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kier Jan 4
pressed against a gentle river of bedsheets
falling loose from the mattress with every wave
to finally intertwine in the rythym of our heartbeats
i cannot help being depraved, as each motion makes me crave

"adore me, adore me, all that much, and more"
i plead, i cry, and his hands overwhelm mine
"a pretty little thing, obedient and kind, perfect for a *****"
as long as he gives me attention, all will be fine

all he's ever shown is the blushing red of kisses and bites
and all he's ever known is a cruel kind of rational
but even with all the flowers he gives, he never seems to fight
and it all seems to decay into something entirely foul

im done with the suffocating scent of amaryllis that i let fill my arteries
the sweet sticky pollen that tightens my throat so i can no longer breathe
Zywa Dec 2022
You are beautiful,

taste it! It is on my tongue --

it's kissing your lips.
"om jou" ("about you", 2002, Rozalie Hirs)

Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s"
Kassan Jahmal Nov 2022
Open to a breath
The inhale, exhale composition
Tongues written of words only said:
By two intertwined

It chases, of eye’s rushing gaze
A praise to beautifying mirrors of time
Experiences only shared in story
Only by memory—what we do remember
A moment so precious

Ashes upon the smoke of burning passion
The eternal flame of love, internal
Yours exterior is the factor of my impression
Impressed by the taste of sweet desire
Oh so little

Litter my heart, of stained wickedness
It’s surely wrong to meet up like this
But like this, we seemed to be so free

Under the shade of the pink flower tree
Where our first kiss had been
A scene of film, pellicle thoughts
As you still play continuously in my head
How’d I forget our first kiss
Under the shade of our pink flower tree.
you hurted me
but then I lay in bed
thinking about your kiss
to help me fall asleep

it doesn’t feel fair
that the chaos of loving you
breaks my heart
but mends all the pieces right back
way too heartbroken to fall asleep
prince Nov 2022
I am in quite a predicament, you see
There are new textures I can feel
This corduroy feels soft to me
The moment is only now and only real.

I melt into warmth, and only warmth
Carpet is the only way I can describe this
Patterned and aligned but soft
My fingers weave a pattern with each kiss

The taste of a smoker
A familiar taste, knowing and real
It does not bother me
A strange sense of intimacy I can feel

Lingering touch, further reaches
A gentle holding of the fingers
I think about it for too long
A bit too long

This kiss is different, and that is new
Lips match, perfect in time
A warm tingle, a passionate pull
Something I have longed to feel

I suppose I’ve started to write poetry again
That’s how I know its ******
Because now I’m in my feelings
And hard decisions ****.
not planned just how i feel right now
Light melts across the gilded field
sunbeams through holes in a cloud
silently across your face, rays yield
shadows cast off their shroud

A dewy kiss warms morning thoughts
of a lover's raw embrace
desires twisted up in knots
yearnings will unlace

Lay me down on a clover sea
and a honeysuckle bed
gentle breezes wash over me
flowing like water instead

Wet lips entwined with hunger
gives way to beating hearts
our fingertips do linger
panting breaths depart

So lay with me on this bed of gold
blowing kisses in my ear
a golden field for my love to hold
darling, let's stay right here
when we sleep
you wake me gently
to kiss me
tell me I'm beautiful
moon as our witness

that itself is a dream
I never want
to wake from

For my love 🤍
Laia Blackthorn Oct 2022
I need you to let me let you go
To keep the I'm sorry's deep in your soul
Get a heart of stone and slam every door
Don't regret or hope

Hold back your tears
and look away when I cry,
Set free all the memories
Don't cage them inside

Forget all my laughs
And the heartwarming smiles
Let me be another
You leave behind

Kiss someone's lips
And hold their hand
Every promise you give
Don't you dare break

I need this to be a farewell
Please, end this tragic tale
Let this be a poem for the brokenhearted
And never whisper my name again
Kassan Jahmal Oct 2022
A taste of a kiss:
oh is a memory you'd vault
your lips, onto the key of your heart
A rose—petals open under the
dew of mouth rain
As would I kiss you, I'd long to kiss
again, again, and again
A sound of grips; passionate whispers
it grips me to know I haven't kissed since long
You mist my eyes, and it's a foggy vision
to remember such a good kiss—I had my tongue
write lyrics of song

So long, so long, too long
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