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Palpebra Apr 23
My issues

aren't important

when I see the world around

falling apart on shaky ground

faith depleting

hope fleeting

people dying

breathless and out of breath

with no beds left for death

it's haunting me day and night

seeing the little light

dimming and dimming

darkness brimming

I feel useless and so out of hope

that I find difficult to cope

with my own issues

that seem nothing today

like a sad excuse

I've got nothing more to say.
The North Star
The Pole Star
Different names
Same star
Appears fixed
In the sky
At night
To the eyes
Lies above the North Pole
On the celestial sphere
Earth's axis of rotation
Passes close by
It guides
GPS of olden days
On disappearing
Golden rays ☀️
Mythological character
Associated to it
Converted to it
Message on the firmament
Surrender cares and worries
To the Divine
Lost in Corona War
The North Star
The Pole Star
The guiding star ⭐
Google for story of mythological character 'DHRUV'.
Some days feel like sunshine on your grandma's porch, warm,
safe, welcoming
Full of joy.

Some days feel like neverending tunnels, so
long, and dark
Like you can't wait for morning to come save you, but you
also feel like you're not ready to face tomorrow

Today's the latter
Tonight's the latter
What if I told you that happiness is a lie,
That love you think you have is swimming by,
Letting you know
You will never know how.

Emptiness is what surround us,
Don't let it get to you,
Don't let it get to you.
And if so, never lose that „you“.
Don't let the loneliness get the worst of you too.

I wish I could just walk away,
From the lies and dreams I've had about you.
I've imagined you as an innocent pure clay,
Who had no clue, no clue.

It's hard to admit it's here again,
the unexpected rain through my vein,
But it's the very same
Just with a different name.

I wish I would be strong enough,
To stand up and be myself,
Stay away from when it's rough,
Enjoy the time when you are not around.

I thought it's not possible.
Not possible to find someone, who could handle me,
So on the edge and yet, still so shallow.
I might be someone who sees a meadow
From a shadow.

They think when it's not visible
It's allright.
Then why I feel like
It's getting worse, more like.
The more they do not see
Becomes painful just to be.
the worst pain is
the day after.
when you wake up
to relive
the feeling
over again.
Michael Mar 19
Higher than their towers as he stands upon the sea,
in the final hours of all humanity.
With seven crowns of power he's ruling as their king,
and with the False Messiah, they'll try and ruin everything.
A lion known to some, he's roaring mighty loud,
and all the ones who follow him can hear no other sound.
This Dragon often told before will scale the world round,
and gather them together to battle for the crown!

Those who look for signs won't see them,
if they don't believe.
The False Messiah will mislead them,
if they're quick to be deceived.
And the Dragon will be laughing at all he holds in vain,
devouring their souls, 'till nothing else remains!

Over all the water, ruling over all the lands,
over Babylon the Great the mighty Dragon stands!
His seven heads are crowned with the kingship over Man,
with the nations at his feet and the world in his hands.
As a serpent in the garden, he'll trick you to forget
the True Messiah's coming!  There's no reason to repent!
As the Father to the Lie, his only compliment's
a world cursed to die, as that's all he represents!

Those who look for lies will find them
if they don't realize,
the False Messiah, he will guide them
to the desires of their eyes.
And the Dragon will be laughing as they all cry his names,
for their torments everlasting, they'll cast on him their blames!

Over all the lands of a planet called Earth,
over all its waters, over all its dirt.
There stands the Seven Headed Dragon, as foretold in the Word,
that many didn't care for and very little heard.
As a leader into death, he'll lead you to war,
and though you won't understand what you're fighting for.
If we live by the sword, we must be prepared to die by the sword.
For even the Dragon's a pawn, by the hands of the Lord!

Those who look to live as if
they'll be dead in the morn,
they live just for today
because their future's are torn.
And the Dragon, he is laughing as he's breathing his fire
into their hearts, all their burning desires!

One head crowned with authority.  It's name is herald, "LUST!!
Another one with the name, "GLUTTONY!!" is looking down on us.
The third head staring down right at me, I hear the name of "GREED!!"
"COME TO ME ALL YE WHO SLOTH!!" calls the fourth one evilly.

     FOR I AM WRATH!!"

And there are some who run and hide, but still get eaten up
     by the jaws of "PRIDE!!"

Seven sins in all of Babylon, standing proud up until it's gone!

pled the words of the Man that they nailed to the cross.
And the many more martyrs of His Great Name,
died for saying things that He'd preordained.
They died for saying that their Majesty came,
     and that He would return again.
          He will return again.
And though the Dragon will be laughing, he'll know his own time's come,
and he might try to fight, but it won't last too long,
when the Lord of the Lords and the King of the Kings
returns with the Father of Everything!
So as the Dragon, he was laughing, he was only a fool,
     as was everyone,
that gave their soul for a second to roll,
a loaded dice.
     The deal was done...  Their towers' gone.
Owen Mar 19
These days I feel every breath
and wonder at the thin red line
that keeps me alive.
Seperating this world
and the void.
And I'm in awe of the joy and the life
that surrounds me whilst inside
I'm fading.
This yearning to embrace
eternal sleep, is in my bones,
my very foundations.
Since I was very little,
Ive been waiting.
Suicide and the fight to stay has been in me since I can remember.
Palpebra Mar 10
I don't know
where did I
go wrong
or lie
did you leave
and what made you
that I betrayed
when it was my life
I layed
for your eyes to see
that I'm not like any
but you were
like all
promising timers
while stopping our calls
happily choosing
a life without
my dullness my brokenness
my issues my doubts
you did not trust me
but you took me for someone
who wasn't tough
so I write this verse
last blessing last curse
4 years of
confusion and control
calculatitive goals
I tell you this
I don't miss
you or your bookshelf-self
untitled ice-cube bonds
or anything else
our talks our walks
our texts our interests
my dull your bright
your voice my fight
my guilt my pride
your scars you hide.
Payton Feb 24
Was it longing in is sad, blue eyes, or was it lust?
Maybe it was a beautiful combination of the two.
She always left him wanting more.
So he gave up the sunlight for her.
He promised to spend the rest of his days  in darkness, between silk sheets and, hushed tones.
He never asked anything of her.
Seeing her body covered in nothing but moonlight was more than
his soul could ever dream of.
This poem was written in 2016.
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