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Rouge lips begging for yours
Bare skin wanting to be explored
Hazel eyes pleading to be blessed
Bejeweled hands yearning to rest
On your face, you broad shoulders
But you, so selfish and stubborn,
Will never offer your heart
To a woman falling apart
Just to be loved.
Gorba 3d
Just like Paris, it’d be the first place I’d go to
If I were to suddenly fall in love
It has a cupid’s bow, two banks, but no bridges to go through
Because there is no water, neither between them nor above.

It can be found on the South side of the green land
And gets its color from internal rivers running underground
Its surface is softer than the palm of a baby’s hand
With borders that expand each time its owner makes a sound.

Water regularly passes through, right before promptly disappearing
Leaving only behind a few dripping drops, or only a transient sensation of hydration.
There are no monuments ever emerging
But the repetition of apparent ridges begs for contemplation

A succession of narrow valleys and high hills
Shaping a unique pattern worn by a queen
Creating an irrepressible desire to get closer and closer
Until the city cannot be seen
But appears to have been projected on a mirror
Having now a Siamese sister
A sister that I hope would never leave
As this connection would wake in me a fever
The kind that people would want to experience forever.
We've all been there :)
LC 4d
life, for her, was a masquerade ball.
her purse was full of colorful masks.
each mask was carefully crafted,
designed to impress everyone else.
she was always watchful
with one hand in her purse
so she could switch masks.

he walked into the ballroom,
slowly approaching her.
she took off her mask,
fumbling in her purse
for a different one.
he caressed her arm
and shook his head.

the breeze tickled her face 
for the first time during the ball.
he quietly gazed into her eyes,
smiled to calm her racing heart,
then pressed his lips to her cheek.
they danced for the rest of the ball,
and her masks were never seen again.
it's wonderful when someone finally sees you.
Ron 7d
Picture this
You, me, and a kiss
A meeting of the lips
Feelings such as this
Who knew they could exist?
When we met
I knew I found my bliss
Ava Courtney May 20
Our feelings were hidden within the foolish lies that lied between our lips.
Glenn Currier May 18
At every turn I have looked
listened, felt around for a door
a door here and a door there
one that would open
let in the air
let me aboard
not afraid nor bored
or in doubt
always leaning toward
life, whatever would restore
the child’s enthusiasm
the young man’s excitement for the next adventure.

So many doors:
music, art, trees, flowers,
incense, a lover’s lips,
poetry, stories, a lunar eclipse,
lizards, drums, psalms,
the smell of her hair, the feel of her arms.

Still I search for a door open to the light
to heaven and depth and height.
I-sun May 17
Make me brave
By even a piece of smile
To live
till I can have whole world of your lips.
Don't fall for those lips, girl
They'll make your skin tingle,
And cause your toes to curl
But after he ensnares you
And sends you in a whirl
You'll be sorry.

Don't fall for those eyes, darling
They'll burn with an intense desire,
And melt at the sight of his starling
But after he closes his eyes
And kills Prince Charming
You'll be begging for death.

Don't fall for his body, sweetheart
It may look like a sacred temple,
And protect you from harm
But when he uses you
And tears you apart
I'll say I told you so.

This man is a lover from Hell
The signs are as clear as a bell.
Jueria Shaik May 7
but him.
The one,
sealed in whose lips my answers lies
with serenity filled cohl lined eyes
discerned by the devout sign
crowned with white araqchin
Loyalty his demeanor
Words so splendidly clear
clouds vanish my mind's under.
~Dream about my other half~
Nash Corax May 3
I press my lips against your lips
And wrap my fingers around yours
Now that you're gone,
All my lips press are cigarette tips
And all I'm wrapped with is remorse
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