The fire in my belly
the boots on a dancefloor
the felt hat i wear.

Texas is my home
no one can take it away
lone star state of mind

Allan, Waylon, George.
my idols growing up.
Texas is home

frio river, gulf coast
fishing in summer
barbequing in spring.

my home sweet home
is the country music
in the truck

my home away from home
is in the shop
with my brother and a welder
i was listening to Allan Jackson and i thought about this
My hands clasped as if in prayer
as I absorb the sights sounds
and smells of the early spring morning,
sun low in the bluest of skies
bringing in another day of life
I'm truly grateful for
donkeys march along
their well worn path
occasionally glancing across
at this viewer of their territory
losing myself in birdsong
removed from the urban cacophony
of humanity's unnatural ways
that stresses me; this soothes me
this is where I want to be
this is how I desire to live

The sun warms me now
my inner glow enhanced
by Vitamin D on my skin
at one with nature in its purest form
if this were my final bow
I'd grab it with both hands
in its stead I open and close my eyes
mentally recording these moments
to view later in my mind's eye
my soul nourished
my life reaffirmed
believe me there is beauty
I found it
jess 4d
now, i know that from reading the title, you may skip over this.
but please, let me explain myself first
contrary to popular belief, country music is not all about
trucks and girls and drinking.
it is about real life.
about heartbreak and passion
learning and failure
new experiences and adventures.
sure, some of these things include trucks and girls and drinking.
but the instruments they use
cause your heart to sing along.
the strum of an acoustic guitar is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.
it is calming
and makes the artist's words fit together
in the most perfect story.
we get to listen to someones life
in the form of a song
that has just the right amount of slowness
mixed with the hillbilly music from the south.
i may not have the ability to live in the country
but the music that comes from there
makes me feel as if i'm sitting in a bar
hearing a guy in a cowboy hat strumming along
and explaining his life to us in a wonderful song.
NO JUDGING. people can like whatever music they like and you cannot change that.
Our boots are always muddy.
Our tea sweet.
Camo never goes out of style.
No one leaves our house hungry.
Fishing, Hunting, and Football are our favorite sports.
We keep our guns clean.
We like a guy with a nice truck.
Southern hospitality is always here.
Our country music is always blasting.

Your a County Girl.

                        With love,
My daddy’s 2001 Ford sport track truck.
He passed it down to me.

The driver side window is weird.
The truck squeaks.
It’s not the newest model.

But my daddy gave it to me. I have known it my whole childhood. Fishing trips. Rides on the back. Laying on the floor bored.
Now it’s time to make new memories.

Driving down country roads.
Taco Bell dates.
Pic-niques on the tailgate.
New and exciting adventures for me and my friends.

My 2001 Ford sport track truck.

                       With love,
Ain't no reason
To think anything is gonna'
Get any better
Any time soon.
Ain't no reason
To believe
In the Future.
Ain't no reason
To care about Humanity
Too much
'Cause most folks
Don't use no reason
At all.
It don't make no difference
What I say any more.
It don't make no difference
What I do.
I know you're gonna' leave me
Even though
I'm so in love with you.
Aa Harvey Apr 6
Farm life.

There is a barn on this farm;
Personally, I think that it has character and charm.
Other people’s opinions may differ from mine,
But I won't allow them to waste my good time.

This time is mine to waste away,
So who are you to blemish this beautiful day?  
Song birds sing as morning breaks in two;
Split the night apart and let the sunlight shine through.

If time is all we have, then we can be poor and in love.
We may not have any money,
But we can still enjoy the country.

The cows are grazing and the farmer is blazing,
The hay in the fields, he no longer needs to ball.
I ask him why he came here
And he tells me it is because he heard the call.
The call of nature; the sheep are saying baa.
He doesn't predict the future, but we both know that one day,
This place of tranquility will be overtaken by a city full of cars.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
When it pours she finds the rainbow
In the sun she lets the wind flow
Through her sun-kissed auburn hair
Til the scent of perfume fills the open air

When it’s cold she lies real close to me
Til we breathe together in harmony
And get lost inside a dream
Waking up into a love supreme

When I’m late she says, “Don’t drive too fast!”
When dessert comes out we like to make it last
And give each other one more special chance
To make love with just some cheap romance

She’s the killer of all my doubts and woes
Wherever she goes happiness follows
If I lose a job she says, “You’ll find another”
She wants a grandkid for my darlin’ mother

When she cries it takes the man outta me
Knowing I’m not being what I know I can be
So we cheer up with a slowdown moonlit dance
And make love outta cheap romance
From a country song; for those who aren't in the club.
Kim Essary Mar 30
Waking to the melodies of a chorus of birds. Visioning the  leafs on the trees dancing merely to the beat.
  April showers falling from the heavens above,   touching the unearthed seedlings preparing for their bloom.
Springtime is almost here.
May arriving bringing the sunshine to dry the moistened ground, as each seeding awakes by the morning dew, their limbs stretching through the soil , like a baby chick pecking the shell, they are brought to life.
There is so much beauty a city never sees, like the enchanted flies of the southern country with glowing fairy-like wings. Let's not forget the whipperwill singing in the old oak trees or the katiedids that hide in their shell. The crickets joining as their legs play violin as the bull frogs play base with there deep vocal sounds, if you sit quietly you may likely hear, the howling of  a pack of coyotes so far from you but sound so near.
Springtime in the south is heaven on Earth , no hustle or bustle or lights from the cities to interfere.
I can't imagine springtime anywhere but here.
The south brings so much beauty especially this time of year, the feeling of peace and beauty as springtime nears
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