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Payton Feb 24
I dreamed you kissed me  and when I woke, I was unkissed, and alone.

So darling, kiss me now, kiss me like you did in that dream.

Kiss me with the lips you used to spit daggers and whisper secrets, and soothe souls.

Kiss me like the sky kisses the earth when the sun sets.
This poem was written in 2016.
Payton Feb 24
Loving you is all I want.
Laying on your       chest
with a shaky softness.
The way your electricity collides         with my skin.
Your hands,     gently    exploring.

Your breath comes across my back.
Lovely are     your words,
finding their way to                 my
Your body pressing against
Curving your shoulder,   slightly.

Your fingertips brushing            around my waist, like
waves       washing      over     me.
The feeling of your teeth      soft against       my neck
Tonight we're a sea,          your rocky rhythm       taking
       me down,

Arching my back to        meet your moves.
My     bare      skin singing for       your warmth.
And you savor my     thighs.
Gentle are intentions.
You               trace your tongue       along my hips,
               planting flowers with your

Gripping      cold silk,
your     breath comes
hot against          my neck.
My mind pulses with
the thrilling thought of you
      rolling   over in
sheets of
Skipping        a beat,
gives in.

Leaving       fingerprints       on our      skin
                 like              beestings, and
I have never known a love
as sweet
as this.
This poem was written in 2016.
Payton Feb 24
Vibrant streaks of green and blue and violet twist in your eyes, like a
beautiful galaxy and I want nothing more than to catch each shooting star and leave my wishes on your lips.
I'm not sure that this is a poem but rather a pretty thought. It was written in 2016.
With the same lips I told you how badly I love you,
I smoke, every cig from this box, 'till their smelly and warm tips,
So with 'em trembling, I prepare
To say today is my day, but I hope you have a long and jollyful life;
Jenn Feb 18
she was your wife
she misses you
she doesn't want to just be the smoke from your lungs
escaping into the winter air
but what i fear
is that im the cigarette
that you bring to your lips
then toss out the window
when you're finished.
Nikkie Jan 30
I feel it in the tenderness in your expression,
when you call me baby over the phone.
I feel the  charm of your masculinity.
Something deep inside of you transfers esoterically
inside my soul.
I want you to get deeper into our merger.
I want to be your dream come true.
I want to cradle myself next to you;
a blanket on the floor, a pillow on the bed,
a tent in a back field in the middle of the night.
it doesn’t matter where we are, as long as I lay next
to my man.

I will be happy, I will be whole.
I like it when you call me baby, I am fully aware that
I am yours.
I am dedicated to my African King, and I know that you are
devoted to me.
When you call me baby, I know you mean it.
You arouse a fireside of warmth inside my wet harbor,
and when you call me baby, you make me feel like Black Beauty!
I feel the sensations of your heartbeat, jiving to music that
only we can hear..

You make me melt like heat to ice, when you touch my lips,
and kiss me goodnight.
I feel exclusively special when you call me your Lady!
I can’t help but hold a torch for you.
I like it when you call me baby, it makes me feel rather
profound for you.
When you call me baby over the phone,
I want to add your sentiment as my preferred ringtone.
When rain droplets lick your face
Lift your lips,  
lovingly kiss them back
Use your voice
Proffer prayers up
The Sustainer is sending sustenance down

So I'm:
Palms Cupped.
Brow Bowed.
Soul Open.
Lips Prayerful.Β Β 
Heart Alert.
Mind Focused.
Intention Pure.

Praying for plentiful more
Lord fix my life open up shut doors
The Tabieen told tales of
An angel on every rainlet droplet
So when clouds come I become a beggar.

My Arms outstretched.
My Need great.
My Faith greater.
My God The Greatest
The Tabieen were very Righteous People from 1300 ish years ago
Ashley Jan 26
our kisses are pink
your fingertips blue
my neck purple
pop goes the balloon

my hands in your hair
you taste of cherry
and pop goes my heart
just like confetti
I have chapped lips. I try to smile to hide my sadness. Then they crack, blood oozes. While my fingers are stained red, I feel something. It reminds me of you.
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