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Ronin 28m
When you wake up
It will all
Start to
Come back

And you’ll have to relive
You spent together.
I haven’t been writing much. I can’t sleep, or eat. I am heartbroken.
Heartbreak doesn’t inspire you, if it’s bad enough.
rk 1h
over and over
i ask myself
why i feel the need
to fall for those
who push and pull me
as easily as the tide,
giving me mere morsels
before leaving me
to question
my own sanity
the moment they disappear
as if they were only ever
a fragment of my
He hasn't felt the warmth of another's breath in too long. Many nights are spent with only his own air painting clouds beneath his lips. Bathed in the cold dark, the cabin flinches with every ask of the wind, it's floorboards ache under each step within, yet his body only shivers from it's isolation. Untentative ripples, pure in their commitment to the fall of sensibility and control; never to have those windows repaned again. See now how the gusts of wind tear the cloth from his body. Colder colder, and even more lonesome. Here he sits with no hammer, no nail, lamenting and moaning, expecting a ship in the woods to come and set sail with the morning.
rk 15h
the hardest truth
is that nothing lasts forever
everything is temporary
i see now
that our reality was simple
i was just another way
for you to get through
the lonely nights
i knew the hurt was inevitable
that foolish dreams
had clouded my vision
i guess i just thought
we might have made it.
Hannah 1d
Sad, fragile
Breaking, hurting, losing
Always knows when things are right.
Beating, loving, trusting
Red, strong
For i was only a boy who got lost in her eyes.
She was an enchantress, a goddess and everything that was beautiful in this world.
Her beauty could stop the world from revolving.
Her elegance could immobilize everyone in her presence.
Her enthusiasm could light up the darkest chambers.

Sadly as it is, i was just another mediocre mortal compared to her.
If i was a planet going back and forth,
She was the whole galaxing magnifying the beauty at one place.
I often envisioned us together ;
You were a poem i was madly in love with.
I could see the verses in your eyes,
Oh with just three words you'd be mine.
Sadly, i was just another forgotten rhyme.
rk 2d
i still remember
your sleepy steel eyes
staring back at me
bed hair and soft sheets
your tender fingertips
always lost
in my crimson hair
that just couldn't stop itself
from gently spilling
onto your face
in those moments i knew
you would always give me
a thousand new reasons
to unravel for you
before the amber sun
filled the sky
with her nectarine kisses.
- it's all for you.
Dj 2d
Even when i made the wish, apon evrey shooting star;
finding a place where i could keep you in my life, grew ever so more afar.

you lost all my respect, and even more so my trust;
Because all you wanted to do was lie, and hide in lust.

And now i wounder, if one day my heart will ever mend;
Or am i just waiting for my life, to finally come to an end..
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