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I was a rock in your ocean 

Your waves crashed against me

Beat and broke me down

Tried to swallow and drag me to sea

You underestimated how strong I was
Rocks are resilient

I did not falter with storms or shifting tide

I would not break; only change
You promised me you'd never lie

I believed you

You treated me as if you didn't care

I believed you

You said you didn't want me

I believed you

Now you want me back

Begging on bended knee

Just how naive 

Do you think I must be?
my lips burn at the taste of your name
my tongue dry, eyes red
i walk along the pavement in search for
the pieces you’ve left behind
with hopes to put them together somehow
they tell me that you’ve moved
a few weeks ago when i was out of town
at first i didn’t believe them
but i realised you had no reason to stay
i guess it’s best for the both of us
to finally move on
but i’m stuck in this very old picture of us
It's about a man in my maladaptive daydreams *****.

Written on 11 January 2020
natalie 1d
one year from now…
the thought of your hands grazing over my skin,
or the sound of your laughter after i tell a bad joke,
the way your eyes become so much smaller when you smile,
or the reminiscences of your cologne in my car,
the taste of your tounge as it brushes over mine,
it won’t make me ache,
because one year from now,
i won’t know the you that i so desperately want to have now.
can we stay this way forever? or we do have to fall apart?

is it you, is it me, did you find somebody better? or can we go back to the start?

i wanna know if its real. how can i know what you’re thinking if you don't talk to me?

have you found someone else? is it time for me to move on too? cause you say we're meant to be.

i’m so lost in my feelings now. like drake in my feelings now. cant push you aside even though you say you just wanna be friends.

i don't know if i just wanna be friends with you. it's inevitable it's undeniable the feelings we have.

i feel it too, do you?
Anggita 2d
I followed a boy on his impromptu journey to the forest (or at least what I once thought it was).

he walked with a nonchalant disposition without saying any word. his gestures demonstrated it all.

it’s ludicrous that I reluctantly stepped forward to the vast and dense forest in front of me. I was not scared at all. I discovered amity within the zigzagging branches and peace in this endless labyrinth.

and after a long and intense journey, the dazzling sunlight captures his figure: his tanned skin was wrapped by falling leaves, laying down at the top of the rock (in which I always wonder to see what he’s dreaming).

for once in my life, never have I thought silence could be so much pleasing as that.
In the beginning of my first heartbreak it shattered into a million pieces. I laid in it for awhile before wanting to put it back together because I was numb and depressed for a good minute but then, piece by piece I started taping it back together taking my time with it not leaving any piece behind. When it was put back together it didn’t glow for awhile…months…years until I got a small glow from someone and then it stopped and then it eventually glowed again and then eventually stopped… and then it glowed somewhat brighter and stayed light for a couple months and then…it stopped and some pieces shattered. I began to fix it putting the small piece back in place hoping it would glow..praying it would light up for who I want or who I needed in someone…and then it did it glowed super ******* bright it started to heal itself in a way that I wasn’t used to it was uncomfortable and scary but it stayed glowing for weeks that lead to months that lead to a year and another year and then another year…and then it shined a bit brighter it was uncomfortable I didn’t mention there was a cage before when I picked up the pieces to my heart the first time… my heart was glowing inside of the cage shining brighter and brighter like when you look at a sun and you squint…it was that bright…the cages began to melt away and it stayed lit for those weeks, months, and years…it was ready to share a heart a small one so it can shine brighter…it was ready to say yes a million times over and over…it was happy…and then it stopped…it didn’t dim like when you turn those lights off to make it the right light just for you no it cut off…and it exploded the pieces are even tiny this time the pieces you can’t even see the outline to even attempt to put it together… this time is different…this time it doesn’t wanna be fix it wants to lay in the destruction…it wants to decay. This is my heart.
It’s been a while. I feel like I’m only creative when I’m hurt.
a piece of my heart will always belong to him, no matter what.
I am not bitter.
I am not upset.
He loved me the way he knew how to love,
and isnt that beautiful?
during my perfume obsession years,
your scent stung
not like a bee,
but a memory of her cherry-tinged lipstick on your collar.

desire on the precipice of morphing into the stink of a disappointment.
you're the hurricane inside my stomach-- and is this what it feels like?
not a heartbreak, rather
a collapse of an *****.
is this what it feels like?
Psychosa Aug 6
I am a piece of glass.

a glass that has been shattered time and time again,
losing a piece of me with every new bash/
a remnant of what I once was.

If you try to put me back together, the world will never look the same,

If you try to put me back together,
you need to remember that I am a broken piece of glass,
you will hurt yourself if you hold me in your hand,
and then I will hurt you more.

Don't hold too tight,
but don't let go.

Looking at the world through me may be hard.
I have fallen so many times that I am mere piece of myself now.
Me as your lens of the world would be small and stained.
But then again, I can show you the world.

If you try to find yourself in me,
you need remember
that I am not a mirror,
but a hollow thing where you can never be reflected.

It's a lonely existence.

I am a barrier yet I am a transporter.

You will never know

I am transparent.
If you want to find inside, you can see right through me.
But do not be deceived, for I am empty.

But with all this,
I am a piece of glass.
I am fragile;
I can be broken,
so please handle with care.
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