Ray T 1d
I love you
Without words next time
I'm sorry
I don't know what to do
I forgive you
I am still sorry
Without words

Being with a man is about kissing him harder than he kisses you
Even when his teeth nip at your lips
Being with a man is about letting the man back into your bed
After you have forced him out of it
Being with a man is about forgiveness
Another poem from a conversation!!
Your hand.... runs pass mine
As we sit and sigh, enjoying the time,
You turn to me as I turn to you
we sense how each other feel
But act as so we don't have a clue

I slide my palm over the small of your back
I lean in catching your scent,
before you turn and give me a kiss
We stare into each other eyes
In a moment of bliss.

Just to be close right now
burns as hot as fire
By an unspoken desire,
But I don't know how.
It's a fragile feeling
codependent on the other
A soft intimate moment
Between us.
Ezis 2d
Here is my confession to you, J
A story:
The day you left me waiting at my own art show, you broke my heart. You knew that I liked you more than you liked me, and you took advantage of that. You said you'd come. You said it to me and you said it to Ben, so there I stood waiting. I was sweaty and nervous and I waited for your arrival but it didn't come. You asked me how it went and I left you on open.
But somehow I let it go because I was naive and I wanted you to like me. So when you said you owe me, I believed you. The next week we walked around the park in the hot sun. I remember you touched my back and I thought I lost all the air in my lungs. We drove, separately of course, to the library where the painting I did for you was hung. There was a party going on in the exhibit but you told me, "you were here first" and pointed to the piece. I was so nervous. I went home and it had only been an hour and I had sacrificed an afternoon with my family for you and all you gave me was half a smile.
I didn't talk to you for two years. That girl my best friend saw you with, you told me she was just a friend. But when I left for college she was just your girlfriend then. I looked at your pictures for weeks until I couldn't let myself cling to you any longer.
Yet two years went by and I've kissed more boys than I remember. Too drunk to remember their names, and looking for affection I kissed them. How easy it was to kiss them, yet I still can't seem to kiss you.
When that girl went from your girlfriend to actually just a friend, I hesitated. I waited. And when I decided I didn't care if you'd respond, I snapped you. And how pleased you were excited me.
You held the door for me, the first time I saw you in two years. You walked out the door first and you held it for me, on the tiny, icy step in the snow and somehow I knew in that moment.
I showed you my bowl and I had you lingering then. "you smoke!?" you asked me. I hadn't but I told you yes. So I said you'd have to teach me and when you said you were on your way to get me, I took a shot of vodka. Too nervous to go out to your car without some liquid courage. I remember the car was hot and so was I with anxiety. There were moments of quiet and awkwardness, maybe because I was high I didn't mind them. This car ride happened twice more.
Then I didn't see you for three months. Back to our lives in separate states at separate colleges. I thought you would drift away and not be interested any longer but that didn't happen.
I saw you then, three months later and you pushed back our plans. For your sisters, I was okay with it, I just am emotional, I don't like waiting for a man. It gave me flashbacks, of two years ago, waiting next to a painting just for you, and you don't come. This time you did come. "I'll get you. I just left" Bold actions that I appreciated. This was the best, we drove and talked and talked some more. And then the song came on, "talk too much" and the lyrics told me what I needed to do. I tingled and stared at you. I could feel the blood in my lips, the gravitational pull. But how could I reach you in the drivers seat? Do I reach across and grip your face? Is that what you want? I knew that you were listening to the song that told you my thoughts, "I want to come put your lips on mine, and shut you up". And yet I didn't. I wanted to so badly, and I didn't do it. I delayed when you drove me home, I thought you might reach across to me and grip my face, but you didn't. Here I wait, two weeks out from seeing you once again and I dream of kissing you each night. I can see your lips in my head. They taunt me.
A story not yet finished. To be continued...
riwa 2d
i love you.
i miss you.
i need you.
please come back.
talk to me.
kiss me again.
im so sorry.
not in any specific order
G 3d
green eyes and blue jeans,
lips like a mint dream.
crew necks and boxer briefs,
hands to touch me gently.
love me, love me,
hug me and hold me,
against your freckled cheeks;
don't ever set me free.

-a girl thats needy
Kiss me
Cradle my neck
Cradle my head
Let me fall back and see
See the stars at night
Sing me the safety
Sing the sorrow
Let me feel light on my feet
For a moment
Let me float to where
The distance to the strata disappears
For a moment
Let me feel like
I've finally been whispered permission to fall
For a moment
The barrier between our brains dissolves
Kiss me
Then, look to where the wind blows
Thinking up the way to say goodnight
1 AM, a windy darkness sweeps over an open field of grass the height of my knee. And below, just the freeway. Lights shine up. Lights shine down from above. I'm too realistic for love. I go to say it to her, but when I try, the words get stuck in my head, and with an open mouth, I roar from that deep pit of my chest. It's the deepest of the dark, where elation starts. I can hear it in the sound. I can feel it in the vibration. I know she knows, but she won't say it. I hope that she roars, too, but she won't roar now. She pops her kombucha and sips still talking, and her eyes dip fixed into mine. Whatever she knows she won't say.
i want to touch
your body
like a man in heat —

rub fingers up your legs .
kiss peach butter lips,
and make you

i wasn’t made to be in love ,
i think .
i was made to be
loved :

like a feather, or
a death.

i will run
my entire life.

we bloom in summer.
for Emily.
Your lips are so foreign,

I'd like to kiss them until they become home.
Nisa 4d
flower petals shower the streets
soft wind kisses our skin
spring whisper, “I’m here”.
my place doesnt have four seasons so idk if its spring yet but this is how i imagine it
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