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Zywa 3d
Here I lie, no respiratory mask
There is a little wind
I get too little air

to talk, no energy
My body is busy
eliminating the virus

I have no strength for anything
don't even fancy nuts or chocolates
just sleep, I would like to sleep

And wake up well rested
In bed next to you. I go too far
I'll only go to sleep after you have left

There are few colours, high veils
no thunderstorm in the air, no birds
From above I see us lying

Our breath is exactly the same
Five meters apart, we are
not really trespassing

I haven't caught your little bird yet
For Maria Godschalk

Social distancing to prevent infection

"Il Decameron" (Boccaccio, Anno 1353), 5th day, 4th story: because of the heat, Caterina is allowed to sleep on the balcony, where she listens to the nightingale; in the morning her father Lizio sees her naked with her friend Ricciardo, holding his nightingale in her hand; Lizio calls his wife to show her what kind of bird Caterina has caught
uccello = bird, usignolo = nightingale

Pier Paolo Pasolini filmed this story in 1971

Collection "It takes a lot of tries to make a d├ębut"
Zywa Jun 22
When you wrote my name

in the sand I wrote your name --

nicely over it.
Collection "Eyes lips chest and belly"
She came from heaven & laid her head
Down next to mine.
It felt like I had crawled into the sun &
Realized that everything was not
what it seemed.
She became an island
One my emotions began to explore,
Simplified to pacing in circles
walking back and forth.
She came from heaven & laid her head
Down next to mine.
I'd realized that I never seen the sun
My gratitude today hopeful
of the invitation into tomorrow.
She defies the gravity of my world
aesthete May 25
never thought i'd feel peace
between someone's arms
you know who you are, my queen
Zywa May 6
I like to see him,

he is sweet, but he wavers --

quickly shuts the door.
"Binnen de huid" ("Inside the skin", 1954, Han Voskuil, published in 2009)

Collection "Not too bad"
Zywa Apr 26
Possibility, chance, no odds
fate or god, but the outcome
of the self-learning program

in our heads, the decisions
already lay enclosed within us
as our future, our way

You came down the stairs
stopped in the hall
and looked at me

called unexpectedly
lovingly my name
said you

will get mail from me:
the promise that bound me
during your vacation

I looked for a secret code
in the text on your cards
and only found my longing
Collection "The drama"
Zywa Apr 12
My love spell on you:

take only notice of me --

only care of me.
"I put a spell on you" (1956, Jay Hawkins, album "At Home with Screamin Jay Hawkins" [1958]; sung by Nina Simone in 1965)

Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 40s and 50s"
My love is my heart! My Chels is my love.
My dearest is in love with me! My Catalyst Chels, is my love!
I am her Wayward, Brandi the Brave!
I payoff my debts of my past with my whole heart!!!
I payoff my lost souls with kindnesses.
I payoff my brokenhearted warriors with immersive therapy.
I payoff my exes with my soulful desires spoken out-loud.
I payoff my taxes of the future with loneliness.
Here I am fully 100 percent me!
One make-out session and I am in love with my future wife.
Insanity my dearest, is how you greet a queen in a wonderland.
Insanity my love, is how you deeply cut your heart open for those you love whether in love or not.
Insanity my joyous, jabberwocky bite me good boy ohh.
Insanity my heartbroken warrior, I am not a slave to fear anymore you *****!
Insanity my lonely soul, I grew up in my own version of darknesses so yeah ******* for wanting to **** me.
Insanity my captain of the oceans, I love you bro!
Insanity my heart the flames of my depths, I will conquer heaven for you and walk through every sense of living hell there is for you!
Insanity my queen, I greet death and life as equals.
Bella Isaacs Mar 1
I still scroll endlessly through your other pages
Back to when you weren't an enigma and loved the world
A person I barely know - I addressed you fists curled
Ready to fly, ready to appease; I addressed you through the cages
Of what I knew, and the mesh of my anxiety and preoccupation;
You told me little, and I flashed this way and that, trying to draw you
But what of these efforts? I directed them wrongly - You were in view
And I should have held you as the attraction, especially in your immolation
Your drowning, your keening, with your ocean soft voice, no one
Would really guess the storms that brew, at least not a fool like I
Constantly searching in ways to entertain, to please, to die
For you, and hoping you would not let a chance like this to have gone
Because I swear I see myself in you, and you in myself besides, besides
A mystery I wish I had asked more about, that fuels your harmonic sighs
And instead I laid out truths, jewels, as elaborate as lies
I should have merely stood before you, let the tides
Tell you who I am; the actress is merely an element
I'm not here to burn you. I'd like to know you
And how I wish I could give you only what I owe you
Be natural; hold the flowing of my river through your rocks to be self-evident.
Being in love is a horrible, anxious feeling, and being so not knowing if the person you're in love with feels the same is the worst, but then knowing you may have messed up a good friendship with them because you were so self-absorbed has got to be one of the truly most awful, horrible, terrible feelings. Above all, be yourselves, don't bend yourselves over backwards in love, and trust in Fate.
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