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"I never had much interest in the heavens
But last night, a streak of light shot past Orion

They say that a shooting star can grant your wish
So as this bolt flew from the hunter's bow

You were the only beacon in my mind
However, I think I'll look to the sky again

Perhaps a broken lover obtained their wish
Or perhaps I stole the opportunity from another

The fact I know:
I will wish on every star until my love is returned"
My fiancé wrote this poem for me 2 years ago
You are stuck in my head, in my blood
To disintegrate with my antidepressants,
Course through my body like a bad dream,
Gone in the morning like a good dream.
I feel you like a ghost standing next to me,
Silent and impatient, I know you hate waiting.

But there's something about getting something well deserved
After all that time of waiting,
After all that time of wondering,
It feels so nice to get a taste of what you were patient for.

To sing a lovesick melody
Of hope and woe,
I'd never want to know
What it feels like to let you go.
I need a saviour from these feelings,
Is this what you wanted?
Be honest with me,
Are you afraid to let me go?

Do you remember all the songs we heard
And everything we watched
When we sat in your room
Wishing that the clock would stop,
Wishing that time would never move on?
We lived like a dream,
It was just you and me
To be stuck inside each other's minds
And then we lost it all.

So now you've been gone,
But you're coming my way.
I missed you, I missed you,
Never leave again
I can't face the day without you,
I don't want to doubt you,
But I am still afraid of waking up
From a dream that's gone on and on.
It's dragging, it's lagging,

But it's like a favorite book,
And there's that desire
To get to the fire at the end but
You know you will be sad when it ends
And you will tell all your friends about it,
You will gush,
You will blush,
You will rush to read the book again
And you will cry when the guy dies
Before he could tell the girl that he loved her.

So I suppose that after losing the point of this poem,
It's to say that I know you and what you will do.
Despite all of that, I still really love you.
Never lose sight of who you are,
And know that you will always have my heart.
opi 3d
to the guy who took my heart a september ago,
and never let me to take his,
do you still remember me?

one sunny day
where you sat closer than our hearts ever did,
moving vehicles, strangers talking,
on our way to a place
where happiness isn’t always about money;
do you forget?

a voice told something about your eyes that day,
how it sparks and shines so bright it would blinding.
thought it was a comedy until you turned,
until the sun gave its beam to your eyes,
until my sight fell straight into them.
eyes that remind me of
my favorite hot chocolate milk at cold night,
how could i not remember that?

i didn’t know you,
i didn’t believe at first sight stories,
i didn’t have butterflies fly and flowers grow in my heart,
but then there is you.
you opened my door, came in, took my heart
right in that second without my permit,
without telling me,
without asking who even i was.
i’ve come to a realization where i was just standing there,
gladly letting you in
and watching you just walked away far from me.
how could i forget for being such a fool?

and so i remember thieves don’t care
whose things they’re stolen.
they steal what strangers’ had and never returning,
they took but never wanted to be blamed.
and that’s what you did to me.
i just want him to know that i'm exist. is my wish too much?
Haylin 3d
They say if you’re awake at 3am, you’re either inlove or broken.
I say it’s neither.
Perhaps it is the silent space between feeling too much and feeling nothing at all.
The indiscernible sentiments of someone who has been long lost and is yet to be found.
A soul that is neither gleeful nor wretched;
And instead waiting to feel, pondering on certain circumstances,
Or probably continually yearning for a type of serenity that time could still not dare to give.
Johnny Mathis was playing
On your Isuzu Rodeo radio

I was on the hood of your car
In your arms
Your lips pressed so tenderly against

I looked at you and we both looked up
And there a shooting star was to greet us and
As Johnny Mathis’ Sweet voice was singing
“ the last time I felt like this I was falling in love...”
I knew, this was the first time I had felt like this and I was falling in love
With you
this actually happened to me
larni 6d
my love,
don't forget me
or the moments that we had
even though, it's only temporary
i didn't want to say goodbye

i wish, i could have held you longer
felt the security of your embrace
my lips lingering on yours
your hands around my waist

i wish, i could have told you
right there, and in that moment
how happy, being with you makes me
how each day,
my love for you, grows

i lie here, curled up
in a cold and empty bed
a river, rolling down my cheeks
my heart aching, longing
to be with you,
once again

lying here i feel your absence,
a part of my soul is missing
in the depth of my despair, i wonder
do you feel,
the same emptiness inside?

i never thought it possible
to find someone,
who is so perfect
who makes me feel, the way you do
so loved and supported
so safe and so secure,

you love and understand me
and look beyond the shadows
you believe in me,
see the person, i could be
more than anyone i've ever known

i give it to you, my love
my weary, and broken heart
tenderly and cautiously,
you cradle it
in it's current fragile state

my love, i struggle
in these days gone by
to be so far away from you,
once i return
into your arms
i never want to be apart

with you, i want to make memories
to spend our lives together
have a family, travel the world
and our love to last forever
Katinka 6d
Tell your friends all you want
about how you don´t want to hear from me
or never want to see me again
how you never loved me

but the memories will for always be mine
and I don´t have to tell them
because I like to keep them thinking
thinking it was the way you said it was
this way these memories will never be broken

the memorie of how we babysitted together
or how we drove with our bicycles for hours
without a destination

how I kissed you first because you were to shy
how you fell asleep in my arms
how you told me you wouldn´t go till I would believe you

how you teached me how to play basketball
or how we flipped stones into the river
how you kissed me and said all lights were green

all these things
all these memories and much more
they will be mine
and they won´t ever be forgotten  
but I don´t grieve about them anymore
I just smile
and am happy I got the chance to experience
love this way

so I won´t tell anyone how bad it was
or tell any lies
because I rather keep the truth in my head
and be happy.
larni Nov 5
i used to dream of someone like you,
wavy brown hair and eyes speckled blue.

someone who can admire my laugh and my crooked smile,
and when i'm scared, stay with me for a while.

i saw you from a distance and knew it was you,
the man from my dreams, i was affixed like glue.

you are breathtakingly perfect with all of your flaws,
you're dreamy and captivating; never failing to leave me in awe.

you are mine now and it's unbelievably true,
that someone like me could be with someone like you.
Katinka Nov 3
christmas eve
The day we met

I immediately fell in love
in love with your sparkling blue eyes
your straight blonde hair
your beautiful hands


we kiss
it felt like all I ever wanted
I loved you more than anything else

It were those little things that made us so special
the way I always waved you goodbye
every day when you left

I remember the one time I didn´t
It felt like my heart was being torn apart
I run outside
not wearing shoes or socks
but I just couldn´t let you go
without telling you
I love you

I screamed your name
and jumped into your arms
it was the way you swang me around
in the dark
that made me love you

It was the way we layed on the playground
in the nighttime
just the two of us
looking into the sky
you holding me close
inside your arms
that made me love you

It was the way you stopped
in the middel of the sidewalk
to go back holding the door open for a pizza men
that made me love you

It was the way you always looked at me
right after we kissed
right before you told me
told me you loved me
the sparkle in your eyes
the kidness
that made me love you

we broke up

Birthday party
I arrive
You were already there

I still remember the tasted of your kiss
nicotine and beer
and we kissed
all night long

we hug
and tell each other
that we love the other one
but it isn´t the right time

you go
and once more
I wave goodbye as you leave
but this time
you do not turn around.
Non Pescador Nov 2
I cant promise you
That i can bring you the moon,
Can count the stars,
And that tomorrow will be perfect
Or that my mistakes will never happen again.

But I can promise you
My love,
my respect,
my loyalty,
And my unconditional love,
Will be a lifetime.

I can promise you
I’ll always be here for you,
If you need me or if you don’t.
I’ll always do my best to make you smile,
Be the best girlfriend who is worthy to you and your love.

I can promise that
I’ll see you through crisis,
Pray with you,
Make dream with you
And always cheer you up.

I can promise that
I’ll willing be your lover,
Your best friend,
Your family,
Your strength
And your everything

Thats my promise for you
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