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It is as if a wave of tranquility passed over me this morning. Still numb. However, the strenuous longing to feel has dissipated. The wounds have be temporarily cauterized. No empty pain lingers in the darkness like a phantom menace. I felt nothing before, But I knew I was in pain. Now the nothingness consumes any lingering obscure thoughts. I am the hollow man; Such a fragile shell I carry on burden bones. But tis a pleasant day indeed. Thunder storms barrage the sky in open warfare and ominous tear drops soak the battlefield. For once I am not the fool weeping alone; The world takes my place, my pain, my suffering, and I revel in the warmth of it's tears as any good sadist does.
Poetic pros I write in my journal that I reveal to the world in snippets.
Kassan Jahmal May 15
Throwing shots out a window,
it's all really a pain.
But it won't stick or leave a stain.
Still mind my ways,
the many open things on my brain.
I feel fragile as glass,
so please Lord, don't let me break.
a fragile heart,
stand it so brave,
it won't last for good,
leave it on edge,
it'll jump with an outburst,
swiftly like leaves flying at fall,
wrathful like a senseless war,
they said " you're so much alike to him",
and i wondered how history works,
how it keeps writting off names,
a pattern of repetition,
the thought of a breakable heart,
scares more than a thousand of ghosts,
and i swore to dad,
never should i take advantage,
of one's heart,
neither mine too.
internetgirl Apr 30
these pieces of my heart
too small to pick up
too fragile to put back together
but when you hold me
i don't need to be fixed
Sometimes I think about going back to ******
but always end up realizing I can’t
because that world would break me once more
because I’m too soft
I guess everyone is too soft
especially when they start using
many think they’ll be a bulb of light
illuminating a dim and darkened room
until the deader bulbs take advantage
draining the once bright bulbs
until they’re fragile shells.
luciana Mar 22
And here I am
praying to see your smile
"all good things must come to an end"
I'll still find you in my dreams once in a while.

For now I must put
these hopes to rest
hidden away in this notebook
hold my heart that you have blest.

You represent these lost
feelings of happiness and contentment
I found them, but with a cost
our dreams and reality resulted in tension.

please know this
I believe we met for a reason
we could still reminisce
but I'm keeping the idea of us from leaving.
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Van Xuan Mar 14
Fragile hearts are bothersome
When they broke
It took years to make things right
Blood and tears are mixed
Just to keep the pieces together

But when it is broken again
You just want to give up and quit
Yet you can't stop
And you'll never stop fixing it
For that's the way of life

To love and to be loved
By another person
Who also experience
Fixing a scattered pieces
Of a Fragile Heart
For those hearts that are broken we can do this. There will be time we can fix this
Maja Mar 8
It’s the little things
that makes us.

It’s that hug before bed
It’s those ’love you’s that are said

It’s the little things
that makes us.

It’s the smile from far away
The gaze that asks if you’re okay

It’s the little things
that makes us.

And it’s
the little things
that breaks us.
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