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A bed we knew very little of, the history was the mystery.
My skin smiled when it met yours,
Radiating peace and security.
My bud blossomed into small roses that were pressed close to your heart.
Between us, a dance
Unlike any other I had ever known. A twist and pull, a push and shout,
Breath intertwined like branches in a cold winter forest.
Your hands fell down my hips, slithering to the beat we had made.
A grin, I felt, behind your curled lips, and a kiss they delivered into me.
The deep pulse of love entered my stomach and my heart.
It filled my soul with the feeling of you.
And we
We are a drug so powerful that you can never forget the taste we left upon your thoughts.
If things would get bad
“Push it to the pack of your head”
But I will never forget
Bad memories, Bad karma, Bad friends
But I will never regret
Bad things, bad dreams
It's bad in my head
Repeat something over and over
And we forget what it means
This time around
when they said you were bad for me
A bell did not ring
He hit me once
Ding ding ding
He is bad
But it means nothing to me
c 2d
I’ve begun thinking
In terms of music.
We are a decrescendo,
Falling from forte
To pianissimo
As the clock ticks
It’s rhythmic warning
Your voice is always
In crescendo,
A cello when you laugh,
Mournful viola for those moments
Your strings are wound
Too tightly.
The way your fingers
Glissando across my rib cage,
Playing con amore upon my skin.
You taste like a symphony,
Brass and woodwind,
An opus on my lips.
Some days
You make me forget
How playing someone
Can be bad.
She was mine,
A delight.
She, woken up to morning light.
Me, woken up to she.
We had loved the days,
My ray of sunshine,
She had loved me, stay.
Love cannot persevere
All the time.
She was there, time after time.

Not all good things can last,
Pain brewed from the past,
Mashed against the wall.
Us, hoping to forget it all.

Before a move was made,
Love was left behind.
She knew he had lied,
He knew she wouldn't, stay.

Love, left there, untouched.
Him, a crutch.
Her, left there.

Right away, he "moved on"
But wished to forget

Impossible to forget,
She left.

Impossible to forget,
He was left.

All the time.
She was there, time after time.
Let's grow old, this time
This time.
A 3d
Take me off the wall
And scatter my memory on the floor
Shove every reminder of my existence between bed frames
And under piles of forgotten laundry
Demolish every notion that i was ever a good person
And bury it under the tree in your yard
Leave me to be the one to blame
Whisper about me in secret conversations
And insinuate that i was the one who didn’t deserve you
Tear apart the final pieces of me you still possess
Scream about every little thing i did wrong
But don’t you ever try to come back for me
forget me
A heart cold as ice,
Melts when treated nice.
A few drops of ******,
Put on your lip balm,
Risk and roll the dice!
Let’s not care about your vice!
A few **** of nicotine,
Needles filled with morphine,
Drink your codeine,
Destroy your veins with ******.
Maybe twice,
Maybe thrice.
Forget all your worries,
Burn your autum leaves,
Forget how to live,
Like breath’s stolen by thieves.
A poem about drugs. I’m just an 18 year old boy that hasn’t tasted drugs, or even alcohol and tobacco. It’s just a product of my endless self-control I guess. Except for caffeine, I’m addicted to that.
h 5d
you hold my hand and tell me later
I just need a friend right now
which is genuinely okay because realistically we both have issues
but darling i think that you need to understand,
going around holding people’s hands,
it’ll get you in trouble one day

stop being so stubborn and listen to your mother
for once, she just wants what’s best for you
by the way, tell her we aren’t a thing
because you know
I don’t think I want a relationship

but on the other hand
oh yeah, hands
Interlocked fingers are to be saved for
the girl that you’re waiting on
she’s out there somewhere
i don't think i love you anymore, but i still miss the feeling
Xallan 4d
Sometimes I forget-

Knowledge is slippery like a wet frog
Near impossible to pin down,
Look it in the eye, and demand answers,
Kissing it with unfulfilled wishes.

Memory too, what's loved is past,
Fallen into gaping black holes of time
Where synapses have failed and died,
Neurons curl away like sensitive ferns.

Oh how pain is forgotten! And failure,
I as an individual cannot remember
My fallacies, nor will history recall-
So that no one will ever learn.
Astral 4d
He was kind,
He had done some things,
He'd messed up,
But nonetheless,
He was him.

She wasn't special
Or worth his time,
She'd messed up.

He said he loved her,
But it wasn't true.

And before they could even make a move,
She knew he lied.

So they left it there,

She remembered,
But she wished to forget.

He'd moved on,
After all, lies don't last.

One day maybe,
She'll forget.

One day maybe,
He'll remember.
its quite strange
being in this room
full of the living
and only being able
to focus on the emptiness
that surrounds the ghost of you

you've left your finger prints
all over this place
and your late night whispers
still linger in my mind
every time I close my eyes
your smile is there

so as much as others
might want to forget you
spread rumors about you
close the gap around your existence
or pretend they never once knew your name
I will not forget.
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