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werdnaZ 14h
But I did it again. I froze.
I tensed.
I stuttered
and I left the words unspoken on the edge of my tongue
yearning and aching on the tips of my lips.
These 3 unspoken words that hold so much meaning.
Because my lips are looking for you the taste of your being.
Among them play with the aroma, of your skin,
My lips so restless and sweet, they seek the flavors of your love, so ex-of is to feel the lips, juicy and restless, stroking the most erógenos of you....
My lips are soft to feel your vibrate among them when kissing... and **** your eroticism with them,...
My lips are thirsty for you... nothing is as beautiful as drawing your body with my lips,...
My lips so wet and fleshy I invite you to move them, kiss them,
They seek you in the night's humidity,, they take away the thirst to love,
My desire to love without reservations, with my lips, full of love, to the contact of your skin, they know how to love with my lips drawing a smile, illuminated your face of **** and love savoring you in a thousand ways my lips so avid to look for In the darkness, of the night where you give yourself to the light of the new moon my lip at dawn wakes you up, kiss to kiss every space of your body
How do you breathe?
With lungs full of smoke,
My throat all scratched up and torn.
The lips of my lover kissing me with those eyes,
Yet his lungs breathe the chilly air.
I brace the break between our parting lips.
My dear,
Those eyes help my lungs remember the air I used to know.
Baby I’m afraid to say I love you.
Nuna 4d
Forgive me if my pain has touched you in ways my hands never have
You’ve got wounds I should have kissed gently and fire beneath your skin

Instead I bought you flowers you’re allergic to and wrote poems about your tears

Some days I tend to over-romanticise your bleeding lips that you never stop biting
Other days I can’t stand the way your lips curve when you laugh and the freckles on your hands

I’m a mess but believe me when I say my hands are clean
I’m just trying to love you
Even if it’s the wrong way
I hope you get the message
Our first kiss was euphoric
Your lips pressed mine into a smile
I’m in love ❤️
Your lips are like home.
A place (always) with me,
No matter how far away.
When I kiss you.
I am to be found nowhere else.
Except what I've thought all day.

A place of warmth.
A place of comfort.
Your lips.
Where all of my favorite memories can be found.
Stretched out.
Your breath the clothes I slide in and out.
Your lips the only place that matters.
Your lips more that confirms that home is not a place.

A kiss that welcomes me with open affection.
All of my favorite things.
Soon to return.
Again & again
Baylee Kaye Nov 5
something about you drives me to insanity
an insane mindset of insane confusion
and insane feelings raging battles in me.
“why is it this way?” I ask myself.
perhaps the touches that leave me breathless,
breathless and wanting more.
or maybe even the mind games you play on me.
touch here, touch there, touch everywhere,
and then stop...refrain.
you will not touch me this day.
“but why?” I plead.
a cry held in as to not fall and beg for you,
my body pleads for you, and I know I shouldn’t.
I can’t help this fire burning inside,
not one holy act can extinguish it, it seems.
look at what it is you’ve done to me,
drove me to the point of insanity,
anxiously and patiently waiting for you,
to touch me, **** me,
do anything it is you want to me,
so long as you satisfy that feeling of insanity.
by ***, why won’t you just help me?
your skin on mine is what heals me,
so for the sake of all things holy,
please heal me with your touch today.
juliet Nov 5
if ‘i love you’
was a promise
we’d start a revolution
no, it isn’t love
at first sight
its you, and me, and us
would you break the trust
if you’re honest?
i’d be lying if i said
i’ve truly loved before
because the lips are too weak
to tell the truth
Baylee Kaye Nov 4
I’m a good girl
but I have a bad side too

one that brings me sinful satisfaction
what drips from my lips is you

come to me now
I know there’s mutual attraction

lay down, let me demonstrate how


let me throw away my inhibitions
switch it up with different positions

I give you my permission
to let our **** be an exhibition

please don’t make me wait too long
this desire in me is far too strong

you are my biggest temptation
towards you I show no hesitation

let me be your fantasy
I’ll be waiting anxiously


do whatever it is that you want
I have no plans of stopping you

I will be your portfolio
paint my skin with lustful hues

**** me until I forget that I’m breathing
use me as a canvas just like Van Gogh

and kiss my lips until they’re bleeding
im falling
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