TeeCrush Mar 8
Maybe I wasn’t the one,
And maybe she wasn’t either.
But after all of that I couldn’t bring myself to leave her-
she’s too much fun.

She’s my favorite person to be around,
only my friend, but she’s a keeper
we’ve similar dreams, she’s a believer
She’s the coolest gal I’ve ever found.

Can’t blame me for trying,
Made some sacrifices but gained no ground.
And if I said I didn’t want her for myself, I’d be lying
Her laugh, so precious, I was hypnotized by my favorite sound.

But now I’ve come to terms, it’s only fair.
I can’t not talk to you forever,
I need you there - somewhere.

I want you to find a love and a happiness,
and if it meant I got to see you smile,
and if it meant you were truly happy,

I wouldn’t mind if you didn’t find it with me.
I recently fell so soul-crushingly in love with another artist only after knowing her for so little time. I'm dumb. She isn't into me. I can't bring myself to distance myself either, as she was an awesome friend prior to making my declaration. I know her heart's got its own pursuits and I wrote this poem to make it clear to her that I was okay with how things were going to be. I'm not okay with it but she read this poem and understood. Things are okay.
Florine Imo Mar 3
love is a dangerous place

you picked a spot,
a place,
of my body

a spot,
a place, you love the most

and then you ask me
to pick one too

i think about all
your places
and how they make me feel

i choose between

your eyes

and i know
i must be beautiful

because how can such eyes
such blue, clean eyes
admire something
less beautiful than

or your hands

which make me feel
i’m something precious
you can only touch gently
you hold on to

but then
i know

it’s right between
your neck
and your breast

every night
i lay my face
on this spot
your arms
welcome me in
they welcome me home

the world can go down
but i will still
be safe
i will be in the
that i call home

thats  when i realize,
love is a dangerous place
please don't make me
a homeless girl
Kaitlin Evers Oct 2016
I'll always remember
Swinging with you at night
January through December
You were my safe place, my light

Little sister I always favored
Saving me from every scree  
With you I'm never bored
Without you, I wouldn't be me

The simple times we had
Laughing, talking, and crying too
In everything you were my comrade
My relationship guru

When little, you'd climb into my bed
And even now as we are grown
Though things have been left unsaid
All between us is known

Little sister
Best friend  
More than a sister
More than a friend
Dedicated to Kristy, the most beautiful soul I know <3
Rodium Tek Feb 27
I've come along way since I was a kid, riding a trike.
But why are all my poems getting these likes?
Poems are usually written for literary folk.
But all my poems are just a joke.

I might try hard, my soul might be hollow.
But if my poems aren't good, why am I getting follows?
I don't even think I'm very good at this.
So why am I only getting support, not any dis?

Well, whatever. I'll just keep doing what I do best. Writing whatever I feel like.
Even this poem is a joke.
Merlina M Feb 22
i have always lied about my favorite color
i don't know why...

i'm saying it's blue, like sea and sky
but i have always loved white
i don't know why...

i love it's pureness
and white reminds me of possibilities
i don't know why...

the only thing i know for sure
i'm always striving for it..

Thiccy Chicky Feb 21
With you, I'm sinking into the deepest ocean,
I'm flying over a beautiful city at night.
All I can see is your smile ignited by the beautiful lights around us.
You're the most real person I've ever known,
it makes me so happy to be shown your heart
and I feel safe enough to unravel my everything to you.
You're my favorite person.
Sarah Levene Feb 21
You may be my number one but,
Coming in second place ain’t nothing but me on the run from your first love.
Sneaking into your room
Smelling nothing but her fresh sprayed perfume
Laying on her pillow on her side of the bed
Its almost too easy to just pretend
To you, there is nothing to mend
Nothing wrong with it
It’s just sex no feelings in it
You say to yourself “it isn’t really cheating”
While telling me I’m the one who really gets your heart beating
Filling me with fleeting horomones I know will go away when I go home
Right now you and I are all alone
If I try to leave you’ll just call my name and groan
“I can’t live without you”
So I’ll crawl into the bed that you pretend is ours
As if we’re the ones engaged in more than just an affair
I lie to you and  tell you I just don’t care that i am not yours
As you hold my body and stroke my hair
I almost feel loved
But I know in reality there are no doves in our future
And No future for those imaginary symbols of love to inhabit
So, after our fun
I rise up and
Smile and
Say goodbye
Because no matter how hard I try I will
Never be your number one
And not looking back I’m
Back on the run
This time, not from your day one,
But from you, and your false illusion of love.
Inspired by “Best Friend” by Rex Orange County
svdgrl Feb 21
i caught myself
before i caught a bad case of you
staining my sheets and making me believe
you meant when you said
i was your favorite person right now.
such a loud and pointless thought,
drenched in impermanence
lacking the resonance
that a favorite should hold
so i place you on mute,
to dull the sting of not being responded to.
i look towards the weekend,
where i'll probably miss the way you look at me,
but not the way my wallet drains a little
and the way we stumble drunkenly up my stairs
you- perfectly complacent,
i- nervous as hell that the nosy neighbors
might loosen lips to my crazy family.
i'll probably miss the way you feel within,
but not the way you're comatose in sin.
apathy is so last year,
but i won't expect you to remember
that i was your favorite right now.
but you were my favorite never.
stupid things boys say
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