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Chicken May 2019
There is
A special place in my guts for you
And it twists
And it turns
And it churns

In rises and falls
It starts up and it stalls
Round and around
For each process it yearns.
Realisation through doing make up, circa 2010.
Ammar Younas Nov 2018
Put my numb soul with some love
in a jar of imagination
and poke some holes in the lid
so hopes may breathe

Or when you catch fireflies
hold me in your fist as well
and keep watching
if we are still lightning

Or put me in your eyes with eyeliner
so I may stay close to your dreams
and see myself
if I am there or not
Simra Sadaf May 2018
her beauty
draws you in like gravity
the sunshine in her eyes
the blush on her cheeks
the rhythm of her heart
her eyeliner on fleek,
the way she parts her hair
perfume like jasmine in the air
a beauty so precious
a beauty so rare.
Zero Nine Jun 2017
What's worse than
running amok?

What's worse than

I'll tell you
drawn tonight.

In my marrow
enmity grows,
infects my self-regard.
How else did I find
myself here, dejected,

wholly wet
brief contentment

through besmirched
streaming my face

in a mirror,
in your home,
at night without a car?
I'll catch the TriMet

to my bed, once again.
Tsaa Feb 2017
her story lies behind the layers of foundation and her waterproof eyeliner
she has a name people say but an identity she can no longer come to terms with
people hand her bandages but the scars will always bleed through and she's learned to accept this
she has a script where each page opens with the question on whether or not she's okay but she never is
they tell her to go to church but there are demons within her that aren't the ones religion can simply bless and pray away
she presents eyes with a vibrant shade of brown but all she can see through them are black and white
she's troubled, in pain, lost, insecure, scared, but most of all...

she's more than the layers of foundation and waterproof eyeliner
b e mccomb Jul 2016
get out of
drink a cup of
put on some
and i promise
you'll feel
Copyright 11/17/15 by B. E. McComb
Amada M Forbes Sep 2015
Applying it so terribly wrong.
I sing a song and go along.
It's so strong-can't help but cry.
"Oh my god it's in my eye!"

And with this thought I can't deny.
"Why oh why did I even try?!"

With every blink I'm shocked to see.
The loads of pitiful, black debris.

Completely angered by the mess.
I rub my lids with such finesse.

The attempt on fixing what was done.
To try again, oh how dumb!

Rinsing, Washing, repeating a mess.
I am done-theres no progress.

My face and eye now clear as day.
I've realized something, I have to say.

"This is junk, a waste of money.
With it on, I just look funny."

With my vision, I now see.
A beautiful face in front of me.

"No need for liner, no need for mess.
When natural beauty is at its best."
Rhian Williams Jul 2015
You can't cry about it.
Not now, not ever.
Your tears will be black from mascara,
Eyeliner smudges smeared across your face.
Waterfall stains like a stream erodes the river bank.
You must 'man up'.

Well who said so?
It's painful, you know,
Standing on Lego.
It hurts.
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