Buddy T Apr 28

and just as fate should have it
we can never be
just meeting on a road we walked
side by side for so long
for it to divert
all too soon

the first mile
the second and the third
I miss seeing you by my side
we really had to say goodbye
all too soon
but it's not like
you would care
do you?
would you?
if I asked?

and I will
never see you again
after a while;
will I forget?

will you let me
hold your hand for
the first time
and the last

and how would you respond
if I told you
that I loved you
would you
have anything to say?
anything at all?

you make me remember sunsets;
how the reds and pinks and oranges
flowing one to the other.
the sun takes a final bow
before rising tomorrow for another
stunning performance.

you make me forget demons;
how they are out to haunt me
and take on many forms.
some old friends,
some unrecognizable,
but all are there nevertheless.
they were there,
not anymore, not with you.

you make me remember flowers;
roses, daisies, tulips.
fields upon fields of
flowers were never my favorite
until I saw the way you looked at one
and I fell in love with flowers
like I fell in love with you.

you make me forget darkness;
you make me see the light.
seeing the ways of nature
was never there until I saw you.

you make me remember that
nature in solitude was pretty,
but nature with you is

originally written 6/24/16
Alyce Black Apr 21

I don't want to do this without you.
Now that I know
what it was like
having you
by my side,
the thought of facing
stuff alone is so
much more
The darks are darker
and the shadows have faces.
I have logical reasons
to be going places
but with you...

it was different with you.

It was you
taking our world by storm
and we
were gonna be
weren't we?

I guess knowing I had someone
to face everything with
made it better.
You were supposed to be
a constant
in a tumultuous and
uncertain world.
An anchor.
I keep thinking if I had
it would make things better

But we both know
that's not true.
No, I remember you
still and I am filled
with longing.
I didn't just
fall for your presence.
I fell in love
with your very essence.

I can't take it back,
I sure as shit can't replace you.
And now the time
has come to move on
to new places
and new faces
and go forward
into the dawning
of young adulthood.

I am so afraid love.
Afraid to date,
because I don't want
to contemplate
replacing you.
Afraid to move,
because it was supposed
to be your name
on the boxes, too.
Afraid to leave
afraid to stay...
the darks seem darker
now that you're away.

I remember you every day.

I know what I need to do...
I just had all my bets
out that I'd never have
to do this

If I could
Swallow liquid fire
And replace
The traces of
Your name in my
With burning,
Cleansing flame,
Then I would
Drink until
I was consumed
No more
By scathing
Of you


I wore that shirt
The one
You once told me
You liked.
With holes
In the shoulders.
But when I
Slipped it
Over my head
I thought only of the
Fabric on my skin
Instead of
The words that
You said.

Sarah H Mar 6

Is it worse to forget
Or to be the one forgotten

Should I pity my mother
Because her mother forgot her
Or pity my grandmother
Because she doesn't know her own child

Or should I pity none

Because that is life
That is the way life is

You live, you forget
Nothing is remembered in the end

Bianca Reyes Feb 23

I have etched 'no' everywhere on my skin
So the next time you come near
When you touch me and the bumps rise
It can scream what I have never had the strength to say

Copyright under Bianca Reyes
All rights reserved
Blah bla blah
Iris Madden Feb 19

The sights fly past the windows
carrying with them
the last sounds of your voice
the wind takes away
the rest of your words
my hand has long forgotten your touch
and now I forget your face...
This dark void and time
takes everything
and we will never be everything
to each other
I'll never see enough of you
to not forget
We'll never be more...

are we so unmemorable?
Apollo Hayden Feb 12

Like a thick mist that just won't pass I'm getting caught up in the haze.
Heart on its knees fighting to beat, still confused and questioning things in my brain.
I still have puzzle pieces but not enough remnants to make sense of anything.
Love lingers still, while I wake up every day out of a dream that I thought I was wide awake in.
So in the words of Sade,
I've got to wash you off my skin.

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