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And the birds will sing
there beautiful songs for
my sweetheart she Is  resting In peace till summer comes rolling around
All though my sweetheart
has passed on to place
where she lays asleep awaiting for me In a place so peaceful free of troubles In
And then the birds will sing there beautiful songs for us both they will sing of our love everlasting and devotion
for each
Together again we will be side by side just as In life we were never apart and the birds will sing there lovely songs as flowers are laid at our feet
I have a  place next to my wife Helen when time come around I won't to sorry to leave because we'll again for all enternity
Sian Rogers Oct 6
A wind it blew, a change it brought
A project of history

I lost her by the sea
a selkie skin, a withered seal
I lost him in the woods
a nymph, as strong as a tree
I lost her in a dream
a fairie, would you believe?

A wind it blew, a change it brought
A project of modernity

I lost it in a book
a chemical to help my skin peel
I lost it on a cliff
a thought, or was it a scream?
I lost it in my head
an imagination put to bed

A wind it blew, a change it brought
A project of eternity
Eye contact,
Unspoken letters on the lips,
Soft smiles on the faces,
entwined hearts for eternity.

Hussein Dekmak

Nearer to the edge
                             I see.
Crawling through
Searching for the master key.
This is our reality.

Communication has de-
None of our real problems solved.
  We have become      uninvolved
while the whole world revolves.

Spinning further from cont
Turn 'round and view it as a whole.
  Mother Nature's gifts we        stole.
This is how our story goes.

Once black and white.
Once dark and light.
To complicate.
Bring on our fate.

Our halos tilt.
Intentions wilt.
Ambitions great.
Never too late.

Turn 'round to see the sum of things.
Counting on the dead tree's rings.
Refering to ourselves as kings.
Soaring on the deathbird's wing.
Bhill Sep 29
Coming to the rim
The rim that suffered through time
Eternity, gone

Gone and in the past
In the past and now absent
Forgotten, forthwith...!

Brian Hill - 2019 # 245
Are you at your rim yet?
I have never wanted forever with anyone before,
I’ve wanted a life time,
I’ve wanted another day,
I’ve wanted another minute,
But never will I want an eternity with someone who doesn’t want an eternity with me.
in the maze of your soul I discovered the center was a beautiful garden, wild, unrulely and begging to bloom in the light of another. I have fallen in love with it and am happily lost there for eternity.
co'brien Sep 23
That all hath fall'n away impure;
That all we thought is now unsure—
This is the final cause of it,
That which we know has gone to ****—
Yet here we stay, throughout the days,
Staring into a foggy maze.
Enas Sep 22
A familiar shore

they’ve known before.

A pink sea shell

with a story to tell;

the memory it saves

in the sound of waves;

in wondrous lands

they hold up hands

as love is home

& time is sea foam.

It is love in mist

with a tragic twist

and woven fates

as time awaits.

Their souls are sinking

Listen, they’re singing

euphoric elegies

& resonant apologies.

They close their sight

on broken dancing light

in deep ink ocean

in still worded motion;

embracing for infinity

as their love an eternity.
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