The sun, shining on your pale skin.
The slight summer breeze making your hair dance.
The view of you by my side.
I'm in peace.

The calming tones of your voice.
The safety in your arms.
The warmth coming from your heart.
I'm in peace.

This feeling I know too well.
This scared feeling of bonding.
This attraction was messed with before.
But I'm in peace.

And with you, I will risk this feeling once more.
Scratched the surface,
of the voices,
wordless torture and painless punches.
Scratching screeches,
silent screams.
Silenced violence,
the scratch grew.
Is it blood?
Is this still you?
Bruised and burning,
and nursing depression.
First it's the screaming,
the drums on my ears,
the lesser I feel,
the less I can hear.
Just a small scratch,
it won't kill.
Yet the voices inside?
They certainly
All feedback is welcome
16 Years old and I feel like i have the problems of a middle aged women.

So let me start. I was born with a lot of medical issues. More then even I would like to believe. And it’s like the issues and health got worse when I grew older.

Eye problems.
And a brain tumor (that will soon hopefully be taken care of)

Is it sad that I feel like I’m gonna die after my high school graduation.

See the issues yet?

It’s no excuse but I feel like things are gonna change for me.
Not in a good way either.

                          With love,
Imagine the feeling
Of slaying a dragon,
But mixed -
With the nerves
Of having to get close,
And face to face
With it,
But then -
At the same time
Loving the dragon.
Shanne 2d
What are you so afraid of?

Getting your heart broken?

You can’t just bury it, under walls and nonchalance.

Let them see it.

Let them see what you have to give.

The brilliance under that smile

the tenderness behind your eyes.

Don’t be selfish.

Don’t keep yourself to yourself.

Because a beauty like yours

passion like yours

soul like yours

is made to be shared

to be


To be loved.
Rowibh 3d
as i was witnessing today
the beautiful skies
what i saw
and only saw
was my future

i fear of it
i always do
for it scares me
till i might lose

not knowing where i’ll end
not knowing the days ahead

i fear still
for the days to come
I am too needy. I need to know I’m loved or I will think it’s gone.
I think I’m not good enough for anyone.
I think tears in front of someone shows that your weak.
I believe that built up aggression can be good for you.
I got issues and I let it bring me down.
I show too much affection.
I let you know all my feelings as soon as they develop.

But one day someone will see my flaws and they will still think I’m perfect.

                           With love,
Amanda 5d
I do not like being unfeeling
Hate that I'm always alone
But love does not dare find me
While I am stuck in my comfort zone

Happiness awaits my grasp
Just beyond hand's reach
I cannot get there by walking
Or by any form of speech

I need a road of hopes to come
Not a wish upon a distant star
Emotion will be my gasoline
My heart is my car

Still I stop to wonder
About promises bound to break
Pain and hurt so why should I
Make this gigantic mistake?

Once again I am safe
Unhappy, out of harm's way
Discontent but unbroken
In this place I will surely stay

Four cozy walls surround me
My prison and also my home
Scared, silent, and sound I still wait
Inside my little comfort zone
This was written long ago before i had experienced love and heartbreak
Sam 5d
People say hatred is wrong

That it means you're as bad as the very one you hate

But I beg to differ

Why can't I hate her for torturing me as a child

And trying her very best to make me sad

Why can't I hate him for doing the very same

For doing anything he can to made me feel pain

Just because he can't hurt himself enough

I've grown to hate myself

And as bad as that is

I just can't stop

I've grown up with such a toxic set of siblings

I might as well be the first to go

That's what they've always wanted

When they tried to strangle me

I still remember how it felt

When they wrapped their hands around my neck

It hurt
This is pretty deep but oh well.
Let me set fire to the tip of my pencil
And use it as a candle
To light this dark room.

Let the fuel I pour
Be the very writing
That burns me
So I don’t have to close my eyes.

Let the torch I hold that scares
The monster lurking in my mind
Warm my cold thoughts.

As I hold my breath and sink
In a room filling with water.

The price of warmth ...
                  Is the little air I have left.

Please don’t leave me
In this cold dark room
With hope extinguished.

So I claw at a locked door
With a burning piece of wood
As I slowly drown in a cold dark room.

Trapped in here
With myself.

Sometimes we lock ourselves away in our thoughts . We become so lost we are desperate not to be trapped alone with our own dispair. This feeling is suffocating and you cling to anything to stay afloat. The straw I chose to grab at is poetry
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