Warm air swarm
Expecting less than nothing
Except whatever the term
Is for the birth of a cling

The bass of the wind
Sing a song so unnoticed
As the world spins
Such goes unfocused

The pure curiosity
Stopped me from logic
Pausing from the worlds atoricty
A chance- joyous or tragic

I listen close
As the air sings about my beauty
You are the choice I chose
Who responded with vehement duty

Kissing so slow yet perfect
The wind, the song, the feeling in slow motion
For once everything clicked
Flowing like an ambivalent ocean

How this unfolds?
Possibilities are many
For now it’s unknown
But I expect something funny

During this pause in life
I let the wind’s ardor in
Penetrating deep like a knife
Careless to realize it’s a sin

Two beings acting as one
Forever in a still moment
Ending the timeless fun
Although words were barely spoken

Wind handled with care
Yet I crave more
Let’s do it again, I dare
Aiming slowly not in a tore.
This poem is about a man named Salvatore. I was day dreaming about a sexual encounter with him during a warm spring night. While people were walking, talking, and living, I focused on the light wind blowing as I thought of him. I named it Tore because I wanted to be subliminal to him.

Stanza 1- I feel the air around. I think of the night and the amount of time before the act. I didn’t expect a thing but I was interested, noticing the start of the attraction or “clinging” on to him

Stanza 2- i vision this while I hear the wind blow. As the wind is unnoticed so is the he. As things happen around me and him, the world starts to dim and he starts to be my focus

Stanza 3- I was curious in him. I stopped thinking and imagined the possibilities, regardless of what’s going on around me. The last line enhances the chance regardless if it goes well or not.

Stanza 4- I focus harder on this wind as I reminisce on us being alone. He notes my beauty. The third line “ you are the choice I chose” has the word choice means great. The sentence means I fully decided this is what I want. It’s meaningful because this is something I wanted & it was mutual.  He responded with such passion and romance.

Stanza 5- he took things slow— which was great. I got to take in every moment. Everything came together.  Although this was all great I began to have feelings making me second guess my choice.

Stanza 6- because of my mixed emotions I start to question the result of this. He makes me laugh, I know I can count on him making me smile.

Stanza 7- during this drift away from my current reality I let the “wind’s,” which is now Salvatore,  passion in. As deep as a knife can get, he was in me. I didn’t care if it was a sin because it was extremely passionate

Stanza 8- we are as one. The oxymoron “forever in a still moment” & “ending the timeless fun” represents how this felt so lasting but at some point it had to end. It also represents the moment I took away from my reality to remember this moment. We barely spoke to each other but actions spoke louder.

Stanza 9-He was sensitive and made sure not to hurt. I wanted more. Now that it’s over I dare us to do it again. Tore in the last sentence means to hurry or speed up. But Tore also represents him. Contrary to the word being in his name, he aimed solely.

I never explain my poems but I wanted to paint what was in my head. This took place in the city while the encounter took place in a house. Both happened in a busy area. People around talking loud and interacting with each other. Yet we found our “wind” in each other to take a moment out of reality and focus on each other. Something I want again.
Scratches on your back
My fingers in your hair
Body to body
Laying bare

My head on your chest
Your breath in my ear
Hands on my thighs
Your intentions quite clear

Dirty thoughts
Wandering lips
Aching need
Teasing fingertips

Take me to the edge
Make me come undone
Cuddled up again
But we’ve only just begun
kayla 5h
God, you were so sweet
But I’m not sure anymore
The way you speak
And that way you grip my hips
There’s no way your a gift from heaven

You’re a late night sin
A fun game
A mistake I’ll think about in morning

But again that’s tommorow
And tonight you’re mine
I love this attention and I love this physical affection but another part of me wants someone who will love me past this “phase”
kayla 5h
The list isn’t long
Only a few
But I’m so glad I found you

No promises made
No strings  attached
Just these dark night shared
Through the light on our phones

Not gonna lie
I had feelings for you at one point
But now I’m not so sure
Just figuring things out

Hands down I still want you
Just not sure which parts
I can’t stop I’m having too much fun. It a form of my own self destruction.
It may be some kind of fetish,
I find you somewhat coquettish,
so be shy and retire forthwith,
for adult playtime and spliff.

© Pagan Paul (2018)
Poetic T 15h
The deluge washed away
        the inhibitions
that kept her chained to chastity.

Now where a desert of desire
                                     was arid,
         moistness now blossomed.

Her flower was scented
             with seedlings of love
      that embellished her desires.
Laura 1d
You never said it out loud,
But you said it with your eyes.
With your cock deep inside me.
You told me you loved me,
Arms wrapped around me tight.
Lips pressed against my own.

You didn't have to say it out loud.
You promised me everything.
You promised me the world.
With your eyes
Your cock
Your arms
Your lips

They say talk is cheap,
But I guess I should have waited for you to say it out loud,
Before I started making assumptions
and fucking this up.
Him: "You know I love you right?
She: "I know." she says in a dirty, sexy, whispered tone
She: "Just lay back and let me love you baby mmmm...."
Mmmm the way you kiss me... I love it
The way you touch me in such sexual places
Oooh I crave it so much
I just can't fucking control myself
Baby you make me feel so alive
I can't fucking put into words how you make me feel
I just feel every moment that the two of us experience together
I feel each moment so deeply
Omfg mmmm yeah...
Just do that to me again....
Make me feel that again....
And don't stop.....
I wanna keep going
Make me cum over and over
Make me cum as many times possible
I don't give a fuck baby....
Just drown me with sex
Just fuck me with your sexy body
I don't want to feel nothing else but your sexy body and skin
Mmmm yeah.... nothing else has ever felt so right
Oooooh yeah.... You know who the fuck I'm talking about
You know who you are....
Damn baby you're so wild.....
You drive me so fucking wild.....
And all I crave is more and more....
And more and more.....
Keep fucking me....
Sex my body endlessly
Fuck I love the pleasure!
Fuck I love the pressure!
Mmmm make me scream baby!
Never been able to write a sex poem
not knowing my arse from my elbow
unable to articulate the act of love
confused by a suck and a blow

Unable to pen about orgasmic pleasure
I was raised a Catholic boy you see
shackled by formative religious doctrine
rhythm and writhing is a mystery to me

What is this fixation with cats?
as everyone bangs on about pussies
you wait for ages then 2 come at once
just like public transport buses

Is erotica an island in the pacific?
what's so good about the number 69?
is dogging a shared love of dogs?
is the Kama Sutra a bottle of fine wine?

50 shades of grey is a colour scheme
water sports are swimming and stuff
handcuffs belong on criminals hands
football tackles from behind is playing rough

Keep writing about sex as I can't
I'll read it with a bewildered face
my strengths don't include dirty talk
in my comfort zone I know my place
just a bit of fun, no offence intended ☺
Sal A 2d
Hand out the window in the heat-soaked Summer.
Your hair a mess like always.
The Jackson Pollock kind of mess I love.
Your smile stings—no, injects me,
full of that sweet syrupy goodness,
that you call true love.

Your skin seemingly melts,
with each wet kiss on your body so svelte.
Your eyes deceptively tease,
urging me to be the one to please.
Your touch surreptitiously ignites,
my deepest desires of the night.

I've heard my fair share of concertos,
yet they sound like a cacophony of sounds,
compared to the symphony of,
cries, moans, and whispers,
that are the product of our lovemaking.

My love for you is like,
the interstate on which we drive.
Down to the last grain.
You can't find where it ends.
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