Nothing Less Nothing More

This Just in,
Justin Bieber’s a Believer too,
antibiotics probiotics,
a red pill and a blue,

yoga on a yacht deck,
strawberries in the winter,
Welcome to Reality,
watch as the fabric splinters,

or rather,
comes apart at the seams,
I’d gather,
that most things aren’t as they seem,

can’t escape the Dream,
unless we take a leap of faith,
don’t want to be just great,
want to be known as one of The Greats,

I love that you’re an artist too,
and dedicated to your passions,
and if we’re on the Road of Life,
I hope that we’re not crashin’,

and I know that sounds cliche,
and maybe even a bit cheap,
but sometimes life is cliche,
and sometimes when everything seems the most doubtful,
is when it’s best to truly believe,

that’s why,
they call it faith,
please tell me,
why you wake,

when you open your eyes,
what is it for,
hopefully it’s Love,
nothing less nothing more…

∆ Aaron La Lux ∆

Banan 1d

Took a leap of faith
In you,
In I
In you and I
To love
and to be loved
by you

Took a leap of faith and,
I sense the February skies
Raining on me,
and I bloom
And the scent
Of the garden you grew
And every rose you planted,
in every wound

I walked by the tree
where i stood
and wept
As lonely as each falling leaf
When i lost my way home
Where i've never been

And like a deer in the headlights
When i met you
I gave in
And took a leap of faith

Your mad lover, I
Swear by you
For i took a leap of faith in you

This means the most to me

I'm on this side,
You're on the other,

Dreams of life and love rush by,

You are my beginning,
You are my ending.

I dream of you and wander through life,
Searching ways to touch you,

I lost my way,
I remember you clearly,

Asking for blessings,
Please, God, show me the way on life's journey,
To walk together with love once again.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Lyn - Song for love (English version) Lyrics

the bible says faith
is the assurance of things
hoped for, the conviction
of things not seen.
how strange and yet
magical it is for us
to believe and remember
in things we do not know
the way the three kings
believed the star would
bring them to the child Jesus
the way people used to believe
that the phases of the moon
meant life, death, and rebirth
symbolizing the way a woman's
womb would swell once they
bear a child
the way we hold onto history
as if we are witnesses of
every horror and heartbreak
remembering the lost souls
using what we had to find out
what we will have
faith is total trust
and surrender
knowing that the world
began with adam and eve
but not knowing how it
will end
for the moon
the stars
our history
can only tell us so much
and our faith
is the honey found in heaven
the conviction that someday it
will be all we taste

i believe
i believe
i believe

alan 2d

Hope, my hope, is like honey
sticky, sweet, a drop of it
flowing into a crescent moon of milk
cold, it hardens, stiffly
like the wax it came from, organized combs
they crumble in my brain,
it is not a safe home.
The honey is lost in the dish of milk
swaying side to side of its own accord
the drops of sun, sticky, sweet
they dry up within their hexagons.
Hope, my hope, is like honey
sticky, hardened, useless, gone.

honey and milk

Oh thou lord, he that calmeth the seas, yea he that hast triumphed over death. Thou hast freed me from the bonds and bands of sin.

Yea tho I was in the depths of despair, yea almost swallowed in the midst of the adversary, yet thou hast rescued me from bondage.

Thou art the savior of me oh lord. Yea there be no pain nor trouble nor trial nor tribulation on earth that the sweet ambrosia of heaven cannot overcome.

Yea lord, we submit our wills unto thee, yet we know that therein find we our freedom. Thou proclaimest that whosoever shall lose their life in service therein shall find, and yea how much have we served thee lord? How much have we prostrated unto thee lord? Have we not cried unto thee in the night? Begging, oh lord, unto thee for thy embrace? Have we not called out to thee savior? That we might feel thy love and thy peace? Thou savior of mankind, thou hast rescued me and therefore have we been snatched from the adversary of mankind.

Lord we humble ourselves before thee. We know that thou hast power to do all things, yet submit our will under thy own. Lord we ask thee this day that thou might show us thy mercy and give unto us thy spirit that we may feel thy love.

Yea lord shew unto us thy blessings and we shall shew unto thee our works, notwithstanding we know thou canst all things do, and if thou givest not unto us thy blessings then shall we call and prostrate and cry unto thee lord, and then shall we shew twice our works unto thee lord.

For we pray not to supersede our will over thine oh lord. Nay we pray to bring retribution to our wonts and draw ourselves into thy arms and under thy merciful protection. And we know that our salvation is borne on the backs of thy grace and on thy atonement.  And our salvation is borne on the backs of eagles that heavenward do fly.

Therefore, I, Thy humble servant, do humble myself unto Thee. This day shall I follow thee, and love thee, and forever sustain thee.
To Thee, Oh Saviour of Mankind.

Something religious I wrote in church the other week

Jesus lived, and
Jesus died,
Jesus laughed, and
Jesus cried.

Jesus loved, and
Jesus felt.
Jesus stood, and
Jesus knelt.

Jesus heard, and
Jesus thought,
Jesus prayed, and
Jesus taught.

Jesus healed, and
Jesus fed,
Jesus preached, and
Jesus led.

Jesus lived, and
Jesus died,
Jesus is risen, and
He is alive.

I picked up an old friend before going to work. He looked sharp- dressed in black. My dear Grandma had introduced us years ago. I was too tired to talk so I just quietly listened to what he had to say...and he has a lot to say. His words always amaze me.
I shook my head and smiled as I looked at him. You're so full of wisdom- I thought to myself. I wish I knew all the gems you've managed to store up over the years. Thanks for sharing them with me.
Sipping my coffee, I recalled what a good and loyal companion he has been to me- always there when I needed him through the thick and the thin. I asked him if he could ride along to work with me. Of course, I knew his answer was yes- it always is.
As we rode through the countryside I did most of the talking- as he sat silently taking it all in. I reached over and patted him on the back...thanking him for putting up with the likes of me. He reassured me in only a way he can.
Soon we arrived at my work and I carried him inside to my office. He has trouble walking without assistance you see. I sat him down on my desk and thanked him again for the morning discussion.

He never says a word until I ask for one. He was there for me when I was born- when I was married, and he was in attendance for all my children's births and baptisms...and I know he'll be there when I am dying to comfort me. He will be by my side forever friend, my Bible.

gmw '15

I realize this is not a poem, but it is something I wanted to share with anyone who might take the time to read it. I can delete it if necessary.

Not too many years ago, my dear mother presented me with her mother's family Bible on Christmas Day. It was clearly carried through many storms, for it was torn and tattered from front cover to back....but all of the pages, even the loose ones, held in place. Would my own faith hold in place I wondered. This is one of the greatest gifts I've ever received from anyone. A part of my Grandparents will always reside in my home and in my heart.
Darius 4d

Please have faith in me
Because I am not strong as I think

Please have faith in me
Because I am constantly holding back tears to the brink

God, please have faith in me
Because I can't do this alone
And I don't know what to call home

The daughter of the Taliban Militant
Became an Afghan Porn Star.
They had both abandoned their Faith
In favor of

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