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stillhuman Jul 29
How do we clash
so harsh
and yet sparse
but it lasts
anger blush
as we laugh
I guess love has its price
My Dear Poet Jun 15
you should not push an opinion
nor force it into a small mind
it may explode at the ears
and lose the hearing the next time
when opportunity may arise
where those words may be recieved
into small parts, in smaller bits
and pushed in with ease
Alaina Moore May 27
My favorite meal (apparently)
Is eating crow
****** every day
Devoured like ice cream
On a hot day
I'm a hot mess
Words equate land mines
Going off without warning
Disguised as words
Play me a fool
I thought I was helpful
But alas
Set the gasoline on fire
Let it light the way
Use me as a bridge
And light me aflame
And they say
You should talk more
What do I get from that
Besides explosions
And feathers in my teeth
But with lips sewn shut
I won't be eating anything
So crow is better than nothing
Only because starvation
Takes 45 days
I lack the patience
Brian Yule Mar 28
Fabulist am I
Then you're the fable
A lie that I devised to keep us stable
When wild lust finally died there wasn't much left
We felt, peaked, then denied, bereft of clarity
How much was hope
How much charity
Who knows, but this much is clear
If there's an untruth here
We are
thelemonpolice Oct 2020
If you’re going to listen to me cry
And then withdraw your support
Then I’d rather have stayed sick
Than tell you all my thoughts

I don’t know what it’s like
To have your kids grow up in front of you
But to tell me I’m too young
To understand, just isn’t true

I’m not cocky, I’m not full of it
I’m telling you the truth
If I come across as too abrupt
Then maybe it is you

You just won’t listen
You will list my flaws until I come undone
But can’t handle me when I tell you
The things that you have spun

It doesn’t matter
All is fair in love and people that we are
No ones perfect
I’m not saying that we all don’t have our scars

I just wish sometimes you wouldn’t
Bring up mental health again
Because I’m happy now and stable
Not like how I was back then

And it’s how it is
I relapse and I pick myself back up
And you saw it sometimes in my eyes
And asked me what was up

But don’t listen
Don’t you dare say that you’ll be there for me
If you’re going to bring it up in fights
Just to gaslight me.
Sarah Flynn Oct 2020
words were always being launched
across the rooms of my house.
insults and accusations were flung
from one room to the next.

it wasn’t long before those words
were replaced by objects.

whenever I came home,
ceramic plates and decorative vases
would already be splayed out across
our kitchen floor, wrecked and broken.

I learned quickly
how to tiptoe around the mess.
if I wasn’t careful, the soles
of my feet would drip blood.

I accidentally learned pointe
by avoiding broken glass.

until someone pointed it out,
I never realized I was dancing.

my movements were somehow
considered to be a performance,

but all they were ever meant to be
was an avoidance of pain.
milaine Aug 2020
If that's love, I don't want it.
If we argue everyday
about minuscule money problems,
I don't want it.
If you're gonna lie to me in order to "make me feel better",
I don't want it.
If even after I accept your flaws you disrespect me,
I don't want it.
If I'll never be the only chick as opposed to the side or main chick,
I don't want it.
If I'm always giving and never receiving,
I don't want it.
Especially when you know
my love language is receiving.
Nilia Loh Aug 2020
Made to fight against each other,
In this battle for us to suffer.
Shedding blood sweat and tears,
For someone with a bitter taste.
Sacrificing everything I have,
Turning all of it to ash.
There you'll sit in your little throne,
With your little puppets to play.
All the dead bodies waltzing in your ball,
Those that have given their all.
Even if my life was surrendered,
You're still so self centred.
Never will you look at me,
Never will you care about me,
Even if I've given all of me.
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