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I had another dream where I was an
Undying, I decided to wear
pants on my head.
Nailed it.
This is a sill little nonsense poem I wrote a few years ago that always makes me laugh.
Abigale May 8
I just hit my *****
If you don't know what this means pls look it up
need not worry,
microscopic one.

for that in the end,

you are like a pineapple.

before, people rented you out
as table centerpieces for parties

but now, you are 98¢
at the local Aldi's
i put this in her card for mother's day and lets just say i only have ONE red hand-shaped mark on my face
When, or how, or if, or what
                Is the Akond of Swat?

Has ever he had a drink with an elf?
When he drinks, does he prove his swatty self
                A SOT,
                The Akond of Swat?

When he wants to get high, does he pack a pipe,
And puff, till cherried, a bowl of ripe
                GREEN ***,
                The Akond of Swat?

Someone, or nobody, full of snot,
Knows when, or how, or if, or what
                Is the Akond of Swat.
Old MacDonald had a farm
where early birds would get the worm
& weathercocks would brave the storm.

Withal, when all is said & done
& didn't, when you wish a pun

a star, it makes no difference who
the heck are you?  the cow & roo-oo-
ster **** a doodle doodle moo.
Abigale May 6
how could you make me so blue
yet have no clue,
how could you make me so happy
and remain to never be tacky

You said not to fall in love
yet, I went above
to call you day and night
for you, I would write

A thousand words
yet I only got about one-third
of your heart
but for you, I would drift apart

From every friendship, I ever
valued, only to realize you could never
Be better
than these letters
I honestly don't even know if this makes sense but yea here ya go
When is is isn't(& never wasn't)

& easy does it is easy doesn't,
all of forever(stuffed in one jiffy)

eternal because when if is iffy,
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