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There's love in this hate
Passion in the flames
I'll be the monster that hurts you,
The lover of your desires
And you the change that makes me better
To be the guardian and swear to protect you,
Shield you and have you as mine
There's others that deserve you
Your sweet eyes and caring soul
But no one will love as strong as I
We tear down the castle walls
Storm the castle and conquer our siege
Oh of course, darling,
I still love you,
Though you're in his arms instead of mine
- SkullsNBones
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They say home is where the heart is
well what happens when your home is under massive destruction?
I didn't understand why it went under construction
until I looked into your hazel eyes and saw corruption
and realized my home was in disruption
because you couldn't resist a broken home seduction.
Ruby 6d
Long days and longer nights
Without you by my side
There's no color, no light
No sound apart from my breathing

Alone in my room
Curtains drawn and hidden
No one notices the drops of red
Bleeding from my soul

When you said you'd think
When you said you needed space
I thought I was still nestled
In the depths of your heart

But you left me in the dust
Walked forward without looking back
Leaped into the arms of another
As I lay here waiting

Now I'm all alone
Picking broken pieces of my heart
Piecing them together with tears
Wishing for a miracle that could never be

I don't blame you
For leaving as you did
They all always do
In the end
I thought you loved me
We were so close
One soul dwelling in two bodies
You said you wanted to be with me
Spend the rest of our lives together
Go against everything the others thought
But then I realized there was another one
v Jan 6
Can you hear the sound?
Of heartstrings snapping? It is,
Incredibly loud.

- a haiku
v Jan 6
I know now.
Every thought of weakness was preventive,
call them weak and you'll stay around -
so I’m learning to lie honestly
learning to lie for her.
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