When I dial your number
my heart beats fast
When I see your face
i think i'll have a heart attack
When I hold your hand
my knees get weak
When you put your arm around me
i think i'll collapse
I'm so in love

Its like rain
Beautiful and sweet
Yet so full of pain
Looking like sorrow and defeat

The bane of our existence
Ruins lives like rain does suede
But it is pointless to offer resistance
You must fall; unafraid

Because it doesn't rain until it pours
Love is there, discarded
Unnoticed until it's yours
Like a light rain, disregarded

But one day you're in it
Like it's the eye of a storm
The world around you in a fit
But you find yourself feeling warm

It is like rain
It comes and it goes
But you cannot abstain
It is too attractive, I suppose

Anna 5d

And just for a moment
I wanna feel your soft lips
gently touching mine.
Goosebumps all over my body.
Grab my waist and pull me closest
just to feel your every part and
your heart beating faster than ever.
Let that moment of silence
becomes hot.
Let me feel your warm breath flowing on my neck,
your lovely hands putting my hair up.
My legs wrapped around you.
The pleasure is beyond this world.
I see the glow of your gaze
going into my eyes.
I see millions of constellations shining
in a different colour.
Keep touching my curvy body,
while taking off every piece of clothing.
The feeling is overflowing, as if eating some tasty food.
I feel like holding you tight,
pulling you closer with your every movement.
And I wanna close my eyes.
For a moment everything was beautiful.

Anna 6d

You, the one who makes me fly..
the one, lightening up my world
like a beautiful candle in the air
never extinguished,
but wholeheartedly loved.

The one, whose light makes me feel safe.
Yes, you saved me.
You, the one my eyes will always see.
You make my heart dance and my soul is alive again.
And how beautifully illuminated is my path because of you.

I'm yours and you are mine.
You, the one whose hands i'm holding.
The gentle kisses, the soft hugs,
the little, appreciated gestures..
I shall love them forever.
Can you see my smile glowing with the embers of my eyes?

Your existence makes me feel blessed.
You, my weakness and strength at the same time.
And see, flowers bloom and birds sing songs,
because you shine brighter than the sun on a summer's day.
You, my one and only.

You, a beautiful candle in the air
never extinguished,
but wholeheartedly loved.

Wherever you go, I will follow you.
My feet shall never change direction.
You, the one I owe my life to.
How beautiful is everything
when YOU are around.

I was addicted to him.
He was under my skin,
Inside every hair,
Flowing through my blood.
I could taste him
In every breath
And feel his eyes
tickle me in the wind.
I was hooked at first glance,
Never sober again.

@LadyofRavenhill 2017

Your voice is fresh baked bread.
Your eyes hold oceans I wish to dive into.  
Your lips are soft flower petals.
Wrapped in your arms, I find myself everywhere at once. Connected to the cosmos by your love.

I live off these dreams and reminisces of you.  If all I have left are these memories, then I shall happily spend most of my days with closed eyes.

jg Nov 10

Your skin, your lips, your heat,
Your never-ending love so sweet,
Makes me question life indeed,
Because honey, you're all I'll ever need

riwa Nov 5

I’ve told you this before...
but i think of you a lot.
it’s not really intentional,
its just that
everything reminds of you.

when i see a flower-
i think of how good you look in the color pink.

when i think of economics, or politics, i think of you-
because i know how interested you are in those subjects.

when i stare at people for long enough-
their faces start to morph into yours.
and thats why i don’t like to go out anymore.
because everywhere i go,
i see you.
i see you in the scribbles in my journals,
and in the cracks on the sidewalks,
i see you when i press a button in an elevator,
and when I’m filling out a form to sign up for the sats?
don’t ask me why,
because i don’t know...
i just know that it happens.

i know that i know things about you that no one else does.
and you know things about me that no one else does.
you know things about me i wouldn’t want anyone else to know.
i trust you like that.
i think of you as a safe house,
a place where i know that things will be good
at least-
i like to hope so.

zeldaxlove64 Nov 2

Nothing but a blanket to cover my naked body.
I look at him from underneath the blanket.
Broad shoulders, wide chest, and perfect honey skin.
There’s a lust for me in his umber colored eyes.
I am nervous.
I remove the blanket and my heart pounds.
I have never felt so vulnerable in my life.
I can feel myself blush as he comes closer to me.
He kisses me; slowly moves his body over mine.
Skin on skin, hearts beating in sync;
There’s a heat radiating off of our bodies.
There’s a need for each other.
A certain kind of burn... a hunger.
Suddenly there’s color.
I am seeing blissful colors of red and purple and yellow.
I’m sent into euphoria; vulnerable.
Our chests touch, shaking and shuddering.
Both of us now blushing a rosy pink.
Too weak to move; he lays on my chest.
He listens to my thrumming heart; traces circles along my skin.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
We are vulnerable.

Laura Warner Nov 1

I wouldn’t say that I’m in love with you
More the idea of you
The memories, the emotion
The time spent together
That has all changed now
For you no longer look at me the same
The love that used to gleam in your eyes is gone
And all that is left are sour kisses
Placed upon my cheek
In the passing moments we have left together
If I could have a do over
I would turn around and walk the other way
I would save myself the pain and confusion
Because no one has ever made me happier
Or sadder
Than you.

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