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Ram B Aug 2023
Why did I leave late?
Why is the traffic so bad?
How long do I have to wait?
This situation makes me mad.
When I stay calm
And just breathe
When I realized
Being frantic, sad, or mad
Would change nothing, indeed
Knowing that I have a choice
To go through this trip
Peaceful, calm, and composed
Experience change
Although I'm still late for the airport.
nanimono Jun 2023
The desert's longing for the rain
Is longing for drops of life
Longing that will continue to be awaited
Dreams that I have never achieved
Time that never come back
And all the opportunities I've missed

Forgive me
Because I'm late
And for my negligence, I missed you
Forever, this love is always awake
But the desire to have you has vanished
A red thread of my fate has been severed
ok okay May 2023
Under the shelter of the bewitching midnight sky
I lie in bed and wait
No colour is here
Only the light from the moon
It seeps through the blinds and the curtains in my room
Sleep waits for my guard to let down
Only problem is I never want to let anyone down
So, instead I let my thoughts consume
Who else let's there mind consume.
i was late
through no fault of my own
at least
that's what i tell myself
just one of those occasions
where try as you might
the universe won't allow you
to leave on time
standing at the threshold
one final pat of pockets
to check i had
all that i needed
looking up
to gauge the need
for coat or umbrella
i witness
an inhumane globule
of avian faeces
viscous and creamy
in colour and consistency
exploding upon the path
two steps ahead of me
i see no sign
of the culprit
hearing only its cacophony
of enjoyment
or maybe disappointment
into the distance
Adam Jun 2022
What is it that I truly seek?
What happened to the beauty,
in all that I used to see?

Can someone explain what happened to me?

I used to have the buzz and the impetus, that you'd see in a bee.
But these days, I look like a stone tied to a tree.

Asking myself,
at which age did happiness decide to flee?
Posted this 3 years after writing it
Alexander Jan 2022
Time has a way
of leaving too early-
and arriving rather late
Katie Jan 2022
A year ago, I'd hate this.
It would be unacceptable to miss
A deadline I created, arbitrary
It may be, I shouldn't tarry.
But mistakes happen and frankly, a few hours late is better than never.
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