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Kushal 2d
I want to tell you a story.
It doesn't have a happy ending,
No sweet beginning
Or teary climax.

I want to tell you a story,
But the end is not yet written.
For now the tale lies somewhere between,
With no clue to an ending.

I want to tell you a story,
But I'm not yet sure how this one goes.
I want to tell you a story,
I don't know much,
But I'll tell you what I know.
noren 2d
Ships don't
make a journey,
waves do...
Seas don't
make an adventure,
storms do...
There is no way
To ignore you
With your
Bounding laughter
And impossible

Constantly searching
For your absurd hair
And warm eyes
In any location
Because who wouldn’t
Want you to join them

And finally you’re here
And it feels like
I’ve won something
At a carnival
And the sugar from
A candy apple is
Still coursing through me
For a friend
Anne B 5d
You look like a wolf
in sheep’s clothing

And yet, you say you
are the dragon

Yet, you make us believe
in your story

You breathe no fire

You only wanted the
castle walls
to protect you
from our glances

If you had opened up
Put away your wolf hide

All could see
how lonely you are

And how wrong our story is

Ann­e H. Bakke  |  02:09  @   29.05.2016
The narrative is all wrong. You are doomed.
The seasons are changing
and the need to leave returns
I want to run away with you
Somewhere we haven’t been
Far enough to be new
Close enough to be old
Let’s pack our bags, my love
let’s run away for awhile
just to see how it feels
just to see if we can outrun
the sadness and the pain
the fear and the anger
at least for a season
let’s run away, love
I’m tired of being here
and like the birds who fly south
I need a new sky
I need a new landscape
to make it through the winter
and heal
The changing of the seasons always makes me want to leave
Lizzie Sep 14
Why can't I seem to ever be enough?
You tell me I'm wonderful, smart, beautiful, caring,
but then you turn around and act like we never had a thing
that we didn’t run away into the night full of adventures and wonder...
I wonder..
Was it ever real to you?
T Sep 12
You lead me to Hideaway Cave,
To find the mirror of desire.
Look into the fading glass,
To gaze upon all you desire.
When I look and see,
It starts to inspire-

Then you catch me by surprise.

You break the glass,
and dance of the fragments.
Tell me dreams bring nothing but sadness.

Then you said,
"Perfect, perfect, just the way you are,
reflections can't mirror what's deep inside,
perfect, perfect, that's who you are.
Luxury and comfort, overrated lie."

Broken hopes on the floor,
leaving different than before.
Not inspired by unattainable unnecessity,
but moved by danger and unpredictability.

I look into your eyes,
then you disappear.
I stand there and wonder,
were you even here?

My guardian angel,
sent from above.
To inspire not greed,
but love.
Seeker Sep 11
I'm sad again
and sometimes i think i know why
but other times i really have no clue
i could write a list of all the things going wrong in my life
but i could write a longer list of all the things going right in my life

yet i want to crawl into bed
and cry
and cry
and cry
and never come out

i want to hibernate
i want to swear at the world
and go axe throwing to let off some steam

at the same time
i want to hug all my loved ones
get together with them and eat cake
i want to go out to a paint night
and laugh with all of my friends

i want to travel
find myself
and smile so much that my cheeks begin to hurt

but I'm still sad
and i don't want to leave my room
i do
but i don't

i don't know what i want
i don't know why I'm like this
i don't know how ill ever accomplish anything
if i don't even know what I'm doing right now
which is nothing
My life is simple, humble pleasures
The girl I love, summer leisure
‘The Duke is dead’ the prime minister says
‘Your time has come, you must do your best’.

My heart grows large, my eyes turn red
One final kiss, I lose my breath
My mother weeps, my father stares
His parting words ‘you must do your best’.

We train for the task that lies ahead
Our tools of evil, our countries crest
Brothers forever, until the end
The sergeant says sternly ‘you must do your best’.

The foreign soil, our blood it thirsts
We do not falter, we march and curse
We face our destiny, we march abreast
My father’s voice follows me ‘you must do your best’.

The fight is hard, our spirit put to the test
Death follows us, we cannot rest
Our bravery triumphs, ‘oh how our country will be impressed’
We do our duty, we do our best.

But the victory is fleeting, our brothers fall
Staring eyes, cold skin, we loved them all
Our grief immense, we lay them to rest
They were the bravest, they did their best.

The darkness surrounds us, our souls to stone
They want to end us, to send us home
I raise my weapon; one man lay dead
I have taken, life most precious, I have done my best.

The war is over, the Duke avenged
We wander home, those who were left
return to crowds, they stand abreast
They thank us all, ‘You are the best!’

The war is over, still a battle I fight
My hands tremble, sleepless nights
I see his face, where his body rests
My heart is cold, no pride, but guilt instead ‘I did my duty, I did my best’.

My parents proud, my love distressed
My suffering is silent, put to them instead
They grieve for me, the boy that left
The Man, broken, who survived, who tried his best.

A fatherless son, sonless mother
A widowed wife, man’s lost brother
Their pride is poison, a shot to my chest
I confess my sins, they do their best.

My life was simple, now changed beyond measure
The girl my wife, our children treasures
‘The Duke is dead!’ she says to them
‘Your father went, he did his best’.
A WW1 soldier struggles with his duty and his conscience.
Sarah Sep 5
This life
It is too simple
Too plain For a person like me
A person who seeks experiences
Someone who chases her dreams
I wonder what it would feel like
To dive in crystal clear water
Or watch a beautiful landscape
To jump from an airplane
And feel the adrenaline rush through my veins
To sing with the crowd at a concert
And dance the night away
To sit by the bonefire
Hearing the sound of the crashing waves
To gaze at the stars in an open field
Or gaze at the northern lights
To get lost in a big city
To experience both safty and fright
To simply live
In a world that is much bigger than the walls of my room
Bigger than my empty passport
Bigger than this simple life I lead
In which I could only experience these things
Through a dream.
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