That night,
when we were together,

it would have been a sin
not to desire you.
It would have been a sin
not to please you.

It would have been a sin
not to kiss you

Ben Kaw 1d

the iceberg sperg
used to freeze up
when hands felt her up
and kissing her
was like
licking a metal pole
a white christmas

but when she met the one
burst into flames


it's a good half rhyme and i'm reclaiming it

“I want you to kiss me”
and to my surprise he did
one second I’m giggling
and the next I’m kissing him
“this doesn’t feel real”
I don’t know if that was
because of the tequila
or because I was  
kissing my best friend
either way, we were both breathless
I just wanted to get closer
I just wanted to kiss him more
experience him as he did the same
we were intwined for what felt like hours
I couldn’t believe myself when
I was cuddled in his arms
I kissed his jaw
I had been longing to do that
but it was actually happening
he gently played with my fingers
and lazily dragged his finger tips
up and down my side
“I knew you wanted to get cuddly tonight”
embarrassed that he could see right through me
I buried my face in his chest
“I wish you could’ve had the courage
to do this sober, Linsey”
staring into his deep brown eyes
I managed to say seriously
“I will kiss you when I’m sober. I promise.”
he nodded in agreement
beginning to kiss me again
his hand in my hair
the other trailing up my back
my hand on his jaw
feeling the stubble on his cheek
his tongue and mine
finding each other in the dark
in one fluid motion
he had squeezed me tighter
and laid me on my back
our bodies pressed against each other
he started on my neck
goosebumps lined every part of me
he chuckled, his warm breath hitting my skin
we pulled away and
just grinned at each other
knowing that we had done something
we couldn’t take back
but who would want to?

”Quit being so far away.”

i will never go away no matter how far you push me.
tabitha 2d

past praise:
he loved me
but he loved his pain more

i pulled him into the bathroom once, it was dark
his warm fingers had gently plucked at my heart
for some time
the way we kissed was art

his rhetoric far surpassed mine
every time
he'd ask me how my day was,
i proceed to word vomit
i'd talk about the most useless shit
when i ask him about his,
i get a shakespearean fucking sonnet

present pain:
i am not good at thinking things all the way through
and that is why i fell so deeply for you

Lizzie 2d

fifteen and stupid
tuesday afternoon
after school, after four
early decemeber
snowing softly

in your room
with the lights
turned off
only christmas lights
lit up our faces

i was timid
and scared
you were confident
and brave

you grabbed me
and kissed me

i hated it
the kiss
i hated you
the person

but i never
pushed you away
or told you no

but i wish i had
pushed you off me
and wiped my mouth
clean of your saliva
told you how
this isn't what i asked for

but i didn't

and i paid for that

by dating you for almost
a whole year before
i decided i didn't
want this
this kiss
this person

based on true events
Banan 4d

The moment my heart got a grip of you
Is like
The sweet soft kiss of the sun
In a very cold morning
It is like
The warming tranquility of being home
While there's a thunderstorm outside
How the full moon drives the tides crazy
It is something like.. witnessing the beauty of the whole universe all at once

I want so badly to be engulfed by the flame.
To be smothered by its heat.
By the burning desire that so passionately gazes into my eyes by you.

I wish to be your candle and melt by your golden ember.
For with every moment my wax trickles and shrinks I shall know true ecstasy.

I was made for your flame and you for my candle.
Together we have the power to light the darkness and to bring warmth to a million homes.

My heart, this bodily vessel, is only half alive until I have you my fire.
Burn me!
For I was made for it.

Torch my mortal confines with your electrifying fingers.
Melt me by whispering in my ear you love me.
Ignite my spirit with those lips and set me free!
Awaken my soul by the wick at my very center and set me ablaze.

You ignite every cell in my body by your touch and now I can never go back to enjoying common temperature.
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