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Jules M Oct 31
I have not given up on love,
But how I love unsettles many,
The girl I am scares most.

I am the girl who can love someone after a couple days.
I am the girl who can love more than one at a time.
I am the girl who shows more love than some have ever received.
I am the girl who jumps back and forth, because this world is taught monogamy is the only way.
I am the girl who loves those that people think I should not.
I am the girl who makes people jealous by accident, because I give out so much affection.
I am the girl who has hurt people with my love.
I am the girl who holds onto love even if it's toxic.
I am the girl who chases love.
I am the girl who wants to make everyone feel loved.
I am the girl who wants forever with everyone I love.
I am the girl who will give everything to everyone.
I am the girl who is reckless when it comes to her heart.
I am the girl who makes promises about love.
I am the girl who breaks her own heart, but keeps on loving anyways.
I am the girl whose heart people want all to themselves, but that, I can rarely provide.
I am the girl that people want in their bed, but I don't understand why.
I am the girl that isn't safe with her heart.
I am the girl that freely gives her heart away.

Is it safe,
To be this way?
It's likely that it is not,
But I say risks were made to take.
ALC Feb 24
I am made of my brothers twisting grip,
as we grapple on the living room floor.
I am made up of saying uncle,
and laughing so hard at the dinner table that milk comes out of my noise.
I am made up of slobbering dog kisses, loving kitten purrs, and injured strays.
I am made up scrambling through bushes, slipping in dirt, and mudded shoes.
Of wild hair, wild eyes, and a wild grin.

I am made up of road trips and sunny days.
Of pool parties and family gathering where laughter is the only thing that echo’s through you’re ears.

I am made up of countless flues and colds that kept me homesick.
Of ditching school with my best friends to go to Disney land,
Of every Friday night being girl’s night for 3 years.

I am made up of heart break for lost love and lost friends.

I am made up of travel and moving away
I am made of studying in Australia,
Of my Danish and Dutch friends that I chose to make my family.

I am made up of smiling faces as I walk to school,
Of ravens over head, and redwoods straight in front.
I am made of scratched arms and bruised legs
Of callused hands and burning muscles.

I am made of a drive for adventure and new experiences
Of an aggressive spirit
And a curious mind.

I am made of freedom,
Of courage
Of love
And a warriors spirit.
I am made up of my memories, of the people I have met, and of the experiences that will never stop.
-ALC February 23, 2019
I have had some amazing experiences in my life and it's amazing to think that all of those experiences have built me into the person that I am today.
دema Sep 2018
I am not what you have made out of me in your head at 2 am when you were thinking about the very specific way I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm not a fact that states that I'm a very expressive person. Trust me when I say you don't want to know how I would express my thoughts of you, so don't try to define my lines when they aren't very clear, not even to me.
Geanna Jun 2018
It can be scary coming out of the closet
Escpecially to your parents

It's sad to know he won't
accept it
He won't accept me

So I have to hide it
Pretend i'm just into the opposite gender
It's hard at times
It *****

Parents are suppose to accept
you for who you are
To love you no matter what

But for me
Lies are everywhere
I can never truly be who
I am

He will disown me
See me in a different way
I'll lose him
For being who I am
~ G.P.O
I wrote this before I came out to my parents. I changed it a bit. My mother accepted me. My father found out about me. An ex-girlfriend broke up with me through text and he read it. He almost kicked me out. He's still in denial about me. If I were to have a girlfriend I'd have to keep it a secret from him.
Melany Garcia May 2018
I need to be a picture-perfect rom-com from the 90's, specifically the part where I find who I am and who I am meant to be.
Scarlet Rose Apr 2018
I am the swirls in the steam above your tea cup, the whisper of wind in the tops of trees; I am that high and light laugh that you can never find the source of, that soft tap of feet that always follows you; I am always there but never tangible, always just beyond where your eyes can see even when they look right at me; I hide in plain sight, even when I shout it is a whisper; I am stuck between two worlds, always where you are, and yet a million miles away.
bailey goranson Apr 2018
i am many things;
i am nothing.

i am a riddle;
i am a joke.

i am the air in your lungs;
and the earth beneath your feet.

i am the water in your veins;
and the fire in your soul.

i am the smile on your face;
and the tears on your cheek.

i have never noticed how many
things i am.

because i am a punk rocker,
who doesn't give a **** about anyone.

but i'm also daddy's girl,
who puts on a fake smile and screams fake laughter.

i am mommy's best friend,
who makes sure she always looks her best.

i am his girlfriend,
who knows what to say and when to say it.

but i am also myself.
i know who i am.

i know what i like;
(loud music and vans)

i know who i love;
(that shouldn't be hard to figure out)

i know what i hate;
(k* s*)

i know what i fear;
(being alone with my demons)

i know what i want;
Sarah Mann Mar 2018
Booming voices, and broken glass
Tuesday at 2am, Thursday at 4pm
Hysteric laughter, backwards ball caps
Scribbled writing that doesn’t even make sense
Birds trying to fly but falling instead
Headlights piercing through the foggy darkness of dawn
The realization that entropy is unavoidable
Ash grey, lavender, forest green, misty rose pink
I am struggling and haven’t yet found my kitchen sink
A piano slightly out of tune, papers falling to the floor
Glazed over eyes, cracks in the sidewalk, all of this what for?
Steaming cups of black coffee, met with desiring needs
Full moons and unanswered questions
All of these, I happen to be.
The power of silence, the power of identity
Thunderstorms, moments of chaos perfectly intertwined with the silence,
Unmade beds, messy hair that falls into your eyes.
The ever-moving cold gray skies and beauty of the sunrise
Out of place tiles on bitterly cold linoleum floors
I am not perfection, in any way, shape, or form.
I fall from grace routinely, my bones ache and tremble
And when I fall apart, it takes me a while to reassemble.
Like gunshots muffled by the noise of the city blocks
I am not perfect, nothing special ever happens.
I am broken, I am misplaced and unwanted passion.
I am the raw energy that shoots from my fingertips
The tumbling words that constantly fall from my lips
That I cannot, nor would I want to control.
Galaxies and constellations grow in my soul.
I am, nothing more, than all that I have listed.
I am mistakes, dark times, unnoticed and forgotten moments.
But I am also a smile after a long cry, (don’t worry) your identity has not been stolen.
Last revised May 23, 2016
Lylock Feb 2018
If there is a God
I'll live how I want
Some last hour confession
Won't change who I am

No one got anywhere
By doing things half way
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