TG 1h

Perhaps the problem is we live as though we have an eternity to fall in love, to have everything we want,
to be able to fix all the problems we ignore and to apologize to those we hurt.  We live as though we are more than stellar fragments afloat in the immensity of space and time.
The problem is that we continue living this way until the last insignificant second when we finally hear the chimes of the cosmic harmonies calling us back home and then, we will be nothing but a wisp of nebulosity from gas and dust from whence we came,
scattered through space unfettered by ordinary human limitations.

How will you spend your brief moments here on earth?
How much will you love?
How much will you give?
How will you be remembered?

These are the thoughts that are haunting me today.

You're my kaleidoscope free fall;
my fleeting moment of a dream.
You're a love so detrimental,
I'm the petrified deer
drawn to your headlight gleam.

Inebriated words
from the whiskey and your love.
This is my first realization
of the danger that holds
within this beguiling infatuation.
01.01.17 10:34 pm
Rosie 2h

Was there not a place for me-
Inside your heart.

Crimsyy 3h

When the weight of
a thousand moments
wasted overthinking
makes its home on my skin
and drip, drip, drips
down my cheeks,
I doubt everything.
I doubt ability,
your credibility.
I doubt capacity,
I doubt significance.
I question why
everything I touch
eventually shatters,
and why in my heart,
you still matter.
But maybe it's time
to stop doubting myself,
cause maybe this time,
I could feel good enough.

alexis 5h

they say
the smallest acts of love
make the greatest difference.
the first thought is typically
a clasp to the hand,
a kiss on the cheek,
a small surprise of flowers or chocolates.
a blanket.
my parents and siblings have all taken cat naps
and forgotten covers
when they've fallen asleep on the couch, the bed,
wherever they choose to lay down and drift.
and once i've covered them with an old blanket
sitting in the closet, waiting to be used,
i remember the little things.
romantic notions/acts/gifts
still hold romantic weight.
the smallest things
are what make the difference.
the safety of someone caring for you
in the most unexpected and minuscule moments.
falling asleep on the couch,
and without warning,
a cover resting over you,
a small semblance of home/safety/care.
that's how i picture love.

maybe i'm a sap at heart.

It's hot and sweaty in the apartment
So i decide to take a walk.
I throw on some slacks and some slip-ons.
Grab my headphones and my iPod.
I'm leaving my phone behind.
I get my car keys then realize that i wont be needing them.
Where are my room keys?
Oh, there's a light on my phone.
Who's texting me at this hour?
I check and it's her,
I'll tell y'all bout her later.
Yeah, yeah.
Her message: if you want to go heaven, take my hand. (There's the hand emoticon attached)
I swear i am fucking marrying this girl.
I throw my top off and dial her number.
I guess I should stay in and skype with her.
Sorry guys.
I guess we'll go on that walk at some other time

Arid Nights in a Nigerian Town

What do I write?
What is there to say?
I know I should be happy.
I am happy.
But I don't feel like I'm good enough,
For anyone.
If I'm disappointing myself,
How am I not disappointing you?
You. Are. So. Good.
And I just want you to be happy.
Every second, every minute, every day.
But I seem to always let people down.
I'm sorry.
I just don't know what to think anymore.
Why does nobody like me?
What did I do?
....What I always do....

Just some inner thoughts.
Erin 15h

Quiet, ears ringing and all I can hear is my thoughts on replay
I thrash, and scream but no one can hear me
My thoughts drown out my screams,
Am I even screaming?
A cry for help tumbles from my thoughts to my mouth and the thoughts stop.
Is it over?

Another random poem idea. Will expand on it when ideas come!
Holly 20h

I'm here.
Floating on.
Above the surface.
Not for long.

I'm sin.
That wraps around you in the night.
Makes your heart beat.
Gives you fright.

I'm heaven.
That you breathe in.
Lost in bliss.
Don't forget, I'm sin.

I'm gone.
In a moments time.
The sun comes up.
You're not mine.

Like a bullet shot through your brain.
You become intoxicated with pain.
If fills you up; the taste of "we".
Misery loves company.

four thousand thoughts
trying to make sense of
four thousand thoughts

one simple meaning
trying to become
one simple meaning

constant chaos
trying to organize
constant chaos

thoughts thinking thoughts
thinking thoughts about
the thinking thoughts

but don't.

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