when i saw you
i turned a blind eye
you were talking i listened
my ears anxious, craving sound

i think you have beautiful voice in accordance of your intriguing appearance the day had to be embraced with a hug

holding your hand became a sacred dialect that made sense
He gifted me with a smile
and laced is fingers
between mine

His body language
spoke louder than
any words could say

I felt this surge
of energy rise
from within me

His humble confidence
was attractive and exuded
genuine charm

I was moved
by the essence
of his presence...

Wolf Jan 10
Be like the English language
Make your own rules, then break them
Things can be tough to get through, though.
Red Brush Jan 10
It's quite strange but nice
How it's odd and precise.

You can gun with a gun,
And a run can long run.

And an 'S' can turn laughter
To nothing short of slaughter.

If you're hot, they will drool
But be warm, and stay cool.

Head off with your head up
Face it head on, so heads up!

It is a deep and rich mine
For all to mine, yet mine.
Falling snow speaks in
An unknown foreign language;
Winter exiled us!
Words be formed linear in the ways
That they are. But emotions not serve
That function of same. Language is below the curve
For our ambitions, and our thoughts. Stay flaws, Stay.
A poem focusing on a run-on hectic feel and talking about how Language is not to our purpose.  [Envelope] (A B B w*Asw*A)
Pyrrha Dec 2018
I want him to become so dizzy with me
That he forgets what language he speaks
And has to make up his own

Starting and ending with my name
Paul Kgaje Dec 2018
I saw a hand in darkness,
laid instructions in elegant expression.
Reach for the stars, grab the brightest and lay rest to the shining moon.
Cover your eyes for shadows will come to live.
Don't cry as the empty vessel is but a package of sorrow,
Smile at your ending fight.
Äŧül Dec 2018
Things are hard in this fazy
Coz this fantasy is hazy
The love I express is crazy
More because I didn't get any of it razy
And now I get pulled being so lazy
The whole world seems so glazy
Oh, I'm trapped here - this place is mazy!

But I shall now be pacjent
Coz this love is so true
The way she's here, she'll stay
More because she loves me realnie
And now I hope that it blooms
My world and her world too
Oh, I want her here - her love is my Zahir!

My lover is very plochy
Coz she's very simple
The ideal match I've wanted
More because she's so wozniacki
And now I know what love is
My Pooja loves me too
Oh, I have her now - I want her forever!
Polski language words:
fazy: phase
razy: number of times
pacjent: patient
realnie: really, indeed
plochy: shy
wozniacki: intellectual

My HP Poem #1727
©Atul Kaushal
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