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even when you’re speaking
the silence is deafening.

empty words,
a spinning record with no music.

language isn’t solely expressive,
vacant vocals are forever depressive.
LeV3e Sep 9
I have something to show you
A piece of perspective
You, otherwise, would never know
See, through my eyes it went but
From yours it goes and
Words can only get us so far so
We just make more up as we go
I've never felt quite like this before
How would you put it? Um
When understanding looks like a chasm so vast that
Alexandria could be cast down to the firey pits of Mankinds worst shortcomings...
The sad fact is that
We can imagine anything except what it's like to walk in the skin of another.
Norman Crane Sep 3
black lives matter so
black lies matter so
dive in deep waters to
die in deep waters to
be seven as the samurai
be seen as the samurai
your mind curved
your mind cured
starve and
stare and
carving your name in history make
caring your name in history make
the world: invert
the world: inert
an ideology to believe
an ideology to belie
The challenge here was to start with a line, then make the next line the same but for the subtraction of one letter (in this case, v) and follow the same pattern for the duration of the poem.
Norman Crane Aug 31
Every poet is a fake
eyewitness, peddler of make-believe hearsay,
A conveyor of love he never knew
in a city he never saw in a way to make you
feel the passion as if it were true,
He is an air-brusher of reality,
Thus a proselytizer of the Absurd:
That you can paint pictures with words;
That you can travel by verbs;
That you can conjure nouns by saying them;
That you can lead several lives within your only one.

Every poet is a fake
taxidermist, seller of second-hand stuffings
of souls that were never alive

Every poet is a fake
imperialist, would be explorer-***-colonizer
of the terra incognita of your mind

Every poet is a fake
Norman Crane Aug 26
I have said all that's to be said,
And you have listened,
And I have listened,
To the end, gaining what?
Our words are co-absurd,
Inexpressive turds of information,
Dung heap of nonsense,
Good will with perfect enunciation,
But crawling with itch, twitch and head-nod,
In place of mutual understanding,
A babelmist of manners and small talk,
In which we are umbrella-less,
Soggy with positivity,
But it's for the best, I guess,
Have a good day, till tomorrow then?
Finally! Until, tomorrow, we say it all over again.
solEmn oaSis Aug 26
Katorse de Agosto
Ngayong kambal-taon
kaganapan di na wasto
para bang koraL sa taLon

Pinigilan kong huwag humawak ng pLuma
ngunit sadyang malapit sa akin ang tugma
na tila ba regalo Lulan sa loob nitong papel de hapon
Ako'y napasulat at tuluyang humugot sa mahiwagang kahon

A-kinse na pala, akin ngang namalayan
Alas-dos impunto nang relo aking tiningnan
Bagamat nga dahil sa ang hapag-sulatan ko ay kapos na
Hindi naman ito ang kataposan para sabihing ang tula ko ay tapos na...

Makandadohan man tayo sa pintoan ng kapalaran
At itrangka sa atin pati na ang bintana ng tadhana
MagiLiw pa rin akong bumabati sa bawat isa na makababasa
sa tulong nitong teknolohiya sa panahon ng pandemiya...

Kamusta na po ba kayo?
sa bagong normal na pamumuhay
Ikaw, ako, siLa... Lahat tayo !
Gawin pa rin nawang pormal itong ating buhay

Hindi man nga natin ngayon nakikita yaong kalaban...
Kinikita pa rin naman maituturing nating kaibigan !
" Siya ang Liwanag, ang tamang daan sa katotohanan at ang  B U H A Y  "
hanggang dito na lamang, hanggang sa muLi, nagmamahal... TULA~Y

© 08/15/20
solEmn oaSis
in times of pandemic
merely don't panic
for there is harmony
in every U N I T Y !
No one needs
Special devices to
Focus somewhere
In the unknown
And get lost

Gaze into the eyes
Of beloved
For a little more
And find
The entire universe
So much to offer
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Mirroring
Author's Note:Excuse me. I humbly request all upcoming persons to have patience to visit me, allowing a blissful break, 30 seconds or more. While I'm in the mood, while looking at the eyes in order to search the clues of illness, I may forget what to notice, but may find the gateway to the soul. Remember that.
Mark Toney Aug 16
He can curse up a storm
make a sailor blush
Foul blue language
spewed out in a gush
Could strip paint clean
off a battleship
Exponentially worse if
you give him any lip
Rambling in sincerity's guise
but his worst 4-letter words
are all his LIES

© 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
8/15/2020 - Poetry form: Rhyme - My poem was partially inspired by a phrase I would hear from time to time as I was growing up. “He’s a ***** mouth and he needs to have it cleaned out with soap!” I can assure you the repeated uttering of that phrase wasn’t directed towards me as it took only one time to put me on the straight and narrow ;) - © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
I heard your call, and I immediately ran,
To hold you close, and to hold your hand.

We stand together now, by our sky-blue sea,
With no more angst, our souls forever fly free.

And when you call, I swear I will answer.
And when you sing, I’ll be your dancer.

By all the stars, our dreams will come true.
Upon your whim, I’ll be beside you.

So in this moment, make your wish, my dear,
And whisper your grace, forever, in my ear.


Chuala mi do ghairm, agus ruith mi sa bhad,
Gus do chumail dlùth, agus do làmh a chumail.

Tha sinn a ’seasamh còmhla a-nis, ri taobh na mara speur-ghorm againn,
Leis nach eil barrachd angst ann, bidh ar n-anaman gu bràth a ’sgèith an-asgaidh.

Agus nuair a dh ’iarras tu, tha mi a’ mionnachadh gum freagair mi.
Agus nuair a bhios tu a ’seinn, bidh mi nam dannsair agad.

Leis na reultan air fad, thig ar aislingean gu buil.
Air do chuim, bidh mi ri do thaobh.

Mar sin anns an àm seo, dèan do mhiann, a ghràidh,
Agus seinn do ghràs, gu bràth, na mo chluasan
Another poem with a Gaelic twist.
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