nang 32m
this morning,
I woke up wanting to kiss you.

I rolled over in bed,
hoping you would be there,
but knowing you wouldn't be.

I closed my eyes once more,
so, at the very least,
I could pretend.
nish 19h
hi, hello
so i realized
that there is the slightest possibility
you don't know just how much
i love you

sure, i say it all the time
hugs and kisses
pat your head and give you affection
but i'm worried
is it enough?
do you really understand
how much you mean to me
i'll never know
and the only precaution i can take
is to keep loving you
until you realize.

but that was always on the agenda.
dedicated to my bbg.
he'll be gone soon, and I won't be able to show as much love as before.
Hope this makes you think of someone special, be it child, pet or spouse.
Kat 1d
Half asleep
fundamentally tired
let me count these sheep
until my brain feels less wired

Hoping for dreams in silver and light blue
my lonesomeness keeps me company
I talk my love into being true
Pouring out words in motion, drunkenly

Open window, starry sky
the air is cool, my mouth tastes something sweet
Soft coldness makes my skin feel shy
Naked under the blanket of lights on dark blue we'll meet

Like the sun meets the moon
when no one's left awake
hidden and delicate, always making me swoon
a hand holding on to me, the face you make

I'll share the most tender kiss
no one's ever tasted before
one that you would painfully miss
So for tonight let's promise to dream forevermore
Goodnight good poets. Be kind and true.
I still feel you in my arms.
Still looking at the heavens together,
With the galaxies in our eyes.
Still breathing in unison,
Our living souls crash like roaring seas with every inhale,
And calming them with each exhale.
Still whispering destinies in your ear,
Feeling your hold around me tighten with hopefulness.
Still together in what felt like fate,
The moment that was forever.
Still, steady heartbeats,
Softly throbbing into each other.
Stillness that never ended,
And the anticipation for it to be broken,
By the sweetness of your soft, lively kiss.
Wishing for that night back.

~S.C. Kelley
For My Love
our lips kissed today
they felt so pure
reminding me of when i was a child
My eyes shut
feeling your hand drifted against my skin
i felt so alive
your eyes get lost in mine often
i lay my weight against your chest
feeling your heart beat
and i pray it beats only for me
I was not alive until my first breath,
Inhaling the spirit of the divine.
And yet I was alive without living
Till you kissed me and your breath became mine.

Each breath I took filled my lungs with stale air
But my heart remained dark as an eclipse.
Now the quickened breath that lights up my heart
Is the moment I seal my mouth to your lips.

My mouth only used for meaningless speech,
With a tongue that had no reason to be.
But you kissed me and its purpose was clear,
My tongue dances with yours delicately.

Breathing was just my excuse to survive
But I breathed in life that was less than whole.
Now I survive on the breath of your kiss
Kiss me again and breathe life to my soul!
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Manny 3d
And so If I
Hold you up against the wall
And press my lips against your neck
To try and feel your heartbeat resonating
Through your arteries
To see if your pulse is constant or a wreck
Would you move to push me off you
Or would you move closer towards my lips
Would it be wrong if we indulged in this
Even though for now you're his

And if I
Bit down on your lips
Pressed my tongue inside your cheek
Would it make you hate me
Would it make you weak
Could I take your breath away
Make it hard for you to speak
Give you all of my attention
Pretend that you're unique

If I
Slide my hand above your knee
And pull you closer by your thigh
Will you drop the innocent look
Stop acting like you're shy
Or will you continue to pretend
Say that I'm nothing but a friend
Act like this will be the last time
When you don't intend to let this end
I've had pieces of this poem written for years and never got around to finishing it until today.
I was the fire you lit at night when the cold reached your lips.

The crackle of a fire was the sound of my voice when I told you I loved you.

And the heat was the comfort you gave me, until you told me you liked water better.
love is not about holding on tight to the other;
it is about a loose embrace,
allowing them to float away when necessary,
knowing you are a kiss away and a hug awaiting.

a reality that kills me as i constantly squeeze too tight
from the corner of your walls...
Amanda 5d
You look lovely when you wear purple
Even prettier when you wear blue
But the most beautiful color I have seen you wear so far
Is the shade of red you turn when I'm kissing you
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