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rofan Apr 4
under the beating hearts
where whispers hide
I keep it all inside  
the precious smiles
that they as sin
I close my eyes
and I put the palm of my hand where it beats the most
I dance it in and dance it out
and even though I can't see the moon
I feel it deep melting its way to my vein
I spin my  head around the different skies
levels of wonders and silents eyes
there are scratches on my knees
nails in my throat
and flames in my lungs
my tongue is underwater
and I am breathless from the  words that are turning to air
thick and heavy
strong and bold
shifting itself
to embrace what is hold
to lift up the sparks
and to lead the lights
into the truth and into what is whole
Maria Etre Mar 12
There are moments
under the sun
where my heart
remembers warmth
and beats
a blush to
my cheeks
Disha Bhatia Feb 27
You, my love
should stay
from my mind
and my heart

For my mind twists and turns
scenarios to stop me
from letting you go
when I never
held you at first

For my heart
gives up giving up
on you
and beats
to tell me
you're a part of me,
not apart from me

Missing you is like
missing a heart beat
Forgetting you is like
Forgetting to breathe

I'd rather miss
a few beats
and do a couple dance
on my own,
than change the lyrics
of my love song
Her arms .. I miss them , the way they hugged me so securely, so unapologetically, unconditionally filled with heartbeats every second ..
Cash Carlos Jan 14
Listening to jazz,
in a blue haze of smoke,
each note like a lounge lizard
along the wall looking for shade,
and you,
so sultry in that dress,
winding your way
down the boulevard
like a princess without a crown,
can't you see this music
is a trombone filled with glitter,
and music men
only love you when they're high?
So as I sat,
With her besides me
About 2 feet apart
Watching all the others work
I thought of what I wanted to say
And felt cold sweats emerging
It's been too long since I last
Felt this way
Too long since I had to do this
My head turned towards her
But slowly shifted
Heavily breathing
I turned my head again
A little less this time
And looked in the distant,
Hoping maybe she'd talk
5 minutes of this and I had enough
So I gathered some courage
And just blurt out what came to mind
Smirking, she replied back
And as I kept making things up
I realised
I'm not the shyest person in the room
And that's in itself
A rather confronting
Somewhat confusing of a feeling
And as the extent of what I could think
Crossed my lips
There was silence
And we both just sat
Confused to say the least
Wondering if maybe
She just didn't want to talk
When you have to
Hype yourself up before you speak
Repeat and rehearse your conversation
You're never really
In a place to lead conversation
And you'd think
You'd hope
Other's would take this job
But now I find myself stuck
The point,
Ah yes,
The point being
There is none
Thing's just get wierd
Wierd enough
That sometimes
You struggle to figure out
What really happened
2 hours of this
2 hours of silence from her lips
And once we our work was done
She left
Yes, I've written a **** one. But just needed to get this thought out
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
If One can dance
With the beats of
Their own heart

Never have to fear
When to stop
Genre: Inspirational Abstract
Theme: Way To Live Fearlessly
دema Sep 2018
At times,
my heart pounds with emotions
that don't belong to me,
that cut deep enough to
make me acknowledge that self-destruction can
never take a form stronger than this.
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