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I followed the vestiges of your footnotes,
everything is a chrysalis of memories and forgetting.

It was you,
who unfolds a life halfway through my existence, I wish I wasn't there in your forgetting.
Norman Crane Apr 22
I saw us again in Galway,
And again it felt as if you weren't dead,
You were young,
And I was younger than today,
You had your journalist's notebook and pen,
And so many things to say,
You looked ahead,
I melted away,
Past the crowd of gathering wolves,
Through the cinnamon rain,
To the narrow road winding through the hills,
Like a fleeing possum's tail,
Never still,
A pulsing membrane,
A hospital bed,
A naked, dying flame,
The road you chose to take,
Red with sweet precipitation and pain,
I still remember when you told me you were ill,
I want to die, you said,
What I wouldn't give to know once more your head,
Where your thoughts used to play,
The way your body swayed,
When you saw life's ugliness but refused to look away,
For your spirit I yen,
Faintly remembered by the markings of your pen,
In notebooks in an attic,
Living words floating above dead eyes,
Shrouded by the spice of time,
I desire to wipe it away,
But I'm so terrified of what I might find,
In dreams, I still see your face,
What if in wakefulness, I find an emptiness in its place
Forget your past
Forget your bad memories
Great teachers
Often tell
So you remember
Bad memories
You need
To forget
Your efforts to forget
Turn out
Efforts to remember
You find
Each and every memory
It's a real curse
Forget your past
Forget your bad memories
Great teachers
Often tell!
Scientific evidence is there that it is possible to block bad memories. You can consult a psychologist and/or a psychiatrist if need be. Best is not to make conscious efforts to forget bad memories. Practice meditation and yoga. Bad memories wouldn't be erased. But associated torturous emotions are set at rest giving relief.
But I want to **** the chance,
And forget about you, all of it,
'Till you're just a stranger,
And I'm the same alley girl,
With a bottle of ***** and pretending to run away from home;
Evan Stephens Jan 23
"If I cannot bend the will of heaven,
I shall move hell."

Meadows of blood
are sluicing from my arm,

& courts of lithium
are bottled neatly.

This stream within me,
the red subliminal, latent,

needs beating back.
The noon sun kicks uselessly.

Something happened,
it had nothing to do with me,

it had nothing to do with
quiet cancerous woe,

nothing to do with the
underside of my mind.

I am quiet in the chair,
the blood-taker smiles at me

through alcohol bouquet,
compliments a yielding vein;

the blood pours and pours,
aching with subconscious.
JL Dec 2020
Ang bilis lumipas ng oras at panahon
Parang kahapon lang kung iisipin
Nakaraang buwan iyong kinalimutan
Kasalukuyang buwan, muli'y nakalimutan.

Nakatutok pa rin ako sa aking telepono
Nagbabakasakaling sana maalala mo
Espesyal na araw sa ating dalawa
Na patuloy **** hindi inaalala.
It's okay not to be okay.
lua Dec 2020
it had slipped
from my grasp
that warm toned memory
                        a   l o o s e   t h r e a d
                    t h a t    s n a p p e d
yet left its indentations on my mind
its fingerprints behind my eyes
i can still remember how bright the sun was that day
and the tilt of someone's lips towards the sky
someone i can't seem to recall
someone that doesn't ring a bell
but whose laugh still floats around in the air
i can't seem to
Nicole Dec 2020
Forgiving is more than difficult and challenging

But if to not forgive or forget

You will live your life in regret and denial

Resent will build and build

For we are humans for we f*ck up and do things we deeply regret

For not to be excusable but responsible

If to imagine a world with them gone or hurt

Remorse and resent in yourself will imperfectly mix

Building a lifetime of continuous persistent regret

The question being is it worth it to not forgive and forget

For will you ever truly move on?
JD Dec 2020
Your eyes don't want to see me
Your arms can't hold me tight
Your lips won't kiss me

Was it me who drifted away?
Was it you who moved on?
Was it just time and came between us?
Sadly, we drift apart from loved ones.
one million times
Imma draw my mama's face
so I don't forget.
This is my first published poem! wow I'm such a professional
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