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Savio Fonseca Sep 13
We kept Whispering Our Desires,
beneath the Sheets of White Satin.
Our Kisses kept pouring
and their Words were in Latin.
Our Feelings, Calmly and Gently,
were moaning in Pleasure.
That's When Our Hands arrived,
at the spot they most Treasured.
With My Lips I went Humming,
around Her precious Spot.
With both Her Hands,
She Worshipped what She Got.
Like an Amorous Knight,
I went riding Her Post.
After Our Sessions ended,
I raised Her, a Champagne Toast.
Savio Fonseca Jul 14
The finest of Spirits, that touched My Lips.
Was never that intoxicating.
Neither did their sweetness Eclipse,
the Magic your Kisses kept Creating.
No Melody I heard, was played that Fine.
To be Music to both My Ears.
Nor have Notes had those sadful Words.
The Way your Voice, bring out My Tears.
The finest Silk that touched My Skin,
was never that Tender, Smooth or Light.
They never wrapped Me with Finesse.
As your Arms do for Me every Night.
The World offered Me Diamonds and Gold
and Gifts as Pure as the Morning Dew.
But none of them caught My Eyes,
as My Eyes were set on U.
Suraj singh Jul 6
She gave me her hands
she was bare, serene
and so out and open
and I accepted it
because it wasn't the hands
that showed her body
the physical aspects
that made her beautiful
it was the way
she portrait herself
and the spontaneity
that left her

either from her lips
or her fingers

or my poetry
Over the top to sail lips float
Oversweet travel in any sort
Two lips sway back and forth
Have lips we travel
Unravel-Hot lips Brazil
       *       *       *       *
Sugary-Syrupy the sky like
Our lips high
canopy travel shaky
Lips met her rivalry
Lips together acceptable

We travel up
Lips frown to fall
color* rich* never* to* be* frugal
First class lips diamond- coral

Forever my lips half open  
Traveling closed lips
       *       *       *
She walks and trips

Museum art
*       *       *       *
Our lips never part
Everyone needs a vacation even if we cannot smile to remember things raise your glass let your lips travel
My Dear Poet Jun 8
That day,
when I turned
and saw your eyes,
the sun grew in size
That kiss
upon your lips
exploded the stars
into shimmering
Sailing away
to where
the 14 moons
of Neptune
were due
to rise
Hollie May 31
Gentle soft uncoordinated lips
Through all seasons
You call upon me
To be kind sweet and mean
When I am gone
Will you still call for me
Or will you share all of you
To someone new
And call on her
As comes the night
And the stars shine
We sit in our balcony
And switch on the fairy lights.
We talk all night long
And maybe banter in between,
A smile playing on our lips
Never seeming to disappear
Yet remaining unseen.
It's relatively cold
But we don't feel the chill,
Because our hearts are warm
And our eyes so bright,
That would dim even the moonlight.
She is my comfort in my storm,
The breath in my lungs
The soul in every poem that I write

When her hands are on my body
And her lips are on my neck
Her name is the prayer on my tongue
I never believed in religion until she had me on my knees for her
silly Apr 20
the yes would still come through fog and rain;
clear as day, the words escape your lips.
your beautiful, glowing lips;
that i wish i could taste once in my lifetime.

the yes would still push through your teeth;
even if it came next week,
even if it didn’t come at all.
you would say yes.

forgive the sinners of their sins, for they did not know what they were doing.
like a saint, you speak to me.
yes, yes, yes, you say.
you want her lips again.
Light melts across the gilded field
sunbeams through holes in a cloud
silently across your face, rays yield
shadows cast off their shroud

A dewy kiss warms morning thoughts
of a lover's raw embrace
desires twisted up in knots
yearnings will unlace

Lay me down on a clover sea
and a honeysuckle bed
gentle breezes wash over me
flowing like water instead

Wet lips entwined with hunger
gives way to beating hearts
our fingertips do linger
panting breaths depart

So lay with me on this bed of gold
blowing kisses in my ear
a golden field for my love to hold
darling, let's stay right here
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