My new life has begun…
My history is manuscript pages thrown away never to return.
A romance has begun…
I am once more in love with love;
Watch my heart glow as it once more gets burnt.
This fire inside, will not go out once lit;
There is no off switch.
There will be times when I hold my doubt,
Like it is a tattoo that I cannot itch.

Upon my soul it has been written,
True love or nothing else.
Until the day I release a dove,
I will be eternally in-waiting and forever, so in love,
With a wife I haven’t met yet;
Who I know, loves me as-well.
It is already written; so it will be said.

We have not yet had the pleasure,
So I will just slow my pace for now;
I will be crawling, begging, searching for a love of my own!
But this journey has only just begun
And one day she will find me,
I have no doubt.

The ruins of a love story or two have crumbled into dust,
But I have only just begun to love.
The love I love is just love.
If I am righteous and trust my heart,
All my feelings will not fade away one day.
I will be with my Queen.  I will find my bride.
The two of us shall find a way,
To find each other under the stars,
As asteroid’s collide.
A thousand sparks will be my guide
And she will be my life-wife.

All other thoughts will testify,
That all I want is a single wife.
A wife that I can call my own;
Neither borrowed, stolen, nor temporarily on loan.
I want a permanent smile emblazoned on my heart,
A heart upon my sleeve, a name across my chest,
A bold statement of my intent to act upon my commitment,
To never need another lover.

I want ‘somebody’ to love me;
Surely there must be somebody.
If your love for me is true, then find my heart beacon;
I hold it high for all to see.
I cannot reason a future without a reason;
I believe in our destiny.

If we are bound to be together, then there can be no falsehood.
If you are planning a motherhood with me,
Then you have to remain good
And kind and heartfelt and faithful always…
If you cannot, then please allow me to leave,
To go in search of love.
If you cannot be happy with me during the night
And throughout the day,
Then you should leave, so I can too;
I will find my better half and she will be sent from the Heaven’s above.

I have no car, so watch the stars and if they twinkle just for you,
Then I am waiting, searching, thinking about a love that is true.
It is so sad, to be without your soulmate;
In the sky you will see ‘I love you’,
Written by sky-soaring planes.

I am not your Superman,
My pants are on the inside,
But if you hold onto me really tightly,
If you truly, truly love me…

We could fly together forever;
We could be a light in the sky.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 14
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is in a kiss.
Love is a thing that I miss.
In love with me is all I want you to be,
But that is just a dream.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 14
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is me.
I am in love.
Woe is me.
I am in love.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 14
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is pure light.
Love is without darkness.
Love is in love,
So I am left with only loneliness.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
opi Apr 8
for once in my life,
let me breath the same air as you,
let my eyes lie on your face even from the longest distance,
let my feet stand in the same floor as you,
let my ears relish your voice that's full of love,

let me adore you.

darling, we've never met,
and probably never will;
never will our hands intertwine,
never will your mouth words my name,
never will you be mine.

but one thing i believe,
never will you stop loving me.

i want to say how beautiful you are,
you mean the world to me,
and thank you for making everyday my day.
oh, how i could write a book full of why do i love you as deep as the ocean.

but darling, we are so far away.

if only my love could pay this distance that separates us,
i would've been in your arms right now.
Amoy Apr 6
It’s like walking on air
Floating on sunshine

Sniffing rainbows
Dancing with unicorns

Twirling under sunsets
Always and forever my love
Emily Apr 2
My Baby's gone fishing
I hope he catches himself a treat
For us both to eat
And when he comes back home
I'll make him a meal
Of bread and butter
riwa Mar 30
when i hear love songs
i only think of you
memories of us are imprinted in every song i hear
alexa Mar 24
it's the little things about you that make me go crazy.

like the way you bite your lip when your nervous or flustered. or when you laugh you cover your mouth because you hate your smile.
i love it. it proves that you're happy.

but you can be sad. you can be putting a fake smile on just to please others. you can be hurting but not want others to.

you need to understand that, you're not gonna be happy all the time. you're not going to to be able to please people all the time. you can't stress yourself over nothing. you can't always look outside the box.

you can't always focus on the big things. sometimes the little things are the best things.
this is gonna make me sound so full of myself but i just really needed a confidence booster so i wrote this about myself. holyyy, i'm sorry but i actually really like it.
i feel bad :(
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