i often think about the people that go hit by meteorites
how space shrapnel invited itself into their homes
took its' shoes off and shimmied into the floor
asteroid junk, hold me closer
tell them they're not alone
that one day they'll burst, or be swept
all just soot in the end
this dust, this sand
can fill up a city
i can be that city

how likely is it to be struck by lightning?
and will i be the lucky one
tell me, will it shake the truths out of me
will it burn my hair like it did when someone got too close and their cigarette got even closer
the way it sizzled and made the air hard to breathe
will my veins line up with the electric as if i were part of something greater than a body of earth?
in times like these i hear the word aha!
Geronimo calling from the light-bulb, brazenly jumping to enlightenment
a tiny revolution starting in every little thing that can line up with the other
a thousand circuits jump starting and brashly telling me to
step out of the dark
i could use a little time
science phenomena
Stuck between a rock
And a few boulders
Who say’s life gets better
Or easier as we get older?
Life can be great
But it can also smolder.
You Can do it alone
Although it’s better with a shoulder.
Life can be good and rough.
That’s up to the beholder
Jangle  and  jungle

Jangle   on me


jangle  on  me
so    that   i  can   have
good   tasty  food.

Jangle  on me

i  may  have
good   return  of
my  investment.

Jangle    on me in
so  that   i  may
reagain  can
come  back
to  my
lovely  jungle  days  !
I stand in the rain because it’s better than hiding in the shade.
I hope the sun stops coming up,
And we lose all sense of time,
Because time makes me anxious,
Every second ticking by is one second closer to death,
And I’m not ready to die yet.
SelinaSharday Jan 11
Lemons are lemony and kinda pretty..
A bit sour. But bright and glowy.
Like Lemony days
With a Chance of sugar
Its takes a while just to figure.
Where and when to apply sum sugar.
Apples some aren't ripe so leave them hanging high
Some days are ready and good for preparing Apple pie.
Oranges nice sweet  round and juicy plump.
But Rolling around on
em can be wack and make things go bump.
A variety of cherries..
Can be good on days of pleasantries.
Laughter is good with a bowl of fruity goodies.
Lemons  oranges  apples  and cherries.
Makings of goodness makes for days of
Better weather..
Slushies and Icees no matter where ever.
Especially when a day is Lemony.
You can make it sweet and juicy.
So no worry should a day be lemony.
By selinasharday@H.E.R
Create your days make the best of your days.. spiritual.. mental and physical.
IncholPoem Jan 11
Eleven  days
eleven   cricket  players
were  arranged.

   So   what  is  the
        stopping  problem
that  could   not  help
to  restart  the  game.

    Football   players
   past   days

    with  playing
cricket   players
are  coming   back.

2  hands  will  make
human -creatures
who  will   do
so  practice
as  may  as  50
myrrh Jan 9
Eyes ajar, still can't gaze far
No one dies, still feel subpar
Time flies & the days say their goodbyes
& you won't know my struggles, there's no memoir
Don't like to parade my weakness
I **** for people to see the value of my uniqueness
So bye trust, I can't reclaim you
Heart's inflamed & my mind hurts too,
I blamed & despised myself, so curse you
Find it hard to love, because it brings pain too
Yet I still seek validation regardless
I'm aware of my low valuation,
But please take me irregardless
This desire to be held needs to be quelled
Numerous attempts have been withheld
Inner contretemps between fear & paranoia
Has been ruinous. Don't feel contempt; I'm in ruins
A trip down memory yesterday so I to go
It's was to time and
place that I only know
a place In my mind Is
to there I did
To place back In my
youth, days where once
as a child I did play
In what seemed to me like endless sunny
Running and laughing through fields of green
that led to the wood
where Mother did take me for Sunday after dinner
Memories that still lay so
fresh In my mind back to
a place and a time that only I know It was there
I played as a child In what seemed to me like endless sunny
Trip down memory lane back to my childhood days of what
to me seemed always sunny
Latifah Jan 7
On some days
You have to turn the music louder
Forget the world exists
Wear dark sunglasses
Ignore the voices
Keep moving forward
Don’t look back.
Kellin Jan 7
I have lost a lot of good things in my life, most was from my own ignorance.
However, I like to believe that everything happens for a reason and better days are ahead.
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