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Anya 2d
Such a simple thing
All should do it
All do not
As much as they should

In elementary school
The thought of sleeping
Past 9
Seemed sacrilegious

Sleeping before

11:00 bedtimes
Sometimes just because
I can’t afford to put my electronic down

It’s essential
A period for us to rest

So why keep changing it?
Why keep pushing it

The only
One being harmed
While we were lying in my living room

Naked on the blue couch, listening to lightning attacking

The stellar clouds
I learned,

how the hearts of men are only a piece of space
clutched by skin,
wading through darkness.

I Delve into time
and I watch, and
wonder, though I knew
that it would end,

Why I  couldn’t stop
loving you
will haunt everything you left in the house,

till nothing is forgotten.
The art of letting go is not as easy
as unclenching your fists
feeling the weight of burden slipping through your fingertips

The sweet release of not caring
is not something I’m familiar with or know
I carry this feeling inside of me
and for some reason I can’t let it go.

At the fjord
a body floats on a board
how it got there
no one knows

At seaside
you pushed against the tide
I didn't send you off
but you came back

I begged for you
at least stay true
keep away
your harmful attitude

There you are
washed ashore from afar
How did you get here
and why did you come?

It took me so many beaches
and seas just to reach this
a part of my own
somewhere to calm

You will never know
with what I fought and how
I can't make you more
than a in-the-back-of-my-head thought

I kneel down next to you
I don't know if you sacrificed and what you've been through
I'm feeling reluctant to cut you off
but it's too late for other choices

I smile, I'm sorry
I won't forget, don't worry
I take a rock
and end it then and there
nishta Sep 7
i'll tell you my woes
peel the corners of my skin
and though the whispers turn into silence,
i am whole.

i found the missing piece
heard the echo of your words
and though i know it is a little too late,
i am whole.

i fall apart
fragment by fragment
and you are finally here just as i close my eyes,
i am whole.
Hi! My attempt at explaining this feeling i can't really identify except for in maybe one word- 'saudade'.
When it comes to love
when do you cut your losses
if you cut them early
you'll never know what could have been
but if you cut them too late
you will have sacrificed a piece of yourself
Strung 2d
It got too late
to call
I hung up my hands,
the wall
always hits my head—
When the moon is so high
I can't watch from my window,
I know,
It's too late to call
Rebecca Yong Sep 2
i'm just spacing out
the voice of the singer that flows through the earphones is a pretty as she is
i need something to hold me
and realise that i'm not as fine as i always portray myself to be
i need something to catch me
and cradle my emotions and heart to keep them from being trampled on
i don't know what i'm doing anymore
i started off wanting to write poetry and be something different, but i don't really know what i'm doing anymore
i'll write in past tense in the present and listen to music that's different in the hopes of becoming a different person
maybe someone will come and catch me soon enough
When you were there with me
We were dancing with glee

Late night talks, making each other blush,
smiling and laughing were our things
Each day gave me new wings

Thinking about our love i flew-up
Without taking any back-up

Then a day came when you were not there
Even the sun felt hemisphere

I am sitting here, alone in darkness
And wondering how is God so heartless

I waited and missed you a lot
But silence and despondency were what all i got

I'm waiting
And i'll keep waiting 
For you, to come back

If you come around
Please know that someone, you left,
Is waiting for you in the half track.
Edited by Heera
Sharde' Fultz Aug 31
Quiet crickets.

Quiet light of moon

Quiet cars along the road
--Go'n be home soon

Quiet AC on too late
Quiet humming charger in the outlet
Quiet bathroom 'cross the hall, water dripping from the faucet

Quiet floors while set'ling in
You're too old for all that whinin'
Quiet creatures awake before the sun
The signals when it's shinin'

Quiet indistinguishable shadow still yet so foreboding
Oh, you're just a pile of clothes that I never got to folding

Quiet drafty window singing with such vigor and such soul
Catch a chill from that night air
Might catch a runny nose

Quiet thoughts-that handsome stranger, worries, deadlines, dreams, 'n stuff
Quiet bedtime playlist streaming
Clearly you were'nt good enough

Quiet poem bursting from me my
Admonition of defeat

quiet quiet.

too much quiet-

quiet, would you let me sleep?

2:46am 8.30.18
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