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Haylin 3h
I'm all on my own now
Have nothing to lose
The one thing I cared of
Decided to move (on)

I'm sitting here, waiting
For just one last call
But I'm scared of hearing
Please, don't say "Goodbye"
I would never let you read this,
I would never dare to write about this.
I will not knock on your bedroom window.
I will not kiss you as a skipping stone against waterfronts.

You never hugged me goodbye.
I never lost my breath for you.
You never went out dancing with me,
I did not travel by your side.
I was not a show,
only for the night you lived next to me.

No need to worry,
I will not go crazy,
I will not think of you
as I've been doing better,
now its only every other night -
and the nights in between.

I know you will not invite me for brunch. We will not stay to sleep together.

You will remain a beautiful man,
and I will not want to see you again.
Never, will you undress me with your eyes.
I will not be your husband,
I will not have your children.

This is not the life you chose for me.
It will never be the life you chose for us.

I remember with disdain your hands on me,
I do not remember being excited.
If once you destroyed me
it seems more a dream
than something I lived through.

There is someone who blieves in a love
that appears, that lasts forever.
And it is love.
But you and I are safe
from that perfect illusion.
Because that someone is neither you nor me.
Because that someone will not be you or me.
Because that someone is neither you nor me.
Marsha 9h
in a garden
filled with a thousand beautiful roses,
I am the wilting one.
It was your garden.
Haydi 12h
when he broke my heart
mommy asked
“is he a good boy?”
I nodded.

then he broke my heart again
and mommy asked again
“is he a good boy?”
I nodded.
You could have numbed the pain
but instead I turn to whiskey.

I drink away the sins and pain
I wonder if you miss me.

You left but it's unclear why
there is nobody here to get me through it all.

So I drink myself unholy
and pour my heart out onto the table.
I Still ******* Hate You.
Can't Let It Go, Can't Let It Be,
Can't Even Breath, I'm Suffocating.

My Ire Expands Like Fire.
Why Fan The Flames? Don't Treat Me Like ****, I Know Your Games,
I Climbed From That Pit.

You Turn Around & Tell Tall Tales,
Watch Faces Pale As I Tip The Scales,
You'll Be Left Behind To Bite Your Nails,
Tides Will Turn You'll Hide From Gales.

Watch Me As I Offload My Hurt,
Watch Me Wash Away This Dirt,
Watch Me Wake Up I'm Alert,
Watch Me Wish You Were The First.
Harry Roberts - First Hurt © 13/11/18
arielle 14h
one minuscule action
spoke to her
one thousand words
you’ll tear her in two that way..
It's been some time
Since the last time
Somebody heard me cry

Now it's not that rare
Here and there
Things that i care
She can't bear

All those nights
It felt right
Even for a slight

Everything happens in a snap
Yesterday i was taking nap
Today everything collapse

Living a dream
Only to found out it's part of the scheme

But it's not all lies
There are good times
Ocean eyes

Moments when i could see the world
I could see smiles
I could see cries
I could see hurricane
I could see victory
With you by my side

But you don't dare yourself
To even try
Hundreds of worth
Not even enough

I know
It must be hard to step into the light

But you should know
It's harder to be pulled back into the dark
a million tiny heartbreaks
"heart fractures"
my doctor corrects me
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