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blue chiffon roses
pink ones
made from tulle
from cotton
green ones made of wool
orange made from linen
purple made from flannel
but the prettiest ones of all
are the blue chiffon roses
Alexis May 31
after a day long enough
that could be mistaken for a week,
I lay my ear to your chest
your heartbeat has to be my
Bhill May 30
Watching the sunrise as it inches up the horizon is like...
Waiting for the popcorn to pop
Watching your favorite movie with that special ending
Remembering your last great kiss and wanting it again
Gazing into your fire pit with nothing else on your mind
Seeing a close friend for the first time in years
Having the greatest news delivered to you
Opening your eyes on a hike to see the most amazing, new sights
Hitting a hole in one
Driving down a long boulevard and not hit one red light
The smoothest, glassest water, to water ski on
The freshest, dryest, deep, untracked powder to float in
***....  The sunrise is all this and more!
Start you day with a
What is a sunrise like for you?
Priyam May 19
So there's a pocket in my purse
Its unopened or maybe its cursed
Am I just indifferent or maybe I'm afraid
(I'll let you in a little secret)
It's where I keep my favorite blade

It's been in my company for quite some time
In the moments I chided, in the moments I chimed
I have always kept it close like a love another
(I don't even know how to say this)
Sometimes even closer than my very own mother

But I like how it feels on my soft skin
I carve through my teary eyes, a ****** grin
But sure I hope that I don't die
(I don't do it to **** myself)
It just gives me hope that the bad times will pass by

Its been a while since I have cried
I feel like a psychopath with no feelings to define
So I reach out for my blade in the purse to feel something
(I won't throw it away so soon)
It gives me joy to know that i can sense, even if its hurting.
Abigale May 6
I shared with you
what made me so blue
the feelings that seep
from my heart and make me weep

(your feelings)
is caring
and because I care
I share
the fact

I Love You

(sorta ig but tbh idek what love is)
for some reason this is by far my favorite poem
Carmen Jane May 7
In another world,
With trees of gold,
Would we have lived
On the same street?

Seldom, I wonder,
Would we have been
Born across each other,
Sharing the same gene?

Would you have  looked,
Outside of your window,
And instantly be spooked
To see, in front, a mirror?

No, it is not a mirror, that you see,
It's actually a window
And that girl, is me
Sitting on a pillow

I, like you, stay hours at my desk
With my favorite pen in hand
All is a bit Kafkaesque
And just like you,I like my tea fanned.
ninacrizelle May 3
Today marks the day we met
Total strangers, thats our first fleet
Until partners, can that be planned and set?

Illusion as it might appear
Imagination, as what we’d like to appeal
But can that be changed if we start to reveal?

I may have my own world
And you might have your own too
Still, can it be merged to be good for two?

12 hours in travel gap
1 hour talk before we take our naps
But for how long can we keep in touch?

Yet, just in case it takes place
Or it wont ever be, even in the 1st pace
Just remember what Im about to state

You’ll always be my favorite person
Forever busy and tired, juggling work and life
Yet sweet and funny, even green at times!
143 Apr 26
If only you knew how many poems I had written about you.
favorite weather
And I'm in it now...    :)
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