even if your father is always swearing
Father swears she was his last
but I feel his sins are catching up fast

© Oluwatobiloba Kolawole
September 2019
Madre knows Padre is cheating!!
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