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I won't call it a disease,
I'll call it this This instead.
Tired of sitting in meetings
about meetings.
Tired of swallowing pills
stacking up bills.
This is what I live with
and "it must be so hard"
but I'm strong.
A strong woman searching
to be weak.
Using various techniques
to douch a flaming hot tear.
Because I cannot bear
watching myself crumble
at the expensive of evil emotions.
So I unconsciously chose
This instead of emotion.
I don't want to read I don't want to write

I don't want to tell that old story

That had been mentioned every moment

The youth met that is smart

He loved her and she did

They had a deal to be married

All people had known that

But that man who is smart

He is not only smart but he had

A lot of money to get what he wants

He demanded her ,her parents agreed

Our hero had gone ,our hero had vanished

That old story had been finished

The papers must be torn ,the tongues must be silent

You must not read you must not write

The man who wants to convert the land

From yellow to black ,from poor to get plants

He began his job ,he faced the difficult

When he succeeded, when the corps were appeared

The minister took it and had him told

The president that he did his hard

To make that land ******, not to be old

The man hate all people he immigrate abroad

The papers must be torn ,the stories must be buried

There was a hero

Who converts the dream

To the light ,to be appeared

To transport his country to be advanced

He was accused, he was imprisoned

The accused was the topple of the govern

He could be escaped, he could run

The tongues must be silent, the papers must be torn
the difficult meets man , makes him  failing in bad sense
Someday i'm going to break, i'll lose it
and then the whole world will be sorry..
I'm ready to shoot, hand me the pistol.
I hid myself so much,
my sanity was the only thing the seeker couldn't find.
I have all these things going through my Mind.
My best friend forever just left me behind.
When I fall asleep is when I feel at peace the most
Not sure if what we had can be fixed but,
It would be unfair to allow you to move forward.
As I'm stuck here in our memories,
With a shattered heart.
I want you to know I won't let you forget me.
I'll place myself in every past memory of yours...
I'll interrupt every relationship you dare to hold...
it was your mistake to promise a forever
to a boy who would believe you
It's so hard this time,
the pain i feel in my heart
like it's gonna rip apart.
What i get when i suppress
the feelings and act all cool,
and then you care no more.

It's so hard this time,
the tears won't stop;
and it doesn't cleanse the pains.
How quickly time flies,
from friends to strangers
I miss you.
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And maybe eat ****
her breath caught,
her tongue tied.
why does she always feel
like she has to hide?
sometimes it's hard-
keeping it all inside.
Lily Oct 11
Why do I get so frustrated
Just by seeing others next to you
You laugh with them and smile at them
Yet I am frustrated
I know It’s not my right to be but
I just can’t help thinking why can’t that be me...
Daniel eason Oct 9
The discrimination amongst our nation is shamefully blatant
Why can't certain individuals have patience
We live world full of colour and sounds
Why do people walk around with frowns?
Maybe somthing happend to them when they were younger
Or sat on the streets dying of hunger
If there's one wish I could make
It would be to take
All the world's riches and share them freely
Can't we all just for one second
Think about the poor and needy
Why can't we live in a world where people arnt suffering? Why can't we all be one? Food and water is a basic human right I'm sure most of you agree. Do what you can ,
don't be ignorant to your surroundings.
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