Wyatt 1h
I can tell you’re a freak
by how your hands
wrap around my throat.
You establish dominance,
you shut me down.
I’ve seen this before,
I’ve felt this before.
The lust between us
put a target on my back.
You sent a shiver
down my spine,
shook me to my core
then you took my heart
with you back to your door.
It’s only natural, it’s obvious.
I’m meant to be owned by you
with nothing at all in return.

I picked out locks
to get into hearts
I had no business being in.
I took your bait,
settled in and got comfortable
as your trapdoor caught me.
I took just a shot of her
then I found myself
deeper and deeper in the bottle,
addicted to her taste.
I’m drunk on a girl
who knows her way.
Her legs wrap around me
like a snake with her prey.
I’m drunk on a girl who knows her way, she’s a freak of nature.
i had a bit to drink that night
but later i said no.
i checked him out across the room
but later i said no.
i then began to dance with him
but later i said no.
i went outside to talk to him
but later i said no.
i let him put his arm round me
but later i said no.
i made the choice to leave with him
but later i said no.
i went up to his room with him
but later i said no.
i let him put his lips on mine
but later i said no.
i got into his bed with him
but later i said no.
i let him take my t shirt off
but later i said no.
i let him take my black jeans off
but later i said no.

he tried to put his dick in me.
i said no.
he tried and tried and wouldn't stop.
i said no.
he had so much more strength than me.
i said no.
he made me bleed onto his sheets.

so when you call me slut or whore
remember i said no.
so when you tell me it's my fault
remember i said no.
so when you say i shouldn't drink,
so when you say i shouldn't dance,
so when you say i shouldn't cry,
remember i said no.
I lay under the sheets,
Undressed and yearning,
Famished and waiting,
For a taste of ambrosia.

Knock knock knock!
Come now and come in,
Embrace your desire,
And ravish my senses.

Don’t tease me,
I am at my peak,
Mortally enraptured,
By my physical form.

Come lay beside me,
Put your hands on me,
Take me whole,
I surrender in flesh.

Caress my breasts,
Moisten my urges down,
Hold me tight,
And feel me now.

Hold me down now,
Watch me sizzle,
With fierce intensity,
Burn my passion out.

I need your body,
When mine takes over,
Come in and take it all,
Out ; when I simmer down.

Come again when I desire,
Hear my carnal call,
I want you in me,
A taste of ecstasy.

I lay here now,
Bare on the bed,
Ceased by desire,
Free me now.

Restless feet bother,
Kiss them and in between,
Soften the bridges,
So you may pass.

Forward and backward,
All leads to ecstasy,
Touch me whole,
Touch me now .
Experimenting with erotica;)
he plays the song
for you that makes
your hips dance and
that makes you feel
like a goddess
his fingers stroke
the treble chords
of the instrument
between the folds
of your womanhood
the beat of his tune is
synchronized with
the rhythm of your
heart pounding melodies
against your chest as
he reaches out to you
with hungry eyes
that make you beg  
for more before he
has even begun
his body locked in
yours like a puzzle
piece,  only one
possible match
could fit you
this well.
In reality,
There is no such thing as
"Feminist Porn".
With sex,
People yield to their instincts.
Feminism is something else.
Jayce 1d
it's much easier to let you see what's under my clothes
than to let you know what makes me smile
letting you physically enter me is so much safer
than allowing you to probe my innermost fears
hearing you tell me that I feel good
is lighter on my heart than hearing you say you love me
sex is the closest I will permit you to get,
my vulnerability when I'm naked is easier to defend than you getting to know me
No better place but inside my dream
to leave the world and it's endless scheme
my fingers tracing violet mountains
that turn into illustrious fountains
of things I want to do with you
if you and I could ever follow us through

I wonder where I'd start my journey
Give the starting signal for our particular tourney
Getting into delicate positions
movement in passion my only mission

Sensuality comes easily
I want you to lean into me
let's be a little bit sentimental
no words needed when we become intrumental

In my dreams we hold on tight
to the endless possibilities of a night
under a cold and steady moon
Goodnight love, we'll see each other soon.
I know you're thinking!
You think that I am a Racist,
Israeli, "Sex-Freak".
After all,
What the Hell am I doing here in Pattaya,
The "Sex Capitol of Asia"?
But you don't REALLY  Understand
My Life,
And all the Crap I deal with
From day to day!
You think I come from
"The Promised Land",
And that I am one of the
"Chosen People",
But this so-called "Promised Land" you speak of
Is really a Goddamn Hellhole!
The only Type of
I got into in Israel
Were Vodka and Whiskey.
At least,
Here in Thailand,
My Health is being Restored.
Does God  not dwell
Within the Human Body?
So I PURCHASED  the Sexual Services
Of a Young Lady here for a week.
If you want to get all Moralistic and Preachy with me,
Go ahead!
I don't give a damn!
THIS young Lady,
Is a lot SWEETER
Than any Woman I ever met in Israel!
I wish I could take her Home with me,
But, then
I would be subjecting her
To Life
In that  Holy Hell-Hole of a place!
When Singalong asked me,
"What Nation you from?"
I told her.
"I'm a Jew!"
She said,
"Oh, Jew must be very nice Country!"
That's it.
That's all she said.
No Intellectual Analysis.
No Left Wing/Right Wing Talking Heads
No Dissertations
No debates and dialogue
On the Mother Fu#$ing ,
Crazy Middle East.
For one week,
We did  EVERYTHING together.
We ate together.
I LOVE Thai Cuisine,
Because it's not as bland
As the shit I eat in Israel.
We walked  together
We talked together.
We prayed together.
And,  of course,
We Made Love
With a fervor I had never felt
While praying in any Synagogue.
What could be more Sacred  than That?!
Fighting some Stupid War
With a bunch of  People
Who are enraged
Because we keep forcing them  out of their homes?
I'd be enraged too!
Why should I care
What skin color the Palestinians have
Or  what their religion is.
These superficial characteristic  mean Nothing to me.
This sweet Thai Girl.
Singalong,  told me.
"You a good man, Moshe."
"You helping my Family."
Imagine That!
A Prostitute
Than I ever got  from my own  Family!
They just view me
As  a useless jerk.
It brought Tears to my eyes.
I told her,
"You are the Sweetest Girl I've ever met in my Entire Life!"
"I wish I could just move here to Pattaya,"
"But the Israeli Army won't let me go."
"They just allowed me to come here"
"To unwind for awhile"
She told me,
"That  okay, Moshe."
"You pray  to Buddha,"
"And Buddha give you Peace."
I had my Shabbos in Pattaya.
Shabbos from the Horrors of War.
Shabbos from the Torment
Of Liquor and Hard Drugs.
I never even drank a beer in Pattaya.
Just sips of Cool,
Thai Tea.
I didn't want to imbibe anything
That would ruin my sexual performance
During my long nights of passion
With  my dear,
The Jews
And the Palestinians
Finally gotten sick of  all the fighting.
They decided that the only way forward
Was to have a Mass Orgy in a Jerusalem Sports Stadium.
Prior to the event.
An Islamic Jihad Militant
Held  a News Conference
With the Sexy Female Israel Army Officer
He planned to fuck.
“We tried to obliterate these people
"With our Chinese-made Rockets"
"But they were  all defective"
"And many of them landed on our own heads."
"My cock  is much more reliable"
"Than all that  defective  military technology from China"
"That costs so much"
"I will most certainly be able"
"To reach the soul"
"Of this  Beautiful Lady"
If I strike her  hard!”
The Officer also spoke to News Reporters
As she eagerly tore off her off her Israeli Military Uniform.
“Hey, this Business of War is all fucked Up, people!” she proclaimed.
“We haven’t been able to eliminate the Islamic Jihad in 40 years.”
“But I’m going to completely eliminate”
“This man’s resistance in 40 minutes!”
“He won’t be able to live without me”
“For the Rest of His Life.”
“The Passion of Love is  much more Powerful than War!”
"She added”
“The Israeli Government  has used  my body”
“For the  Propaganda Purposes for years”
“But I haven’t even gotten laid"
“Thank God!”
“This so-called,”
“Is gonna’ make me feel like a Queen tonight!”
One very modest Palestinian woman spoke
Under the condition of anonymity
As she began  to release her hair
From  her hijab.
Before preparing for a  sexual encounter
With a Jewish Linguistics Professor named Moishe
“I only want to be impregnated by this man”
“Because I know he’s a Genius.”
“I want to have the most Intelligent Baby on Earth…….”
“A Boy who will Rule Palestine”
“When he becomes a man”.
“I have heard that  Jews are very intelligent.”
“So, I am willing to experience pleasure with him.”
“I want his genes.”
"I’m  not  really seeking Orgasmic Bliss,”
“But I know I will experience It”
“Because  Holy Sexual Pleasure"
"Is  a Blessing from  Allah!”
One Haifa  Hippy spoke directly to reporters.
"We’ve been fucking around for too long in the Middle East.”
“It’s time for us to get down and boogie for Peace!”
A Prominent Rabbi and an Imam
Came  together for a   Joint News Conference,
Covered by CNN, Al-Jazeera and the BBC
On International Satellited TV.
The Imam spoke first,
“Glory to Allah!"
“This Jewish/Palestinian Sex Extravaganza"
"Will be a bigger event”
“Than the Olympics in Brazil!”
“People throughout  the Globe”
“Will tune in”
“To see  all the  hot  action “
“Between the Palestinians and Jews”
“I feel so  blessed by Allah”
“To have the privilege”
“To be able to witness”
“Such a  Glorious Event!”
The Rabbi also spoke to the to the Microphone.
“This is the Greatest  Simcha"
"The Jewish People have  ever known!”
“We have all been"
"Created In the Image of God,”
“Jews and  Palestinians”
“Are finally going to show
“That  they are True Human  Beings”
“Rather than mere  Monsters or Dummies!”
“We're  really gonna’ get it on tonight.”
“By supporting  this wonderful,  Mass Orgy”
“For Middle East Peace,”
“We are showing our gratitude to our Creator,”
"We must now recite a Brakha."
"And show our thankfulness."
“Before  engaging"
"In all this hot sex."
The Rabbi continued to preach.
"We must cease to prostrate ourselves”
“To  the Golden Calf
"Of wasteful  Militarism.”
“We must now experience.”
“This Glorious  Dance of Love,
"Here in the Promised Land!”
“And let us all say,”
(The Imam joined in.)
That evening,
7 Billion People Viewed the Jewish/Palestinian Orgy of Love
On Live Television worldwide.
It was the Largest TV Audience for any pornographic event
Ever recorded in History.
One elderly Jewish Lady
In a Retirement Facility in Brooklyn, New York
Described her feelings of ecstasy
Upon viewing this Historical Burlesque.
"Oh, my GOD!“
“I have never seen anything so beautiful in my fucking  life!“
It makes  me want scream”
“At the top of my lungs!”
“The Beautiful, Glistening Bodies!“
”The Intense Eroticism”
“The Sweat!”
“The Passion!”
“It’s just STUNNING!”
“I feel so blessed”
“To have lived long enough”
“To Witness this Historic Event!”
“I felt inspired to Read the Song of Solomon”
“For the First time"
"Since I was a Romantic Teenage Girl,”
“High on Acid at Woodstock!”
A gentleman from Qatar
In his Mecca hotel,
Taking a break from the Haj Pilgrimage
Had some comments for local reporters.
“I knew the Palestinians could do it!”
“They’re the baddest Motherfuckers on Planet Earth!”
“Look at how they’re making the all those Sabras swoon.”
”This evening,”
“Palestine has   finally conquered Israeli resistance"
“With Love!”
“I will kiss the sacred stone of Hajar al-Aswad”
“In the Ka'aba”
“A Thousand times”
“To show  my Gratitude to Allah”
“For being able to witness”
"Such a Glorious Event"
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