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Ces Sep 2020
The deadline monsters
Kept pounding on the door of my consciousness
Their frantic, banging fists
Threaten to reduce me
to a paralytic heap
of nothing but flesh and bones
I can hear the horrible noises
of splintering wood
Fractured humerus
The unnerving thwack
of a body
As it flung itself against
my defenses.

And yet I sit here
Serene, unperturbed
A posture of sheer pretentiousness
Ignoring the violent growls
of the monsters
In my head.

With glazed eyes
And absent-minded numbness
I watch Neflix.
kevin wright Aug 2020
hard facade
soft edges
blurred depressions
precipitous slopes

fragile points of origin

no shape
a heavy space
dappling of light
eyes a fusion into the mind

a focus approaches

my forehead meets my finger tips
thumbs caress my ears
nose peeks out for air
tension builds across my neck

the day is bestirring

a haunting commences
the stirring street clamours
my feet embrace the floor
the bathroom draws me near

the bus door shushes close

my hand finds a bar to hold
an unanswered welcoming smile in the crowd
the window fog of mortal breath
ting, my inescapable stop

my watch prompts me to toil

the briefcase opens amongst discarded papers
lunch makes it to the drawer
password…. needs changing
emails overflow the inbox

an empty outbox

unpaid demands
crossed out scribbles
a match of a pencil
smell of an unlaundered shirt

the clamour of the phone
a deadline agreed
the digital clock hoots in red at my predicament
the editor hot, the ink is cold

lame excuses unworthy of air

time to recant
elbows take my weight as I bow
pray-full fingers encamp on my face
eyelids close

here a place for shapes of my imagination
Pressures of work and being productive are not always easy. Some recompense can be found behind the position of Rodins Thinker, in reality it is often with two hands to cover the face to escape rather than be a thinker
Jay M May 2020
Assignment after assignment
10, no 12, for math
2 lessons for English
2 movies and a sheet of questions for each for journalism
1 weekly question and 1 lesson for biology
A lesson and questions about textbook pages for Spanish
A workout log for P.E.
1 nonfiction piece and 10-15 poems for creative writing

All due when?
By the end of the week for math
By the end of the week for English
By the end of the week for journalism
By the end of the week for biology
By the end of the week for Spanish
By yesterday for the nonfiction piece for Creative Writing
And who knows when for those poems for Creative writing

Get the grades up
Get the grades up
No matter what the cost
No matter what the pain
And get the chores done
At least 4 a day
Write down everything you do along the line
Timecards, what's next?

Shower, time it just right
Work around the other people
Don't mess around

Waste away
Get the grades up
Get the grades up
No matter what
Don't be dreamy and strut
Smack you to the ground
Get down from the clouds
Back to reality

Straight As only
Nothing less
Everything more
Or who knows what's going out the door
Maybe something you love
Maybe your sanity

Get the grades up
Keep your head up
Don't slip up
Keep your head up
Smile on, smiles on!

Don't argue, they always win
It creeps beneath your skin
Make it stay there
Bite your tongue
Until it bleeds
No matter what the cost

It's all in your head, of course,
Besides the grades,
There's no making a deal
Get the grades up
Get the grades up
Straight As and nothing less
Nothing left either, until you're a horrid mess
Just Scattered.

- Jay M
May 6th, 2020
The pressure is on, and I'm stressing out.
دema flutter Jul 2019
close your eyes
and feel the sea
watch the water
turn blue, green and teal,
let the wind take the lead,
breathe in the sun,
don’t let your sins bleed,
exhale out all the deadlines,
and shine.
Masha Yurkevich Jan 2019
I have a deadline
that was set.
I probably won't meet it,
I bet.
But that's fine with me,
because I know
the person
who set that deadline,
and I know
that they won't mind too much either.

Because it was me.
Setting deadlines for myself by myself never really worked for me...
Anya Oct 2018
At a certain
point in our lives
There's no more
"free time"
The closest thing
would be
Or only long term deadlines
We may
have "breaks"
But even if it takes a
We're still on the train
of life
Chugging away
Frank DeRose Jun 2018
two papers are due--
academia threatens
to swallow me whole
Naash May 2018
They say it is the most painful way to die,
but i think it's the most excruciating way to live.
These files, these emotions, these people, temptations and Lord knows what else.
They drown you alive.
Lady Grey Feb 2018
Just push through it
Push through it it
It’ll be over soon

Can’t wait for the end
I’m gonna be done soon
Push through


Go back
I’m not ready
I don’t have time

Enough time

I can’t
So mucvh to do

Why does time

Do this

Slip awa y

Evaede me

I can t







Getting through the week with a **** ton of deadlines is rough
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