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Adam Jun 17
What is it that I truly seek?
What happened to the beauty,
in all that I used to see?

Can someone explain what happened to me?

I used to have the buzz and the impetus, that you'd see in a bee.
But these days, I look like a stone tied to a tree.

Asking myself,
at which age did happiness decide to flee?
Posted this 3 years after writing it
abhinav May 17
Thoughts of committing forbidden,
rises with the rock,
as soon as sun reflects off hidden,
crushing barriers came the thought.

Rock's rise to its fall,
till dawn came upon,
wondered it all,
what's it like being gone.

Getting chair, drilled temples, OD, Botox or hang,
visual flashes everyday,
like a mosquito inside my head canned,
waking as soon as I hit the hay.

Pressure's mounting none to release upon,
had so called well wishers,
fortunately I mowed the lawn,
and now none's left to cement the fissure.

Reliving past with a foreseen future,
altering with a hit of a key,
various customizable features,
only if it was like RPG.

Maybe it's insecurity,
maybe it's grades,
maybe it's futurity,
maybe it's living of which I'm afraid.
those sleepless nights **** the soul out of me.....
YReem619 Jan 30
All I craved was peace for once,
A sky full of stars,
A gentle breeze that strokes
And a deep conversation with you.

I have this sort of fire in my heart
It burns to the thought about how
I wasn't sure what is it you wanted,
I thought maybe a spark.

Maybe just a drink though or
Maybe a night out.
Middle of the night you rest your head on
My shoulder and all I can feel is you living.

Your fragile breath against my neck,
Your scent penetrating my attention,
You look and we whisper.
You are confused and it is confusing me.

I breathe then I wonder about what will happen
If the sky fell on us tonight.
I look into your eyes and what I can see
Is stars that are nearer than you are.

But imagine this baby,
Beyond breathing,
Breath stuck in your mouth for so long,
Before you know it your jaw starts to ache.

Just breathe,
Alexander Jan 20
Time has a way
of leaving too early-
and arriving rather late
Katie Jan 17
A year ago, I'd hate this.
It would be unacceptable to miss
A deadline I created, arbitrary
It may be, I shouldn't tarry.
But mistakes happen and frankly, a few hours late is better than never.
Chris Jan 13
Nights have me up
I'm awake with memories
Casting spells on a good night sleep

Life holds so many chapters
Telling these stories
Sometimes forgotten laughter
Sometimes it's so much better
Battling the days saying
Today would never be
Farah Jan 9
tell me you want me
but only for tonight
& if u mean it, then **** me right
satisfy me inside and keep me warm
*** I can get cold, i need ur support
let’s keep this a secret, we’re sippin on sin
enter inside me n caress my skin
look me in the eyes, hand inside my thighs
consume my body, whisper in my ear
tell me you need me, that I’m your dear
but please be gentle, I’m like a rose petal
im scared if you hurt me, I may become resentful
Erian Rose Dec 2021
To you,
Where your smile meets the gaze
Of blizzard-still byways -
I'm scared of losing you somewhere along the lines.

To you,
Buried barriers trickle moonflower skies
Two years apart from being miles away -
I'm scared we'll fall when it's too late.

To you, From me,
A friend who wishes the very least,
To spend a little more chapters in your life.
I'm scared we'll be over before we even start.
Kagey Sage Nov 2021
No, I won't turn off the T.V.
so I can concentrate harder
The point is I want to be so care free
that I multi-task out of existence
I do all the tasks at once
I am
I am
I am
even if you say it
Now, I do all the tasks at once
Video game
and the antennae TV hum
so I can't skip no commercials
Have my feelers all over the globe
I feel all the feels at once
I am
I am
I am
even if you say it
Now, I feel all the feels at once
Video game
Now, I do all the tasks at once
I am
I am
I am
Even if you say it
I just need you to say it
I am
I am
I am
Even if you say it
I just need you to say it
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