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Rahameem Feb 18
Nobody is cold
You are just not
their favorite person
just like
gold flakes,

filled with
an iridescent

honey-glazed donut
instead of a heart,

even a glimpse
of your sunshine

is enough
to keep souls
warm for an entire winter season.
honey-glazed donut instead of a heart
CC Jan 6
I step onto the next page of my journey and trip,
Expecting to fall and bruise my lip,
When instead a strong pair of arms catch me
And suddenly I feel warmth as our eyes meet.
We laugh and my heart skips a beat,
In a matter of seconds, I feel complete.
Never have I felt such ease
And peace
Within my mind and heart.
I realize that I never want to be apart
From you as you have become my everything
For whom I would do anything.
for my one and only jesus baby ❤️
xavier thomas Dec 2020
Good enough to keep
Addictive like a bad habit
Amanda Hawk Nov 2020
I sway more
Fairy skirt swirling
Around me
Dancing with every step
I feel fluid
Shifting and bending
With every stride
My pixie side finds me
On an overcast day
Rain collecting upon skin
Skirt tickling my sides
And I find myself dancing
Jumping along puddles
Having the water whirl
Twist into a dancing partner
Clinging to me
And the edges of my Fairy skirt
As I walk away
favorite piece of clothing is fairy skirt
Amanda Hawk Nov 2020
I wear autumn
Upon my shoulders
Some say I hold fire
My paws dark as coal
And when I run
I am the fog
Early morning mist
Disappearing into the trees
I laugh haunting the shadows
To be mistaken for ghosts
That is autumn--those spirits
And they run their fingers
Through my coat
Favorites poem... this one is my favorite animal
Amanda Hawk Oct 2020
Your smile reminds me
Of mornings with blue skies
And I grip my cup tighter
Pulling it close, as if the steam
Dancing from the edges
Had your form
And I wanted to gather you closer
When mornings are overcast
With storms teasing the clouds
I could almost ignore the rumble
As the sky thunders
And you tell me, I remind you
Of your favorite color
Decided to do poems involving favorites... this was my favorite color blue
colette alexia Sep 2020
Take her to LA
Take her to our favorite places
Tell me do the city lights look different
Now that they’re up against her silhouette

Stopping under red lights
Tell me do you still take the time
To lean over and kiss her like you used to
Or does it just remind you of me and you
Colm Apr 2018
The universe puts her headphones on
And plays her favorite track
The raindrops in the meadow burst
And soak the earth
And with her feet up on the world
She smiles from ear to ear
And plays it back
What songs does the universe listen to? Is there a more beautiful sound than the rain falling in the secluded meadow. Truthfully, I don't know. But I do love the sound of these words as they roll off the tongue. YUPP!

BIG THANKS to everyone who liked, commented, and helped make this verse the Poem of the day (on 05/18/18). I really appreciate it! You can listen to me read this poem live on SoundCloud. Just follow the link and have an awesome day!
Mrs Anybody Jul 2020
her noticing
her favorite songs
remind her
of the person
she once
also check out my other poems! :)
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