Sometimes we lose ourselves in the rush of time and push ourselves too hard.
Lose sleep, lose friends and lose our minds.
Covering up the pain just like we cover up those undereyes.
We are fragile, just like glass.
But we tend to forget that glass can crack.

Love is a balloon, One tiny
little pin prick and all of the
Filled love that has been blown,
Will Burst into absolute nothing.

JuliaLazareto Jun 16

She can fake a smile,
just to suit your style.
She tried to be strong, she tried,
but she's still fragile in the inside.

She's hurt, broken,
but all of her pain remained unspoken.
All of her friends say that she's okay,
but they didn't know it's just a display, cause her life is totally gray.

She's crying daily at midnight
Her red eyes covered with makeup at daylight.
She don't want anyone to see,
cause everyone knows that she's bubbly.

Her mask hides it all,
all her pains, all her bawls.
She wants to go away,
but pain haunts her day by day

She's smiling to hide millions of tears,
She's laughing to get to your atmosphere.
She has a breaking heart,
She's falling apart
look at her closely
She's not the girl you really see.

Mikaail Jun 14

Let's talk about skin...
Is it?.. a part of my body?
Or more than that?

All a matter of

Some people think of skin
Fragile and easily scarred
Like mine.

Wrapping paper
that decorates
your heart and

There are some
with skin
So Tough:
It is impossible to leave marks

I yearn for such skin
where the impressions of cruelty
are unable
to stick
to stay
to ravage
How much more damage
can my skin sustain?
Before it yields
and I spill out.
All over the

Joshua Penrod May 30

Hope is fragile hope is frail
My hope has aged within years of betrayal
Praying for a longer shelf-life than expected
Despite the cracks glued together with worn edges

Through hail storm and fire burn
Somehow my hope has survived
Despite being tossed around
And thrown from way up high

One night a proud display
The next evening packaged up and boxed away
Hope so strong it used to be worth every penny
Now it's torn clean up
Now I'm lucky to find any

So I'm sending my hope off to be restored
Maybe another's hands can make it shine
Just like before

But for now I go without
And I'm placed with petrifying doubt
Weather hope will be there for me
Once more.

"Fragile Hope" -Jp

Sha May 26

Take your heart and wrap it in fine silk.
Love elegantly like candle-lit dinner and aged wine.
Slow dance to jazz or juke box
Until your body memorizes every step
to the beat of hearts loving.

But do not forget to guard that fragile thing.
Remind yourself that your heart is too precious
To be broken easily by unworthy knights.

you drank it all.

even though there's nothing left
in the bottle,
it is you that feels empty,
like an eggshell that your mother found
in the chicken that your father killed,
that didn't have the chance of the frying pan at least.

you drank it all.
no Juliet around,
no Shakespeare
no talent,
no tale.

you drank it all.
no strippers,
no angels,
no thieves!

you drank it all.

some may call it
messianic delusion syndrome,
but I call it..
cheap Chardonnay.

ashleigh May 17

Look at her, the way she moves herself
Don't you see the hurt?
        how fragile
Like the highest metal peak, waiting for the lightning to
Strike Again
During the storm
There's not much left
Her outer shell is all

Erika April May 2

I'm just too sensitive for this world
My skin and bones are fragile
To the touch
My heart isn't even made out of paper
Its made out of dust
That I've painstakingly collected over
All these years
From broken promises and
Shattered dreams and
Old distorted memories

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