Annett 2d
Kings drink from steel cups as peasants die from steel swords.
Queens soak in honeyed milk as maidens soak in spoiled blood.
A young boy steals a crown of flowers, giving to his love,
A Knight steals a crown of bone, keeping hungrily for his own.
The people start fires as witches burn,
And the Kings laugh heartily from poisoned cups as servants throw away the bottle.
Ok. Dark. Jeesh.
By the time
This is through,
I'll be
Far from you,
But not the memory
Of every single thing
You've done to me.
See, I won't be free.

Here's the deal
That is real
No matter what you say,
I bleed this very day.
Nothing's sealed.
I'm not healed.
I just don't talk about
The wounds anymore.

By the time
You are mad,
I'll be
Looking back
Won'dring if you're coming
After me to do to me
What you do to me.
See, I won't be free

Here's the deal
That is real
No matter what you say
I bleed this very day.
Nothing's sealed.
I'm not healed.
I just don't talk about
The wounds anymore.

By the time
You are through,
I'll be
Still trying to
Erase the scars of every single thing
You've done to me.
See, I won't be free.

Here's the deal
That is real
No matter what you say
I bleed this very day.
Nothing's sealed.
I'm not healed.
I just don't talk about
The wounds anymore.
I just wrote this, tonight, in one sitting.
Don't judge too harshly.
I get dark when I am hungry.
Scars, we all have them. We all give them.
You will say thank you,
for loving me like a prayer.
Because you think the only way-
someone could love you was through divine intervention.
You, a girl who is not quite yet a women.
You still think you can make men out of monsters-
That you only must show love to get it in return.
You have not yet learned
That some monsters
Have given their souls a long time ago.
That the blood that they taste on their tongue
no longer tastes like rust,
It’s what keeps them alive.
And he keeps you because
You liken him to godly-
And he hasn’t felt that kind of reverence in a long time.

- he will will take the innocent you wear like a shield and break it down until there is nothing left, not even him.
Un gato negro
Robando almas
Como sombra bajo la litera
Fuma el gato negro
Saboteador la suerte
Y llevándote a su cama
el gato negro te acorrala
con su cola y sus garras
no deja en paz tu alma
algo la amenaza.

Un par de aceitunas
una ofrenda de la noche
te observa, te protege
el viaja con fantasmas
el gato negro que me cuida
de los sueños astrales.
The American Library Association
      implores cognoscenti tubby alert
impersonators, who
     call themselves Ernie and Bert

     took a page from Sesame Street Playbook
oft times accompanied
     by a Soundcloud of dirt,
boot none other then Pigpen,

     (who worked for Peanuts),
     and pay-dirt, though
     dismissed, cuz he did not exert
true grit, plus more seriously scandalous

     sordid details suppressed kept from press,
     (which scurrilous breach of conduct
     involved said scallywag
     violating more than flirt

discovered in prurient compromised activity,
     where his skin flute encircled,
     with an ambrosia girt
transgressions possibly affected

     public television station benefactors,
     and sterling reputation of bottom line, nor hurt
locker talk (albeit via exaggerated mainly
     to make a profit sounding proper

     sanctimonious Cliff (hanging) notes,
     asper faux expected by
     a "FAKE" trumping prophet,
     sans motley crue comic
     stripped of more'n
     motion picture PG ratings,

hence future lurid, graphic,
     banal, ampersand
(&) dressing room banter
     muted, disallowed, and banned

so storied characters birthed by Charles Shulz,
     (who passed away prior to near canned
aforementioned indiscretion debacle)
     returning amidst fanfare hoopla

     much as possible grand
jour "Making Peanuts Great Again" hand
diddly restoring full metal paperback jacketed
     glory and apple pie order land

ding rebirth of cherished popular iconic
     easy to digest bookworm feed
which unexpectedly, inadvertently,
     and horrifyingly

     brewed ferocious breed
on par with the Alaskan Bull Worm,
     whereat armed guards
     strategically stationed

     at libraries entrances indeed
aware voracious young readers,
     would pay no heed
to any obstacle, and such unstoppable

     ravishing knowledge
     hungry kids did exceed
capacity security details dashed away,
     faster then Clifford
     the big red dog speed!
Bryce Jun 28
Kawasaki revving on a long 5 intercourse
screaming pipe, watching from behind
a beautiful carousel of red and blue
flashing between my eyes

All along these tired roads
between the wandering streams cutting daily into the sediment
eroding the trust of those ancient riverbanks
exposing the bodies laid to dust

Those great crackling xylophones
marimba of memory and curdled blood
Screaming now, cracking between the gunshots
like bones
Souls forever past it

No forgiveness, no chance
No indictment on a ruddy road

I fall off my bike, skid a mile or two
feel the deep earth grind my skin,
tempting me with heat and a sweet goodbye
a challenge I'll never win

I skid past the officer in a ditch,
hole in his head and a clipboard ripped in two
Poor man, back with the sediment
wrapped in a carpet of beige and mud
all we've ever done

I'm not sure what I'd have said
As I slid past on my way to death
where the Appalachia slammed into Africa
saying we were all in this together
once before
as dinosaurs

So how are we any different then?

Bunch of stardust
and Sediment
Acting like winners
and consumed by lust
for dust and rocks
a part of us
Leading back our dark descent

Kawasaki flips and implodes in a ball of combustibles
behind me the sky explodes into red
and fire of passion deep in our star
of hearts, I know we'll all be the same then
empty of body, devoid of toys
stripped of lies, those knowledgeable clothes
and return to perfect Eden
where dirt and earth are us,
and dust we discriminate
obliterate into the neverend
Don't do drugs, please
Just give them to me
I promise that
I'm right here

And if in someone's
You need to plead
I promise that
I'm right here

I don't wish for the end
Truly I am content
I look in the mirror
And I'm right here

No matter how it ends
I don't think it's up to me
You still have a friend
I promise that
I'm right here

I took two pills
And I just hope that
They don't make me

The last thing I want
Is to tell the difference
Between my dreams
And what's

In my dreams
All my dead friends
Are here
A simple hello
From your lost voices
Is all I wish to

I know
I had a

You're all right here
I believe in the Sun even when it isn’t shining
I believe in Love even when I am alone
I believe in Happiness even when the world is crying
I believe in the Lord even when it seems I’m on my own
I believe in tomorrow even when I feel like tonight will never end
I believe in all these things because they always come back again
For every dark night, there’s an even brighter day
For every hollow path is a more fulfilling way
In every dark cloud, you can find a silver lining
So I keep my faith, and my faith keeps me grinding
Against the icy metal, like the rose that grew
From concrete, with its scratched and hardened petals
When no one in the world was here to love me
I held my head to the sky above me
And I was happy because I kept my faith
trf Jun 21
Baby please forgive me for
the curses that i've sung
Paralyzed in my web of verses
silk patterns that i've spun

Like a spider
i'm beggin' you
not to step on me
I'm a liar
and design my beauty
from webs of deceit

Honey when i light your candle
it smells like melons dropping rain
A smile undoes the shapes
of my lips and my mouth and my pain

Something's sweet about these memories
it seems to be hard to sleep now
You better believe this is killing me
i can't tell a moon from a cow

to make peace with three sevens
three sevens
purgatory is hell in heaven
maybe a blessing

You flew by like a casual vulture
a backdrop in my mountain's terrain
Blond hair and blue eyed culture
a lightning strike to my weather vane

I yelled out from the distance
screaming, "hey babe come back!"
but you ignored my pleas
and distanced me
and chased the sun into the black

They arraigned my devotion
and subpoenaed the sky
Took days from a father's son
grey couldn't see black and white.
Ahh life! The choices, circumstances, dealings and feelings. If anything... what raw hide ride!
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