Daisy Rae Jul 4

My mom once told me that freckles were angel kisses
Because around age seven other kids would ask me why I had dots on my face
As I grew older I soon realized that freckles were not actually angel kisses
I found out the cause of my freckles was from the lack of melanin I had in my skin
Every time I went under the sun, the rays would dot my face with brown pigmented circles
I used to absolutely hate my freckles
They covered my nose, my cheeks, my forehead, my arms and legs
I hated when people would compliment me on them because I didn't want that to be the only thing they noticed
After a long time of hating these brown specks scattered throughout my entire body
I finally looked at myself a little closer in the mirror
I noticed how they made my face pop and my arms look like a masterpiece
For the first time in my life I didn't see my freckles as an ugly connect-the-dots page
I saw my freckles as artwork
Unique paint droppings made by the sunlight
I no longer cared about the people who thought they made me look ugly
Because I started to think what if they're just jealous
Jealous that they have too much melanin so all they do is tan
Jealous that they cannot have this piece of artwork painted on their skin
Jealous that I have angel kisses and they don't
My mom still tells me to this day that my freckles are angel kisses
And I believe her.

We would start kissing
Right beneath
The no soliciting sign  
Under the moon not resisting
Her glistening eyes
The air was calm
But her hair was wild
Curls and twirls strung on
Around a glistening smile
Her eyes were intoxicated
When they met mine
She's picture perfect illustrated
When she speaks
I love to hear her
Sweet with Speckles of freckles
I fear her
Is strong enough
To make me fall and crumble to my knees
Scary but still we continue below the sign
See, when I'm with her it's not wasted time
This here is

Cause that's out love. Waiting around.
Enjoying each other. Fearing to be found.
Breaking rules and feeling cool. Juvenal
But love all the same.
Daisy Rae Jun 24

       you're beautiful.
                      but not in the way most
                             people see
                      in the way your eyes blend
                             from brown to green
                and the way your freckles scatter
                             along your face
             and how more beautiful can you be
                      when your eyes light up
                                your smile appears
                                        & laughter springs
                                            out of your chest
                                   what a beauty you are
                             special, like the stars

unnamed Apr 25

As she looked in the mirror.
A vision slowly getting unclearer.

She hated her freckles.
She hated her eyes.  
She hated the curves at the tops of her thighs
They were magnets to her eyes.

But outside her window.
Was a boy in his room.
He couldn't help but think of a girl he knew.

A girl with freckles.
And pretty brown eyes.
A girl who was beautiful.
No matter what size.

You have constellations on your skin
Tiny freckled marks
Creating fire from within
and setting off sparks

Written on 3/9/17
aylin Jun 2016

you paint over your freckles
that you used to like
before everyone else decided
you didn't

the sun is peeking through the window,
too early for our sleepless eyes
red from the evening before.
you have two freckles on your right arm,
and I’ve pressed my lips against them both this morning.

we are tangled up in an armchair,
too small for our bodies to share.
your breathing heavy and warm,
your stubble pulls on my tangled hair
as I nestle against your chest and drift back to sleep.

Scarlet Keiller Dec 2016

with your freckles
and your crazed brown eyes,
you can't help it.
Those longing sighs and
warped sights only for me.
Your breath is a songbird, your voice
a flock of birds all in harmony.
You are like the ocean,
the sky and the hazy,
confused line between them -
endless and effortlessly immense.

~~ You are beautiful to me, in every way. ~~
Nicole Normile Dec 2016

dark hair

light eyes

tone fit body

he’s a perfect guy

smart with wit

this is it

I can say

please take me away

to this man

with a freckling tan

he’s beautiful

and says what’s right

he’s wonderful

take me away for the night

…sometimes I’m taken over in butterflies

for a perfect guy with light green eyes

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