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Luiz 2d
I want to share the moonlight
with you
under the covers of the sandy beach
at Corner’s Bay

I need to feel your smile
when I’m not looking
because you are
the last woman on earth

for you are the only woman
my eyes see
I wish for the anticipation
of our first kiss

as we come face to face
with our breath of whiskey
and the encapsulating scent
of burning mesquite

I will die if I don’t caress
your sweet face
trace every wrinkle
and line with my index

until I know every contour
by memory
I want to talk to you
feel your warm voice in my ear

then, look at the reflection
of a new day in your blues
I fantasize about growing weary
and tired

listening to every one of your stories
as the sun rises in your diamonds
and there in your look, is where I see
a love I thought I'd never have again
As the bow
On violin
Invite my lips
Upon your skin
And our music play

Kisses sprinkled
Over her
Hourglass form
Would be
An hour
Well spent

Her teeth naively bite my ear
And I tingle as I hear
‘You belong to me, my dear’

She strips me bare
With but a glance
Her tongue on her lips
Begins to dance
She pins me down
And takes her chance
More of this...
If I showed you my teardrops
Would you collect them like rain
Store them in jars
That are labelled with "Pain"
Would you follow their tracks
From my eyes down my cheeks
As they write all the stories
I'm too scared to speak
Would you stop them with kisses
Bring their flow to a halt
As you teach me that pain
Isn't always my fault
Would you hold my face gently
As you dry both my eyes
And whisper the words
"You're too precious to cry"
If I showed you my teardrops
Would you show me your own
And learn though we're lonely
We're never alone
your kiss is like
Easter Sunday
dressed in white eyelet
wearing daisies
sneaking chocolate bunnies
secretly holding hands
during morning service

your kiss is like
fiery icicles
melting my muscles
tingling my toes
flaming my fingertips
leaves my lips burning
aching for more

your kiss is quietude

your kiss is quivering

your kiss is quintessential
agatha Sep 8
and what of the moles
littered on your neck?

they are tiny stars;

fear not—
i am a cartographer
utilizing kisses.
Esther Sep 7
rainy day
messy white sheets
naked bodies
soft music
smell of smoke
your lips crashed against mine
like an apocalypse...
Take her to LA
Take her to our favorite places
Tell me do the city lights look different
Now that they’re up against her silhouette

Stopping under red lights
Tell me do you still take the time
To lean over and kiss her like you used to
Or does it just remind you of me and you
phlwest Sep 3
we kiss
like tides unsure of the shore
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