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Kool-Aid and calculated risk taking,

A brisk walk on the mild side

Has left you wanting more.

The line is breaking,

But be careful what you fish for.

There’s a knock on the door

And it’s for you,

Yeah, so it’s for you.

I remember stepping into the brine

As you tip tapped the tick tock

To keep it in line.

It was running out of rhyme and time

Was set to trickling

And tickling from inside.

Doris day and Doris night!

The stars about won’t start a fight

If you talk to them like that,

My dear.

Celestial bodies are not fans

Of blood,

And blood breeds bad seeds

That shoot at the moon

Like thieves.

The gull are shook,

Rattling frigid looks,

And the crooks are creeping

Up the hall.

Oh, Doris,

I can see them all,

And they call like crows

In a catered carrion free for all.

As the sun fades

Into its aquatic grave,

I save a test from the ******* past

And, Doris,

You have loaned stones to my

House of glass.

You’ve crashed,

And you’ve bashed,

And you’ve lashed yourself

To a mast

That you aren’t willing to steer.

In this instance,

I can still hear the bruising pier,

Cheering and jeering,

Until it believed its last.
This is part one in a ten part narrative poem. The whole thing tells the story of some unidentified incident, a nasty time in an unknown person's life. Doris may be many things. Doris may be nothing.
Martin Boško Apr 10
To see the World without the light
To watch the flow of the wind
To listen to owls in their flight
To hear the spirits sing

To feel the breeze of a windless day
To taste the river of love
To smell the words other people say
To dive into waters that flow above
sergiodib Apr 10
MANGO the kiNG Of exotic fruit.
Originally grown in MANGOlia.
PlantsMAN GOlden skin.

OrANGutan, noble creature,
more human than huMAN GHOsts.

Enjoys fandANGO but loves tANGO.
Member of a quANGO.
Tryina feel giggin while looking up liNGO.

Never won at biNGO.

MAN GOes the tree stays.
annh Apr 3
Frequently, I discover words with hidden meaning, shining like coins in a handful of fluff, apple seeds and other down-the-back-of-the-sofa leavings. Some are too precious to share and I secrete them away. Others I spend cheaply on rigged slot machine verbiage. Mostly they sit waiting to be written usefully. Adding insight, lending moment to my day.


Foraging amongst the dahlias
For Cinderella’s lost slipper,
I am Barbie magic made manifest,
I am Germaine (sodding) Greer’s antifem,
I am Super Mum with gumboots on.


The best nonsense is always spoken in the middle of the afternoon while heading north on a train bound for a smallish beige town, and so it was that the occupants of second-class carriage BG1754 found themselves gripped by a kind of eloquent hysteria as they rattled around the final bend in the tracks before the steep descent to the weatherboard station at Claggy Peat.
‘The lampshade on my head is for my bright ideas. I won't be able to convey them until Monday, when my curtain gets out of the dry cleaners.’
- Bauvard, Some Inspiration for the Overenthusiastic
rig Mar 4
thing just in that could
it got i just april
mythical use i but
kinda conditions
spending words the hard
for about concept
enjoyed me 1144 an just
one a don’t we that year
(these are, in order, the first words in each line of page 36 of my diary. random-looking verse structure is based on a square template as this was first an instagram post.)
Niel Feb 23
The yoga of the west
is a sort of cellization
Splitting it up ad infinum
contrary to the look
if properly observed
shows the intricate similes
bound in each island sect
Niel Feb 19
I watch you as you do
we figure and I glue to it
small simples, lowly tries
as tears stream to break
and settles, wiley
pried open, the shopper lurks
products glow, seems too real
luster bursts and courts
to configure as topspin
directs, sets and disperses
this I see, selective
and the curse it churns
to pours so seeply.
Niel Feb 12
I figured we’d happen upon a conflict
and figure to grow independently shared
in interdependence, because we seemed
to puzzle, you know? But maybe
                             I start seeing
                      y’re probably a faerie
                the way like gossamer
               the filament image shift
               and how you waved it away
              and I looked to see it

         you could be writing this, I do believe
            and I cried, just not at present
           definitely later
         it’s strange to probe
          unlock my yearn, mast assuredly
         symbol my consort, in equal means
             and y’re painted in perspective
             and if I don’t shove to make you
                        inside by hopes
                          or desires that crawl
                       responsibilities to fold unto

          There’ll be other answers
        falling apart to the turning
        machines driving, fine tuned
            to rubbage materials
           hoping to find it, silly Mr.
         you fellow humble arrogantor
Niel Feb 11
Just know that you can do it
if you feel like you can’t
well maybe that’s just not it
or maybe you need to wait
but don’t feel ashamed of it
because it can come back
as what you remembered
or something different
and you can still do it
because that’s what you do
so it may be said
that’s what y’re here to do
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