There will be thousands of people doing
the same thing as you. Just keep in
mind, there is only ONE you.
So walk down your path.
Everyone has their own journey. Everyone has their own successes as well as failures. No path will be exactly the same. Success will come your way soon.
Walk through life with that hope, drive, passion and will to conquer
Thanks again!
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Just wanted to love you.
Didn't have
An ulterior motive.
Never got a response.
You're on autopilot, baby.
Her heartbeat fades away from my mind as I leave the doctor’s office for the last time
“it’s perfectly normal,” they said when I complained about the blood and the pain
“it’s okay to be anxious,” said the doctor as she ran some tests
“it’s not your fault,” she said as she delivered the results
I had failed my duty as a woman in the world
My baby will not grow, hell, she won’t even be born
All I could bring myself to do was sit on the nursery floor and mourn
“it’s not your fault,” he comforted me through the self-blame that I took on
“but it is, because my body wasn’t strong or in good enough health”
I lay awake for hours afraid to close my eyes,
Because every time I did, that first ultrasound appeared in my mind
Her heartbeat is now an echo that I hear on repeat, soft and faded
It was haunting to say the least…
Blake 6d
If this life is really a test,
We were failures before birth.

I ain’t perfect,
I ain’t ever going to be perfect.
As I try to break the curse,
I put my hope on stoicism,
until all the struggle corrodes,
and all the hurt and tear evaporates.
I fail, when I do–
I never shied the wisdom from failure.
I fill in the courage to wake up every day,
for a new beginning.
I get up, I get out,
I look close, and only at those,
who never balk when they hit their low.

As I challenge my norm,
I fight every minute, every second to embrace the change.
When my diffidence attempts to knock my spirit of endurance–
I turn the light of hope into a fire of spirit,
I turn the kicks of stall into the power of now,
I turn the weight of surmise into the wings of reality.
As I ascend–I reign as a queen,
A queen, who'll never be defeated by defeat.
Tøast Jun 11
Can you feel it? He says.
Can you feel the mountains crumbling,
Falling apart on a grand scale?

Well I can feel them dissolving around me,
Failing everything and burning the forests down.
Ruining my chances with a girl just for being me,
Coz the rivers run dry with a sludgy mess of ash and liquid confidence.

Running higher and standing tall, but the more I climb the steeper it gets.
The winds whip my face and slash my wrists,
And the one person who can help, is falling down too.
If only I could have helped you sooner.

Up here the butterflies are dragons,
And the clouds are choking me out.
Perhaps I'm not as far up as I thought,
But the pressure here is too much for me, and theres no rescue team in sight.
Helen Raymond Jun 11
Seeking balance relentlessly
on a precipice..

Sometimes I walk the edge
cutting my tender feet..

Sometimes I wander back
to comfort and safety..

Am I meant to leap?

Will I fall away
by some beautiful mistake
to the place heaven meant for me?

Will I open up some unseen wings
and become what I never knew I was
and always dreamed to be?

Or will I fall
to be punished by the waves
against the shore?

Foolish flightless bird
attempting to soar..
Gray Jun 8
So there i am, up on the stage.
Frantically trying to make myself feel assuage.

But it’s hopeless.
The crowd is soulless.

None of them are laughing at any of my jokes.
Perhaps i might of misspoke?

“Get off the stage you useless freak!”
Someone from the front row decided to shriek.

Abruptly my already anxious head is hit with an unyielding blow.
What is this red goop? A bright red tomato?

As i quickly walk off the stage i stuff my hands into the pocket of my jeans.
Well, i guess my dignity tonight was smashed into smithereens.
rob kistner Jun 7
on finally reaching the end


as he reached the threshold
he hesitated
breathed in
partially turned
head cocked
breath caught
hand resting on the doorknob

their eyes met
each wanting to speak


she sighed
looked away
he dropped his head
pushed open the door
stepped through
walked slowly on
never looking back

never looking back

it had all been said


rob kistner © 2013
contrmplation on the end of a relationship
lilly Jun 5
perhaps this has lost its spark

perhaps i no longer feel the words hanging on the edge of my tongue
waiting for my mouth to open and for them to drip off
onto paper
the way they always used to

or perhaps the doors to my mouth (heart) have been slammed shut by expectations
from my family (no)
my friends (no)
society (no it's not)

from myself

exams and grades and my overwhelming urge to try hard and work hard and do well and i'm just so scared of failing—

it builds upon my shoulders
i feel like atlas carrying the weight of the earth except
there's nothing beautiful in the weight i'm carrying
there's nothing living

perhaps i'm thinking too much
this might just be paranoia (no)
this might just be writer's block (no)
this might just be me being me (it's not)

perhaps i've just lost a bit of inspiration

*perhaps i've just lost a bit of myself
maybe i just don't know
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