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The idea I had in my head,
The idea that we were meant to be or at least I thought, the idea that I seen you in my future but you seen someone else in yours.
You married her and now you have a family. Often I can’t help but to feel that should’ve been me but I sit here feeling sorry for myself wondering when will I get my happy ending, the happy ending of healing and moving on.
Zywa Oct 11
I play zither well,

but I make a few mistakes –

then he looks at me.
“She plays the zither” (ca. 770, Li Duan)

Collection "Love Mind and Death"
To see and hear only perfection in them.
To lose all sense of time.
You see them and instantly are happy.
When you talk to them it makes you never want it to end.
And to look at them and think, "I love him or her so much, id do anything for them."
My friends... This is what it's like to fall in love.
Nely Oct 4
I come to the idea of seeing you again, soon. I see you soon and come to the idea of when I'll see you again. And when again appears to bring me again to seeing you, I ask when's the next time I'll get to spend time with you. When's our next tomorrow. Our next next day. I don't get tired of kissing those same lips, again and again. Those same spots. Again and again. Then new spots. Again and again. That  same piece of skin under your chin. I want again, and again. & one more time, and again.
دema Sep 30
I can still feel
your cheeks
pressed against mine,
your eyes locked on mine,
your heart beat as you
lay on my chest,
your hands caressing
my face,
my heart wanting to burst,
except this time
it's because
you are gone.
Let me ask you a question
Do you feel the connection?
A growing infection
The need for affection
A feeling of perfection
Going the right direction
Its not an invention
Just feelings of extension
The need for your protection
And your undivided attention
Continuous fixation
A total obsession
Let me give you a break from hurt,
A break from betrayal.
Let me show you what I have for you.
Don’t be scared or indecisive.
Let me show you what you deserve,
Even if it takes me the rest of my life.
Let me have the honor to make you happy,
To hold you and care for you.
Let me have the honor to fight with you but kiss and make up later. LOL
Let me be what you always needed and wanted. Let me be your lifetime partner,
The partner that isn’t only there for you to watch you go through things but the partner that goes through it with you.
Let me love you sweetheart.
Janine Jacobs Sep 26
They may not have met the right way. After a thousand words shared, they knew they found magic. She came unannounced and
he caught her off guard. His soul greeted hers like a long lost friend. The road of their love may not be paved smooth. Her stubborn heart surrendered to his persistent hand. Whispering promises with a mouthful of forevers. She was not the first person he loved. He was not the first person she kissed. They were not afraid of each other’s scars. They held each other with hope and the warmth of forgiveness.
She knew whether his a storm or the sun or distant. They found their miracle.
All her love had a place to finally call home.
Looking at him is like looking at the horizon that could last a lifetime,
Someone who waltz into my life like he was meant to be there,
It was instant, like adrenaline rushing through me.
I felt the whole world, waves crashing against the water, winds flowing through the air, volcanoes erupting fearlessly, then suddenly he was like the moon and stars, shined through the dark part of the world and became the center of mine.
It absorbed everything in me, I was losing energy but it was everything I wanted and everything I desired.
You came into my life not only as a friend but as someone I have learned to love dearly and respect. I want to be the person you deserve but I know it will take a while to get there because what you deserve is incomparable to what I can offer you but I promise I will try.
I'm dazed,
I'm amazed,
I am baffled with grace.

Those angelic voice that whispers,
that chimed within my ears,
sent chills down my spine
and pierced through my chest
like a frozen spear.
Your voice sounds like an angel.
Every word, every sound it makes
freezes my heart.
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