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Mandalina Nov 8
I'm sorry
I failed
I slipped
I broke down
I caved in
I gave up

I'm sorry
I relapsed

_an old poem i found_
Audrey Oct 24
I hate myself I wanna die
I hate myself I wanna cry
I find my friends to feel okay
cause I don't wanna be this way

the pressure you give is way to much
and I just want to chill no rush

see if I die won't need to live
my families life can finally begin

they’ll work on the second daughter, she
And shape her into what they need her to be
And once she soars with her success
They’ll claim our broken family is blessed

I told you what I loved to do, and you just didn't care
so why the **** would I share my life and speak to you and bear
out all my feelings on the floor so you can look and stare
and scream the words " I'm disappointed in you" and make it sound real rare.

P.S. I hate science and I'm probably going to fail biology
BlueInkDitty Oct 16
All full of lies,
The graveyard is dark,
Echoes and cries,
Of words turning to black.

Heavy from a past,
No one deserved and no one knew,
Under the stones will last,
The tears, the laugh, the voice of you.

I loved you in ways so innocent,
And I believed that you were strong,
But when your heartbeat came silent,
I heard the failed notes in your song.

All full of pain,
The graveyard's weary,
Under the rain,
The thought of you becomes blurry.

Heavy, exhausted,
Of a heart that's bound no more,
The freezing stones have grown tired,
Of carrying such open doors.

I loved you in ways you'll never feel,
And I believed that you were sweet,
But you will not know of that chill,
That you have crushed under you feet.

You've found your way out of it all,
One you can't understand nor see,
You crawled away, I built a wall,
So you never come back to me.

You can get a grip on my arm,
You can pretend I know nothing,
But all you do to me is harm,
Because you're not even listening.

And on my lips, the words are hot,
Cause your smiles won't help them to fade,
Where do they go, those never shot,
Those I've kept from your masquerade ?

And the graveyard is heavy,
And the stones are moving slowly,
The name of you they will bury,
Along with all you tried to be.
LNI Oct 11
The war inside me is over
And now I'm looking for my Oikos
I chose a way full of trials
I chose the way of exile

My flesh shall be my poetry
and my bones my final shield

There’s no *** other than I
There’s no holy other than me
I took the way of an oxymoron tale
I took the way of a massive fail

My skin in ultimate grief
My hair resisting to the winds

My body is my vehicle,
my home and my miracle.

Penelope on her own for a female Odyssey
Of rigorous honesty

Now, seeker, rise up and speak your truth.
Michael Oct 7
We fight with all we have,
We lose the things that we never had.
Life is one submission after another,
We aim for one, but achieve the other.
We are all here standing,
Ready to take our number,
Completely unaware the we are all going under.
The will to fight is nothing but illusion,
The want to continue is born of confusion.
We all stand strong,
Yet in the end we fold.
We all talk a big talk,
But only our words are bold.
We can give up now,
And be forever content.
Or we can continue,
And be further broken and bent.
Are we broken, or are we beaten? Or are we really never the champion to begin with?
sky Oct 7
I was terrified that I wasn't enough,
so I hid myself away until I became nothing
They'll stop dead in traffic
to let someone out in front
without true understanding
or comprehension
of what they're really doing
and what everything
is about

The endorphins and the good feeling
believing a good deed was done
senses elated and reeling
hurting the many
for one

Remember all those behind you
having paid their rations, their due
slowed as an irritant
irking their patience
brought to a crawl now
by you
Ya see em all the time in traffic, at lights, on the road, those people who let that ******* in, who rode the lane out to conclusion knowing **** well it was going to end, but refusing to pay their dues, or at the light, letting that **** over when knew they should have been in the right/left lane, but held up the left/right lane because of their mistake.

Remember the days, when you ****** up your mistakes, and hit the next road to correct it, or had too wait for your turn in traffic?

Yeah, they seem to be dead, after all, a problem of one, MUST be a problem, of all D:

And, if you don't like this poem
you must be
one of
nihiliti Sep 28
i am a moth drawn to the flame of despair
flutter through the air
no care
for body
just the burning of my soul
the yearning to know
what it feels like
to throw
everything away
in hopes
that dawn is close
closer then is possible
that time flows faster
when you're giving your all
for the promise of tomorrow
where tomorrow is
worlds away
from today
and its sorrows
and that sorrow will someday
be a sweet memory to borrow
from when the joy becomes
too much to bear

i am a moth in a world aflame
it looks like ****
but apparently
**** other people
and i'm sick of feeling
sinful for feeling
the sorrow of my fellow
tortured torturers

they tell me i'm too hollow
that riding the updraft is no good
and being tossed about the firestorm
is for fools
and i'm as flighty as a feather
in weather unsuitable
to be out in
yet i'm part of this world
and to lock away my soul sounds
so a throw to the wind
to see where it goes
it might singe
but it's worth it: the sorrow

i am a moth telling myself i'm not
and blaming it on outside sources
but being honest shows
my woes are my woes
and everybody knows
their own

and i just speculate and spectate; trying to know my fellow moths
you're not nearly as sorry as you wish to be, and it's awful
Arcassin B Sep 28
By Arcassin Burnham

So I asked myself do I just move on,
Cause I always fail,
I think my soul dwells in **** to be strong,
Face is pale,

Like the other side of the polar arctic freezing at my feet

While I sink, been through enough of this now what do you
Does it amuse you for me to fall or make fun of my mental state like
I shouldn’t even be apart of this state,
Feeling ridiculed and misleaded,
Florida boy looking out for a way, so do I just move on,
Loving the little things in life to cope on,
Memories are just receipts and coupons,
Is this just something to fall upon.

I have more heart than you will ever have,
Swallow pride if you feel bad,
All I do is sit back and laugh while you laugh because nothing good will come out of this,
Nothing is better than doing good in your life rather than be a pessimist,
I Want nothing more to feel the peace in this,
You'd rule the world with an iron fist,
The golden child with a broken lisp,
Follow my lead if you get the jist,
So I asked myself do I just move on,
No excuse to fail,
So its time to move on,
move on.

Cherisse May Sep 24
I never really succeeded at anything;
not even suicide attempts,
not even anything memorable.
I've just been unfortunate enough to be unlucky at everything.
I just want this horrible feeling to go away.

my ceiling broke once again. I just want this to stop. To end everything.

Why can't I?
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