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They say it’s cold outside,
But my heart is colder.
The days are long and dark,
Of death getting bolder.
What light of love is left,
Cherished deep in my heart?
What light of love is kept,
Tearing me all apart?
For so all is given,
And so all is taken.
Can God be forgiven,
Love dead and awaken?
Pray not my love to die,
If only I knew why…
GhostCat Apr 16
Have you ever had one of those days...

Where you just feel sane?
No reason to why
The clouds just withhold all their rain
And you're sailing on your way...

Where you want to punch everyone you meet in the face
To sort of justify your head state, and put your feet back in place?

Where everything feels strange?
Like nothing is original;
And passing thoughts cant be tamed?

Where you.....where you just don't really know how you feel?
Those days seem to be the ones when everyone asks if you're okay
And you are
But the more that you're asked;
The more it grates against the grain, driving you insane...

Where you plan everything out
Write it all down
Feel confident you'll act it all out
But instead you find yourself glued to the couch?
Lounging about...
In your pants
Eating cheesy Doritos for no apparent reason?

Where the suns rays penetrate and renovate
Invigorate your being
Leaving you feeling as though you can touch the highest of ceilings?

Where everything doesn't go your way...
As though someone's just taken the biggest of ***** on your parade?

Where everything thing happens all at once
One minute your napping
The next your arms are flapping
Getting stressed and restless
Relentless flitting decisions causing sticky dispositions
Narrowing tunnel vision
Hearing that's constantly shifting
Contracting and relaxing
Entangling webs and...

Have you ever had one of those days...

Where you just wanted to write about it?
Isaac Apr 17
Atlantic thoughts of fish, schools on schools
what could be better than this, living with no rules
dog days, your cute face, fresh fade, cityscapes
romantic thoughts again, texts on texts
what could be better than this, living the loveliest
warm nights, green lights, divine touch, just rough enough
just how I like
Nylee Mar 22

I am a moonchild
Turning colder every night,
Hiding my face,
little more these days

Ceyhun Mahi Feb 3
For once, within this fleeting world, what stays?
I miss along my side that sunny face.
It's not the longing to her love and beauty,
She's just remembered with much better days.
Zoe Mae Feb 2
The Moon has had her fill this night
Her belly swollen with stolen light
Seems as though she's swallowed the Sun
Her descent into madness merely begun
Now we have neither night nor day
Just a never-ending melancholy cycle of gray
There have been days of darkness,
Talking to you.
There have been days of light.
In the end you will always be my friend,
And I hope to see you again.
A journey so is parlous,
Discovered true.
We’re birds ready for flight.
I pray Heaven your soul reaches the high,
Seeing you in happy tears shy.
For our days are never done,
No one to shun.
Coming so far to strive;
Journey of days alive.
For Aaron.
f Jan 8
lay weary in bed with me.
let the minutes morph into hours and hours into days,
the world is right here at the tip of our fingers,
in the way we embrace one another.
lullaby from home
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