Anyone 38m

Change with every morning
To better, to worse
Change with every morning
To joy, remorse
Change with every sunset
To strength, after light
Change with every sunset
To rest, to night
Change with every moment
To fit, to become
Change with every moment
Too many times, and none

Don't know what the fuck that is

On days like these
I'm so hard to please
when on my knees
all wood no trees

An empty existence
with little resistance
to painful persistence
and angular distance

In a hole of self creation
tending depressive deflation
facing eternal damnation
for past sinful serration

A queasy brain freeze
trapped on a trapeze
no safety net to appease
on days like these

Earlier this week I had one of these days. Maybe I had too much time to think too deeply, unhealthily dwelling on past indiscretions and so on. You know you shouldn't do it but sometimes you can pick up life's baggage when it should be left alone and struggle with it for a while. I've learned techniques etc to overcome this but I reckon many readers of this will recognise days like these. Go well.
Jan 5d

besieged by tumultuous mornings and bleak skies,
zephyr from the crystalline ocean
becomes the only trace of innocence left among this chaos.

i have nine days
before i leave
the only place
that i’ve called home.
nine days
to say goodbye
to the only people
that i’ve called family.
nine days
until i begin
the beautiful thing
i can call
my future.

because moving to another country is hard.
© Copywrite Rosa Lía Elías

Take me back to the days
We're everything was sunny
Jokes were much more funny
And we didn't need no money
Back where songs were all jams
Family together eating turkey and ham
didn't have to worry about mail and spam
Happy and content with our PB& jam
Take me back to
bike rides in the neighborhood
Eating junk because we could
Hanging with friends like it was a brotherhood
Thinking we'd never split
what ever came up we could've withstood
Back when there were no repercussions
Politics & future plans no where in the discussion
No bill to pay no savings to be touchin'
No job then home schedule
sleeping in, no rushin'
Before adult responsibilities
Gas, food, health and other expensive exhausting utilities
Before we ever questioned our abilities
Back before life tried to smother your spirit
Pushing your capabilities
Back when we were on top of the world
Thinking we knew it all
Thinking one day we'd get money and pearls
Staying up late thinking bout girls
Then she'd text you and you start spinning in swirls
Back when the world was small and revolved around you
Back when there was nothing to do
When we we're kids happy and didn't even have a clue
We'd simply enjoy life cause skies were blue
Before you were running out of time
And you didn't have to find
A plan for a future outline
Lazy Summer days being young happy and optimistic combined
Back when everything was seen in light and wonder
Things weren't real yet there's nothing big enough to blunder
All your time was smelling the roses and
Listening to thunder
Protected from life
as a 17 and under.

A brighter time
With simple rhymes.
A youngsters shine
Darius Jul 24

I thought of you less today
But not a day goes by
That I don't wonder if you're doing okay

skyler Jul 23

i was counting down the days
with an eagerness in my heart
looking forward to the end and you

but now i find myself
falling apart

broken and scrambling to gather all the pieces as the days dwindle down

and now my eagerness is soon replaced
with a nausea and bone breaking fear

of having to see your face


Raquel Butler Jul 18

I am tired of the notion
That my bad days outnumber my good
Because I am not trying to improve
I am tired of having to explain
How I feel
Why I feel
Why I don’t
I am tired of you saying you want to understand
Of you wanting to hear every detail,
No thoughts left unsaid
I am tired that when I begin to let you in
You start to pull away
You say my heart is too dim
I am tired
Of everyone telling me to stay
When they don’t want to deal
With the worst parts of me
I am tired of the notion
That expressing
That releasing
Is seen as romanticizing
When all I want is for it to go away
There is nothing fucking romantic about this
I want to get better.

I was scrolling through a friends Tumblr, and I saw a post bashing mentally ill people so I decided to write, because it makes me so fucking angry NOBODY wants to feel like this. I'm tired of the notion that we do.
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