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I was the sand
and you were the ocean's waves.

You'd come towards me,
but never stay.
to a lover I will never forget
i love you. i do.
i love you in a way that is hard to explain.
please don't get this confused with 'in love'.
because i am not 'in love' with you.
not yet.
i love you in the way i love my family, my friends.
but i would not put you above them.
i love you in that if you left my life i would feel a sadness like no other, but i would cope.
i am falling in love with you. slowly.
it is not something to rush.
i do not want to say 'i love you'
for i fear you might get that confused with 'im in love with you.'
but my baby, they are different.
Tyler 5d
I promised myself never to give in
Never to be the hostage of my emotions
Never to let my knees turn to jelly
Never to lust and never to hope
Never to trust nor elope
But your fingertips are magnets
And every piece of my body that you touch
My skin follows, giving in to your warmth
Begging for more, begging for you
I'm letting you take over and control for me
Feverishly, I watch you handle my life
Piecing things together, tearing some apart
And as if you were magic
I sit back and think:
"I am so glad you have my heart".
Kay 5d
Tired of hiding self.
It's straining my mental health.
I feel like my mind is on a shelf ,
And hasn't been checked out since.
I'm fucking up my sense of reality.
And only a couple of cents will pay the price of this casualty.
Casually I fuck up.
Sadly I give up.
Madly in love was I.
But unfortunately love had blind eyes.
It took me on a roller coaster high
And dropped me off the edge of insanity.
Love had the favorite color of lavender.
Looked like long car rides with me in the passenger.
But then it became a massacre.
Goddamn some nights I thought I looked the devil in his eyes.
He just laughed and watched me cry,
But why should I be surprised...

- K.B
- K.B
I think I have lost my chance to live and experience the classic romance;
two lovebirds cuddling on the back porch, lost in each other’s glance.
I think for me it will be something like:
me with a beer, alone looking at the sky,
probably writing about my never-ending dream of a classic romance
of two lovebirds cuddling on the back porch, lost in each other’s glance.
Written on September 2, 2018
Composition number: 621
There is no other person in the world I’d rather be with, there are no pair of arms I want to find peace in, or body I want to love. Just you.
You say you’d give a penny for my thoughts,
well, you start a fire in my mind as soon as I turn the lights off.
This is perfect, you’re perfect, you can’t shut these thoughts off.
When your mom and dad made you, they did a fine job.

Sizzling, from top to bottom you’re so hot.
You give me honey with your sweet talk.
This is perfect, you’re perfect, but it’s obvious that I’m not,
so how was it that we ended up in this particular spot?

I know you’ve been wishing that I surrender to you completely.
I know what you’re feeling, I see what you’re feeling, I know that feeling.
I know you’re probably thinking that I’m just tripping,
but what you don’t know is how amazing now life is for me
and it’s all because of you, sweet baby.

I swear, every time we get together, it's like a movie.
Everything is so cool and different like a romantic comedy.
You act so cool when other girls are around me,
I know you’re ride or die, but they better not make a move on me.
You still want to know what I’m thinking?
It’s hard not to think of you, baby.

Every morning I wake up saying:
“she’s the cherry on top of my ice cream”.
No drama, no craziness,
She’s the cherry on top of my cake.
I go to bed late at night loving what I’m doing,
so, if you’re getting what I’m saying, won’t you put a cherry on it!
Written on August 19, 2012
Composition number: 424
Abbie Sep 10
Sometimes i wonder what I did to deserve the life I have
And to have you be a part of it...

...And I wonder how bad it is
For all those people who sadly relate to this
When my interpretation of this is happiness with you beyond measure

It’s crazy to think about which perspective people are taking this from and how different it can be from yours
Lily Flower Sep 9
Pulling at opposite ends of a rope
we put in our best effort
we both won the contest, darling.
and bragged of our power.
I have nothing left at this hour
Except for a rope around my neck
made out of your honeyed voice
confessing love over and over again
Alas! choking is not much of a choice
a dancing derelict dream in my eyes
along with each cell in my heart dies
Poor wretched foolish ghost of mine
now revolves around your house
like a twitching old mouse
to make sure you drink your tea
Every afternoon, but you
Still, unbothered and lowkey
As if the wind took away some dust
off street
And I, gone, with bones and meat.
At some point I regret stepping out of my solitude..
Mister J Sep 9
I'm in a trance..

My knees are shaking
My throat choking on words
My face beaded with sweat
My mind in a chaotic state

Here I am..

Wearing this heart of mine
On a sleeve of uncertainty
The words trying to come out
From this stomach filled with butterflies

How do I say this?

Ever since that day we met
You already caught my attention
My eyes we're looking towards you
With every little thing you do

Everyday you sparkled..

Like stars in a dark night sky
Every little thing about you
Set sparks in my damned, depressing life
Little cinders slowly burning my anxieties away

Until I was set ablaze..

Consuming every bit of me
Occupying my every thought
And before I was aware of it
You pulled my heart towards you

It consumes me..

This insanity I call ''you''
It makes me writhe in pain
But also eases my sorrows
Burning me to my core

I'm going crazy..

I never even planned this
To fall in love with my best friend
But the more time we spent together
Made me realize that I always wanted you

It's not an easy thing..

To tell you that you consume me
And that I want you to be mine
And I, to be yours only
To be more than what we have now

I want to take you..

And lead you towards an uncertainty
That may completely destroy what this is
But the only thing I know for certain is
That these feelings are real and overflowing


Here I am terrified
Giving my heart to you
Whether you break it or throw it away
Know that from this day on
I declare to the world
That I want to us to be more
Than what we are now
And that this heart that I give
Will always belong to you

Writing this piece not with my mind but my heart,
Not with my thoughts, but with my feelings
It's not easy to say
but I wanna say it anyway

I love you.
From the heart..

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