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I gave so many lights
I wonder if you lost your way or if you found your nightlight
If the stars carried you through or if the monsters at night snatched you
I saw your blue eyes every god dam time
I can’t believe I lost you
Can you sing out the tune that we ****** too
I gave so many moves
I wonder if you felt my tongue ride you
Did you go to the underway without me
I felt your hands hold me down every god dam night and I loathe you
But I gotta have you
I gave so many whispers
I wonder if you heard me in the silence
I wonder if you felt me on top of you , melting you...
Hanging onto you with every slightest affection
I saw your eyes lay on my body every god dam direction
Can you sing out the tune that we ****** too while I bite my lips in remembrance of loving you
I hope to arrive at my death late, in love, and ******.
So that one day, once all the senseless metaphors of woman and fruit
Are peeled and devoured
You can revive my empty body
Where we can sit between winter pomegranates,
Like we used to when we were young.
Ashley 3d
whether i get the pill or not.
Tomorrow im determined to get further.
i won’t chicken out.
period or not. i really dont even care about me i just wanna eat this girl out.
make her want more of me.
i got this.
Ashley 5d
a high
a bathroom
your lips against mine
i didn't ever think it would end up like this
we could do it again if you wanted too
or maybe even more
i would honestly be down with anything as long as it's with you
****, you're so hot
best day of my life!.
Payton 5d
In the pedestal bowl rests oyster and artichoke and chilies
She has rinsed and now carries them carefully, as if they are the keys to the kingdom and they are
If thou art a Grecian goddess, then I be the sophist, the bush tender and the like
How I long to be a handmaiden, though—servant in the shadows, attendant awaiting in the alcoves
How long does the maid spend freely in her bedchambers? How much time is spent warming her pearls and pendants and armbands and rings?
How often does she go to the food stores and pluck from the cornucopia, the food of love?
How I yearn to be the chambermaid, warm water and oils and rags ready when it came time to wash the day off.
How I desire to be the one advising her attire, dressing her ******* in silk and linen.
How I yearn to come with pomegranate, fig, and frond to fan her while she gives pleasure, fruit in hand.
How I envy the handmaiden who knows her as closely as she knows herself.
Payton 5d
Steel at my back
a welcome intrusion,
confirming my own suspicions, permitting my desires
—sharpening them, even.
Fuel to the flames.

Silken petals drip
sweet, honeyed molasses dew
nocturnal flower blossoming
—firelighting below Diana’s gaze.
Spindle to depression, kindle and spark,
we set the world ablaze.

Caught like a butterfly in the spider’s web,
trapped, held mindlessly, mercilessly betwixt
pleasure and pain —saccharine release promised only
from the combining of silk and steel, catching fire
and melting into one.
This poem was written in 2020.
Payton 5d
"Oh God," she says, hands clasped together, fingers entwined, knees bent.  
He doesn't answer; /he does.
/he answers with earnest, continued, devoted worship,
head bowed, eyes closed, his mind devoid of all else but this
—this soul-shaking, earth-shattering pleasure, this blessed communion between man and woman,
the Holy Spirit an undoubted ****** through the candlelight,
this holy practice wherein they do some of their finest praying.
This poem was written in 2020.
Payton 5d
I await him, naked, head bowed, kneeling
With leather and rope he binds me tightly
Deft hands’ feather touches send me reeling
Melting candles ready, burning brightly  
He blindfolds me then gags me with a bit
And through the darkness, slowly I am led
To a place where in pleasure I shall sit
‘til ecstasy claims me upon the bed
He’s summoned the small death from me thrice now
Three rounds; it does not end with my pleasure
“You’ll take and like what I give you,” he growls
We’re done when he pleases —at his leisure
After all the teasing, pleasing, and pain
We collapse together —one, once again
This poem was written in 2020.
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