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FunSlower Aug 26
We laughed aloud through the longest winter.
Simultaneously signing a solstice of solitude.
1 love allowed kindling to form from 2 splinters.
So we’ll set life alight, away from the multitude.

Through you, a new divinity enters me.
An entity of empathy left no room for entropy.
You know, the shower drips for me now too.
And it’s always when I think of you!

Atypical accolade attends a familiar cascade.
But it wont always be that way.
As sure as the sun will set tonight,
My bright light will shine for you tomorrow.

Retract with me. Refract with me.
Her fluorescence attracted me.
Illuminating the only pathway
I’ve ever hoped to see.
An overflowing heart
Sowing seeds and sewing stitches.
Flowing lightning through my dark,
Showing all of life’s riches.
Karijinbba Aug 6
Love me like you do.
Like a needle in a haystack
is true love me and you.
Trustworthy friend also you.
An hp's haystack found, miracle.
A loving soul, treasure icecle.
In the law of attraction, true love
attracts like, and in a notch of good fortune opposites must intimately attract true lovez entanglement
Is an intricate weave,
of LOVEz for two in one loop.
I found a twin matching soul.
A magnet in both our midst,
receptiveness open mind exist.
Intellectual genius in heart.
its gist, portal and bridge.
Uncovering vast blessings
his needle in my haystack,
just came to me, as bee
to pollen in essence,
his needle found me.
Now retaining such find and
price takes sculpture in mind.
Keeping it requires an equal
enterprise a twin needle's vise
Or my fire and ice!
In love and war it's wise,
To tingle our rhyme with rice.
To never part, it takes more pie
than luck, poem, or needle in eye.
I once was blind, but now I see
Through our fire in ice.

BY: Karijinbba.
All Rights Reserved - revised
arCamm Jan 18
It’s strange.
I’m a water sign
fascinated by fire.

Does this mean
that I’m seeking my own destruction
or simply curious of what warmth feels like?

- a.r. Camm
Martin Bond Dec 2020
She'll say left
I meant right
there are no wrongs
veto logic
the status quo
demands perfection.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Sometimes clash like oil and water

I am an asteroid crashing your otherwise peaceful planet

There is nothing propelling me forcefully into your atmosphere yet again and again you unintentionally end up the target of my gravitational destruction

Our blood types incompatible but I insist on ripping you open wide while my own hands dripped self-inflicted wounds aching with resentment

Why must we be so different when our emotions are the same?
Growth is inevitable. You can either choose to grow together or grow apart
Zack Ripley Oct 2020
There may be times
When we don't see eye to eye.
And our hearts may never beat as one.
But that doesn't mean
We can't work together.
After all, they say opposites attract.
So, what do you say we sit back
And let the chemicals react.
Kelly Hogan Aug 2020
I was told long ago
That my light would attract others.
Maybe that's why I love moths so much.
Fluttering in and out of lives, maybe I am the light and a moth.
the sun is sad
the moon was there
he looked in bad

as the injustice
the land was overlapped
it was occupied
and the dark landed

the stars were in pale
as in old pole
they do not attract
as the justice disappeared

who will return the right
to the weaken and broken mind

after it went wide
GOD only GOD
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