Do peach petal tears stream down her heart?
Drinking sweet nectar from her lips,
My eyes fall upon gold coated truths
Forever pouring from her throat.

you liked the way
i licked my lips
and i liked the way
you watched

mjad 5d

they come and go
i never say no
hold my hand
grab my waist
pull me under
hold my face
bite my lip
have a taste
no time to waste
all the same
copy and paste

Amanda 6d

I must be the luckiest girl,
That's the way it seems,
Because you are in my every thought,
You're even in my dreams.

Your lips brush against my skin,
Your hand is holding mine,
My heart is pounding in my chest,
Our minds intertwine.

Across the world is somewhere,
My soul finds happiness,
It's hidden in your smile,
And your sweet caress.

My hands shake and quiver,
Nervous, but never scared,
Do you really know me?
Have you ever even cared?

My skin pale and lucid,
A blush sweeps up my face,
A shiver runs down my spine,
My pulse starts to race.

Everything in this moment,
Is just how it should be,
My heart Happy, once again,
Us together, finally.

mjad 6d

his hair swished to the side
he flicked his fingers through his bangs
his eyes darted down to me
his hands exited his pockets
mine reached towards his face

"If you want me to make the first move, you're going to be up for a wait. You're half a head taller, I'm not growing six inches at this rate. . ."

so he holds my hands
he lowers himself down to me
his lips hover in front of mine
he flashes a smile
his hands drop mine and grab my waist

"This leaning down better be worth the back pain,"

He smirks and pulls me in
I laugh while my lips touch his
he dips me and spins me around
his height doesn't matter in the end
Because we will both end up on the ground

im only 5'2"so 6'0" is a stretch

my bones are slowly          
                              b  r  e  a  k  i  ­n  g
                                              a     p     a     r     t
without your T  O  U  C  H
to hold them together.

your lips sealed my fate like g l u e
my body is     s    t    u    c    k
waiting and
waiting and
waiting and
w a i t i n g

for you to come back and fix me

light escapes upon
the little ridge of his lip
and bounces to me

Mikhaila Jan 6

Your lips were sweet as honey
and cold as ice.
I wanted more but knew the tragic reality
that I could no longer reminisce in the sweetness they bestowed
and the chill that lingered long after.

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