Mims 16h

tell me a secret
It makes me feel special
Something that no one else knows
Whisper it to me
It makes me feel tethered to a dying universe
I am even better at keeping them
Locked lips sealed hips
Give me a secret tonight

Dm me a confession, a secret, a tragedy.
BA Khan 3d

The rain cascading from heavens above,
The drops melting on the velvet of your brow
Oh how we reached for each other somehow,
Like a wild rose hugging its supporting bough.
Misty petals adoring the bees on its heaving breasts
Lost in their frenzy  in their lovers nests
Consuming nectar from serene pits
Its sweetness only known to beloved's lips.
Finally lover holding the beloved so tight
Together as one, enshrined in pure light
Its ribbons protecting it from the sight
But only lovers enjoy its  sweet delight.
Who am I to describe this tale
Of the realms that live yonder in the Vale
Those few who put out their sail
Attire the cloaks of mute abigail.
(By: BA Khan;(C)  Nov 14th, 2017)

A poem in parts
All stanzas are seperate  or can be visualized seperate.

I woke up in the middle of the Night
Stars were kissing your Lips
And Moonlight spilling over your Eyes,
It made me wonder
if the World was going to End soon
Or it was the beginning of Time.

I wish.
Wejdan 3d

And even if he left her,
I can never stop imaging them together and that their bodies, lips and souls touched
and he loved her once

I dont know why when I am with a guy (not a relationship) and I know he was with a girl but they broke up....I still get jealous...it was her before me, he could miss her again or even want her, she was special to be the 1st one, it's breaking
Blois 6d

Life is short
like a dream,
like juvenile fit of laughter
flying away from the lips.

Short and dumb.
Full of invitations,
insinuations, and desire.
It is a short wealth
of blood and pleasure
beating in the veins.
It is growing bliss
and bountiful pain.

cyclical time,

It is the pursue of love
and to continue,
until you behold
the abyss.

Life is short
like a dream
and death is long
as an awakening.

jg 7d

Your skin, your lips, your heat,
Your never-ending love so sweet,
Makes me question life indeed,
Because honey, you're all I'll ever need

She's got the universe spilled out on her lips,
A perfect symphony that plays with every kiss.
I once proposed to you with Saturn's ring,
You denied, saying that this relationship wasn't meant to be everlasting.
Honey, if the stars ever wanted to align,
You wouldn't be able to resist them this time.
The thing is, I have to taste each meteor rushing past your tongue,
I think I might cry if I miss even one,
I have the feel each asteroid grazing onto your thigh,
And if I don't I think I might die.
Green means go and we're both bleeding red,
So we should just kiss a little before we drown in space again.
Up here, where oxygen isn't breathed,
Feel free to take all you need from me.
Up here, where the stars flow from your legs,
I hear you breathe in,
And another galaxy busts open.

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