Emotions made tender, but fair, fearing not the outside,
to what is felt inside, to play in eternity, to think in infinity,
be only that a paradox is, nothing else, nothing more, nothing
less, attempt to avoid despair and crying mood. As for you,
Bill, if the world is a stage, than the death penalty only applies
to the casting director. There is greatness outside poems,
romance too, sunburnt smiles and laughing memories.
Though for now, I shall write only about my death, fear, insecurity,
fault and flaws in written poetry. Not for comfort in. Just glittering
drops of silver stars, as for others to benefit from. It is worrying
only to be a paradox, living within immortality.
Keep under your control:
Your tongue, temper and ego.

Everybody gets:
Happiness,sorrow and death.

Fight for your:
Country, rights and self respect.

Keep with you:
Faith, honesty, good deeds.

Always keep clean:
Your body, clothes and thoughts.

Never refuse:
Invitations, presents and advice.
melanie Jul 4
My heart flies toward the earth
Not the sky

I need a tangible surface to cling to

I run through the fields
I sit in the dirt
I call this place home

Yet I am surrounded by strangers
Kim Essary Jun 28
What's not to love of this time of year, the breath of  summer in the south so fragrant and clear.
Blooming flowers blowing in the summer breeze, lifting a brisk scent of aroma so divine.
The honeysuckle growing wild  nurturing itself as it twists and turns through the cudzu vines.
The sights of the country never get old.
As I sit on my front porch, calming the evening, peering at the sunset of vibrant colors mixing both light and bold.
The darkness here carries no fear as the twinkling wings of the lightning bugs inspire a feeling of freedom as they blink rapidly to light the way..
The moon and the stars are ever so clear, in the darkest of nights it's like morning here.  
You never feel alone under the southern country sky,
You can always hear the sounds of the birds, the crickets , the frogs and faithful mag pie.
A peaceful encounter if you have never been, you should come here some day and you will see what I mean.
I love the southern summer in the country.
i wanna end up nowhere on a map
a little cabin sittin’ so far back
out in the country
just the moon and stars
are gonna know where we are
'Lay Low' - Josh Turner
Kitana St Cyr Jun 18
Where are the flowers?
She's glowing!
What a perfect moment,
It's Canada for goodness sake!
But i'm not ready, let's skip the ring for now.
Another tree is planted somewhere in the soil of my heart.
She’s not in Canada.
- know where your heart is before asking of someone else’s -
let's get out of here
run away
escape to the country
forget our worries for a while
put our problems on hold
and just let go
fall into freedom
and love
and stargaze at night
and explore old towns
you and me
there's something about a good country song
that makes you want to get up and dance
let loose
forget your worries
it makes me want to move to nashville
write music
play guitar
fall in love
i can't get enough of it
Aa Harvey Jun 15

In a land without voices, we fall as one.
In a land without choices, we choose to make a stand.
In a land without hope, we would not need a gun.
What will we become as we travel across this land?

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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