Tatiana 6h

I've once said failure was kind
It teaches you lessons in the end.
But sometimes the suffering
you have to endure
is absolutely meaningless.
It seems naive to me to believe
that failure is kind
and that pain builds character
without believing the opposite
to be true as well.
Failure is mean
and pain can break you down.
I've lived my whole life so far
thinking that there had to be
a reason for all of this.
And sometimes,
there isn't a reason.
It just sucks.
So failure is kind and mean
pain builds character and destroys it
and I can accept that
My sadness is real
and tangible
even though its reason
may not be.

I was inspired by "sometimes suffering is just suffering" quote that I can't remember where it's from.

sometimes i look outside from the suffocating box i sleep in
the sun is usually out and keeping a watch on everyone
i just sit there
nothing changes
i usually still feel the empty parts of my body ache

sometimes it takes awhile for things to change
or at least that's what i try to believe
lately that hasn't been the thought

but what i seem to forget is that it's okay to stop
it's okay to stop something that's affecting me negatively

im not a nobody just because i quit something

i have more power quitting it than continuing it

I failed to be the best I can be
I failed to take the chance that would have
Made me one step closer to my dreams
I played safe, so I failed.

I failed to be me I played pretend
I failed to always remember my dreams
Giving up on them sometimes seemed
To be an option
I didn’t take risks, so I failed.

I failed to wait my turn
I failed to understand that it takes time
In my dreams I thought I was already there.
I failed to face reality, I kept on dreaming without doing
I became impatient, so I failed.

I failed to put my all
I forgot who I was doing this for
I failed!!!   I failed!!!

Is it too little too late for me to start again?
Without forgetting this time, with my head held high?
I failed…

the necklace he wore turned to a noose,
his neck stretched until he looked like a goose.
i tried to hold him up, but he fell apart and when he fell, so did his heart.
it shattered to shards once it hit the floor, blood burst forth staining the windows, walls, and the door.
in crimson, four words were written: “i tried my best.”

My mistakes, shortcomings, errors, and failures, are as sand by the sea.
As his voice raises an angry wind, the sand hits my stinging eyes.

Other times, the waves of his affection wash wet and smooth the sand down, and we walk and look at the falling sun.

But even as we stroll, the sand sticks to my feet,
I know that sand will stay stuck to me.

LeV3e 7d

Who do you call to
When they all look to you
To be the pillar and the walls
And the roof above them all?

Where do you turn to
When you don't have the drive
And your engines leaking oil
Making a mess of the pavement?

What do you think of
When your clock is ticking
Faster as the days start running
Out of ideas, but it's cold out?

Why does it happen
To be the innocent
Children that only wish their dreams
Could be better than life's nightmares?

How do you keep on
Wishing for better days
When the best you have to offer
Often fails to meet all their needs?

I say failure if I trip,
But when the realization makes me stop,
That when I make a real big slip,
I understand what it is to really flop,
I tried out blunt,
I know I am the runt,
Still I thought I could,
And I wish I would,
Have gotten her favorite flower,
Ask her best friend to help me talk to her,
All I could do,
Was just be happy when my heart became stew,
And it was cooked to be burnt,
What I thought may be a flirt,
Was really just sadness,
Hiding in the madness,
But hey it's okay,
It's just life in it's fray,
I'm just gonna say,
That it will happen...one day.

I failed.  I'll just ignore my hurt.
Mane Omsy Jan 12

Stranger clouds travelled,
Above her
Furious but imaginable thoughts,
Wandered beside her
Are the naked trees friendly?
Or dead?
Inside her, she felt the same

How could a phoenix rise,
from the ashes?
She let a sigh, and wondered
Will ever the birds sing?
Or the same will remain?
As the crows cried
Inside her
What could possibly be the matter?
She arose from the shadows
Could she still remain in the light?
When the darkness creeped through her,
She screamed silently
And violently
Desperate for a healthy love

I'm not indecisive because I don't know the answer, usually I can choose quickly but I choose not to say it in fear I'll make the wrong choice.

Bobby forget Jan 11

I want to be better than good,
Exceptional to the highest exponential,
Still a diamond in the rough,
I got potential,
Obstacles and struggles are part of life but if I never give up,
Essentially are inconsequential,
Even if it rains cats and dogs,
A light shower,
Or perhaps terrential,
Not to downplay a downpour,
But life is a roller coaster,
With more ups and downs,
Than the Dow Jones,
Never give up in the face of adversity,  
Invested in the future,
I'm in it to win,
Sometimes struggle happens,
And failure too,
But if you can learn from your mistakes and dream it,
One day you'll go far kid,
Believe it then achieve it.

Life is falling of ups and downs, but the difference between a success story and a depressing story is that a successful person never gives up
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