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Joanna hurt me
She broke my heart torn apart
No I am less whole
Heart break hurts always
Reminders daily sometimes
This season is hard
Poetic T Oct 4
Luck has to be earnt,
    Never given.

So go out
and make
          yours happen.
xiǎo jūn Sep 29
It’s been a month now and my personality is busting at the seems
I’m falling apart and this is where I start to lose you I think
It’s so rob so very classic rob
Why can’t he stop
He can’t hold it together
I don’t think he’s getting better
She’s got super human eyes
She can see right through my guise
We have been hanging out having a fun time
But I don’t think she wants to be mine
And it happens every time
I’ll freak out and lose my mind
Have to say everything’s fine
Even though I’m dying on the inside
Hope my homies ain’t catch me crying
Cause I’d be lying if I told them everything was just alright
she gave
the very flesh off her back
and it was her demise
Esther L. Krenzin
Tasks seem impossible at times
Yet when I think of you
Those reassuring eyes
That confident smile
Makes me pull through
The thick or thin
With you by my side
True love will win.
Corey Sep 16
All of these dandelions
it’s hard to find a flower
deceptive, camouflaged,
simply not yet bloomed

In the emerging heat of Spring
I’m waiting for April showers
By the time they finally come
they pour into my wound

In the end
the love was doomed
AndSoOn Sep 12
I promised you I would stay
I promised you I would never leave you ...

And yet I did.

I said I would love you forever
I said I would accept you despite everything

And I do.

You showed me love like no one before
You showed me control like no one before

And so I left.

I was not enough, I would never be enough
But I love you enough ... And it was not enough.

And yet I don't love you any less ...
Forever yours
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