Megan Mar 25
I like late night drinks
in late night yards
with late night fires
that can keep me warm

I like late night rides
in late night parks
with late night stars
that can brighten the dark

I like late night love
in late night times
with late night you
that can power my heart

I like late nights
in this small town
with close friends
all around

I like the blur
from the bud
and the buzz
from the booze

I like my hair--
the sky--
the world--
and why lie?

I love you
Im bored in love
You pulled me in closer this time it was different
You used the structure of my face as a intimate guide for your fingertips
I knew then we were meant to be
I then looked into your eyes noticing how dilated your pupils were
I looked into them so long that I started to see my own faint reflection looking back at me
The view of you is such a beautiful thing to see
You began to run your hand through my hair almost so that it became comforting
I smiled
Then you kissed my lips like never before
My heart felt full
I watched you sit up so I then did too, except you turned around getting onto your knees
Our eyes interlocked then our hands as you pushed me onto my back
I stayed lying there
You leaned in to kiss me I beat you to it and kissed you harder grabbing onto your hips
We are in love
Freddie Ruiz Jun 20
Your beauty is something that inspires me.
You are everything that I am seeking.
You’ve always been the girl of my dreams,
but I recently discovered something I believe in.
You mean everything to me.
You are everything I need.
I know I’m not even close to the guy you say you wanna be with,
but I know one day you’ll realize that all along it was me.

Until then, I’ll always be waiting here for you,
for there’s no one out there like you.
You’re a one of a kind girl that shines through
and when you’re ready, I’ll be here waiting for you.
Written on January 18, 1996
Composition number: 10
Liz 6d
Today ,you ignored me again. It was like a closed door. I couldn't open it. It's been impossible..

I wasn't sad I wasn't empty , I was in pain. You didn't notice. You didn't even think about me one second.
Maybe you did.

Is it okay to be so cold to the person who gave all love they had?
Maybe I didn't deserve you at all.
But you were everything I had.

I feel so guilty for tellin you..

It's the worse when the person you love closed everything to you. I still feel the pain. It can't away. It's still there.

The anxiety of loosing you even more than now.

You don't even ask if I'm okay with that or not. You don't even look at me. WHAT AM I THINKING??

It literally kills me not beeing near you. Please don't go.
You are an artist
You do not move a brush to a canvas
You do not find the beat or breath of the music to sway to
You do not strum the strings of the exhaling instrument
You do not lift the roof with your voice as you sing
You do not catch an audiences applaud with your acts and rolls
You do not build beauty with your hands to shape something magnificent

You are an artist
You paint me as a dream even as I see my flaws beneath the oil paint
You sway me and you lead me as we dance to the melody of falling in love
You play my heart string for string and I might have thought you've been playing all your life
You sing me the aubade of memory and I fall again and again
You play the role of not a prince but a knight in my dream as we fight the ongoing battle of life back to back
You have used your hands to caress what you call God's Work Of Art and called me breathtaking by every shape and curve, so you whisper sweet sweet things to me.

You are an artist to my heart
Jamie Jul 3
My heart was yours from the moment we met.
Each word you spoken filled my head.
Laugher and smiles, tears of joy.
All because I found you, you had filled my heart with joy.
We fell in love instantly, no regrets about it.
A best friend, lover and husband in one. Then you cheated and decided to run.
You ran away from yourself more then you did me but I'll forever love you that's why you haven't divorced me.
Our love was like no other. And no woman will know you like me. Your heart was always in the right place and thats why i know you left me.
Thank you for reading
Rachel Jul 2
I hate this
The way you make me feel.

I cry
Day that I don’t see you
Obsessive over little things,
My mind runs at 1000 miles per hour.

Your eyes: green, orange too,
I could study them for days and see something new every minute.

You make me laugh to my stomach - I think you’re the first to ever do that
And you make me wail in sadness - I think you’re the first for that too
I’m losing my mind

Not everyone can accept you
It takes time
But all will be ok because people will realise that you are who you are
And no one can change that.

So let’s run away
Rob a bank
Hot-wire a car
Or just live one day at a time

I love this
Freddie Ruiz Jun 28
You want my love and I want yours too,
because you’re a special girl, I promise I’ll be good for you.
This is no fake talk, I showed you who I was right from the start,
so, believe everything I’m saying, ‘cause I wrote this to tell you my heart.

All this is so new to me and I’m ok with it,
because I’m on the line between innocence and sexuality.
And I know we’re both anticipating that one thing that’s on our minds,
but I’ll keep on waiting, till we’re both ready to share that part of our lives.

You want my heart, I’ll give you also my time.
Anything you want just ask, ‘cause I can’t believe you fell for this guy;
because a girl like you don’t settle for any guy
that doesn’t fit the standards of what she wants in her life.

I’m well aware that you could have any guy you want,
baby, that's undeniable and precise,
but still you choose to be by my side
and I won’t make you regret it, I’ll be worth your time.
Written on June 15, 1997
Composition number: 33
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