alex Dec 5

we put so much faith
in the length of a day
we think we need a day to heal
from whatever emotional damage
we’ve inflicted on each other this time
we think that when we wake
tomorrow morning
life will revert to default
as if sleep is a reset button
and the morning is a new start
but that's preposterous
don’t you know that we can restart
any time at all?
we don’t have to wait until tomorrow
for a new mindset
to begin
open yourself up to the idea
that life changes in minutes
not days
every new minute
is a minute that could
change your
let it.

i'm running out of poetry juice. i think of something to convey, some thought or feeling that i have so strongly and that i want to share, and yet just plain words come out. my poetry is getting boring. i think i am too.

On this day I shall be vibrate.
Shining bright and uncaring;
Not minding ones hateful words.

I shall be strong and independent.

I'll talk a little too loud,
And act slightly more proud.

I will be happy and pleased today.

Then tomorrow will come,
And that day will become today;
But on that day I shall be grime.

Unable to stand the slightest of sound,
Startled and afraid, sick of being drained.

I will not be able to handle the day,
And all the things that await,
So I shall stay in bed and cry my life away.

To concerned now of the hateful talk,
Unable but wishing to change everything;
Every single little detail of me.

This today, is to loud,
But now its all in my head;
Where the monsters await for my dread.

Today, will always change,
But I will still be here for the next.

Lydia Dec 1

on the days you feel like quitting
giving up
or shutting down
remember there is more to you than pain and anxiety
you are a roaring wildfire, unstoppable to put out
you are the wild flowers that return every year, beautiful and free
you are the full moon,
in a sky full of stars,
you are even brighter

there is eternal sunshine in your soul if you remember to look for it
all this time you have had in you the strength you have always searched for

dont forget who you are
Cutezeni Nov 30

Come sweet fairy
Come to me
Sing that sweet summer song to me
Kiss those golden rays onto me
Engulf me in your fairy light
Which sparkles and burns
Oh so bright!
Take me with you far and away
Take me with you
To the light of day
Where summer lays
In the hazy days.

Bring your fruit and your punch
Bring also a snack to munch
Bring your games and your toys
Let's find our summer joys.
Oh sweet fairy hear my cries
See the pain in my eyes
Take me with you
Let's fly away
Let's go live
The summer days.

My sweet fairy
We can dance
In the summer nights
All night long
Or run miles in the warm sand
Where we belong.
We can go left or right
Every direction leads to fun
In these endless summer nights.

Feel the warm breeze
Kiss your face
Feel the salty air
Graze you when you race
Let's run till we can't look back
Let's run against time and space.

Come sweet fairy
Take me away at last
It's getting too cold
And I want to reach there fast
Where I can be happy and gay
Living each moment
Like the beginning of summer days.

Petra Nov 21

Breath escapes my body,
Only to become encompassed
By the frigid, boreal winter.

I dare not sit lest my body stiffen,
And my mind bear my final moments
In ache and anguish.

The twilight holds a certain latent agitation.
Energy will seep past the horizon,
In the form of caressing rays of sunlight.

Before the world wakes,
I unravel what little protection
I had given my body against the bitter cold.

The cold stabs at my bare skin.
My legs lose feeling and buckle under me,
And the deep snow engulfs my body.

The world is embracing me,
Accepting my valiant sacrifice.
I hear mother Earth sing a sigh of relief.

I finally realized my place within the universe:
A universe which I had always
accepted as home.

It was never my home.
I was always a guest here,
Willingly invited, yet overstayed.

Lydia Nov 19

how is it possible to be a person on the days that leave you feeling empty?

why doesn't that count as a good reason for a sick day at work
or a reason to take a break from life
until your soul feels better
or at least a little normal again

how can I be expected to be a mother, a friend, a coworker, anything
when my insides are bending and breaking and my brain is unable to connect the dots

when my hands won't work
and my legs don't feel strong enough to hold my weight
and my mouth forgot how to speak

how can I be a person
when I've forgotten that I'm even alive?

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