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Take me with you
when you depart
when your stars go

will you carry me
into darkest nights
Wrapped up in galaxies

© FaerieFoxPoetry
Leah Carr 14h
Your return is wonderfully unexpected, but still seems so surreal.
I slept funny last night.

And now,

My neck hurts,

Almost as much as my heart.
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, in feels I sang in a dream:)

lipstick smeared on the wall

first one that I see at all

black tides just in my head

end of all the endings doesn't need a pretend

smoked slowed

wandered pondered

not in the mind reasoned

in the heart a door for every season

what for

eyes and more

same pose

me a symphony overdosed

kinda right

should've known from sight

hall grabbed chances and crowned

a red blood teared down

and drowned

fine lined

like twelfth hour dream blinds

Hoshiko 1d
I hated conflict
So, can't create peace others
Lion raged alone

However ignored
Turn back on experience
I'm very afraid

Foreigners lost in
stranded on Java island
I never returned

Hoshiko, 22-06-2021☆
In Haiku's journey
Hoshiko 2d
Roughness every thoughts
Interaction too private
Porridge is stale out

Hoshiko, 21-06-2021☆
Aleksey 3d
It only takes...
cut to slowly fade out.

rope to swing your life about.

train to reach the final station.

bullet to stop your concentration.

handful of pills to finally shut down.

step off a building to lay dead on the ground.

jump off a bridge to never be found.

It only takes one thought to pick one way out
And nothing can be done to come back around...
Brumous 3d
I once believed
that I was unique,
a fool
Eloisa 3d
And we frolicked with our arms entangled
under the stunning gleam of the moonlight.
With the diamond waterfalls as witness,
dreamy as the rainbow,
cascading solace in our thoughts.
We’re out of the gushing downpour.
though we still hear and feel the water.
Exalting how we climbed
the higher and steeper trail
with dangerous cliffs in thousands,
we continued to hold hands.
With even a tiny bit of love but a ton of hope,
we eradicated fear
and let the light come through.
Merging us again into one!
stitching every hidden torn and burn.
Zenoche 4d
Water is all that I can see,
It can go deep as it can be.
It isn't finite,
Like the flow of my thoughts every night.

My lungs start to ache while I drown,
The only way is down.
Choked by this emotions subdue,
'Til the time that these eyes can no more see hue.

Straight to the abyss I go,
Colder and colder, myself is my only foe.
In the ocean, only I... Was there
Me, the antagonist and protagonist of my story,
A blade against my reflection.

I lay down on the floor of the ocean
Let time erase my;

The ocean can be my saviour.
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