unnamed 2d

As she looked in the mirror.
A vision slowly getting unclearer.

She hated her freckles.
She hated her eyes.  
She hated the curves at the tops of her thighs
They were magnets to her eyes.

But outside her window.
Was a boy in his room.
He couldn't help but think of a girl he knew.

A girl with freckles.
And pretty brown eyes.
A girl who was beautiful.
No matter what size.

You have constellations on your skin
Tiny freckled marks
Creating fire from within
and setting off sparks

Written on 3/9/17
aylin Jun 2016

you paint over your freckles
that you used to like
before everyone else decided
you didn't

the sun is peeking through the window,
too early for our sleepless eyes
red from the evening before.
you have two freckles on your right arm,
and I’ve pressed my lips against them both this morning.

we are tangled up in an armchair,
too small for our bodies to share.
your breathing heavy and warm,
your stubble pulls on my tangled hair
as I nestle against your chest and drift back to sleep.

Scarlet Keiller Dec 2016

with your freckles
and your crazed brown eyes,
you can't help it.
Those longing sighs and
warped sights only for me.
Your breath is a songbird, your voice
a flock of birds all in harmony.
You are like the ocean,
the sky and the hazy,
confused line between them -
endless and effortlessly immense.

~~ You are beautiful to me, in every way. ~~
Nicole Normile Dec 2016

dark hair

light eyes

tone fit body

he’s a perfect guy

smart with wit

this is it

I can say

please take me away

to this man

with a freckling tan

he’s beautiful

and says what’s right

he’s wonderful

take me away for the night

…sometimes I’m taken over in butterflies

for a perfect guy with light green eyes

Madison Dec 2016

and every time I look up
into the night sky,
i look for the same
that appear all over
your beautiful body.

Sam Oct 2016

He yelled
Out damn spot
to the freckled boy from next door

out damn spot
to his own black labrador

he wolf whistled and cawed
to all the lambs on the moor

he had never seen or thought
of the blindspot in his own eye before

Andrea Vasquez Oct 2016

She's decorated with skulls
Engulfed in darkness
Her aura screams death and weeping
She writes until she falls
And she sings until her voice leaves her
Her voice is described as the one in which persuades you to leave this world.
She's a beauty to behold, her long black hair rests at her sides.
Some call her a cult leader, others call her Satan.

Her best friend on the other hand,
He's bright.
Colors cascade him everywhere he walks.
Flowers grow with his gaze.
His aura is filled with music and love.
His blond hair is messy and he keeps a book at hand.
His freckles and bright blue eyes attract even the most dangerous of men.
Some call him love, others call him God.

lizette Oct 2016

a small teaspoon
of sweet brown sugar
sprinkled on her nose

her brown hair cascaded
down her back
her dark blue eyes gleamed
in generosity and beauty.

they grew,
beginning to splotch
everywhere upon her face.
some called her ugly,
despite her vibrant eyes
her long wavy hair,
her mum, to be specific,
said she was amazing
and looked fantastic
and who wouldn’t want
‘beautiful’ freckles?

the insults didn’t stop,
they flew
at the girl with freckles
like peter pan
charging through the air
at top speeds.

as the girl with freckles
grew up,
she and they started to
accept the fact that
the shining sun created
her with

I have freckles, so I think that's kind of what inspired this poem! Though all of it's not true - I just used myself as inspiration.
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