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Harley Hucof Oct 5
The Thing about Logic is that it can be used to prove anything.

Words Of Harfouchism.
Tommy Randell Sep 15
My family has a saying
Repeated often in my life
Never end a day without a sorry
Don't let the darkness cloud your night

Whatever little spat you've had
However small the slight
Wounds from words can fester
To make wrongs of any right

Keep your fences mended
Keep your loved ones close
Make sure every day is ended
Without some rancour up your nose

Even if you are in the right
Be magnanimous be cool
Wake up everyday in sunlight
Peace is not a majority rule
John Glenn Aug 30
Conversations are coffee
Small talks go smoothly
Arguments are bitter
Heart to hearts arouse
Pillowtalk stimulates
Public speech palpitates
Late-night talks often deep
Hurtful words avert sleep
Aa Harvey Aug 1
Handbags at dawn

A man in the middle of Handbags at dawn.
Two lovers for one heart.  This is war.
A mighty showdown; a choice is needed.
One man, one love; never being greedy.

People don’t worship love anymore.
It’s just a thing they do.  Forget about being faithful.
It’s so much easier to do what you want.
Consequences don’t happen, just have fun.

Standing face to face, eye to eye.
Fighting for love.  Crocodiles don’t cry.
Learn the pattern, then anything can happen.
Love means nothing, truth only saddens.

Another body is all that matters baby.
Sleep with two until one is unhappy.
There are no rules; promises are made to be broken.
Sleep with convenience.  Lies are easily spoken.

Have an argument to get rid of one.
Then find the other one when they are gone.
When you have used them, say goodbye,
Then find the other one and apologize.

Demand privacy when it comes to your phone,
So you can hide when the other one calls.
Tell them you want a night out alone,
To stop the fights…hand bags at dawn.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Ed C Jul 18
You take everything
she said,
I thought long and hard
about all the things I had
and all the things that
I can barely touch
and all the things that collect dust
and I thought about her fingers
reaching for things she thought
I held over her head
reaching up out of the waves
of the shadow her heart slept in.
im having a rough week
Aa Harvey Jul 18
Home for the holidays

Welcome home, to the place you have never wanted to be.
The place you have never felt at home.
No longer the only place you have ever known;
Now you have somewhere else that you can go.

Oh, just smile; the past arguments are just forgotten memories.
The times of change are already here
And this is the place where we all want you to be.

Please don’t leave; we all know it has already been too long.
Surely it is time for us all to just move on.
Those arguments can never be won.
If one side loses, we all lose.  
How can that be fun?

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Hanna C S Jul 13
So when you rang me up,
Just to scream abuse down the telephone line,
Before throwing yours against a wall,
I thought:
You should have been kinder,
If not for the sake of my bleeding ears;
Perhaps for the sake of the mobiles,
That held no fault,
Yet were forced to relay
each punch dipped in hatred,
thrown across the hurt we made.

Last time you called
Just to call me names,
I thought to say:
Don't shoot your messenger,
As you point the blame,
Think about our phones,
Before you take your aim.
But at least you called,
Could you call again?
Eleni Jul 6
I think of words as air
That chant sparks into flames.

Violent pyres- if you abuse.
Or a tamed Medusa- if you peruse.

It would put the mind at ease
To expire and water these flames.

A warning, nay comes with a beacon
Intuition with your saliva may weaken.
wc Jun 21
my mom is lovely
we argue and fight, but she
will always be there
One small gripe dropped
On me over our morning meal
Unusual coming from
Across the breakfast plates

Your grimace
Accentuated what was labeled
A slight beef
To begin the day
About last night
When all of our world
Was supposedly sleeping

Most of the covers
Gathered on my side
Of our sleigh bed
Tucked around me

At least this nitpick
Was something tangible
Unlike the night before
When I danced all night
With your sister
In your dreams
While you were
Left sitting
on the sidelines
*Merriam-Webster’s word for the day, June 8, 2019
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