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Moonbeam Nov 8
I wake up in the darkness of the morning, panicked and alone
Your absence has left a suffocating emptiness in me, after all the warmth I was shown
I thought you would be here always, because you promised me you would be
But I’m just sitting here alone, next to the spot where you should be
You told me your love was unceasing, that it would last forever  
Then why aren’t you here, we need to be together
I still add to our playlists, hoping you’ll see
That we are so connected, that we are meant to be
I wish you would come back, but you told me you won’t
So I’m left here alone, writing the universe a note
B Oct 25
Don't think I'll go on, but I can
my mother is kicking me out
and I've never had a plan.
Fizzled out with your opening
crushed like a soda pop can
so insecure, pushed you away
because you know just who I am.

On such a breathless downward spiral
and I think I'll stay here a while.
baggy shirts and sunken eyes
has become my style.
I'm a muddled, mangy mess, no surprise
I think I'll just stay a child
be soft in my stride
for just a little while
until I learn to get by.
My hands start shaking.
I can feel my heart violently beating in my throat
threatening to choke me.
I can feel it hammering against my chest trying to break free
it’s like playing drums on my rib cage.
my brain stops completely
leaving me alone in the predicament.
I have no time, all my thoughts can be seen.
In the end, I always end up speaking nonsense.
With stutters and stammers interrupting each sentence.
Making them feel awkward and confused
about how to reply
to the nonsense I just spewed.
Austin Sessoms Nov 2012
she calls it
the BIG V
a ****** name
but accurate
it is
stretched out
sold for such
a low price
****** deviant
not exactly
a role
not some
by any means.
I've seen it.
perhaps I will
never have
if other women
look like that
like gaping holes
holes so large
it makes your
seem superfluous
a thin branch
against a muggy
night sky
"did you bring
she asks
I can only imagine
why she should
ask me that
am I in danger?
what monsters lurk
in that
bottomless cavern?
I want no part
in this expedition
I do not want to go
Malia Jul 20
i sit next to you
and we are silent and
i am scared but
you are more scared than
i am and when i
look at your eyes i
see a burning man
being stabbed from the
inside out and
i do not know what to say
because some things are
just not built for poems and
this is one of them.
man, copying and pasting all 649 of my poems into google drive is actually kind of tedious
Chloe Jul 17
Heart wide open
Dancing with you
on the floor

We’ve found our rhythm
Lauren Leal Jul 15
I find myself in that familiar place
where wounds reopen
and the feeling of danger
beckons to race

Old scars wanting to tear apart
like a stray bullet to the heart
Old habits emerge so mindless
despite being met with kindness

I question if I've really healed
If these years have anything to yield
Uncomfortable is how I've felt
Do I peek at this hand that is dealt

I'm at a crossroad of old and new
Simply locked scared at what to do

Yet I know I will choose you

I will always wear my heart on my sleeve
No matter the times it's torn away
In the work I've done I believe

Will keep you beside me day by day

This 'uncomfortable' is my test
Trust me that you'll get my best
My work will not be undone
because what we have has just begun
Healing after a breakup is tested when to try to date once more. Those feelings will come back as a defensive layer, your reaction is everything
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