Eddyn 8h
Hearing his name destroys me
He doesn’t think about me
The sound of my voice
The kiss of my lips
He said my eyes were the most beautiful thing
He probably forgot the colour
Or the way they sparkle when I look at him
He use to send paragraphs about how much he loved me
Now the only thing he says is that he hates me and that I’ve changed
I’ve changed because I gave all of me to you, and now that you’re gone
I don’t know who I am.
Hearing his name destroys me
You possess full ownership
To the key to my heart's door
And it means an awful lot
To not only have a spot

High upon your shelf, but
To feel you open the padlock,
Tiptoe in, your smile against mine,
And tuck, and lock, yourself inside
Clearing out my drafts
~June 11th
Amanda 1d
Blue eyes haunt my nightmares
Invading with an icy ocean gleam
Shaking panic takes me
Til I wake from this forsaken dream

Your sly smile never leaves my mind
You are constantly in my head
There is always space inside my heart
For kind words you once said

I love when we stay up late and talk
Spill our thoughts deep into the night
I promise I will always be there
Make sure everything is alright

I can confide in you anytime I need
If I ever get scared, lonely, or lost
You will always be my friend, I swear
No matter how high the cost

If ever you are in trouble
And no one else will lend a helping hand
I will listen to your problems
Try to stop the war and understand

Just whisper when lonely
In sunshine and rain
I will bravely fight the darkness
And kiss away the pain
Another from high school.
"I hate you now as much as I will ever hate you."
Our fingers laced with strained prose and my blooming heart.
There's only so many ways to tell you this without us both realizing we might have not yet learned our lesson.

The truth is, there's no way for me to know how much this really hurts. I've cast myself numb to the touches of future lovers and to be honest I've said too many times that I would cast this out of my mind but, baby, if you loved me, would you leave me?
Could we bury this romance in a candlelight processional and a chorus of holy reverence, how long could we hold each other till our arms crumbled to dust under the six feet of people we once were?
Would our kisses turn to ash so close to new flames we might light?... could either of us stand the flames?
We'll be okay, I know in time this too shall fade but once, I had high hopes. Once I was left confused crying to a plane window and you couldn't tell me anything to ease the chaos in my mind. Why would you offer yourself to me like that if you didn't want me too?
I'm so stressed, pressing on for answers but, maybe there's nothing to find.
I'll move forward.
One day.
I couldn't 'hate' you more.
It was only a kiss.

This I must repeat,
As I feel my own selfishness,
But also my guilt.
Like a monster from a fairy tale,
It crawls from my stomach
And into my throat,
Clawing its way out.

You wanted this.
The truth.
Instead, another monster came to you.
One with green-eyes and
I should never have made you read that play.
They one I wrote
To push my fears of you away.
But alas…
The past and I aren’t friends.

And soon--
Neither will we.
Sam 4d
Catch me in the starlight
Whisked away by boundless night
Behold my dreamy eyes
Captive to the moon
Wind combing my hair
Kiss me if you dare
Freedom in this dreamscape
Under midnight blue
Catch me in the starlight
Forever loyal to the night

captive to urges
woodpecker drums summer stumps
boys kiss moist red lips


rob kistner © 2008
Haiku of Summer
The taste of your lips
Sweet, and intoxicating
Let me savor you

The way your tongue moves
brought me to another realm
of burning passion

Explosive pleasures,
Your body in sync with mine
Lost in satin sheets

The early sun dawns
a soft whisper in my ear
"Morning, beautiful."
A haiku I wrote for a Poetry contest hosted on Instagram by one of the poetry accounts I followed.
Hope y'all like it too.
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