RK Sep 2

I remember the gift I received from you.
The perfect rhythm, joy of harmony.
Your gift was with me everywhere
Until ...

Truth became blurred...

I followed the mood intentionally.
Moving slowly, questioning the intrusions flowing
through me. Bypassing the lie telling me -
I am, broken.

Remembering that rhythm - descending.

I chose to feel thoughts of peace
The noise quietened tremendously
Aligning me,
Albeit temporarily.

Feeling  that rhythm -  vibrationally.

Deep, deep deep I knew,
beneath the turbulence
"I Am " growing , growing in truth - watching affectionately,
knowing and remembering your gift

Re-membering that rhythm,  "I am" already healed.

Ascending graciously.


Hello to all my friends at Hello Poetry.
Please accept my apologies for not responding to you comments or your likes.
I found it extremely difficult to write in any way shape or form over the past good few months. it seemed my mind only wanted quietness and I followed the mood. I lived very quietly and then this evening - this poem came. I hope you understand,  and also enjoy the poem. . I'm hoping to read and write again soon.
Raquel Butler Aug 28

Sometimes I feel like it's all just a game in my head.
I go from moments of intense emotion
to nothingness,
and when I finally feel okay
the cycle starts all over again.
And I can't keep these lightning shifts
to myself,
so I end up ruining everything
and everyone else.
And even when I recognize the behavior,
it shifts to a seemingly more innocent danger.
I can't help it,
and I can't victimize,
so I'll just make everyone hate me
so I'll just make everything die.

I don't think this is complete but I feel too numb to write anything good right now so this will have to do until I revisit it :)

This pain

Its only temporary

I promise you
You'll find a way
A way out of this hell

Just be patient

Trust is all temporary

Life is moving so fast,
You may fee like an outcast,

But it'll come back round,
Pick you up,
And you'll fly higher than you ever thought you could.

Be patient,
Trust the person who see's the light, trust in them while you cannot see it yourself.

Diya Aug 20

Behind the bars
Of emotion
Inside the cars
Without motion.
A beast roared
Without any word
Rather silently
A heart of pebbles
Tears full of rebels
Eyes were big and red
Yet weak
People called her mad
Or mentally sick!
Ya ,she had a disease
That was anger
Which always cease
To make her weaker.

I am short tempered and fed up of this .......

Love isn’t always feeling free and butterflies,
Sometimes after we lose one we feel like the light dies.
The world seems dim and the curtains close,
Locked in a room with no place to go.

Love at first glance probably doesn’t exist,
But honey you do and you don’t want to miss:
All of the times with your friends and your daughters will grow,
And watching yourself kick ass because you’re tough, this I know.

Love doesn’t turn out right and the days pass on by slow,
While you’re suck thinking about the dip-shit who had you walk in the cold.
And though you’re still caught in the hole that he dug,
Don’t let it be your grave because it’s been dug without love.

Love isn’t love without two people a-growin’,
He obviously never did, and you have a hard time a-knowin’.
And you’re traveling to the wasteland, where diamonds don’t belong,
You’ll find him there, so you know this place is wrong.

Love does exist, and you’ll find it one day.
He wasn’t the one, and for now that’s okay.
You’ll find another and he’ll be in the wasteland,
That you’ve come to, yeah wondered, and you’ll be out of it then.

Love never comes when you decide to look,
So he’s just a heartache that doesn’t have a hook.
A stupid self-centered, insecure fuck like him,
Doesn’t deserve such a precious, bright gem.

Born of dead matter, heat and compression,
Comes one of life’s greatest self-taught self lesson:
A diamond is beautiful, valuable too,
And brilliant and glistening and hard as hell too.
Diamonds were once dead and diamonds were once buried,
Diamonds were once a big blob of bitter nothing.
But if you look now, after all of this time,
If you listen closely and you hear this rhyme,
You will understand that people are diamonds too,
And if you followed closely, that diamond was you.


Mike Virgl Aug 15

"Move Forward"

I tried but something pulls me back
To my source along the foaming river
Lacking any course, I drown
In the rapids never to deliver
My message

"Move on Forward"

This tether cannot be broken!
To my core the anchor is a snug fit
A token whore, mine to hold
Deep in my chest, this bucket of shit
Weighs my broken soul

"Move on"

Do you not understand what you say
To just give up a hope so close to heart
To live today, is to end
All of myself and my loving friend

"Stop caring for me"

Look at you! Happy and smiling!
Bright and alert you drew me in!
With loving laughter and that little grin
Maddening and addicting sweet opium of flesh
How could I not love
Such a wondrous nymph

"I am just one of many"

Yet the very best, of them all
Yet with my deceitful withdrawal
And sea-brimmed stare
You saw through the salt
and caused me to care

"I am sorry"

You cause everyday to be a blessing and a curse
For all I need is that toothy grin
For without it I become solemn
And hateful, and slothful and sinful

There is no need for an apology
All I need is to be set free
From the bond
You clasped over me...

So do me a kindness and get the fuck out of my life...
Or promise me not to push away...

This was very hard for me to start writing I did not know where to start, I hope you like it, and understand this came from pure frustration, and honestly an awful place
Lydia Aug 14

Tossing and turning for two hours now,
My mind is filled with things at night that my daytime brain trys to push away
My soul has been crushed and I think that's what's bothering me
How a happy life can turn into this, tossing and turning until 5 a.m
Some things you feel so deeply they burn a fire in your chest and a wind through your veins, telling you to move, flow, be free
All I've ever wanted
Deep deep down, all I've ever wanted was to be free on my own but all I've ever been was held against someone else's will

PoonWhisper Mar 1

In a broad kindred of spirits collide,
Too each is each to own and then we reply.

For where art thou darker days? Tucked behind us, spread like paste. Beneath a new chapter is where it lays.

A folding eyelid above beholds.
Temperatures swell, tempation creeps, weather is cold.

Are we not our own or do we just do as we are told? Again into the fold, clouds gather ahead, I clinch tight to my soul.

It's just that Im really not a good person. But I keep following this glow. Into the dark again I go.

A strange connection between what you consider real or make belief.
A thin rope dangles above from the fall that balanced and centered me.

For all that I appreciate and sense to be. For life finally making sense to me. Im circled by Death, teaching me something I have yet to be.

Echo knows eternity. A perfect gift from me to you from the lights of which you were meant to be. You are to your ability, able to be. Deep within your reach is where your meant to be...

Learning how walk on my own two feet.
Cloud Aug 12

i write this for a person named Paolo.
And every word I type, I type it without thinking
for I need to listen to my heart quick enough
and sought to his tears
for his soul despairs
and he is hanging by the edge
holding strong to the rope
and not letting the waves take him away.

How beautiful is the soul
who chooses to smile
and laugh like he heard the funniest joke in the world
despite the plummeting numbers in his
college entrance exam

He said, "I'm scared."
He showed me his results
and shit was that to be scared about
I understood the tear in his heart
but i collected his glass tears and
gazed at it in a tiny vial.

I saw a miserable, crying, lost boy
Just a boy.
But he was so brave not to let that tear go
and let others see his big, wide smile.

And then tonight, he finally let go of the very thing holding him together.

His ocean drowned me and I felt the gravity of his sadness
The fear.

He brought me into his soul and opened his eyes for me to see.
And it was so dark.
A darkness I have never seen nor heard nor felt.

How the fuck was i gonna help him?
What was I gonna do?

And thank God, my inner child spoke to me.
guess what the hell he said.

He just fucking laughed away.

The darkness never seems to get to him, does it not?

But it was it.

What is more beautiful than watching a person lauging and smiling at such a dark moment?
No matter how much the darkness is trying to diminsih the light, the light will only shine brighter.

Life told him, "Give up. You're a nobody who's less worthy than a lost coin."
But that very night, he told the darkness,
the most beautiful little giggle.

I have, at this moment, seen the most beautiful human being.

hey paolo.
do not despair.
do not despair.
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