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Can you try to keep these daily reminders
I know it's hard but I know you can do it
You are beautiful even if you don't realize it
You are alive for a reason
No matter what they say to you
You are valid and loved
What you have to say matters
Don't let anyone take your happiness away
Don't stress yourself over the little things
You are only human don't overwork yourself
Always remember to take care of yourself
Drink lots of water & eat properly
Sleep as much as possible
Stay strong no matter what
Don't be ashamed to cry
Take time for yourself
Don't let anyone push you around
Try to stay calm no matter what
You don't have to bottle everything up
Other people are there for you
No matter how hard you try
People Will always lie
They say you can't do this you can't do that
Some days you're so mad
You try to paint the perfect picture
But you always end up injured
You try to create the perfect smile
You always go that extra mile
They throw it on the ground
You never make a sound
You try to be creative
They'll never believe you'll make it
To be creative
You gotta be a native
So they say with a crown upon their head
They want you dead
You will rise
You will shine
You will be fine
Just give it time
You're worth more than a dime
You will create the heavens
You will teach them all lessons
Zack Ripley Aug 27
Stay alive. Stay in bed.
Stay with me. But stay out of my head.
When the day is long, stay strong.
And when everything's going wrong,
I'll pick up my guitar
And we'll sing our song.
If you're asked to stay away,
Please tell me we'll stay together.
Because when I'm with you, I feel better
Zack Ripley Aug 20
Close your eyes. Take a breath.
The pain you feel, the grief,
Won't be the death of you.
Because you've had this pain before.
And even though you're still sore,
There are still people
You need to be there for.
Who will be there for you.
unnamed Jun 23
Someone once told me,
I will never be good enough,
I am the worst,
I ruined them.

And I taught myself the other way round.

When you wish for an end,
Always remember there are people out there faced worst,
And they survived.

When you wish to give up,
Always remember why you started in the first place,
And made up your mind.

When people stepped on you,
Always remember to be strong,
And moved on.

You will drown in the midst of darkness,
But you will also live in the midst of light.
Even for a few seconds.

Find and remember that few seconds,
And always remember to live for yourself.

It's your life you live,
Not theirs.

That's why it's okay if no one understands.
Don't touch me by the tender points
It hurts more than a soul can bear
Be gentle lest the pain doth spread
It moves me on to silent tears
Don't judge me as I let it pass
Let me lie down in bed & writhe
And wish for a reprieve of sorts
Or drug that cures me of this plight
How 'd you know how much it hurts
I have faked on a smile and laugh'd
Sanity hangs loose on edges now
If only I could alter the story's draft
Yet, clarity missing from how it ends
Unforeseen misadventures lie in wait
I have learnt to be at ease; with ache
And strife, this life & dragging weight
Anyone suffering from fibromyalgia will relate.
Every child has a family, that cares about them and always there

I once knew  a friend name Amelia, her family will play the fair.

I think I like it better there than I do here,  I am speaking the truth.

My whole life I liked it better when I was just little youth.

Why do I keep trying to send letters to the baby me.

i once felled on my knee, I got right back up and start

to  climb back up that tree, when we were young

we were young and free. And alive just to see the sea.

My family is okay, but I miss those days when my brother will ***

his pants cause he had no idea what to do.
neha yamba May 3
i fear no storm of tragedy and loss
i have been broken into pieces before
i know it'll be bad and excruciating
but trust me i know how to fix everything torn
after the storm calms down , i'll arrange and stick
my pieces back
for i exactly know which piece goes where .
Violet Apr 26
Cooped up in my humble abode and privacy unheard of before and now.
The friction of my shoes emerged to undesirable friction of my four walls.  
Ratcheting up of worries about my future, I pondered when would this pandemic end.
My predicament sent me reeling so I convinced myself to juxtapose with countries reeling.
A short joy on the end of my collegiate life soon accounted to the fueled uncertainties of the job market.
Success used to be landing a remunerative job but now they said, landing any job would be a blessing.
What about my dreams? They ought to cease to exist.
It is no longer about dreams. It is about being alive.  
My demise, the demise of an industry, the demise of a country and the demise of the world.
The ghastly truth of how my simple action of staying at home would impact the safe havens of many.
A true test to my character in avoidance of getting positive from the test of COVID-19.

For I know I am not alone.
A poem I came up with as the world fight COVID-19, specially dedicated to people who find themselves in shambles due to the pandemic.
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