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There is no arguing when you're drunk
You never listen to what I say.
And there's no use trying even when you're not.
You don't understand either way.
Eloise Oct 29
He clipped
her wings
to stop her soar
she still
had legs to
Eloise Oct 4
This road will never change course.
And we've been here so many times before,
that what was once a spitting blood sport
is now home sweet home.
And the bitter air is now strangled
with the bitter words from your unforgiving mouth.

I deeply inhale these hurt words but cowardice
has struck me with the chord of aching

                                                         ­            silence.
she lays on her side
facing the Appalachians
he faces the Rockies
and the animals rest
between them
willingly smelling
their farts in a bed
of muddled indolence

they use to resolve the latter of arguments
with passion

now they just decide which shower curtain
matches the season
Better to keep quiet than be hasty  then regret it later.
Beautiful birds, like beautiful people

fly away.

I long to write about you.

But all my energies

were exhausted in our argument.

Last night.

Aa Harvey Aug 27
It’s that time of year
once again.

It’s that time of the year; it is here once again.
It’s time for the kids to be opening presents.
It’s that time of the year; it is here once again,
To get all you wanted and some things you didn’t.

So we thank you Lord, for giving us Christmas;
So we thank you Santa, for bringing us presents.
So we thank you Jesus, for giving us Christmas;
So we thank you Santa, for bringing us presents.

Because we couldn’t cope, if we didn’t have toys,
To make the girls happy; as well as the boys.
The Christmas party, another affair;
It’s time to relax and let down your hair.

It’s time to remember, those who aren’t loved;
We must mock them and jeer them, for they are not like us.
It’s time to forget, the stress of the cost;
Three months of anticipation, will soon be forgotten.

And now the wrapping is on the floor, the box has been discarded;
Whole days are wasted preparing the lunch,
Or to drink at the Christmas parties.
Then New Year comes and we make false promises;
Just a day after Christmas day,
Yet another argument has started.

The presents we loved have lost their shine;
Since we went back to school
And saw their presents were better than mine.
The poorer families were happy on Christmas day;
But consumerism took that happiness away.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Trying to tap telegrams
On the back of my phone
In a faux leather seat
In the back of my mothers car.
Anyone will tell you I have a
For the contrary
And there’s strangely no argument,
Where I got it from,
The seatbelt sits uncomfortably across my throat,
Stopping my words,
A space formerly only occupied by her gaze,
Though my future career may benefit,
My current psyche does not.
Aa Harvey Jul 27
It’s all so easy.

It’s much easier to degrade me,
Than it is to emulate me.
It’s much harder to love me,
Than it is to hate me.

It’s much harder when you have to think,
Than it is to go with your feelings.
It’s much easier to give up,
Than it is to follow your dreams.

It’s much easier to agree,
Than it is to state an opposite opinion.
It’s much harder to come to an agreement,
When you’re always aggravating each other.

It’s much harder to live,
When you don’t have a home.
It’s easier than you think,
To leave the bad thoughts at the door.

It’s much easier to become free,
Than it is for them to bind you.
It’s much easier to think like me,
All you have to do is whatever you can do.

(C)2005 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
She Writes Jul 11
I don’t make arguments
Out of nothing
I make nothing
Out of what should have been an argument
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