When all energy is drained from my body,
when my bones creak and crack
and my body has no strength;
I put my trust in You.
I trust that You will use me for Your glory.

Father, use me when I don't feel usable.

All you require is my faithfulness and trust,
then you restore me.

Lord, use me when I don't feel usable.

When I'm broken down and life isn't perfect,
use me even then.
When my flaws and scars are evident to all,
use me especially then.

King, use me when I don't feel usable.

When my heart is broken, and I reject you;
even then use me to bring glory to Your kingdom.

Savior, use me when I don't feel usable.
littleeeee tiny teensy bit
To believe or not to believe
They hide in, the shadowy corners
In the right-angled crevices, they wander
Lying patient and calm, seemingly deceiving
Your failed attempts they’re always seeing

In the flickering dimness of old candlelight
They slowly start growing into your sight
30% beautiful 70% terrifying
A dance with them, worth the risk of dying

They come when you least expect
Reaching out when your misery they detect
Not with the gift of peace your heart desires
Rather with the fire, your soul requires
Miss 3d
On the regular.
Daily gratitude,
affirmations too,
will see me through.
The difference between actions and habits, is often measured by the person you're asking.  
One bump, one line, one half ounce... All shared by people you don't even give a fuck about.

These chemicals make me sick --
Limitless...Why quit?
When it's only ten bucks for hit like this?
Even Jesus Christ would have gotten addicted, if drugs in his day were half this good.

"Yeah, I'm smashed -- but I promise I can drive fine."
Walk and push the limits of a real fine line...
If I don't kill myself, or someone else... I'm happy.
Stare death in his eyes, wink, and start laughing.

Gasping as I swerve lanes --
Stay safe, get paid. Mundane daily.
Living a-live.. Eat. Sleep. Dream. Get laid.  
Chase feelings.

           Please, just feel me now.
                                    You know me, right?

           Please, just feel me now.
                                    You love me, right?

I want to melt with you -- let our souls collide...
Dissolve the boundaries between students and teachers.
To bridge the gap in the great divide
No secrets between us -- bleed into the speakers.

Feel the air in your chest, and ask God for a reason...
To stay or leave him.
He makes excuses...

                                                     ­                        ... Believe Him.
silhouettes and shadows
were ever over me
until your voice spoke into
and through the dark.
now strength and courage
flow from your breath
and into my lungs
to help me walk
this walk of life
and into the arms
of my beloved.
though my body aches
my heart is free
from the sorrow and grief
i’ve carried
once before.
and now I rejoice
for the love you give
is given harmoniously
and the world has been
and forever will be
and when things look bleak, do not rely on your own understanding, but trust in the One who created.
in a vigil of longing and yearning,
we are left between time and destiny,
by what might may we subdue time,
for it is leaving, it is a traitor,
by what might may we quell destiny,
for it is wicked, it is deceiving,
in lieu of longing and yearning,
a blade is plunged into our backs,
by what might may we annihilate
the torment of bad faith?
Jabin 3d
The question is precious.
The answer, divine
for a youth
so full of fear.

Surrounded with knowing.
No room to discuss.
Take the path
of faithfulness.

Now I am a demon.
From heaven, they teach.
The question
is cancerous.  

Seven days, it was done,
but probably not.
Hear the word
in secrecy.

But this me that I am
will not allow it.
I’m sorry
for wrong I’ve done.

The question is precious.
I asked it bravely.
But knowing
wrought confusion.
juttu 4d
Do you see it?
The days are melting
to form a soup
a soup of days
of distances
of possibilities
of memories
of the rays of light peeking under the dewy leaf
of the colours getting mixed

Do you experience the warmth
of the infinite possibilities
of a freedom that permits
You can quit
You can quit anything, anytime
does the freedom scare you?

Are you acting your part well?
or are you still confused about your role?
do you think your story adds?
do you really think there is anyone buying it?
Are you afraid
of having an overbearing identity
of not being consistent
of not being able to change because you worry too much about being consistent
of not seeing the end of the tunnel
or seeing it a little too soon

Are you haunted by a question?
Or did you lose the question?
Some of us lose faith
They find these enigmatic questions too romantic
they live on
without addressing anything
You’ve lost it too, haven’t you?
It is okay
The far side of the moon is just darker
Nobody takes on the big existential questions anymore. It doesn't even cross our minds these days and anyone who reminds us of these question is seen as a weirdo! Strange times
She said “but it can be acceptable

You can be responsible

For that station, you must be able

Stays at you are

Satisfy with the fate

Change to your look

Smile as you could

Look for love and take

The chance if you remark

The time is not bad

But we get it bad

If we thanks our God

, Remind his good

Changes will be by a hand

Of us not another hand

If you smile enough

If you get love

If you see kind

Be near it with happy

The life will be easy

And there will be funny”

He said “but it is not easy

How can I find love?

Every thing here is tough

The weather, the land

The people have enough

Hate for slaves like us’

She said “you don’t find love

Search and you will find

Surely near as wind”

She went at speed

Without saying a word

He was astonished

How did she go?

Without saying a word

Khalaf their master

He stayed with a manner

Of happy and said

To all masters of Mecca

Finally I solved

My stubborn now is kind

He stayed as any one

He obeyed my laws”

One said “how was that “

He said “by love

Love is that

I brought a girl

She was near

They talked there”

Other said “but they can do”

He interrupted as he might know

“they will be married”
that is for who search for faith
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