Denny C 2d
It's not as easy as a light switch
When you're feeling like this

To block the pain
Or refrain
From thinking things will never change

It's deeper than the pop of a pill
But still
It eases more than the thought will

Rain can pour for days on end
And then
You feel the sunlight spread within

Now you see through clearer eyes
And you start to realize

That things will get better

The sun is just beyond the clouds.
Hannah 6d
I have days where I feel zoned out and want to sleep off the day. I feel no motivation to do anything and just want to go in the mind escape of my brain.
   Then there’s part of my brain that wakes up and realizes I shouldn’t be doing this to myself. I should do something motivating. Like interacting with family and living it up, so I don’t focus on my derealization.
    Suddenly, there are days were I feel motivated and ambitious about hobbies, fashion and school.  I start to feel the burst of happiness for life.
Written: August 12, 2018 at 2:05 PM
Iska Aug 11
Snow looks like it's striped the world
Striped it down to the bones
And trees are knobbly fingers
Clawing towards the dreary sky
Isaac Aug 10
Checking the date I realize
A fact that vividly implies
How time flies
Once Earth spins ten times
The teen in me dies.
A part of me cries
As I see my life size
But I know it's not wise
To agonize
Over losing the fading prize
Of youth.
Written 10 August 2018
Lydia Aug 9
lately I walk in to work alone
I go to break and flop down on the bench and light up a cigarette and if I feel like talking I can
or if I don't I can just sit for ten minutes
I get to be just purely me
fresh start, new people, new opportunities
it's actually refreshing to do this on my own this time
I leave work alone
I rush out to my car like I used to in the old days
turn up the volume on the radio to all my shitty songs
roll the windows down
smoke a cigarette
and sit in silence
I've never been happier
Isaac Aug 8
You right now:
“Weren’t the olden days
The golden days!”

You in 50 years:
“Weren’t the olden days
The golden days!”

You right now:
“Wait, are you talking about right now?”

You in 50 years:
“Sure am!”

You right now:

You in 50 years:
“If only you were me for a day,
You would see.”
Written 8 August 2018
Isaac Aug 6
Everything is a memory,
A memory of old.

Right now it is real,
But the truth is it is old.
Very old.
Written 6 August 2018
KM Hanslik Aug 7
Days are just days
slipping heavy gentle into one another
days are just days here but they're
growing on me like how bruises grow
under my skin
we are past ready for this summer to be over,
we are ready for new things to begin
and we are wearing our
long sleeves now to keep
our hearts warm, don't put
them back inside our chests yet
we've missed so many chances that it feels
like coming home when the wind blows colder,
and we walk around with paper clips trying to signal safety with our
soft soft hearts and our
broken-link eyes,
keeping track of who wore it best
looking up the road trying to find out
where we're headed, take a backseat
put your skeletons away for me
days are just days here, but some days are soft
some days spill over into seasons and you smile and I know,
I am going to be here forever,
and some days, forever doesnt feel
like very long at all.
lara Aug 1
my days are full of sunshine
bright and hot rays
not a single cloud
in heavenly blue sky
and here I am
despite all the light
finding comfort in the dark
want to keep dancing in the rain
under a grey cloudy sky
Liyah Bella Jul 31
today is one of those days
where i want to bury myself in a bottle of liquor
engulf my lungs in smoke until they feel heavy and full
today it is hard to be sober
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