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دema 5d
I wont turn you down even when you have let me down multiple times and continue to,

and that fact we both can count on.
Katrina Vega Oct 11
You’re a quiet little burden
One I wish I could leave in the past
It's not your fault that I loved you
But it is your fault that we're through

When we make love I can’t mask the hate
I thought it was all a bad dream
Unfortunately it wasn’t, you were.

Does she know about me?
I know about her…

The only thing worse than death
Was watching your gaze slowly drift away
You use to tell me that I was your everything
I bet you tell her the same….
bite my tongue until it’s bruised

avert my eyes to the bright and pale moon

please don’t kiss her

not while your hand is still wrapped around my heart

not while it races and aches like at the start

not if you won’t let me go

fine. okay.

i think about you all the time

don’t stop.
Randy Johnson Oct 10
Your latest one night stand gave you a nasty STD.
Now you expect to receive sympathy from me.
People always have to reap what they sew.
You want compassion from me, but **** no.
Your wife is my sister and she's constantly being betrayed.
You're a slimy horn-dog who loves to get laid.
I beg her to leave you but she won't.
She loves you but I certainly don't.
You have an STD and I'm not surprised.
As far as I'm concerned, you're despised.
alexxa Oct 8
i am pathetic
for loving you.

you are pathetic
for loving her.

she is pathetic
for loving him.

he is pathetic
for loving her while you do too.

it is pathetic how you don't see what's right in front of you.
she will only hurt you in the end,
but when i tried to tell you,
you didn't listen to me.
Julia Oct 6

i long for the day when this doesn’t hurt,
when i don’t tell the story in paragraphs
always defending, always justifying -
that it comes out in simple sentences.
“i loved him, and i thought he loved me the same.
i was wrong. there was someone else,
and then there was just me. i wasn’t enough,
and i’m not sure if i am now.
i still love him.”
i long for the day when my decision
feels right.


other times, i long for the day
when we are only casual acquaintances,
exchanging pleasantries every few months.
we won’t talk about when we were so close
our roots were intertwined.
instead, we’ll talk about how we’re
happy for each other, and we’ll mean it.


mostly, i just want to be better.
the torn edges of my self
smoothed out like the
river pounds the rock,
so will the stream of time
round me out.

i want to laugh and love and live vibrantly.
i wrote this nearly a year ago after being cheated on. i wish i could revisit it to add how things are now but that doesn't feel right.
Greg Jones Oct 4
We were driving 95, thought we’d stay here for the night
In Bay Shore.
The party waits til I arrive so we start the night off right
In Bay Shore.
Summer nights keep rolling,
And the night is ours, we own it.
All my fears and regrets postpone it,
Just hold it, for a moment.
Is it the salt air deep in my pores
That allures me back to the shore?
There’s something so real about Bay Shore.
Oh Bay Shore…

These city lights on the skyline
Keeps calling me on the hotline.
I’m not coming home.
At least for the week but I’m feeling guilty.
‘Cause I can’t admit I’m cheating on Charm City.

I’m just following the beat
To the beach right up the street
In Bay Shore.
Take the boat out for the day
While the sun’s out on display
In Bay Shore.
And I know I’m being bold
But I could see me growing old
In Bay Shore.
And the whole city’s my friend,
How could anything contend
With Bay Shore?

Melody’s from the ocean
Always seems to entice my emotions.
Thinking how we left words unspoken,
And we really got nowhere at all,
So broken.
You and Charm City left me so jaded
While my feelings became so faded.
Whatever I lost I’ll find it
But I’m reminded

These summer nights on the shore line
Soothes my senses, keeps me inclined
To call this home.
Lia Lovedoll Oct 3
Who is she?
What she means to you?
Are you telling me the truth?


Honest to ***
the truth will set you free
if you confess your sins to me
I will show reverence
throughout your deliverance
I am a former-follower of religion, so I am only using metaphors and wordplay. I’m highly spiritual, but no longer religious.
Tati Oct 3
The man that I love always says he’s sorry
Yet he does it again
And again
And again
Not that I blame him, though
All the other girls are strikingly beautiful
And I bet you a million dollars theyre way happier than I’ll ever be
Many times I’d tell myself that this would be his last chance
But his eyes fill with tears every time I try to end our relationship.
Like raindrops on a flower petal
I love him. I adore him.
I can’t bear to see him cry
And so
I forgive him.
And I wait to repeat the cycle next week
Tati Oct 1
The man that I love makes me feel both lost and found
It’s a strange feeling, really,
Kind of like when you’re using a GPS to get somewhere and it’s telling you where to go yet you’re still confused
Last night his words tore right into me
Like a crazed panther on the hunt to cause pain
Though he insulted me, his beautiful accent made me confused whether to be offended or flattered that such horrifying remarks could come out of such a lovely tongue
“You’re so messed up. **** your self already”
Is what he told me
The reason?
I found text messages of his infidelity and lies from a while ago
“You’re overreacting. That was a long time ago. Get over it.”
I looked out the window while he drove and kept throwing his insults at me like a dagger
“You always do these things. Maybe if you stopped being so depressed all the time I wouldn’t have to cheat.”
That part killed me
But I kept looking out the window as the car rode on into the night. Tears flowing down my pale face
I’d always wanted someone to find me and save me from my sadness
But how is it that I’ve finally been found yet still feel so lost?
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