Head hung low,
Back hunched,
Arched inward.
Life, body, dreams -
All dragging.
Once, neck straight.
Once, shoulders back.
Once naive.
One shot to shoulder,
One to knee,
One to chest.
An empty eternity.

would I be depressed
if you were always by my side?
I know you are
there for me
but I need you to squeeze my arm
so I know that you are real
that I am
that everything is okay
but I know I can't really
depend my sanity
on another fragile being
together we are stronger
but what if we are

"please tell me i'm valued.
please tell me you care.
please tell me i'm worthy
and you won't go anywhere."

i feel like a fool,
asking to be loved
the way i do, but
what's the alternative?

i was naive
enough to believe
there'd be a cure-all
in being told i'm pretty:
attention's underwhelming.
the plaster won't even stick.

i'm tugging on the sleeves
of your heart; resigned;
begging you not to leave.
my survival depends on
whether you like my company

because the truth is,
i am an empty pistol
in a duel that's all-or-nothing.
i'm a letdown, no more or less,
and that's what's going to kill me.

craving the love i cannot give myself

"I promised that I would protect you,
To never let him near you again.
You're so fragile like glass..
I know that've failed to keep my promises in that past
but I promise to keep this one.
I can't.. let you.. break."

elise f Aug 10

Handle with care
It said
On the side of that box
Tend caution
It said
Printed onto that sticker
It said
Labels on the glass
This side up
It said
Just underneath the arrows
Pointing to the sky

It said
Only after I had been broken

Likely to burst
Rebel Heart Aug 3

I am fragile.
So fragile
More fragile than already shattered glass
Held together by mere Elmer's glue.
Yet I'll keep pretending I'm okay
Like I never once had a scratch
When really I'm crumbling
Under the pressures of the universe
That my heart's not a part of.

Another snippet of the words floating around in the mystery music room and in the even more mysterious head of my dear friend RH... please don't hesitate to drop a comment below ~BM
clairevanya Jul 28

You guide your hands over the wounds that have been inflicted so deeply into me,
I feel momentary numbness.
As you caress my imperfections as if i'm clay,
you can smooth over any blemish.
Fill every missing piece.

Marsha A Jul 26

Glasses are fragile;
But don't forget,
some hearts are, too.

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