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james Oct 7
its two in the morning
and i remember the nights when i was 11
and i tried to understand my true nature
and became afraid and confused

because the more i asked why i
felt or thought some thing or way
the less i was sure
that i had no ulterior motives

(this is how i spent my weekends
when i was not comparing
the local colleges-
yes, i was very fun at parties)

i hadn't words for it then
just frustration and shame
but tonight, in the moonlight
i found them

"the world is a story, and we are all nothing more than untrustworthy narrators," i thought
over popcorn and juice

but i was so young, too young
when i started to ponder
what my actions and beliefs
could really mean

i wouldnt say im smarter now
i wouldnt say im more at peace
but really, the best thing ive done done for myself
is forget how to think
i am not exaggerating
when i talk about not thinking.
once i didnt really like
a situation i was in
so i merely pictured television static
and a blank white room
and i spent the next twenty minutes
not thinking.
midnight sun Oct 5
i hope in a different life,
you would—at least—be happier,
even if that means trading my only chance
in this life of knowing you exist.
to my dearest k.
Simon Oct 4
Universe is its name. Existence is it’s claim. Nothing but a muck of remedies in an open spray can designing an open view of everything all around you. Claims don’t recognize the innocence piling into one mural. Until people notice details. One universe could outshine the other. If not for gimmick being more then one. Existence becoming more then one claim. Open spray cans sharing broader horizons with people thinking one existence was it’s claim. Fantasizing about the universes claim could be? People finally capturing more then one abstract detail in its imagery. Mural taking on a life of its own. Perceiving what one claim isn’t. Broader horizons forcing people to share ideals. Demonstrating remedies of different visuals. Open spray cans taking on newer colours and forms. Different strands of colour to much for an open view taking in all at one glance. Molding into newer ideals. Designing a newer claim. One without one claim, or one viewer. An open view turning into multiple accounts. Molding different forms, until the horizon becomes fast pace. Growing without steady rates. Claims don’t worry. People start to question more harshly! Is it rash? Only if it changes ideals for the better. Names exhibiting more then one standard. Gimmick lays claim to the mural. Exhausting all efforts into one design without its own equals. Gimmick is no design. It’s a product of innocence. The universe is playing itself. Fantasizing one gigantic ego!
The universe isn't the only one playing games!
Amy Oct 4
“Lie to me again” she whispered,
                                                 “I love you” he replied
BoringBoy Sep 24
Life is a warzone;
yet here I am, calmly continuing forward.

Beautiful tragedy, the scene around me;
where the trees and birds sing together, but not everyone can see.

Opened by the will above;
I hold a force unlike the common.

I am no better, no worse, or etcetera;
I come as a messenger with an omen.

There comes hope in the eye of the sky;
Forces greater than you and i.

But with them will be a document listing lives;
Did you take the one request that came from the hope in the sky?

Open your hearts, for it comes stealthily;
I am not here to frighten you.

I'm expecting you not to trust my words;
but you also have the choice to.

Maybe it's wishful thinking, to hope that you'll understand;
I understand you, a child of Man.

But I am merely a messenger, a poet with an omen;
Surely you'll ponder this, hopeful because you can.
Zane Smith Sep 23
the days I feel
my brain is blocked,
I take a step back
go for a walk.
no phone needed
through the neighborhood.
searching for peace
a quiet state of mind,
finding ways
to leave it behind.
one way I take my pause for the day, giving my brain a moment to process
aren't we all a little hesitant
to allow unexpected love
to enter
B D Caissie Sep 21
Sleepless nights I look to thee
Within the dark how clear I see

Scars they open and speak to me
Pleading my mind to be set free

I look upon paper to write my plea
Heaven’s gift that fears must flee

The dawn will rise a timely decree
Light of hope for our humanity

Or at the very least my sanity...

Zane Smith Sep 19
time flies by
with the blink
of an eye.
so when
do we truly
start living?
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