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Ackerrman Oct 4
Where is your head?
Is it here?
You won’t answer.

Did you not hear?
Should I ask again?
You won’t answer.

I am intimidated,
Feel cold,

I am not comprehending,
Banging my head silly,
My stare is more vacant than yours.

I assure you,
I don’t know what to do,
I’m here to help.

But I guess you don’t comprehend that,
The need?
My need to help you.

You have no need of me.
I am more scared of you
Than you are of me,

As default!
I think I admire you,
Your silence.

I don’t know how to push,
How far,
Will you break?

What can I ask?
How can I help?
I can’t.

Can’t I even look in your eyes?
Will it make you uncomfortable?
Can I try…

Again tomorrow?
Or the next day?
Let me stay.

Sit down
Next to you,
Please don’t be uncomfortable.

I usually say,
“I won’t fail again”,
But I think

I will have
To fail
A lot with this one…

A M Ryder Oct 4
We buried ours
And they buried theirs
Then it started all over again
Keiko Tei Sep 20
His name was Johnny. His close friends and family liked to call him, little johnny.

This story is about little johnny, with his report card nearing, he wanted to throw one last Hail Mary.

He tried his best and paid attention. He did all but one math question.

On the night before the big day, he knew that this was it. He fell asleep from fatigue, before everything he learned could even hit...

Next morning, little johnny feeling proud of his effort, went off to school feeling great from his rest.

Unfortunately for little johnny, the results show...that in the end he still failed his math test.

This is a story of little johnny, and his mediocre report card.

I plan to write one for every time I am reminded that it's just as important to acknowledge your existence as "normal" and "mediocre" as it is to believe that you are "special" and "unique".

The truth is that no one has read stories about people who fail, fail, and fail again, without really obtaining success in the end.
Sania Sep 4
She wanted to be herself, but she failed
She wanted to live up to other's expectations, but she failed
She wanted to break the chains, but she failed.
Failures, repeated failures made her cold.
She lost her courage, her character, her self respect, and her self-confidence.
Suffering, failure, loneliness, sorrow, discouragement were parts of her journey.
  So she decided!
Far better is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure.
A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to golorious success.
thesa Aug 25
tell me
how many times may i still fail
until also you
will leave
Luna Maria Aug 21
what if God
regrets creating
a human
like me?
what if I never reach his expectations?
Eve Stumpges Aug 10
I watch and I yearn to do.
I do and I wish to do more.
I do more and then try something new.
I do something new and forget the old.
As the old is forgotten it faintly whispers.
And the whispers shift to noise.
And the noise turns to screams.
And I stifle the screams until they break my heart.
And morph into mortar filling the cracks
of resistance earning their overdue residency.
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