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Her tongue was slick with grime as she lied
to the doe eyed boy who held her gaze.
they are never coming back
let them go
it’s time
this road does not lead to happiness
deep breaths
i know it hurts
but we are strong
and we can open our hearts to forgiveness
don’t disappear
i see you
your still here
trying to hide
but that cannot keep you safe, dear one
nothing of this world can keep heartbreak
from knocking on your door.

Esther L. Krenzin
Po 11h
i said "i'd be the one"
he replied "to break me"
i guess we stand on different mountains
Ry 19h
On the plane ride there;
The same song came on repeat every 3
or 4 songs out of a 6 hour long playlist.

In my head I thought;
This is a message isn’t it?

Then the song started singing my future events

At 3:30am one month later;
I find myself laughing to it on repeat.

Grace 21h
of course I'd want you to come visit me in New York
take the subway to off broadway
make snow angles in Central Park
buy overpriced latte's in the glistening rain
but there are invisible bounds
and I must restrain
the bounds of a city
then marked by footprints
replaced now by loud freeways and hippies
the bounds of downtown
once marked by trees and spring beauties
roots once tangled and over grown
cemented over now by sidewalks and shows
the bounds of two souls enveloped in love
as friends not lovers
soul mates, kind of
if I move away
do the bounds bend and sway
or like a string break
and disintegrate away
I love New York
Alexander 21h
It’s crystal clear,
You love my skin.

But my mind?
my first kiss felt like
the urge to find shelter under a shadow
while walking barefoot on hot sand during a sunny day

but also my first kiss felt like
hurrying to go back to bed under my warm blankets
cause it's freezing anywhere else at the peak of the winter

my first kiss felt like
I was thirsty as if dehydrated
and my hands where searching desperately for a cup of water

and my first kiss felt like
extreme hunger craving to eat
something sugary, something sweet

at last my first kiss felt like
longing for someone when they promised to come
but that never happened
and for that reason
my kiss wasn't with the one I loved
but I pretended it was all along
my first kiss felt uncanny and childish for sure
I never felt like I depended on you
I kept my feet on solid ground
We coexisted and took time to listen
To our vastly different sounds

But you learned how I take my coffee
And all my favorite brands
The little things that live between
Our well-choreographed dance

And before I knew it, you'd become
A vital part of the song
So now I misstep with uneven breath
Because the notes are falling wrong
riri 1d
i'm practically on my hands and knees, Lord
begging for a sign
of whether i should stay or go
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