I met a friend today,
Her soul array.
I felt her dismay,
While miles away.
But something experienced
That guided my sight,
Led me to ask
If she was alright.

I can't quite explain it,
I can't quite describe it,
But some greater spirit,
Needed to speak,
To this ******* the street.
So out of hope
And at the end of her rope,
Someone struggling with no way to cope.

So I heard her story,
I felt her pain,
And in all my life,
I've never seen such rain.
So I'm trying to help her,
Because she's needing a change.
She's stuck in a cycle,
Of nothing but pain.

If you are lost,
If your soul needs guidance.
Send out a message,
And the stars will find it.
The stars will connect you,
To those who can help you.
So take their help,
Do it for yourself.
If you are in Australia and you or anyone you know needs help with anything, go to this website, https://askizzy.org.au it will guide you to places that can help. If you or someone you know are in serious need of help, call life line on 13 11 14.
The world has mysterious ways of showing you youre wrong.  
One day is torturous and feels extremely long.  
The next, you wake up and smile, its a new day.
Blessings may come your way.

Yet, life will always have those days that you wish you could rewind.  
Even though the **** is all in your mind.  
You see, the bad turns into beautiful,  
This part is the most crucial:

Lessons come in waves,
And some days your mind caves.  
Not knowing what to do,
But know that its all up to you.  
The lessons are disguised as many things;
Heartbreak, anger, pains.
Heartbreak is the most important,
Its poison can also the most potent.  
Although it hurts,
Its the only one that works.  
Being heartbroken helped me find my soul,
I was now the only one in control.
Because of heartbreak I love me,
And like that it shall always be.

Anger taught me kindness,
It showed me I was speaking through blindness.
The hatred in my heart had been brewed,
Something that was long over due.  
Ive had my share of pain,
And for all of it I was ashamed.  
Now I see I am not my past,
For the good days in my mind are the ones that will last.  
Instead of taking my pain out on them,
Find the love in my heart for an amen.
A thank you for an opportunity to make someones day,
So keep them coming my way.

Pain, pain comes from both of these emotions.
Pain comes in oceans.  
One day may be physical, the next mental.
Either way, the pain can be detrimental.
But just like the old saying,
“What doesnt **** you makes you stronger.”
  So just keep holding on a bit longer.  
I know it seems like you cant keep going,
But this is something you must keep knowing.
You are stronger than you think,
Kinder than you believe
And you can make it through this pain.  

You are not your heartbreak,
Your love is an earthquake.
Not all are prepared to love someone like you,
They are cracks, and you are the glue.  
Remember that anger is from within,
Letting go is the only way to win.
Forgive yourself along with others,
We are all sisters and brothers.  
There is nothing wrong with pain,
Know that there is always something to gain.
You are stronger than you believe,
So go out there and acheive.
Sachini Dec 2018
Even though you say it hurts
Even though you say you want it to end soon
Even though you say you are tired
Deep deep inside
You are sure that it will not be the same always
Don't you?
That small voice you suppress
It's dying to come out and save you
To tell you that everything will be okay
Let it come out
Give it a chance
It's just a voice
Nonsense at the moment
Uncertainty for now
But who cares as long as it's joy and hope
As long as it gives patience for you to wait
Until one day it will come true..
Sundiegoguy Nov 2018
Baby, take a look at the mess you just made
Shattered windows shattered bones
Around this place
And the holes you made and left on my chest
Of love keep on flooding this place

There's nothing left for me around this bed
Waking up by your side is waking up and it’s still night
I asked for older and rotten is what I got

Baby, take a look at our nuclear mistakes
We launched missiles and fired tanks
We were toxic we were flame
I lost my heart fighting to stay
Sundiegoguy Nov 2018
Life is like a suicide hike,
Although it's a beautiful trail
It's scary to think one day we'll fall.
We fall because we walk on edges,
Some worth walking on, some not.
Ultimately, we learn from both.

Be careful who you choose to walk with,
Be careful who you choose to sit with.
Because they may just push you off
And way down you'll be falling down.
But sometimes it wasn't them who pushed you off
But it was them you thought would help you up.

And when we've hit our lowest point in life
We start looking for the root of our pain,
But it's dark and empty, it stings we feel lost.
It's no paradise down here, the pain feeds on our strength.
It's a tragic accident that breaks all of our bones.
With no paramedics or anesthesia, we've got to operate ourselves.
We don't know which injury is killing us more,
But we know a slow death is coming for us.
Our blood no more, regret is what the heart pumps now,
We scream and cry away our mistakes
But down here is a curse playing our fall in a loop,

I don't know when it stops
I'm drowning myself in my pain.
I've stained my soul with too much hate
I'm no longer the person who I used to be.
I've been down in the dark for too many days  
But when I start my hike again  
I hope to go further than yesterday.
Mya Baertlein Oct 2018
I never knew what true love was until I met you
When I first saw you I knew that I loved you more than I ever thought I would
Most people probably think I'm talking about that one dream guy when in reality I'm talking about my little sister
She is the reason why I'm alive I need to stay strong for her and she is 16 years younger than me and has my heart already
Sonia Ettyang Sep 2018
Plant a seed of hope in your  heart
Hope to make it through the night
When thoughts of fear and sorrow
Capture your mind and steal your peace
Be like a good farmer with faith
Knowing that the dry days will pass
And the soil will be watered
Once more you'll make a harvest
And your baskets shall over flow
With joy and laughter
©Sonia Ettyang
Meghan Aug 2018
I am not your **** toy
Not a plastic doll
Your fantasies
Don't get to come
True on my account
These aren't your fun bags
My *** is not to smack

My skin longs
For the touch of fingertips
But crawls at the thought
Bristle before, relax
Never knowing
What unwanted touch
Is coming next

Never knew to say no
Never knew wrong was wrong
Until it was all too late

Doctor in the barn
Damaged on the trail
Grabbed my wrist -- was I wrong?
Drank it all away
Faded into blackness
Forcing through the door

Older now
Learning once again
They only want one thing from you;
You're just a last resort
So feign for their attention
Gave as good as got
Dove right down that rabbit hole
Trying to drown it out

And still -- trapped, touched
But then again, and "No"
That famous word
So infamously hard to hear

Too ashamed to fight back
Give in
Live in

Let me say again
Because it bears repeating:
Give in, then
Live in fear
Bare --

Say it with me now
Such an **** word
How does it make you feel

Do you feel ashamed
Are you feeling scarred
Do you feel her fear
Or is it not so clear?
Do you feel
Powerful now
Or is it
All her fault

Such an **** word
So,  say it with me now
Found out what it means to me.
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