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Mistry May 21
I made a home out of you
Even after you told me of your hoeish past
Somehow I convinced myself that I am the lucky girl
Niave as usual

Infatuation has fades
The honeymoon has ended
I see all the signs I've been missing

Her face towel lies next to mine
Her toothbrush too
I ask no questions
You're a player, you have answers to them all

The day before your birthday
You're probably with her
You have not called me the entire day
Just a message alerting me you won't be available

Do you love her?
Am I not beautiful?
What part of me is not enough for you?

Who was I thinking I deserve any form of love
Our world was cemented fresh linoleum tile
you always bent down to reach my voice,
I was so sweet, I feel so vile.
You tell her she reminds you of daisies and August sunshine
I smell out the ***** of cinnamon, I am canine,
thought you were mine.

I know she's breathless
as you shake the bed,
dancing dyad, snowed with asbestos.
And I could be edgeless
sand myself down just for you.
Polish every crevice,
I am god in a teenage body
I could be edgeless
like a marble cast of paresis
settled upon your pew.
Ursula Wolf Apr 20
My soul blossomed in your affectionate eyes,
And those spring lips wintered my mind.
We flew as glittering birds around the sun at night,
Then it was full moon, the wolf came,
And ripped out my heart.
Morgan Vail Apr 26
Though I love you, and I did,
I returned once more to the orchard.
Home seemed so far away,
Clasped in the hands of another.

Every dish washed another breath drawn,
The slick ribbons against the trees.
My love, my wonder, at my side.
Again, my demons embrace me.

Again did I stop outside of my haven,
Praying to a malevolent, unloving light.
Is it wrong to be so human, my doubts,
How could a grey sky be alright?

Why live if living is wrong,
If each whine should be a cry?
My bed felt more like teeth then,
Gnawing at me from each side.

The flowers bloomed under a night sky,
Adorned with all the things I should’ve confessed.
Once again I find myself in that time,
Yet with you I think only of what I’ve repressed.
Oh, my fair lady,
I think you must know,
The path you will take,
will cause you much woe.

Oh, my fair lady,
don't go with him,
maybe just maybe,
he still loves her within.

Oh, my fair lady,
he did not see your worth,
he will come back,
as you were his first.

Oh, my fair lady,
beware of a man,
you may be so lonely,
confide in your friends.

Oh, my fair lady,
he may be the one,
he's taken you places,
you've never gone.

Oh, my fair lady,
prophecy fulfilled,
he confessed his feelings,
are you so weak-willed?

Oh, my fair lady,
you feel betrayed,
this is how stories,
of unfaithfulness are made.

Oh, my fair lady,
he offers his help,
maybe you  love him,
the feelings you felt.

Oh, my fair lady,
he's lead you astray,
seems like this time,
he came to stay.

Oh, my fair lady,
angel of his thoughts,
I pray he won't hurt you,
hope you have a plan,
one that's well thought.

Oh, my fair lady,
I think he loves you more,
you both are not the same,
as who you were before.

Thank you, my love,
I wish you were mine,
my heart longs for you,
alas, there's no time.
Everything comes full circle.
دema flutter Mar 23
I can't seem to
how it felt
to spend
243 endless
days with you,

I guess that's
the best example (metaphor)
of dissociation
during trauma.
This isn't the way it was supposed to be.
Things started out so perfectly.
We were so happy, our future set in stone.
Never would I imagine myself alone.

But time after time, you broke my trust.
What I thought was love, you felt as lust.
You locked up my heart but gave her the key.
I watch as you now love her and not me.

I should have known it was too good to be true,
But yet here I am, crying over you.
Now I am left heart-broken and betrayed.
How stupid I was to think you would stay.

You shared love with her, knowing I was the cost,
And I realize now that all hope is lost.
Side note: Your Perfect
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