Thinking can
Harm you
In ways
No one
Kind could ever understand

Am I crazy
Butterflies in and
Out of my stomach, everything in
Utter shock,
Time no longer existing

Youth can be decieving
Outward apperance can
Utterly destroy our
Respect for ourselves and
Speaking of self respect,
Everyone has some
Life in them, it's
Finding it that can sometimes be hard

A little fun can never hurt

Life is a mysetery
In a nutshell
Titles as our names
Too much about us leaking through
Little to nothing at times we need feeling
Eventually no longer feeling anything at all

Most people
Overexaggerate little things
Respond inpolitely and
Eventually, never get what they really wanted

Think about yourself a little more
We look down upon ourselves because we're demons, but we should look up to ourselves because we're also angels.
Lizzie 3d

i thought i loved you.
the way you called me princess,
or you called me yours,
how you declared me your favorite
and let me fall asleep in call.
how you messaged me when i couldn't sleep
even when you had work at 7 am

i really fucking thought i loved you,
and sometimes i think i still do,
but you made it really clear that you didn't love me
when you called her princess,
and claimed her as yours,
and said she was the most important person to you
how she fell asleep with you,
and how you helped her back to sleep,
even when you had work at 7 am

i sometimes still think i love you.

Amanda 3d

It's wild, isn't it?
How deep our thoughts can go,
How the thunder storm won't ever seem to go away,
The storm floods out of the eyes,
Happiness is a foreign concept
and a social construct.

People say, "it gets better".
I simply scream at them, "When".
I think you fail to see that the future doesn't exist
It is always the present
But I fail to see the present as a gift.

Society medicates itself
to turn the darkness
into a lighter shade of gray
But sometimes, the color change gradates from
black, to gray, to white
in one swift gulp.

Do I have hope for the depressed?
I have to.
I have to have enough hope for the both of us
They cannot see it
I see it for them

Examine the depths of your mind
or don't.
It will be fatal either way.

Have you ever wondered
how you find love?
How to make someone
notice you?

Will it ever be enough,
to know that you worked hard?
But yet people who do nothing,
overshadow you.

When nothing you do
is ever enough for people to see
for people to tell you
good job?

When you work hard
every waking moment
until the minute you go
to sleep

Hurting yourself
in overexertion
to make them see you
for who you are

But they don't.
Is it all just wishful thinking?
That the hard workers will be noticed
that everything will be fine?

All the effort I put in...
is nothing to them
but everything to me
I just want to be accepted.

It's all just worthless
because no matter what I want
It's all just....
wishful thinking.

olive 4d

my mind becomes jmulebd
and it's hurting to eat

my mind is a p uz zl e
that i can't complete

my mind feels so e m p t y
and this one's on me

Swastik 5d

Once I thought,
The next moment...
I turned to look back...
Nd there I saw was.....
MY OWN the mirror!
Nd....guess what!
I was speechless!......

Joshua 5d

My mind is so far
But I'm right here
My heart lies to my brain
So I could feel the happiness
That is said to be wrapped in this world
A comforting blanket to throw over my shoulder
But I prefer not to be here
My voice tire talking about meaningless things
My 'friends' give me fake life as they speak
Their frivolous talks vibrate to me
In one ear and out the next
As if I'm the stupid one in the crowd
My frequency tends to go unheard
So many tuned into futile tv stations
Many people dont listen to radio anymore
Sigh until a natural disaster take their power
And they realize TVs don't have battery slots
Then they run to the truth
When its convenient for them
Like a hungry dog then try to consume it
Because its the only thing they've got
Until things get better and they slip back into old habits
And the radio catches dust again
This vicious cycle is not healthy
Its programming
We don't learn real
We are taught fake
So when the program fails
And the civilize see the real
They are no better than a wild baby
With no sense of direction

Magical Thinking   By Chris
                                                       We have scarcely begun to slowly
                                                                 Climb the pit of species
                                                               Let us not slide backwards into
                                                                   Just for nothing, just as we
                                                                Began to see the light.
                                                                      Do our benefactors really
                                                                                        know what’s
                                                                               Best for us? What kind
                                                                                             of rights
                                                                                  Can a person get to
                                                                                     Decisions for
                                                                                    Leaving our
                                                                                    questions and
                                                                       Anxieties underlying us.
                                                                                  Or people            
                                                             misusing instinct for using it to
                                                                  perceive threats instead of

She Writes Nov 16

Thinking of you

Burning in my throat
From words unsaid

Pressure behind my eyes
From the headaches

Churning in my stomach
From the disgust

Pain in my chest
From the screaming

Yearning in my heart
From missing you

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