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noren 3h
A skeleton tumbles out of
the memory's cupboard
whose knob can't be fixed.

Its skull is in a maze of chaos,
Its hollow eyes stare into a blankness
and its teeth seem to mock at a misery.

Its ribcage has a heart which still beats intensely
Its stomach churns with untold truths
that it doesn't want its deaf ears to hear.

The limbs break like brittle dreams
It wants to stand up with broken feet
and give another chase to an illusion.
It wants to say a word that it has held back
but seals its lips yet again.
the shower is the only place private enough
for me to cry and not be noticed
i turn the hot water all the way up
the more i burn my back the less i feel
bad about where i am
i spent fifteen years wishing you'd be here for me more
but now i feel guilty wishing that you'd leave me alone
i even told my mother that i wanna get as far away as possible
i watched as her heart broke
what kind of fucked up son says that to his mom?
it takes a special kind of stupid
for us to argue when we're both wrong
and what's ironic is that we're so similar
we both just wanted to impress each other
but i'm running towards the bar
just trying to make you smile
but every time that i get close
it moves along another mile
i just want to sit down and cry
but you tried and tried
to get through night school
to provide for your kids
so how selfish can i be?
how can i hate you
when you're killing yourself to put food on our plates
i feel so fucking obnoxious
complaining about you
when all you want to do is help
but i'm an echo chamber and you're yelling
and accidentally building my hell
sometimes i feel like we can't even talk anymore. i'm so sorry
Wake up, stretch, get out of bed,
To the bathroom, the sink, refresh my head.
Next the kitchen, the cupboard, some coffee for me,
This is the part that fills me with glee.

Down the stairs, out the door, to the street I go,
This person, that, part of the flow.
Endless blank faces, vacant stares,
All of these people without a care,

Get to work, clock in, things to do,
What’s in store, I haven't a clue.
To my locker, my boots, got to get to it,
This day won't end if I don't peruse it.

Clickety Clack bang and boom,
The noise of the place affects through and through,
Lunch arrives, I'm glad for the break,
I nothing more than sanity’s sake!

Eat, drink, laugh with the boys,
We talk about rubbish and the purchase of toys.
Finish up, get ready it's back to the grind,
For this is no good for the spotless mind.

Clean up, hand over, pass on to the crew,
All of the things still required to do.
Boots off, clock out, I'm homeward bound,
For there's to keep me on that holy ground.

Keys out, door open, I ascend the stairs,
My home, my sanctuary, no need to wander where.
Sit down, relax, take the weight off my feet,
Oh, for crying out loud I need to eat!

Hit the shower, refresh, forget about the day,
I wouldn't have it any other way.
More coffee, make dinner, relax and feel fat,
This is the end of the day, at last that’s a fact.
This was a little something I came up with on a sleepless night, brain working overtime.
Let me know what you think.
A poet society,
I write life not anxiety..

These permanent words,
On impermanent feelings..

Like seeds,
Begin hard..
Needing proper soil and water,
Solar energy for the bloom.

I write these words so you may know,
We too feel the same..
Even if unspoken.

And if we disagree,
Find another poet to light your Christmas tree..
Or at least heed my perspective as I did yours.

My mind travels full circle,
Only to express what is in the center of me..
Or slightly off.

Wherever you can find heart.

All hearts are not created equal.
Forgive me..

All hearts are created equal,
Yet some will grow while others shrivel..
Similar to the mind.

What separates us from the trees is we can always choose our source,


Anyone who tells you differently,
Walk away swiftly..

Hopefully one day they may free themselves,
From their own self imposed prison.

Too many sit behind closed doors,
Not knowing they need no key for the lock..
Half the time we don't even need a clock.

Waiting for that certain moment...

If you're waiting,
You may keep waiting..

There is a difference from being persistently patient.

If you're moving forward I adore you..
Leave a mark so I know we've shared the same path.

These writings are my X for the next,

Traveling through these caves of life..

As we defer deaths draft.
i wrote a book called Too Much Water Will Kill The Flower. i hope you read it, love it, and add it to your collection of the best books ever written. it should be out this month or early october on amazon but if you're really interested pm me and i'll email it to you. if you're a prisoner of your mind please set yourself free

It wasn't about we
It was about you
You're angry? Don't be
I don't think of you
Just me

Another short poem! ^^
Tomorrow, I have a trip to some gallery.
Fortunately, thanks to me being in the morning group, I'll finish early!
So when I come home tomorrow, I'll be checking on the messages and all!
234 followers!  T-T
I thank you all so so much!
Truly! I'm grateful!
I wish you all a good night!
Lyn xxx
Karo 11h
I wanted to leave
but I couldn't find
the right time
or words to speak
to explain
so I ran away
Kellin 14h
What will bind me
to my fate is the
illusion of another
It cannot be described
only imbibed
through many sorrows
and sorries
until the pain
recedes to numbness
your compass
points to death
& you see the peace it brings
the silence
the darkness
you make your mind up
maybe not today
or tomorrow
but you know
you're going to die by your own hand
& you feel
just a brief


that's the sound of suicide
Not in a good headspace right now. Thank you for your concerns, I just needed to vent this.
Hannah 18h
and when we are alone with our thoughts
we are nothing more than our mistakes
been some time since ive had a breakdown like this, and the words selfish, inconsiderate, not worth it have gone through my head, but i guess it had to happen eventually

A race on a race to self-destruction
A race who chase the dream of unity
and rules of Order when we are
infact governed by the law
of our jungle:

All of us are living contradictions.
Morning y'all! ^·^
On the train to my course currently.
If I get there on time, I should be able to read some of the messages you guys left!
Thanks so so much for 233 followers!
Thats so fricking insane! I'm truly grateful for you guys!
I wish you all a good day!
Going underground now!
Lyn xxx
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