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Singing about love.
Singing about joy.
Singing about how happy life is.
What about how dark your life can be?
SInging about your feelings.
Being happy? No!
I want to sing to express my feelings.
I somewhat like to sing about joy but when you find out your friend is cheating on your other best friend. So after she dumps him and says she told us she can't be in a relationship because of her health. But goes and hooks up with my ex-boyfriend who I was still talking to.
It goes to show never trust about you thought was actually a good person.
I knew from the ******* start
it would go no further than what it was.
There would be no dates,
no hand-holding,
no declarations of love while sitting under a beautiful sunset at 7:02pm on a Sunday.

Those things are her's,
have been her's for seven years
and probably will be for seven more.

But **** did you make it seem as though
I was worthy of those things,
that I could hold your hand,
and take you on dates,
and tell you that I love you under a beautiful sunset at 7:02pm on a Sunday.

And **** did it hurt, **** does it hurt that
you gave me something so new, something so strong that I forgot what I knew from the ******* start:

you can never love me. you don't want to love me. you WILL never love me.

I was just for fun,
but she's for forever.
I knew I couldn't do casual, and I ended up exactly where I knew I would if I tried.
Aylin Chavez Oct 12
it was a Saturday night
a night full of fun
but filled with loneliness
and I needed you

that night you were replaced
the hands of another touched me
and the desire for you, disappeared  
i didn't feel alone anymore

it was a Sunday morning
a morning in someone's bed
and with me realizing
i didn't love you anymore
Stygian Oct 11
I can’t hear you tell me that I don’t matter
I’m done being told that it’s all my fault after
You lied and you said that you would do better
I guess it’s my fault for thinking you would forget her
I fell apart and you just watched me bleed
And now I am the enemy.
Been a while.
Path appeared
As he walked on the path
The walk was smooth
Till the path turned into two paths
One lead to his wife
The other to his girl friend
He was now confused
It took him time to decide
The wife and the girl friend got worried
Set out in search of him
Path appeared
As they walked on their path
Both reached
The common path
Where he stood confused
Reality came to the fore
They both stripped him of his clothes
He sits naked there till date
He declared him a saint
He has now many women followers
Shows them door to heaven
No body dares to touch the saint
Politicians and police touch his feet
He shows them the path
Path appears
As they walk on the path
دema Sep 30
I can still feel
your cheeks
pressed against mine,
your eyes locked on mine,
your heart beat as you
lay on my chest,
your hands caressing
my face,
my heart wanting to burst,
except this time
it's because
you are gone.
Hannah Rose Sep 22
I think we both knew
That it was going to end
Before it began

White lights flashing
Hold on through the night
Another reason to survive

Keep her company
Lie beside her
Whisper sweet nothings

My first gulp of fresh air
Is met with a smile
Eager to find peace

I found comfort
In the feeling of being wanted
Enough to choose to live

And so you keep me company
Lie beside me...
Whisper sweet nothings

Truth spurns
Hardest when your heart is wounded  
One less reason to live

& I still find comfort
In the feeling of being wanted
Just not from you
A poem for you. Won’t say I wasn’t the best you ever had.
Jennifer West Sep 20
How I wish
My eyes were wrong
And I didn't see
You sin

How I wish
My ears were gone
And I didn't hear
You with him

How I wish
My hands wouldn't shake
And I didn't feel
You betray me

How I wish
My words would come
And I didn't silently wish
You to disappear
Jennifer West Sep 19
You seemed
So close
By my side
But of course
You told
A lie
Falling through webs
From the truth
Went to a place
I couldn't reach
Or stay
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