We attach ourselves to oblivious ones
Their carefree, we’re careful of acting dumb
They drum up excitement, we listen to their fun
And slowly or quickly we attach to their beings
Refine our perception to make them our dreams
Then reality hits and we never duck
Ruthlessly rattled we’re forced to wake up
Shredding our attachment, our well-being in flux
Then our ears disintegrate making deafness abrupt
Now careening and careless, our feelings corrupt
Learning a lesson that's too hard to instruct
The oblivious ones were us
For we attached to delusions that were destined to erupt
Snow-like, soot settles over fragments of a fallen heart
I saw you today,
I remembered what love felt like.
It seems you’re the only one who can make me understand the reason why lighting strikes first and thunder follows.

The residue of your love still in my heart.
Your smile, the sound of your laughter.

I’m glad he makes you happy, but I’m sad because...

My heart never let go.
How can I move on, when I haven’t let go
lmbf 2h
You already know the truth. So why do you run from it? What are you trying to make yourself feel? What are you trying to evade?

You know that in your heart of hearts, he doesn't think of you. He doesn't even care. Hell, if he cared, why hasn't he called? Why haven't the two of you had a conversation yet after you stopped initiating contact two months ago? You're so good at synthesizing information, yet what happened to the link between knowing and understanding this situation? What makes it different from her, from all the other times before?

I'm not gonna ask why it all started; you already know the answer. You need to feel whatever you need to feel. But I'm just wondering why you continue to beat yourself up over answers he can't give. Why you interpret his intense stares as moments of epiphany.

You say to yourself, "If we were meant to be, we would've been by now." Can you even comprehend what that means? I'll break it down for you: saying "I'm not ready" literally translates to "I don't think of you that way" in "I-don't-have-the-balls-to-be-honest-with-my-friends"-ese. I know it tears you up inside when you are lied to, no matter how small. Which, in hindsight, is probably why you stayed so angry for so long. That's not your fault and you don't need to know why it happened that way. But you do need to know that unfortunately, it had to happen that way.

finally out of that sunken place.
"Everyday I let go, just a little bit more."
Summer Freewrite Sessions 2018
I am searching for all the things I had to say to you
before dissapointment came and took them from my mouth
gave them to her
disguised as love letters, from you.
Here I am, writing poetry, getting over getting cheated
my heart's been broken
into so many pieces
it's incapable of
containing words anymore

i used to be able
to hold them in
flitting around
never focused on someone
long enough to be hurt

like a butterfly to different flowers

but now
i've seen you;
the crown jewel
you stopped me in my tracks
and now i look,
and i can see poetry
cascading from the cracks
where does your poetry flow from? why do you write?
Talia 4h
every now and then
I look back at your video logs
and see you expressed your love for me again
and remembering how we chased each other like dogs
It's been two months now since you left
why won't these tears stop
why do I remember the beat of your heart when I'd lay on your chest
every sweet memory of you in every drop
these emotions are killing me
please tell me why am I still so attached to you
is it because I keep remembering how you got down on one knee
and proposed out of the blue
today I remembered something you said in one video
I hesitated to go find it
I tried telling myself no
but now here I lie, in this pit
lets go for car rides at midnight
count all the stars we can and cannot see
because though we can’t see it with our eyes
that one forgotten star
may lead to the most amazing universe
but we’d never know, because its just out of reach
lets drive down empty roads
and let these smoked city lights lead the way
let us scream to the top of our lungs as the warm breeze brushes across our faces
and let the sunrise the next morning be like no other
let the sun melt and fade into the sky like fondue
let the clouds form into images of the love we never knew we wanted;
or that i wanted
because although i felt a warmth that some call “love”
i was just a star
lost in the many that fill the sky
but to you i was forgotten;
to you i was a forgotten star.
Cindy 6h
You lure me in with a sweet melody.
You sing to me a tune of sweet nothings.
Your rhythm,  so deep, so passionate, makes me let down all my reservations.
I get lost in your music.
I'm singing along to your hypnotic chorus.
How can I not?

But wait, what was that?
New tempo. New melody. New rhythym.
I don't like this new song you're singing.
It has too many broken chords.

But even so,
I'm still singing along to the memory of the first song you sang.
I am trapped in it's hypnotic melody.
I'm stuck hoping one day you'll remember it too and sing with me.
Till then, I shall sing.
Megan 9h
i have so much to say to you,
and i want to see you again,
but you said that we are through,
you said we can’t be friends.

now i lay awake through the night,
and i am thinking of you again,
wishing you would hold me tight,
struggling to forget our conversation.

it shouldn’t have ended like this,
but you deserved more,
i then gave you one last kiss,
you didn’t love me anymore.
Tribhu 10h
By the time you reach here
I'll be drowned within the waves,
My body will dissolve under the earth
But my soul will fly far far away.
By the time you look for me
I will disappear into the dark,
But you can look for me in the sky
As I become your favorite shooting star!
By the time we say our goodbyes
And I'll appear in your lonely nitesky
But when it's time for dawn to break in,
Look for me through the rays of sunshine.
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