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Everything hides
Nothing is found
There’s string on me
And I cannot breathe

Mum, I’m not angry, nor sad
I’m not mad
I don’t feel anything
I can’t feel anything

World’s turning around
I’m loosing my mind
Can’t tell apart
What’s wrong, what’s right

It breaks my heart
My light burns out
I’ve tried to fight
Got caught by fright

Brain feels so wired
It doesn’t shut up
I’m just so tired
Of playing the part

Still fear there’s someone
Who’s pulling my strings
Like I’m some puppet
You’ll  see on TV
Eyithen 1d
I can feel the buzzing of my nerves
So I chug it down
hoping it will calm the storm
I taste the sweet and bitter
I feel the burn on the way down
I like the warmth when it hits my stomach
Maybe it can help
slow things down for a bit
Buzz my mind
Make me sleep
A sip here
A swish there
I think it'll do the trick
Just don't tell mama
she'll get rid of it
she don't like it in the house
I understand why
The temptation is bright
When you don't want to think
Ach, my amygdala
agglomerates ridiculousness,
a ****** laden froth
of other possibilities and lives
and loves, loves
and mitigated losses
to address the hurt
Zywa Jun 9
It's the road before

the bend, and right there it is –

still a bendless road.
“Para além da curva da estrada” (“Beyond the turn in the road”, 1914, Alberto Caeiro [Fernando Pessoa] )

Collection "Appearances"
"The highest [theoretical physics] models are extremely general in their domains of application and, because of their generality, give little insight into actual behavior." ~Stephen Omohundro
Because humans think both linearly and non-linearly
there can be no ultimate pattern of
mathematics equations.
copywork math
Since all computers can work out any math,
then my problems of math thinking
are simply that I have a lack of
ANDs, ORs, or NOTs
in my brain connection.
There are accidents to diseases,
With countless other, obstacle’s, in between,
If we always worry about everyone, of them,
We can miss the life; we should have seen.
Our mind controls our body, every breath, heartbeat,
Down to each word we say, look towards the future,
Think positive, your body will flow the same way.
When A person always says, I can’t right A way,
Could it be they are too lazy, or afraid to try,
Your better, to give it your best first,
Then, convince your mind, your ready to give up, and die.
When you talk about the weather, more than twice, A day,
Are you using your mind to think,
When you have to look outside, A window, for something to say?

                                                           ­         Tom Maxwell 04/21/2021 AD
                                                              ­                                                      9:00PM
Nishant Rawat May 22
I spend too much time imagining
thinking, writing, dreaming
about someone who will never be mine.
Midnight thoughts
i keep on thinking of words—
to unite, to collide;
but in everything that i do,
memories of you and i,
sweep me off of my feet—
with such delight.
hope y'all are doing fine!
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