People are always taking themselves too seriously
A behavior I find personally insulting and unattractive
Your life is a series of failures, there is no shame in that
How you approach and recover from those failures is called
Character, are you the static or dynamic?
Because I'm really allergic to those static types
With dead eyes, tight lips, and dry hopes
You're either failing miserably or prototyping.
Be yourself

She paints a picture of the real me.
I know in my heart that she truly believes.
She tells me stories that I always forget,
But neither of us mind that fact,
Because it means she gets to tell them all over again, I guess.

She tells my story to those who care.
She sings my praises, even when I am not there.
I would tell her story, but it is not mine to speak, or write.
She has always been there for me, so I will respect her copyright.

She is not a writer, nor does she have a poet mind.
She works to pay the bills and she leads a completely different life.
She held my hand and I felt safe,
As we walked on stepping stones over the stream;
She still watches over me, always, as I dash her hopeful dreams.
They all went up in smoke;
But I’m no gambler or criminal.
I’m just a humane being and my glass is never half full,
So I can only ever let you down;
I try to be a star, but I am still underground.

I have lived my story; it is mine to tell,
But I have no need to explain why I never seem to help myself;
Because she truly knows me and still she keeps the faith.
I hope and believe that she knows one day,
I’m going to change my ways.

This is my story; this is the tale I tell.
I have no diary musings, except the poetry; oh well.
With understanding, you will see my soul
And when I leave you all behind without me,
I hope that you know that I could only ever ‘Be yourself.’

If I write things that make you think,
I hope you know your love has only ever helped me to be.
She is at the window, the kitchen sink.
She can see me walking towards her house
And she can’t help but be welcoming.

That’s what I love about her;
For all she does,
Because without her I could never believe one day I will find true love.
She said be faithful and love will come.
I’m getting older now and I am still here unloved,
But I will promise, to maybe, one day,
Show her the love which I have found;
The love that takes my pain away.

Your understanding; it is your own,
But this is my story and its meaning has no need to be told.
I hope you forgive me, but this is mine.
I would give it all away,
But then how would I justify?

You see this is worthless, but priceless to me,
Because when I find myself in love one day,
I will, at last, find…my…peace…

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Too familiar a sensation
One that I could use a vacation
Constantly flooded by thoughts and ways that
I could have done better
But these days that
Go by
In the blink of an eye
It seems that by
The time that I try
To do better I find
That I’ve failed
And if only I could say
that I’ve nailed
Down a way
to rise above that feeling of sadness
If only I could, just once, say I had this
All figured out
If only my actions matched my words in clout
I could, beyond a shadow of a doubt,
Make things right
Take things to new heights
Overcome the petty problems and plights
That plague my every day life
A life rife with strife
Rife with the pain of disappointment
Like a stab in the chest with a butter knife
C’est la vie
Such is life
Mon ami
My friend
But this isn’t the end
If you want we can pretend
That it is for just a minute
So let’s stick a pin in it
And come back when we’re done
Because I won’t let it end ‘til I’ve won
At least one time
(Once is better but time rhymes)
Too familiar a sensation
One I view with indignation
Despite what good can come of failing
Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not hailing
Failure as some great thing
That we should all strive to bring
Into our lives and those around
All I’m saying is that failure is worth its weight in gold
Pound for pound
So I’m told
That failure is experience
Somewhere between godliness and expedience
Hastening our ability to grow
And adapt and come to know
The difference between wrong and right
But even if I know the difference I might
Still fuck up and that’s okay
I remind myself every day
That it’s okay to fail
It’s okay that you’re in the part of this tale
Called life that you’ll make mistakes
Like rhyming the above with mushrooms known as shittakes
(Okay that was arguably bad
But sometimes bad rhymes are to be had
When you write at 3am despite needing sleep
But you compulsively keep
Writing; you can’t put down your pen and pad
Oh who am I to kid
Everyone knows that I did
This on my phone
Sitting at home eating garlic hummus alone)
Where was I?
Failure and success
A state of being best left to be assessed
By the one who seeks to turn his loss into a win
And that’s where we come back to that pin
From before
The one I said we’d later explore
So heed my words carefully
Or suffer more pain unendingly
Life will never treat you fair, fully
So it’s time to start acting comprehendingly
As in: comprehend what your failures will do
When you learn to use them to become a better you
Because life ain’t fair
Accept that and beware
That life may be unbearable
At times
(Just like some of these terrible rhymes)
But you have to find a way
To grin and bear it gleefully
Because as they say
Mon ami
C’est la vie
This is the end
No more pins, rhymes, or lines
Just a bow
And an adieu
And a cow tow
From me to you
So that you take what I have written
And find the thing in life you’ve been smitten
By and do what you love even if you fail
Even if you whine and moan and wail
Until you’re sick and you grow pale
Until you learn to use your failure as a tool
As a unique stepping stool
Onto bigger and better things
Even if your failure stings
Don’t let it hold you down
Don’t let it make you sad and frown
Let it bolster you to try again
And then
When you inevitably succeed
When you’re at the top, when you’re in the lead
You’ll look back and wished you had read
This poem
So if you have sad friends
Show ‘em
And they won’t be sad for much more
(Just angry for rhymes made in poor
But I promise this isn’t a waste
Of time
I promise this is more than a few words put into rhyme
There’s a point, which is this:
You’re going to try and you’re going to miss
Because failure is an option until it’s not
And when it’s not, there’s your shot
So have a positive attitude
Because life is as good as it’s viewed
—pin removed
Tonie 5d
Where did I do wrong?
It seems like anywhere I go
My failure grows.
Whatever I do,
All I can hear are boos.
I used to believe in my dreams
but my light is starting to dim.
Darkness is filling my stomach
and Coldness is felt on my back.
Cliche as it sounds
but if only I can turn back time,
know where it went down.
My life would be the other way around.
An endocrine and digestive disease
That has filled my life with needles
A skin disease that has a long name
Reveals my blood and bone causing more pain
A damaged ankle for years
Preventing me from running away
The health in a decline
Causing so many nights of throwing up
I am forever unsure
But I can say that I am a failure
I never had a chance
As I laid in the hospital trance
Isabel 6d
Trying to juggle at 1am,
Trying to catch those god damn balls,
Trying to throw them the"right way",
Try to do everything everyone tells me,  
Everything that I can't do.

Thoughts swirling in my brain,
Fogging my concentration.
Self-doubt arising,
wondering why no one has called me a failure yet.
Questions screamed to the universe.

All this fuss,
Just for three juggling balls,
Three juggling balls which I can't juggle,
Three juggling balls leading to my accusation of a failure,
Three juggling balls questioning my capacity.
All this for three jugging balls.
When I dropped by
The Peace Rally yesterday on Lincoln Street
In front of the Colorado State Capitol,
I DID NOT believe
That airstrikes against Syria
Would alleviate the suffering
Of the Syrian People.
I UNDERSTAND why Palestinians in Gaza are protesting.
They are acting
The way most Young People on this Planet would act
If they saw no future.
When I shared my views
With a Christian Man
And a Muslim Lady
At the Demonstration,
The anger started rising over
All the discussions I had had with Muslim Women in the past
Returned to me.
When this Christian Man told me
That my presence was not appreciated
At this "Peace Rally"
If I did not believe in
"Original Sin",
My anger became much greater
Than towards the policies
Of President Donald Trump,
Who was backed
By the Christian Right.
arby Apr 14
i’m going to try and make a run for it,
and if it doesn’t work,
i guess everything will still be normal.
except i’ll be known as the girl
who tried to make a run for it
and, similar to everything else,
Amanda Apr 12
Do you think this life
Of failure and addiction
Is all you are worth?
I already know the answer to that. I have seen so many loved ones be consumed by the evil power of drugs. I will be the first to admit I love getting high but I have lost too much to ever risk it all again. To everyone out there addicted to drugs or alcohol; you can turn your life around, there is ALWAYS a way!
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