Kee 18h

You love a person so much
Their pain becomes yours.
You are them.
They are you.
But sometimes that's not enough.
Not enough for them.
But you tried.
For him.
For you.
That wasn't enough.
You loved hard.
Too hard.
And now you can't undo this love.
You can't forget.
You can't figure out if it's you or them anymore because you two were so alike.
So in tune.
And now you're over.
You're trapped with lingering memories of what used to be, and you can't escape.
You can't run from yourself, or from him.
Not anymore.

Birdy 3d

Don’t be scared
I’ll ever forget you
Believe me:

I remember every


and every


as if it happened


Believe me, I wouldn't forget you if I wanted to.
valerie 4d

am i trying

to make you

the person  i

try to forget?

Jaimi M 5d

Eyes that
convince a
girl to forget;
forget the world
forget her name
forget to breathe.
Such a convincing
smile and hands
that tease
and please.
A man made
for destruction;
destruction of a
girl with
no world
no name
no idea
how to breathe.

Sabina Sysantos Apr 21

I don't even know why I still write about you

Anonymous Apr 19

Why am I still holding on to something that is no longer there?
A blurry photo, a broken ring

So what if the damn phone doesn’t light up with your name
I know you’re there somewhere with a lousy look on your face trying to fit in with the crowd

You always said you’d never let them get inside your head
Yet here I’ll sit and wait and slam the bottle across my damned knees cause hell it’d hurt a lot less than this void you left in me

I’ll fill it with poison and empty hearts til I’ve had enough and come crawling to your doorstep with my hands around my own neck because I really did it this time

Anonymous Apr 19

I know she’s there
she’s tucked away in the most hidden parts of your mind
I know you try to forget
but she’ll always linger in your head
Just look at me
& you can put her to rest.
take me to bed
get her out of your head.

TanyaAhmed Apr 16

Feels Like your heart once whispered to my heart "forget-me-not".

I cant take you off my mind even for a split second.

Hold your grudges while the ball's rolling...
Keep your toe steady on the gas pedal
Not your fault if it slips, old habits they die hard
And you're dying fast...

So with this drink, we'll last
We'll talk and we will laugh
Time to ruin it with the past
Pinching on to what was bad

Forgetting fistfuls of happiness
I understand

But be warned again
You can hold your grudges while the balls rolling...
But I'm at most in the moment with the past always falling.

Memory issues
Dark Delusion Apr 12

You woke up, showered and thinking about what else you should do.

Until you met her.

Standing in the empty street.

The street light lit up as so did your eyes.

your eyes was on fire, because she was burning you up.

She haven’t noticed you looking at her.

She never left your gaze.

Her red dress hugging all her figures.

She stared forward, never tearing her eyes away.

You blinked and she had disappeared.

You felt numb as you looked across the street to find her.

Kissing someone that wasn’t you.

You backed away, waking up and showered.

Continued on your daily routine of never have seen her.

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