I hung the pressed flowers on my wall today, the ones you gave me last spring. I don’t know why I hung them because all they do is remind me of you but, they look nice where I put them and they still have a rosy smell. A way of being. As they sit there I wonder if they feel lonely like me, I wonder if they miss your touch and the way you handled them carefully, just like you did with me. They are fragile and so am I. I wish I were like a flower who deserved a soft touch from beautiful humans and baths of sugar and fallen leaves.
Soak me in love and powdered sugar
I am not
as you see me now
I stand straighter
walk taller
speak clearer,
- but just now I've shrunk back
to a fragile tenacity
that can easily go unnoticed.
I am not as you see me now.
I am more -
you'll just have to take my word for it.
We all have periods when we're less than our true selves.
Zaft 6d
Your love was warm
not until you give me cold threats
of leaving me if I pull you closer.
How am I gonna hold you?
If you're always been so distant.
How am I gonna go for you?
If one step I take could break us.
CJ Jul 8
Are you the sheep in wolf's clothing?
Or are you the boy who cried wolf?

Are you soft on the inside?
Or are you alone on the outside?

Dressing as a wolf only to pretend you are strong,
but deep down inside you are only fragile

Lying to the face of each and everyone
but deep down inside you are only lonely  

What if I have always been both the sheep and the boy,
Who just want to be relevant and not annoy
Rose Jul 6
She was a fragile emotion.
searching for words that could be spoken
nothing came her way
she closed her mouth,
and never said a word again
because of the all the hurt that came.
She never wanted to see his pain again
on anyone elses
They all told me I was fragile

I had to be treated with care

But they told me I was like glass

Oh were they wrong

For I am fragile like a bomb

And you set me off
Zaft Jul 4
You were jolly
But not that holy
To forgive the mistakes
I  have done and take

You were once in my hand
But you fell on the ground
'Cause I forget that;
You are fragile to fall
On high places that I call

Now that you are broken
Somebody must be taking;
Your parts to be fix,
Your blood to be thick,
But not your heart to be sick.
say Jul 3
how you make me feel
it consumes my mind
entertains me, captivates me, holds me in a cell
my feelings wanting to break free
my lips are sealed

when you ask me who do you want
I say nothing
enslaved by my own will
I dont want to speak

you know I want you
I can't hide my actions
my speculations are driving me crazy
I am trapped
I am trapped

what if I spoke
more than just a stupid joke
I would be free
I could be me

Freedom of feeling
it is liberating
also deteriorating

when feelings are like a fragile glass
shattered at the slightest shake

is it  really worth
risk taking
bluedays Jul 2
I am a bird, made of glass.
Light as the pillowy white clouds,
But all the while, ironly steadfast
The shackle of sin, by which I am bound.

Fragile as I am,
and graceful as I come,
you must understand,
my song will remain unsung.

Not by the unspoken daring of a hero
but by the fear of a coward, shrinking into the shadow.
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