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Yet I love you still,
You held me up while I drowned myself.
I crave your touch,
Wanting an ounce of affection.

I believed you were the second chance.
Turns out i ended up another romance.
Added to YOUR list.
NoctOwl Feb 25
Sunset is your favorite
Lest you forget
The sun goes down
And let the moon takes its place  

You treasured your sleep
And enjoy a peaceful rest
Hoping that there will be
Another day to see

Dancing in the rain?
How great it is!
The rain drops
For it is too much for the clouds

For there is beauty
In letting go
And there is joy
In moving on
At the end of endless search,
found the precious gem.
only to give it away,
as it doesn't fit my ring
Finding the perfect wrong ones
TT Feb 6
Move along the tiny voice whispered
Not yet she said
It's okay, take your time
But do not become comfortable
For you will remain still as a statue
It takes time to move on, however if you're constantly reminiscing trying to change the past you may miss many opportunity's.
Paras Bajaj Feb 3
In may,
when you came around,
I never thought I would lose
what I didn’t plan to found.

In June,
when I first kissed you,
I never thought I’d choose
someone other than you.

In July,
when you had to go away,
I never thought I’d pretend
that our time dropped in decay.
lover Feb 3
curl up into a ball but don’t cry
wear your favourite night gown and make yourself a cuppa
remember the time he stabbed you in the back?
yep that’s why we’re sleeping alone
what arouses your appetite?
we never have to taste that bitterness again
I’ve made up my mind
theres no space in my heart
For you, or anyone to own
A lovely warm cinnamon candle burns on my bedside table
we’re even warmer feeling that we can be our own provider
Play my favourite music, never have to listen to your **** again hah
my heart needed healing it’s a blessing I have to stay at home
it’s safe to say
yep we’re finally moving on💖
there really is a good in goodbye, don't read the end accept that things are meant to die
The start of one thing
The end of another
“Love is only a feeling,” they say
And i’m starting to believe it

Do I remember this day as the start of something good
Or do I remember it as the end of something better
Rather than making it about you
Or you
I’m making it about me for once

No more reminiscing on what could have been
No more sifting through different versions of the same story in my head
From now on, this will not be a day to dwell on the past, but rather to embrace the future

Love is only a feeling?
I will never believe it.
Love is a force stronger than the sun, moon, and all the stars
And one day it will come back
Lily Priest Jan 30
"You look different,"
He said.
"Oh that,"
Knowing smile,
Taunting tip of head,
"It's because I'm happy."
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