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Marle 2h
The Sun is out.
With the Rain.
All I feel is Pain.
I am Grey.
And outside.
The grass is in the plains.
The flowers is all I want to grasp.
Today is just not the day.
Always a bad one.
At last.
Today was a bad day.
I am always moody..
Jaxey 2d
I wish I could freeze my happiness
In little ice cubes
So when I'm having a bad day
I can just pop one in my mouth
And let it melt my worries away.
Let me melt with you
how sad it was today
for days it's sad to my eyes
it finally finally means
a cold snap is expected soon
it will be cold soon it will rain and
fog careless bright bright fog

it was sad it was sad
it was very inspired and bright and musical
It was very musical and therefore I am very
very sad today or not
yesterday i live in the world and so i'm dead
there was no birth but death was all

Simply H Oct 13
Over thirteen years lead up to this

And there are times in there I really miss

What the **** happened to end it all

I wait by the phone but you never call

I’ve dropped a lot of weight and gotten darker

But I didn’t plan that out with a magic marker

Lack of sleep and a lot of stress has taken its toll

Makes sense since when you left you took my soul

Two packs a day probably doesn’t help either

I should probably slow down and take a breather

But what’s the point when it’s all said and done

What I thought was the end had never really begun

I was a pass time for you until the past came back around

But in you a true partner is what I thought I had found

My disappointment in this cant be understated

It’s left me broken, alone and isolated

You still haven’t told me we’re done so it’s left me with hope

Yet I know I’m really balancing on a tightrope

I want to go forward but either side seems like the better way

To forget that I wasn’t good enough for you to stay

4,782 days lead up to our first real kiss

So much happiness then and that’s what I miss

4,961 days lead up to this

More than 13 years thrown away because you couldn’t get over a vampires kiss
Daniel Ruiz Oct 13
Pages from a calendar
fall onto the ground slowly
like autumn leafs,

Everyday marked,
marked with significant
and insignificant stuff,

Days without school,
Just a whole bunch of time wasted,

But pages will keep falling,
days will keep getting marked,

And i know,
i know i don't want to die today
Because There's more pages to rip,
and more birthdays to remember,
and more just more.

And i love that the day's in my calendar
are flying by,

Because it means,
I was stronger,
and decided
not to die.
Daniel eason Oct 12
As my mind wonders into the abyss of space and time
Trance like states blow my mind
These distant places
Different faces
Terrifying for some
Magical for others
But they try to judge
Be abit more like your mother
A kind hearted person
Nature can see
What's the problem it's up to me
A poem about judgement and how we should accept other people's decisions and actions. People change all the time
Ilion gray Oct 11
Around here the days
Walk past slow;
I have only watched them
Do you hear the voices
Swimming the coffered channels
Of hours also?
Subtly clinging to waves
Which strive
Yet only
Come once
The same tide never rolls
I am roving about
Where silence answers
Fear, and moonlight
Answers night
You and I
Awaiting time
Wondering if it knows
We're here.
the air is still
An empty echo of expanse
Holding nothing;
rain falls from a
Cloudless sky;
soft as sparrow tears
Crashing down onto
Binary lovers
Melting them to earth
Into a puddle of one another.
Daniel eason Oct 11
Algorithmic geometric wonder
Fill your senses
Abit like thunder
This mystical realm in which you can perceive
I don't think many would believe
Made out to be a crime
But it couldn't be much more of a lie
Have you ever looked up at the sky
Gloomy or sunny and bright
Or do you just look down at your feet
And never go out, but night
A poem about change and giving things a chance why is there so much stigma in this world we live.
what if I am not really a human
but a bird whose wings have grown
deep within my aching bones
like angels, they sing
of days I've not yet lived,
times no one has seen before
as though *** wants me to learn
from all that is inside myself
She tells me to be patient,
soothing voice of Lady Light,
whispers me to sleep
in some faraway galaxy
where peace makes all the planets dance
and love makes the stars burn bright
clever Oct 8
and there's weight to this gun
and i don't mean the mass.
and i number my days,
don't know which one's the last.
but when it comes down to it,
you can't break unbreakable.
when everybody's pressed
the fake is unmistakable.
it's sunday night.
you call me when you're drunk.
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