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JRF 1h
The dance of you,
Where embarrassment meets happiness,
That I got to see.

For one moment in my own world,
You were mine.
The sway of your hips,
The kiss of your lips,
The brown in your eyes.

The stare fixed,
When it's just me and you.

Feeling of silk,
The calm after the storm,
All night I'll spend,
For you to wake.

Just so I can feel calm,
Without worry,
With you safe,
I can finally rest,
With you on my chest.
The feeling of happiness I felt, one winters day.  With someone perfect.
•Don't you think you're standing too close
#But you did not oppose
•Cause your touch is so overwhelming
It numbs my brain
#So does your breath
Falling on my chest
•Maybe it's the lack of air inbetween
That's building this tension
#But this tension of our bond
Won't even let distance do us apart
•Who talks like that these days
#I'm witnessing one,
Between a boy and a girl of Laws
Stuck in the wonderland of Words
•That sounds more like the Never Never Land
#Don't let your sceptic shield come inbetween
Not tonight
•So that you can make me fall hard and deep
#So that I can kiss your wounds to heal
•But the soar soul will bring it back
How will you touch that
#Through that Venus trap you have for lips
•Your beard is no less of spikes
Growing goosebumps all over my skin
Running that chill across my spine
#It's good our interactive field **** our brains
At least for once our hearts can overtake
•I'm such a submissive to your strong gentle hold
#I'm so weakened at the sight of your rising-falling stole
I think of my darling and miss so the last time  I kissed her sweet lips to the last I made love with her the last time I Laid In the arms of my
I try to look back and to feel her again her beautiful eyes and softness of her lovely skin to know I'll  never feel any of that ever again
To know that eats me away Inside to know I'll never kiss her again never hold hands no cuddles In the park never to caress her beautiful body with my hands ever again so hard to
Trying bring back feeling longing hurts Inside never to see Helen again
c 2d
After hearing no
All my life
I loved the way
I drew yes
From your lips
Anna 2d
I tear the skin off of my lips
And then I can taste the salty blood.
My mother says to me,
"Annie! Stop!"
But I ignore her.
And I chew away.
She asks me,
"Annie!! Why do you do that!?
It freaks me out!!"

Maybe I think that my lips will disintegrate.
That maybe I will just
End up eating them away.

That's too strange.

Maybe I think that they need to be smoother,
Just in case,
And that any jagged bits of skin poking up needs to be ripped off
Like a bandaid.

I'm too shy to kiss anyone.

Maybe I just love the sting
Of exposed skin.

I don't think so.
I'm pretty sure I've become desensitized to that

My answer, Mom, is that I don't know.

I couldn't tell you even if I tried.
ic 5d
You whisper to me,
"How would you describe us, baby?"
I take a long look at you, eyes filled with desire,
and I say
"You are simply honey,
the one that's raw,
the one that warms your lips and tickles your tongue,
the one whose taste you'll remember, but still long to taste it again 20 years later.
You're the honey that I don't want to, and neither I can, remove from my lips."
You're stuck in between my teeth, love,
sweet and irresistable,
that's what you are.
There's no other honey in the world like you, you know?
Even those dark eyes of yours
resemble a dark colored honey.
They sparkle and dance while you're gazing at mine
and I can't help but smile.
"But, long story short,
this is the way I would describe us:
You? You are the most delicious honey that has ever touched my skin.
And I? I'm just **** allergic."
Ankit Jan 13
Some lips tell the saddest stories
It's not about the words you see
It's about the silence more often
It's about the smile she lost
It's about the kiss you missed a lot
It's about your name you die to hear
Lips are not just some fleshy part
Lips are the second heart
For someone special
Feel the rain
on your skin;
no one else can
feel it for you.

Speak the words
on your lips;
no one else can
speak them for you.

Be happy;
no one else can be happy for you.

Be honest;
no one else can be honest for you.

Be proud of yourself;
no one else can be happy for you.

Be yourself;
no one else can you for you.

Do not be who other people mold you into.

Be happy,
because you are you.
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