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Brown and brittle and shrunken,
and having slipped through the tines,
or escaped the blower’s roar,
they tumble across the hard earth
carried by the December wind
to settle beneath the boxwoods
and then lay quiet under winter’s blanket
with the hope to see another spring.
Bullet 1d
I've been too lenient
I use too be someone you use to lean on
Made me quit smoking just so you can
Blow the smoke in front of my face

I'm sick of hiding meanings between metaphors
So from now on I'm being blunt with it

  Gave me enough **** to deal with for eternities
Questioning who I can trust with
Finding out nobody gives a **** about anybody
Life moves on and that it isn't permeant

Quest on too moving on is quiet difficult
When killing yourself everyday is evidences
From running away from you

When in actuality I had to analyze what you did to me
All these ******* lies that you set aside from me
I was still standing there in front of you

You dumped me in the dirts
Taking my best friend with you
Bet you didn't know it was actually you that smelled like filth  

In fear in a heart with no ears
When it was really you that wasn't listening
I believe in destiny and even though you took 3 years from me
You were only a tiny piece of it, for I am eternity
If my Life allowed me to
Love you a thousand times over,
I’d do so— die. And ask Heaven
to borrow eternity with you.
Just another love poem
Scott Graves Dec 9
Assumptions we make
That those that have helped us on life’s travels
In a breath will they take them
Another phase of life replaces: new faces

I tire, I tire
One more step forward
Just when I understand
I know no more

Life slips forward again
Young it crawls: pace of a snail
Yet it passes quickly without fail
More new faces as time replaces

My turn to help someone along
One sent to me from beyond
To lift, to push, to cause calm
A smile for awhile or just the truth?

Yet there remain those assumptions
I will live forever, but I won’t
Do you worry of that? Of such I don’t
One day falls Swift the collecting hand

Fight it to the last
Heaving panting breath
I’ve assumed life had dragged ever on
Yet the reaper come forth with me in his eye

Run as I might no doubt will I die
Along the path my ancestors tread
They lived and loved
But eventually dead

Thus seek as you will
Drink and eat to your fill
Age is now upon you
Assumptions will it ****
so here is what's going on, my heart is cut in half, in between the world and you.
between the pain and the summer hues.
between the "my identity is found in Christ." and "who are you."

I push and pull, I try to ****** my heart back, but yet I want to lay it in your hands, with all its contents.
so now I am struggling with my own heart.
I want to obey and then not.
I want to unwind then there's a knot.
then my blood clots.

then my heart stops pumping, pumping for *** knows what.
if it isn't pumping for you O Lord, then what's the point.
then where's the purpose, where's the truth.
I will only be living.
and that's it.
simply moving, simply breathing, simply blinking my time away,
simply letting my life run away.
"run this race."
but I can't even keep up the training, and i know the way but I don't follow it.

am I going to heaven?
I don't know.
I am not assured of what's coming.
where I will be, for all of eternity.
so urmm i really dont know if iam going to heaven or not, and like i want to obey *** and yet i dont...because of laziness, tired, and allll the flesh wants...please pray for me...to love *** forever with all of my heart soul might and strength and to be wiling to obey him without complaint immediately
Sarah Mann Dec 7
(for you, tf.)
“Tell me all of the things that make you feel lovely.”
You whisper to my longing ears
As we quietly barrel down this highway road.
Silence follows us like a dark cloud.
Predicting our next steps, and our doomed fates.
You stay until my heart has calmed and slowed.
I feel safe when I’m with you.
Like there’s a pocket of falling sunlight,
Hidden away from the cruel broken skies,
All by itself, somehow sustained. Glowing.
Nothing in the world could interrupt you and I.

Do you remember the time I spent waiting?
The time we spent in love.
Together. Wandering, learning, living.
The way your hands held mine until they stopped shaking.
I miss you, and the beauty, and wonder of it all.
Especially your endless blue eyes and charming smile
That made my fears seem small,
That told me everything was going to be alright,
It was going to be okay. Perhaps you were wrong.
You told me that I make you feel like you’re floating.
Like the earth has lost its’ gravity, its’ presence
All that used to be of its’ essence
And we are the only two, left behind.
To enjoy each other’s company for eternity.

“Lovely, what a lovely word.”
What a terrible world to take that away.
A list, of all the things that make you happy.
I hope to *** that I would be on that list too.
Because to me, you shined brighter than the stars
And kinder than the waves.
I hope you can hear me, where you are.
If so, I love you. And thank you for showing me
What life really is, and what it can be.
And if not, it’s okay. Right now, it’s difficult.
But, I know we were never meant to be infinite.
July 2, 2018.
Written from the perspective of Violet Markey from All the Bright Places. The death of Theodore Finch really stuck with me for several days after I finished reading. I miss him dearly and his quirky personality.
Baylee Kaye Nov 28
to love is to be afraid.
afraid of forever.
because forever is eternity.
and eternity creates disquiet.
but with you it seems at ease,
this notion on loving incessantly.
almost like the concept of time is nonexistent,
that with you it does not grieve.
my heart be disposed, pray.
that I may love you.
and give you everything.
a list of firsts and lasts.
comfortably and effortlessly,
so it seems it was painted without a fault.
stars aligned just perfectly,
hearts in sync as one.
that I may love you selflessly,
without fear of failure,
or the concept of an unworthy mind.
I wrapped my arms around her the way she always loved
And leaned close to her ear and gently whispered these words of mine:

"My love,

Oh how many lovers must have stared at the moon with undying passion,
With fiery love in their hearts, and all those emotions they whispered to her;
And oh how many lovers must have stared at the church with eternity in sight,
Seeing their whole lives before them, together in each other's arms.

How blessed are we then tonight, to be staring at them both;
Full of passion and love for each other,
With the thought of forever in our hearts."
Inspired by a very beautiful view of the moon behind a church belfry
Eternity combs my hair with stars
For those I've loved this long life
Oh starry, starry, starry night
Part me on that painted dawn
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