halsey 18h
This is a moment of happiness
stolen from time
Michael 1d
Know me.
Know me by name, know my deed.
Know me by my prose, know me by my song.
Know me by these words, if you know me at all.
Know me by desire, my desire to be known.
Know that I don't seek fame, but only appreciation.
Mike D 1d


I do not seek out a brighter day
A wish of happiness, no more
Vaulted hope; Cracked safe opened and released
Laughter and cheer walked out the door

Position every window blind shut
Draw the shades so none shall see
Must keep sunshine’s heavenly rays locked out
And preserve this perfect misery


Written: March 16, 2018

All Rights Reserved
While observing this love of ours,
Over the time this world will be jealous.
Me you will always find by your side,
But we won't let 'em drain our hours,
Mine you are solely & I am only yours,
Over the decades, they will observe us,
We will rather enjoy our lovely showers.

Yes, my love, we are going to be happy,
Over the long time span of several years,
Under the blessings bestowed upon us,
Rose of our love has no thorns,
Up above into the bed of soft clouds,
Onto our heads from the divine mother,
Yes, my love, it'll be her blessing for us.

I love you and that's an irreversible fact,
Nostalgia of her loving caring nature is here,
Toss all the worry away into the water,
Onto the surface of an agitated stream,
Think of us both as the same entity,
Never fear the outcome of a nicely done job,
I am your friend and your mother.

Cool whispers will make their way,
Onto your ears they will make ways,
Medley of pop songs they will play,
Even though we will have differences,
My love you cherish, multiply & reflect,
Over the moonlit sky so dark blue,
Calling all the best caring careful souls.

We, you and me, are blessed to be together,
It's as if we were never different actually,
Let's not worry about the unknown future,
Let's just receive what comes with open arms,
Let's not fear anything that has not happened yet,
It's impractical to worry about the unknown,
What if we succeed should be our thought.

Because you love me like you have never loved,
And I love you exactly like you ever wanted,
Being together should be our foremost priority,
Yes, with each other we are creating magic,
But this is just a hint of our potential together,
And we are capable of a lot more after marriage,
Because you and I love each other so much.

A baby will come into your womb,
Another thing about this love of ours.
Reverse quarternary artistic acrostic poem.

My HP Poem #1705
©Atul Kaushal
just know that as you drew me
you took a piece of my soul

and as you held me
I lost my heart in yours

so now we're at our close,
I will never again be quite
sex is scary and I look back at our time together with fear.
friend, i hope you are okay
Tyrus Mar 8
it's not criminal to be individual
every March seventeenth, the glint froom
a perverted imp finds me achin'
and if aye dig deep enough,
this Goyish pseudo judo day yo criss chin

can figuratively unearth a puckish
   (gnome like) elfish sprite
   with a layer ring ga Erin
which byte size (key) ah man able troll
   help pan for treasure hunters

   plume bing the underworld
   with his (aye farm lee bull eve
   moost har male) sly grin
stirring thy faux set (head)
   feigned Irish with in
new mutter nada trace,

   (boot perhaps juiced an iota)
   o' Brogue kin
Celtic gene found
   within me genealogical tree,
   an itty bitty min
newt chromosomal thread,
   (which with assistance of Crispr)
   i.e., a more discerning Quaker can pin

point how this predominantly
   (decrepit ole coot)
   Semitic baby boomer tub hoot
(whale hugging
   ma gude look four leaf Shamrock)
   can locate long buried loot

according to legend
   (plus devout avid fervent
   Irish Aunt Fib B. Hen
   aka Sally Salamander Newt)
doth avail her excitement to help up root

(perhaps revisiting a previously dug oop ditch)
maybe treasure undetected
   cuz ova technical,
   and/or mechanical glitch

truth to the tantalizing myth
   whar hike can hitch
   my dreams to a morning star,
   that would make a par man rich
and put an end
   to mine fingers that hoo twitch

which i roan nick pie rite (of quartz)
   alluding to healthy appetite,
sans tea zing alluring
   (whet started as byte)
size nar invisible craving,
   which fantasy easily didst excite
(necessitating yars true lee) to don robe of foo fight
tar, yet persistent and nagging lust didst light
lore (akin to un hearth thing
   pot o' gold at rainbow's end),

   cuz hum ma penniless plight
   such dogged pursuit, a mirage,
   whereat aye drool in plain sight
thus conk clue ding this
   hip poe eponymous droning pome
   though, tis plenti mo' hie hood write!
Lure Pot Mar 3
I am a child of this heartless world
where you're playing with my tears
they run down my faces
just like deep down rivers
and they are full of blood!

There is no sunshine in my sky
my heart is little but so broken
and over flowing the rivers
with tears of sadness
and darkness fills the sky!

The heartless world doesn't hear my yell
my parents are laying down next to me
but they aren't hugging me
and my siblings have no breaths
because you have killed them all!
we know
how easily people's get confused
our love
we aint
what we know

who told you
Mike D Mar 1
Darkness falls
Fairy grass
The height of streets
And time will pass
A guitar string
A reminder past
Answers to questions
You shouldn’t ask

Wake, sleep
Cry and laugh
Sailing vessels
With a tall, tall mast
Southern winds
Playful sass
Etiquette and class

Impudent face
Repugnant shack
Dripping drops
Shoes that ‘clack’
Gravitational pull
An aching back
I jump about
In my potato sack

Job well done
Completed task
Going too slow
Moving too fast
Nostalgic views
Memory past
Aging hands
Rough and cracked

Infectious laughter
Friendly chat
For this and that
Time again
Confidently apt
Forward leaning
Stumbling back

Cavernous bottom
Infinity’s laugh
Mirrored views
Unbreakable trap
Oscillated dreams
The devil’s whack
Stand and fight
Upon attack

Endless pieces
Of broken glass
On Icarus’ wings
I plot my path
Upside down
Behind the mask
New beginnings
Nightmare’s once had

Time again
Shuttering task
Sparkling glean
Presents wrapped
Golden treasure
Encased in black
Here at last
Written: February 18, 2017

All rights reserved
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