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Cindy 1d
For this time my love;
I will not looking back
I will not take the blame
For all your short comings
Am I the only one capable?
Of killing us
Of not being enough for us
Of not being patient
Of overreacting

When you say you never signed up for this;
You also said Always and Forever
For this time my love
Am to pick me up
To brace myself
To never look back
It's enough
For this time;
Am moving on
Lovers who blame every crack in their relationship on one partner-you are not perfect either.
Scrolling through the past
Is informational
It reminds us of who we once were
And who we've become
Rediscovering feelings
We had almost forgotten we had
And we'd shared them with the world
And we didn't do half bad
I thought I'd never escape her
Her iron grip leaving bruises where she held us
But we did
We made it
Life got a little better for it too

We aren't fixed
We are still sad
We still have depression
But it's not as bad as it was
She's gone from our lives
Our abuser

And she dares to call herself a fighter
I was scrolling through my old poems, and I was reading one comment on my poem "Cuts" from when I was stuck with the woman who abused me every chance she got. If you're reading this, it got better. I'm not healed yet, but it has gotten better. To those of you who've stayed with me this long: Thank you
Nina 7d
if i were to be honest
I still do miss you
And i think about you
Almost everyday
And I don't think it will ever end
But i am proud to say
That im finally over you
Don't get me wrong
I still have feelings for you
I will always love you
Deep down in my heart
But the waiting game is over
I finally let you go

And if we ever meet again in the future
Hope you realise that
I will always
And forever
Keep on missing you
And loving you
Despite moving on
Ankita Dash May 17
I saw a dream at sunrise
I won something
Something I didn’t know I wanted
Something I didn’t know I needed
But it felt like Uncharted Territory
As if I was trying to make a home for myself at a place where I didn’t belong.

It felt a bit like loving you.

Did you know I changed cities? I heard you did too
Will you sing Hey There Delilah for me, now?

Opposite continents and timezones
I would stand at the Tropic of Cancer, just to melt a little more
Because you were the summer of my solistice.

I saw a dream yesterday at sunrise.
It was about winning you- because that’s what it was; a contest.
To your shattered heart.
But it felt a lot like Uncharted Territory.
Ankita Dash May 17
I’m all out of midnight phone calls and wilted rose petals.

I’m all out of throwing out letters out of windows and building cathedrals of sand.

I’m all out of the avalanche of goosebumps your touch caused.

I yearn stillness now.
I yearn indifference.
I yearn to keep my head above the water now.

And so, your eyes are graveyards and I bury all words unsaid.
I’m looking up, up high
Wishing I’m up there in the sky
To take off the burdens of the past
Peace at last, peace at last

I set out upon this quest
Travel to the world of the blessed
Up in the air I am cast
Peace at last, peace at last

In the heavens to which I fly
I look at the ground, but now from the sky

— OrcasTogether
Moving on....
You texted me in February
From 23 hundred miles away
2 years to 1 line
Happy birthday
Meanwhile your 21st
Is written in ink on my Grandma's calendar
Nicole May 2
You shared all your secrets and confided in me
I thought I was helping by setting them free
I trusted too much
Maybe that is my curse
And I saw your face and it tore me apart
Friends first

Friends first
When the tension's mild
When your turn is up and the chips are down
On the same team once but I get it now
Friends first
Friends first

Why don't you care that you threw my heart on the flour
Now I'm moving on
Walking out the door
Friends no more

Friends first
When the seconds count
Friends first
When the tension's mild
When your turn is up and the chips are down
Once BFF's but I guess not now
Friends no more.
This is the second version of friends first poem.
I see you there, at your favourite spot,
the same cozy corner, where we seldom fought,

I see you there, your eyes twinkling,
you look happy, the way you're smiling,

I see you there, holding hands with her,
she says something, you mouth forever,

I see you there, see the way you look at her,
she smiles at you, as you whisper something into her ear,

I see you there, I can see you're in love with her,
you look at her, the way you'd look at me before,

I see you there, our eyes meet,
I'd be lying, if I said my heart did'nt skip a beat,

I see you there, I give you a small smile,
your eyes widen, I know it's been a while

I see you there, it's been a year,
snapping out of the shock, you mouth "later"

I see you there, I shake my head,
turning back , I walk away, knowing it's time to move ahead
IMCQ Apr 29
Sometimes your name escapes me.
A name I considered precious, held close to my heart

The name I used to cry out loud at night,
When we would lose ourselves in one another.

The shape of your name on my lips,
Like a distant memory, was it the same then as it is now?

I close my eyes repeating your name in hushed tones.
The weight it holds now is no more than that of a falling leaf.

I forgot your name when I awoke today.
It was for the best, but I need it for one more day.
A weeping Willow once told me..
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