her eyes are bloodshot and dried out
she hasn't blinked in hours
a screen flickers on and off
just as her mind floats in and out of consciousness

there's shadows on the ceilings
like ones she left behind in the city

she remembers a smile
and jolts upright in bed
there's a smile that haunts her

the sun rises in a couple hours
and she is still awake.

Mims 3d
I will not rest until the trees outside my windows do
Their sway
I wonder what makes them so unsteady...
But it isn't really my window
Or my house
Or my bed
Just like how
This night does not belong to me
Kinda like my own head
I give away parts of me
That I refuse to need
Like love
Or dreams
I push two fingers to my Lips
Inhale and then exhale
Pretending I have a cigarette balanced between them
I love the taste of cigarettes even though I know they are killing machines
I love you
When I know damn well
You could end me
It's like that song I heard once
But I felt less lonely after I heard it
For some reason
Ghosts haunt me
You could call obsession
You could call dreams

You should've called me.

Then you wouldn't have to worry about my stupid lonely
You could know
That only you sit on my brains
'Wish list'
Only you fester in my belly
If you knew
About all the people I have broken to make myself appear a little more whole
Or how much growing up I did in a year
Or that January
Or that June
If only you knew
About my crazy
The kind that only makes sense to some people
But still doesn't make sense to you...
I will not rest until the trees do.
*desperately* not passionately
LW 4d
slýcháváš příbehy bloudící v ulicích
ty hlasy jsou olejem pro plameny plic
tlumíš je každý den
tlumíš je po nocích
když duši svou otupíš
tak neslyšíš nic

srdce a pocity se někdy chtějí
najednou v tvé hrudi z místa hnout
můžeš si objednat jen něco k pití
rozvlnit roviny
a do vln pak vplout

prohrál jsi srdce a svět na druhé straně
ve vlnách prohraješ jediný sen
z lásky ti zbudou jen nezplacené daně
z lásky ti zbyde ... černá barva jen

černá je milenka co neumí milovat
černá je za řekou barevný kraj
v černé se přestaneš na věky litovat
na konci všeho si dej černý čaj

prohrál jsi srdce a svět na druhé straně
ve vlnách prohraješ jediný sen
z lásky ti zbydou jen nezplacené daně
z lásky ti zbyde ... černá barva jen
I feel like I have all the time in the world if I just stay up late at night.
Oh, but that's not sustainable.
pk tunuri Mar 9
The day I saw you first
I was unaware of my fate
Now I made the situation so worst
That I repent for realizing it so late
Can you be my magic
Before my life becomes tragic
We never know what's our fate will be. Never make things go so worst that you can't be able to change it.
Wyatt Mar 6
I feel as I have every single day,
a smile is the opposite of what's inside.
Years forever buried down under the trenches,
a bittersweet feeling with no other witness.
It's hard being broken
and thrown to the waste-side.
When I laugh, only then
is when I start to realize
the monster I've nurtured up inside.
A never-ending heap of chaos
is what I feed off of in these silent nights.
Hone all of it's skills, breathe in the grim.
A flower wilts, a storm fills to the brim.
The truth I need sounds inside your voice?
Well I wish I could hear it.

I'm so afraid because there isn't another choice.
I'm sitting idle, because there isn't a hint of trust.
Apparently a place of peace is asking way too much.
I wake in panic, can't search for escape
when my body's under pressure.
Won't survive at this rate,
I realized way too late,
there are no other measures.
There is no place of return,
no easy lessons to learn,
there is no place of peace here.
This world is destined to burn,
there's no where to turn,
we all live in fear.
How can you sleep at night,
how can you reserve the right
to judge all of my fears?
They're proven every day,
all these messages relay
that there is no hope here.
It's a pointless race, it's a stagnant face,
it's a waste of hurt, it's a flood of tears
poured out to the masses.
It's a march of maggots, it's way too tragic,
and it's as far as my eyes can see.
It's said that a march of maggots takes place in an empty city street, there nothing can be heard. These deafening screams are made in an attempt to draw attention to an issue. Which one? It will never be known, because these bodies were blind and deaf. Nothing is felt, nothing is gained. There is no love, there is no hate. When you think about it, the shrieks that are made might as well have never taken place.
pk tunuri Mar 1
Isn't it so easy to hate?
Forgive them before it's too late!

Lemme tell you something straight!
Holding grudges isn't so great!!

Take it as an update!
It may not change your fate!!

How long will you wait?
Forgiving someone isn't a bait!
we tend to hate easily than forgiving someone. No matter what happened it's better to let go hate and be kind to all
I don't know how this came to be
But it just occurred to me
This dude messed a lot up.
Who made that day the Worldcup
Set aside for all lovers?
The rose flower bearers
Who uses Valentine day
To manipulate and play
Games and do shenanigans
As soon as the day begins.
How did Valentine do this?
For many, it's a day of crisis
Every day is a day for love
As mandated from above.

I, therefore, declare him dead
I wish last week was his last deed
I hope he has a heart attack and dies.
His day, essentially all a bunch of lies
Meant to discredit everyday lovers.
Those dedicated and working like bulldozers
Day in and day out to keep loving
Until this fool, Valentine returns smiling
With a few roses acting like a Casanova
Who has the benediction of love from Jehova?

©️ IB-Poetry
The lost post to Valentine is a fictional write, a protest.I believe not in a particular day set aside to celebrate love.
chewinbullets Feb 18
And you always scream, when I’m late and dream.
You won’t ever let me break, I won’t ever hope to see.
All you have to do is live, suffocated by the greed.
I am always waiting here, in the passion, and I bleed.
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