In the black and white world

True colors show

The right from my wrongs

The wrongs..

And I, I'm always wrong

You tell me, You're here

My dreams are not shattered

But I crushed my heart too soon

My hopes, I held up on Your rope

Slowly faded into debris

Sometimes the shadows win

But I have learned to remember

How You built me from the dust

That I am here with a purpose

I am the purpose, I suppose

I have not learned to let go

Let God, Let You

In the dawn, I have forgotten that You are always here

You held me high, planted my faith more than I could ever be

And You are, 'closer to me than my jugular vein'

Nearer to me than myself I deny

Always delve in deeper and in the thoughts, I sunk

Back and forth in the darkness

And You are always near

Pull me to the ground

Although I fear

My ground was never mine

And You still shower Your Mercy on me

Though these footsteps leave tan marks on Your ground

I am still here, walking

Still here
Never leave yourself behind
so now we're making new memories.

we're skateboarding down the streets
of our sleepy little town and i'm still

letting our old memories bring up old
emotions because yes, it still hurts me

to see you flirting with another girl but
can you blame me? i could barely salvage

my heart after the last tornado you created
had blown through me.

but then i look at you and i
and wonder if you were  really worth

all the heartache and late nights,
because of course i still love you

but not in the same way anymore. i still
want you, but not in the same way anymore.

i miss you, but not in the same way anymore.
and you'll be okay without me. you will make

new memories without me, i swear.
here's to moving on.
How do you think
he learned to touch
you like that, darling?

He didn't learn
that himself.
Ezis 2d
I shouldn’t have to justify
my desire to not have sex with you

Don’t make me feel cornered
or small because you say
you want to do all sorts of
things and I say I don’t

Clearly we both had different
ideas of what this was

He told me I needed

Like some ill-treated orphan
or the runt of the litter

I don’t need you or your affection

I thought it was fun at first
but now it’s over.
Friends come and go in
life but some leave a lasting
effect..I miss you
Missing an old friend doubt we ever speak again , just how it goes sometimes x
Kaitlyn 7d
We spend a lifetime
Recovering from the childhoods
Ingrained into the mazes of our consciousness
Maybe we should think less

Consistently covering craters in the corners of our memories
Targeting all the wrong enemies, please
Take a moment
To fall into the holes you tip-toed around
Fall with purpose, fall with sound

Confront the things that chase you
That you don't understand but lace you
Search it all and then some
Understand where each thought derives from

And need what you keep
Or keep what you need
Because in the end
It's your own soul that you feed
LizzyM 7d
There came a time when I eventually stopped revolving my 11:11 wishes on ephemeral memories of him and his galactic presence.

The galaxies in his eyes seem further away now,
but that is okay;
I am okay.

I don't love that boy anymore,
but a piece of me will always long to be an astronaut.
Zanzi Mar 14
... So little left unsaid
Yet so much time between us

Nothing to be saved
Yet space creates a gap filled with imagination

Unspoken conversations perhaps?
Or just one trying to retain the days that were meant to happen?
Sarah Mar 12
Troubled guy
Troubled girl
He tells her she means the world

Troubled girl
Troubled guy
He tends to only visit me at night

Remember walking down a bike path late, moon to my right
The memories burned in the back of my mind
With the match you and I, used to get high
I inhale and choke on the thought of forever
Even if compared to all the other guys, you’ve loved me better

Remember laying on a playground
You and I, And I on you
Doing things we shouldn’t do
If all our love, and plans fall through
I’ll remember that night and the taste of you

Remember sitting on that roof
Came down crashing hard from a high
Came down crashing hard from a lie
I won't forgive, I’ll just forget
So we’ll lay here and talk about the stars
and you’ll ask if that bright one is mars
I’ll mask the pain present in my heart
And I’ll smile for you my love
I’ll try not to fall apart  
I believe love is something you have to shape and create
We are art

With betrayal you painted my heart
How many times did you get her high?
How late did you stay up talking to her at night?
Fuck you, I’m moving on, you never could have fucked me right

I wish that I could burn every fucking memory along with the sweater and shirt you gave me
Fuck you, I’m moving on, you never could have fucked me right

I wish the memories would fade like your smoke from my lungs my love
I wish the memories would fade like the highs from all of your drugs
Fuck you, I’m moving on, you never could have fucked me right
Fuck you, I’m moving on, you never could have fucked me right
You're still asking for your sweater back
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