Marin 1d

A night before a journey

Too late to do anything
Yet early enough to do something

is in California
on the beach at 3am,
braced by the
freezing ocean wind
and "holy shit I'm here!"
It's in New York
in bar-top games of scrabble and
walking in the sun
hand in hand.
It's in future plans
and the horizon is
so much bigger
than it used to be.

set free the fire in your heart
free your mind like a dart
let your body be sore
at least you know you soar

live for the now and not for the later
your life is much much greater
don't wait for a date
because of your fast heart rate

learn to be outgoing
life's to short for undergoing
when all you have is nothing
you'll find you have everything

A ramble in the woods to clear the clutter from my mind
The mountains sing, the creeks & rivers sing louder
The birds can be heard, adding to the song
If you watch & listen an amazing show to be part of
A ramble in the woods, a great way to rapidly bond
Suffer together, type two fun
See what youre made of under clouds & sun
When the aches subside, a ramble again

I am losing my mind
In this cage of regrets
As I pace in the line
That I have worn into the dirt.

I am losing my sanity
While I dream
Of cotton candy clouds and
Brownie-ball trees.

I am losing my memories
As I look out a window
And ride on the top of a train
And scream my name to those who will listen.

I am losing the shadows
That used to haunt me
When I was asleep and
The night was awake.

I am finding friends
Sitting together in a bay window
While we watch the meteor shower
From the fire escape.

I am waiting to come home
After a long journey
Of which I have found friends
And the person behind "myself"

sunprincess Jul 10

Some dreams leave me filled with
wonder and adventure
Like packing only one piece of luggage
and saying "come with me, take my hand
Let's go away, get lost and chase our dreams
Let's go visit the Stars, just you and I
Let's go see the world"

a tribute to a beautiful poem
Derek Tatum Jul 9

The pain of goodbyes
Tears & long sighs
How does a man not feel weak as he cries
Cant stop the floodgates no matter how hard he tries
He tilts his face to the skies as he dries his eyes
Still he feels grateful for such strong family ties
The end of an adventure with so many highs
Pant thighs & shirt damp seemingly dyed
Forward through the fog as the pain slowly dies

Daisy Rae Jul 8

Fear is not in her dictionary
And yes, if you said jump, she would
She is not afraid of heights
Or animals with sharp teeth
Or the water when it gets too deep
Or the sound of thunder during the night
Her heart does not skip a beat when the door squeaks
Her eyes do not see the consequence of jumping without a parachute
Her mind does not play tricks on her in the dark
Her dare-devil reality is no longer a fantasy
She grew up with make-believe stories
But no one ever told her that it wasn't real
So now that she's grown
She will still watch the sky
And imagine herself flying
No fear will ever find her
There's nothing scary about dying

She is fearless.
Derek Tatum Jul 8

When I reach the ridgetop on the way to the summit, the wind & views of the vast expanse of jagged snowy peaks Breathe life into me.
Heart thumping, no dead feeling inside today.
How long the dark smothering cloud stays away...a mystery
A wolverine! He brought me goosebumps.
Extremely lucky if only for a moment...but I have no luck & only a few bucks
The trees, the snow, the breeze, a grand show
As I glissade...pure happiness
My kind of descent, avoiding the dark plunge for now
Is adventure the only thing that saves me?
Next day soreness so satisfying
But happiness is only a state of mind, fleeting
Ill have to climb out of those depths again
But for a while a depression cure
Until another journey when I'll take those steps again
A rise within....

There were those trees in your backyard
Wild cedar growing in the gully
Near your woodshed basking in decrepit beauty
Situated above as if being the river's shepherd

After we discovered that tea
Was literally just plants and hot water

Those cedar trees glowed silky
Smooth a hypnotic amber- such honey slipped
So efficiently down our throats coated
Our intestines and every breath
We spoke

The colour of those years
Between ten and seventeen
Was cedar’s milk

Crafting bows from broken boughs,
Using those freshest of buds as crow’s
Nest, survey flood basin’s reign
Blueprints written in sand script
Loamy soil serving as scroll,
We would attack at noon
And be back before dinner,

Then football season came
And those trees illuminated
In Autumn’s adolescent snow
Caught more passes than your father did

And every Spring
When those rusty red braids of hair
Caught fire releasing forth a flurry
Of gold we’d stand in awe,
Wondering where their children would land
And if we’d ever
Get the chance to meet them

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