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Jay May 21
Η ζωή είναι δύσκολη...
Γιατί να μην την τελειώσω;
Αυτό φαίνεται πιο εύκολο
Δεν είναι;

Και πάλι, είμαι στα πρόθυρα του θανάτου
Δεν είναι περίεργο πώς τελειώνει πάντα έτσι;
Daivik May 13
Eid Mubarak
ईद मुबारक
عید مبارک ہو
Before five thousand years ago
There was no written language
Communication was oral
Morality was moral
It was prehistoric
They didn't lack rhetoric
Art and literature were there
They couldn't write poems as I did
Every piece created in mind
Every piece existed in mind
Communication was through sound
Experience, knowledge, literature
From generation to generation
All were passed oral
There was no written confirmation
Everything committed to memory
Huge scriptures in the tally
But change is the law of Nature
Motion permanent
Rest temporary
Time changes
Forms of words and expressions change
Semantics change
Understanding change
Oral things with ease change
Same story
Different people, different versions
Scholars brought in writing later
Create huge task for researchers
Researchers look for evidence
Some kind of evidence they may find
Theses they write
Some commonalities do emerge
There's a popular surge
With pride people declare
Their forefathers were great
They knew everything
Which scientists now struggle to find
Researchers research reflects more of their minds
Difficult to tell
How closely prehistoric scriptures, knowledge
They define
Languages changed, usage changed
Semantics changed
Amelioration, pejoration
Additions, deletions
Happened over thousands years
Prehistoric remains more of a mystery
What scholars and researchers tell you
If you find useful in life
Please do imbibe
Don't fight
Let scientists show you the light!
Jenny Biller May 5
you are
syntax and semantics
phonetics and phonology
you are
written and oral
formal and informal
you are
past and future
now and forever
you are
identity and heritage
togetherness and uniqueness
you are
simple and complex
imperfect and perfect
you are
Summer Apr 26
language —
like dew, iris, cells,
when things were yet to be named, at the beginning
in the cradle of nothingness,
where darkness came first, before light,
before fire and earth,
Oceans, the favourite child, and the sky,
with her celestial, feathery friends, lazing on that hazy chasm;
from the horizon,
emerged forms and words
and poetry
Sam Steele Apr 16
As a language it is easy, and anyone can see
To reverse the meaning of a word is elementary
To say ‘not well’ is 2 words. Why not pare it down to one?
Just take a word and prefix it. To reverse it just add ‘Un’

‘Un’well is also poorly, which is never any fun
The opposite of doing it, is leaving it ‘Un’done
If it ain’t fair it’s ‘Un’fair. If not kind then it’s ‘Un’kind
A contract with no autograph is a paper that’s ‘Un’signed

So like I said it’s unhard to make a word reverse
Simply add an ‘Un’ to it and it becomes its own inunverse
But so often with the language a rule can be misunleading
And there are other prefixes. To learn them keep on reading

It’s ‘A’ if it’s not typical, which might sound rather bland
But a ‘Mis’ if you can’t fire or you didn’t understand
It’s an ‘Il’ if its not legal, but an ‘In’ if unsecure
An ‘Ir’ makes it not regular and an ‘Im’ says it’s unpure

It’s a ‘Dis’ to uncontinue, it’s a ‘Post’ if it’s not ‘Pre’
It’s not ‘Un’ but prefix ‘Counter’ if you fight insurgency  
A friend nor longer friendly is not an ‘Un’friend but an ‘Ex’
But yes, it is the prefix ‘Un’ if it’s not what you expect

I will ‘An’ to your aerobic I will ‘Anti’ to your freeze
I will ‘Non’ if it is undescript just to put you at your ease
This might seem overwhelming but before I simplify
Please note if things are humid you should ‘De’humidify

So check if it’s an ‘Il’ an ‘In’ an ‘Ir’ an ‘Im’ or ‘dis’
A ‘Counter’, ‘Anti’, ‘Post’ or ‘De’ an ‘A,’ ‘An’ ‘Ex or ‘Mis’
If these are unappropriate when all is said and done
Yes, there is a modest chance the prefix might be ‘Un’

But in case you think you’ve got it; you’ve still got much to learn
Both flammable and ‘In’flammable mean the thing can burn
Reading math shall become as easy as reading spoken language.
To question comprehension is only natural until higher degrees of practice are obtained.
That's why I have dictionaries and thesauruses for spoken tongue, and why I have textbooks and the Internet for maths.
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