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Nothing 34m
Today you kissed me.
Yes you have done that before, but today you Kissed Me.
Arms touching my neck.
Quick but somehow it made me feel loved.
Your laughter when we finished.
I’m going to keeps this day in my head, it will be their for the bad days, good day, and everywhere else.
Today something change I don’t know what it was but it was for the better.

I think I love you.
Love you
It was a color that I’ve never seen before
I knew that it existed, but not like this
It was an attraction that you couldn’t miss
Because our mouths met and we literally kissed
I’m glad that I felt it in my dreams, atleast
Because I can open my eyes and try to see it in real life
i'll never see her again
rebecca a. from brazil
met her in massachusetts
on a quaint college campus
in autumn's ******

we went out for pizza
and the few hours we had
felt like days
liquifying to years
spilling over the ****** leaves
of ancient oaks

and i fell in love,
with the beauty of her mind
and the intelligence of her face
and i loved her with the inevitability of
autumn to winter to spring forever

her eyes were pizza crust brown
but she didn't like that comparison
so we ate and laughed

she had basil in her parmigiano-reggiano teeth
and i'd give the world to kiss those
mozzarella lips

but the next day she flew to chicago
and i to dallas
but the time we spent in antonio's pizza by the slice
felt like forever
and forever ago
and now margherita will
never be the same,
rebecca a.
oh the things i'd do for just one more slice
jg 13h

Look at all we have,
Can't you see i'm your better half?

When the world is falling apart,
Who has been there to hold your heart?

When the light seems dim,
I've shown you the way by caressing your golden skin

& when the air gets cold,
I've given you my whole body for you to hold

Baby, please tell me you still feel love when i look into your eyes, because i can't take no more lies...
with my hand on your hip, and my other hand's
fingers entwined with each of the fingers on your hand
with your head on my shoulder, and mine on yours
and me almost standing on your toes
staring into your endless eyes
swimming deeper into your mind and soul
and falling deeper in love
with everything about you
with us both singing the slow song to each other
and that transforming into ethereal bliss
our kiss; exhilarating and tranquil
Megan B 2d
I got my first kiss over with.
It's done.
It felt weird, we were just smushing our faces together- I didn't get how people did it for fun.
I felt anxious for a good couple days after we kissed- I felt tainted and embarrassed, as if everyone knew how pitiful the situation was.
I barely ate.
I remember when I told them about it, my friends said they were proud of me, which I thought was a really weird reaction to it. Especially since I didn't feel proud, I felt ashamed.
A diary entry from my borderline-assault first kiss.
Kissing her magic soul
I couldn't help but notice
She smelled of marigold perfume
And the fresh blooms of revolution.
erin 2d
he was her fallen angel.
his raven black wings which fragmented the light while they flew
shined onto her pale shin and forced her to shield her eyes
but no matter how much she begged
he'd never take her for a ride.
but one day, he finally lifted her
higher and higher they went,
they grazed the clouds and kissed the sky
and then he dropped her.
and only then did she really fly.
for someone i thought i knew. but now i'm not sure.
I don't know where to start from up or down,
Because you know you are my crown;
When you came in my life,
I had a huge strife;
I was not aware of love,
But still I loved watching dove;
I had no experience in relationship,
But still i float on my broken ship;
It was you,
Whom I saw and flew;
I didn't wanted drugs to get high,
Because I thought I was the perfect guy;
I had you when nobody was there,
That's why i'll be always here;
I love when you get jealous,
Everyday I see you and get zealous;
I cried for you in my room alone,
Seeing you for the first time I was literally blown;
Not sure what i will be tomorrow,
But remember I was I am I will be here yesterday, today and tomorrow.
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