Moments come and sit with my silence
Make me feel relentless to embrace my different versions
They are footprints, sometimes only one set of footprints.....
I can not count them all in my saddest or lowest hours but live in them

     Some are~
Some are worth capturing
   True but aching

    Some moments are Breathtakingly Beautiful
    Some are imperfect but brave
   Fragile and bitter
      Inconsistent but Memorable
      Broken and half-forgotten
     Cherished but Lost.....

Scarlet Keiller Apr 13

The echoing sound of shattering
which you heard
so softly in the distance
was the sound of me
trying to break myself.

~~ Stop fixing me. ~~~
Hope Apr 12

On each gentle wave beauty smiles,
by the sky’s reflection sent down,
Every fragile breath is the ocean’s rhythm,
Sending calm all around.

Crystal waters dance to the shore,
Returning to where they belong.
Taken by the whispering breeze,
Power and peace, together as one.

I'm not sure about this one, so feedback/ways to improve it would be very much appreciated.
Heidi Ludwiczak Apr 11

as scared as you may be...
as fragile and pained your heart had been...

try to find love
seek it as fast a jet
as quick as a bullet

let it turn you upside down
let it burn you with its blue flame
let it break you until your an ash --
                     let the wind carry you

leave your thoughts behind and follow the shattering noise
let it consume you
let it leave you under the rain
                      when you are all deranged and cold

no shelter, no room
no fancy dinner, you cannot rest assure

let it whisper sweet nothings
let it gently ripped you apart
                       almost like the autumn turns to winter

try to find love
that will torture your soul
that will remove all your beliefs in passion
                       tangle you in the most chaotic way possibly

let it take over you

just find love and give it all away...
for love is not that simple
don't fall in love with the idea --
                   Find love and give it all away.

This is love not just the idea of sweet sweet nothings
Zan Balmore Apr 5

Painlessly, you squeeze my drying heart
To expunge words you put in me
I'm almost dry
This time
When I'm
A fucking desert I'll
Soak, suck syllables inside
If once more I pin your fragile arm to wall
This time
We'll know manipulation
is in my nature

Katie Read Apr 2

Today's a good day.
I am not broken, not yet.
That comes tomorrow.

Tay Mar 27

I'm so cold and lonely
My strength is fading
I weakly wave no one notices
Hello mr.candy man
Am I invisible walks out of shop
I'm lonely
I am weak
I feel fragile
But my blood is rushing
I feel broken
But young inside
Hello is
Anyone out

Sometimes ...
Tay Mar 25

I am on top
But I have been dropped and rebuilt
This time nothing can hold me together

We all have the fragile moments  in our life.
Lady Bird Mar 12

once treasured
like a gem
a strong, beating
yet fragile heart
struggling alone
caged now trapped
in hopes and fears
garding the only key
to its loving soul

Xyleena Therin Mar 10

Looks like a diamond
yet fragile as glass,
A noisy and chaotic world
of words never spoken

A small voice about to crack
Never noticed by anyone
Only to be heard by
the reflection on the mirror.

Everything gets piled up,
everywhere is a mess.
Just waiting to trigger
the bomb inside

Finally the hidden dome
cracked and broke;
it let itself out
revealing all the secrets.

During this time of vulnerability
resonance comes in-
It builds a new world
this time with open doors.

one of the main reasons I wrote this poem is because I found the word "resonance" cool
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