Depression gets harder when there's no help.

It gets worse, when those depressing thoughts turn into suicidal ones.
Richard 1d

You told me to calm down.
All I'd done was just tried.
As you explained me the life,
I heard just the death.
Now you closed your doors,
as you saw me too much crying.
Until I calm down,
to find the kye.
Until I see the death,
then I understand the life.
Thats the time you open me,
but I will not be the same.
All what I will get through,
helps me to do the same for you.

That is simply the reason why I have not been sleeping for 42 hours from now. I'm getting through something. I hope my inspiration in my life helps you find the glory in my poetry.

Lonesome child all on her own
how sad to see she's all alone

Trapped inside a desolate home
too afraid to wander or roam

Lonesome child shadowed by gloom
locked inside her lonely tomb

As days that pass seem almost endless
the girl feels more isolated and friendless

Lonesome child who needs affection
why are you so afraid of rejection?

The love you seek is within your clasp
and yet you let it fall from your grasp

Lonesome child all on her own
how sad to see she's still alone

Sometimes I feel like that lonesome child

Well, I've been sitting here
with a dearth of mental motion
I've tried six shots and six more beers
no waves upon that ocean

Stringing up the syllables
aligning all the nouns and vowels
praying for a miracle
not throwing in the towel

I've got words, that never seem to end
no rhythm, or lines to call a rhyme
some things will break before they bend
and they'll do it, every goddamn time

Yup, these are the only words that fell outta my head right now :/
Rianna 4d

Sometimes it's heartbreaking
to look the woman
who gave me life
in the eye,
because I don't want this life

Getting personal
Richard 4d

There was a glorious deer,
the deer thought he was a beautiful lion.
Some rainy day he was hungry,
he thought he could hunt weaker predator.
So he was waiting in a bush,
thinking about his enormous teeth in a fresh meat.
And then he saw hyena.
It was easy to catch for a lion,
he jumped from the bush,
the hyena was surprised.
But the deer believed.
He did it.
But differently.
The hyena jumped at him in the fight,
he jerked his head, the antlers penetrated.
Intestines burst from the belly.
And the blood on the tongue of the deer,
it gave him the feeling, feeling that something,
something is wrong with him.
It was not him, not his terrifying teeth,
he realised he is not the one who he thought he was.
And the love he felt for yourself changed,
it was unquenchable hate.
He is not fearsome lion,
he is just a harmless deer.
He hated his new appearance he realised he had.
He had done something terrible, he killed the predator.
The predator could have the family, friends.
And the killing deer is not a secret.
They will be looking for him.
So he hated his new self even more.
He was not able to do nothing brave.
And all he wanted to have, was love.
The same love he felt when he "was" the lion.
But now without mistakes like this.
But it looks to be impossible to love yourself again,
again with the view.
Hopefully, the hind he loves will help him to find it,
to find his lost love. To believe in yourself again.

Metaphorically I'm the deer. And this is the story.

I mean, I have never killed anybody, it just represents the situation. The reverse.
Anne Webb Jul 13

One side, two sides
where should I go?
I ask my friends
but how can they know
where one side starts and the other ends

One side, two sides
where should I stand?
I ask my friends
but they fail to understand
the meaning that my message sends

One side, two sides
what should I do?
I ask my friends
but they have problems, too
so I'll pray until the problem mends

Recently I have found myself in the middle of a conflict between two people I deeply care for and I have no idea which side to join... Do I have to choose a side??
Ryan Holden Jul 13

Every whisper,
Is an explosion,
Every tear
Is a tsunami,
Every touch
Is a pin prick,
All because
You're the abrasive,
Yet benign woman
That I need,
to keep me
On the tips
Of my toes.

A H S Jul 9

Failure doesn't  define
Who you are

Failure defines how
Hard you will try

And how much you
Want to succeed

Nateive Son Jul 7

Waking up with a hard-on is great,
Because I can relish,
That I am really in the mustard of eternity,
Souring into a sweet existence that is,
La vita bella,
Over and over,
The same day repeats in a series of highs,
Blows and kicks the jaw,
Ok ok ok,
Here I go again walkin' my meatstick,
To the store and back again,
Nuttin's free except this poem,
So take it and put it with yer Roth IRA and jellybellies,
Melting thru the pocket of yer 12-year-old smile,
At the White House Correspondent's Dinner,
But I don't need the system as much as,
It needs me to box up all its pretty ornaments,
Shiny and new,
Just like my hard-on,
Under this sky a-blue.

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