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JoJo 3h

These shapeless faces
don’t have any value
until I looked in the mirror.
Suddenly, I knew my worth.
and so should you.

Micah 7h
I feel the lull of the sun, day by day, and wonder if I have to

When the moon, hanging on a string, shifts the tides

and pulls me in.

Do I have to

When the screams of glittering stars fall around me

and break in my palms, slicing my hands,

and the sun and the moon beg for my face to turn unwavering

Do I have to
A thought like broken fragments
Kaleidoscopic yet still monotonous
Dancing in solitude, altering alchemy
Yet still jumbled like the morning crossword
Is there clarity hidden amongst mayhem?
Or is this chaos the unveiled mystery

Where's the key

It's no mystery
The mess inside
It's pouring out
I want to hide

Lock it up

Make it shut up
Keep the door closed
clawing it's way through
In fear my mind froze

Bolt it down

It's breaking my crown
Should i end it's life?
I can't find the key
Maybe death will stop this strife
My own thoughts will be the death of me
Arke 9h
the bartender poured
a double of something
"drink this," she said
"just don't smell it,
and definitely don't sip it"
her light eyes looked at me
and for a moment reminded me
of what I wanted to forget
I downed the shots but
they never made me feel better
I briefly contemplated my options
a one-way ticket to Manchester
or drinking on-sale antifreeze
my silver jacket buttons
holding cold in their heart
I took a drag from a cigarette
dangled it between my fingers
"I don't even smoke", I laughed
my words hung in the air
like a foreign object out of reach
and it smelled like you
watching ashes and smoke
getting lost in the crisp air
there’s nothing good that’s come
from these past few years.
no political changes for the poor.
no more role models.
no more poetry.
I wonder what historians
will think of us.
will they lump us together
in groups of ten,
like the ’80s and ’90s?
or will they get lazy retelling us?
will they place us together
in hundreds, or thousands,
picking out only the salvageable
from this worthless era?
I won’t be included in these stories.
neither will you.

and they still won’t have poetry.
Omar 12h
I write to you

pages of my lost years


between the absent present

and the distant past

I write to you

my thoughts burn out

in my mind

and the smoke comes out

from my ears and mouth

the cloud weeps over my head

and the flower blooms inside my heart

I write to you

my words turn into chaos

into fictional stories

turns into a trifling joke

without meaning

without taste

I write to you

like an adult

would do

but your love taught me

not to grow up

to remain a child

and just let it go

I write your name

this time on the wall

with a yellow chalk

and sit there

watching the drops of rain

dissolving your four letters name.
JoJo 19h
Sometimes cutting is
Easier than pretending
I’m not hurting.
Sometimes cutting is easier
Than saying I’m  okay
When I’m  really dying
On the inside.

Sometimes cutting will
lead to a decision I
Can’t take back.

save me.
mads 1d
my thoughts are swallowing me up
slowly consuming everything
i can't breath
I'm screaming for help
no one hears
i'm far too gone
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