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Loser Apr 9
The sun was out.
The grass was green.
there was a sprinkle of rain.
And a sky full of blue.

You wore a calming yellow.
and a smile that showed in your eyes.
and when I wasn't thinking of your freckles,
I was thinking of how nice these little moments are.
there is nothing more perfect
than the freckles on your nose,
and the way they scatter like raindrops
on your cheeks.

they remind me of a sky
with new fallen snowflakes,
each one different
in size and shape.

i know how much you hate them,
you say they're distracting,
or decorate your face wrongly.

maliciously, you cover them,
peach-colored paint dries
the bridge of your nose cracks,
and a piece of you fades with it.

summer comes and the paint melts off,
the facade with it,
and once again the sun can paint
drops of caramel on your skin.
Happy Valentine's Day! This one is made for my cousin who is so fortunate to have the most beautiful freckles but she hates them. I always wished I had freckles, they seem so cute and girly, but I never got them to her extent. And so this is a love poem for my cousin but also her freckles.
these stars send light
on missions to bless your
every constellation
every freckle
every moment
is a moment
i want to spend
under the stars
Seanathon Jan 3
Like the luminous points beyond the sky and on the screen
I see the stars just below your eyes
Winking quietly back at me
I saw your shoes behind the line
I’ve seen your face a hundred times
But now only in my mind
The rest of you is left behind
You lay there passed out on the couch
Words falling from your mouth
Maybe you like to drink too much
I could see you losing touch
JAC Dec 2018
Tonight I'll swim in your sweater
and I'll dream of waking up

in a soft nest of white gold
with your messy hair

teasing the freckles
off my tired nose.
calypso Dec 2018
it is so simple to overlook
beauty and mystery
that is not in front of you.
but once you get to meet,
her red locks of hair
and her freckled cheeks.
there is so much to learn
from the girl in the elevator.
i feel like in life; it is simple to be scared of what people say because of your past.  try to look past the things that scare you and remove your insecurities.  it is your life, after all.
Qwn Nov 2018
You had short red hair
And a smile that killed
You spoke of home
And the army you'd build
You had freckles under your eyes
And a couple on your nose
You laughed at all my jokes
And then you told your own
You trained us from nothing
And you were never scared
You led us into battle
And I followed you everywhere
Becca Nov 2018
lukewarm freckles berade my skin
like soldiers to the sea
Inkheart Nov 2018
Constellations glazed her cheeks
And graced her button nose
Leo and Orion’s Belt
Penned in perfect prose

As if a brave astronomer
Had scooped up all the stars
Collecting bits of diamonds
In his cherished mason jars

He scattered them along the soul
Of the girl he deemed deserving
Poured out his containers on
This coruscating earthling

So that galaxies could dust her skin
And the universe could taste her
An interstellar miracle
Of flawless illuminators

Now we find the Milky Way
Engraved upon her skin
Supernovas radiate
A trail down to her chin

Every verse in twilight
Inscribed on this mere human
Dotted down her arms and back
Celestial contributions

So when she looks up to the heavens
To beaming lights of fascination
There’s never want or lack within her
For she is made of constellations
For the stars in every freckled face <3
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