AmeriMav Dec 2018
You say I’m your rock
Your hero, your champion
I think my cape tore
It was a bright spring day out by the pool
We’d gathered together amidst lawn chairs
To watch

A somewhat portly
Man centered in the water
Swirling like Esther
We sipped our ****** wine and smiled cautiously but amused no less.

From the far northern edges came a little
Light haired boy dressed like an angel
Or perhaps the son
Of Poseidon
I think the whole point of this had something to do with Poseidon
Or some other *** of the sea
That remained unclear for
Me at least

Needless to say, this was a pool
A little pool with green astroturf surrounding
Piquant with chlorine
Not churning and grey.
Again, to the north stood the child
His son no doubt
Who must have been told simply and repeatedly
Just go to Daddy in the pool
Stand by the side
And he will pick you up
Hold onto your trident

But upon making his move to
the child
And in so doing began to wail
Leaving his otherwise stoic father
Perplexed and annoyed
His eyes squinting out the sun
His performance ending before it ever began

Three women rushed to the little wails
The mother scooped her child into her arms
Cradling the tears
Her attendants ran for vanilla ice cream
The boy now sated
Was resplendent in calm satisfaction

Father left the pool
Make-up running down his wet face
The child ate his ice cream from the bowl
steadfast in his concentration
and seeming innocence
The mother held her little man
The man in charge
We stood up and left for more ****** wine
Perhaps the Pinot.
s Willow Dec 2018
E., our relationship,
was built with a foundation of cheating.
Started that night.
Little less then two years ago.
I cheated on my girlfriend,
with you.

The Gods are getting their revenge
Revenge for how I made her feel.

Now you don’t even care about how you made me feel.

***** you E.
Why do we see the act of falling
Like it is such a burdensome thing
It can only get worse from here
As we fall back to our beginning
That when we fall, we fail
We are no longer soaring up
Though, falling is inevitable
There is also something to love
A shooting star that falls
Is a beautiful sight and rarity
A falling star where we lay our hopes
Behind closed eyes, in wishes and dreams
Elizabeth Dec 2018
Why am I never enough?
Why am I always the one bleeding?
Why is loving me so tough?
Why am I always left pleading?

I am a soul worth looking into too,
I don’t have a lot of visible scars,
I can’t show you what I’ve been through,
But I did fought many wars.

You left,
Desperate cries for help,
Were silenced by anger,
Nothing else was felt,
My wrist was my anchor.

I’ve lost again,
I know,
My efforts were in vain,
Just let me bathe in my sorrow.
Poetic T Dec 2018
Only a weak man would intrude
                    on virtues of another.
For a strong man knows that within him
                 is the virtues of a woman's birth.  

And with out them, he would be nothing.
            Those that intrude on the innocence,  
         have a weakness not of man
but of value and are neither of morality or humanity.

But the sinking ventures of humanities folly.
                For all of creations bindings are
                                but a creation of before.

And even those that are  pure some are always
                              damaged to the point of sorrow.
Never guise all under one brush,  
   because each is a different ******.

And some are just not meant to be allowed
                                                   to paint a canvass.
          let alone a memory upon another's ever
                                                changing innocence.
Toni-Ann Johnson Dec 2018
Questions worth 35 marks,
No use checking the brain for answers, you know it’s dark.
The clock turns slowly, you have no clue what to write,
You start worrying for you know one bad report, just one low grade can ruin your life.
You begin looking over the times you’ve procrastinated, then you begin to write,
You write a whole page not relating to the work, but to your life.
The invigilator looks you in the eye, you give him a smile,
Pity he doesn’t know how blank you are, he sees you writing a whole page, he’s probably saying you’re a smart child.
But of course, you’re smart,
It’s just that lately mentally and emotionally you’ve been falling apart.
But that doesn’t matter to the teachers, they have one job that is to teach,
They can’t give you comfort, they can’t give you the counseling you seek.
The invigilator saying “ALL PENS DOWN” is what pulls you from your thoughts,
Your page is still blank, you get a sharp pain after realizing all the time you’ve lost.
You hand in the exam paper with only your name,
The invigilator skips through the pages, you look away in shame.
Ashamed because the paper is blank, ashamed because the only thing you wrote was your name,
You leave the exam room wishing to disappear for you know you have failed.
Based on real-life events. It's just funny how a person can be in distressed and no one sees, no one notices. But when they see you start falling back in life that's when they start to notice. And instead of helping that person out they criticize, curse and beat that person down. AND IT HURTS.........
Temporal Fugue Nov 2018
The little rat ******* was slick
on his very quick snacking trip
he licked the traps clean
a rodential machine
sooner or later, he'll slip

The glue traps did the trick
that's where that monster did stick
nevermore seen
his demise sticky obscene
I hated being
such a ****

The traps erstwhile effect
not rats but mice subjects
licking clean the traps
as final sticky naps
the end of this, project
Can't stand the little %$#&@^&s, saw him yesterday morn as I was heading into work, looked like he has a broken leg (alot of construction around here) kinda felt bad, but put out traps to **** the little **** :D he licked em clean without springing them! Glue traps down now, will update this poem if that fails LOL

Kinda hard to **** another living being, but hey, harbingers of disease! :(
Mandalina Nov 2018
I'm sorry
I failed
I slipped
I broke down
I caved in
I gave up

I'm sorry
I relapsed

_an old poem i found_
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