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You said you saw our baby last night,
The one we will never have;
Our dream baby.

I was holding her
Against my shoulder
Blanket pulled up around her little head
And I turned to you and said something banal,
Like grab the bottle from the fridge, darling.

And we have found each other beyond
The years of babies.
You have yours and I have mine, already,
And they have all reached the far side  
Of dog-tired  
Midnight dream feeds
In a cedar rocking chair.

You and I have both already been

This continent we will never walk together.

But I feel her now,
Our dream baby,
In everything.

She rests there in the gentle way you caress my face
As starlight plays across the blankets.
She clings close to your laughter,
Curled inside your fervent and unrelenting
Belief in me.

And in the mirrored chambers of your hazel eyes,
When I am laid beside you and softly
Humming my mother’s
It is there, I can feel her smile,
Our dream baby,

A love beyond ages,
A sacred creation
Between your soul and mine.
A dream my husband had the other night. We won't have our baby, but we have created, so entirely, something sacred.
EP Robles Oct 30
FOREVER is not a given thing ~~
it is a memory

what is love but not eternity?

how love can build and destroy
cosmos alive?

as flesh wastes away
after death ~~

love stands strong astride

with intact personality.

:: 10.25.2023 ::
Title: "Forever is not a given thing"

In these succinct lines, I delve deep into the enigmatic realms of love and eternity, juxtaposing their transient nature with the enduring quality of love.

1. Imagery and Symbolism:

The poet begins by challenging the conventional perception of eternity. "Forever is not a given thing" challenges the assumption that eternity is a guarantee. Instead, the poet presents it as a memory, implying that it is fleeting and subject to the erosion of time.

2. Philosophy of Love:

As this poet I then raise a profound question: "What is love but not eternity?" This line delves into the essence of love, suggesting that true love is synonymous with eternity. It speaks to the timeless quality of genuine love, contrasting it with the impermanence of other aspects of life.

3. Love's Duality:

The next lines, "how love can build and destroy / cosmos alive?" capture the dual nature of love. Love, often seen as a force of creation and connection, is also capable of destruction. The phrase "cosmos alive" conveys the vastness and complexity of the universe, hinting at the magnitude of love's impact.

4. Mortality and Love:

The lines "as flesh wastes away / after death" starkly contrast the physical decay after death with the enduring nature of love. This juxtaposition emphasizes the immortality of love compared to the mortal nature of the human body.

5. Love's Resilience:

The concluding lines "love stands strong astride / with intact personality" depict love as resilient and unwavering even in the face of mortality. The use of "intact personality" suggests that love retains its essence and identity beyond the boundaries of time and death, making it a powerful and enduring force.

6. Overall Impression:

The poem, with its brevity, encapsulates profound philosophical reflections on love and eternity. It challenges traditional perceptions, exploring the complexities and contradictions inherent in these concepts. The imagery is potent, and the language is evocative, inviting readers to contemplate the mysteries of existence and the enduring power of love.

In this analysis, the poem explores profound themes with poetic finesse, challenging the reader to reconsider their understanding of eternity and love. It combines philosophical depth with emotional resonance, showcasing the nuanced perspective of a poet.
A M Ryder Oct 27
I had nothing
But time
I could see
The life of  
It in all its
Terrible light
Had I lived?
Was I the
Object in
Another's story?
Was that all
I ever was?
Could I
Be more?

Nothing but
Time and still
No answer
I had glimpsed
Into the mind
Of eternity
Perhaps the
Mind of god
And found
Nothing but
Jeremy Betts Apr 2018
I abuse words verbally like my voice is Bobby and the dictionary Whitney/
Like a literary hyperbole properly arranged to explain this deranged brutality perfectly/
Force the English language to work for me like a particularly dark time in history/
Optimistically take the tongue twister trickery and aggressively attack a vocabulary vocally and personally/
Not physically but a barrage on your psyche, almost psychedelically/
Use words medically, like a surgeon I expertly plant thoughts whispered softly but assertively/
Moving letters like chess pawns to express thoughts masterfully and creatively/
Gruesomely grotesque but gorgeous thoughts written down beautifully/
You can't help but hear the perplexity of mythoticly placed words with comradery/
An oddity with the audacity to raise the bar and up the capacity/
Because what comes out of me has to be exactly what you see because it is me/                
Not just a part of me but all of me/
I'm not a fallen tree sitting in the forest silently, quietly all by my lonely/
It's just the opposite actually and factually/
I will attack with a dialect so violent you violently retract causing you to react cowardly automatically/
I don't even have to lift a pinky, leave it stinky/
Let my words linger there in the air like **** smoke, thick and sticky/  
Periodically come back to peek and see if you've figured out the mystery and found the key/
One that'll decipher decisively what it is that I've let out of me and spread to all humanity/
I could never have planned it, see, it had to happen naturally, organically if you will/
And not to build it up falsely but I honestly, back then, didn't have the ***** to let it out of me and it cost me considerably/
So now this mastery I hold of word delivery bestowed to me gets jotted down feverishly/
With an intensity equal to none inside of this ******* century, can't censor me/
Got a consistency that forces me to constantly cross the border of insanity repeatedly/
Time only to watch my talents as they literally wither away for all of eternity/
Such a tragedy to see such agony but please, no apology brought on by sympathy/
Just let me be as I drift farther out to sea to a place you'll never see/
To let these works mold me into someone you could never be/
M Vogel Sep 27

"They've outlawed it, you know.."

       "Outlawed what, Sweetie"

"The  Unknowable--
that which cannot be  defined
  or easily explained away..

That which cannot  reduced, down
in to something  more palatable;

  Or maybe diluted-down
in to  that which  one could drink
..without it bringing some form
    of dis- comfort"

She is looking down;
Woven into her hair.. all things
edelweiss,  suddenly begin  
   their wilt

  ..and  all along the waterway
  are those coming towards her
     to smother
You will hold on, my Beautiful
(or maybe even turn  to face
for the first time, with loaded gun)

--But Beautiful girl was never  meant
    to go loaded
(..And her beloved Rooster Cogburn  said
that she's no bigger than a corn nubbin)

    My beautiful girl
    locks and loads, anyways--
Because the Mason-jars  
she was forced to  pour it all in to,
     were never made  big enough
         to contain it.

There's a small stall  at the  swap-meet..
on Thursday and Saturday  mornings,
  she rents a space there

      Her wares,  true liquid Gold..

   when a jar  becomes sold
   no hidden-thing will be  needed
        to sustain it

  .      .      .      .      .

Quiet hearts  are never meant
to reveal themselves

      Some words (in this world)
      were never meant  to be spoken

You'll see now, beautiful Angel--
that this Rare-Jeweled heart  of yours
  is not the only-one,

                perpetually Broken

Some gifts, the world
may never  be ready for.
may I be the one

to help  get that
un-ready World, ready--
(so very well fed
    yet still;

  so very slowly,  burning)

Some beautiful Heartbeats
are so very much worth dying for

        ...  And I,  myself ;  

                        I  am  turning..

--Look out, Mama, there's a white boat
   coming up the river
With a big red beacon
and a flag,  and a man on the rail
I think you'd better call John
'cause it don't look like they're here
  to deliver,  the mail;

And it's less than a mile away
I hope they didn't come to stay

It's got numbers on the side,  and a gun
And it's making big waves
Mark Wanless Sep 15
i've gone beyond the
threshold of eternity
her i am again

When you are Loved,
and so deeply cared for;

There is nowhere to run..
  Nowhere to hide

The only thing you can do
(under the warmth of that beautiful Hold)

     Is to slowly unwind..
     Until  you  Become.

It is already in you, Love..
buried behind the horrible Residual.

Within the soon to crumble Wall..

within the Corruptible,
that was so unfairly and horribly

Is the  absolutely Beautiful  in you
that has been  (and always will be)
.. preciously-Hidden, behind the wall

"It is Incorruptible..
It cannot undergo Decay"

You are in there, sweet-one
   buried underneath
every horrible part of it all.

      As the wall comes down..

      Love will find you.

   When allowed,
   it always, always does.

.. Always❤

preston Aug 24

You've made yourself  miniscule ..

in order to fit in to my Bloodstream
You are unsure..  not knowing

That there is a  chamber  within me
that has been carved out   solely

     for you--

The warmth of blood-flow,  caressing;
Bathing,  the you that feels you can't..

  That feels  there isn't..

That believes  there can never be
  A Home such as this--

       .. for you ;;
Residing, in the central part
    of me.

Alone  in the  chamber
  of your room..
You can't understand  why

things are different,  now;
..Why  everything you do

and everything  you say

   Feels so incredibly,,

   Incredibly  Warm

yeah..   Warm..

Someone please tell me,  that

..The true Art of Love  is more
than the self-centered,  'incestuous'
  form of  love,  shown
within what the Modern world
refers to as "Romantic love"..
aw ****.. please tell me it is more

    Romantic love says this--
"You are 'of value' to me because I love you"
"You are 'of value' to me because you are in my life"
"You are 'of value' to me because you are  mine"

And after the 'bliss-filled'  romantic love
     ***** the bed..
the only value that remains is through the residual,
soon to be diluted and washed out by displacement--

..Either that of a new self-centered based  'filling'
or that of the re-placement of "value-image"  
with that, brought about through the all-too-ready
  and internally-available Gaslighting process

So please, please explain it to me just how  wonderfully
"romantic' love can truly ever aid in the healing process..
     someone.. please.

     .      .      .      .      .      .      .    

Alone  she sits in her room,  waiting.
The atoms  of the air,  
carry  both sides  of the story--

  The coldness  and the warmth
  the closeness, and the distance

  ..the empty-black
  followed by the Sky-filled Blue

  Someone please tell me,  just who
  helped this little-one  to see
     that the way  out..
     is the way,  through?

Protected to the point  of nearly dying
    Insulation is isolation to the bone
     (she is crying, crying,  crying)

On a Prayer mat,  facing East;
a grounded soul  is flying

    (but flying  so very all alone)

There is a Chaste,  and a Purity
  Borne separated
from the Un-doings  of man..
    Void of all walls,  
   there is a susceptibility

Yet also  a wide-Opening
    to the pressings  of the Ache

There has been a waiting
to the point of near Death
A look in Patient eyes
    (One that separates me  
       from my breath)

Not all are so protected
from the Fallen  love of man

..Not all  have almost died
so all alone  in their room;


From that empty kind  of love
leading to an empty, empty  Death

it is not just for one
it is for all..

you are all  Cinderellas❤
every single one of you

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