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I am a boulder.

I used to go to the beach to look for rocks
There was a million rocks along the seaside
Sometimes I’d pick a sea rock up from the sand

one in a million

the rock didn't care.
but I am different for I am a boulder.
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Andrew Apr 19
I thought it was supposed to get better
but instead

it just keeps getting worse
mmmm life kinda ***** right now
June Apr 6
loving words
filling up my body
with trust and warmth

waking up
guided by a hold heart
longing for distance
Not trying to impress you, I'm just trying to get by
I've been running out of breath and out of hope and out of time
And if I pass this finish line, I'll just keep moving on
Surprised that I still made it even though it took so long.

'Cause I have failed so many times that sometimes I don't try
I wrap up in my fears and thoughts and curl up tight to hide
But no matter what it is that gets me on my feet again
To go again is all that's left, so I count down from ten.

Ten more breaths until my heart can settle in my chest;
Nine more hours on the clock until I get to rest;
Eight times more that I can tell myself I'm not alone;
Seven more reminders of the way that I have grown;

Six more chances left to give myself the care I need;
Five more minutes off the clock that I can use to breathe;
Four good beats to count inside my steady beating heart;
Three attempts that might not fail that I just need to start;

Two things left to say before I rise up from the depths;
One more time I'll brush myself off and take one more step.
Michael Ryan Apr 3
I'm a brick layer
by incarnation
by aspiration
by luminosity.

I find unfinished buildings-
toppled skyscrapers-
imaging their foundations
their structural intelligence.

With a brick here
and some love there;
once demolished
can be reassembled.

I'll reconstruct
your finest details,
the youthful aspirations
of an idyllic generation.

Too naïve to
understand that unforgiving
weather can happen
to even the kindest of buildings.
It's a passion project
Moonwriter Apr 1
As I learn life's battles
I start to loose part of me
Sometimes I wish that I could turn in to
a fish how I wish
But at last I'm in human born to ruin
although I can ruin but I have been grown

As I meet new people I learn their battles
How they deal with it
So now I am 15 still learning to singing

But if I learned anything it is that life teaches you new ways
every single day
Lily Anne Mar 24
The cries, the screams
Ripping out the hearts
Of innocent souls
Tearing them to pieces
The chilling smile,
The evil laugh
The periodic lies  
Killing anything in his path
Making any joyful thing die
Painting roses with the blood of his victims
Drawing them in with a sinister act
Acting as if you care
But destroying them
No sense of feeling
No appeal for emotions
Throwing around the
"I love you"s
Eroding Trust
Creeping into minds
and Hurting Everyone
Of who they are
And if the victim escapes....
They'd wish they were dead.
The actions of
my serial killer .
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