There was no before or after you
You didn't cut my life in half
You were just a blur
and a blur can't be loved or hated
blurs can barely be seen
blurs have no definitions
blurs are forgotten with ease
So don't worry stay calm
Don't pity me
Don't feel like you need to apologize
Because there is no need
I have already made peace with myself
And you are not in it
So, Blur away... Blur away

When life is sometimes hard... just blur away

Forget what they ALL say
Forget origin common sense and mood and fashion,
Forget the human in you and unleash your unique inner species,
Light your heart with electricity from the skies
                                       wetness from the rain
                                        rough grains from the land
                                        And BE!

Just be, become endless,
Enjoy the sunlight and forget the smoke
They got thrown in your eyes.

Not a day goes by
that I don't think your name,
that I don't see your face,
that I don't feel your kiss,
you're everything to me
and I wasn't good enough.

There are some things I can't erase
your memory is one of them
ans I wish you'd have stayed
but I was never quiet the best.

Now you run along
calling someone else perfection
while I sit around here
waiting for a way to obliterate your sensations.

About that dude that was my better and my worst.

By Arcassin Burnham

love then they forget..
And the rest is counterfeit..
You could be all you could be..
in the land of the valley..
Where the shadow lingers over..
don't have to hurt anymore..
a place where you're never getting older..
while looking out to the shores..

they would say,
stop the negative thoughts,
if that's the case, i'll follow you,
suit yourself,
i think they might be right,
and if they're not , i'll follow you..
they would say,
stop the negative thoughts,
if that's the case, i'll follow you,
suit yourself,
i think they might be right,
and if they're not , i'll follow you,

I would leave and come back and leave and come back and leave and come back
every time when it got hectic,
There are other explanations for what goes on in the world and theres a lot that you
have to know in the statistics,
There are others,
way beyond us,
pick a teacher,
can't trust the preacher,
very nice to meet ya,
but i don't trust ya,
redeem cellulars , it use to be beepers,
You're your brothers keeper,
From the evil and envious,
theres nothing your teaching us,
we should believe in him,
we shouldn't believe in us.


Today you forgot my name
I said it was ok
Deep inside I trembled at the thought
You forgetting thoughts
Cried when you went away
So you wouldn't know how it affected me
Some part of you is going
I know not how I can keep it from going
I love you
that will never change
I only ask that you give me one more day
Please, God, don't take her yet
Let her stay
I am not ready

Dementia and Alzheimer's are devastating and tragic. This is for the Alzheimers awareness month. Please, lets find a cure.
JAC 3d

I told you not to forget me
So you did
And I didn't want you to
But I guess I have to call it
My own fault, this time.

elowen morey Jun 13

if this is what emotions are
hot water pounding down on my skin
the taste of stale alcohol trying to create some essence
of numbness
the words of music so loud in an attempt to drown out
the ache that my heart brings with each beat
I don’t want it
I don’t want any part of it

Cup Noodles Jun 11

can we forget about each other
leave our memories behind
and meet again
for the first time

Ammar Jun 10

Her mouth muttering knives
Her lips uttering despise

She has a memory so temporary
That her hate becomes permanent

The heart she heard beating for her
The soul fulfilling her emptiness
The mind that filled her with ideas

The fight about that boy on the beach
The quarrel over that phone call
The skirmish about her revealing dress  

How could you but
Remove the reminiscence of memories

Memories of events...
That'll last a lifetime

No matter how good
Or bad the lifetime is

Bitterness is a bitch
Much like her

written a long time ago....
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