You tell me to go.
When I leave, you say, 'stay'.

You tell me I'm fat.
When I stop eating, you say, 'anorexic'.

You tell me I'm ugly.
When I flip you off you say, 'weak'.

You tell me to stop cutting myself.
When I don't you say,

'Kill yourself.'

^insert title here.
Wyatt R May 14

I'm drawing myself out
on the paper for you all to see.
What can you make out of it?
Nothing? There's no surprise,
you know we're all a mess
scribbled down
on crumpled paper.

This mess is my life, the perfect illustration about an imperfect subject.
ryrosaur May 11

I woke up this morning.
Then I went back to sleep.
Twenty minutes past my alarm, I realized that public education has been ranked as something mildly important, so I got out of bed and dressed myself in the clothing that I had picked out the night before - varying shades of grey. Not fifty. I'd say about four.

English class is fun.
ryrosaur May 8

Sometimes it hurts to breathe.
Other times I'm running on automatic.
Sometimes I'm in control - which leads me to question the God that thought it was a good idea to put somebody like me in charge of the vital function of getting the air into my lungs.
But most of the time, I'm not.
I don't focus on breathing.
So it goes up and down and speeds up and slows down and comes out heavy and comes out quietly a n d t h e n i t s t o p s
And I'm free for a moment.

ryrosaur May 8

I like this girl.
Granted, I'm not supposed to like her - I'm not even allowed to like girls, as if they think I can just avoid addressing my sexuality.
But I like her.

Someday I pray
I'll be given the chance
To explain it ALL

And I will not hesitate or second glance
Or question myself
In that moment when it presents itself

I will not falter
I will not fall

I will simply speak and share with you
ALL of the memories and ALL of the understandings
Which I've built up here
Inside of it ALL

Will you be the one to hear my voice?
Will yours be the name I get to call?

God only knows, although I dream
And can guarantee, that it will be, ALL

Because there's ALways more.
donny May 3

You are no longer in my dreams

As far as i'm concerned
You only exist in the moments
I see you in the hallway or out the window of the bus

You are the underlying definition of irrelevance

You are nobody

You are a stranger

A stranger that I shared more with than anyone else
A stranger that used me and didn't think twice about it

You are vile

You hold your drugs and hormones
As an excuse

But there is no excuse for the way you made me feel
Or how much time i've spent on thoughts of you

There is no possible excuse for how you consumed my life
How you plagued every thought
And for a while every tear as well

But i'd only let so many tears fall

One day everyone will turn against you
And believe me i've been there it will happen

You would have no one to turn to
And you would be alone and in this time

But no matter what you did to me
If you need someone I will be there

Because that is who I am

I hold everyone up except for myself

Even when I collapsed I will still struggle to hold everyone else up

When the very ground itself opens up beneath me
I will carry everyone down and soften their landing

jasmin May 3

i never knew silence that much
until that very afternoon
when i tried so much
to hold my teardrops
and hide the sobs
that were exploding inside
my weary body
and my wrecked soul

i wonder,
if i was found dead that day,
would they think 'twas suicide
or would the police say,
"she was slain by the silence
that was enclasped within her solitude"?

"she didn't want to take her life, she was murdered by the messes life threw at her." the police added

Signing up for this certain road
Foreseeable or not
Be it windingly long, or deafeningly smooth
Makes no difference to me
Because to get to the end of it
To the end of it all
And to drive on like this
Is to get to be with, and be beside you

We do not know why, how, where, or for how long the other feels called to wait. We can only see our side of the equation, and ask when the moment seems right. *patiently* I'm waiting for such moments. Lord please help me wait for confidently.
Ammy Al'Amir Apr 24

When I think of you too much,
my eyes lull
my ears drop off
my mouth becomes a field
of cotton,
never ripened enough
to pick from.
Everyday tasks grow fercious
with their complexities,
even the necessaries
I've come to
ache for
such as drinking, 
eating and sleeping
are shot up 
a giant's leg of a stalk,
and you know 
I can't climb that high up, my love.
So I sit here, in a daze 
and stare 
at the world growing grey,
all because 
your shadow
has not crossed over it yet,
your lips 
have not spoken enough
for me to draw out
your words have yet
to tangle themselves tightly
around my tongue,
and I find 
to breathe
when you are not here,
but have no air left in me
when you are.

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