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Lily Audra Jun 3
Come on now,
Look at the buttercups,
So yellow, so yellow!
There's no happier colour than yellow,
It dispenses joy like an ice cream man,
Mr Whippy, Mr Softie, Mr Buttercuppy.
I love the smell of your skin,
Not your perfume, your skin,
Your arms are the sky,
A galaxy map of freckles and I'm going to press my face against them all,
I'm going to burn my nose and then cover it in cream,
Scratch my legs with thorns and brambles  and then cover them in cream,
I'm going to sneeze so much, seeds swelling my eyes,
Jugs of cold squash and sticky fingers and verdant footpaths,
I'm going to cycle with my eyes shut and the sun on my face,
Is there a better word than butter?
Bread and butter and buttercups,
Come on now, look at the buttercups.
Rosie Toes May 21
I could spend hours counting the freckles on your face

if that meant I could spend hours close enough to you to see them
What a natural beauty freckles are. Embrace them
nom de plume Mar 5
i think what i'm trying to say is that
i wanna know what hand you write with.
that's what i'm interested in,
right, left, maybe even ambidextrous—
show me your birthmarks, and the
little scar you got when you were a kid.
there's a story in your body, on your skin,
and i want to listen to you tell it,
running my fingertips across your freckles
as if i were blind.
And he said that he knows for a fact:
Girls with freckles are happier.

And I told him I’ve heard
That one before,
But he said that he made it up on the spot,
In the bed we’ve made, our sheets less **** –
Creased and dimpled by our weighing bodies –  

When I nagged on him to tell me what he loves
About me on the inside,
Where we’re taught what counts,
Where you’re not allowed to ask,
Where sometimes it’s just too good not to.

On the inside, he listed:
Lungs, liver, ovaries perhaps –
The parts that everyone has,
The parts that can be left unspoken.
And I told him he’s a smart-***.

But on the outside, he touched my cheeks,
I love your freckles because they prove
You’ve lived
Felt the sun on your skin – it’s sunlight sprinkles, after all
Laughed so hard, as they are uneven and all around
That way maybe, every time, your laugh
Scattered them all.
You let me
Trace the stars
In your skin
With my fingertips
Like constellations
In the night sky
Alina Jan 21
she looked unique and simple all at the same time. From her pale freckles forming constellations dancing across her nose to her honey colored eyes and lopsided smile. plain and breathtaking wrapped into  a little girl.
You’re never-ending freckles
I loved every last one

We’d explore your body
Looking for constellations
along the way
Turning your infinite freckles
into our own galaxies

Losing ourselves
in each other
Grey Oct 2020
I'm nothing without
soft kisses in the moonlight,
bodies entangled
as lips trace constellations
made with freckles on your skin.
Without you, the world may not stop spinning but my heart would cease to beat.
Adriana Makenna Aug 2020
Let me lick your cinnamon freckles
and map them with my tongue.
If I could strip you of your body
I'd leave this feature, just this one.

Perhaps that might sound creepy,
I fetishize your spots.
But dear oh dear forgive me
I could gobble them right up.

If poetry must be pretty
I will take this moment to compare
them to stars, grains of sand- whatever
sends the shiver back up your spine.

But these thoughts are not pretty
they are hungry
and your skin makes my mind
S A L I V A T E.
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