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We were placed inside a glass fortress
Dull knives were all we were given
Expected to know how to survive
We attempted to carve our way out
To leave a mark of any kind
Desperation flooded our insides
What will we do if we never make it
How will the world ever know of our existence
Right above our righteous heads
The sun flooded in
Yet we remained oblivious
To warmth it gave
The light it provided
The life it created
The sun was above us all along
The fortress was never sealed
We were far too busy trying to leave our mark
We could never see
There was an escape all along
Into reality
i know
the raven quoth
and croaked
himself horse
for Lady Macbeth
while the crow
is an omen
of doom
or a messenger
carrying secrets
for the gods
if i saw
one of these
blackened birds
in solitude
i doubt
i could tell
which it was
Will it feel the same way
If I give you a poem today?
The same as the day I first conveyed.

Will you fall in love with me again?
Will you believe that it's me and you
Until the end?

Can we revive the butterflies, the withered flowers,
And the nights of thoughts and dreams ?

Can I hold your hand again ?
Without promises or wishes,
I am simply the man you once sought.
The man who gives you love,
And not colorful leashes.

Will that be possible?
I will give you some time.
Will your heart be able?
To give a chance to this heart of mine?
Survived May 1
I have to make them proud
but I don't know where i doubt
They make sacrifices for me
but all I do is to let them down
I always endeavour not to hurt them
but it's me because of whom they cry.

Maybe I am cursed to make their life miserable
Maybe I am a loser who is destined to fail forever
Maybe I should stop giving them hope
Maybe I should move out from their lives

I'm hopeless, I'm empty, I'm broke, I am faithless, I'm vain, I'm a failure.

Just for once i wanted to hear them saying that they feel proud because of me but maybe I'm their doomed son and just like me my dreams will also be in vain...
on my back
surrounded by
the beauteous
and magnificent
i had intended
on being
that which i carry
too distracting
to ignore

i did not see
the grace
   of the clouds
watching only
in hope that
it might
drift away
with them;
to see only
cirrus and cirrocumulus
and neither
looked strong enough
to bear
the weight

i could not feel
the warmth
   of the sand
focused on burying
attempting to crush
and blend it
to a fine grain
it would not
its bulk
neither comfort
not support

i was not worthy
of the calming embrace
   of the sea
saw no point
in making
an offering
to the waves
only for it to be
   and returned
by the tide;
the swell spitting
at my feet
in dismissal

noticing the sun
hiding its face
i packed up
   my belongings
making sure
not to leave
anything behind;
all that i had carried
would return
with me
and then
i like
to turn off
the lights
let the moon
and instinct
guide me
by the dark
there is no path
   to choose
only chance;
blind luck
balancing upon
   the finest of lines

eyes will adapt
to the pitiful offering
of the clouded crescent
there is neither
enough silvery light
nor confidence
to be sure
of safety
for long

in the enveloping darkness
anxiety rises
fear overpowers
and faith
in the self
becomes questionable;
are flicked on again
in panicked haste

as the road
and its obstacles
become clear once more
i am left
if i truly believed
i could navigate
without the help
being offered
if i simply
wanted to
force myself
into failure
I stand here at the doors of a strange land
Being bid farewell by the parting band
Behind me the bridge burnt by me
I seek the keys to my destiny

I look at the rubble called past
Ahead apprehension and opportunities are cast
Failure, hurt and envy are pitted
Against the edifice I hope to build
My Dear Poet Jan 30
When you first fail,
you learn to fear

When you fear,
you continue to fail

When you fear to fail,
you learn nothing

When you fail to fear,
you’ve learned everything.
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