Leila Shearer Feb 22

May I take sandpaper
And use the rough edges
To scrape away
Each memory and thought
Till only lessons remain
From time spent with you


sch 1d

how easy is it for me to simply
forgive the hurt
you caused my soul to endure;
is a whole different matter though.
You must have me under your spell,
for when you’re next to me
I forget every wrong doing you've done,
but as soon as you leave,




comes down upon me.
Like a wave crashing angrily upon the shore
when the sea is storming;
Like getting caught in a sudden downpour
that drenches and chills you to the bone.
These things I can’t forget
climb into my mouth
and slither down my throat;
keeping my lungs from filling with air
and keeping the heartbreaking sobs in.

Many times I've been alone just reminiscing
Of kisses and hugs and what could have been
Of looks and touches and many Ifs
Of strokes and curves and things we would miss.

Many times I've been caught off guard
When forgetting seems to be so hard
When someone mentions your name
When I'm doing things we've done the same.

Those were the times we had.
The times when we're still mad.
And that's how they will remain.
Our reminder to keep us sane.

Nylee 2d

I sometimes do forget
                           you all are humans too....
and I'm not the only one living here.

Ammar 3d

I forget
You used to say

You said you forget
you forget that
it wasn't the 9th of June
but the 9th of July

You forget about the way
you promised to never
lose me at any cost
but that too was a promise you forgot

You forget how I kept
every single promise
between me and you
safe, protected and fulfilled

You forget the songs
I sang to you
and how every beat
was my heart for you

You forget about the nights
when I fought your demons
for you so you could be
at peace

You forget about how
you forgot about
our anniversary twice and
I was still loving on those days too

You forget about the days
I made beautiful
with care because
I will always be your sunshine

Have you ever asked yourself
why did he never hurt me?
because I never did
not during
never after
it was always you hurting yourself

Have you ever thought
why did he make so much effort?
because the answer to all of it
is as simple
and as complicated
as yourself

You see it wasn't
as easy as love
a lot of it was me

but unfortunately
you forget

some shit I call poetry

The caged bird
you won't let sing,
croons the loudest
when it forgets how to.

A song that should've been haunting and beautiful
becomes only haunting.

One day
this is going to end
whatever that started
because time doesn't understand

the breeze comes
passing by decades
get everything replaced
this place will look no same

the fast we embrace
the memory escapes
and we forget it ever lived
that one day, we've been in.

Svode 7d

Is it normal to talk to yourself?
Am I going mad?
Is it wrong to do such a thing?
Can I be called bad?

Depression has become a trend,
having it is part of a fad.
I don't follow short-lived crazes,
but I do feel kind of sad.

I'm only kidding, you know
when I say my life is rad.
Problems are common in life
And I'll never forget what I had.

Sadness, anger, lack of trust.
Depression, suicide, insanity's thrusts.
Topics of the past written down,
topics of the future only to be found.

For the outlandish person, let it be
that hope envelops them back into society.
That they find joy once more;
and they can appreciate life to it's core.

I wish to recede into me
To cover every blemish and scar
Stifle every broken promise and empty sentence
Degrade into the nothing I have so tenderly housed in my presence
And when the final utterance of my name has passed the lips of the one speaking me into existence for the last time
I shall know peace
Forget me please

I hope they'll all forget me
Then I can lead my life happily

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