Perri 6d

love was the excitement
for the next moment we'd meet
it was the the warmth of your hand
when you first brushed it across my cheek
it was the vulnerability
of inviting you
into my sheets
love was that you were
proud of me
while all the others had been so discreet


in love is your scent
you leave on my pillows
that is oh so sweet
it is the the rush of blood
that leaves me tingling
from my heart to my feet
in love is the way you look at me
with eyes
full of passion and heat
while you hug me hard
and kiss me so deep
because being in love with you
is being away for the week
and yet knowing
everything is still so concrete

Caroline Jan 8

There we went with your mixed signals and my overthinking.

Was he flirting, were his eyes brighter when he looked at me,
or was it just a flicker of light, a person behind me, his way to behave with other girls?

I'm excited to go to school just because Im going to see him!
What the hell has happened to me!?

I know he doesn't like me.
I know I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend.
I know I need to focus on studies.
I know he would never look at me the way I do.

So WHY do I CARE!?

I still have the hope he likes me.
I still have the hope he will notice me.
I still have the hope he will realize how I feel.

And that's when I realized: " he is not my crush anymore. I have actually fell in love".

I wanted to tell you I’ve been here before
That I’ve found homes in other hearts
And in other sets of brown eyes
This all wasn’t new
I wanted to tell you that I’ve heard it all before
The way you call me beautiful
And the way you say my name
The way you call me yours
I wanted to tell you to go
Save me the time
Save me the bricks to build another wall
Save me the miles of me driving to you then turning around bc I remembered
you weren’t my home anymore
Save my heart the pain
But instead, something told me to ask you to stay

and i guess i am selfish. because i really, really want you to be happy, always. i wanna see that smile that made me fall so hard for you. but i dont wanna see you happy if its with another person. i dont want you happy holding someone elses hand. i dont want you happy celebrating an anniversary with someone else. and i definitely, definitely dont want you to be happy, in love with someone else. because i want to be enough for you, i want you to feel your most excitement and wholeness and inner peace with me. i want you to be in love with me. i cant just be all poetic and beautifully tragic about it. i cant just think "i want you to be happy, even if thats not with me," because its not true. i want you to be happy, and i want to be the person that makes you happy. its as simple and frustrating as that.

love is confusing.
Grace Spellman Dec 2017

you are a type of magic
that i've never seen before

and i want to learn all your tricks

i was writing my boyfriend his birthday card and one of the lines was "You're a type of magic I've never seen before." and it inspired this. Happy Birthday, e.
Freijah Sel Yna Dec 2017

"He, who doesn't trust easily,
Not even me.
He, who nags a lot and knows
his place.
He, who always wins the fight.
He, who doesn't believe easily,
unless he sees or you have proofs.
He, who won't be convinced,
unless you justify you're right."

"He, the one who loves coffee.
The guy who fall in love with the music.
The person who's a fan of a novel.
That kind of person you
don't want to argue with.
The guy who thinks practicality a lot."

"To the guy always makes me feel pretty
You who always compliment me
Every single tick of the clock.
The person who put those
butterflies in my stomach."

To you who made my heart beat faster,
each and everyday.
The guy who motivates me.
And the one who made me realize.

mythie Dec 2017

Chocolate coloured eyes.
Mesmerise me every time.
Your cherry red lips.
Your moonlight glow.

Everything about you makes my heart swell.
It's twice as big.
I can feel it pound.
Every beat resonating.

Is this a teenage dream?
You make me so warm inside.
My face goes red.
And that's only when we talk.

Even though we're worlds apart.
I can feel you near me.
The sky we see is not the same.
But that's okay.

I can take a white rocket.
Go wherever you are.
The clouds and stars in the sky.
Are nothing compared to the beauty you are.

Every time you smile, a love song plays.
You do something crazy to me.
I try to hide what I feel.
But I can't whenever I'm with you.

I don't usually write poems.
Not for other people, at least.
But for you, I'll write these words.
My soul imprinted on your screen.

You mean so much to me.
Calling me something tame like "Cutie" kills me.
Do you not realise how much power you have?
You're the reason I wake up in the morning.

The seasons will change.
But my love will stay the same.
My feelings haven't lingered this long before.
So just read these words before I forget how to say them.

i love you, meri.
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