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And when you reach a crossroad
Dont look back.
you cant let fear, pain, worry, judgment, regret or anything stop you from going where you are.
undefined May 23
walking through the dark
on the outskirts of Baton Rouge
just me and a bunch of stars
no one else to talk to

the yard is staging cars
expecting a train
gather my gear
trying to   beat   out   the rain...

wind is a howling
roosters start to crow
6-string on my back
bound for a Houston show

I like the early morning
quiet, dark, and cold
watching for that engine
and   tryin ta breath    real    low...

the "CLAP! of thunderous coupling
"SkReeeech," its time ta go
wind, it starts a rushing
this steel     carries       me       on...
Loving you each day I spent too much and do not get a love back from you, my dear,
is one of the most great adventure of my life.
Indonesia, 23rd May 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Betty May 20
Ants on a dry leaf
conquerers and pioneers
sailing the puddle
M Salinger May 11
will be wise and
and smile
with his whole face, his
whole spirit

he will be fearless and free
& curious
of the world around him and
his place
within it
his wit,
like him

he will write me
words only meant
for him and I
as if they were born
for us, from our

he will be wild,
like the nature that
surrounds him

he will be a man born
of this earth
& tall,
& sturdy,
with deep roots,
that are soon to run in the forest of my life

his shoulders
broad enough
to carry our children,
and gentle enough
to catch their tears,

and at times
mine too,
laying on his chest
his hands tangled in mine
and my hair
listening to the rhythm
of his warm breath
and warmer heart,
I'll spill tears of
& gratitude,
that will pool between us,
for all we've
and all the beauty
we've seen

we will not
love, after so many lifetimes together,
we will admire
& respect
each other
in body,
& spirit

we will inspire each other
to grow
to make art
to appreciate beauty in pain
to spread love

he will understand
the complexities
of my mind,
and I of his,
never with the intention
of changing the other
but instead,
to love every piece
all that is told to be too ugly

we will be each other's
in this life
and the next,
as we have done before

we will pray
each other's
& make love,

we will grow
a family,
a home,
a garden,
a community

he will be

we will laugh till our
bellies ache
and he will lick the salt
of my

we will play,
basking in the glow
of each other's
taking for granted
that it's

we will love

we we will lift each other
so high
that the heavens will touch our hair
like crowns glistening in the

we will speak with our minds and
our bodies,
our eyes talking more than our

he will see me before
I see him,
in the warmth of my glow,
he will know

and when we meet
suddenly, he and I
will become
Greta Peden May 7
I find these days my head bows down,
Lost in trees which bear no roots around.
We all continue to strive for their peaks,
That we might find the validation we believe speaks.
Because in a forest of hard line and concrete,
We think all there is, is a standard to meet.

Our bodies are young, but our souls are so old,
And craving some place wild and bold;
Where the forest which hems is ancient with moss,
And the rivers carve streets no foot can cross.
Tall mountains send out the wake up call,
That every man and woman will fall.

At the end of the day, the wild remains,
And strives to survive through mans foolish claims.
Yet I am lost to the toil and to the strife,
Of simply trying to make it with my life.
But make it where? As what? And why?
Because I try to escape the fact that all will die?

No solace can be found in the wealth of a king,
But give me a glimpse of an eagle on wing,
Amongst valleys and coasts where few eyes see,
Where the snow melts and brings new life to be.
A morning crisp with dew, and a chorus of song,
Some place wild where our old souls belong.

So short-sighted, so corrupt and insincere,
We try and conquer all that we claim to hold dear.
Even though we are but fleeting on a beautiful plain,
We are determined to burn, to clear and contain.
What if we were to become who we could be,
Honouring and reverent of all that is unbound and free?

To feel insignificantly small again,
That is the amazing gift of summit and glen.
A simple reminder that we are all but participants,
Not gods, completely unaware of our littleness.
Sitting in awe of the symphony of life abounding,
Lost in our utterly magnificent surrounding.

So I choose to take to the trails, the ridges and paths,
Which lead to the furthest and cosiest hearths;
To meet other wandering souls who have left behind,
The confusion and delusion of a self-obsessed mind.
And be prepared to lose and find myself again,
Away, into a wild embrace, her rugged domain.

My soul cries for freedom, some vision to see,
New life bursting as a bud on every tree.
Swept up in the miracle of a tale much bigger,
Than the measurable wealth of my yearly figure.
For in the wild, can be found the perspective I need,
For my searching soul to truly be freed.
Distant shores of France,
Toward you I advance,
Looking for your water.
The sun seems to beam down,
Oppressing the nearby town,
Where I sit talking to a doctor's daughter.
Her clothing looks so chic,
I dare the boy next to me to speak,
Enchanting him with my eyes.
Dare I say this is my place,
I run around the forest with haste,
Expecting a strange man to become wise.
I feel safe at the stump of a tree,
Imagining a family of three
Beautiful birds chirping in the sunlight.
What will happen to me when I get gray and old?
Will I remember the stories I once told,
The ones that brought me joy and fright?
I guess we will just have to see,
Go along with the processes that be,
Dreaming of our youth when it has gone.
I will always admire the country,
Looking upon the sea and its bounty,
Alongside the doctor's daughter until dawn.
I really want to visit France.
The inevitable end,
evidence of my souls journey.
I hiked up the highest hill
To watch the sun go down
On your birthday
On a not quite full moon of April

I stared right in it with such thrill
And felt the blood neon colours
Of your departure
Rush through my veins and freezing me still

Stood in awe of this miracle I promised I will
Find an aperture
As I’m about to take on this solo adventure
Of a lifetime of dreams I’ve yet to fulfil.
Dee Apr 10
She awoke one morning,
The sleep slowly retreated,
Excitement filled the air,
Today will be a very big adventure.  

She hopped out of bed,
Unknowingly her feet tangled in the sheets,
They landed with a thud,
This was going to be a very dangerous adventure.  

She crawled her way to the door,
Imagining a tirade of raindrops,
Her glass had been knocked over in the commotion,
This was going to be a very wet adventure.

She needed transport,
Something that would be a good getaway vehicle,
She'd bribe the driver who bore a striking resemblance to herself,
Today was an expensive adventure.

She arrived at her destination,
Rows upon rows of novels littered the walls,
A new pathway in every book,
There would be many adventures to choose from.
She stumbled into bed that night,
Her newly acquired treasures on her locker,
Dreams of her potential new explorations lulling her to sleep,
Today was a very big adventure.
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