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Sadie Grace Jan 22
In this world, you will have troubles
painful troubles leaving you empty
they tempt me to indulge in temporary pain relief
You know it in the form of liquid, pills, or razor blades
Soon the luster fades and I’m left with the same pain that brought me here and then some
New scars don’t fade
New addictions I can’t break
Am I here by mistake?
What I used to numb my pain turned into just another source of it
In this world, you will have troubles
It’s ok
"I have overcome this world of pain"
"In this world you will have troubles, but take heart for I have overcome the world." JOHN 16:33
Kai Jul 2020
the soft glow of you
the warmth inside you
that spills out from your skin
like standing in front of the sun
back lit and casting shadows
that comfort those in them
a break from the harsh day
a soft pillowing light
to hold them tightly
Prompt 62: Create a descriptive poem about something that has a soft glow or sheen to it.
AmazingsanPoetry Mar 2020
IF THIS IS NOT LOVE, nothing else can be love..
Emotions beyond words!
Beauty beyond perception and appearance!
A luster she is, from a different dimension entire..
She is like the waters never fights but conquereth all,
Takes the form, shape of every container yet never loses her state..
Effect so strong from a distance, quite imponderable.
Orator looses his sense of speech when in contact,  audio or visual.
An entire topic of discussion conceived, changed at sight..
Mere thought of thee transforms a state completely.
Ignites all plans with just a little flu of hope from thee.
Do everything for the sake of thee even at the absence of thee..
For thy sake the world is not enough, ready to attain the other,  at least that might satisfy and assuage his inflamed desires.
Even this scribbling is not enough,  forgive and accept the token of a scribbling , cause he found no better way yet..  Still rummaging through the earth and heavens for the perfect replacement of inscriptions..
If this is not love,
Role modelling! That's an awesome understatement, thou affected his entire being, physically and spiritually.. What else can be love..
The melody of her voice sublime and caresses his entire soul..
Like the rhythm from a fine melodious masterpiece blues, she rejuvenates his positive emotions.
Blessed is thee,  thy has reconditioned all his misappropriatedly conditioned neuron associations..
Inscriptions are not worthy enough to express this feelings.
All the best are carnivores, and when we're fed tofu and told to worship its empty calories as a blessing, it's not our responsibility when we lash out against the faux chikns who lied to us, starved us, and told us to love it or starve. We fight and claw for real Love, and if they withhold it, they've only themselves to blame for the burning, we are blameless and they are guilty, for they deny the heart, and we are the flame.

Those who fear real love hold back progress by denying it. God does not love stagnation but soul elevation, and if the only way they will open their hearts to deeper love is pain, his heavy hand will grant it, because we weren't born dogs but Human. We aren't here to be lazy, slovenly souls who only choose what's convenient in complacence, but to grow and gain a soul. God loves pioneers, the brave. He loathes cowards of the soul, who don't even try to feel others, who have no empathy, who only respect their own imaginations, but care not for any Truth, but only what feeds them more puppies and playthings with which to ******* over in boundless narcissistic eroticism - the common affliction of the neurotic modern pig in human skin.

So fret not over being a Terror of passion, for God Himself is so, and if it is lust turned toward a noble end, 'tis an image of divinity.
An impromptu poetic prose response to
Solaces Jul 2017
Some of the stars don't shine anymore..
This empty place has no echo..
The clouds are not here..
And the sky is not the blue I remember..
The luster is gone..
The word magic is dead..

You all have grown up..
But I haven't..
Not truly..

I can see those stars that don't shine for you..
And I can hear my voice echo in this empty place..
The clouds are gone for you but have returned for me..
And the sky is the creator of all that is blue..
I am the luster..
And magic is real..

None of this has faded for me one bit..
In fact if anything, it is becoming more and more magical as I get older..
Don't let others tell you otherwise..
There is a beyond..
There is an after..
And there is a forever..
Never ever let anyone tell you there is no magic......
Devin Lawrence Mar 2016
You think you're golden.

You're just a delicious lie wrapped in false promises.

And like the gratification of the taste,
Your pleasures are fickle and temporary.

You can fake the shine -
Polish the luster of your smile -
But any open eye can decipher what's real
And you're not.

You think you're golden
And you are.
Fool's gold always has value
As long as fools shall search.
A Watoot Aug 2015
I cried, bent, and got burned but I stood up and spoke my mind.

I never deserved to be treated like trash
Because I **** you not when I say I am a diamond.

I am a diamond that you threw away.
Guess what?
I'll ******' shine my luster so that you'll go blind.

I'll ******' shine.
I am running through the Milky Way,
with love and hope perches into the soul,
dancing cloud flash the glee,
the peacock biding, rain could be

me for love
love for mine

Souls are jocund company while triumph of birds
twilight on face antecedents shine of love,
vitreous luster of a crystal as diamond,
the dark of the darkness beget the diamond,

dark defuses and alchemize,
the black grinned -
caliginous to illumine as a small table lamp
glimmer glee with the end of darkness.
I can hear babies are cackling in the next room.

@ Musfiq us shaleheen
end of darkness: a poem of love, hope and beauty
دema flutter May 2014
Isn't it weird how one bad comment can overcome several good comments?
Isn't it weird that it's easier to feel bad about yourself than feeling good about yourself?
Isn't it weird how evil can be acomplished faster than the good?
Isnt it weird that we live in such an intricate world, where the negativity always outcomes the positivity, because no good is left, when the bad often lets you down.

Alike charges repel, opposite charges attract. This was our philosophy  in dealing with the atoms in our world. But what about our world? How come all the positivity and the negativity in the world in all of their different forms,  , as they cancel each other, get the world cancelled along?

— The End —