She grew thorns...
Not to lure him in
        with deception
But to keep him out
        who was deception
For as beautiful as she was,
She was dangerous within
Her petals holding secrets
No world could bear...
She grew thorns
All to protect
Her fragile heart
From unleashing
Her sins...

A rose picked by any other would've been sweet... but it was he who was a sweet poison on her lips that turned her petals dark...

You probably don't see flowers growing on my chest
whenever you call my name
because you never look at me the way I look at you,
You pushed me,
You killed me,
I don't have to search anymore,
I don't have to cry anymore
because I can finally say that the spell
doesn't work anymore.
I'm over you.

there are no more words to spill,
there are no more blank papers to write on,
in fearless the pen dropped,
and the pain stopped.

this is about my former lover. i hope you guys like it.
frankie 10h

kiss my lips
soft like velvet
sickly sweet
like the lies you whisper to me

play with my thorns
pluck my petals away
like you do with every other
pretty pink rose you pass by

hypnotise me
make me chase you down the rabbit hole
desert me in a chaos of my own creation

love me.
for no one else does

he took a drag
of his cigarette
inhaling the truth
exhaling the lies
smoking the answers
she wanted to hear

Tilly 18h

'I love being spooned' he says
And I take the position of his horizontal chair
Wondering how many horizontal chairs he has had
With his back against their stomachs and his warmth on their laps

My mind wonders about arm placements
Have they also had one hand running  fingers through his hair and another round him pulling him in?
Have they gently kissed this very spot on his body?
As these thoughts fly through my head,
I stare at the soft hairs on the back of his neck and the three moles like Orion’s Belt on his shoulder blade

How Wilde, I really am in the gutter looking up at the stars

Samantha 20h

What do you see when you close your eyes?
What do you dream?
Where does your heart go?
Do you see her?
Standing on the beach,
Wet feet and sandy hair.
Do you see her,
Sitting at a table,
In your favorite restaurant.
Eating your favorite meal.
Do you see her,
Sleeping in your bed,
Peacefully and steady.
Or do you see me?
Broken and drenched.
Heart and feet in a puddle,
Ready to be your favorite fuck-up.
Nothing special, nothing new,
And probably nothing good.
But ready to worship at your feet,
Once again.

Her voice is music for my soul
And She's my April muse
They way she came into my life
Is a tale too abstruse.

She took my heart in gentle strokes
In a manner unheard, unseen
I thought we'd write a story too
About a monarch and his queen.

The mighty Craftsman up above
But took me by surprise; for
Everything I wished to write
Got vanished in disguise.

Prashant Shaurya ©
All Rights Reserved

SZ 1d

It's happening again.
I'm watching myself flood everything we've built and I don't know how to stop.
The voices in my head scream,
And I have repeated dreams
Of being left by him
Until he turns into you
And I have no one left.
I know it wasn't real but it feels so real when you wake up shaking in the middle of the night alone.
I thought this time I could make it
But it's hard to stop sinking when your mind refuses to tell your legs to kick,
And you never even learned to swim to begin with.
Now you're crying,
I'm trying to tell you it wasn't your fault
but I can't see you anymore through my own tears
The waves are drowning out my voice,
I think soon they'll drown me too.

Sometimes I wonder
About how a green cloth is not green at all
But rather
A material that absorbs every other light extension
Except green

Then I think about how
Your eyes absorb every light
Except brown

And how your lips absorb every light
Except a dusky pink

I think about how the light rejects my skin whilst it welcomes yours
Warms as it absorbs within your strengthened brow

I think about how

Colour doesn't exist
And how emotions are a chemical reaction

How when he dealt me "the conversation"
Our bodies fired up
In one last effort to create a connection
Between a male and a female
Of the same species
In one last effort to preserve
And survive
As is the instinctual nature of animals

Perhaps what makes us human
Is that we were able to reject
One chemical equation over another

And this cloth has a colour
That doesn't exist.

i was at dinner
and girls were laughing,

most of the time, i just
wished they would stop
but sometimes
i would join them...

i saw my best friend sitting next to me
and i felt so at peace

the night went on... then they mentioned you,
just as i was starting to forget
and they spoke of all the girls
you have been ¨seeing¨ (if your eyes were even open)
and i looked down,
i looked up,
i looked anywhere for a door
to leave,
for a hand to hold...
then i looked at next to me
i saw the greatest friend i have ever had in this world

                                                      and i healed
and i began to believe
                                                     that there is more than just one reason to stay alive
                                                     and it is definitely not just
for you.

maybe this is moving on
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