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Aurora 6h
Sometimes, it’s very difficult to trust you.
The butterflies in my stomach are alive again
But not because of love
This time
It’s because of incertitude
You changed
The sparkle in your eyes is gone
Your smile is so fake
Your chest is so cold
So I know
It’s not my brain
It’s your attitude
Daniela 1d
I stare at my blank notebook trying to put down the things my heart feels, only to realize I can't. This sadness,disappointment.. where and how do I begin?

My best moments were with you,always. How I wish we were there again. The flashbacks come and go like fireworks in the night. Ones when I was in your car looking up at the sky to look at birds. The one of us in the darkness of the night looking at the sea and stars...

To think I loved you for everything you were;for everything you are...
I became you in those days. I absorbed you like the rays from the sun. I lost myself to you,to be everything you needed. I was your shadow.
And like the shadow I stayed behind.

But seeing you slowly back away from me broke my heart to pieces. All the while I told myself I was okay, that I knew all along.
That it was too good to be true.
Frustrated I cursed at the wind and hoped that you somehow heard me. That you would feel what I feel. That you knew what true love looked like.

I see it clearly that you never deserved me.
Never loved me.
Never saw the real me.
You will NEVER see the adoration I had for you. And how I would've gave you the world on a platter in exchange for your sincerest love and affection.
And now you will not see not hear from me again. Exactly like the way it was in the beginning.
Astral 1d
I think it is an unrequited love.
But not the way you would usually think.

I guess I don't "love" them,
But they're my best friend.
I just don't think they like me,

I just don't think I'm they're best friend.

So yes,
I think it is an unrequited love,
But not the way we usually think.
Autumn 4d
I can’t stop thinking about you

About the way you laugh

The way you squeal at the sight of fuzzy kittens

Or the way your cheeks dimple when you smile

You’re always on my mind

You were the light at the end of the hall

Assuring me that no matter how dark my days will be

You’ll be there to shine on them

But you don’t really feel the same, do you?

Not anymore, at least

I think our sparked died out

Flickered from our existence

But I still can’t stop thinking about you

Even though I know you’re not thinking about me
missing people *****
Daniel 4d
Ever since I was a kid,
The answear was deeply hid -

Am I unique?
Or am I just a part of something big?
I think with my feelings, not with my mind.
My persistent heart leaves my brain behind.
The world that I see seems ever so real,
But I can never sense more than I feel.

While reason and passion fight over me,
I experience emotionally.
Instead of judging with thoughts in my head,
I’d rather resolve them in dreams instead.

I occupy life as if fantasy.
Truth without feeling seems a fallacy.
I trust in those instincts that bring me tears
And tune out rational words in my ears.

I’m giving up on following logic.
Too many thoughts have been catastrophic.
I no longer care what I’m thinking of.
From now on I listen only to love.
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Twitch 6d
Why are we always complaining? And when were not complaining we're complaining about complaining. Right now in fact, I seem to be complaining about complaining about complaining, like i'm almost contemplating. What does that word mean? What do any of these dastardly words mean? So it seems we just say every phrase that we see in the maze of the screen next to our faces. Our parents hope its just a faze but how can they call it a faze if they do the exact same thing every day maybe life is a faze, in witch we pick different ways but all end up the same, thinking its all a game. We try to distract ourselves from this endless loop of complaining and contemplating and phasing and hating, we distract ourselves with the drugs that are not always drugs, the drugs that make us all slaves to underthinking. we are always in loops going round and round were all spiraling fastly toward the ground, the drugs just make us do it with a smile instead of a frown.
this is what happenes when i get off of the drugs that are not drugs, i think agein, but isent thinking one of the drugs that are not drugs too?
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