One night with her will make a hard man humble,
The night is full of love but it's never free. You'll give your soul just to have an Angel feel you up with ecstasy.
As the rays of sun illuminate the scene,
I realize it's the Devil lying next to me.
arra Jun 8
The night sky is full of stars
Just like my mind that are full of thoughts—
About me, about you, about us
But the thoughts wasn't what I like
But, the memories we shared.
Like the sun, as it sets into night
My feelings was also fading, loosing
And somehow, I like it.
To breathe again back to life
That is what I wish for
I'm glad, it is happening.
This piece was also written three years ago after I was dumped by my crush. Yup, I really got hurt and made this one wishing I will be moved on with him and Hooray! After I wrote this one, I'm finally done with him! But still, whenever I see or hear his name I became dumbstruck again. Whuuut?!
P.S. It is wrong to say I have a crush on him because I'm so into him. He' s my first love I guess.
Gina Marie Jun 7
Dear Mica,
I'd like to ask ask you, is it fun to taunt me?
About how great your life is now, after that incident..
Does it make you feel like you've really stumped me?
Well if you want to share, babe, I'll respond just this once...

Well my life started with you (Of course that you knew)
You made me believe I was enchanted, the colors were brighter (Because they were mine..)
Then you
Took me so far away
Made me think in black and white
Till my whole world turned gray
And you had all my light
I couldn't even write a rhyme
Made me sick until I couldn't rise
You laughed every time you opened my door
"Hun what's that face for?"
(It's just my face...)

I've seen so much since I left
Colors started coming back in High School
(Guess I had the opposite experience)
I used to think you were the Sun,
(Remember how mad you got when I changed my mind..)
Now you're more like a weed.

In 7th grade I met a Rainbow, a Hare and a Disease..
Rainbow was crazy, as a rainbow should be.. (And way more beautiful in color..)
And the Hare was so sweet.
The Disease tried, just like you.
But you taught me well, and he never won (Not the way you did..).
After that, we all parted ways.
You came back, vowing to end my days (I believe you phrased it in a much nicer way..)

Then you told the world we once shared
'I was in a tiny trailer, in a dirty bed..'
Made sure I saw it, and didn't say a word..

Red and Blue rose up, angry and tired.
They said they wanted to rise, but I told them not to fire
That's what you've wanted, another fight
But I won't give you the satisfaction
Of seeing me angry, seeing me sad.
You won't see me at all
When this ends.

So thank you Mica
You changed me for the worse
You lied and cheated, broke me more times than I can count.
But I'll turn it around
All the colors might fade again
And your whispers may come back
Still, I'll wade through your subtle clicks
With no needed disguise
I know who I am, hun
You won't tell me otherwise.
I'm done listening to your voice and your lies.

I'm as close to happy now
as I was before you.
Sure it isn't much
Not as lovely as you're doing,
But don't you worry
I'll make this better without a lie for help,
A chest of deceit, and a disposable person to blame.

One last thing, I'm truly happy you're doing well.
I'm not seething, just rambling.
Goodbye dear friend.
This is the end.
Sometimes you're taunted by someone you once loved, they just want to see you boil. This is the 'boiling point' (: Been a while since I wrote! Thanks for reading!
slr Jun 6
abusive relationships are weird
you never know until
someone unknowingly shows you.
there is always an inkling something is wrong
but you push it away.
you replace any fear or hurt
with his voice
saying "i love you"

-what do you do when you know
I still love you but I know I shouldn't.
kaitlyn joy Jun 6
We spend a lifetime
Recovering from the early experiences
Ingrained into the mazes of our consciousness
Maybe we should think less

Consistently covering craters in the corners of our memories
Targeting all the wrong enemies
Take a moment
To fall into the holes you tip-toed around
Fall with purpose, fall with sound

Confront the things that chase you
That you don't understand but lace you
Search it all and a bit more
Open every single hidden door

Understand yourself
Understand your past
Understand what caused
The shadows you cast
elizabeth Jun 6
and i’m in the bathroom crying
hoping no one at the party in the other room
will hear my sobs

i thought i was done with this
i thought i was done with you

i hate you i hate you i hate you

i want you to disappear
i want you to cease to exist

never once in my life have i wanted someone
to leave the face of this earth

but you somehow bring out the worst in me,
even when you’re gone.

you don’t deserve
to be in this universe with me.

you don’t deserve to live
under the same moon as me.

i hate you for feel that way.
i hate you for making me hate you.
Tara Cross Jun 6
How am I doing? Fine might you ask,
more painful things occurring to conjure my past.
Where is your mind? Standing in line,
traveled too far ahead to put the past behind.
What road will you travel? The road that heads right,
I cannot afford to go wrong in this mental fight.
When will you move on? How some would say.
But I've been taking it, day by day.
Tara Cross Jun 6
When I said that I loved you boy did I lie
I was willing to break up
more than I was willing to try.
Don't be surprised of the words I say
and what you don't know
you'll find out today.
Don't get me wrong but I think it's fair
for me to tell you I just don't care.
There use to be a time when I was very enthused
now it's a matter of time of the new person I'll choose.
Regan Mar 19
What we used to be was naive
Subtle glances
Sweet romances
The smell of roses stained on my soul
That reminds me that we’re done
The good nights that slowly ended
The goodbye I said
The ignoring of my opinions
The arguments of what I believed
The words you never said
Went straight to my head
I am glad we are over.
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