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Kelsey Mar 26
Language is so beautiful
So strong
The most powerful thing a person has
Is their words
The ones they speak
The way they say them
When they say them
The ones they keep hidden
Words have the power to change minds
They have the finesse to draw out emotions
They have the ability to flip the world upside down
Or right side up
Words are like candy
They can be sweet
Or sour
They are like the sky
Or clear
Words can eat you up from the inside
Or destroy you from the outside
There is nothing more simple yet potent that exists
Words rule the world
So choose yours carefully
el Mar 20
these three words
they’re heavy for me to say
so let me show you instead
let me show you in the way i
hold your words close to my heart
i gather so many of them
scoop them into my arms to hug them tight
i love every word
they begin to overflow
trail behind me ablaze
they are bright and they are yours
they warm my heart
let me show you in the way i
speak to you
pile of words aside
my three words are hard to say
not because they aren’t true
i can show you what I mean
when i understand your wants
amongst your needs
i'll love you in every way i can
Zywa Mar 8
Politicians are at the top
of language, salesperson
and lawyer in one they
compress the voters' words
with lobbyists and preachers
along the line, it's all

about bluff and the art
of getting stuck every now and then
so that a competitor has to come
and help and inconspicuously
pushed on previous promises
crashes, chokes on them

or at least tears
himself inside
on their blade
You too, Brutus?
It is a full moon
The people are cheering
Rhetoric, Lies, Doublespeak, Doubletalk/Forked tongue

Marcus Junius Brutus (85-42 BC)

Collection "Mosaic virus"
Zywa Jan 21
We say goodbye, short

- long - stop, the signalling code --

of: I think of you.
Novel "jl." ("recently" - the title also refers to the character Juno Linnaarts, 2016, Anjet Daanje), chapters December 23rd, 1973 and December 9th, 1980

Collection "Inmost [1]"
Nolan Willett Jan 19
There’s a secret path to walk
A language that nobody talks
A different world to see
Another way to be
Ilonka Oct 2023
A perfect picture in the frame of life
And much more, that what you are
A perfect glimpse in the ocean of sound
A musical note in an effortless bound,

You are designed to create, always in motion
A blooming flower in this epic evolution
Wired to dream the path you create
Braded with the source that writes your fate
Painted in colors that you still can't see
But the universe speaks them you just be,

Fly like a dark swan over the snowy hills
Graceful and different, never fearful of any ills
Shine like the sweetness of a honey bee
Rise like the vapors from a cherry tree,

The speed of love is going to catch you
A wave of my heart will soon reach you
The organic human time-line I choose
You should too if you don't want to loose,

All tribulation will come to a fair end
Truth is a soldier that can never bend
Love is the language we should all speaks
And bring down all evil with a minor tweak.
A poem I love, maybe my favorite that I wrote this year.
Sara Brummer Oct 2023

To hear ancient music in the pines
or the bright moon speaking on
a cold, wild night.
Voices flow with song and speed,
loud as a busy highway, soft
as transparent air.

Vine leaves speak in whispers,
palm fronds shout their struggles
with the wind.I eavesdrop on
the gossip of the waves as
the blue hush of dawn fills
the morning sky and gulls
recite their own mournful hymns.

So many voices translate
mintues into hours, hours
into days. So many messages
passed on in time’s quiet
mystery, and the language
of heart whispers its own
gentle secrets.
AE Sep 2023
This language, everblooming
It has so easily poisoned us
But you dust off those empty phrases
Washing stains out of rageful exchanges
This white flag is half in your hand
And half in mine
A haphazard grocery list
Stopped at tomatoes
Continued as a list of those “we would never go there" words
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
Written like punctuation in the spills
Now I'm picking up dinner plates off the walls
So many weapons were thrown and old secrets hashed
A mess left with us drowning in the aftermath
I think the salad is now dressed in curses and ill wishes
But despite all that
I think it's your silence that will **** me
irinia Sep 2023
words come to me from the roots of a resonant hazard
I wonder if we fool ourselves that the future is open
Heisenberg paradox in our eyes, starseeds in yours
billions of years of solitude haunt me
we carry supernova physics in our bodies only they
know what we are attempting, we are crazy
enough to dislocate the inception of language

we should carrefully ponder the meaning of the words
with which we slowly killed our bonds
we should consider the poiesis of living
words have no meaning, only texture
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