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you would light the candle on your desk
just as your mother told you
and you would pray
just as she told you.

i wish i could have been with you.
The loops.
They permeate.

All the lies, they arise.
I'm advised to realize
the illusion.

I see them for exactly what they
Disbarred from my mental radar.  

you thought you had me?
ha! for a while, sure.

Now I'm reassured.

Yes it's true, you romanced me.
Entranced me - for a time.
But He has washed away your grime
from my mind.

you should walk along, forget me.
I march with a different heartbeat.
you don't fascinate me
at all.
I absolve
of everything you stand for
you know what's in store.

This is war.
I’m uncertain of what to make out of my life, I have so many dreams and goals, but they all seem to be at a distance right now- they almost feel unattainable.
I seek you, Lord, for counseling, for clarification, for wisdom, and insight. Guide me, O Lord, for I do not know what to do next. Please help me, O heavenly Father, for I am trusting you.
The full moon penetrated
His glint through my
Battered victorian
Sash window at twilight,
Whilst poem 52
Was made known
Unto me by Yeshua,
My Muse.

''Let not thy imagination
Run wild with idle theories
Echoed by voices of dubiety
Under the lawless one,
Hellbent on wounding
Me by making sin,
Man's daily bread''.

''Guard thy faith with
My scriptures, and lean
On scholars well learned in
Her near eastern culture
That their twisted Words,
Will take no effect on
Faith means
believing in something
you’ve never laid eyes on.
It’s an experience.
Unshakable!! Rock solid.
Something to hold on to.
Everybody should have faith
in something......
to get you through this life!
When the earth turns
and the places don’t move
But also
when an earthquake hits
and everything is falling apart.

Shell ✨🐚
We all need something to hold on to in good times and in bad times!!
Up… Up… UP. Down… down… down…
My mind is a storm. Chaos. An ocean of thoughts.
Ideas. Aspirations.
Confusion. Despair. Isolation.
    How long must I suffer?


   Surrounded yet alone.

But then I’m not. Up, up, up I float.
      I walk on clouds.
       Mountain tops.
I cling to this feeling.
  How long will it last?
   I, naively, hope forever.
I float in peaceful rivers.
I lift my eyes to the Heavens, and burst with thankfulness.
I’m okay
I’m not alone.
I am at peace and enveloped by everlasting love.
Though I crash, abruptly.
I fall and fall and fall. I crack.
But I heal.
    I endure, keep trudging.
The confusion and lies of Satan don’t pin me down.
                                Not anymore.
You are with me, forever.
You wait for me. Love me. Hold me. Walk beside me.
I am a warrior. Survivor. Stronger than ever.
I can’t do it alone. This life, this rollercoaster of a mind.
I can’t trust myself, I put myself in Your Hands.
I trust You.
I cling to you, with all that I am.
For You are good, and You provide. 
 I repent.
I am renewed.
Peace ever flowing, Love everlasting.
My Love. My Father. My Savior.
Thank You.
I am not a disappointment, or crazy, or demon possessed.
                       Your Holy Spirit remains.
You love through me. You were intentional in my creation.
  I am Yours.
                         Forever and always.
Denicel 7d
It's not a bad thing to make mistakes
But overdoing it can make aches.

Sin came from our desires
It is a force that tempts us to lit our fire.
Sin causes lives into distraction
And make people cry in unsatisfaction.

Naive people,sinning to earn self happiness.
Selfishness is the start of fights.
War, and more sin which is made by human kind.
LifeBeauty13 Feb 28
A divine insanity consumes my soul
Showing colors I can barely behold
My eyes see the seas of possibility
Yet fighting master of doubt in its own committee
My thoughts are not my own
I look to a higher throne
Yet my darkness lingers
Fire destroy leaving nothing but cinders
Freedom and ******* has its fight
Crying for sanctuary in the light
Images swirl around my head
Looking at the scars and how they bled
The fire burns in a depth of a blackhole
Days and years dance and how they toll
The insanity speaks the only truth
Confessing,revealing,the only proof
Chad Young Feb 24
Disbelief or doubt is my natural disposition.
With this I try to explain away what is inconclusive.
To a Christian leader, I have another gospel, so my prophet is false.
To a Muslim, I am an imposter because I believe in innovation.
To a Jew, I am not of the Chosen Ones.
To an atheist, I am unreasonable or delusive.
To a Buddhist, I cannot attain enlightenment.
Thus, to the secret societies of belief, I am a disbeliever, mad, and ignorant, going to hell, karmic or not, or to die a mortal death.

How can my healthy doubt have any way with explanation?
To incorporate the masses, we provide governments and universally make declarations as the United Nations.

Should I lose belief to satsify the masses: agreeing with them that I'm a disbeliever and coming to terms with atheists?

Just stand for love and unity.
Swan Songs Feb 23
Young man
Starting to feel old
In a body that dies
His soul cries for more

He is fortune in squalor
He is fortune to squander
He is a bitter display
Of diminishing wonder

And a voice says:
“Hey, you're alright
But if you want to fight
I'm going to smite you till you die”

Young man
Watching the wind blow
An ephemeral tide
And he writhes like a fish out of water

He is a misfortunate scholar
He and misfortune are lovers
He is the end of the world
And the dawning of wonder

And the voice says:
“This is your demise
You can blame the sunrise
When it shines in your eyes
And buy yourself some time
But your inner disquiet
Is just adding fuel to my ire”

So the young man prays
He prays…

“O God, it hurts
I'm dying, convert me
I can't bear to rot through eternity
This life gets worse
I’m trying, unearth me
Hear the prayer of this speck in infinity
Because time is a curse
I’m defying, rebirth me
I can’t fare through this mortal obscurity (alone)”

And his voice says:
“Be still, my child
You are in perfect health
Stop talking to yourself
I’ll be your ally
Until you’re old and wise
On my horizon
And the sun will rise
Like a body that dies
But you won’t see it shine in your eyes”
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