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"I hope you someday
Find happiness
In the arms of another,"
I whispered to him

"One day,
I surely will,"
He replied

And so I smiled
And turned around,
"I hope you someday
Find happiness
In the arms of another,"
I whispered again—
But now to myself
lillium Apr 2019
you’re alive today
your aching ribcage
are filled with petals
as you kiss his cheeks
over and over again
you feel like stardust
filled your soul
and today you tell yourself
‘I finally love again’
Nic Sutcliffe Feb 2018
Eros himself took one look at you
He smiled & at once knew, no more he could do
He surmised that his arrow would just go to waste
On a woman of such impeccable Beauty and taste
To paint Love on your smile would be utterly useless
And attempts to teach your being of Love would be fruitless

This God of Love recognised what I have known from the start
That there's no greater capacity for Love
than in Your magnanimous human heart
The embodiment of Love is what, in You, he saw
The Avatar of One Love so powerful and raw

What caught him off-guard and took him by surprise
Was seeing the familiar in the Nebula of your eyes
Without doubt an incarnation of his Goddess mother
Aphrodite reborn in humanity's finest Lover
But even the Gods blush when in Love you ARE
From the Brilliance of your Aura that burns bright as a star
A heat from deep within Self that radiates wide and far

You are truly in Love and you deserve to be
Adored & Celebrated on high for all eternity
for nothing comes close to the Love You create
even Gaia's heart swells as she breathes and pulsates

Lifetimes I'll spend showing you
as often as I can
This humble twin Soul man
Will never stop Loving
his strawberry Moon Jan
an expression of the unique Love I cultivate & bathe in daily for the woman of my dreams. I'm grateful every day for our time & this unique connection and thankful for a place such as this through which to share.
You have had your heart broken more than once,
Just as you have had fallen in love more than once...
And even when it's very likely that the cycle will repeat itself
Sometime in the future,
Remember that what can break a heart can fix it
And what goes through a painful ending can go back
To a beautiful beginning.

And whether you've given up on love
Learned to re-define love in a less dramatic way
Or looked at relationships in a more realistic way,
Debunked Maslow's hierarchy of needs by putting love at the tip of the triangle;
And when you watch those soppy movies you pretend to just laugh at how the cheesiness can never work in the real world!

The truth is that, there is always....always
A soft side of you willing to unleash itself,
To take the leap of faith.
To love boldly.

When and if only true love gives you that moment.
Nitin Pal Jan 2018
It all came back when she knocked my door one afternoon,
My love could've been stretched to and back from the moon;
I had enough supper to feed her and her child,
While I happily starved for her in the summer that wild.

She left the next month and I went berserk,
Went scouring for her and skipped a months' work.
Deep in my heart, I knew she had reconciled,
With her ex-husband, in the summer that wild.

I can't open my heart again for I knew it was broken,
She came back again with a truth outspoken;
That she wouldn't ever go back for she'd been exiled,
And my heart started beating again, in the summer that wild.

If I had only known that we just had over a month,
I wish there was a sign, to alarm me, just once;
But the problems she bore were never too mild,
It got enough of her and she passed, in the summer that wild.
ky Dec 2017
I know you want something more,
but I'm afraid I'll never be able to give that to you.
You see, it seems as though I've forgotten how to feel.

I know it sounds bad,
but I guess that's just how it goes
when you fall for someone
who brings out the best in you,
because when he leaves,
all that's left of you
is the worst.

And I'm sorry,
but how am I supposed to know what love is
when the first boy I truly loved
loved another girl at the same time
he supposedly "loved" me?

And how am I supposed to love again
when the only boy I ever loved
chose his first love over me?

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm sorry.
I know this must be hard for you to hear,
but I just don't know how I could ever feel for you
the way I once felt for him.

To be honest,
it's not that I don't remember how to feel.
It's that I don't want to remember.

But maybe you could help me,
teach me to love again,
so I'd finally know what it feels like
to love a boy like you.
Nicholas N Nov 2017
Your pupils dilate when you daydream of me,
I'm the focus of your erratic emotions.
Big birds and sharks circle below and above,
I'm your very own psychotropical ocean.

Goddesses weep that they'll never have me,
I'm the desire of all women and menfolk.
You're just a drop in my nicotine sea,
I'm your Revelator, forever and amen.
I open the book with seven tight seals,
Peter man's the gate to a white scale paradise.
A place for us who can heal the sick and lame,
You darling dear will know nothing  of this.

My eyes full of water I struggled to see,
The physical signs of repeated emotion.
They opened my skull so they could finally see,
The darkness inside that caused all the commotion.
Mother boiled water and she made me some tea,
The darkened swirls combined with the clear water.
She mixed it then with some sweet honey,
Made me promise you'd never be her daughter.

Your pupils dilate when you daydream of me,
I'm the focus of your erratic emotions.
Big birds and sharks circle below and above,
I'm your very own psychotropical ocean.
Written as if I myself were a psychoactive drug.
Ilunga Mutombo May 2017
Speak from thy heart
so that thy body can rid its desires of being lonely
Capture thy imagination and serenade my naked soul
If summer holds on
let her know that for autumn to come we all have to fall
Just speak from thy heart
and maybe Picasso might bless you with the gift of art
You have Mona Lisa's eyes and Helen Keller's Sight
So be blind to judgement, but open to love  
Try to see the unseen and feel the numb
Lose your mind and find it next to my heart,
because love makes us all insane
Speak from thy heart and maybe you might start to love again
Let me be your medicine and rid you of your pain
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