Sun 5h

Coffees kiss me so passionately
You would be jealous of knowing amusingly
how I let them do so befittingly
Twisted in my hands tenderly
They touch my lips blandly

Oh, darling, coffee in my hands,
Sway with me slowly

Cold & warm both caress my tongue gently
Take away my sleep righteously
I hide myself nowhere curiously
in your thoughts
till you tolerate me intently__

The rivulet of Coffees in me
keep me awaken intensely  
I hide myself nowhere but
Where I found the love truly
where people greet at first sight so amazingly
Where you got me in between Sun and Darkness....eternally
With a song so lovely....
Forever gracefully

"Hello,  Poetry?" ;)

Sun belongs to the Earth :) :)
Coffee kisses wrongly ;) ;)
Dori 21h

I'd rather suck on a cigarette than kiss your lips ever again.
It'll take nicotine at least twenty years to kill me.
It took you two weeks.

A cigarette is dedication.
You were just a bad habit.

Dori 22h

You always got so annoyed when I didn’t let you run your fingers through my hair. It was very rare that I’d ever have my hair down in plain sight around you because I knew you’d tell me how beautiful my hair was naturally and then you’d want to kiss me and then I know I’d let you. That’s the problem. I let you. I let you touch my hair even though I know my hair is too close to my skull which is close to my brain, which is my mind and honestly I just didn’t want you running your fingers through the knots and tangles that grow so close to my brain because my mind is not a natural or beautiful place.

So why the fuck did I let you touch me?

ML 7d

Show me where the fireworks are
And I'll show you Aurora
Get closer to me
Make me feel lightning

When will we leap
into the vast sky night?
Greet me with your lips
And I'll cover you in warmth

Kiss me
Mims 1d

I grabbed your hand jokingly
And you brought mine to your lips
I pulled away suddenly

"What are you doing?"

"I thought that maybe-"

"No honey, not if you bruise easy."

It's actually probably best if you don't touch me,
I'm not trying to be flirty.

I'm fucking gay.

Arabian nights
live in her eyes,
her presence feels
like paradise.

Like paradise
smells her dark hair,
her skin is soft,
heaven she spares.

Heaven she spares
for thirsty me.
I kiss her hands
and then her lips.

And then her lips
turns into flame
in which I burn,
whispering her name.

feeling your lips against mine
so soft and angelic
moving in sync
with each other

you taste like fireworks
exploding in my mouth
each kiss feels different

rougher and rougher
our lips attacking
like they are at war

- kissing you

made out w a girl in Mexico over the summer this is ab her

today is just another day
i take a moment to adjust my eyes with the lights
six thirty am
still naked in bed
dry tears stained my face
hands gripped the sheets tight
last night was the end to our story
no more good morning text
or shoulder kisses that i love so much
voices telling me that i'm silly
or your scent that drives me crazy
baby, i'd kill for those hands to roam my body again.

TJA 3d

Somber subway ride home
Delays at each station
Waiting to switch
Sitting subdued
With a somber heart

Love abound
Around the strike of 12
In background
With my book projecting noise

A couple plops to the floor
Wishing I was the person
This lady adored
Envying each tender kiss
She blesses him with

Real life reminders
Signifies the loneliness ahead
Haunted by the reminders
Projecting in my head
Slit my throat
View the love bleed out


Her eyes dug deep within,
    buying me within a coffin heart..

All I could think about
                             was that kiss..

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