Days Of Distraction: The List

What can they be?
They seem to go on endlessly.
Helping out a friend in need;
Finding ways to heed the need(s)
Of several needy friends in need.
Ignoring things that might be done,
Might be some fun
And useful monetarily.
Ignoring requisites of I, myself and me.
Structure: that’s one key.
Thinking practically; harmony.
Priority to me, myself and I.

Life is simple.
Roof, warmth, food -
Summed up sample of the simple,
Which gives ample time
To carry out the other,
'Other' meaning tools which further
Happiness and satisfaction.

Paying bills and buying,
Days of duty and temptation;
Stress and tension:
‘Stressed out’ grown to idiom.

What to do about this ‘dream’,
For dream it is.
This is a list and not a scheme;
Not a plan nor stratagem.
Read and think, find out!
The answer lies in nought but thee.
(That’s you and me).
You’ll see
               what works.

Days Of Distraction 10.21.2017
Definitely Didactic; I Is Always You Is Me;
Arlene Corwin

Chatted with my 'English rose' of a daughter (raised in Oxford, England now residing in Oregon, USA.) who complained of distractions which keep her from other, perhaps more practical or and/or rewarding things.  It inspired these little reflections.
It will go into my collections: Definitely Didactic and I Is Always We Is You.  By the way, my 16th book Birth, Death & In Between II went into publication today!

We all have 'em: days of distraction.

Monday strikes me head on
Like a wrecking ball
Driven by a blind man

Tuesday doesn't know where it's going
Like me
When I forget to take my pills

Wednesday is the saddest day
Because, you know,
It's right in the middle of the week

Thursday feels more like Friday
Than Friday does
(What the freaking heck?!)

Friday is barely a day at all
Cause people are always
Looking forward to the end of it
So they can get home
And binge on Netflix
And raid the fridge
And automatically fall asleep
Because they don't have to go anywhere
For once in their friggin (miserable) lives

Saturday is the best day of the week
Because everybody gets to sleep in
And do whatever the hell they want
(Except for college students because they still have truckloads of homework cause their teachers are heartless jerks)

And Sunday is the worst fucking day
Because, you know,
Tomorrow's Monday

I feel like most people can relate to this piece of crap I came up with literally just now. Enjoy and laugh because it's supposed to be comedic, and if it's not then I give up.

This moment
  Seeing you today

I'll brink back the days
  When you didn't mean
       this much to me

I'll bring it back
               . . .

I'll bring it back

As my weeks are filled with good days
A sudden thought surfaces into my brain
What if my good days are numbered?
What if I couldn't be granted more by the Universe?
Just like we have 180 days of school
I've got a certain number of good
What if as they happen continuously, regularly
Bad days are to come, to disrupt my routine?
And now, every time I have a good day
I think about how there must be another planet in retrograde
And worry about tomorrow's sake

The sun rose and peeked through my window forcing my eyes open for the day
The dream interrupted, another of you, replays like a movie scene
I force myself up and feel the carpet under my toes, reminding me it was just a dream
Some days, you are all I think about
Other days, you don't even cross my mind
Almost two years have flown by; years I thought would take an eternity
Who are you now?
What do you do with your days you swore would be nothing without me?
I don't miss you

I'm just curious.

I feel vague
This space between
cracks and breaks
The future rules my present
state, living for the day
Overshadows – the great wait
My heart in being, truly living
It all feels a billion light years away

Torias Oct 10

I pull clothes from the back of my dresser, and it hurts just a little because they smell like senior year, you, and the way we used to feel.

Silence Oct 7

I've seen brighter days man and I just don't know what to do I've been left all alone with my thoughts and these days I don't even know how to talk so I'll cover my mouth and sit in silence and hope and pray that someone will finally understand I don't know how to talk to anyone and that I can't be alone anymore

Torias Oct 1

I don't think the pain comes from wanting you back,
Because I don't.
But I think sometimes I remember the way it used to be and the way you used to make me feel.
We reached the end of us,
Now your story has taken a dark twist,
And there was a time when I would've wrapped my arms around you and held you up.
Maybe you thought she would do a better job than me-
You bet it all on that other girl,
But now you are all alone.
And I still hope your childhood dreams come true.
Though I am far too busy to worry about where you are now,
What you're doing,
Who you're with.
I guess it's true that time works wonders,
We used to be so completely intertwined.
Now I can't say you are so much different from a stranger.


o'er a length of days
fierce winds have scolded the land
they show no let up

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