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ok okay May 7
Under the shelter of the bewitching midnight sky
I lie in bed and wait
No colour is here
Only the light from the moon
It seeps through the blinds and the curtains in my room
Sleep waits for my guard to let down
Only problem is I never want to let anyone down
So, instead I let my thoughts consume
Who else let's there mind consume.
There's something
Over when you're

Something missing
In your mind.

When you've
Passed on,
And starting

There's something
You leave

And now it's
Now I'm sober
And I'm supposed
To be fine....

But I'm not Over
What I found
When I was lost
In my mind...
68 days sober, trippy *** dreams, and I still feel like I'm missing something. No more coking and smoking for me. Seeing what it does to my roommate made me never want to do it again. That and my court case, of course.
Zywa Apr 19
I am as the phrase

goes, deep in thought, pondering --

just about nothing.
"Het Bureau - De dood van Maarten Koning" ("The Office - The Death of Maarten Koning", 2000, Han Voskuil), page 165, Maarten Koning and Joost Kraai (1988)

Collection "Not too bad [1974-1989]"
Ken Pepiton Mar 30
How can one say what one lacks words for?
Any way one may, as one will, if will forms way,

any one may say follow me, I think I see a light.

Thou art God, and that's the truth,
as you consider Jesus being in form Logos,
as he was so he is, thus he is eternally
Been There Done That, BTDT, the knowledge

form of that’s and thou's in Perrenial Philosophy,
Addiction to Wisdom, with perfect understanding,
ours in realized wedom of breathing sapients…
we, the soul of gaseous we. Ist wahr, nicht wahr?
Aldous Huxley has a hook in me. Perrenial Philosophy is a good attention investment.
Thinking always brings everyone to a common level.
Thinking is the communist of mysticism.
It is a pool of common feelings.
Thinking makes one equal to all creatures.
Every atom is regarded the same.
And so thinking unites existence.
Pondering in my room
Zywa Mar 16
I am a thinker:

although, can I think away --

sedimented thoughts?
Sunyata = absence of mental disturbances (and absence of an illusory self)

Collection "BloodTrunk"
irinia Jan 16
I can howl  in words but
I say it gently instead, no, fiercely,
first to myself and to him and to her
to you if necessary and to them
for as long as it takes
why and how and what
 how come and when and what for
how is my mind, I ask even the wind
this is what I usually play on repeat
why these thoughts images feelings
sensations movements words and deeds
everything is together but not always apparent
cause we are trapped inside the curvature of  mind
evolving in tunnels unexcavated trenches
breaking loose on wider routes only when there is time
our thought trapped on certain orbits of habit
on the available energetic level at one time
the same way as our well behaved atoms spin their wonder
the same way as everything is evolving into its waterfall

imagination is the way I play with myself,
with you and them and the world
for destroying the habit of seeing hearing interpreting
we play language games everytime
we don't use the right thoughts for emerging bulshit
straightforward bullets deepening confusions
deceptions limitations judging&comparing
seduction of half truths and easy routes
or inventing enemies
so ask questions get answers
ask the same questions get other answers
I allow my mind to flow in unknown spaces
only because I learn from those
who attempt true learning
I am really forced to listen rather carefully
to the music of thinking
but about this in another poem
for now I'm listening to these feelings
and it might get unbearable
to recognize the disintegration of the night
information everywhere you look
you can wear your thoughts as your shoelace
or you can envision perhaps this poliphony of meaning
cause thought is no other than a form of relating everything to everything else
there are crystals of meaning cause we need more facets
they need to be smashed and reinvented
don't be afraid the riverbed will stay pretty much the same
it's fine to know what you know and there
is so much that we don't
we are not innocent creatures in not knowing
only sometimes perhaps
we need to listen to our deeper thoughts
who is the dancer who is the dance

what about this pain, always this pain
I don't know if you know
that turns the marriage of body&mind into
the marriage of heaven&hell,
as Blake put it

some don't believe in the Gulag of the mind
so the fate of the unconscious is to repeat itself
when it is just the psychoanalytic bulshit
they don't need they don't care they protest against
you see there is also this sweet sweet desire for not knowing

perhaps I am waiting for my mind
your mind/the collective mind
to embrace me
to embrace you
to embrace itself
Dreaming in ivory she heeded nothing.
The solace rushed through each cell like unalloyed ecstasy.
Evaporating her last sigh, she let go of the agony left viable within.
Life wasn’t absolute anymore, self identity was consumed.
A lifeless corpse with no earthly ties, no human needs.
Decay began having his way with her devoid flesh case.
Life flourishes from blight so gracefully.
What once contained memories and dreams, was now reduced to naught.
Zywa Nov 2022
People keep thinking,

about their feelings, even --

about their thinking.
Letter 3, to Theo Peeters, spring 1966 ("A pleasant postumity: letters 1965-1997", 2004, Herman de Coninck)

Collection "Shortages"
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