Antionicia Dec 2017

"You are like a galaxy, collecting stars all across your body, forming constellations across your skin."

I'm obsessed with stars. What can I say? (And I love freckles, even though I don't have any)
Hayley R Brown Dec 2017

I am yours.
When I say
I am yours
I do not mean
This body I happen to reside in
I do not mean my curves and edges
My scars and bruises
What's yours is I
I am love
Not a body

I was wearing this shirt
-soft thin
Light on my skin
I feel confident in-
When someone dare say to me
"Your boobs are nice and all
You should put them away
Because they're already taken"
You are damn right,
These are my boobs
And yes, they are nice
But because they are mine
Would you mind moving your eyes elsewhere
This body is mine
And no
It is not worn by me to display,
This body is worn by me to live
And if that means I want the person I love to hold it,
That does not make it theirs.

What's yours is I
I am art
Not a body.
Like you,
I have freckles
And in this shirt
You see the skin I grew afraid of
You see the patch of freckles
That as a kid
Was run away from because of
This patch of skin
Is simply more flowers
In the garden that this body is.
I am art.
Because there is pain in the beauty.
To this skin I welcome the one I love to touch
His hands find the flowers and takes care of them with gentleness
But the flowers
Are not his.

Written// 7-7-2017
Abdou Oct 2017

the constellations on your face
sunshine in your smile, it just makes you a parallel universe

Rebekah James Oct 2017

I'll go to the places now
Where only fragments of you remain
Small currents of energy
You have left behind
From your laughter
From your shame
From the stories you told me
When you said I was the only one
Who knew
When your cheeks burned red
Under your freckles
And my soul screamed for yours
But I never let you hear it
Although I wish I did
You are a rose
And I know you've cut every hand
That's ever tried to hold you
I'll go to those places now
Perhaps I'll really try to feel
It's been a while
And I don't have to hide from you
Although I wish I did
Oh, I wish I did

Anne Molony Sep 2017

dark brown eyes
which you could easily mistake
for black
from a distance
like she did
when he caught her looking

a perfect, smooth face
not particularly tanned or pale
animated and honest
an open book
sincerely authentic

you can tell exactly what he's thinking from his expression
she likes to think that they share the same thoughts
and that when he looks at her that way
she knows what it means

she likes how
his head falls back when he laughs at something funny
which he's constantly doing
how his body shudders with hysterics
she too can't help but laugh
even when she misses the punchline

and his freckles
she breathes deeply
his skin, peppered with
charming brown little freckles
she wonders what it would be like
to trace their outlines with her fingers

those are the nice kind
she thinks
she wouldn't usually count freckles as
an attractive quality
not like hers
tea-brown stains on chalky skin

but on him, they're lovely

april w Aug 2017

freckles splattered across your face like constellations in the night sky
earrings sparkling when the sun hits it just right
hands ruffling your hair after a swim
diving in knowing you're going to win
racing everyone in front of you and beating them
receiving your medals one by one
knowing that there are many more to come
aura of confidence making you glow
you truly are my diego

Gregory Monroe Jul 2017

Of course,
I was
The day
I kissed the
raised hand
of the prettiest,
chosen one
of my class

the girl
with shiny
straight red
hair that
never smiled
as I proudly
walked back
to my desk
for a short stay
before being
escorted away
I'd never noticed
her dancing

gmw '17

This is for every shy girl with red hair and freckles.
Daisy Rae Jul 2017

My mom once told me that freckles were angel kisses
Because around age seven other kids would ask me why I had dots on my face
As I grew older I soon realized that freckles were not actually angel kisses
I found out the cause of my freckles was from the lack of melanin I had in my skin
Every time I went under the sun, the rays would dot my face with brown pigmented circles
I used to absolutely hate my freckles
They covered my nose, my cheeks, my forehead, my arms and legs
I hated when people would compliment me on them because I didn't want that to be the only thing they noticed
After a long time of hating these brown specks scattered throughout my entire body
I finally looked at myself a little closer in the mirror
I noticed how they made my face pop and my arms look like a masterpiece
For the first time in my life I didn't see my freckles as an ugly connect-the-dots page
I saw my freckles as artwork
Unique paint droppings made by the sunlight
I no longer cared about the people who thought they made me look ugly
Because I started to think what if they're just jealous
Jealous that they have too much melanin so all they do is tan
Jealous that they cannot have this piece of artwork painted on their skin
Jealous that I have angel kisses and they don't
My mom still tells me to this day that my freckles are angel kisses
And I believe her.

Not Applicable Jun 2017

We would start kissing
Right beneath
The no soliciting sign  
Under the moon not resisting
Her glistening eyes
The air was calm
But her hair was wild
Curls and twirls strung on
Around a glistening smile
Her eyes were intoxicated
When they met mine
She's picture perfect illustrated
When she speaks
I love to hear her
Sweet with Speckles of freckles
I fear her
Is strong enough
To make me fall and crumble to my knees
Scary but still we continue below the sign
See, when I'm with her it's not wasted time
This here is

Cause that's out love. Waiting around.
Enjoying each other. Fearing to be found.
Breaking rules and feeling cool. Juvenal
But love all the same.
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