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Mercy 6d
I thought I was
A bungalow filled
With webs
Then I met you
A son
A light
A star
In between the suburbs
Of my healing
Its hard to explain the contractions
Of my veins and arteries
Coz the excitement
Registration is new to my
Mixed signals squeezing my
System to chuckle
Blush and giggle
I think am in Love again.
So my burial was birth
To this beauty
The kissing of smiles
Chucks of imagination
I can't clearly tell coz you know
You can't keep throwing stones
When you own a house of glass.
Today is heavy, my soul carrying my body.  
Yesterday we were walking chased by a black dog.
Everywhere he followed me and my body.
But when we tried to approach him, he ran as fast as a fox can.

We let him play this game for a while under a bright full moon in the sky.
Walking to the bridge, sitting under trees.
Staring at the sky, seeing the dog come and go.
Until we got fed up and left to let him sort it out.
He never came back anymore.

Today we had a meltdown, too much to carry to carry on.
So we let it flow and accepted that you can’t fully explain this world and people are suffering.
We’ve been lost all throughout this life and only gathered pieces to guide us through a journey that taught us that everything has a story.

And we gathered those with us as well.
So many, still so lost.
But nothing is wrong and nothing is right.
It all just is what it is at that moment or that lifetime.
This soul carrying this body today...
It’s always longing to see and be beyond this one.
Esther Sep 4
i noticed
on our way back to the bus stop
you offered to carry my bag
it felt like a weight lifted off my chest

i guess
you're a flawless angel
having hit hell's rock bottom
i don't want to stain you like a bottle of wine

i swear
when you said you wanted to kiss me on the cheek
before i stepped on the bus
i could've loved you then

i'm caught in the middle
you saw me right through
wanting a new start
yet struggling to let go.
let's see where this goes, joe
basil Sep 3
sick and tired
of eating until i'm sick
and pretending i'm not tired
Shane Leigh Aug 15
I do not know what it was that I thought to say in this.
This that is, or was, supposed to be a "poem" - I suppose.
Not one of genuine notoriety,
Or of one that really has any other meaning
Than words have by themselves.

In light,
My supposing,
Is that this will be a poem of no genuine worth;
One that,
If read in passing,
Will mean nothing in particular.
One that is not extraordinary;
Not exciting;
Not full of sensual words that evoke a reaction.

Not this one.
I'm simply writing the words that come naturally to me.
These are the words that create creativity;
But these are also the words that are not very ...
I'm sure,
If rearranged and given time
This could be convincing enough
To be that which would be called a poem;
But, for now,
I will leave this -
Words without feeling;
Without thought;
Words without flow and meaning.
For THAT is what THIS is.
Just read for what it is lol.
Enjoy (:
© Shane Leigh
Sura Aug 13
she was a horror movie...
he was a ******* coward
who died within the first 5 minutes.
Empire Aug 3
tw suicide

it wouldn't be much of a loss
i'm not pretty
i'm not smart anymore
i'm not kind anymore
i'm not loved
i'm not known
my parents would cry...
my sister would cry...
but would their lives change?
would a loved one truly be lost?
if only i could just disappear...
i don't want to ******* be here
this ******* place...
these people...
you'd all be glad if i was gone
Mo Jul 25
Words dont speak itself, actions speak louder.

I believe,
if your my enemy,
i keep u closer in my circle.
Sounds decitful.
I will still feed u.
Just not at my table,
its a vicious cycle.
& Believe me
I'm the good guy
Don't get it twisted
I never want to see you fall,
do me wrong,
We have a issue.
Real talk.

WHY..why can't I
see the good in people in general.
Having a good heart always stabs you
time after time.
But, really all i got
that gut feeling
Never a great feeling.
Never satisfied.
I want to give up.
Sometimes i wonder what life has to really offer.
Am I the only 1 that thinks like this.
Is this a personal issue & not a mental.
U know what every1 tells me.
Its in gods hands.  
No, its just having faith.
Walk a straight line
Still in limp mode.
Well you know what ,
when will i shine?
Why Is my shine always on somebody else?
You know, why
cause u can't save everybody!!!
Justified in doing good for a greater cause make you out to be a hero..
No. You won't be able to move forward
You be heading into beast of the belly.
Vicious cycle
It's life
Experience events
Only u can do it for yourself and stop worrying dumb **** & just maybe that shine will turn into glitter.

Sharing good intentions never gets you anywhere.
Colm Jul 16
Humming by the rivers run
My feet at a loss for words most forward
Nothing is left in the wake of everything
And I’m certainly not bored
But stop
And by the meadow besideme you may see
Like water or breath
Like droplets of sunlight behind concrete cold
Or faith and love and homeruns high
I need this time like the trees need the sky
And in not knowing I
Find that I cannot breathe in this sort of life
Bones tender
heat within
Closeness & safety abound
Reminders of lust rise inside
They no longer hold us here
We are apart, but alive.
Fears shared, wishes parted
They alone glow beneath me
Heart sounds keep away the dark
I am awake
I am close
I am your thoughts
Warm & Alive as ever
Reminders of comfort
How it kept you safe
Moments of ecstasy rush back
Just to leave you lonesome again
****** again
Those clouds cannot hide your glaces toward me
She sees every one.
Love lost, unwritten story, it is sad and forever and the thing of stories
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