TheLonely 19h
And though you may have a different name
You're both the same
And even if your hands are tame
You still play games

And just because you dont mark my body
You still leave me blue
So remember when you say I love you
He said it too
There’s a soft sound to it

The way your bare feet touch the floor

Or the way your hair falls into your eyes

Or how you sigh right before you fall asleep

There’s an eager emotion to it

The way your mouth quivers after a kiss

Or the way your eyes look as you lean in close

Or how you push your body into mine

There’s a fleeting feeling to it

The way your keys jangle as you walk out the door

Or the way your toothbrush never stays more than a day

Or how you’re too kind to wake me when you leave

There’s a rare reality to it

The way your phone lights up with texts from her

Or the way your voice sounds telling me you’ll be late

Or how you haven’t shown up in weeks.
"For Better or For Worse."

“For Better”

We’ve been married for a  couple years now, I can’t believe it!
I prefer to give love, she taught me how to receive it.
Life is good now, a woman can change how you perceive it,
a sacred bond, I vowed to never deceive it..

“For Worse”
We’ve been married a few years now, our love seems forced.
I’ve been giving my love to someone else & I feel no remorse.
He stopped chasing me, which made me change my course,
Maybe if he invested that energy into me, we wouldn’t be talking about divorce.
IG: @braxton.poetry

*For Better is from a man's perspective at the beginning of marriage.
*For Worse is from a woman's perspective a few years into marriage
Natalie 5d
one day you asked me to write a song
just for you and me
and gladly i did
in secrets the song hid
for it was only for you and me

we sang the song everyday
even in a one horse open sleigh
until the song got old
and every lyric was sold
and you asked me to write a new song

you asked me to rhyme with laura  
and i asked why
and you said my songs were so beautiful
you wanted to share one with your mother

so i wrote a song about laura
how she is as sweet as flora
and as i walking through the park
as it was about to get dark
and i heard the song about laura

and i looked to see if i'd be seeing you serenade your mother
but no, instead
a red head
was laying by your side
listening to the sweet melodies of my song

i decided to join in
to celebrate this girl who replaced me
and you were shocked
and said it's not
what you think it is

i didn't want to hear it
i didn't want to see
her lips touch yours
the photos of us were shoved into drawers

and to this day i think of your song
what joy it brought me
but it was replaced
with sin and disgrace

no more will i sing the song
because all along it didn't belong to me
The lacy touch of your fingers upon my bareback
The soft touch of your smooth lips upon mine
Now lay between the empty bed sheets
Stained with time
The spilt tears
The endless fears
The lacy touch of your fingers upon her bareback
The soft touch of your smooth lips against her hips
Now lay covered under the fresh bed sheets
Stained with your crime
Was I nothing more but a doll to play with?
Some sort of toy that you could just dispose of as time went on?
I looked into your eyes
I thought I saw your soul
Now I hope that she can see the truth;
You pick us out at random like a raffle ticket
And if the prize you receive does not please you

Then the exchange shall be soon
Wanderlust Jun 16
i say what i want and i write what i feel.
there is never a filter.
it’s not poetry; it’s life.

if i lived in a perfect world,
i would abandon reason.
and i would cast away the thoughts of others,
along with all the fear.

and i would tell you,
that a part of me still loves you,
will always love you,
and will never stop.

and if i lived in a perfect world,
sans reason and shame,
i would fall back into your arms with joy
and sleep in your arms for eternity.

but then everything would come rushing back,
as it has been for days,
and it would all happen again.

the wetness in my eyes from crying myself to sleep the night before.
the aches in my head from alcohol, trying to forget.
the soreness in my body from working myself to death.
the stabs in my heart every time i think about you and her.
the pain.
that i might be without,
if we lived in a perfect world.
it’s not an invitation. i just couldn’t keep lying to myself.
Gray Jun 15
Today I’ve just sat quietly in my desk chair.
All that’s on my mind is her potential affair.

How long has this all been happening?
I am no longer believing that this is something I’m only imagining.

For the passed six months she has been coming home late in the night.
The look on her lovely face indicates that everything's not alright.

I look at the clock, and it’s already way passed nine.
Nothing is turning out absolutely fine.

I open my desk drawer and pull out my old forgotten friend.
Tonight I will soon reach the final dead end.
Caught up in myself
Thinking that I have been
Such a good man
A good man
I am a fool; I break hearts
Crush souls and mangle minds
To be forgiven by others
Is a farce
Or is it?
Annie Jun 14
Lying down in just a T-shirt
I can only hear myself breathe
In and out
In and out

Why did you always shout?

I swear I'm trying my best
It's been months since I've shed a tear
But tonight, I dry my eyes
Close my eyes
Sick of all your lies

These four walls witness my sobs
I don't want to keep it in anymore
I'm breaking down
Torn down
There's only silence, no sound

My mind goes numb when they say your name
My heart pounds, I can't breathe
Flying away,
I'm flying away
I can't feel my body –as I lay

Here you are, still won't admit your mistakes
My God! My hope fractures
No gravity
There's no gravity
I'm hanging in between —you and me
As I lay under the tree
Thoughts so deep and free
I wonder and wonder
Then ponder where you'll be

These thoughts
They force me to roll
All through the night
I know what you stole
And I want to know
Does he know

That you slipped in the sheets
With me to try and feel free
It's quite the feat
For you to never tell him
To “love” him

For I've gathered my fruit
As I lay under the tree
With my thoughts deep
As I ponder and wonder
If the truth sets you free
Does that make me the truth
Sorry for the spam this one just kind of hit me out of no where and got me in my feels. I'm just starting so if anyone can give me feedback that would be great. I wrote this from view as being used by someone in a relationship. To hurt the other and leaving me behind.
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