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Mable Erina Sep 28
You’re not a quitter.
Where’s the fight in you girl?
You don’t give up.
You were never one to give up.

I know you’re tired.
I know you feel so weak.
But it’s not over. It’s never over until you say it’s over.
Keep fighting.
Keep pushing.

You love yourself.
You have to.
How can you expect anyone to love you, if you don’t?
You can’t.
So love that little girl.
Even when she’s weak,
even when she wants to give up,
even when she’s hurting,
because she’s worth it.
You’re worth it.
Remember, you can cry,
but only standing up.
gabby Sep 20
Let's dance on the school hallway.
Tango, everything you want
as long as i can hold your hand.
Melting in your weak arms
i am staring at your eyes
so raw, misterious and hopeless.

One step back, two forward.
We fill this boring hallway
with buds of our young love.

The ring bells annoyingly
and the piano fades away.
Just smile (you are charming)
because I know we are helpless
when the dance ends.

We have spread our love
with every shy step
and trust me, those buds
raised up from the cold floor
of the scholl hallway
will suddenly bloom every time
i put my hands around your neck.
I am literally in love with this kind of love where everthing is so fresh and innocent.
Aseel Sep 18
He loves me
But he’s not in love with me
And it’s breaking my heart
But how can I explain?
You don’t look at me the same anymore
Aaron LaLux Sep 17
Okay okay alright, I give up, you win, I surrender,
I’m waiving the white flag, I’ve had enough, need to sit down,
I’m folding the cards in my hands, laying them on the table,
wiping the sweat off my forehead then throwing in the towel,
been running so long legs’re about to give out want to give up,
& I don’t know how but I’m totally open to figuring it out,

relinquishing resentments, adopting pups, & releasing doves,
reducing defenses, developing myself for receiving the love,
needing some hugs, making amends, making out, & making up,
ready to give it all up right now, cuddle up & do snuggle stuff,
just to be fully present for you directly, for us, stepping up,
& I know this ADHD makes it difficult to focus,
but babe you know I’m dedicated to making it work out,
yes my mind gets easily divided at times but love will overcome,
I’ll tame my mind it can be undivided when in your presence,
until my death which will likely come when least expected,
like so many other legends that have passed away suddenly,
probably in a plane crash or other similar event wreckage,

RIP Aaliyah, once gone can’t Try Again,
RIP JFK, probably our only real president,
RIP Otis Redding,
show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Try A Little Tenderness,
RIP Rocky Marciano,
KO’d after the plane dove on his 46th birthday,
RIP Buddy Holly, RIP Ritchie Valens,
both died on the same plane, so gone, so long La Bamba,

the Brightest Lights always cast the Darkest Shadows,
the brighter the light the darker the hues,
it’s the 4th of July we’re on a lake in Chile,
enjoying the company & enjoying the views,
post solar eclipse glory letting go of any lingering regrets,
though I do wish She were here,
they say heartbreak makes the best art,
but I don’t know if the effects are worth the burn I feel,

only here for a moment, so tell me why you came,
want to love liberated, but still inside my self built cage,
you possess priority in my life, your impression left indentions,
& I’m still trying to learn, how to show non ****** affection,
but it’s difficult when you’ve been abused,
it’s different when you’ve never felt love that was pure,
so I’m still working on it all or nothing, it’s up to you to choose,
if you’re willing to work with me until I’m cured I’m yours,

Okay okay alright, I give up, you win, I surrender,
I’m waiving the white flag, I’ve had enough, need to sit down,
I’m folding the cards in my hands, laying them on the table,
wiping the sweat off my forehead then throwing in the towel,
been running so long legs’re about to give out want to give up,
& I don’t know how but I’m totally open to figuring it out…

∆ LaLux ∆

poem #80 from THHT3: The Hollywood Hills Trilogy 3
available worldwide here:
You are so secure, and you take
Advantage of that security, making me
Even more insecure. You aren't scared that
Maybe I’lll realize how well off I
Could be without you… because you
Know how utterly and entirely I have fallen
For your stupid smile and your pretty eyes
You pretend, but don't feel it
And I could easily just leave, making it easier on myself
But I won’t
I ******* love you
“I love you”
   “You benefit me right now”
“I love you”
   “You are a nice distraction from my own brain”
“I love you”
   “My girlfriend and i are fighting”
“I love you”
  "I will yell at you when you are wrong"
I guess love means something different to everyone?
Maddie Sep 13
I love
The way you kiss me
When I’m in the middle of saying something
There’s not a day I won’t miss
Those interruptions

I can’t remember
What I was saying before
But it doesn’t matter
I would forget anyway
Why was it so easy.?
To fall in love with you
To give myself up to you
To give you everything
I gave you almost it all
The little I had
What I’ve had to offer
To others... it may not be much
But, to me, I gave you my world
My insight in life
My belief
And my heart
Now,  since it was so easy
How easily will you take care of me ?
Handle me with care
It was so easy for me to love you
Although you are not weary at all
Easy is the way my heart can be carried
A burden
But not too much to handle
Is it because I am still nothing?
I am nothing compared to you.
But as easy as it was,
I will do all in my will...
To be easy to love.
Just by you.
To you I belong. To the love of my life. ~H
Maddie Sep 12
How is it
When you’re lost
I can’t be there?
And why does it make me so angry?
So hurt
It touches me physically
Head throbbing
Stomach lurching
The bellyache of despondency and guilt.

Contact or combat?
You shouldn’t have to fight for your life or your rights
You need to be free
Come be here
Be with me
You’ll be safe I promise
Just lay in my arms and sleep

Peace when we’re alone
Nobody else in this whole world
Just me and your eyes
Those beautiful eyes
And your smile
Those lips
Those soft lips
And your hands holding mine
Head to head
Heart to heart
The beat like drums on fire
But a million butterfly wings just the same

How is it that for you I feel all the emotions
When I can’t even feel them for myself?
Day and day I spend as one empty canvas
Dead batteries
But suddenly
You talk and my brain lights up
Sparks an explosions of color
Say anything
Say everything

Your words paint me a blue sky
A lightning storm
A tsunami
A crackling fire
Leaves on the trees
Birds on the branches
Take that oak and build me a house of color
Take me in and never let me go

Because of you I know it all
Each emotion hits so brutal and raw
Or calming
The waves crash on the sand
Or the wind blows through my hair so swiftly as I breath in the taste of paradise

Don’t take this wrong
You don’t make me mad
You give me vital emotions of life
I could never be mad
Not at something that shows me the beautiful thoughts
****, strangling, happy, sad, overwhelming, beautiful
Because these are the living emotions
And I lived without them for so long
Maddie Sep 9
There is a taste on your lips, so great, I’d die
There is an ocean in your eyes, so deep, I’d dive
Never go back to the shore
Float in those beautiful things forever
I need more

You look me in the eye
I feel shy
But I don’t back down
I just close them
Lean in
Until I feel your soft lips against mine

What a monumental moment
What a magical feeling
Why are there wars when there could be love?
Sparks fly
There’s no time
Please let this last forever

Softly music plays
When our lips touch
A melody
A whole **** symphony
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