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Nobody 6h
I love darkness
Because in the dark
You won't see my scar
And I will be spared
From all the questionnaire
And you won't dare
To leave my hand
As you are scared
But what if you find a flare
Will you still bear with me?
will they?
Ginger Jul 16
Broken and Shattered kinda like a mirror,
But unlike the mirror she can't just throw herself away.
She tried multiple times and multiple ways
But instead she pushes her feelings aside.
Her happiness doesn't matter.
Her Boys matter
The boys of a monster.
They Matter.
Unlike a mirror she can't just throw an object at what hurts
to get rid of the pain and the hurt.
People tell her to remember the things that happened before it all started...The good Memories..
What they don't know..
Is the Broken and Shattered has always been there.
Leah Carr Jul 15
It's as though your touch
penetrates my skin
maybe that's how you get
inside me

It frightens me
that's the bitter truth
the fear eats away
inside me

I can't go a day
without running to you
dependant on you, not what's
inside me

Yet when I'm with you
the lack of safety reminds my mind
how those few moments got
inside me
W Jul 10
Do you know, how it is to feel like you’re ur being dragged down to the bottom of the ocean?

The sunlight slowly fading away as you sink deeper into the dark depth of the unknown?

The pressure of everything around you getting heavier and more painful as you’re r surrounded by complete darkness; you think maybe you could swim on your own.

But now it’s just black.

Leah Carr Jul 6
Last night, I dreamed I met you
As I looked into your kind eyes
I knew you had forgiven me

Last night, I dreamed I met you
and you loved me like a little sister
As you looked into my fearful eyes
My guilt was gone

Last night, I dreamed I met you
and I'll never forget how you
I didn't have to surrender
like I'd thought I'd have to

Tonight, I'll pray to never meet you
Because I can't trust
that the you last night
is the real you
But then
what is the real you?

The you I hallucinate every day?
The manipulative, cruel sociopath?

The you inside my head?
The maternal, weak empath?

The you through the screen?
The confident, beautiful actress?

I'm craving some sort of answer

but patience


First, I need you to
Written to my friend's sister
Angela Rose Jul 2
I don’t know what we are doing
I don’t know what we are calling it
I don’t know what I see months down the road for us
But I do know that when he looks at me he sets every single part of me on fire
And I think that’s a sign.
Jenny Biller Jun 27
I feel like I'm the only one
who really cares
about the pandemic.

I feel like I'm the only one
who is scared
to infect someone I love.

I feel like I'm the only one
who sees
that a storming is coming.

I feel like I'm the only one.
Sunwriter Jun 15
I had my moon for months and seems like years
,but this is the day my sweet moon moved away

And yes this happens to all others but I can't help write
about the hole that is not coved

Cause she was my anchor strong and true just like the
sun and the moon

It's the bitter sweet thing about it all, that makes this
time right know so big not as small

And I will remember all those great days we've had together, in
hope the sun and moon, me and her will be reunited like to love birds

  It seems so far and I feel like I can't make it
Cause I do I continue to burn bright without the moon
right in my sight

So I going to try to burn bright with the time I've got, then
hopefully I reunite with the moon of my life
It's hard when someone you care about moves away
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