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Armed with my umbrella I ventured out into the rain.
Quickening my pace as thoughts begin racing through my brain.
Travel bag draped across my chest by my lucky shoulder strap.
I hastily folded up the seemingly old and weathered treasure map.
When I finally reached my car I fumbled desperately for my keys.
Upon entering, glancing in the mirror. Is someone following me?

Shaking off that feeling that I'm secretly being sought.
I turned the key over but the ****** engine wouldn’t start.
Exasperated I pressed my head against the steering wheel.
Just then off in the distance, I could hear foreboding tires squeal.
Set off back in the pouring rain I jogged towards my destination.
Peering quickly at my watch. Will I still make it to the station?

Wet and weary the street lamps reveal that I'm nearly there.
I turn and proceed backwards as I slowly cross the square.
Finally my footsteps echo in the station, lights flicker on the walls.
Slipping on the marble  while navigating through  poorly lit halls.
Map said locker number 78 so that’s what I hoped to find.
I think I might be going in circles, was I losing my freaking mind?

Finally on the right track, I scan the lockers, 76, 77 and 78. Now what?
I have neither key nor combination, may as well be welded shut.
Wait it’s not locked! I lift the latch and gingerly swing open the door.
An old flip phone!? I pick it up, startlingly it rings and I watch it hit the floor.
Quickly I grab it from between my feet, flip it open saying ”beam me up, Scotty!”
Couldn’t recognize the mysterious muffled voice, was the reception in here shoddy?

The person on the other end said, board the next train due.
They quickly hung up before I could ask when, why or who.
I seriously began to question the authenticity of this map.
As I followed colour coded arrows, my curiosity had me trapped.
Just then the station speaker crackled its arrival on platform three.
Proceeded by don't worry about a ticket. Were they expecting me?

I make it to the boarding strip no longer caring about getting wet.
Then glancing across the platform I begin to see a foreboding silhouette.
As the gap between us shortens I begin to see a familiar step.
When this figures face came into view my heart it surely leapt.
My wife was staring back at me with a bag for going on a trip.
She said I hear you’re looking for adventure as she bites her bottom lip...

Juhlhaus Oct 10
You were a faithful friend on many adventures over many thousand miles. Together, we spattered legions of our mosquito foes upon your grille. Within your cab we enjoyed hours uncounted of beloved audiobooks and favorite tunes. But, alas, we were rear-ended and you are totaled. They say, "There's no silver bullet." There was one.
May you ride eternal on the highways of Valhalla, forever shiny and chrome.
Shadows on the grass
Tails untold
Music in the clouds

I lost something close to me
Most go an eternity and never come close to its warm embrace
I felt it’s lips
Caressed it’s skin
And with every kiss t'avais promis
With every smile t'avais promis
Every tier t'avais promis
You were mine
You were uncompromising
Sharp and precise in what you wanted
And I like a babe dove trying to fly
Blowing up a storm

But age is like time is fleeting
what stands true is always within grasp
time waits for no man and age cares not for your level of wisdom.

Be the man
Be a man
Are you a man

It will not wait for you to understand the value of her
It will not converse on your behalf to turn back time.
Get it right the first time
Try hard
Try harder
Try even harder

sweet yet better
True yet fickle
Has no mercy for those who cannot be true
Not willing to embrace her with both arms
She will scorn you for your misdeeds
You are in training
And at some point you’ll get a second chance
don’t let it go
stick to the Promise, t'avais promis
Don’t let its eternal warmth fade
be true.

BFFF ***
She was perfect
I was flawed
We were great
A life untold
LK Sep 22
She longed to see the unseen places
to touch to untouched odd-end spaces
to find the unfound foreign grounds
where outward hands had set no bounds
HeWhoExplores Sep 21
Guided by thick blankets of fog; Morning-time

Anxious thinking remains her close ally during this journey

The wooing of the spring winds clamber fourth

And as the dire dredge towards Santiago de Compostela carries on; she stops

Her pursuit of a goal takes a momentary crash

This heroine remains nameless, but only to a select few

As she paces along the lonesome road, where silence sleeps

A single tear, channelled from her right eye; falls

Her map makes for confused reading, a blinded book

Darting around for new meaning, a whisper of life is summoned

A townie owl, a juvenile of sorts

Sits atop a moss laden branch, its eye’s so wide

And in this moment of hesitation, the circular sun rises from its slumber

Bursting to life with energy

The road awakens

A passage? Perhaps

She marches on; hopeful

b e mccomb Sep 18
saturdays smell like
bleach under my nails
sleep in my eyes
scratches on hands
gluey stuck fingers
glare off an empty parking lot
and other people’s
uncomplicated lives

give me enough time
and i can get rid of
any kind of stain
in your coffee cup
but i don’t take the time
to wash out my own

and i can’t get rid of
how i sometimes feel
like less than a person
a second class citizen
or some kind of
preprogrammed robot
just here to assist with
strangers personal quests

i’m not the
swashbuckling hero
out on an adventure
i’m the placid villager who
never moves from behind
the counter night or
day and only ever repeats
the same half dozen lines
wears the same outfit every
time you see them

i don’t want
to be the hero
all i want is
to live comfortably
in this town
and let my life

all i want is
to get the dirt out
from my fingernails
and get enough sleep

to love
and be loved
to drink coffee
in the morning
wine at night
and water all day

but i never
want to be the
chosen one
i just want to be
the one who points
you in the right direction
copyright 9/18/19 by b. e. mccomb
Kale Sep 16
My love is confused
It is entangled with depression
Anxiety and non committal views
My love shows me nothing but pain
And loneliness
Shows me my worthless existence can
Still be awaken
And greeted by a blank canvas of
Meaningless lonely adventure
Once upon a time in a not too far land
There lived a fair princess who wanted a man
Tall dark and handsome and also a knight
One with a cool nickname just like Mr. Right
She was locked in a tower surrounded by the sea
But with every urge, her heart yearned to be free
So she said to her mirror, “Oh! What must I do?”
To find lasting love every day anew
This is a good question but few know the truth
It is asked by the elderly and also the youth
Love is like the wind when one becomes two
But you don’t find true love, true love finds you
So she looked to the east and then to the west
And put on perfume and wore her best dress
And played her violin by day until night
Which sang a melody so sweet it took flight
One day, a fair prince was passing that way
When he became entranced and started to sway
“Oh, what do my ears hear?”
“It is only right that I find she who plays this and make her my wife.”
So he followed the music and soon found the place
But it was guarded by a dragon with a terrible blaze
He saw the fair princess and smelled her perfume
And said love has found me by the light of the moon
He slayed the dragon and scaled the tower
And he said with you princess I must spend every hour
So he removed her veil and went down for a kiss
Only to realize that there could be no lasting bliss
For the princess who sought love was now a memory
A fable told by those lost in the sea
So what’s the point of this story?
To find love and begin
You can’t find love outside until you’ve found love within
Brianna Sep 13
The anatomy of ones heart seems complicated and intense.
The valves and the tubes and the scars from time taking its toll.
The blood and the veins helping to keep one alive.
The memories it holds and the heartbreak it endures and thrives from over and over again.

But the anatomy of my heart is simple.
It’s filled with trees billowing and waving in the wind.
It has salt water from the bluest oceans flowing through the veins keeping me afloat with summer dreams.
It has been slowly and faster in the throes of passion and in the woes of pain.
It has shown me that through adventure and wonder I can keep myself alive.

So tell me... how does the anatomy of your heart look?
my mind longs for an adventure
my soul seeks for spontaneity
my heart yearns for a carpe diem
but am i ready?
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