linhp 1h

what if you meet the right person at the wrong time,
will you take a leap of faith to taste the love that won't last
or will you walk away to protect your heart?

Ordeezy 1d

Through the darkness
Through the dancing flame
When faith was madness
In this drenching rain
When failure seemed supreme
And mocking faces orbit
When hope seemed unreal
With things hardwork vomit.
This is where great men walked.

Through trials and many attempts
Through hardwork that never relent
Through sleepless nights and frustration
Their vision led by determination
When faith begins to wobble
Seek hope from the Almighty
Great hope they all gobble,
Strength to keep fighting
This is where great men walked.

Behold! A child is born
The reward of such great labour
Greatness with it core
The world bows with its favour
Then history is written
His greatness; this is the beginning.
This is where great men walked.

It's not a smooth path to greatness. Determination, hard work and endurance conquer.

What is this Love,
Where I can break her heart,
Break her faith
Deliver her wraith
Show no demand
Give no grand
Fulfill no hand
And still you stand.

You reach out for me
My everything

on days like this
I bypass prayer
and Your Words
find themselves neglected
for want of other things
besides Thee
I search and long
I linger too long
in an endless river of busyness
and entertainment
and such things
which only diminish my well-being
when seemingly out of nowhere,
from amid the bundle of hurry,
I recognize a voice so familiar
which has often located me
in places I didn't belong
but being unsure of the way home
I squander time and resources, like the Prodigal
yet Your Voice
never fails to pinpoint where I am
and calls me back to You
to relinquish these lifeless things, and be with You
then this heart that has chosen much in place of You
runs to discover You afresh
and wonders why I even wandered
in the first place

In the Midnight Hour
We usually sink deeper
Into unchallenged thoughts of despair

Our soul tends to mirror the night sky
We cannot find refuge from what ails us
Though we try
But those shackles bind us relentlessly
In the Midnight Hour

While others sleep
We lay awake, to fret and wallow in torment
We grab no hope
Of a brighter day
Have no prayer that He'll make a way
Through this Midnight Hour

During the daylight,
In the presence of others,
We can display a light-heartedness
Dreading that Hour sure to come
When we're all alone with our thoughts
And where all sense of security escapes us

Two there were, the Bible speaks of,
Who opened their mouths
In supplication and great praise to God
In their Midnight Hour

Whose sentences were immediately
Cut short
As the Ancient of Days
Shook the prison's foundations
Freeing His servants from captivity

I even know a Man
Who is most familiar with the Midnight Hour
So fierce was His struggle
That His sweat fell like blood droplets
As He agonized over the mission ahead

The Midnight Hour visits each and every one,
Shows no favoritism, never makes apology,
Often shows up unexpected,
And is known to wear out its welcome

Some have forsaken their faith,
Some lost all capacity for mental health,
Some have even taken their own lives
Because of the pressures in the Midnight Hour
Where the emotional battle rages
Without sympathy

We may never meet face-to-face
You may never hear from me again
So I must share this one thing I've learned
About the Midnight Hour

No one ever need to walk it alone
No matter how they arrived at that dark Hour
No matter how long they have been there

Christ is always ready, and always willing
To carry any of us through it
As soon as
We invite Him to do so

I’m not usually overly emotional
over deaths of people I’ve never met
but upon hearing the news of Dolores
yesterday I wept

Her voice a soundtrack
to my life since 1992
always there when I need her
yesterday I cried

The Cranberries a cut above the fluff
hard hitting lyrics of emotion
devastated for her family and friends
yesterday I shed tears

I have no overt religious faith
but do believe in spirituality
for Dolores a kindred spirit
yesterday I prayed

The sudden death of Dolores O'Riordan has hit millions of fans hard. I surprised myself just how upset I've been.

If there's hell to pay,
Then surely heaven awaits,
But how do I get there,
who's gonna show me the way?
Am I on track or way off at this rate;

I'm hellbent on getting to heaven,
Hoping it'll be my final destination,
For I fear what's waiting in the fiery den,
Yet I'm still having trouble in terms of devotion,
But that's just me being human;

So what's the difference,
For each represents,
a person,
a feeling,
and destiny for those devoted in faithfulness,
As hell is the prize for my defiance.


Sometimes I need love,
I need faith.
But on some days
Just a smiling Hello makes my day!!..

Hello to all the beautiful people out there. I hope today is your day when when u can again trust yourself,love yourself and build a passionate life.

I’ve never met God but I want him to be kind
To be cradled in his warmth
To be the center of his adoration

I want a wave of reassurance
To collapse onto my sinking body
As I tell him of all the times
That I had forgotten how to swim

He will laugh and nod his head
Wipe my glossy eyes and remind me
That swimming isn’t always so easy

Especially when the tide picks up
And you are left gasping for air
Desperately clinging
Onto anything that will keep you anchored

Despite my doubts, his love for me is not lessened
His impression of me remains unchanged
And because of that I remain loyal

For there is nothing more appealing
Than an unadulterated love
By a creature of such divinity and grace

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