“Being Special” is such a foreign word to my heart,
And I’ve always been disastrous at learning languages.
Mosquito bites
And hands on dirty tiles
Forgotten sights
Regretted smiles
I'll do better tommorow
I'll be more productive
It won't last forever
But it's the best that it could be.
Memories and laughter
In my head's now all a disaster.
Love and humid weather
I am so lonely I just forgot..
What was together?
You caught me by surprise…
As I wasn’t aware that I was
Searching or that
I had been missing you …
But… there you were
Standing in front of me
As you flashed me with one of your smiles

Yes that one, the one that could illuminate
The whole night sky

I felt I was being kissed ever so gently
By the energy in which you move…
I could not deny the pull
Of this connection
That was being gifted to me…

You captivated my heart
In a way I can’t quite explain
But when my thoughts
Turn to you
I know I can’t deny
This feeling that you have awakened
Within me…

You are secret that I keep
Safely wrapped inside my heart
That I get to unwrap lovingly
Through my dreams …and where
The memory of you, I keep alive…

Seema 12h
Torn in pieces
Scattered on the floor
He thought my heart was a paper,
That he could easily tore

What actually got ripped
Was not even my heart
Tapped few emotions
Few things, did fall apart

Seeing another fluttering heart
Flying next to him one day
I chose to confront once
And that, made us go on our way

He thought, I'd be jealous and blazing
Little pain it was, but not too late
I often smiled if his gaze ever fell on me
That, I did not hate

He confronted me, one day
And wanted to be back forever
I smiled again, turned and replied
.........never ever!

Fiction. Freestyle
I feel sick in my soul
Sour aftertaste of my inner thoughts
Chase it down with some Heineken
Then sleep till morning breath
Willow 16h
It's funny how when you were younger, you would say in your mind,"I would never do that." Here I am doing all the things I said I wouldn't do, self harm, anorexia, suicidal thoughts.
elaine Jul 6
I started drinking coffee, not because I enjoyed the taste, or even the burst of energy it gave me late at night, but simply because you loved it. Always seen with that coffee stained smile.

I hated it though.
I had hated its bitter taste that no amount of sugar or cream could sweeten.
I had hated the way it scorched my mouth and throat as I slowly gulped down the warm liquid.
But I drank it. Every morning and night, tricking my mind into thinking I liked it.
You soon moved on from my try-to-hard self, and left me all alone, with a coffee stained frown.

I threw the mug on the ground, shattering it in a million pieces. I threw out that coffee pot and those silly little brown beans. I accepted the fact that I hated coffee, it was for the better though. I was much more a tea person.
Kelsey 20h
I want to do nothing
Because what I am doing is
Something that is real
Something that is
When I do nothing
Something doesn't matter
Something was never done
Nothing is what something is afraid of
Something is everything
And nothing gives me purpose.

To me.
Kat 1d
Pretty sure
I'm transparent
Barely anything resembling
something living
Walking in this life
Not really knowing how to strive
My answer's mostly a deep long sigh
Sometimes I'm merely getting by
Dreaming the same silly dreams
as mostly anybody it seems
Writing funny poetry
not really funny, maybe poetry, just writing, you see

But who knows
maybe sharing at least shows
that words might fall short
and some thoughts you won't ever be able to sort
but they can also travel far
and while not everyone's appreciative, some surely are
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