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joren's 1d
so my common sense
expands past
common expansions
this trance is
a prison my sentence
i'm risking
Gaining time here i
wont die here
i try to hear the guards
i lie here
constructing and tinkering
but i fear
my concious and thinking
are not clear
This is a mess. I can't really explain it, theres just a line you cross between normal thoughts and ones that involve actual thinking.
last night i stayed up
until the stars lost their warmth
until the constellations rearanged
until the moon departed back into the galaxy
just thinking about you
the night sky is clearing but im still awake
I went out for a ride trying to find something interesting,
trying to clear my mind off things,
yet all I keep thinking is about you and me;
the way I want it to be and the way it really is.

I don’t know why everything we do feels so wrong.
We’re like a broken record that repeats the same irritating song.
Trapped in a car that seems to get tinier and uncomfortable
and each promise we make floats away in a bubble.  

Apparently, our promises are made to fill our empty spaces, the void we feel about each other;
they’re pretentious and boring, heavy with the unwavering longing we have for each other.

I don’t hate “us”,
but right now, I can’t stand us.
Written on February 22, 2003
Composition number 150
People undervalue being alone-
Turning everybody else into white noise mush that turns my brain all fuzzy inside and out,
or having the rain pound pavement into ravines and mountain ranges,
rivers left behind that cause my old shoes to fill up like leaking boats.

Being alone is kind of okay.
I like feeling like a ghost sometimes, roaming around in the fuzz or the rain like the tv pictures floating around in bad-connection static-
And time goes very slowly and you wonder if it’s even passing at all...

But you’re alone, so it doesn’t matter how long you disappear for, it’s just you and your dull headache.
if i wrote you a poem
for every time ive thought about you
i would be writing for an eternity
never lifting my pen
i would write you a novel
Am I now?
Am I god?
Is that why they are scared?
I have not threatened anyone
I have not killed anyone (though I would mentally)
I have not hurt anyone (I hope)
So why will I scare them with something that they will eventually learn about?
Maybe it is my face. It is expressionless.
i don't get people.
I often wonder
When it's good it's great
It never seems to last
I begin to ? why is this so
Is it something I can ever change
Will it be me or you
Who must it be
Or is it me
Or is it just me
Sadly it's feeling true
Maybe it's just me
© Jennifer Delong 2/10/19
Catherine McCabe Dec 2018
Propelled by automaticity
we breath,

But, should our thoughts be allowed to run free,
in bare automaticity?

Beware those thoughts, which,
in the guise of a friend
twist truth into lies.
Because, wearing a wholesome disguise,
like mermaids, they flirt and invite you
to curate your own insanity.
From there, you will never be seen again.

So, let me ask you again
Should we let our own thoughts run free, in bare automaticity?
Thomas Bodoh Feb 11
From a thousand miles away
I can still hear you
Don’t stop
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