My writing is not like the others',
The pin-pricked prowess of principal in
another author's cite is indifferent to mine:
The spice in soliciting that salivating bite,
the singe that would make Tobasco sauce cry-
My words have no such gripe.
Instead, I write
A mellow slumber that is my words,
Carefully thought of, written, or typed.

It explains itself... I suppose this is what you have to look forward to.
Imagine living a second life
Everything is a repeat of the first
All the scars gained
All the emotional loss
Everything you do is already predetermined
Without a ounce of might to change fates roll
The dice rolls on 0 and luck becomes non existant
That would terrify me.

All the people i have met
All the mistakes i have made
Honestly i wouldn't want to meet them a second time
To be the same failure i was the first time around
Is a unforgivable act in my eyes
Cruel with words and a heart of sorrow
A temperament that couldn't be worse than the devils
A second go of life would only be torture.

Yet giving up a second chance to see her again
Despite knowing what happens next
Maybe it's the heart that's tortured
Or maybe it's my selfishness despite my love
I wouldn't be able to face her the same
Knowing glass breaks
Promises broken to carry her away from her misfortune
What would be the point if all of it would end up
For naught it would be no better than all the failures
Of the past.
Lylock 6h
Tears hear thoughts
Better than a broken sky
Or a whispered kiss

Great hearts talk strong
But a sad perfection
And a night's small
Told me
That it's time to go
Last night I dreamt of you when sleep would not come easily
I dreamt of you laying beside me, your hands holding my hips and your chest resting strongly behind my back
    -your breath on my neck as it slows,    
dipping into a sleepy rhythm to match mine
I tried harder than ever to remember the peace you give me when we lay side by side
   -the happiness that pulls my lips into a wide smile
And the quickened beating of my heart when you touch me
this morning I willed myself to forget my thoughts of you,
knowing that you would return that night, when I dream of you once again
sometimes wish my skull was hollow,
sometimes i think it is.
brain replaced with pansies,
flourishing from liquid dreams.

face blank; staring into
unfocused air.
cursed with a sleeping brain,
blessed with its craftsmanship.

memories caught on tape.
scenarios rolling smoothly;
every moment, invoked upon personally.

worries creep in like Japanese knotweed -
can’t ever get rid of it all.
most of all, thoughts like shattered glass
make me bleed from unusual places.

sometimes wish my skull was hollow,
sometimes i think it is.
feel like i exist more in my head
than i do here.
JoshuaX 12h
False hopes and dark thoughts
Neck wrapped with a rope
Salvation you sought
Gave your all
Recieved nothin at all
Now in darkness you fall
JoshuaX 12h
I know life is hard
Nobody understands
That you are tired
You wanna take a sleep
Rest for a while
They would remember you
They'll attend your funeral.
humdrum 15h
chewing on barbed wire
falling up the stairs
running out of milk before cereal
wet shoelaces
my dead car battery
spiders in the bed
I wish the world would stop turning for just a second
So that I could have some time to collect my thoughts.
Because there’s just so many of them.
And only one of me.
I like to pretend I'm in love
So I can feel like myself again
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