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Punish me
Don't lash out
Take me
Don't drown me
With doubt

Have another taste
My loves like *******
Pure and innocent
The aftertaste will
Stay with you for days
And then you'll want another taste
Come back
I'll give you seconds
Thirds and fithes
Come and get me
Give me your kiss

I'll bite your lips off
Twist them into my wrath
Hold you down secretly
Until there's nothing left
Falling in love with him terrifies me
But not because I am scared of heartbreak
Her and I are quite intimate

I fear that this is the last first
last first date
last first kiss
last first I love you
mumbled from nervous lips

I worry that we will fall so deep into each other
that we won't be complete without the other

He might just be
the love of my life
and I don't know if I am ready for that
In 6 months when he moves away to his new job hundreds of miles away and we can't make it work, I will feel silly about this poem. But right now he makes me feel thing I have never felt before
It had been 103 years since he had been kissed
and I couldn't say what possessed me to do it.
I kissed the three fingers between my thumb and little finger
and pressed them against his forehead.
It felt warm from the April sun.
He thought it was a cricket.
This time, I kissed my fingers
and planted them firmly against his cheek.
He smiled and the wind tickled the grass around his feet.
The dust from an army of trees fell from gnarled branches,
danced across the top of his head
and slowly trickled into the grooves of his name.
I left him in his bed, above the river and below the sky,
whistling through the dust and waiting for another kiss.
youre my endgame too
forever isnt enough when im with you.
I love you peeth
the first night that you called me
i was starting to suspect
but when i felt my heart beat
i didn’t need to guess
in that hour i subscribed to a whole life
with you as my wife

i wonder if you feel the very
same way about me?
are you laying in bed right now
falling headfirst into a dream?
if the song isn’t for you, i’ll change the tune
love me soon

art is in the eye of the
beholder, so they say
so if i were a painter
i’d be painting you each day
with your blond hair and your oh-so-perfect eyes
i’ve got butterflies
admittedly, i barely know her. on the other hand, she’s already so precious to me
Last night, dreaming of you,
To me, my heart informed.
That your lips are so good,
For a french kiss to be performed.

In the very enigmatic dream,
You appeared as a doll of wax.
There was nothing but a scene,
We were clinging to the wall of ***.
Broken heart poem
I want to hold you
and lay in your bed
and pick eyelashes off your cheek
and kiss your forehead when you fall asleep
I want to talk until 2 am
about the universe
and movies that moved us to tears
I want to walk with you in the cold
and wrap my arms around you
and look at the christmas lights
I want to run inside
and jump under the covers
and fight over who has to make the tea
Elinor 2d
I tear the skin off my lip in layers.
Unpeel it far enough for sour berry juice
to seep from the cracks,
burst from the crevices and
taint the soft curve of my mouth in thick purple.
My teeth are stained from piercing the once
ripened fruits.
You hold my jaw in your hand.
Your palm is cool and your smallest finger twirls itself
in my hair.
It's a rope, and you knot it onto yourself.
The bones from my skull and your fingers clank together,
repelling, two sides of the same magnet.
A clockwork machine of your muscles,
tensing in your wrist,
pull me into your lips.
The sting of the berry is welcomed by your tongue.
You're now fluent in my sour slurs and the echo of cogs in your head harmonise to the clunk of mine.
i'm lost
this is an invitation for you to come find me
My eleventh toe is green.
    I take it out at Christmas,
Hold it above my head,
    And ask around for kisses.

His name was nothing more than a typical Hindu name but when,
I recalled his name again,
It felt like warm snow was kissing my face.
His name sounded like I was bathing in hot chocolate
like in the dark sky he was the only shining star,
His name was ' SANSKAR ' .
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