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Moments of bliss in the pain and truth in the fables,
All I need is some honesty honestly,
“Stormy seas make the most skilled sailors..”,
or so her tattoo reads so sinful it feels Godly,

she says she only likes black men,
and they say “Once you go black you never go back.”,
but I’m white and when she came she came with me,
and since she arrived she hasn’t left,

truth really is stranger than fiction,
quit drugs got clean,
so now she is my only addition,

on a rooftop in a cool spot sipping champagne,
in the pool got a true shot at some real fame,
feeling like the hero and the villian,
half Joker have Bruce Wayne,

the truth is I feel like a mix of all the Bruces,
Bruce Jenner Bruce Banner Bruce Lee,
Bruce Willis all in it no limits or gimmicks,
Born in the USA raised on Backstreets of Philly,

an American Dreamer living The Dream,
Born To Run call me Bruce Springsteen,
found the Fountain of Youth this girl with this tattoo’s the proof,
so now I bath in the rainbows of this spring,

life so exciting sometimes I just want to scream,

like I do right now as we dance ecstatically,
unconditionally above the world on this rooftop under this star light,
which makes sense since she is a dancer by trade,
we dance and sweat and let out everything that’s inside,

we spread our arms we extend our tongue,
we seize the moment this moment of life,
because we know everything goes in an instant,
life passes by in the blink of an eye,

but without the bitter the sweet ain’t as sweet,
trying to wake up from this dream Vanilla Sky,
and sure these waters are rough,
but hey at least we’re enjoying the ride,

as we find moments of bliss in the pain and truth in the fables,
All I need is some honesty honestly,
“Stormy seas make the most skilled sailors..”,
or so her tattoo reads so sinful it feels Godly…

∆ LaLux ∆

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When I look up
And you look away
It's from you starring at me today
Your brown eyes
Burning a hole in my heart
Did I have you from the very start

I want you to look back
You hate in what you lack
I want our eyes to meet
Your eyes make my heart beat

Of all the times I've seen you stare
I really do care
I just want you to know,
You had me from hello...
My boyfriend had me from Hello, he is the most amazing guy I have ever known, Is this what love feels like???
For every smile when you laid your eyes on me,
For every moment our lips met,
For every moment our hands intertwined,
For every moment spent with you,

You made me feel;

The flowers in me bloomed,
My stomach is filled with butterflies,
Eyes seen the vision of happiness,
Heart beats faster,
Nerves impulsed electric of love,
Even *** knows I am only thinking of you.
i listened
to the sweet melody
you created
by the sweep of your fingers
curving those delicate fingers
making your skin tingle
and rattle.
kissing each note
with a soft greeting
but a hard farewell.
unveiling your soul
and all your intracies
The tears drop, the anger had been let out, the stress and heavy weight where you’re just numb, not knowing what to do with yourself anymore. For you? I’d **** a mf in a heart beat, I’d take chances at heavy risk to be that person that you need me to be, I love you beyond my words that I cannot explain. Yes, it’s been 2 months but I heavily fwu and I don’t want to lose you ever. I don’t mean to smother you, I don’t mean to break you apart from what we have. All I want is for you to be happy, I’m tryna gather my life and same time tryna gather myself for the future. No, I will not dip out if I’m at my lowest.. overthinking everything, second guessing and etc. I just need you to know who you belong to, reassure me and make sure I’m well, as I do the same. I know ***** hard right now but I cannot imagine life without you, fwb, together, broken up or friendship wise. I couldn’t ever treat you like average, you’re my queen, mi novia, my life, my world, and everything else in between that. You deserve everything ****** possible to be happy, so does deryk. I knew that I had to make you mine the second I started coming to heidis for card nights, or going out. I knew **** well that we locked eyes, plenty of times but I wasn’t guna act on it until you did. Now here we are, and I cannot appreciate you enough. I love you so much Crystal, like it ****** shot me blind on how much I fell in love with you. You saved me from killing myself, not even 2 months ago. Kind of a blessing in disguise.
Guess, I'm sorry I cannot forget you
All these things that we've been through
How can I forget you?
When my mind, heart and soul is still you
Day and night
I cannot deny
The thoughts running through my mind
And I can't control what's inside
Questions keeps knocking in my head
Every time when I'm in bed
These questions cannot be answer without you
Since, it belongs to you
larni 7d
i am in love with your caring embrace,
complex mind and gorgeous face,
around you, my heart starts to race,
feelings for you could never be erased.
lowercase intended
Unknown Jan 8
I swear when I look into those ordinary brown eyes of his, I go into a whole other universe where the only thing that matters at all to me is taking in the most enchanting sight I will ever see. moments like these, i can’t help but dive deep. Dive soo deep, i might just lose myself along the way.
Shine Chiong Dec 2018
I fell inlove with the words,
not the writer
I fell inlove with the message,
not the sender
I fell inlove with the voice,
not the singer
I fell inlove with the choreography,
not the dancer
I fell inlove with the art,
not an artist
Yet I fell inlove with the solver,
but not the solution
You were the solver
And you solved me

- peanutbuttqn
Eleanor Jan 6
This is someone I've loved
I've loved her for years.
She's hated the world for longer
How much each day did she think she'd die? Never make it to 18.
Suicide was easier, she couldn't tell her family who or what she was
I was terrified, and I didn't even know.
Tell me, please, why are creatures that are so beautiful allowed to die? or why are they taken away, not only from us, the people around them, but from themselves, why can you see the potential in other people more often than yourself? Why do so many people have depression, why do all of my friends "joke" about dying but cry alone at night about how much they hate themselves? What an absolute pandemic. The nights and days and life is for lovers, the fresh smell of flowers on your nightstand on a high school saturday from your beautiful lover, who wanted to **** herself yesterday morning? But instead of hitting a cement wall in her car, speeding down the street, or slicing at her wrists, no instead, she tells you that you're what kept her on the road, you are who she called right after being in a car accident two years ago on a snowy night, you're who she wants to spend her free time with, actually no, you're not, I am. That girl ******* loves me, and I ******* love her and though the idea of actually marrying her seems naive, and childish, knowing that adults must scoff and roll their eyes at an idea of perfect 17 year old love, but I've lived figurative decades with her. SO MUCH PAIN AND LOVE, ENOUGH FOR 30 LIVES. I've known her for 15 years now, she lives 5 houses down the street, an upsetting family home, with problems of their own, (but who doesn't have issues?) I know what she deserves she deserves love, and so so so much comfort and kindness. I swear if you saw her like I do, I think you'd be surprised. Have you seen her? ***. That long brown hair, that's curly without her even trying, in messy beach waves, or her with a beanie on? Or a snapback? Her black torn jeans, her vans shoes, her ridiculous socks I pretend to refuse to kiss her in, her huge blue, yellow, and green eyes. With those long, pretty, eyelashes, and her soft, small, kissable lips, they pout and smile and every movement her mouth makes, I want to see. She's walking art, she's hard, she's a badass, she is everything you'd want in an angsty, temperamental, crabby, high school girlfriend, you might not like the drugs, the Xanax, the Adderall, the excess of ****, nicotine. She stays away from alcohol, her parents and she knows why. You've never seen her hands, felt her warm, small frame, and her precious arms. I could stay in them as long as the sun burns. She kills me, she kills me all the time. When she's sad, I want to fix it, when she's happy I want to join that, when she's hyper and annoying I still love her everything, when she's depressed, the only thing on my mind is her getting better. My therapist said we are co-dependent, but that lately I'm moving more away from that, realizing boundaries, and property lines. I might sound crazy, believe me, I know I likely do, but what if you knew that she loved me as much right back? I am tall, about 7 inches taller than her, 5'9 . I have light blonde hair I'm growing out of a short bob haircut. I am limber, but with curves, I have a thin but hourglass shape, I have anorexia nerviosa, I have anxiety, like her, depression like her, she has bipolar tendencies, I am dissociative, we both have body dysmorphia, so honestly, at this point, who the **** knows what I look like? No one is honest about how **** I am, not a fun thought, sorry, moving on. I love her, I do, I will, I have, I don't know where I'd find anyone more fit for me in the entire world, and that's why I need her, and that's why she needs me, and that's why both of us are alive. We are both alive because the other is alive, I think back about the pills she took 2 years ago. The cry for help, rehab, the hospital, her body, I can't imagine my angel going through that, and me not being there for her, again. She's everything to me. I want to be there, I will be there, she is absolutely beautiful and I will never, ever, ever be the one to let her down. Anytime she calls me out of school and into the parking lot, and I run around campus trying to find her and get help, and each time I go to her house at 3am with my mom because she cut her wrists again, my pain worsens with hers. She doesn't deserve this *******!!!! SHE DOESN'T WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD? I DON'T DESERVE THIS EITHER. WE ARE GOOD PEOPLE. WE ARE *******, WHAT THE **** JUST LET US LIVE, WE WANT TO **** OURSELVES ENOUGH EVERYDAY. I DON'T EAT, SHE DOESN'T TAKE CARE OF HERSELF. WE USE DRUGS TO HELP, BECAUSE NOTHING ELSE WORKS ENOUGH TO NUMB ANY OF THIS PAIN, EXCEPT LOVE. THAT'S WHAT WE HAVE. WELCOME AMERICA. DRUGS, ***, LOVE AND GIRLS. That's what we are alive for, and never for a second will you catch me alive while she's dead, and vise versa. I'm out when she is. I'm in love with her, and this world will mean nothing if she goes. Her dad yelling her name and running up the stairs to see the ****** wrists of his daughter, me crying on my kitchen floor, over food, over my body, over my girlfriend and best friend wanting to be dead. I've cried in my room, I've cried in the music room, the bathroom, my closet, I've cried for her. Any pain I've ever felt, I never want her to ******* face, and slays me, absolutely destroys me to know she feels the same pain. Someone get her some help, some love, something more, her friends say that she's so so lucky to have me, and I guess that makes me feel so good to hear. I am equally so so lucky to have her. I love that she loves me, I love the ring she gave me, that was the ring she'd wear every day she didn't self harm. I think she got it from an old crush, but I don't mind, it's all part of the story. She got me a diamond ring, and I made her a diamond ring. I also gave her a ring in a little Patina box that has a heart on the front and an engraved saying, "forever and always" on the inside. She said she CRASHED into love with me when I gave her that in my 94' Beretta. Oct. 25, 2018. We made it official. Can't wait for the day I get to call her mine forever. The day we have our first child, looking at her and thinking of how far we've come, how much love we've created in this world, and how much joy and comfort we've added, how much peace we've found, and what future we've made. I can't say enough about her, no one could. No one can explain her, or anyone, the intricacies of people are sometimes unimaginable when one is not in love with someone, but I love her teeth, her thighs, her hands and arms and stomach and chest. I love her heartbeat and her voice. I love when she's even a little annoyed with me, and I kiss her, and we instantly forget about whatever it was we were fighting about. She's my dream, and my future, and my life's greatest love.
I love her, I love buying groceries with her, I love her intelligence and humor, and entire body, and laugh and, ***, everything about this girl.
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