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I crave for you, would you like me to?
The world is flippant, I’m a recluse
Without you, life encumbers while obtuse
And the world is a noose

Believe me, I long to watch the two suns
Fall on me with earnest simplicity
Oh, immerse me in your serenity
Allow me divine fertility

At the feet of Vigor’s peak
Time is backwards and falls asleep
Mother reacts and weeps, kinetic at sea
The trident of the skykeep

Before the wind, the song accrues
Into a gilded alley
The grass lantern abbeys
The vineyard sweetness holds a fee

Pay the gardens where you run
Gift to them your apricots
Leave pretender Escariot
To his bed of coquelicots

Do not mind the blackened creek
Where cursèd essence forms a pile
Coagulates for many miles
Into the stench of newborn bile
Star BG 1d
The mysterious remains,
on the journey.
Behind eye of a traveler.
Inside footsteps of the sage
Infused in wisdom of father wind.

The inexplicable anchors,
on the voyage
Behind the breath of dancer.
Inside eyes of a child,
Infused in scents of Mother Natures flowers.

The magic remains,
on odyssey of a soul.
Behind dreams of the heart
Inside sacred song of birds
Infused in a star stuttered sky.

The adventure remains,
in a humans pathway.
Behind an endearing smile.
Inside the hands of time
Infused in a love songs majesty.

The gift remains
in all of life
that's infused with love.
Inspired by Traveler  Thanks
Wrapped in a cloud, I see everything
Below are hard workers, children at play, everyone going about their day
At my side, love, sunshine,
And as if at the perfect time,
Flowing, blending with the sky and other clouds
Swooping, catching flies before they reach the crowds
It's a city.
The sun moves more naturally, taking me with
A cabin on a country side.
Trees lining the meadows in which we reside
The air, so sweet and fresh
The sun radiating and carrying droplets of life to the plants around
Night falls, the sun slowly touches down in the mountains, and turns into a goddess
The most picturesque lovely woman I ever laid eyes on,
Now joins me in the plush bed
Untill the next day, to venture out again.
Alone the third thing can't be known.
Alone, I am a cold dark stone
In a universe yawning lusterless,
Spinning void of aim.

Then light shines
In eyes and skies
Of gray and blue
And I am a new daymoon.

Night leads the day
As day ushers night;
Light follows darkness
As darkness the light.

I follow you pull,
Take my arm check my stride.
You and I mark time and tide.

We meet.
We pass.
We kiss.
Heart quivers and the heavens shift.

"Let us go then, you and I,"
Wend our way across the sky.

The green beckons to
Me and you
Where green meets hues
Of gray and blue.
Infinite line: horizons new.

Misty islands ships drift past
Clouds cut by spires of stone, steel and glass
Cities bright in alley pools
Magic light on windswept moors.

Prairie hills in gentle rain
Northwood pines sun washed again
Spring moss upon the forest floor
Peeling paint on the unknown door.

"Let us go then, you and I,"
Together take the road untried,
Wend our way across the sky:
A little sphere of green and blue
Round which we dance,

Me and you.
For my Love, on Valentine's Day 2019.
it's always been you
the one mountain
i will always climb
to explore your soul
bask in your glory
and take comfort in the view
i've traveled many miles
over many years
through many forests
and over many hills
to get to you
and every day
i breathe you in
with a gentle smile
and a gentle kiss
and tell you
"you are my favorite adventure"

- katrina ******
to my forever and always.

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Going once the
One specific lover
What do we uncover
More advice going
twice in (2)
You see an

Like twins with
two heads exact copy
Say Action your movie part
"The offer you cannot refuse"
You cannot duplicate her heart
With another Flower rose
Another heart obligation

"Alaskan Huskies
Twin Adoption"
Two heads better
than one snipper
She- Wolf surf and turf
Mexico taco, at the gulf
Her green planet thumb
Mount Fiji we climb

Right force ruler the heart
divider the duplicate lover
"To Reproduce" over the
a million light-years
duplicated love tears
Years we treasured
It's in our duty

United we stand  
Imagine the world
stopped to be buried
The duplicate became a
twin maid of honor
She lost her duplicated purse

"Twin Identity"
Your heart couldn't
hold on____
Any longer
To reproduce the same
forbidden fruit
voiceover singer

The rare find
someone with a
Giving heart

Having a double
scotch doing the part
The pirate wearing
Eye patch

Twofold twice the gold
one heart match
Poems true believers
One is the snitch

To love life singles or doubles
subjects to catch up in triples
The full house
what a spouse
Your boiling minds
Twice around the
coffee house

The day she or he
was born
The comfort
comes with love
Fire eye lit bedding
(Forever young
double wedding)

You're the one so
gifted hearted
Things become duplicated how we think about them related or love guarded. To be blessed Godly path as one it doubles our happiness like a marriage of two
Let's not lose the one feeling and if it duplicates its a forever love healing
Was weird
But was full of adventure
Through actual places
Through actual people
I found out alot about myself
I am changing so fast
I can't keep track of myself
I don't know if i should ask
For help
Or should i just keep
Working on myself
Am not depressed anymore
But not happy
No one is actually enough
Am not either
No one will ever understand this
Even they did understand
They would never be able
To keep up with it
I couldn't
So why should they
Selfthoughts monthly dairy
Farewell my dear friend is what I have to say;
though I wish from my heart that you could stay.
You have been an amazing friend thus far;
A true gem, a shinning star.
You have been there in the littlest of ways;
Just to show that you care always.
Here's a message from me to you;
Just remember my words are true.
The worlds your oyster as they say;
So you just go along and play.
My wish for you is all of lifes best treasures;
Coz my friend you are truly special beyond measure.
Always remain as you are;
A perfect masterpiece by far.
i wrote in rings
rings of fire and
rings for flyers
to set off
and marry the sky
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