Sam 3d

I recall your eyes
As I navigate the frostbitten trails
I recall your smile
As the wind combs the trees
I recall your voice
As waterfalls crash around me
I can feel your essence
As surreal as the sky
On any given mountain
I know I'm not alone
You are always with me
No matter where I go

3 hearts, game over
restarts, game over

my life mimics the very foundation of video games
every couple months, I restart
each time losing another fragmented piece of my heart

while the masses have a disease which makes the desire to travel insurmountable

i have lived this life

the oh-so nomadic life of a military-brat

my eyes reminisce the landscapes of Africa and the streets of Amsterdam

yet that doesn't take away the desires of the things I never had:
no roots(I can't grow)

no warmth of a childhood home (to crawl into after a long day at school)

never a similar face, perpetually losing contact with someone I half knew  

just as I passed level 1,  the ground would shake and my heart would ache

a whole new level 1
and my devastating process started over

every fiber in the double helix of my DNA frayed from not knowing who I am or where I belong

the airport's mottled carpet memorized the taste of my shoe's soles

and the clouds welcomed me as they breathed life into my nose

calling me back to the sky every single second my toes eat dirt

Aditya Roy Dec 10

Sometimes my heart yearns for wonder
It goes to the forbidden land yonder
Looking for a false sense of adventure
I hope to lose myself
Instead of finding myself
In more mysterious ways


Hopeful eyes, darting and piercing about the terrain, strain to depict a clear scene through the flurry of snow dancing and sparkling in the crisp morning light. Glistening lips exhale a puff of warm breath into the icy sky, leaving a cloud of whispers and songs trailing through the vast expanse of atmosphere. Ruddy cheeks, sprinkled with freckles and the shadow of holy kisses, glow a soft pink as a prancing wind caresses the rosy skin. That same wind throws a mess of wildly curling locks, dark as a chocolate fountain, into an unashamed dance as they bounce and jolt with every twist and step. The cascade seems it's own living being, the way it flies just behind those hopeful features, always a step behind, yet perfectly in time with the song that pours from those tender lips. Two small feet, safely nestled in their snug boots, tingle with the sensation of each step as they flit down a snowy path, looping round and round, lost in the sway and rhythm of the music that now swirls with the flakes. A heart, locked in safety, beats wildly against the bars holding it in place. A flash of memory sails through a beautiful mind: a memory of that heart, twisted, blackened and cracked. That mind was polluted, small wrists bore the scars of the pain within, bleeding out. It was a season of darkness, pain, fear and loneliness. But that was then. The weight of the now golden heart is almost too much to bear. Two desperate lungs burn with each breath, sweating palms are strained with clutching a pile of books to a heaving bosom. Dancing feet are stilled; jade green eyes pierce the heavens with their gaze, searching for someone in an eternal expanse. For the briefest of moments, a glimpse of His splendor is seen. His whisper in the wind, His spirit in the snow. His imprint on the ground, His fond gaze resting upon the source of his affection. As His bride glides on down the path, the soul within is bathed with light, joy, and hope; full beyond measure by the knowledge it holds. She is His. I am Yours.

Who am I?
A whispering babe amidst ten thousands shouts and screams of bloodthirsty warriors.
The gentle nudging of a fawn's tender nose against the brazen rack of her father’s antlers.
I am a wayward summer breeze, getting lost in the winds of a hurricane.
A single drop of wine thrown into a sea of water, longing to be tasted on your lips, untraceable in this vast expanse.
I am every blazing sunrise you slept  through and never got the chance to cherish.
I am each tree left unclimbed, each trail you never turned aside to explore.
I am the waters too deep for your shallow lungs to reach; the ocean floor you only dream of.
I am the tip of every mountain this planet has forced up from the depths: and though you know it is impossible, a hidden part of you longs to stand atop each one of them. That is me.
I am the secret locked in the crystals of a snowflake; and no two hold the same treasure.
I am the hidden variance of a delightful scent in every flower petal.
I am the countries, cultures and corners of
The earth you have never seen or known.
Any time you glimpse a view of the galaxies and ponder to whom this splendor belongs, it is my eyes you gaze at.
Each moment you spend longing for something more, yet not knowing what, is a piece of me in you.
I am so much more than a feeling.
So much more than a though.
I am necessity.
I am your audacity.
I am a force to be reckoned with; something that lingers in your soul long after the music has ceased to resonate.
I am the wailing cry of the heart of humanity: the voice that every mind screams, yet every ear is deaf to.
There is, always has been, and forever will be an inherent need for me. For without me, all of creation would fade away. Without exploration, discovery, and mystery, we would surely perish.
So here I am: pounding on the walls around your spirit with desperate, bloodied fists, begging to be let in. I will persist. I will prevail. Because it is essential. You need me more than the very air you breath, whether you should ever realize it or not. Because without me, you can go about your life alive- but not living.
Who am I?

A call, that star-pull
From strange, deep, brilliant unknowns
Infinity stirs

Please help me understand
how to date often with ease, and without care
because to open up your own world-
to write a new character into your story-


Each new page holds potential
but I have yet to read the epilogue
and I have no idea whether the newest character is to become supporting
or is just a static addition soon to fly off with the wind

I'm afraid

so maybe i'll just close the book


as I read along
running my finger along each line
I can't help but love the way the author writes in your smile
and the way you look down when I smile back

oh how I hope your stay in this novel isn't a quest, but a journey, a venture to which the importance is the travel

because I love the way the author writes how tranquility lies stagnant in the deep pools of your eyes.
the eyes that I want to travel alongside
and smile
and laugh

These chapters each end in a cliffhanger all their own
my stomach turns to knots as the following events appear
distant and dangerous


As the author may intend,
when you wrap your comforting fingers around mine
I can't help but feel,
at ease

Lizzy Love Dec 3

time is an illusion
nothing but a fusion
of thought & emotion
as vast as the ocean
so grab my hand
for experience unplanned
and off we go
freedom to and fro

© Lizzy Collins
Samantha Dec 3

I looked through
A poetry zoo
When suddenly
I heard a
And I fell through
Should I ever knew
When the wind blew
I should listen to-
At the bottom,
It's sticky and gross.
Filled with... something,
That I never wanted most.
A small creature
Walked up to me
Little and fluffy
But looks like a tree.
And it said...
"My, my, Sam!
It's like you stepped on Pam.
Don't get turned into ham."
I replied,
"Please don't lie.
Ham is something I like.
How did you even know my name?
I can't tell, but it's not like we are the same."
"How can you be sure?" it said with a smile.
"For you haven't seen me in a really long while."
What else could I do, I thought to myself.
I watched closely as it sat on a shelf.
It yawned and seemed to be sleepy,
But I found this rather creepy.
I just had to run through the water,
But the air got hotter and hotter.
The farther and farther I went,
The more I longed for a vent.
But soon I found
A dark cave with no sound
With nobody else around.
I stood for a bit
Not wanting to sit
But then I heard a-
The lights went on
As it seemed like a dawn
A cave room for a party
Maybe for a smarty!
Like me...?
Filling the cave were
Little teddy bears... sound, not a stir
They had big beady eyes
And dark red fur
Which I could not despise.
One of them said,
"Happy birthday!"
I was awfully confused,
Was I being used?
"It's not my birthday," I said.
This, I started to dread.
"Who's that behind you?" spoke the little one ahead.
I replied, "Who?"
"Oh, the boy over there.
The one with the sharp teeth
And the creepy smile."
"Wait... WHAT?"
I looked behind me
And saw nobody.

Shane Willey Dec 2

Sitting in the middle of a room
Fading in and out of focus
A flower not yet in bloom
Feeling like a head full of mucous.

Gloomy and grey colors of the walls.
Eyes closed, leaning back
I try to stand but my brain stalls.
The motor skills I now lack.

This is the final adventure
One taken in solitude
At the cause of indenture
The adventure, I now conclude.

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