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Love in the air
Love in every beats
Beats of my heart
Beats only for you
You are my life
You are my destiny
Destiny of my search
Destiny I desire
Desire I treasure
Desire of my pleasure
Pleasure in your kiss
Pleasure in your embrace
Embrace that I can't resist
Embrace I crave for eternity
Eternity of our togetherness
Eternity of my bliss
Bliss in your arms
Bliss of my life
Life with you  
Life I cherish
Cherish the momemnts
Cherish your memory
Memory I can't forget
Memory that let me live
Live to the fullest
Live with joy
Joy In every moment
Joy in the touch
Touch me with love
Touch my heart
Heart of yours
Heart I want to stay
Stay by my side
Stay forever
Forever with me
Forever holding my hand
Hand in your hand
Hand that heals
Heals my pain
Heals my broken day
Day of mine
Day end with your dreams
Dreams of our love
Dreams that delight always
Always your precense
Always for romance
Romance be romance
Romance for all seasons
Format: blitz
San Francisco, a whisper in the wind tonight
tells of rebirth
not Beat
or beaten down
not beatific simply being

it is whispered that soon
we will all see our visions and dream our dreams
amidst the microchip mindbending screams
can you really, really believe?

The true dawn begins tonight
at which I woke, and was alight
and the wind rushed through me like
the rustle of dead leaves

San Francisco, I never knew
you but I hear of your deeds of renunciation and renown
they have echoed across time and space like starlight
that is evergreen

I have seen, I see, I will continue to see
me in you
you in me
I was born
not anachronistically
but just in time
just in time
Written ca. 2012
CDs Jul 8
I was looking into the city,
that is why it took a long time to see
little peace within this brilliant time.

During those concrete days,
the mouth of magic was alive.
Android said,
"the kingdom of life drizzled over new new Zealand"
That very moment the smallest of fractions
crashed over cinematic barriers
after learning
the beats of the week.

Along the coast of membranes
piled into black circles
the foam came out
hour after hour.
Under that super moon buffet,
the options were cast into iron
melting away at the chips
and smoothing its edges.

The weather seemed too busy,
and the canyons would fall.
Lacerations boiled up over
the cracks in the brimstone
and into the people's websites.

When we checked on the gardeners
the questions couldn't be answered
or understand what was really going on.

Then came time for the sun,
he was wondering what to wear
and I was very impressed
with the latest styles and colors.
He turned my luck on a whim,
And I swiftly measured my way back home.
MindMooring Jun 17
Our connections are cloned
so fast on mass scale, that soon it will be difficult
to recognize the original seed where uncounted we leave
unbinding of these beats on millions of devices.
#cloned #connections #device #mass #scale #beats
Maria Nieves Jun 12
You spent every other day with me
It makes my heart skip beats
You make me feel like I am the only person in the world
You might be on your phone
But you still make me feel more important
The way me and you act
It kills me
I always see you on your bed
Yet I just wish
Wish that you were next to me
Holding me close to you
When everyone asked me what I did that night before
Your name is somewhere in the answer
When I say your name, my heart skips beats
When I talk about you
My smile is huge
My eyes light up like the Fourth of July
You make me look like a schoolgirl with this crush
When I am with you
You just make me the happiest person
Your flaws are amazing
Even though you say you aren’t handsome
ALWAYS think you’re wrong
Because you are more than handsome
You are my ideal person
You and I are always on the same page
There is never a dull moment
I will do anything to keep you happy
Even if that means
Keeping my feelings to myself
Just know
You make my heart skip beats
m h John Jun 9
i measure time
by the amount of beats
my heart skips
the longer that i am away from you
emilie May 17
My heart beats slow,
faster when I'm stressed,
slower when I'm depressed.

During my sleepless nights
I listen to it beat.
It beats against its cage,
sending blood to my veins.

It's almost like a knock,
an old bitter knock against a wooden door.
An impatient knock that frightens me.
A knock that won't leave until I answer.

I feel empty as I lay in my bed.
I hoped a little rubatosis would fulfill my emptiness.
Chaos lives in my house,
there is no silence to hear my heartbeat.
Darryl M May 8
We all get to live.
We all get to die.
But Music lives on.
We all get to shine.
We all get to fade.
But Music still sets the sparks.
We fight each other.
We hate on each other.
But Music understands.
Music loves and gives hugs of hope.

Our hearts get broken.
We break other people’s hearts.
But Music mends the broken.
Motivation comes. Dedication goes.
But Music inspires devotion.

We spit insults.
We swallow a mud of words.
But Music speaks peace.

Love lasts forever.
But our beloveds become disloyal and breed betrayal.
Our friends turn to enemies.
And enemies into dearest friends.
But Music loves more.
Music loves the deepest.

My Music the true lover.
rofan Apr 4
under the beating hearts
where whispers hide
I keep it all inside  
the precious smiles
that they as sin
I close my eyes
and I put the palm of my hand where it beats the most
I dance it in and dance it out
and even though I can't see the moon
I feel it deep melting its way to my vein
I spin my  head around the different skies
levels of wonders and silent eyes
there are scratches on my knees
nails in my throat
and flames in my lungs
my tongue is underwater
and I am breathless from the  words that are turning to air
thick and heavy
strong and bold
shifting itself
to embrace what is hold
to lift up the sparks
and to lead the lights
into the truth and into what is whole
Maria Etre Mar 12
There are moments
under the sun
where my heart
remembers warmth
and beats
a blush to
my cheeks
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