A M 45m

Things were not perfect
they did not go to plan
but I hope that you
can understand

that perfection is not
what matters to me
it's that we're there for each other
through the vulnerability

I am scared
and I think you are too
but what counts is you've got me
and I've got you

he finds you beautiful

"god, you're so beautiful!"

only when he's getting pleasured
something that makes your heart squeeze a little.

rusty spoons,

broken chandeliers,

wasted berries,

empty glasses

dead wine

a love that fades,


than I could drink


but longing

the pleasure of nothingness

the touch of nothingness

the sound of nothingness

the taste of nothingness

"I just want to be free, wild and young"
I am tired of how much I must change for him, why?

In my dreams, I'm
under you
I feel your teeth on my skin
and your hand
on my throat
and I wake
with your name on my lips.

you bastard.

Kayla 1d

So there is this boy
This boys name is Georgy
He melts my heart
Like popsicle on a hot day
He knows what words to use
What words to make me smile
The smile only he can make
He knows the way to touch me
The way that makes me melt in his hands
He knows how to kiss me
To make me shiver with every touch
Georgy is what I want
When he whispers
The soft wanting words
Into my ear making me want him more
The intensity of each other
Looking into each others eyes
Deeper and deeper each time
The look of lust
The lust for each other
Oh how I love this Georgy

Kayla 1d

Everything he does
To the way he talks
And the way he laughs
Every little things makes me fall
Fall even more in love with him
In love with him
Like I’m a skydiver jumping from the greatest heights
Every little thing he does
Reminds me why
Why I fall in love with him
Over and over again
I love him for who he is
Nothing will ever change that

It's not about my boyfriend.

The lights are sharp but dim
The music loud but soothing
I escape to the darkness inside
To yesterday and the day before
I escape to her
She was mine but a memory ago
I smell her perfume
She moves like an enchantress
Her body hypnotic
I smell her sweat
I want a taste
Her eyes glow in the dark
They hide a darkness
She dances to forget
I watch her to remember
I’m not good enough anymore
I creep her out
At least that’s what it feels like
I watch her from the shadows
Pretend she doesn’t make me quiver
Pretend I don’t worship her at night
Every perfect piece of her
Her perfect everything
Perfect for me
I wanna do it like they do in the movies
Covered in sweat and candle wax
Surrounded by music
There’s plenty of other women I want
She’s just at the top of the list
She’s dangerous and crazy
She’s broken like me
My muse for my dirty thoughts
But she doesn’t want to come back
She’s not ready to feel again
I fear I’m the only one crazy enough to try
So I have to play along
And not let it tear me apart
Easier said than done
Easier had than loved.

Kyle Dee

I was dumb enough to think
That an intimate relationship......
A marriage was the remedy
For my disconnection.
I shouldn't blame my ex-wife
For the failure of the marriage.
Relationships are caught up in all sorts of broader Realities.
That's why I can't really blame people
For just wanting to enjoy
Casual sex,
But I do blame President Donald Trump
And the Christian Right
For being Moralists.
Is the GOVERNMENT supporting
These "families" that they supposedly
Want people to have?
Hell no!
The Current Administration is making it
Harder and harder
For families to survive.
They aren't just targetting
Muslims, Transsexuals
And Immigrants from Latin America or Haiti.
These "Christians"
Want to take away a woman's right to birth control.
But make it easier
For mentally ill people
To obtain firearms.
It seems as if men are actually being ENCOURAGED
To go on murderous rampages
Rather than to enjoy sex.
It's no surprise any more
When people simply get blown away
For no logical reason at all.


and hundred dollar bills

a squeaking bed

Working behind closed doors,

pleasures known to a faceless man

she suffocates in her tears

"I am happy or sad?"

she wonders

It feels so wrong,

but so right

Is this where I belong?

within a rush of a fading high,

and the agony of a broken heart

my waning spirit,

it drifts in this endless cosmos

as I watch its infinite stars,

burning out,

one at time,

to when I become devoured,

into its black hole

with my tears to the skies

"I work at the inn"
scooby 1d

She turned her home into a brothel,
and killed god in the process,
because he was an untrained craigslist hire
and struck a nail straight through a wire
hidden in the wall,
and died
foaming at the mouth.
in turn googled a WikiHow
and did the work herself.

I am tired mostly of poetry that is about women and their sad downfall into their own sexuality.
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