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thomezzz 36m
I gave my sight to the sky
And watched the clouds collide
Saw the spinning universe as I never had before
And felt the world fall at my feet

I gave my breath to you
And said all things I should’ve
Shouted all the obscenities
And whispered all the sweet nothings

I gave my mind to you
And lost every inch of myself
Washed away every memory
And disinfected any individuality

I gave my body to the earth
And pushed my rotting flesh into the soil
Buried these withered bones in the clay
And felt the heat rise from its core
thomezzz 58m
Maybe I'm selfish
With all my misgivings and flaws
But I think you're the selfish one
With your sly smile and condescending tone
You've sat across me many times before
In this same coffee shop with the brown doors
And held my hand on top of the table
Looked into my eyes and said you'd never let go
Well, now its different and all you've done is lie
Always held your phone too close to your chest
And kept your secrets locked up tight in your mind
As I tried my best to crack the code of you
Well, now its different and all you've done is lie
Fell in love with someone else while I was clueless
As I slept in our bed in our apartment in our town
And never faltered in my love for you

Maybe I'm an idiot
With all my trust and hope
But I think you may be the idiot after all
With your fake tears and falsities
You've said it a million times before
In every inch of this room 
Spoke the words so crisply and clearly
And let them reverberate around the room
Well, now fuck you because all you've done is lie
Told me there was no one else when there always was
Went to work and became someone else
Stepped out the door and lived a different life
Well, now fuck you because all you've done is lie
Thought of her while you kissed me goodnight
Still slept in our bed in our apartment in our town
Even though you've been unhappy for years

Maybe I'm wrong
With my anger and desperation
But maybe you're the wrong one in the end
With your sorry eyes and apologies
Because if you were really sorry
This would've never happened at all.
The most heartbreaking sound is someone’s voice cracking before they break down in tears.
Do you agree?
fists clenched with white knuckled force,
my nails pierce this skin and
blood trickles down fingers from these
perforated palms, and i can’t help
but to think how this pain
is nothing but a distraction.

— biting your tongue to stop the tears only goes so far
my wrists ache with desire and these lungs hitch
and heave with each sickening sob.
as my body begs to feel,
and my heart begs to not.

— to feel everything and nothing at once
don't worry; i didn't

It wasn't about we
It was about you
You're angry? Don't be
I don't think of you
Just me

Another short poem! ^^
Tomorrow, I have a trip to some gallery.
Fortunately, thanks to me being in the morning group, I'll finish early!
So when I come home tomorrow, I'll be checking on the messages and all!
234 followers!  T-T
I thank you all so so much!
Truly! I'm grateful!
I wish you all a good night!
Lyn xxx
Karo 6h
I wanted to leave
but I couldn't find
the right time
or words to speak
to explain
so I ran away
Emmah 8h
I fell for
Your sweet face and lies
But still I
Want to
Addie D 8h
We were lying,
you and I, an eternity,
on the vast green grass of the fertile fields.
We were dreaming,
you and I, the realists,
of the wonderful world we didn’t want to explore;
of all the stars in all the skies we’d never see;
of all the love we’re missing out and all its heartbreaks.
We were crying,
you and I, the optimists,
for all the death that ever came upon the world;
for all the tears and screams of pain that filled children’s dreams.

We’ve been lying,
you and I, the eternal,
under blue skies for ever and ever.
These blue skies,
our shared grief and last hope of salvation.
For we've been lying
on the vast green grass of the fertile fields for
far too long.
For we’ve been searching for the same blue skies
far too wide.
But there is no other place like our blue skies
where we always meet in the end.
This is not a love poem. But if you prefer it as a love poem, enjoy either way!
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