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Plant a seed of hope in your  heart
Hope to make it through the night
When thoughts of fear and sorrow
Capture your mind and steal your peace
Be like a good farmer with faith
Knowing that the dry days will pass
And the soil will be watered
Once more you'll make a harvest
And your baskets shall over flow
With joy and laughter
Meghan Aug 23
I am not your fuck toy
Not a plastic doll
Your fantasies
Don't get to come
True on my account
These aren't your fun bags
My ass is not to smack

My skin longs
For the touch of fingertips
But crawls at the thought
Bristle before, relax
Never knowing
What unwanted touch
Is coming next

Never knew to say no
Never knew wrong was wrong
Until it was all too late

Doctor in the barn
Damaged on the trail
Grabbed my wrist -- was I wrong?
Drank it all away
Faded into blackness
Forcing through the door

Older now
Learning once again
They only want one thing from you;
You're just a last resort
So feign for their attention
Gave as good as got
Dove right down that rabbit hole
Trying to drown it out

And still -- trapped, touched
But then again, and "No"
That famous word
So infamously hard to hear

Too ashamed to fight back
Give in
Live in

Let me say again
Because it bears repeating:
Give in, then
Live in fear
Bare --

Say it with me now
Such an ugly word
How does it make you feel

Do you feel ashamed
Are you feeling scarred
Do you feel her fear
Or is it not so clear?
Do you feel
Powerful now
Or is it
All her fault

Such an ugly word
So,  say it with me now
Found out what it means to me.
julianna Jun 8
I have a parasite.
It's called perfectionism
It causes me to have overwhelming brain spasms
When you ask me to do something out of my
"comfort zone"
If I try to do it, I have to battle against the parasite.
It says things like:
"This is too hard."
"Give up, it's easier."
"You don't care about this!"
I'm practicing self-soothing methods,
Ways to drown out the little parasite's
Nagging voice.
It is difficult.
It is hard.
But I am stronger, I am the host.
julianna May 27
What would you do if you saw a girl spending pennies and pearls on food?
She gobbles it up and then she barfs, which she thinks makes her feel good.
Later that night, with her conscious she'll fight as the guilt eats her for lunch
But she'll never tell of the story where of she went to after brunch.
Pure Bliss May 1
You’re gone,
You’re gone
But you’re still here
You’re gone on the inside,
Rotting like a corpse in the sun,
You want to take a gun
And use it like a toy,
You want to kill yourself,
I get it, I really do,
But you need to stay strong,
Do it for your sister,
Your brother,
Mom and dad,
Aunt and uncle,
Do it for the people who care for you,
Do it for the people who love you with all their hearts,
Just hang in there,
Just a little longer!
Slowly casting its shadow onto me,
I am hit with a heavy dose of doubt.
Taking control in every aspect,
It is dragging me down.
Refusing to let me be me,
Losing my personality.
Feeling like I'm not enough,
This is all becoming to much.
Trying to hold on tight,
Reminding myself we all fall down sometimes.
Chiquita Apr 13
She looked so happy that you can't tell
Under that smile was a hurricane;
She wore a mask that looked real to the eye;
But underneath it was the scars she hides;
Every pain she felt was hidden in her smile,
The more pain she felt the more she smiled ;
She laughed so loudly ,
That no one knew she was lonely;
She showed herself as whole,
Skillfully hiding the hole;
She never cried she never tried,
All she did was hide it and smile;
Her hurt was stronger than her smile ,
Her emptiness was deeper than her laugh,
She never moaned she never swore,
Cause she was strong and had hope
So all she did was smile.
Stay strong. Everything will be over soon
Sitting on the board
anticipation gripping me
staring at the tiny waves before me
taking them easily
closing my eyes
I breathe
fingertips soaking beneathe
I breathe in the big wave
Opening my eyes to my surprise there she was
she was beautiful
gracefully slicing through the water to greet me
I kiss the wave with the nose of my board
she takes me up
I am having the ride of my life
the wave starts to curl and I dip down and rip under
splashing the water on both sides of me
the hole looks way too small to surf out
dipping lower I grip my toes
The wave closing in on me
Maybe she was too big for me
she quickly engulfs me
swallowing me whole
sending me crashing into the koral
pain searing through my body I reach the surface
the tiny waves now taking me back tumbling down
each blow sends me spiraling down
reaching the surface I take a huge breath of air
choking out water
reaching the sharp shore
crawling through the shells
grabbing the remains of my destroyed board
written by: Lauren Dolbow
PM Mar 14
"When does a person die" a person asked another,
"When they stop breathing of course" added the other.
But I knew better.

You don't die when you stop breathing or break the "physical tether"- as it were.
You die when you're no longer able to cope,
utterly, utterly lost - in the absence of hope.
pk tunuri Feb 5
You're the bravest I've ever known
I don't know what's hurting you to moan

When life was a problem, You stood tall
When there is a problem in life, You shall not fall

Stay strong my friend
Hard times are meant for the pain to end
We all face Hard Times.
Though it tries to knock you down,
all we have to do is "STAY STRONG".
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