let's get out of here
run away
escape to the country
forget our worries for a while
put our problems on hold
and just let go
fall into freedom
and love
and stargaze at night
and explore old towns
you and me
For one last time, let me remember
the nights we spoke about life and the endless possibilities of it;
the way our eyes lit up when we saw each other; (those conversations, i will miss the most)
our first kiss, and the way it tasted;
that first time in your car;
that first time in your room;
all the songs i sent to you to listen;
that even for a second you got to see the real me;
our friendship;
our poetry...

For one last time, let me remember
that we knew we will break each other's hearts;
that in a perfect world we might have had a chance;
(but this is not a perfect world)
that we let life get in the way;
that we let our demons get in the way.

For one last time let me remember (then let me forget)
that when we needed to, we didn't fight for each other as we promised we will do
When I forget the meaning behind my own words who says there was any meaning at all.
And when the words are all you remember who says you ever knew there was meaning.
Diya 1d
I'm suffering from a hope that refuses to lead my road!!

Still I never lose my faith in it even if it gives me tears in great load!!

Wish I could wake up one morning and forget everything I need to forget!
And restart my life with a happy, chilling mindset!!

Yah!! I had almost succeeded
But I again fell hard,rather defeated!!

Sometimes , I am forced to wonder...
Why the reality I want just turns into a mere imagination?
It leads me to frustration!!!

I am happy today but sad!
Yah! Right!! That hope makes me mad!!!
Hope never dies is the problem for me when it is the solution for many!!!
Unnamed 2d
And here I stand,
In the midsts of dripping eyelashes,
Once again lost at sea—
Nowhere to look but his eyes.
I’ve found that,
for my lamentable misfortune,
I’m still in love.

You will always be there,
a perpetual phantom
in every dream and nightmare,
every corner and roundabout,
every tear and laughter.
I cannot forget,
Though I surely have tried.
My first life lasted long enough
A wife I loved and children real stuff
The war changed everything
Family dead except for my son
where was he when we won?
Forget it all

My second life a depressed teen
Counselors fail to make me clean
Phonographs and tapes
The start of my new life
Why do I keep thinking of my wife?
Forget it all

Third life wasn't strong
Discrimination with my hair long
Women disguises aren't the best in 1900's
This goes with my fourth and fifth
I really wish this was a myth
Forget it all

Sixth was really fun
Did some drugs and went to clubs
Became a show host
They all found out
They started to shout
Forget it all

Aute Lun didn't go to heaven
Nothing phased number seven
His life did not last

Number eight was burned to the steak
That hurt I needed a break

Poor sweet number nine
His bills made him commit

Ten and Eleven
Nearly became convicted felons
But they got too sick to even try
Forget it all
All these lives
Do they matter?
Just forget...

Number 12 was one of the longest
A guy by the name of Alex Coneales
I was finally myself again
I made a friend or two
They help me through
They never know

Wilson Maxwell a friend with laughs
He found my tapes, my phonographs
We exchange our secrets
He says he'll help me no matter what
He knows too much so I keep shut
This is actually a poem about one of my characters I made for stories I've been trying to make. The thirteenth life I want people to find out. Let me know if this would be a good idea for a comic!
Sometimes he will be unkind to you;
Say painful words
Make a fool out of you
Promise you heaven on earth

And when you think you have just had enough

He will come with pretty flowers
And kiss your beautiful lips
The moment will taste of
All the sweet things you have
Been longing for.
Sometimes he will put his hands on you
Say painful words
Make a fool out of you

And when you think you just had enough

He will buy you a pretty dress
And take you out on dinner.
The moment will be so bliss that
You will not want it to end

But he will treat you like a pretty flower today
And tomorrow; he will forget to water you.
Soft, calm, its the wind
Rushing, howling, its my mind

Thoughts flurry in my head.
Speaking. Screaming.
Don't let them out.

Take a pill. Forget.
They come back. Louder

Im scared. Im frightened.
I focus. Its clear.
My sanity. Its near.

My heart pounds.
It goes faster.
I stop. Think. Ease.

Everything is silent.
I go numb.
My mind is quiet.
The pills finally worked.

Im finally asleep.
a daily struggle.
one day
not tomorrow
not today
but someday

i'll forget about you
about us
about what we had
and how it all started

{ l.m.l.b }
You occupied a big part of my life. Knowing "when" and "how" will I be able to put you out of my mind is something that I am unsure of. However, one thing is certain—-  I know I'll be able to forget you.., but not just yet. // 12.03.14
Deemz 5d
Forgiveness should be given,
but when a liar asks for one,
forgiveness becomes forgetting that
"once a liar, always a liar"
and then in order for me to forgive,
I now need to forget how your lies once taught my heart
how to be suspicious, even of its own beat.
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