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“ How  are  you? ”
            s/he asked.

So, I answered

“ I'm

       B R  O  K E  N
       A N X I O U S



       N           E   V
       E      R              G  
       O  O                     D
       E                           N
       O                           U
       G                           H

                F     R     U
          S                        T
        R                            A
       T                              E
       D     F      R      A     G
            D   Y    I    N    G

Sorry for not telling the truth
I just don't want you to worry.
I would rather choose to keep it
Deep inside me.
alonia 4d
I didn't know it was possible
Your name keeps ringing in my head
Breaking through my heart like it's the most fragile thing you've ever handled
You swayed my feelings, looking through my soul as if it was yours
You made me think that it's possible to be with you
Until I start hallucinations,
And when I lose track of time,
I realize....
I like you.
Mae Jan 12
she was at a society full of hypocrites
yet, in this dark room she was at peace.
her presence is much more valuable.
rather than in this world, unpredictable.
she is vulnerable.
her emotions are fragile,
wants to be like a willow.
but she is soft as the pillow.
she wants to have a freedom.
anxiety attacks,which makes her doom.
and as they talk to her, it was too late.
her soul was not there anymore.
Latifah Jan 8
I just wanted to
spill all my secrets
to someone
I've kept them hidden
for so long
and I couldn't anymore
I wanted someone
who could carry half the weight
I've been carrying
in my fragile heart
that no longer can survive
it feels as if
I'm carrying the weight
they're carrying
of my own heaviness.
Aj Jan 6
i'd like to think myself up as un chrysanthème; the flower of immortality.

if she, in all her fragile beauty, can survive the bite of a french winter—then i know i can survive you.
in her death, i bloom.
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