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pluto 4h
one day i'll forget the abc's
just as i have forgotten my own name,

& i'll ask my cup of water,
but it won't respond.
i'll curse it.
how rude can one get?
not to answer to their elder?

& it'll fall on the floor,
the plastic making a soft boing as
it bounces onto the tiles.
that's a funny sound.
i giggle.

i'll turn back to the abc's.
a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h , i , j, k , l,
i stop. what comes next?
it was the first letter of my name, wasn't it?
round and long, like n, but not...

& i'll look to the left.
there'll be an old lady there,
and i smile when i notice her numerous wrinkles.
thank god i'm not like that.
i wonder what i'm like.
i can't remember my own face anymore.

& my back hurts. & my vision's blurry.
and i still- i can't seem to remember
what comes after L.

& i'll wonder, but i'll get distracted.
i get distracted easily, i find.
i don't know why it's so hard to focus anymore.
it seems that everything's moving too fast.

i watch as a spider crawls across the ceiling.
i think i used to be scared of those.
what's it called? the fear of spiders?
i'm pretty sure i had it.

i reach for my glass of water, but it's gone.
where did it go?
i could have sworn it was right next to me.
i'm thirsty.

and i still can't remember...

what had i forgotten?
i have 6 tests/quizzes in different classes tomorrow...
i've already forgotten everything i needed to know.
In saying goodbye, nothing dies.
Memories still fly, a swarm of warm butterflies.
Skin and bones decay, but memories remain.
I'd trade an open casket for an open mind.

We must move on, but in moving on, we must never be tempted to forget.
Our memories, actions, words have made us who we are today.
I beseeched and reached out to my crush
She looked away and wondered with a blush
Every time I looked at her in the eyes
With anticipation our heart sighs
She flashed her eyebrows with a smile
As my hands and feet are free to flail
It happened every time for a while
I did the same after a while
To chime in with the beautiful woman of my dream.
I perfected the time
To ask her out for a date,

I wrote:  I would like to get in touch with you
My Crush:  What is that you need to touch base about?

Where we lovers shall the world forget?
No where and in no place where men cannot pursue
Where we lovers tryst in no regret.
Side by side we walk as our feelings can subdue,
Set aside our differences with no further due,
Soon we realize as we embrace
Tense in silence
Falling in love with each other, with no trace
Of disappointments our heart can surrender.
Love sustains in secret endeavor
And unfolds itself like an opening flower.
Love abounds in mysterious ways
And speaks to one who loves truly as always
Where no one know us falling in love in the lovers tryst.

Where we lovers shall the world forget?
Truthful to the heart unto the grave
Where we lovers tryst so brave
Had we dwelt
Restraining times tiding flow
On the Glaciers far below,
Unto make it to the mist of mountains?
Hidden behind the curtains
Of avalanche and snow,
From the deep sea to the blue summit,
With deep feelings of love and joy consummate,
As love sparkles through each other’s eyes nice and bold
Make up our mind with one secret kiss soft and sweet.
We look forward to the entire new world to behold
Where no one know us in the lovers tryst.

Where we lovers shall the world forget?
As our love has come along
Where we love and stay in love together lifelong
To love all day long
To love all our fair youth together can belong.
Like fragrance to the flower
Mixed with breeze and prevails everywhere
Where we live to our dreams and desires
Where no one know us together in the lovers tryst.

Where we lovers shall the world forget?
Where no one know us where we see each other
Making diamond dew drops into a mirror
Where we mirror each other
Where our visages seen together
Where our images seen so closer
As one image with no dimensions
Other than our own true reflections
Of making out our true love and kisses,
Laughing out louder
In true sense of humor,
With a tell tale of true love blisses
On each one of our fulfilling wishes
Our luscious smile blushes
Where no one know us see each other in the lovers tryst.

Where we lovers shall the world forget?
Moaning in our craving torments
Making our days into nights
And nights into unforgettable moments
Love is in the air
Whispers into the ears
Shunning the noises of delights
Far from the crowd where can we run off of no fears?
Crossing the seven seas and the infinite ocean
Where rivers ran deep down
Into arms of bay into vast eternity of silence
Where love cannot dissipate into rest at a glance
Where no one hear us moaning in the lovers tryst.

Where we lovers shall the world forget?
With the memory of our silent moments
Like a sail boat about a quarter mile out
With such opulent power my thoughts in her dwelt,
In the transparent dream travelled,
Lived aloof and rounded the skied gleams
Watching the galaxy revolving round,
In time’s eternity where lover dreams
And manifests true love all around.
Like a crescent moon beams
All over with the endless ocean;
Slouched to my touch, she topples down
Into my arms
As breathless as in her dreams.
As motionless as we are
We stare each other
One over the other as the wave rolls,
Rolls in and rolls out to the shore
And moves through the swells
Where no one know us in the lovers tryst
Where we lovers shall the world forget.
he made the sun brighter and the grass greener and the flowers bloomed in his direction
forget me, forget everything I said to you. Imagine they where all truthful lies that I spoke from my heart. Turn your back on me. Pass by me like a complete stranger,  like I don't exists. I will smile when you do this because you have made it easier for me to forget about you and all the things that made you YOU.
Amanda Sep 12
I have been trying to forget the past
The moments that make up you and I
Do you realize how hard this has been for me?
It tears my heart to shreds to say goodbye.
I wish you coukr aee why I did whaf ai did and had to hurt you. What do I have to do to show you it hurts me too?
Amanda Sep 11
Will I ever be able to move forward?
Space grows more and more,
How can I accept that things
Cannot be as happy as before?

I adore the familiar memories
With greater depth than what's in front of me,
I cannot stop being in love with you
Though being around you stopped being easy.

When we are smiling life is simple,
We buzz with passion and energy,
When things become rough we start shedding blood
From wounds no other person can see.

We are in this hopeless place,
Light is fading with our contentment
We cannot conceal true feelings any longer,
Faces have betrayed inner resentment.

The battle has left our hearts scarred,
Constant war neither can win,
Always felt like I had no choice,
Our house a combat zone I'm fighting in.

Concrete beneath us cracking,
Inching us towards despair,
As words left unspoken crackle
Like fireworks in tense air.

Shield myself the best I can,
Buried under plans lost,
Thick oxygen too toxic to breathe,
My lungs seep red, I cough.

Forty ropes keeping me back,
I lack the tools to cut,
Blade of bravery long since broken,
That's the reason I stay in my rut.

I'm tired yet I incur no change,
I obey this overplayed routine,
Turn on the faucet, I cannot do it myself,
So I can wash my hands of you and be clean.

Hard to leave you behind completely,
You make it impossible to take the first step,
My veins flow with love only for you,
I will go far from here but never forget.
How do you say goodbye to the one thing you never thought you'd lose?
Jim Marchel Sep 11
We will never forget...

The last day dawns on my life
And I don't know it
As I wake up to golden rays
Of sun knocking on my eyelids.

I kissed my wife good morning,
Got up out of bed
And tucked her in again.
Naomi spent 10 hours last night
Delivering a new mother's firstborn.
I didn't tell her good morning
And I wish I told her I loved her
But I didn't want to wake her.

I sipped my coffee on the way to work
As if it were any other day,
My only worry was if I had spilled any
On the new pink and white
Polka-dot tie my daughter Elise
Had bought me for my birthday
Last weekend
Or the new Bostonian shoes
My wife gave me
With the card that read,
We love you from top to bottom!

I walked into the conference room
And checked my watch:
I was 9 minutes early
To the most exciting moment
Of my career:
My first pitch as project manager
For the new country club going up
East of the city in Glenwood Landing.

I was 10 minutes early
To the most helpless moment
Of my life.

At 8:45 I said good morning
To many fine ladies and gentlemen...
Bankers, lawyers, city representatives,
A union boss, some secretaries,
And a stenographer in the back.

The same words I would never again say to my wife and child...

And immediately I was thrown
Through the air
And knocked against the righthand wall
Of the room.
I was utterly confused
And my face burned
From the coffee I had been holding
That now stained
My beautiful polka-dot tie.

It would be nothing compared to the heat I would soon face.

Outside our 111th-story window
Rose an obsidian plume of smoke.
We all knew something terrible
Had happened just a few floors below.

The fine ladies and gentlemen
Of a moment ago
Quickly turned into uncivilized beasts
As the lights went out
And the piercing scream of the fire alarm
Shouted louder than the new mother
Experiencing the pain
Of her first childbirth.

Smoke very quickly came from below
And filled the floor with the foulest odor
I had ever smelled:
Burning rubber, sulfur,
And burnt hair.
Others in the room sealed the door shut
With expensive overcoats and undershirts
From Armani and Burberry.

They tried the phone countless times
But the line was dead.
I looked down at my watch
As a bead of sweat fell from my brow
And landed on my new tie:

Today's date.

The fire alarm got tired of yelling
And the room was filled with an
Uncomfortable rumbling sound...


...and the hysterical wails of the
Fine ladies and gentlemen in the room.
Some prayed, some wept together,
Others wept alone.
The one thing we all had in common
Was the persistent coughing
From the obsidian smoke
Slicing our lungs.

I looked down at my watch:
The heat was now almost unbearable.
We huddled around the window
Jack or John or Jim smashed
With the powerful throw
Of a mini-refigerator.

When I gazed out the window
At the same sun that kissed my eyelids
This morning,
I was calm.
I thought of Naomi, who was
Surely watching on television
As her family called her to make sure
Her and I and Elise were alright.

Daddy's alright, baby girl.

I'm alright, Naoms.

Gary or Greg was the first to jump.

I'll make it home to you, angels.

Sophia or Cynthia was next.

Please, God, get me out of here...

Jack or John or Jim
And Patty or Peggy
Were each other's last hug
As they fell
Like two stars from heaven.

I couldn't see
And I couldn't breathe.
The sunlight was the last thing to kiss me.

Before I jumped
I felt my girls.
I touched the tie on my neck
And the shoes on my feet.

I love you both

From top to bottom.
We will never forget...

Reposted from 2 years ago.
Mona Sep 11
I took a pill too many
Trying to forget you
I fell into a deep void
My heart stopped
I knew then your pain ended
Aaron Lee Sep 11

Waiting for your death.


Jumping as if you have wings.

Flying on the back of an angel.


As if you're merely swimming.


Through a shattered window of reality.

At Peace.

But why are you still unknown?
Yeah so I wrote this a few months ago, but there's a picture of a man who lept to his death from the tower to escape the flames. Look up the falling man. The picture is absolutely chilling. He is speculated to be Johnathan Briley, but his remains were never definitively found. They were buried in the wreckage, and burned.
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