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jcl 40m
who do you pray to so late into the night
does he listen to your hopes, yours dreams, your desires
when you cry, alone in the early morning dark
do you see his actions, or replies

when you despair, during the day, and retreat deep into the woods
can you feel him by your side, protecting you, keeping you safe
when reach out, into the cold blue of the evening sky
can you feel him, grab him, pull him near

you believe in him, does he believe in you
is he more your creation than you are his
when all your wants are visceral, your desires carnal
to be touched, held, kissed, and loved, unconditionally
Driah 5h
The sun sets upon another day
She looks up at the stars and contemplates
Why her? Why make her go through such things?
And what would she have to do to change it?
Unbeknownst to her, the stars were listening
And answered her pleas
They sent her faith and hope
Faith that she would see a better future
And hope to drive her towards it
Now she looks forward instead of up
Forward to the future she deserves
He left a letter on the dresser
addressed to whom it may concern.
It read "Never falter under pressure
before the tides can take their turn.
Everything is dying -
The likes of man and all his pleasures.
From paper planes we're flying
to the wooden chests of treasures.
But one Truth will always stand
when the last word here is spoken:
There's always been a heavenly hand
to heal the heart that's broken."
A parting poem
Urmi 12h
Deep were his eyes
The ones to get lost in
Far-flung pacific blue that
Set her yacht on a
Long, tireless journey
The tides never forced her
To let go of his hands, ever
Even though the sharks
Chased her,
She fought them, bravely
When lost midway,
She would reach for
The ethereal, mysterious stars
And following after
The subtle stardust
He always sprinkled behind
She would always find her love.
when you call me by my name

it’s a warm cup of coffee on a cold morning
the scent wafting room to room
the sleep in my eyes just falls away
and although I can’t see you
I can hear the smile on your lips
and I can feel the warmth in your chest

when you call me by my name
A W 23h
She acted as if I accused him of crime

But all I did was expose my lack of faith in most.
Matthew 1d
This year all of us want to find hope
We want to find love
Here we are with sufficient time to elope
We patiently wait for our diamond in the rough

Decisions made upon belief and trust
Our heart will never falter
The last thing we ever want is ****
The life we choose we cannot falter

Do they appear at the end of your search?
After timeless 5 minute rapport?
Maybe you should approach them first?
Or will you simply ignore?

Go ahead and have faith
Decisions aren’t made by their due
They are made my fate
They are made by you
Happy new year everyone, I’m back and it’s time to spread some hope and positivity
Hold on to your dreams, my darling.
I know things have not been as you imagined.
Think of tables overturning,
Steel-topped boots stomping.
Think of feathers flowing in the draught,
The whispers, circulating the halls.
Think of home,
And the answers you found.

Hold on to the joy, my love.
That fell on your shoulders,
Just as your hair, those beautiful curls,
And that red dress,
Flowing to your knees.
Think of that smile and every other that followed.

Hold on to the hope you had, my dear.
You held on for so long already.
Think about the days that are coming,
The sunrises at dawn,
The sunsets at dusk.
Think of the pavements you have yet to set foot upon,
And the eyes you have yet to meet.

Hold on to the person you were, my heart.
The person you now need most.
Think of the fear that shook your breathe,
The frost that froze your toes,
And the tears that fell from those blue, blue eyes.
Think of the promises you swore in secrecy,
Those weighted words,
Those truths.

Hold on to the faith you keep deep down, sweetheart.
It will get you through the darkest hours.
Think of the lights that have been extinguished,
The ashes that have been poured back to the Earth.
Think of the love that you aim up to the sky,
The unrequited warmth you send to the world,
Think about moving forward.
Think about how far you've moved since.

Hold on to the words you heard before,
The ones that still bounce around within.
Think about the essence of their details,
The lips they fell out of,
The way they made you feel.
Think about those words when you're moving,
Build a home for them within,
Visit from time to time.

And hold on to all the reasons why.
Hold on as tight as you can.
Keep them locked up in your fortress,
Away from the world outside.
3 September 2018

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
you've been bad, said the Lord.

the Gospel is not a poem-in-your-pocket,
your public Readings smell of sham-theatre,
you sleep in the pews and you tread on the main aisle with no remorse.
none! nada!

all you think about is men, men, men, ***, ***, ***. don't even get me started on your thoughts while sitting during service!
******* disgusting!

lord's name in vain.
missing Sundays.
thinking you can get around by looking pretty. and the list goes on!

*****, go to ****, said the Lord.
cant blame him. really, really sorry if this offends anyone. it's a joke, and supposed to be a blunt, self-deprecating, God-is-a-chill-modern-dude version of Judgement Day.
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