Jesus said, "Simon... Son of Jonah!"
And Peter answered, "Y-Yes Lord...?"
Yeshuah then asked, "Do you Love Me..."
"... More than the others do?"
Peter answered, "Y-Yes Lord... Lord You know that I love You..."
The Lord asked, "Do you Love Me?"
the rock answered, Yes, Lord... You know I Love You."
"Do you... Love Me?"
"Yes! Lord... You know everything... You... You know that I Love You."
*(Notes: Reference)

And if you ask me, "Do you love me?"
I'll answer, "Yes, I do."
"Do you love me?"
"Yes, I really really do love you."
"Do you love me?"
"Yes, I do... love you."

Seconds passed, since you were last on my mind
Just hours passed, since I last thought of how you are doing
Days passed, since we last talked
Even weeks passed, so long a time
And months passed, since I last saw you
How long has it been?

Yet, not a day passed when you weren't on my mind
Not a moment passed when I didn't miss you
Naught a time passed, nor a single second, whence I can deny you.

The times may change
And I may have changed
But one thing did not change...
I am sure of
No, not in the slightest bit
It never did
And it never will.

"Do you love me?"
"Yes,... I do... love you."
I did love
I still do love you
I am in love with you
I love you
I really do love you
I always did
And I forevermore, always, will love you.

I am not sure, of that point of no return
I doubt that exists for me
You may feel me less now or even none at all
But, I assure you I am always there by your side
Because, "Baby if you say you want me to stay"
"I'll change my mind."

Ti Amo Murasaki Rozu Zutto, Zutto, Eien ni...
The first stanza is a conversation between Peter and Jesus. It is taken from the Manga Messiah and one of the inspirations for this poem.
The last quoted line is from "Change My Mind" - by One Direction.

Days, How Long has it been?
- Jean Lewis
June 20, 2018
mysa 23h
it just takes a second
a sound
a feeling
before i can remember so clearly
what it felt
to be above the clouds
running with the angels
the sun illuminating their golden skin and their golden smiles
to be high on living
each time it stings
each time i wish i was back
each time i know i can’t

and for a moment i can see my golden skin again
i accidentally posted a different poem around 20 minutes ago, sorry about that
Walking home from a local pub
The evening so quiet
With the distinct smell of magnolia
Lingering in the midnight air
I look up at the stars
Suddenly my thoughts are taken back in time
It seems like yesterday I think
Where did the time go
Those endless nights of excitement
We’d throw stones on a stranger’s roof
Dare to ring someone’s doorbell
Then run away as fast as lightning
We laughed so much our stomachs hurt
Now our muscles contract from stress
The needle had reached the end of the record
Lifted and returned to its holding place
The stereo light still burning when returning home
From an intoxicated night of pleasure and dance
Oh the bliss of ignorance and youth
Sometimes it’s better not to know
I continue to walk on
Suddenly I see a FOR SALE sign
Someone else’s dream has come to an end
Or perhaps it’s just begun
You never know how special the moment is until it’s past
The biggest regret is regret
Written by Sean Achilleos 25 May 2018©
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Amanda Jun 12
Our romance was unforgettable, that's true,
However fake it was to you,
A stranger now who i once knew,
Barely recognize eyes so blue.
Each moment a memory now that you're gone,
Living without you feels all wrong,
Trying to be brave but days seem long,
Every sunrise brings a new chance to move on,
But time won't let me forget your name,
Feel like I'm caving under weight of this pain,
Have no hand to hold, I am going insane,
Can't force your image outta my brain.

Memories far too dear to let go,
Time heals wounds, at least they tell me so,
I know happiness I will eventually find,
There are better days coming than left behind.

Life no longer brings flashbacks, memories made,
Free to grow now, but too afraid.
We both have changed, glad I didn't stay,
I am with someone else, you moved away.
I still think about you now and then,
What would have happened if we didn't end?
If I wasn't stuck with this broken heart to mend?
If we could, would you choose to start over again?
Treat me right second time around?
Keep my heart protected, sound?
Give it reason to pump blood and pound?
Would you still smash my feelings into the ground?


Dwelling on the past will not lead to happiness,
What is done is done, no need to second-guess,
Let go of memories weighing heavy on your chest,
It might hurt right now, but I swear it's for the best.

There are better days coming than the ones behind us
Mrs Robota Jun 10
Dreary office job
Rain knocking on the window
Bland client phone calls
Deemz Jun 8
Here’s to the feelings that flow
through my veins,

here’s to the love whose trip
was a lot of pain,

here’s to the days
where I am in vain,

and here’s to your heart
that I cant seem to obtain.
BM Green Jun 7
I missed you today,
I miss you most days
but today it’s different
Today it hurts more

Today wasn't a hard day.
Today I lived,
I worked
I smiled
I spent time with friends and family.

Today was a good day,
but I still missed you.
I somehow miss you more
On good days

I was always told
Sooner or later
We stopped missing someone
that ache just faded away
Over time

Once you have loved a person,
a person as I have loved you
I don’t believe, it ever leaves.
I think that type of love
Is the exception to the rule

Quite possibly
It resembles losing one to death.
You miss that person
You try to find solace in knowing
they are safe and sound somewhere.

But you see
When you lose someone
and they still exist
Your mind wonders

That ache doesn't go
You can never know how they are.
You want to to be there safe place,
the person they run to
but you aren't that anymore

You are no one,
they don't even think about you,
They don’t crave you
And still you can't seem to stop
Stop caring about them.
mysa Jun 5
on warm days like these
my heart doesn't settle down
it just yearns to leave
i feel lost in a place im familar with
I just want one good day.
Sometimes I feel like it’s hard to ask for.
It hurts.
June 1st
Could have been a year with my ex and on top of all that my close friend left for the military.

And then the one person you really need can’t even be there.
Doesn’t even care enough to be there.

I know now that with certain things I am on my own. I have always been I always will be.

It’s heart breaking.

I’m just ready for that clock to hit 12:00.
Just end it already.

                           With love,
Just wanna end it.
Aa Harvey May 31
Left behind to sigh?

Six days and twenty three hours
And fifty eight minutes; waiting for two.
It’s been six days and twenty three hours
And fifty eight minutes that I have been waiting to talk to you.

If one day I get the chance to tell you how I feel,
Then I hope you will take the time,
To see my love for you is the real deal.
I wish I could convince you that my feelings will not change;
For two minutes, I will wait for fifty eight,
Plus twenty three and six more days.

My stop watch tells me stop day dreaming,
About a love that can never be;
But my watch it doesn’t know anything,
Except that the time is twelve-o-three.
You see last night has come and gone and by now I should be asleep,
But still here I lie thinking about you and six days and twenty three.

If tomorrow I see a sign that leads me away,
I will be sure to pay it no mind, because I have words I have to say.
If you are loved by the person that you love,
Then I will disappear into history;
But if you too are waiting,
For something good to walk into your life,
Then maybe I should try, to show you a piece of me.

This heart is all at odds, because it thinks it is time it became a pair.
Do I carry on with only you in my sight?
Or do I sigh like you were never there?
Zombie walking hand in hand,
With the nothingness of single life.
Fix me; let me try to be your man
And maybe you could find somebody that you really like.

This is no time to be wasting time;
All or nothing, not a one night stand.
I want you, now it’s your turn to decide
And tell me how I can make you understand?

A question mark has appeared on your lips.
We have so much to learn in two minutes of time;
But for fifty eight minutes and twenty three hours
And six long days, I have been waiting for you,
To tell me if you like me, or to just walk away.
Are you really going to just leave me behind to sigh?

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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