oh this is bad,
it's our first date
and here I am
two hours late
I am without a good excuse
battery cables rattled loose
windshield shattered by a flying goose
road was blocked by a stubborn moose
these explanations sound too abstruse
I'm turning back, 'cause what's the use


rob kistner © 2008
Just a bit of rhyming sillyness.
I lay awake in bed at night
And ponder the “what-ifs”
If one little detail changed in the past
The present would be altered drastically
What if I stayed friends with that person?
What if I said yes to that opportunity?
What if I held my tongue in that moment?
I also think about possibilities of the future
If I was suddenly cured
If I died tomorrow
How the world would be impacted
I dwell on this too often
Concentrating on details I cannot change
If only I could focus on my current impact
If that altered detail changed the present that much
Imagine how my actions now impact the future
late night thoughts amirite

I haven’t been posting poetry as often because I am Insecure™️ but whatever hdhdhdjd
Another whimsy, a flimsy summer.
A bummer, another loaned heart.
The heat is beaming, the lake is teeming.
With a thousand tiny fireflies,
lighting up the world and dreaming.

A scatter of mattering, a tatter
of matted mating. Cheery cherubs
bathing; in the teem off shore,
a bore, a long lost dream lost
in the hills of your lore.

A fistful of live, a heartfelt of pound.
Woke in a fritz of too-loud sound,
a smitten bit lip bleeding and sending
off to the predators around the way,
an approximated coordinate.

Cordon off the crime scene.
The air thick with iron,
though she was anemic.
I breathed in what made her veins thick.
I shook in my hands,
my fingertips amiss.

For a while I wondered, where the fuck was I?
Surely this is still a dream, lakeside,
and lit now were not fireflies,
but cortisol levels and adrenaline eyes.
Pulsed and bugged out, wide.
You never were to see my surprise.

You beat me to it.
Felt and written, nothing in between.
Geanna 3d
1 cut
2 cuts
3 cuts
As much as it takes, I must do more
5 cuts
Oh my, it'll be too late
9 cuts
10 cuts
11 cuts
It's an addiction now, oh well
~ G.P.O
Clarity 3d
The bitter look in your eyes,
As he touched me,
Made me realise,
That you still loved me.
You’d told me many times before,
But i wasn’t a believer.

If i hadn’t left that day,
Maybe we’d still be together,
But what i did was for forever.
Amanda Jun 11
I watch stars come out at night
These days they are my only friends
Giving me hope when all I have found
Are empty hallways strewn with dead ends

I look for an omen or sign
To tell me it's not too late
A burning bush will never appear
It's not meant to be, still I wait
Written 3-27-13
Dacotah Ashes Jun 11
silver hours threaded
through your eyes
all those lies
uncover your disguise
III Jun 8
If the world
Stood still,
Stuck at 3am,

I'd be content
So long as
You were awake with me.
skyler Jun 8
you hit my phone up
"any chance you're awake"
during the late hours
in your intoxicated state

are you just drunk and lonely? what on earth is going through your head
Genesee Jun 7
If you didn't know her very well then you would
think she's just another stereotypical girl
that's where you're mistaken in so many ways
here is how I view this mysterious girl
with a small and petite frame
any dress she wears fits her like a glove
soft and snug as she slips on a red dress that did her justice
highlighting every curve
Don't even get me started on how this girl honestly doesn't need any makeup
for her beauty is internal
radiant, loving and beautiful are the three words I think of immediately
when her name is spoken aloud
the way I'd describe the color of her eyes is mesmerizing.
from afar,  you'd think that they were a regular brown color.
''It isn't until you get the chance to actually talk to her. Then you realize how oh so wrong you were''
Alluring dark brown eyes
Outlined by long, full eyelashes, and above are her arched eyebrows.
she had long voluminous dark hair that was the color of the midnight sky
which framed her face perfectly
Although on some days, it could appear unkept
or messy, but it didn't matter. To me, she was beautiful no matter how her hair looked.''
she didn't need to dye it any other color
for it's a reflection of her Latin roots
her personality is like a little kid at heart
she's so spontaneous
wanting to travel and experience new things and meet new people
It's so exciting to see that the little things that make her happy
For example, the way she sings at the top of her lungs
When her favorite song comes on the radio
Gets that certain glint in her eyes
I honestly can't decide if that glint reflects playfulness or adventure
either way, I love it
Her thirst for knowledge
Wanting to know different things
Sometimes she tends to let her mind wander
going from one subject to the next one
But if something really captures her interest
then she’ll do everything in her power to know anything and everything about the subject

The way she loves someone is truly like no other
It’s not about the gifts or the gesture's
the staying up until sunrise
to make something heartfelt or write a paragraph
it all depends on how long you’ve known her and two other factors
and you’ll be able to tell if she loves you and cares
look at her actions they speak more volumes than words do

last but certainly not least is how much she thrives off of her alone time
It’s nothing personal
But she loves having time to herself
time to recharge so to speak
from the world around her
Can you guess who this is about ????
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