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Brynn S 1d
Words shift
They dissolve
Melting onto pages
Sinking into skin
Each piece faded
Never to return
All memories lost
None to return
I cannot compose brilliant poems, sonnets, or verses,

and I cannot speak to you in Latin or Greek;

I cannot move you with any language made up by man.

Love is the only only language I could touch you with

If you only knew how much I could love you.

If you knew I love you;

If I were brave enough to tell you at all.
A piece of art
A rhythmic beat
Or a string of words
Comes along
To connect you
To your own thoughts
An indescribable feeling  
Now pinpointed on the map of emotion
This society is killing me
Them and I we speak
Different languages that keep
Me locked inside the cellar of my brain

I try to scream
With my fists I beat
The walls until my knuckles bleed
But no one hears as I go insane

These earthquakes yield fires
Whose smoke chokes me while
The flames chase me to a cliff
And I must make the choice:
To burn to ashes or to end it

These words I sprawl on paper are written in invisible ink
There is no escape
From this massive snake
That coils around my spirit

These chains bind my body to artificial walls
I seem no more than a doll
Devoid of true thought
Unable to reach anything I've ever sought

This society is killing me
I cannot even speak-
The language of my heart is foreign to all but me
And we all know solitude does horrific things when one is truly lonely
Dancing on tiptoes
Prancing around in the dark
Feeling. Touching.
Falling into songs of a lark.

Dovish tones
With hawkish excitement
Caught in the throes
Of devilish enlightenment.

Cries of pure ecstacy
Battles in sweet rain
A nearby fantasy
In a far far away place.

Clashing tongues
Of silver. Of knives.
A softening slate
In between lives.

A sour dream
In a fifteen carat cage
Locked in a world for two
Deep. Love. Rage.
Chicken Nov 9
C’mon let’s get together
And do the HMP shuffle

You'll go over the wall, and I won’t wait at all

Let’s get together, and do the HMP shuffle.

C’mon let’s have ourselves a dance
And do the HMP shuffle

You'll be ridin’ bird, and I’ll be getin' down with Richard, haven’t you heard... yeah haven’t you heard?

Let’s get together,
Let's do the HMP shuffle.
Prison and dancing in one :]

A rhythm and blues style song, and 1996 style dance, just for fun.

For genre / style examples search youtube for Bunker Hill Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.
Sebastian Nov 8
How many colours fit in your hand?
Is this a question you'd understand?
How many palm trees obey your command?
Unless you are dreaming, I'd dare to say none.

How can a word go swimming in land?
That makes less sense than a musicless band.
Lightly drawn bridges, which taste naught but bland.
Don't trust your own words, unless they are fun.

A desert will bake you with deafening sand,
As much as a cloud will make you less tanned.
That's more than a cockroach could ever withstand.
The words on your tongue would melt in the sun.
Grace Nov 6
Sei le stelle nel cielo notte
La mia musa quando disegno
Le tue parole sono il mio libro preferito
La tua voce è musica per miei orrechie
Sei arte
Nella forma perfetta
You are the Stars in the Night Sky
My muse when I draw
Your words are my favorite book
Your voice is music to my ears
You are art
In the perfect form
Grace Nov 3
They absqualate me
When it comes
To writing about you

Except maybe
Possibly not even
The word Saudade
It describes how I miss your hugs
And smile
Your laugh

Saudade even describes
The erlebnisse I miss
That comes
When I’m with you

But no matter how large the word
Or the language it’s in
Even Saudade
Could not describe
The depth of my longing
For you
I miss you be safe
Saudade: the nostalgic longing to be near  
someone again
What am I?

"Cast your body into the ocean,
   ask if there are Greeks down there?

Sail, as it were, upon the Seas...
   ...and find yourself; every where."

A: The Alphabet has risen and falling with world trade and it has become a universal system. The art of language has been both hindered by the oceans and delivered by them.
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