Have you ever in that place,
where you were surrounded by so many people,
like on a family dinner or a party or even just hanging out with your friends,
but you feel like your mind and your soul isn't there,
you feel like they were going somewhere that is dark, empty, and really cold so you scream for someone asking for help to warm you up,
but there's no one, you are all alone
just your mind and your soul.

and in that moment,
your heart gets really hurt and you want to scream but cant and instead you make your step to the bathroom and cry.

Daina 1d

Moistened cheeks
Dew covered grass

Pale blue terrain
Glossy eyes

Cricket chirps
Careful words

Golden treetops
Logical steps

Past and present-Present and future


I'm awake at all hours-For her

I don't know
I don't feel good

Smooth pools lull me to slumber.
Tinkling streams play musical tunes
Under sun or moon.
Red sunsets and dawns warm my soul
As birdsong accompanies that sweet
Smell of mowed-lawn grass.

No better time to Celebrate
The Joys of Life.
Let’s celebrate celestial sentience,
Whatever that might be.
Let’s party, laugh and smile.

Paul Butters

Musical words.

By Arcassin Burnham

in a few pieces and left for leeches to
suck all the energy,
believing that you'll never find someone that'll
fit the description of your epitome,
that's what all people in this world go through
even if the're already in marriage,
knowing that something is wrong with the entire
thing , you thought you were in love ,bury it,
laughing at past mistakes like it didn't happen in
your life , that's the mistake you made,
the exes the keep calling and thirst is so small for
the things you wanna be and the things you say.


Days will get worse in every since of the words I say to
Noone will have your back in these troubled times that
We get through,
Don't have remorse for people that look for attention in
This life,
Don't Make the same mistakes​ in this life thinking it'll
Be alright,

Hear and feel it come to me,
Bad energy in flares,
Find you lucidness that makes life work,
It's not empathy,
Will your love dwell,
Hell's Burning while God sees me Struggle.

savs Jun 19

You don't know this yet,
but I'm gonna meet you
in a few days
and on the 13th of December
you'll let me be yours

My mother will hate you
for a couple of years,
but I'll leave the house
i grew up on
just to be next to you;
all the hard work and sleepless nights
will be worthwhile

Sixty months after that,
we're going to get married
on the 18th of June,
and our children will be happy,
i promise

I'm aware of all this stuff
because, twenty three years later,
I'm still in love with your laugh,
your jokes, your rants
and changing moods

I'll always be thankful
for that first conversation we had
eight thousand, three hundred
and seventy seven
days ago


Emil Jun 7

You are clothed
with strength and dignity.
and you
without fearing
the future and reality.
In the darkest days of your life;
I know you’ll
stand tall to find
the sunlight.

Ma Cherie May 27

"If you are pushy rude or crass,
I have not a minute to spare"

Mary-Rose H May 25

Time is such
an imp,
such a

When something
is to come,
he skips
and races
just out of reach,
in chasing him,
multiple weeks have passed
without realizing.

But if you're
highly anticipating
an event,
he ambles along
tripping you up
over and over,
and you wonder
how it could possibly still be the same day.

Does he find our frustration amusing?

Saint Titus May 18

I want god
I want clousure
All I've ever wanted was to find my own finality

I need death
I need fate
All my life I've lived for a clear path to take

And what I get
All I can find
Is a million blinking lights to pass the fucking time

Won't someone come around
And put me out of my misery?
Don't you know I've been found?

There's nothing more to gain
From slogging through this pain
And every single road
Is just the same

All I want is something dry
Somthing for the mind
Got anything that can preoccupy?

Theres nowhere to go
And theres no more direction
I'm getting sick of returing to my home

The time is getting late
And I had best be going
I'm gotten tired, searching for my fate

Has led me to the edge
And walked me right back, back again
Back to the roads

Yeah, and every road still looks just the same

What is fate?
Ryan Holden May 13

When I was a child
We threw stones outside our home,
Wishing time away.

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