DJColzz 2h

I see your eyes shining in the sunrise
When I wake up you’re the light to my day
Your soul beyond doubt has been good to me
Not one second of sadness comes my way

I see your face in a bright moonlit sky
I’d follow you beyond the stars above
I’d freely go wherever you take me
So goodbye sorrow, hello soothing love

Oh! how you have come and changed my whole world
Happily, I tell you how you lift me
The fire within you ignites my heart
Such beautiful devotion you gift me

It feels like I am truly coming home
When tears are just a memory I bore
My bride will come as wedding bells ring
As we’ll walk hand in hand on eon’s shore

Life, a spark in the black of Aeon and All.
Consciousness defining purposelessness
Before wisping insensately for an infinity.

I want a more vast definition
To halt Aeons call of vanishment and dissipation,
To bask in frivolity.
Making meaning for amusement,
Amusement for meaning.
Among fading stars.

All sparks must fade though.
So when that day comes,
I'll see you on the other side of infinity.


Time is wrapped in stars.
The moment is saved, cradled in the arms of Eternity.
- Manuela Camporaso

Copied throughout time,
From simple bacterium,
To complex amalgamations of single cells,
To the humans and invasive species,
Scratching and crawling upon the scarred dirt,
Showing the earth,
The true power,
Of The secret of life, and the spawn of man.

Anytime at any place
Love has come to me
Wishing me the best
And leaving me better
You too came and went
Stay, I wish you did.

For my heart aches
Underneath the strong red
Louder and louder it beats
Love, for your love.

Never will it beat for another
Only you is its song
I will always keep your music
So there is noise, now and in

Thanks for reading my poems.
March 15, 2016

I wish people could hear music the same way I do. I almost feel bad that people can't tap into my brain and hear the musical pulled apart into sections.

Each instrument going separately and yet all of the pieces coming together to create this...


I've tried to explain it to people.

And no matter how hard I try, nobody will ever truly understand it. And that's okay.

I wish this poem could tell you everything, but it can't.
Data 6d

I feel the ancient art returning
(slowly,    blood de-congealing)
I eat the gathering breath
of the long-dead poet
who now
rolls in
on this baptismal tide
forcing a way amidst the tiny
gasping for air…
In a splutter of froth
you hear him whisper
‘I remember
this is sand!
This is where you buried me
it was here on this shaky land,
and when the sea came in
I drowned.’
Once more
I lie on the beach
(Iam) emerging,
my body washing to & fro
a pendulum gently prescribing time
to the soundless swell of crestless waves
with head lolling but eyes still finding time
to gaze at the endless blue
of the empty everlasting skies
to wonder
why resurrection
should happen here
where the the land and sea and sky
dissect so succinctly on this gritty line.
My murderers watch from the dunes
Perpetuity beckons beyond the sun
and that prescience hung
on these warm lips
to be spoke
waiting to be sung
lingers in brackish air:
All slaves will rise but wither
(as before) (these are the tenets)
And kings will rule
as before and forever more
After all…
these things don’t change,
For here in the shifting sands are the cycles
and this is Eternity.

by Data © 2017

(Iam resurrecting)
full moon Apr 16

I saw her sitting under the cherry blossom tree.
Shedding tears
Shouting as loud as she could
Doesn't paying mind if someone's seeing her
I doubt she would notice
I'm just right here
I'm never gone
And will never leave
I maybe dead
But not my soul who loves you still
Have faith
One day we'll meet once more
And we will never depart ever again

My love for you I will wait till next life
Clay Rounsavall Apr 14

The reaper sows the seeds of death for me
That when I cast aside my broken life
I see him come for me with cloak and scythe
To which I give myself most carelessly
My chains severed and lonesome spirit free
Within the hollow world of thought now rife
And flowing of a bleakness far from strife
The subject of my mournful elegy
So now unbound I breathe a shuddered sigh
My tired bones moved by the bitter wind
And carried to the sunken withered deep
Where I can turn to ash and come to die
Embraced by peace I see the nearing end
And grief gives way to my eternal sleep

Journey of Days Apr 13

these times of the year
when we quietly reflect
I think about who you might have been
taken before I knew your face
felt your touch
called you by name
before you saw light
and took your own breath

these times of the year
when we quietly reflect
I think about the times we shared
your warmth and love
the smile shared generously
and gentle touch
your stories and games
the wisdom and love

these times of the year
I think about the hope we have
that you are still with me
the promise of presence through time and space
and by grace we will meet again
to laugh and love, like we have ever been


to my children lost  before I knew them and my grandfather cherished

you guys had better be getting along together

and yes, his jokes are that bad
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