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Selflessness comes from sacrificing
Your time and your best effort
You don't think you just do
And you do because you care
For you care about their well being
So that they might live a little easier
Because life's really hard by ourselves
And It means so much when someone is selfless
Ashamed to see how much selfishness this world has
She keeps acting hard to get
I pretend to not care
We both know this love is rare
Yet we cant bring ourselves to admit it yet
his lines are hard edged, bolded in black
my pastels dance around his monochrome colored tracks
i feel at ease in this trance
and yet when our lines overlap
i feel the wall against my back, i feel my heart under attack
it feels too good to stop, and too bad to relax
Styles 2d
I want to feel you quiver
under my touch
let my feeling caressing  
your pain
wash them away
our flesh
*** together
as we mesh
I need you
more than
my breathe
Afreen 3d
The shards of fallacies
of the past souls
await, the robust

The shards impale them,
as their boiling
young blood,
stands witness,

To the reminiscence
of the fallacies.
I struggle when I have to write
rhyme you see naturally I'm slight
towards the free verse, trying to get
it perfect, just right I start to sweat.

My words syllables are just what ever
comes in to my mind, Im not words clever.
For some this comes naturally, I have to
use sites as my words need to be next in que.

But to some this is a natural progression,
is it for me  worth it which is the question?
We say to learn is to elevate ourselves higher.
Using this metaphor in hope I don't misfire.

I'm poetic blue, I write on cold white warming
it up with words, hopefully there correctly forming.
Me I **** at rhyme, I have to use a site, as for some this is natural as I`m free verse. So i get blue with how long i take to write ones that do but I`m learning and getting better the more i try
DC Hall 5d
It has been
a long time
  since I worked.
I don't miss
doing the work
  or waking up at 4 AM,
But I do
miss the taste
  of a well earned beer.
Hannah 6d
Time seems to slip away before my eyes,
witnessing the change of the open skies.
At night, I tend to not get much sleep.
My workload seems to pile into a heap.
The internal battles with my brain
are like the endless tracks to a train.
My struggle to focus lasts day and night,
it causes me, myself, and I to fight.
I don't need to be scolded by any other.
I am already doing that to myself undercover.
Sometimes I feel like no one knows,
how hard it is to keep my steady workflow.
Procrastinator is my middle name.
Rushing to turn things in on time isn't a fun game.
While doing work I stare off into space,
even if it's not the best time and place.
I'll ask for instructions but they make no sense.
It's like understanding is being blocked by a fence.
On test days I am just so slow,
that my friends can't wait for me so they all go.
My slow is other people's fast.
I wish this would just go away at last.
I have dealt with this all my life,
but I've learned to make living with it less strife.
This isn't how I would have liked to be,
but I can't help it because it's all from my ADHD.
Styles May 20
From the mind of a naughty girl;
                 in that sinful place
                 there is temptation
                 and by placing your finger there
                 you will bring out the devil in her.
Peter Tanner May 12
There is no prize for winning fights
There are no spectators nor screams
There are just long nights and troubled dreams
We play by worldly rules
We are punished by the same
By them we are fools and dubbed insane
Outcasts we are and outcasts we'll be
Until one day we can show them why and bid them see.
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