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Numbness in my chest
Resisted by my heartbeat
Along with music
Hits against fragility
Shielded by the walls of fear.
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Eva Sep 16
her tears on a fragile paper-
curling the corners of the wrinkled words...
instead of ink,
she'd use emotion.
Pouring it all on the thin lines
of what used to be her joy.
Zane Smith Sep 16
in time,
we're vulnerable.
sitting and waiting
days pass
as we don't sit in class.
everyone around us
Fragile as glass.
Families hurt
Jobs on pause
While the news plays
more pain
Lives gone
so fast
At the snap of a finger.
The world froze
as we search for hope.
Ginger R Sep 8
Please, tell me to love you again
For I will
I will love you with every breath
Like I'm a dying star and
You are the brightest light

Please tell me you love me again
And mean it
Love me with every one of
Your broken pieces and
I will love with every one of mine

Please don't walk away
Without saying goodbye
My heart is fragile
And it wants to love you
Yet I don't want to let it

So please give me a reason
Tell me it's ok to love you
im feeling really emotional and I don't like it. And there's too many words inside of me so I don't know where to start writing. This is a start though.
There is the moment
of release
when the trouble
is passed
and continuing to dwell
becomes unhealthy—
but take care
this fragile moment
must not be
Paul Idiaghe Aug 29
submerged in a cascade of
cacophony, my pieces wade
like fish, into semptember's silvery net
so its plundering pull would heave them
                                                          ­       out
from their misery, grant them purpose
in the mouths of fortunes, that gobble them
as delicacies;  they wither, till my egg-fragile
unravels itself, savors the warmth
of the virgo sun, and hatches
immaculately, into me.
I am a woman. I can be all by myself
I am equal to a ‘man’
I don’t need anybody to look after me
I need no man to hold my hand.
I am a woman. I am tender, not fragile
I can indulge in all life has to offer and intensely feel all the emotions
I have strength tenfold. I can fight for my freedoms and rights
Nothing can restrict me from fulfilling my dreams and aspirations.  
I am a woman. I bleed red
Grievous cramps drag me closer to death, and still, I put up a smile
It is pride, no shame. I bleed to create the world.
Even if I am tagged ‘impure’, I am not going to smother behind the veil
I am a woman. I deserve to be treated with respect
I will never settle for less, in equality I believe
I am neither born to satisfy a man’s hunger nor to be a victim of dominance
Instead, I am born to be a woman of my choice.
دema Aug 11
please don't
doubt how
much love
for you
resides in
this heart
of mine,


please take
good care
of the heart
that lies
in the palms
of your hands.
mjad Aug 3
If he held me again today
I'd collapse into his being
In anger and regret
And thankfulness
Otherwise there'd be no change
He was once all of my heart and mind
Not only occupying my thoughts
Fogging them
I did not think of me
I thought of us
A fragile concept
One of the past

If he held me again today
It would be the last
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