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lyka Feb 2020
Bury me in the warmth of your embrace
Drown me in the scent of something like home
Carry my fears into whispers of forever
Hold me til I question if I was ever broken at all
Francie Lynch Aug 2019
We first sexed in a tumbling, fumbling manner;
The time had come, it seemed to us,
To consummate our ****** lust.

The Valley was shakin' to The Rocks,
A popular Irish band;
We'd had our fill,
I sparked the engine,
And parked my bike on Techumseh Hill.

The summit was dew damp;
We spread wide our pants,
Not knowing who should go for whom,
So we relented to the crescent moon;
I acquiesced to the shooting stars
When my eyes

Diverse moons have filled my nights,
Long since the grassy knoll,
hj Jun 2019
I want your fingers in my hair
wanna feel your breath against my lips
I want your hands roaming my body
your eyes exploring my soul
I want to stay away from everybody
every body there is but yours
I want the moon to lose our shape
can't find our bodies separate
I want our auras to lose colors
and find one rainbow beaming in the dark
I want you dark and in color
I want your lips the taste of cigarettes
I want your lips the taste of hot chocolate
I want you daisies
I want you irises
But I want you
and only you
Annie May 2019
This pool is bottomless; stunningly blue,
I find that I’m tumbling towards it with you.

We’ve fallen, and now that the surface is breaking,
our dive, beyond words, will leave us both shaking.

I see now, a lifetime of love in the making.
دema flutter Apr 2019
gold in your hair,
denim on floor,
mistakes in bed,
bathing in each
other’s cologne,
i trace the freckles
on your back,
no more time to
talk, time has
hopped on a Cadillac,
purple becomes
my new skin tone,
one seal breaks
and now im in the
lost virtues zone,
my name becomes
your only vocab,
shortly after
I had it unwrap.
To touch her nakedness with my own
was to take our most human moment
and suspend it higher than the stars
where human beings had no right to be.

To kiss her while we met in bareness
was to transcend our humanity
and in our most ****** pleasure
feel totally unconfined freedom.

To make love with nothing between us
was to make humans’ humanity
and have the two come alive as one
where life itself is understatement.
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Remember well, O breathless kiss
While melting oneness in your skin
Soulful eyes of passion’s abyss
Hold me close to the dream I'm in.

Trembling hard within our embrace
Fearlessness settled on your hips
Tenderness spread across your face
The Heaven found upon your lips.

The whispered comfort in your ear
So satisfied in binding trust
Broken down walls that brought us near
Two souls beyond two bodies' lust.

Ne’er more perfect did two unite
Released from tortured fallacy
Compassion roused to star the night
A night surpassing fantasy.
Instagram @insightshurt
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Anica De Luna Feb 2019
What a way to make a Love so Sweet
like a flower in a favorite movie scene...

Bodies draped in sugars and salt.
Souls covered in deep blanket of warmth and cold..

Shall engrave in her heart
Shall leave handprints of Love
Shall write poems in her stars..

You smell her,
You touch her gently,
You admire the beauty,
You watch it blossom
and you thank God
for creating something
so... perfectly..
so... extraordinary..

Between the sheets, in perfect peace,
The back and forth is synchronous.
The movements slow but never cease,
Then rise with violence amorous.

Between the sheets, yet closer still,
The lust for love becomes sublime,
One slides in to the other’s fill
The coming moments beyond time.

Between the sheets, the eyes roll back,
The light caress has now dug in,
Moans interrupted by a smack
Of rhythmic impact skin in skin.

Between the sheets, in unison,
The lovers’ gush of spirit meets,
Their finished glow beams like the sun.
They lie alone—where are the sheets?
Instagram @insightshurt
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Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
I love your eyes.
Wet, filled with desire.
I love them most when they stare back into mine.
Not a word needs to be said.
A breath between us two,
Each craving met, my eyes trailing yours.
The way they bend shut when your legs stretch out
and your arms wrap around me.
The natural curling of toes
When your eyes widen before closing tight.
I love looking into your eyes.
This feel good feeling that interrupts each kiss.
A gasp filled behind closed eyes.
A roaring ****** that rumbles behind them.
The arch felt across the small of your back.
Bridging the gap of a swaying bridge.
Your body in the comfort of my hands.
A soft kiss below your temple.
Welcoming your shyness.
Those eyes that follow the movement of your head.
I love the way you look at me and bite your bottom lip.
Welcoming the audience of my eyes.
Catching every glimpse,
Not a thought held back behind those eyes.
Our passion held between us two.
Lost in the rumble of how your body trembles.
Over and over,
Until your fast asleep
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