m 4h
i wanted to write a song
something that will tell you how i feel
for when i have trouble telling what's real.

you tried to force me to sing.
when you don't get your way
you get mad.
if you can't catch a break
you get sad.

what am i supposed to do with that.

i said stop the complements
you when right on ahead
did what you thought was best.

maybe that's not for me
you're not what i really need
but i can't say that.

i wanted to write a song
you were trapped in my mind
but i can't put word to a melody
and i'm not confident enough to sing

i don't want to give you this
don't want to give you hard thought of lyrics
you don't deserve the spotlight
if you cant even act right

this is about me
what i want and what i need
so ill hide meanings in the lyrics
to be deciphered not be conquered.

no one else will know whos in this
and that will be that. my song.
f you who made me write this. i hope one day ill get you out of my head
dina 5h
i'm a hard worker
i've been a hard worker
almost all my life

i get good grades
and i get rewarded

but i feel as i advance
my hard work
will not pay off
and my hard work
will not be enough
I may never knows what lies ahead of me,

but I had never giving in

even if my future holds it tight

not letting a sip to enter my mind,

I Stay ahead, Leave what past behind and kept look forward.

Someday maybe they will understand,

Someday maybe Some will remember,

Someday maybe Some will regret,

But its up to you,

Because its Your Life,

Because its Your Dream,

Because its Your Road,

Whether you wanna start the journey,

Whether you wanna take a break during the journey.

Or whether you just wanna end the journey,

Its Your Road,

Yours not anyone else

Not your lover,

Not your Love ones,

Nor Your Enemy,

Its Yours,

And Yours Alone
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liv 3d
stuck between i don’t need to write to prove myself to strangers and i want to be the damn best
Nic Mac 4d
love the person whom it isn't easy to,
where we find hearts hardest beat.
pasts pain that holds back from bloom
don’t hang this heart in defeat.
it’s petals will still spring buds anew,
love is closer than you think.

for ‘Love’ is,
to love the ‘you’ you’re offering.

grow from within first, to reach out,
roots spread, to hold longer branches,
and fall short when watered with doubt.
turning trust to lust and torn into ashes.
loves whisper can’t be heard if we shout,
its voice is yours my dear, not thiers.

time is worth it’s weight,
and finding yourself amoungst it.

if you love yourself little,
so will be your love and what you own.
so love yourself a great deal,
and grow colours you forgot you’d sewn
rosie 7d
he wants the respect
he wants the privileges
he wants the title
but has he earned it?
does he have the maturity, intelligence, and strength of character that comes with it? or is he exactly what i thought...not a man at all, only a little boy.
just a short little thought today...thanks to any readers xx
What’s hard is easy
What’s easy is hard
Just like slitting a finger
On a wayward shard

What hurts comes easy
What comes easy hurts
It comes clean to us all
Like a secret to blurt

What hurts can be hard
What can be hard hurts
It’s a long tug of war
And it’s never your turn

You have a choice
Make it
Either way it will sting
I just hope it’s the right one
So we can hear you sing
There's never such a thing as an easy choice. All choices have weight. Some just have less weight than others.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 5
It's so crippling to view your
own value that is echoed
by what one or ones perceive
of you, the same one or
ones who don't see any
value in those around them
It's hurtful to see yourself short with such a thought in mind.
I know because I mixed with these dreadful people and I thought they were my 'friends'.
Thankfully I cut them loose. The damage has been done in terms on spiralling down into depression, trust issues and loneliness... but now I can proudly say that I am indeed healing!
I do tend to think little of myself now and then, but I know my value as a person. As a human.
I won't settle for anything less than what and who I am,  and I hope the people who are feeling this way will realise this.
You are far more than what others say, far more than what what you appear.
Just arrived at the doctors so I'll be back later.
Thank you for all of the support!
Love you guys!
Lyn xxx
Zaft Jul 4
It's easy to say goodbye on people,
Say it and it's done.


It's hard to say
goodbye on feelings,
I don't know why?
Saying goodbye to people is easy, but the feelings you had with the person you love makes it hard for you to say it.
Ella Jul 2
I could feel it.
The pressure rising in the room
like I was back in the fire ;

heat rising above me as I lay on the ground
sucking in all the clean oxygen I could find

Like I was back on the fire;
crawling across my bedroom floor trying to find a way out amongst the clouds of smoke

Like I was back in the fire;
feeling my skin boil as I tumble down the stairs looking for the front door

Like I was back in the fire

The fire

All I can feel are the flames dancing on my skin

I felt like I’m back in the fire even though I knew we made it out alive but the fire

it’s all I can feel now

I sat in that room for 3 hours

wondering if the doctors could feel the pressure like I do
My house burned down
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