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Zywa May 26
My heart skips a beat,

once a flash and forever –

we kiss each other.
Collection "Without reserve"
Zywa May 17
He comes to bathe me

in his yellow butterflies –

of amourousness.
“Cien años de soledad” (“One Hundred Years of Solitude”, 1967, Gabriel García Márquez)

Collection "After the festivities"
A C May 8
I want to be in love
I want to be in love
I want to be lying by their side
and know in the purest most pristine depths
of my heart
that they are in love with me too
I want a love that is without doubt and lack
a love that is worth sacrifice
a love that makes me ooze happiness from my pores
and **** rainbows
a love that's exhausting yet invigorating
a love that makes me want to scream
cause I love them so much
and it feels like a burning in my chest
and its physically uncomfortable
and I think
a love that is authentic will suffice as well
one where I am me
and not the me that I think is socially acceptable
the one that is the least bit presentable
the one that's ugly
hideous, even
I want to be me while i'm in love
and I want them to be them in love with me
I want a love where we're not ashamed or cowardly
a flamboyant love
a bright love
one that is so scintillating you can see it from the stars
give me that love
clementine May 4
enthralled, you got me in a reverie
about your doll eyes alike the stars
that shines from a far cosmic galaxy.
love, you’re a pulchritudinous nebula.

almost failed to respire
while keeping our eyes fixated.
you’re my blanket,
my comfort through this storm.

as the sun kissed goodbye to the cerulean sea,
the whispers of the waves shift ‘neath your feet.
in a cold breeze, it felt unusually warm,
similar to a milkish pale, creamy optimism latte.

you’re fond of fireflies falling into your palms,
like a fairy dust in a fantasy.
fallen flowers amid abysmal situation,
a frantic feeling fades away instantly.

my Allie, i’ll be your Noah
who stares and loves you endlessly.
grateful to be lost in your smile,
will always hold your hand till eternity.
Tina RSH Apr 13
I have had to dig my heart deep
with the shovel of your cruelty
buried our memories with stifled weeps
and in that,still, I find a kind of beauty

Some say I'm a slave to love, to others I'm only a fool
Neither know to have loved alone is a rare gift
For my heart is an engine and love is its fuel
with my feet on the ground, not hovering nor adrift.

It is with grief now that I bid you farewell
but who says in that there is no charm?
Our times together now in another time dwell.
A time that can cause none any more harm
SinArrow19 Apr 11
In the midst of the night
We met and fell apart
We recognize each other and fought
And here we are standing back to back

We are so in love and believing
Like there is no ending
And we have to face the beginning
Of the fights, the sweetness and caressing

Forget about the stars
Left the strokes
Come to the evening
Where 'us' is better than parting

Smile is captivating
When it's genuine
Eyes are amazing
When it shine

You're like peach flower
That blooms in Japan
Your scent is as fragrant as peach
And I am here beside you still fallin'
Anna Lour' Apr 27
Part 3 : I thought you love me, but it’s all my hallucination

The day you left me,
The last day of fall 2017.

You left your knife hanging on my heart
I thought we would last forever
But how could your love for me disappear so suddenly?
Why couldn't I see this coming?

Just that, you left me
When you knew my heart is still aching for you

So, I looked at your eyes for the last time
Hoping there’s something
But I didn’t see anything in them

The Ice Plants died slowly, and winter came.
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From the album 'Afloat'
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Anna Lour' Apr 27
Part 2 : I started loving you with no hesitation

Our last vacation together,
The last day of summer 2017.

The tall grass bowed to us,
as we made our way across the orphic meadow
We laid down together side by side
And on this damp grass,
under the clouds,
our hearts rang forever

At that moment, I said to myself,
time, space, and beings can’t step between us

I started writing musics with our love
And even the flowers started talking to me
Love just felt so magical

Love, I said to myself inside
I glanced at you,
and you smiled at me
The words stopped at the tip of my tongue
But before I could even say it,
our lips met, and the Ice Plants bloomed.
(Read the first part of the story on Anna Lour's account!)
From the album 'Afloat'
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Anna Lour' Apr 27
Part 1 : I opened our first page with no expectations

The day we first met,
The first day of spring 2015.

I still remember the scent of the cool air on that day
The silent wind tickled my exposed skin
The faded jazz music from the coffee shop
The customers’ chuckles and chatters

And then there’s you.

I still remember what you wore on that day
Even your first words to me
The sparks in your eyes pulled me
The sweetness in your smile weakened me

And when our eyes met, the Ice Plants bloomed.
From the album 'Afloat'
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Anna Lour' Mar 28
The night when spring found us
under this dim disco light
you held your hand for me
and pulled my body into yours

With the heat of our love
and the pairs of eyes on us
I was so ready to kiss you
like we can do this all night

So let’s go nowhere, you said
under the small bridge
across the food stalls
with the murmurs of unfamiliar faces
in our big city
when everything will shine before us

We let our walls fall to the ground
and to release our soul
while our love is exploding
creating a universe between the two of us
From the album 'Afloat'
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