Tina 11h

No this wasn't platonic, white and placid
Made out of crimson cherries and blueberries 
It was amplifying, reddish, corrosive as acid 
I couldn't move my jaw, or breathe; I choked 
Like breathing was an illusion I saw before my eye
No! This didn't go away with time.
It resided, very well groomed in my heart 
Oh closely! Listen! Can you hear it beat?
And thump, and pound and pound and pound!
No it wasn't an aimless seed planted perfect 
It was an explosive, a bomb you say! 
What has this world got against my heart? 
It cracked, held still and shattered, by sudden?
No! Well rehearsed plots, undergoing attacks. 
And words came bursting out, 
And blood flooded my mouth 
And specked your charming face . 
And I fell...
Into your arms, you ask?
No! Onto the ground..
Onto the solid ground that kept me company. 
You left, my dear! 
Knowing not! Knowing not! 
How my craze is a realm of love 
And a touch of reality...
Tina RSH ©

Find yourself a love that
Makes waking up and smelling
The crisp morning air
Worth it

Find a love that
Makes faking in love
A lot less painful
A love that makes you
Feel like you're in a fairytale
Instead of a nightmare
Love is supposed to be magical
Not fearful

Find yourself a love that
The makes the sun shine
Brighter on gloomy days
And one the doesn't make
The night seem so dark

Find that love
And keep it
For now a days
A love like that
Is rare.

kylie 1d

a smile that could cure cancer
eyes that can light the universe
a laugh to diagnose depression
stories that make you laugh until you cry

he will literally make you die inside

kylie 1d

write on my body with your lips
take my heart in tiny bits

touch my skin softly
read me to sleep
hold me when i cry
dazzle me with your smile

deceive me with kindness
then hurt me the next
your hands can do wonders besides just sex

my soul is fragile
but of course i have to bow down to you, my king

JK 2d

Why every single time
I am with you,
my heart trembles,
my arms
wanting to hug you tight
and my lips
desire to kiss you
so softly,
that slowly
kills me inside?

The more
we talk,
the more
I fall in love.

Seeker Sep 16

i like the way you feel my skin after i take off all my makeup
i like the way the pillowcase wrinkles after you get up
i like the way you curl into a ball as you sleep
i like the way you smile at me when you wakeup
i like the way you pull me closer in the middle of the night
i like the way the sheets move when you sleep
i like the way you toss and turn when you’re trying to find a comfortable spot
i like the way you shed your beard hairs onto the pillow
i like the way you kiss me every time you wake up in the night
i like the way you always make sure the fan gets to me too
i like the way you always make sure i have water to drink for when I’m thirsty during the night
i like the way you always tuck me into bed
i like the way you hold me close
i like the way you kiss me when the sun rises
i like the way you never leave me without a kiss and hug goodbye
i like the way you always ask how i slept
i like the way you hug me even when I'm mad
i like the way you kiss my forehead as we argue
i like the way you accept me for me

kyle dionysus Sep 15

She told me: "You always get women. They forever chasing you. And I'll be dammed if I said you don't come across as a player, a 'Casanova', using your charms and words. But I know that is started with you looking for the 'one', the one girl you hoped existed. A girl you could be yourself with, a girl to fall Inlove with. But I can see that as time moved on, you began to give up on the 'one', thinking you wouldn't find her. But I know when you saw me. And when we spoke for the first time. You began to feel hope again...that I was the 'one' you have always been looking for."

Happy Ending Sep 13

Put your lips close to mine...
Hold yourself right there.. Making sure our lips don't touch, just yet...

We're out of focus, eye to eye.
Let the intensity build..
Till the gravity's too much..
What is this magic hold you have on me.
I'll do anything you say.
Just be sure you say it with your hands.
I'd be smart to walk away,
But you're like quicksand and I'm simply sinking into you.

This path is dangerous.
This journey with you is tottaly reckless.
But I like it, and I love you.

I can't decide if it's a choice..
Getting swept away in everything that is you.
I hear the sound of my own voice
Telling me to flee, but we're like magnets you and me.
We're just skin and bone...
Trained to get along...
Perfect unison...

But you're friction...

Forget everything and let the bad fade away.
Trace my lips with your finger tips and give in, give in to me.
Don't fight this current, let yourself get swept away with me.
Let yourself get swept up in me.

Happy Ending Aug 31

To lame to stand how I feel I press my lips to this glass filled with forget and I swallow deep.

Standing in nothing but a t-shirt, alone in this big empty house I take solace in this glass to numb the pain within.

But as the music changes a song that reminds me of you starts playing. (How Ironic wouldnt you say)

I close my eyes tightly... tense up...try to fight it... but before I know it my body is a slave to this beat and it makes my body come alive.

My hand grazes my bare thighs and  I lose myself just briefly....
I pause as I remember how good it felt when you touched me.

I remember the electricity and how you use to look at me. God, the chemistry...moments later your face appears so clear and perfect in my mind.

"Oh god, I hate this!" I think, as I press into the counter top behind me. I try my hardest to stop thinking about you but memories of you are coming in waves and im being swept away.

I cant help but imagine what it felt like when youd slide your hands to wrap around me...my god, the safest I ever felt.

I ache for you.

These memories are torment.

Tears stream down my flushed cheeks.

I bring my hand to my lips and I'm lost again. I imagine bringing your lips to mine and how much of a rush it was each time. You were intoxicating. Kissing you was like a drug I could never kick. Always wanting more. Entangled in eachother. Hold tight, each moment I did. Never wanting it to end. Kissing in such synchronisation. Kissing you was nothing but second nature.

But I fight it, I try and shake it off, to shake you off, and your face disappears brielfy and my hips begin to sway falling slave again to our perfect song. To the beat of my favorite song. The song about us.

I dont know how you do it. I dont know how you forget such an addicting thing we had. But you did and I'm lost with only memories now. Memories I have to bury. Because they give me so much pleasure but they also bring so much pain.

Lina Banzaca Sep 10

It's a four letter word,
With about 10 billion different meanings,
But for me,
You wouldn't even begin to comprehend my feelings,
You wouldn't physically understand what I go through,
Every time I want to say I love you,
Sure we say it because we're friends,
But the second I say it for more than that,
That is the second our story ends,
I can't exactly explain the feelings,
I start shaking,
My heart begins palpating,
I can't stop thinking about you,
You're on my mind when I wake up and the moment I go to bed,
You've helped me through my worst times,
Without you, I might actually be dead,
You've seen me at my worst,
You've seen me at my best,
I guess you could say you've seen more than the rest,
The ugly,
The beautiful,
And everything in between,
I love you more than the world, space, and intergalactic time,
I wish I could call you mine,
But we're friends.
And I'm happy with that,
Don't want to disrupt it or disturb it,
You're happy,
You don't see me as more than a friend,
So while I love you,
We can't be lovers, romantics, two stupid kids in love,
I guess we'll just be buddies, pals, partners in crime,
Til' the end.

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