As I sit here on my bathroom floor
I look at the right corner of my screen
My middle finger tracing down my lips
Wanting you

Remembering that night
How we fucked for hours on end
It felt like forever
I remember
Each grasp
Each moan
Each touch

You skin
How soft you were

Those hazel eyes you had
That glare

Those lips
Your hair

How every part of me fit onto you
Oh so perfectly
As we fucked in the back seat of your car
And our light is the moon
How handsome you looked under the moonlight

Each time you touched me
I was trapped under your skin like glue
I can't get out no matter how hard I try
I still come back crawling to you  
How i caressed your body so gently
As if you were so much more

And you were

Now I sit here
Tracing my fingers to the memories we once had

Tracing them back to you...

your tongue
was all over
when i realized
i didn't want to
fuck my friend:
but i'd never felt
your skin on mine
so closely, i felt
braindead, you
had been my
romantic interest
for two weeks
and there we were
fucking in your bed,
so i asked you to
be with me
while i came
between small
breaths and moans
and you said yes

and then we
fucked some
more, fell in
love a little  
and i'd
never been
more thankful
of speaking.

storytime lmao, always fuck on the second date y'all, you'll get a long term relationship outta it maybe

when we fuck
i see stars
on your
flat base white
ceiling, screaming
out to me:
i feel loved.

we're dirty disgusting
sex on the kitchen floor
we never wait
we don't want to wait
i don't think we've ever waited

i just want to love you
all over until pomegranate
seeds appear on my altar
each day

we fall asleep
holding hands

Lo B 18h

Lick my body like a popsicle melting on a hot summer day
Experience me, anytime, any way
Take control and don’t be coy
Play around, I’m your personal toy
Pull my hair and don’t be shy
Make juices drip between my thighs
Don’t stop and stay the night
I want to never have felt so right


A lurking butterfly in my breath wanders upon a cliff

Love curse stolen by the Devil’s muse ode to my veins

Coaxed in sobriety, affixed enchanting spells on wet paces

Itches a soul’s damp corners as hips sway for Thy grace

Quench the thirst of a thousand splendid dicks and clits on my belly

Tis’ tongue shatters my swollen pride or envelope my throbbing knight

Spoil me away in disgust of burning words, carve me in and out of clay

In between clenched thighs as I die and breathe your juices subtle play

Lick the musk off my neck and splatter across the stars for all see me slay

Devour my flesh and memory o’ the night God wasted me ruin to angels dismay

Hold still inside my belly, or let me faint as I drink your shame, dance on my face n dive

Hold me close till you break my bones, in the house of fire for you’re my master as demons finger me five

If that will be that, then
breathe it while it lasts.

We could have grabbed
each others' hands and
stretched our existence,
turned time's fabric to
our bed and blanket,

but this is it, as I feel your
sweat and sweet breath I
prepare to feel the repeat
sequence, I repeat it

The empty smile
spreads cheek to

She's beside me in
splendid silence, I

my regret over driving
such high speeds, when
I know for a fact, the road
and its changeless dangers
to her saintly, sleeping form.

I'm sleepless.

It happened again the other night. I let it happen again the other night.
Her smile filled my head with stars, made me see futures and endings.
Things always end the same way. Tucked into my sheets, waiting for
the newborn morning, after killing dreams of days to come.
When will I stop?
zebra 23h

Eros......sexual love, hot slow gooey fucks and sucks....foot kissing ass slave that covered

Philia...shared good will.....hell that covered except maybe when i keep you chained up in the bathroom for a week at a time
but you  finally realized it's for your own good love....wish you where my kissin cousin....ok so fuck that

Agape ......universal love...selflessness.....You would die for me ...your definitely selfless....mmmm but it does make you wet so ?????

Ladus....practical love...i think we are a little weak in that department since no one is givin any one no money

Philautia...self love you love your self ?...I know i love myself more when you love me too but i do have self esteem issues :)

Murder Torture Sex Love.....fucked to death discovered in a dumpster feet over the head..kinda stinky with big shit eating grin ....definitely cant wait to try that ..grrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!

On balance I'd say our relationship is right on track

Styles 1d

Wish I could stop time or make it last longer
Feeling on your vibes, emotions getting stronger
The longer I ponder, the more I grow fonder
I can't be around you
There ain't no telling what i might do
I don't know if you can take it
It's too big, I might break it
Little waist tight dress
I can’t take it
Your body shakin
eyes looking at me
like your for my taking
our bodies groove
In our grooves
This kinda love is for the makin
Dancing like we two halves of one making
The moment sacred
Reading your body language
picturing you naked
screamin my name like its your favorite
I make your body do things
So your soul can savor it
Makin love until your ears ring
to our vibe vibrating as we do our thing
you cumin first until it’s past tense
Got a few things on my mind
Baby you are a hottie
Out of everybody
I want your body

Cné 1d

If you were my sheets, and at my beck and call
fulfilling all my fantasies, into you, I would fall.
You'd cradle me so gently, and massage me everywhere
releasing all my juices, and all my  stress, and cares.

In splendor we'd heat up the room, and I'd crinkle every sheet
and when we were apart, I'd rejoice, every time we meet.
Pillows would cradling my face and head, where jasmine scented rests
blending of our fluids as our bodies, orgasmically attest.

We'd fall asleep together, and spoon throughout the night
and in the morning waking, to unimaginable delights.
Your hands of silken sheets caressing, exciting every nerve
giving me all the pleasures, and climaxes, in you, I am immersed!

TF actually wrote this and I changed a few words to fit an artist statement to go with the painting that is posted as my cover. He graciously allowed my to post as a collaboration. Thank you TF.

The dead, what is it with them
That I find so attractive?
Is it their cold, lifeless bodies,
That bend to my darkest desires?

Its twisted, vile, forbidden,
In every known human culture
To attempt procreation with a corpse;
Its in my very nature to act
Against common conformity,
To be interested in grotesque stories.

Maybe I like the danger,
Defying nature and defiling the dead,
Denying social dogma, doing as I please.
Maybe I like the cold,
The stiffness, the discoloration,
The domination and exhilaration.

Maybe I like being myself.

Just know that I am no necrophiliac, I just find the subject interesting, the same way I think about torture and suicide. I just like to think of it from an open minded, third party view, not the defiler, not the defiled. Heres hoping that nobody takes this the wrong way.

This was written from a viewpoint other then my own. I want to start writing short stories, so the person this is coming from was supposed to be the main character. Its about this guy that lives alone, rarely coming in contact with humans. His seclusion eventually lead him to start talking to inanimate objects, and his desire for human contact lead him to start digging up the dead, one thing lead to another and you know the rest until the ending which I will not spoil (because I havent gotten that far yet).

I do like to be a necromancer in games, though, or build zombie tribal decks, or play the undead race in World of Warcraft. Something about undeath is appealing.
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