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Jeremy Betts Mar 16
If this goes down like the Christians are sayin'...

Ain't no one getting in and god knows it
That ash hole loves it
He's super into punishment
That and judgment
Those two seem to be his favorite
Bringing true enjoyment
So arrogant he wrote it down,
A confession in print
It's obvious no pastor is oblivious,
There's just a willingness,
A complete lack of acknowledgment
They preach benevolent
All I read is maleficent
All I see is a battlefront
A holy deficit
How he treats his creation,
Love and compassion destructively absent
It's an embarrassment
Secondhand, none from firsthand involvement
Unless you think abandonment is an accomplishment
Or fraudulent is some kind of complement
Yeah, I've read it
I wouldn't have taken it public
It's a narcissistic story of sin and atonement
Punished for the failure of a first experiment
Because one decided to be disobedient
Now ungodly pain will accompany pregnancy,
Fuuck the pregnant
Punishment doesn't fit the crime,
But don't question it
That's how it had to be,
But I don't understand that argument
Does the almighty have a limit?
They say no,
There's nothing he can't do
This is exactly how he CHOSE to do it
And when it comes right down to it,
If this shiit I hear is legit,
Let's see if he can feel regret
Will we
Get any
For this kind of "heaven sent" treatment
Force it to admit to all of it
Even if it takes an eternity,
I'll have all of eternity to do it

Chelsea Doyal Oct 2016
Many nights ago we chewed over the saddest words we knew:

                                   almost and maybe.

We almost made it work,
   but maybe it's best left at just that.

You were the best almost I  maybe ever had.
Strying Jun 2022
you make me feel like I'm six years old again
running scared and crying behind chairs
you make me feel like I'm not enough
but I am
because you don't define who I am
yes, you make me sad
and yes, you are the favorite
but I am no longer six years old
You are not my maker
And you are not my breaker.
my sister is just built diff sometimes but it's chill
CautiousRain Nov 2021
Was I ever really his favorite?
From the words, he spilled,
I would have been inclined to believe it,
but his actions say otherwise.

Was I ever anyone's favorite?
I've been chronically revered but overlooked at the same time.
They spoke so highly of me, for someone so apt to abandon at a moment's notice.

I couldn't imagine him willing to take the time to get to know me,
and yet I expended my energy to know him;
it's funny,
to think I vowed my love to someone so distant.

I have never been the favorite,
I have always been the connecting piece from one person to another,
leading them to each other like a sheep dog with its flock;
I have always been alone,
One way or another.
Didn't realize this was a deep-rooted pain I had until recently that really centers on a childhood wound. Here we are trying to get it out of my head and onto paper.
Corrinne Shadow Oct 2021
Banners billow
And flutter in the breeze.
Loose sleeves, loose leaves,
And friendly bees.
Amelia Aug 2021
you weren't even looking for it
yet you found the right book
liking it more than you expected
now you read like you owe it

for the lost time, maybe
questioning the timing
craving for more, you indulge
answering its questions

getting to know yourself more
you never thought,
how can a book connect,
and show your reflection

in many ways you couldn't imagine
of all the books you could choose
your favorite book owes it to you
for giving it an interest, a chance

for the attention
almost undivided
an ordinary book waiting
to touch even just for a single life

you flipped it open
patiently waited
carefully thought of it
and appreciated it

this book served its purpose
you could go back at it from time to time
it will be  right there lying around
you won't even need to look for it

you know where it is,
the pilot book, that made you read more
you would have discover a lot of books then
realize how unique and equally beautiful they are.
Tell me your favorite song,
I will probably listen to it many times, even if I don't like it.
Just mention one by one,
I will make them my favorite playlist.
I've been listening to everything since the first time I met you.
where I will play it all as a lullaby,
or a string of words that is now a magic and grows in my head.
I will make it a favorite song.
Just count it, I'll start it.
I already like it.

And now your favorite song is mine.
Indonesia, 16th July 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Raven Feels May 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, colors can talk too;>

it is in that exquisite essence on the back

that shivering sensation the veins in my feels lack

hearts appeal for them beats to unite in one track

fine lined my life in one trace in one blind attack

paint my sight into a favorite color of winter black

                                                         ­                    ------ravenfeels
Svetoslav Mar 2021
The waves of the dam
near Ogosta Stadium are raging,
and the opponent of the Glory
is insecure and afraid.

Powerful choruses
the hosts sing
because the moment is coming
for a convincing win.

This is FC Montana.
Club with heart and a century of history,
with ups and downs flooded
always striving for the top and a better change.

With a school springboard for talent,
the only one that is free.
Coaches who believe in children
and in their future glorious successes.
The traditional colors are blue, white and red -
gathering people in a sacred union.

Blue hearts tremble in a fast rhythm,
expecting the match to conquer.
Small and big fans
with songs they strive,
the loyalty for their team to sustain
and give the necessary support.

Every day they long
for the strong emotions,
they share for the future.
This is a poem for my favorite football club and is translated to English language.
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