they say love will always start with illusion
but as we had made our way home
the streetlights had shined on
what was really on the inside
it shined on your soul
and its shadows covered
all of the doubts
that i ever had

it was almost an instinct
because when i had looked over
and saw you in the midst of
your tranquility
you beamed and bloomed with colors
that i swore i’d never seen before
everything had gracefully clicked
and fallen in the very right place

i had promised myself, then
that my love for you
would go on until the end of time
even if yours didn’t
even if your love was meant
for someone else
i had devoted myself to you,
i wanted to give you all of me
and i wanted to be the one to give you
the love you had always deserved

in that moment
was a compilation of every other moment
that lead to this one
that lead to me realizing
that it was you
who i wanted to spend the rest of my life with
[written to “meeting points at 2AM” by dné]
The thought beetle.

There is a little thought beetle deep within my mind;
He is going around, searching for a rhyme.
He digs out my unconscious thoughts
And helps me to write another line.
When his work is done, he hibernates
And I sit back and smile.  

The ladybird flutters around inside my head;
She is in search of the pages, I haven't written yet.
She zips and darts, flitting from here to there;
She is always in a hurry and she is a nervous wreck.  

The worm is just turning another corner, in my brain's maze;
He's having a look around, to see if there's anything I need to say.
Anything I forgot to mention; he will find what needs to be said.
The slowly moving worm is lazy, but he is useful in his own way,

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
of this brief lull
in my engaging life
something i don’t get so often
i cling to this moment
and turn silence inward
letting my thoughts go
by itself
dropping my mind
and just listen
to the quiet splendor
around me
danny 15h
You don't have to love me back,
Just say I see you, and we will let that be that,
You just have to know I am around,
Just a nod of your head, nothing too profound.

You don't to commit or anything,
Just know I listen to the words they sing.
Please don't block or ignore, I am not a creep
I won't as you to hold my hand, I won't ask you to leap.

You can live normally, free and true.
It's my cross to bear that I am not for you.
Please take care with my heart, it may not always beat your name.
One day I could be gone, for once not to blame.

So all I ask is that you let me adore.
I have conjured a fantasty life, we need not explore.
I took a big step revealing my thoughts
Distantly yours, crosses and noughts.
A poem about unrequited love where both parties know, I found the whole concept interesting to write about. I have been on both sides of the "love" I have let people have feelings for me and told them nothing would ever happen while if I have had feelings sometimes the same kindness wasn't returned
Lisa 17h
there are poems that i've destroyed in an effort of denouncing being a poet
an outcry for every word that embraces the pretty in ugly situations
i sit with shorts too small hugging my waist
i'm an overgrown plant listening the same thing i was hearing 5 years ago
a fly in her own honey trap and the taste is too sweet to untangle
sometimes i'll look outside my window and see that red sports car zooming past
like a whisper telling me to go back to the pacific ocean
where there's a sidewalk that does end but the earth never falls it only shakes
the shade is only for tumbleweeds it hisses
a shallow reminder that i don't speak to the people that i said i would never ignore
May 18h
It’s clear that I’m different from all of you
There’s this click and I just never felt it
From outsiders looking in it will appear just fine
But I’m on the inside where I really shouldn’t be
I don’t like the same things as you all
You’ve probably gotten tired of my follow up question to whatever it is you’re talking about because I never know what it is you mention
And plus you’ve been friends longer than I’ve been apart of this group so I don’t know what I should do
There are times like this where I could go back to the way it was
Even if they were toxic I know I never had to feel this way
This thought has been heavy on my mind lately and there’s nothing I can do but express my thoughts within poetry.
Hus J 18h
Do you hear
A teeny bit of uneasiness.

The sun still as ravishing as usual
Stretching out my stubborn hand
Oblivious to the unattainable distance

Sitting on the bus as I wrote
Pulsing to the beat of the on boarding passengers
Thoughts wandered off many a time

Agitation might fit in the verse
Staring at the pigmented liquid interrupted by insensitivity

Perhaps just another routined day
The water is still
Yet, runs deep
Initiating an elusive equation

Relatively Unknown
"This Magic Hat"

This magic hat, a crown of thorns sometimes
Hard pressed and poignant, we blessedly wear
Till death recumbent stills the joys the care
The strivings found in all sentient forms.
We walk upon this globe each day without
Wonder nor concernment for monolith
Thoughts arisen, seemingly threaded with
Threads still hidden though faithfully throughout
History named and imagined. The full
Ever-vescent multitude, a flash, the
Portion illumined, then grasped as all in all.
This cause repeats repeatedly, a breath
Of mind cognate and fleeting that does swell
Our conscious state to mortal width and breadth.
Your soul has just passed by
Like a beautiful breeze
Telling everything to bow
When it passes through

What an amazing thought It was
What a wonderful moment I lived
Visit me again if you will
Help me break out of my shell
© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
April 24th, 2018
Seema 23h
In this lonesome night am sitting awake...
With tension and stress creeping like snake...
I wonder if gods are awake to listen to my pain...
Seems each time I pray, it goes in vain...
Sometimes, I hear whispers in the rushing wind...
But it all comes down as drizzling rain...
Perhaps it's too much for gods to handle...
For once and all they to, cry seeing man's scandal...
Time and again I teach myself to be strong...
Not to break but push myself all along...
Now it's time for me to lay down and rest...
With open eyes I pray to be the best...
As this time shall never come again...
Of what I assume would obviously be the end...

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