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Ju Temo 1d
I never knew the pretty sky was so indifferent
So blue and so blank
Standing there without a response.
Surrounding me as it just watches on
As my head is weighed down
As my shoulders become heavy
As my knees want to hit the ground

Nothing is working.
The problems just stack on
Its books are piling on
Showing me that it can.
The distribution isn’t even
Doesn’t matter.
My back not sure if it will give out
Perhaps, just waiting for the right time
To truly become another future
With a wishful past.

A hand to alleviate it wouldn’t come
A wishful thinking of a story
A movie that would get blistered by real life
I’m already getting burned under its sun
Beating on without a care
Quickly chafing off the careful wrapping
Around how it was supposed to go
Preserving the candy that shouldn’t get *****

On this day, it got exposed to the true air
It cracked under the pressure
The lines show the map of the world
In your mouth,
It’s ready to break a tooth

A lean against the wall
Trying to hold my body up
Against the weight of my thoughts
As they swirl becoming poison
Sticking to the sides of my mind
Within this tornado
The sun shines on.

The breeze flutters the leaves beautifully
Showing all the sides of its colors
It reaches my face coolly
Washing over my thoughts
Increasing the turbulence
The starker the contrasts of green and blue
The blunter the world reveals itself to be.

Not a single cloud passing by up above
Empty eyed as it looks on
Keeping cool as everything collapses
Hands restless trying to catch all falling
It’s slipping through my fingers
Too quick to grasp and hold.

To give up is an option that comes up.
A whisper infiltrating with the sweet air.
To shut my eyes
And un-focus my gaze
But I’m surrounded by multiple paths
All escapes paved with yellow flowers
Each and every pretty without promises
Petals covering every space
Not showing any holes in the ground
Until I’ve already fallen in
Wanting to turn back.

From inside the well
Or from the sidewalk
The sky looks the same
Coded with a thousand cliffs
Unable to decipher their meaning
Constantly shifting as the time comes
What seemed so stable
Becomes all blurry in a glance.

To exert a force in my arms
And hold my body up
Against this pressing weight.
I let out a breath that traveled miles
Pushing away my thoughts for now
I stand up off the rail
And try another time.

Not a single cloud passing by up above
The world remains colorfully calm
And the sun makes the leaves greener
A few seagulls fly by overhead
The challenges weigh down on my back
While the pretty sky seems bluer
Ju Temo' is a freelance poet that is inspired by songwriting. All other poems can be seen at:
When everything seems to cease
When all doors seem to be shut
When the last ray of hope subsides

When the lights seem to fade
When the air becomes thick and foggy
When the sky above is gloomy

When we seem to fall down forever
When our energies reach rock-bottom
When even our kith and kin become strangers

When all movements come to a grinding halt
When the world around you start whirling fast
When your last breath becomes tough and heavy
When you start sinking down
Almost lifeless...

A lightning inside your head
A sudden deep breath
Jump up
and draw all your power
And swim against the current
in the dark waters

Far, far away
I can see a fade dash of light
You kick away the water
You ignore the unfriendly air
You forget the strangers dragging you

The faraway blade of light
Is now brighter
Pump up your hopes and courage
And charge forward

For ....

There is always a light
At the end of the tunnel
Donovan Oct 10
Don’t turn over that photo.
That window into brighter days,
steps as light as air,
and storm clouds easily brushed away.

Don’t turn over that photo.
That reflection of wasted potential,
reminder of love doomed
to fester and rot, a once
sweet fruit carelessly strewn aside.

Don’t turn over that photo.
Tear it to bits, burn it to ashes,
anything to prevent its siren
wail from shriveling any scrap
of happiness still clinging to life.
I have a love/hate relationship with nostalgia.
I just can’t do it,
Please don’t make me,
I don’t want to see it everywhere -
All the things I should be doing, everything I thought I’d be,
I want to lock myself up somewhere else,
Even if the light won’t get to me.

Don’t come close,
No, I told you so!
It’s dangerous here, maybe even deadly,
No matter whoever for it can’t be a good thing,
I don’t know if I think you’ll hurt me,
But please just stay away
I need to manage myself but you’re taking that away,
Not that I ever had it,
It seems I keep slipping,
Further, further, gone.

It’s okay now, it’s the end,
I’m done and
Won’t be coming back again.

You’ll see how much less misery,
You’ll have away from me.

This is over,
I’m sure I really give up this time,
This is me actually giving it up,
Saying goodbye to everything I once had hope in because I’m done.
I'm afraid
I am afraid to look back and regret my choices
to confront failure, a lack on my part
to assume responsibility for what I cannot do
a deterioration that never fails to ensue

I am afraid of taking on a new life
only to destroy the chance
to lose my friends all over again
to wash away any progress or mends,
ending up short of the beginning's bend

I am afraid of what lies await, this same monotonous pain
And that profound loss of gain
zeitschatten Oct 7
settle down, settle down
always on the run
ever standing by

mind and heart far out the window
meandering between hope and fear
can't handle standing still

downward spiral
get out, escape
force yourself to stay, be happy

can't resist the feeling
something is waiting
it must be

not looking for 'perfect'
in need of less and more
and something special

there's no other way
decisions made
no second chances

fated to fly
forever like this
The bridge you've built is toppled
Don't you dare act startled
You are where this started
Cry for mercy choking on the apple

The curse of you is cyclical
First compassionate, then cynical
You act as though it's typical
Body of desire biblical

In the body of water a body to love
Hunt like an eagle, drop like a dove
Or would you rather dive deep in the ruff?
Contemplate regal, incomparable stuff
Freestyle written in 16 minutes (got stuck trying to think of a rhyme for 'cyclical').
Lizzie Sep 22
19 and still
hating myself
over the actions
of other people

feeling stupid
for failing
the person
i love the most
Klita Sep 20
The stench of it fills the air
Flooding the car
seeping into my lungs
Overwhelming my senses

She says nothing
She doesn't have to

I can feel the disappointment radiating off her
Drowning me
Suffocating me

Just from the look in her eyes
I know
I have failed her

Its pushing me into my seat
Holding me down
Like invisible shackles
Worn and cold

I'll try to do better
I can do better
I have to do better
I will do better

To fail is not an option
I dont fail
We don't fail
We win
Keiko Tei Sep 20
His name was Johnny. His close friends and family liked to call him, little johnny.

This story is about little johnny, with his report card nearing, he wanted to throw one last Hail Mary.

He tried his best and paid attention. He did all but one math question.

On the night before the big day, he knew that this was it. He fell asleep from fatigue, before everything he learned could even hit...

Next morning, little johnny feeling proud of his effort, went off to school feeling great from his rest.

Unfortunately for little johnny, the results show...that in the end he still failed his math test.

This is a story of little johnny, and his mediocre report card.

I plan to write one for every time I am reminded that it's just as important to acknowledge your existence as "normal" and "mediocre" as it is to believe that you are "special" and "unique".

The truth is that no one has read stories about people who fail, fail, and fail again, without really obtaining success in the end.
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