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Life is lik’n to lightning;
Like the mist it does pass;
Oh! What is life – this thing
That can ne’er for long last?

See the clouds near heaven;
See the dewdrops – like glass
Life is shattered, broken;
Oh! Life does go by fast!

Life, like the rose, a flower,
Quickly withers and fades;
Dries as passeth each hour;
The soul to heav’n or hades.

See the lighted candle,
And what when it goes off?
Life, o thou brief candle,
At old age do not scoff!

Yet, ere life dims away,
Ere our souls to God go,
Make the best of our day,
Make a friend of our foe.
Even when
Hope seems malignant

Still there is life
Keep breathing
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Applied Antidote
Lori Mack 14h

Battles on,
Come on bring it.
Fear I will not,
My God is undefeated.
Evil surrounds me,
When I am weakest.
Satan yells "You'll never make it!
Misfit you are mine!
No doubt about it!
Your gonna fail,
Why even try?"
I tune him out,
No I won't listen.
I hear a gentle whisper
"My dear child,
I am your Father,
Fear no evil,
For I am with you,
Every second,
every minute,
every day.
You are forgiven.
I gave you grace and My mercy.
I am the Light,
I conquer darkness.
Stay by My side.
Do not wonder.
Be not afraid,
Just follow Me."
So here we,
here we...
Go, go, go, go, go....
Battles on,
Come on bring it.
Fear I will not,
Evil surrounds me,
When I am weakest.
Fear I will not.
My Fathers with me.
So come on,
Bring it.

L. Mack
Lori Mack 14h

Believe in happy endings,
And exciteful new beginnings.                      
Trust in your fate,
And grasp your awaiting destiny.                    
Shred your tightly gripping vises,
And dwell in your childs excitement.              
Put faith in your dreams,
Wish again,
Pray again,
Allow hope.          
Create your own fantasys,
Live again.            
Become a believer.                  
Believe that this pain we are going through,
Is to push us towards a
Adventurous tomorrow.    
Become a believer.                                              

L. Mack                                        
We must believe again.
Seanathon 17h
In the stillness near
In the quiet hours of the meadowing deer

In the mourning pain
In the dead of night
In the dawns first crowning and tremulous sight

In the hopes you've handled
In the truth you can't hold
In the courage of every story untold

In these passing seconds
In every here and now
In all these questioning memories of why and how

In the eldest of them
In the youngest of you
In the heart of each moment spent silent and true

In the coffee to stir
In the brewing of cups
In the lofty ambitions spent star gazing up

In the light of the son
In the shade of the moon
In the inevitably of all things too soon

In the echoing mind
In the shell of the self
In the prominent values set high on the shelf

In the breath of your speech
In the fog drawing near
In the timeless long hours which encompass the years

In the youth of your springtime, with your fate every stay
In the Spirit I find you and from joy never stray
This took hours for me. But the gist of it means, regardless of what we humans can see. The spirit is present, if you want him to be.

Secondary quest, the summation of JOY > HAPPINESS. Something I believe in just as I believe the sun will rise tomorrow.

So if I keep asking for it, he will lead you to me. Or the other way around.

To noone in particular. 5+ drafts. Just messing around with syllable counts and line format. #selfimposedrules
Kay 17h
When it comes down to it
I didn't expect life to change

It was like it wasn't real;
Just a backdrop for what went on inside my head
Life is more real and complex than
Anything I could ever imagine
It's constantly changing and now
I remember why I fear the things I fear
Just like
I remember why I shouldn't

All the things I say I believe are
Clearly true and right on paper
So much harder to stick to in real life
When it comes to myself

I've discovered I like to deal in absolutes
With evidence
(Lots of it)
Maybe faith isn't my strong suit, after all

Honestly scares me
Life scares me
The fact that reality has no backspace or delete keys is
Absolutely terrifying
And it is so hard to forgive myself

Even harder to respect the decisions of others
If I don't agree with them
It's almost physically painful to
Let someone you love take a path you know is wrong
Because you respect them as an individual and
They won't listen
I don't know how God does it

There is one honest thing
I can tell you right now it's that
I am afraid
And I have no idea what I should do

Is ironic and hilarious
A lot of times I find myself
Writing with the belief that
I have some profound knowledge to share
I don't think it's egotism because
I'm so self-deprecating
Most of the time
But it is

I wish I
Could spend less time
Wishing I could go back
And live life over
And more time
Trying not to fall
Into a pit of self-pity
In the present
In the future

I get scared
My brain tells me to stop
But I'm not going to
I'm going to
Staple my fears and
Insecurities and
To these pages and

A car just started
I didn't jump out of my skin
This time
E li za Sep 2016
So young He engraved the Law in your fledgling heart
Covering your mind with the depth of His wisdom
Tell no language exist that could translate its art
Hopeless to assess its perfect scale and freedom

The Law is His breast milk you suck fervently
Howl in agony, your stomach digest it not
Fathom submission, son of debauchery
To merely suck is short; apply what has been taught

Sets of teeth sprouted in your gums like white pebbles
Overdose with confidence, sleep without a sword
Stars in woods they seem, Alas! Wild, wild eyes of wolves!
Fight the fine fight of the faith, shine light of the world

A state of armed conflict, His Law against your Flaw
Just streak of insanity in the family
Epitome of cross swords yet who will win in awe?
Glitch in your body, vow in its supremacy
Walking down the hall without that horrid IV
No words can do justice to how I feel so free
I one so small have conquered that roaring “C”
And showed you all I can, because I never gave up on me.

Not many believed, they lose faith fast
Not even I dreamt how long I’d last
They said it had ended when the stone was cast
But I showed you all I could, because I never gave up on me.

Oh how the pain burned
Slow like seasons turned
And to give up I yearned
But I showed you strength, because I never gave up on me.

With silent tears I struggled on
My only hope she now was gone
From above her light shone
I showed her I was grateful, because I never gave up on me.

Lying in bed
Listening to sounds I dread
Screams of a child and loved ones who cry
There are too many miles to go why can’t I just die.
My skin is sore
From the needles I bore
The drugs I take
They make me ache
I’m tired of fighting let’s end this bid,
oh why can’t I just be a normal kid?
I’d show myself and I’d show you all
That I made it through with my back against the wall
Because I never gave up on me.

In size and in strength may you never judge me
I won that battle because I had faith in me
There is so much more that you can’t see
And I showed you all, because I never gave up on me.

Walking down the hall without that horrid IV
No words can do justice to how I feel so free,
I one so small have conquered that roaring “C”
And showed you all I can, because I never gave up on me.
And even though she died along with other people I cared about like my friend Sister Jacklyn, death never crossed my mind. After her death I still never lost hope, and I promised never to give up. And even after I relapsed and had to start all over again, I promised myself to keep on fighting until I was just like everyone else again, until I could wake up in my own bed and run free without that stupid IV. No matter how painful a struggle no matter how long, I would have fought to eternity to be healthy again.
RBWhite 2d
Is a trigger pulled by faith,
And her chains are bound down to the ground,
In the closing dawn of years passing by,
Above people and believings she's reaching the Mount,
Magna the cross she bears in her back,
But she stands and walks,
Like Jesuschrist resigned,
As crucifixion has ways to heaven,
Death is a way to reach her demons,
A bounty lays in her head,after death takes her,
Same as her hands and eyes,
Lungs and liver,
And she'll give away everything,
For a long promise in time,
And maybe then she will find,
That her own lies laid down deep inside.
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