I gave you everything that you asked for and more
and b!!!!, look what you’ve done!
You well know what I got can’t be bought at a store
and b!!!!, you are a joke!

You wash your hands for letting me go,
well there's a place you can also go.
It’s a place where you belong,
but it’s a surprise what I have in store.

After I taught you all the things you now know,
b!!!!, look what you’ve done!
You saw my magic trick and wanted to claim it as your own.
B!!!!, you are a joke.

Before I let you take it all
and leave me here with nothing at all,
get on your knees while I bend down
and kiss my a!! you filthy whore.

Kiss it stupid, kiss it nasty.
It’s not sacred and immaculate.
You’re so dirty you might like it.
Consider this a blessing, you so well deserve it.
Kiss it stupid, kiss it nasty.
Don’t it taste like your husband’s lips?
You’re so filthy you might like it.
Don’t it taste like your lover’s lips?
Written on April 21, 2015
Composition number: 510
Jo Barber 17h
Cheeks flush,
red lips purse.
Eyebrows, thick and singular,
draw upwards in shock,
scandalized by my very existence.

Born in love,
and yet out
of all else.
Every now
and every then
I bite on my black inked pen

For every line
that I start
I tear the written page apart

I sit in silence
or in a crowd
My inspiration gives no sound

I search up high
and down below
still my ideas does not grow

I have seen
and I have looked
still nothing has me hooked

I have asked the moon
and I have asked the sun
No answer followed, not even one

I need that poison
that special drink
that down my throat I can sink

To trigger my ideas
to trigger that bright light
ideas that will keep me up at night

Give me the poison
and all the red wine
that turns feelings to words that is mine

But long and hard
I search around
this poison could not be found

Until the night I kissed a man
the night that was filled with liquor sips
and I could taste that special poison on his lips  

All the lights flicked back on
Wires buzzing back to life  
my tongue transformed to a shard steel knife

The words came easily
and they came in a flow
with my words these pages will glow

And as the poison leaves my veins
and leaves me empty once more
I now know what I'm looking for

For everyone that has beat of heart
and everyone that I can see
breaths a bit of poison into me

I see it now in all their eyes
all the cries and all the lies
I use that poison they hold in
and write it down sin for sin

I'm addicted to this simple taste
of this special poison waste
to fill this empty dull grey hole
with another's cracked up soul

My pages drown in what I see
when another's poison flows through me
Every drop of soul that I savour
gives my words a tang of flavor

I nip at his poisonous cologne  
while I bottle up my own

And I wonder to myself
Does my poison stand on another's shelf?
The smell of marijuana fills the biting breeze
Burning cup of caffeine in grasp
Melody of blues flowing through my bones
His eyes focused on me now
Grey leaves his lips as I bite mine
I find myself in the same room
The same chair
The same man
The same
Holding heart to heart
Me, heaven on earth again
Lips touching my lips

©  2017 Jim Davis
i touch my lips
and realize they
are a shade of red
is it love?
who knows,
kiss me to check
i wear my religion like i wear my makeup.

i put it on when i’m suppose to.

my face shines with the highlight
of the Holy Spirit on my cheekbones.

lipstick stains a bible verse which
i use for every circumstance
“God” throws at me.

i line my eyes with the blackness
of my heart and i let “God” flick it
out into a wing at the end.

after awhile though my skin
grows weary and itchy.

i can feel every pound of makeup
that cakes my face.

a single wet wipe no longer
works to dislodge the
in my pores.

i bathe in rose-scented oils
and steam my face

everything is off.
my flaws are showing.

makeup use to be fun
when i wasn’t wearing it
for other people.

now social media lets me know
that i must contour my cheeks
with a prayer that starts with,
“dear lord,” and ends
with, “amen.”

in order to be in my family’s good
graces i must have faith in
myself but
mustn’t be prideful.

you must not use a mirror to put your makeup on.

your eyebrows should be
arched and ready to
not yourself,
but “God”
if questioned.

when you find a boy
who says he likes makeup
you must not pursue him.

he is not worthy of your highlighted face.

love yourself but
also put your
makeup first.

sculpt the nose
define the face
overline the lips.

do all that you can
to hide your real face.

make your skin scream
to be let free.

and when you take
your makeup off,
make sure to
because your skin
has to look great when
it is drowning in

take care of your skin
but it also doesn’t matter
so paint your face once more.

bat your eyes.
pout your lips.

but don’t be lustful.

because your religion is like your makeup...

so cake it on like a fake facade.
religion is dumb.
Sheilah 4d
The temperatures rise,
Eyes lock,
Temporarily disabled,
Frozen in time,
Time drags,
The snail is faster,
Reflexive movements,
Eyes close
Lips lock,
Madison 6d
If I could go back to the day we first kissed
I would have pushed you away
I wish I had known
That you weren't here to stay.
It would have saved me so much pain.
s 7d
the transitory nature of
your touch

disconcerting emotions sustained
by memories that stick like dust

i can’t get enough of this-
whatever ‘this’ is

my mind harps on about
your warmth, presence, and kiss

your broken hands grasp mine,
my poisoned lips touch yours;

nothing more than a sad race
to see who succumbs first

to the secret silencing both of us:
subdued, i bite my tongue

‘love’s’ just a synonym for ‘guilt’
and guilt’s the only race that i have won.
i wrote this a while ago but realized that i never posted it here

..im proud of this one
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