in love, yes
with people, no

more inclined, i think
to fall for experiences

and animals and trees
and the taste of coffee in the morning

and the feel of accomplishment
after a long night spent writing

in love, i am
with maybe some people

no one personal,
two idols at most

in love, yes
with people, no

more inclined, i think
to fall for the sunset

and a relieving gust of breeze
on a humid day

and the art hung
on the walls of rustic cafes

in love, yes
with no one in particular

in love with life
even on days spent wishing for its end

a toxic sort of love, perhaps
perfectly suited for the likes of me

chemically imbalanced,
in brain and body

Aspa Styl Jul 17

I would do everything for you my love
I would change my life for you my love

Don't be afraid
It's just my enthousiasm talking
I know this is all new to us
But it's enough for me to know

I want to show you so much love
I want to give you my all

Your lips can't lie
Your eyes haunting me
Stalking me in every step that I take
And that's what I want for now

Your whole body next to me
Your whole you

Tina Jul 16

Trace, Trace, trace! Give me a trace 
Of his charming scent that once blew my way
And lounged on my nostrils. 
I have been blind ever since I lost my eyes 
To his spectacular sight. 
Grace! Grace! Grace! None has his! 
The midnight intruder trespassing my mind
A dream! He too feels.
My solitude is unholy and he is the Saint
To break this curse. 
Embrace! Embrace! Embrace this shattered heart
That once belonged to a zest chest 
Since I'm too cold to even move
Envelope my soul and carry me to your heaven. 
2:09 AM 
Tina RSH ©

I think I'm in love with someone. But I don't have the courage to tell them. Because I think way too low of myself and that for my mental health condition, I'm under the impression that I should forever isolate myself, love people distantly to stop hurting them.
Janine Jacobs Jul 12

i have never liked jealous lovers
it's such trivial emotion
since being with you I feel it more
envious of the mundane

the sun that sees you first as you wake
the coffee cup that kisses you good morning
your work colleagues that spends hours with you
a smile, a look, a laugh I've missed
the moon that knows your midnight secrets
your sheets that touch every part of you whilst sleeping

i realise jealously makes me fragile
it means i will tolerate no rivals
it means i'm scared
of the very thought of losing you

Tina Jul 10

I have travelled from the lands
Of an unknown master that used to be you.
To a distant destiny, a residue
Of silent tears I shed past midnight
For the absence of you.
My throat clogged with screams.
My lips apart for expected moans
And eyes tight shut!
Crying over the absence of you.
The Absence of you
In a world so empty of light
And full of must-dos
Spinning in my head
Lies an imperfect dream
Of holding your hand
In the morning dew.
Tina RSH ©
14.04. 17

Oblivion Jul 9

She taught me
That not all
Has to be

Emm Jul 7

Sway, sway...
cradle me away
Pray, pray...
this love won't go astray

Nothing's new,
but this feeling is precious
precocious and nimble
One soothing gaze that took it all
Shot right through from your piercing soul

We are hot white marble and ashes,
let us be until,
we're cold white marbles and ashes

I like you and I'd like to stay

mier Jul 7

Without thee, gone are the stars and the moon;
Winds blew forlorn tune,
And skies flaunt dismal blue -
All seemed at rue.

clothe my
frozen soul
with the warm
flow from your
b e a t i n g

defrost me.

Spooky Babe Jul 6

I don't know what I'd do without you
It's like retraining myself how to breath
Or simply how to even live, yes that too
Never again could I do such with ease

Some may think I'm blinded and crazy
To chase a boy who doesn't want to be saved
And shit perhaps I am, it's a possibility
But my heart is one thing you can't persuade

I like to rush over just to be with you
And then take it slow once I get there
But life crashes down with what we once knew
The way you get treated just isn't fair

I've seen that golden light in your eyes
I swear there's flowers blooming inside
When shit hits the fan I'm the one who cries
Because then you're X and piece of me dies

You always claim that I deserve more
Yet in my eyes, you constantly satisfy me
Talk is cheap, and words are a bore
Try to get rid of me when we're both in cali

Let's say you do and one day we part
I swear I'll never find another like you
You'll always have a special place in my heart
Once you realize I'm one hit me up, let's "take 2"

endlessly written for the loml. July 6, 2017
Disclaimer: "X" is the dark side of the boy I love
The part with the slanted text indicates the alternate ending. It's not necessary but I added it anyways
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