There's this void inside me,
a vacuum ,you know?
It often expands like a balloon but inflates really slow.

And when this void expands, it screams at me.
I sush it for a while but it doesn't stop,you see.

It yells' Don't hold Yourself up, go, wander free.
Go run into the world, set off for your journey.

Catch these dreams you have, keep it by your side
I know you want to let go and flow with the tide
'Fill me in' This vacuum inside me cries.
'Fill me in with the starry scene as you lay down on the grass somewhere,
Fill me in with the delicious smores and scary stories you share by the campfire.

Shower me with the sprinkles of water as you raft in a swift river
And as you get scared of falling,
feel your adrenaline rush with a shiver.

Erase me with the giggles and laughter you share with the strangers
Complete me with the joy of new friendships you gather in your purse.

Hit me with the snowballs that you throw as you laugh sticking your tongue out,
Cover me with your red cheeks and freezing nose when you get hit while you pout.

Love, fall so hard in love that your story will be told in days ahead.
Hurt me with your heart breaks and the tears that you shed.

Tire me with long walks of the mountain
And when you're in awe at the beautiful sunset, you won't recall the pain.

Color me up with the blush on your cheeks as you kiss
Shiver me with the strange feeling, betold as bliss.

Confuse me with your screams mixed with laughter as you get chased by a cow
Relax me with your smiles as you open up your heart that's been locked
till now.

Annoy me with your banters with new mates,
Just fill me in with whatever your journey gets.

You've always wanted to go on an adventure , have you not?
So why're you shying away now, don't give it a lot of thought.

This is your soul speaking, this is you, yourself, the void.
Don't let it be' the child is grown,the dream is gone' thing as said by Pink Floyd.

Promise me will you?
Such a work you are,pheww.'

I listen to the screams that my void lets out,
and i try to comfort it
'Soon, when the time is right,okay?'
i mutter as i feel my heart beat.

The void's quiet now, i guess it gave up on me
I frown and i stare at abyss, i think, i think about my dreams and all i want to be.

Today, i waved everyone goodbye,
unknown of my return.
I finally mustered up the courage, and set off for the Sun.

Early in the morning, i said' Hey void, your name's going to change'
I guess it understood, for the feeling i had was so strange.

' Here i come, my own little adventure,
Smile, your waiting days are over.'
Hmm. So i just wrote whatever i felt.I've always wanted to just wander off, you know, just...
Joy, my desirable necessity,
Is extracted from my soul effortlessly,
Replaced by a deserted feeling.
Pleading me to embrace this emptiness.

Overtaken by darkness,
I’m yelling now, Screaming, Losing my mind.
Where did the heart shaped boxes go?!

Falling back upon my knees,
With a thousand empty,
Piercing the night, with far from melodious moans.

Oh thief where have you done with my
For, she is mine and mine alone.
The lid was not yours to remove!

My lips feeling lonely,
Missing you and you only.
My heart beating slowly,
There's nothing left in this world that is holy.

You were divine,
No ones but mine.
And now that you are gone,
I can't bear to be alone

Lonliness shrouding the day with fright.
Scattering mindless thoughts in night,
Reminding me that is she is not mine.
Upon those sweet lips I wish to dine.

Now that my joy is gone
Another, must my love, live upon.
She can never take the place of my joy
Loneliness will be nothing but a toy

BY: Marty & FreeMind
This poem has been written by myself and Marty, two stanzas each (starting from me and ending with his). We hope you like it! :)
Sarah Mann Mar 12
"bleed·ing heart"
a person considered to be dangerously softhearted
feeling sorry for everything and everyone and giving in to emotions quickly.

“My heart bled today.”
Nothing new, same old routine, same old unremarkable usual thing.
They say over and over, Repetition is key. The key for what, I may never know.
Things often moving quickly halt and take on the slow.
The same people, the same faces, the same air, the same places.

I’m a person with a bleeding heart.
It’s dangerous to lead a life like mine,
Sadly you can’t escape the family bloodline.
Constantly stuck in a place between the planes.
I can’t help what’s running wild, pumping through my veins.

No rest for me. The others are already gone.
My logic quickly left along with the dawn.
My bleeding heart might just be the death of me.
I would show you I am hurting but we can’t seem to agree
I am all alone surrounded by nothing but my own suffocating thoughts.
I can’t breathe and continue to find myself at a loss.
A new beginning. The strong will live, the weak will die.
It’s tattooed into the minds of the people in the city as a nearby excuse for people like me.

Yes, there are others, but they are far out of reach, conveniently unavailable.
The rest of us have been wiped out and deemed unfavorable.

What am I?
Just an unnoticed vessel of the human soul
and all of it’s dangerously soft-hearted mannerisms.

I have a bleeding heart. I do not deny.
Left alone for the beasts to tear apart.
But I cannot help but look to the sky.

I despise my nature, my being even,
Curse my benignant soul,
And my lack of self control
What’s left for me in this cruel world?
Run by unintellectual imbeciles running off their own flawed reasoning

A divergent past, lies in ruins which was once filled with memories and happy experiences,
I was once just a kid lost in her own place, drowning and begging for help but no one came.

Perhaps, I’m not as much of a person with a bleeding heart as I possibly could be.
Perhaps, the legacy I leave behind will be nothing but a life of running away.
Perhaps my bleeding heart only bleeds in contrast to the reality around me.

“Because it is mine, it will always bleed”.
I am stuck in this life of heartache and unwelcome spilled blood, but it will be alright.
Because I won’t give up, not until I succeed.  
I will make it one day, even if there is no destination, I’ll go just to see the sights.
Bleeding heart and all, I will fight the war, not backing down, but disappearing at midnight.
Last revised May 23, 2016
This poem was originally written for an assignment and took two lines from a poem entitled "Bleeding Heart" by Carmen Gimenez Smith, and to create a completely different story from a couple of lines.
sofia l Mar 11
I have a proposition
A small inclination
That we should just stop
And run away from these constraints
That bind us to these pointless repetitive lives
this is sort of bad and unfinished but oh well im trying my diddly darn best
The world has lost its storage
I don't have the green courage
I will always cower
Without the red power
Or a kingdom
To provide me the blue wisdom
But I have this bow
Which will be my start to the golden glow
Bonus Points you can guess what this is referencing!
Liesl Mar 5
What could have happened
if things had not gone this way?
Why keep wondering?
Why not get out of this place
and find out once and for all?
Idiosyncrasy Feb 28
All my life I've wanted to be stuck
Sitting at home, playing table top, pushing my luck

Then you came and went
Now I'm broken
And wanting more
So I packed, and left to go
on an adventure that is you
A response to


All my life

I always wanted to leave

You were the only one

Who made me want to stay.
What's a sentence?
A group of words and thought?
No, silly, it's not.

What's a novel?
A group of sentences and plot?
Not really, it's not.

Then what is this,
With books upon it's shelves?
That is the doorway to the lives of many who dream to no longer sit by themselves.
Written around January, 2017.

Inspired by somebody who lived out her adventures behind book covers and worn-out pages.
Alex Feb 23
“Is this a good idea?” I ask
Watching the boys run down the hill
“It’s an idea” one of them yells back
I follow them
We’re searching for an apartment complex
One that creepy as all hell at night
Silent and lonely
We get lost.
Then found
Then walk back
It’s all over
We go home
“I had fun tonight”
“It was nice to finally meet you”
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