you messed up
you gave in
accept it
accept it
but stop it
please stop it
you wont ever forget this
itll be so clear to see forever on
the harder and father you go
Mike D 2d

What an amazing time we live in
Having the Internet
All the information of humanity
Ready at our fingertips

Have a question? Type it in
And your
omniscient server gets you  
Millions of responses filtered to your search
Keystrokes all needed to do

Info that's known but can't recall
Can bring about frustration
This feeling could last days or more
But will be foreign to this generation

From this point on, all questions answered
Nothing returned to sender
A cloud storage for humans is born

Remember when we needed to remember?
Written: April 19, 2018

All rights reserved.
jul 3d
it is hard to forget.
  hard to forget how to breathe.
  hard to forget how to feel.
  hard to forget how to touch.
  hard to forget how to see.
  hard to forget how to love.

and this is because we simply cannot stop.

yet we desperately try so hard to forget.
so that in the numbness of our pain,
we forget ourselves.
Xaha 4d
I thought I found comfort in the hollow of your chest
But baby these feelings
Are too hard a test.
I can’t forget your past -
Can’t separate it from mine.
We’re bound together
By fragments of time.
When your heart was at peace
And your mind was at rest
And I lay at your side
I felt truly blessed.
But it always interfered -
This uninvited guest.
I should’ve known Better.
I should’ve at least Guessed.
Amy 5d
Call my name
                        Whisper it
Or shout it
         To hear
Your voice

Chasing you
The flowers
           And mud
Wishing you’d chase after me
I reached for your hand but it was never there
Until now
Amanda 6d
Why do I have a hard time letting go?
Pain is steadily killing me,
I am holding onto memories of us,
When will I be ready to set them free?
I have moved on but the memories remain, unfortunately.
Julia Mar 9
You took away the glory I felt for myself
You claimed my insecurities and thought everyone they were yours
You don't need my significance, because you got your own now
You pretend that you're okay, and I should too
You are someone I can't life without, which seems to make me weak
You do show your support for the things and people that i loved
You gracefully understand that I'm to be hurt quite easy
But you don't make it easy
Aa Harvey Apr 14
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is frustrating.
Love is confusing.
Love is so hard to say,
When you are so used to losing.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Amanda Apr 14
Here lies the love we let pass away
I put forth my all, it was not enough for it to stay
My heart is mourning, oh how hard I tried!
Although I struggled to save it, our love still died.
It takes two to make a relationship work
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