You have to be careful because I’m a delicate little flower
If you raise your voice
I’ll probably cry
And my petals will get torn
Because the sound of your voice holds a gale force wind
And my hands are too weak to hold on

If I cry that must mean I’m weak right?
Because that’s what crying is it’s weakness leaking out of my eyes
And causing my hands to shake with every breath I push out of my body and every word that comes from my trembling lips sounds like a whisper.

Speaking of whisper you have to be quiet too
All of yours words to me must sound
Like a soft hum
Because as soon as I hear storm clouds come from your mouth
The rain will come from my eyes and fall to ground
At my feet
I can feel the rumble of your voice beneath me
And it makes my heart pound in my ears
And it’s all too loud for a scared little rabbit like me

If I run away that must mean I don’t have the strength to face anything
I probably fall apart like the fabriage egg I crushed in my hand from Piere one Imports when I was a kid (it was an accident) and there’s no way to put me or that egg back together.
Because we are both so damn fragile that one angry glare can cause a crack in me and break everything that I am

I am fragile but I have glue to put myself back together whenever I need to
I cry but I will not let the tears stop me from letting my voice be heard
I can hear thunder in the distance and stand my ground
I am sensitive but I am not weak
Even something as delicate as a flower has thorns
If she wasn’t hooked on honey
she would fall down on my page
I rescued a blue-winged bee sage
I hope she’ll enjoy her stay
in my human home
She strains her abdomen
I pray it’s not a bad omen
her Hermes powers at rest
Did she leave her nest in earnest
I found her on lonely gray stairs
I pray she heals from her despairs
as the carpenter bee sleeps dangled
To my honey lathered chopsticks
I admire her frail black body
I gently blow on her she’s inside
my heart. I felt hers when she
Gripped my thumb.

March 13, 2018
I found a carpenter bee on my way to work and she hadn't moved when I walked up to her a couple of hours later. I took her home and I'm nursing her.
Steaming waters kiss
Dry and fragile leaves unfurl
Peace and solace blossom
I stare at the moonlight's shadow,
With tears as vast as the endless ocean.
I consoled my heart, as it cries
With piercing melodies and unsung poems.

I thought my sincerity was my weapon,
In this world of lies and superficiality.
I thought passion was my armor,
In this harsh and cold reality.

Trying to meet both ends,
Of the string that binds these two hearts.
But the binding turned into shackles,
with thorns that pierced the soul.

The clock gave its permission,
To feel what has not been felt.
Desires, love, and commitment were its gift,
Valid until the skies turned into a blanket of darkness.

The flames of passion turned dim,
With sparks vanishing into the abyss.
The notes were falling out of place,
Making everything a chaotic majesty.

Days passing by,
Were like knives stabbing my back.
I want to sleep,
Embracing the soil of my motherland.

Nights passing by,
Were like shrapnel piercing my skin.
However, I'm starting to become so numb,
Losing so much blood unnoticed.

Let me drown myself,
Into this downpour of emotions.
Let it wash away everything into nothingness.
Make me feel so empty that I want to feel again.
For those who would like to wallow on their sadness about their stagnant love. Be my guest, join me in this moment of gorgeous melancholy and beautiful disaster.
Peter Balkus Feb 27
We are
frightful creatures
with the frightened minds
desperately looking for fear
to survive.

Created by fear,
by fear driven,
fear-filled, fear-causing,
fearlessnessly fear-fearing.

Waking up every day
with the fear under the skin,
the fear under the skull,
the fear of

maya Feb 27
as frail the flower
the petals are power
a melody not yet scoured
the sunlight much devoured

pick the petals, one by one
save or throw until you've won
as dismay it seems, do not run
for a blossom may stun

be careful to remember the thorns that groove the stem
they prick blood or lust, whichever appears within the gem
confide in this mayhem
whether or not displayed condemn

lastly, lovely leaves line before the rest
swaying slowly but together, a cozy fest
within seconds an unexpected guest,
arrives to thieve potent pollen inside the nest.
Amanda Feb 26
That day, I fell into the snow,
I looked up and happened to see a rainbow,
You held out your hand, your hair was messed,
The smile on your face put me at rest.

My heart filled up with joy and hope,
You gave me a will and a way to cope,
The sunshine shining down that day,
Blew my troubles and all else away.

That day I gave you my fragile heart,
Hoping you wouldn't break it apart,
Love is the lesson you helped me learn,
By giving me yours in return.
This was back before I thought I was good, every writer has to start somewhere. I was 12 when I wrote this.
adira Feb 23
everything seems so dark so sad
then i see your smile and my heart flaps its wings gladly
in a way i could like a leach
into joy i would reach
i live off of smiles
if i harvested none i would disapaer from all the worlds inches and miles
in my own ocean of tears
i dedicate my life so no one must be like me with a heart full of tares
only held together with thin fragile thread
sarah Feb 21
it’s hard to look you in the eye
i’m afraid you’ll see how  f r a g i l e  i’ve become
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