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Desire 2d
Who was he?
Was he a sinless man, perfectly divine,
with a human body, heart, soul, and mind?
Was he a son and brother, relative and friend,
who chose to live and die, to rise, and ascend?
Were miracles performed? Did he multiply fish and bread?
Could he really heal the sick? Did he really raise the dead?
Was he a teacher and preacher, or was it all pretend?
Was he really crowned with thorns, judged, and crucified before men?  
Did he die for sin and suffer severe sufferings?
Was he a prophet, priest, and servant King of kings?
Did the earth quake, and temple tear, after his puncturing?
Was his glory reclaimed, and his honor received?

At the Father’s right, did he take a rightful seat?
Were his works redemptive, revered, and rendered complete?
Did the Twelve die in vain? Or did they precisely proclaim?
Do archaeological findings further support or negate the frame?
Was forgiveness his to give - or life - to those who believe?
Were the first-century claims true and correct, or falsely conceived?
Did early churches around the world conclude similar creeds?
Were plenty prophecies fulfilled, or were they too inadequate to concede?

Tablets, tombs, and temples found.
Inscribed stones, scrolls, and ancient ground.  
Charts, maps, and timelines studied.
Cultures — clashed; religions — muddied.
Doctrines debated and theories changed.
Some-thousand-years have passed. Still, this question remains:  
Who was he?

I’ll admit with all honesty, I know not all his ways.
I’ve questions unanswered; I’ve actions untamed.
I’ve a heart that knows failure, brokenness, aches, and pain.
I've a life that requires repentance; realignment everyday.
Yet, where my knowledge ends - thats where sincere faith overtakes.
I’ve a lot more to learn, yet, I've experienced a lot more grace.
How would you answer the question if you were asked this today?
Who was he? Who is he? What would you say?

Unapologetically and unashamed,
with confidence and boldness running through my veins,
in all fairness, humility, and meekness,
he is my strength, when I'm at my weakest.
My heart believes in full, and then sings my soul:
my Lord, my Rock, my Savior, my God.
Thank you, King Jesus.
Isaac 4d
kaleidoscope, hanging rope
so many options, so many ways to go
but so many ways to fall
can you handle my all
I guess only time knows
time is so fickle but so are my fears
time is so riddled with endings
that's why I keep you near
interlaced, preventing heartbreak
but no matter the amount of effort the sum is pain
so I worship the rain in my dry spell
I focus on the power in myself
to stand tall and plan for the many ways I can fall
I wish the best for myself
grace snoddy Sep 12
what is the meaning
behind all this commotion?
i unravel my feelings
and regain my devotion
to deciphering the thing
we call our emotions

i pick and poke at them
in a familiar notion
i guess some would call
a deprived locomotion
despite the fear
of what i may find
i begin to finally
dissect my mind

somehow and some way
i find my composure
surrounded by physical manifestations
of whatever’s left over
the sadness and pain
the disappointment and shame

i find a sacred meaning
in all of this commotion
i look at myself
and im filled with devotion
i allow myself to feel
these emotions

and just like a storm
they eventually pass
the peace i sought
setting in at last
the sun begins to rise
reminding me that its okay
as i begin to look forward
to a brighter day

i will not allow my fear to guide me anymore.
hi im alive and well and i hope you are too <3
Sindi Sep 6
"In self care there is no selfishness."
- Sindi Kalumba, 2021
I was onced asked what is the difference between self care and selfishness. The quote above was my answer.
GQ James Sep 5
Im tryna survive in these streets,
It's funny when you look around,
And realize all you got is yourself,
Nobody around to help,
Makes you think about your life,
My life doesn't feel worth living anymore,
It keeps getting worse not better.

I feel like leaving and not returning,
There's nothing anyone can say or do,
I can't deal wit all this,
Too much coming at me at once,
It's not slowing down,
It keeps coming that sh*t speeding up.

Y'all keep trying to have faith,
But how can you have faith at this point?
I have nothing to have faith in,
Can't tell someone something,
If you're not in their shoes,
Everyone's struggle isn't the same,
Y'all don't know what i go through,
Don't even what i suffer with mentally.

My life ain't your life,
Your pain isn't my pain,
What you go through and what i go through,
Ain't the same thing,
Something has to change,
If not i don't know what I'm going to do,
I'm at my breaking point.
A strong accusation from the
Lips of Johnson; a broken saint,
Finally landed within the judge's ears
Upon the great white throne, concerning
His contention with The Highest's
Bizarre affairs in and out our dualistic

Eternal wisdom is thy possesion,
But you formed our planet to house
Heavy handed suffering, haunting
Our finite lives in all that we do,
Until our time, is seized by you.

Let not silence be thy answer
To this dire matter.
Leah Carr Sep 2
The pain beats me down
And ties me up
Make me feel
That I'm not enough

It hurts so much
Nobody will never find
In a life of searching
Such a tortured mind

But you come in
Swoop through me whole
You take that broken
Piece of soul

That's never
going to make the fight
But you show it
Where to find the light

Lord Jesus,
I dont know where you've been
As I've struggled through this
Sea of sin

But one thing's certain
You're here with me now
And God
I'm ready for revival

Lord Jesus,
I'll never know why you left
Left me broken,
Lost, and bereft

But one thing is clear
Now that you're here
And it's this, God
I'm ready for revival
SiouxF Aug 31
We the sleepy are waking up,
Noticing what’s behind the veil
That’s kept us from our one true being,
Prepare yourself for change afoot,
Seek redemption in our Lord Almighty,
Pray with all your might,
And light the way for those who are willing and ready.
Robert Ippaso Aug 30
A colleague asked “Are you a Christian”?
Implying if I practice my religion every day?
What a topic, subtly graphic,
How to answer, what to say?

A moral trap to utter “Yes”,
‘Thou shalt not lie’ jumping instantly to mind,
Should I now smile, force him to guess
Not showing I’m so clearly in a bind?

If I say “No”, what will he think,
I'm not the man he'd hoped I'd be?
My brain a jumble, options sink,
My instinct quickly turn and flee.

At this point you may well ask
Whatever did you choose to do?
I swallowed hard, reviewed the task
Began to think the problem through.

Do I believe, yes in my way,
But maybe not according to ‘The Book’,
Other's held views never did sway,
Most caring little how they feel, just how they look.

With that all said I held his stare,
And uttered this one simple phrase:
There's but one God which we all share
With Him I’ll travel life’s strange maze.
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