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The world has

done it again

revolved and rotated,

As it does milenias


And will do

millenias after,

Forever constant,

This cosmic reality

that don't count us,

The stars don't care

most of them long dead,

The planets are following


No grander scheme

than numbers,

Nothing really matters

that's the truth

So find your meanings

solely logical to you,

Might be senseless for others

but the world's a speck of blue

in a universe that don't bother

to look,

So rejoice, jump and shout,

fail, succeed,

The blackness of space


And it won't tell anyone

what he's seen
Leifa 2d
The breadth of a cliff
Gauged as narrow,
Glossed with ego.

To his chagrin
He could fall in
And strike the final shoal.

Atoll, a toll.
On her cherry lips,
Beckons a cheery lay.

To have failed
Trounces the fool
That thorns his ears
Of her musical display.
Cold and dead this night
All these miseries inside,
Alone I fight.
Why is there no one by my side?
Being selfless wasn't worth it
At every step I got kicked,
Hitting rock bottom.
They say karma works well
For me its turned out quite unfair.
"Never" say that you are a
Because "You" are a success in God's eyes.
"You" just  don't know it  *yet
A Lone Oct 14
All your future days are looking bleak and tragic
All your choices made have been wreaking havoc
You never let a drop of pain seethe this fabric
Life's driven you crazy and you ain't reaching traffic
The way you eats erratic you're only feeding habits
If they only knew how the thoughts that sneak in ravage
So if you ain't in hell why do you grieve in ashes?
Maybe the answer I need to be seeking's drastic
I desire a rest from battle
Life has me stressed and rattled
Is it chains or change that's left you shackled
There's only one answer why you're at best a hassle
My body just isn't finding energy
There's no winning a fight where your minds the enemy
Your eyes betray you where you're blind to inner peace
Everything tells you you're consigned to misery
Slashed by how your demons have clawed and sleep's a facade, i can solve both by just not breathing at all
I aint beating the odds or even keeping with God, im defeated and flawed, all im seeings a fraud
Fallen to a place where you're loathing yourself
And in turn you ain't ask or even hoping for help
you're the only one to ask where your smile has been
Ida been one wealthy lawyer with all the trials I'm in
Picture my life and the candids are trying
There's no situation you've managed to smile in
You don't handle it well as the damage is piling
It's become more obvious what your antics are hiding
There's been none before but this man is an island
So I have a place to vanish for silence
You blame yourself cuz you can't blame who's broken your bonds
Cuz everyone sees there's no pros in this Con
There's a reason all who've seen you open are gone
If you ain't on thin ice, you've frozen the pond
Why must I question if You heard me above
The only thing i do well is worry enough
Life is a test and the easiest question to answer is why I'm not and never been worthy of love
You feel your backs packed still you hated the lesson
There's no strength that can lift the weight of depression
Is it hubris or is it stupid you can't abate it's progression
Maybe you can't cut your ties to a fate of repression
God may as well send you to Hell you're not worthy to save
you're better forgotten, you see they've bought in to no mercy or grace
You're a failure i can tell you're only here to undermine
Father throw me to the darkness You won't get this son to shine
all i called my rocks watched me find the bottom too
Tell me what im good for besides bringing solemn moods
I think I've already found the deepest pit to fall into
I am just a burden so gift them with my solitude
How often I hope for these omens to spare me
Vagaries on all which you want broken and buried
i am aware the notion is scary
I'm still hoping but barely.
Beulin S S Oct 8

It feels disgusting;

When we end up with it...

Without failures, we'll be nothing;

But think, crawling child can't walk,

If he refuses to walk after a fall...

Life goes on with failures;

Yet it is more important  to us;

Just to build the strong future...
Failure is always hard... But the success after the failure is a crown
Erica Squire Sep 29
The single word that defines me,
And it eats away at me,
Because that seven letter word is worse than sin,
From the perspective of the world.
Another seven letters that have been stated before,
Land of the free and the fight for freedom,
But what does that even mean anymore,
My life has never been more than a striving for perfection,
Chasing after something that can never be obtained,
My temptation, my tantalization,
The delightful piece of fruit that is out of reach for all but a few,
Says the words of a society where to be a success is to stand above the rest,
But how I covet the ability to taste the sweet juice of my victory,
But instead, everything has victory over me.
How can a concept defeat a person?
It acts like a virus,
Eating at my brain until it is mush,
Useless except in afflicting misery on my imagination.
Left trapped in my worst memories,
Reliving things that can never be changed.
The sunflower reaches up:

Tall and proud

Vainly striving to reach the sky:

A Sisyphean task.

For the wind batters;

Bruises as it nears.

Faces forced to bow.

Stems snapped like broken backs.

Nevertheless, they still believe.

Winter comes: a forced retreat.

Petals wither and fall.

Reduced, reused, recycled.

No longer of interest

To bees, birds and we

Who only see the first

Flush of beauty.

Returned unto the soil.
Dan Filcek Sep 20
It’s hard to lose.
Failure is scary.
Take a different approach:
If you want to succeed, you have to fail
Learn from our mistakes.
How many times can you fail?
Do you force yourself to keep chasing your dreams?
It's hard to quit,
Requires stamina, & determination,
Living with the consequences.
Failure is a bitter pill to swallow.
Quitting is a deadly poison,
the final nail in the coffin.
We respect those who continue,
Indifferent toward people who quit.
It is not always the worst choice.
Failure runs out  your resources.
Think about the amount of time you spend.
Please do something else.
Quitting is not an obstacle to growth.
The picture is blurry,
Life is a crap shoot.
Focus on joy,
Engage in self-care,  
A new goal is the best antidote.
You are not quitting:
You are replacing,
one for another.
Bury it, mourn it,
It deserves a proper burial,
but you have to move on.
Based on this article -
Failure is what
I think of my life
I see no happiness
Only path of strife…..

Everything seems to be lost
In the darkness of night
Road’s not visible
Destiny out of sight…..

Tired and weary
Of walking on path of thorns
Wind’s blowing hard
I’m lost in the storm…..

Death seems dearer
To put an end to my sorrows
Want to sleep forever
Not live to see another tomorrow…..
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