I’m just another creature walking this earth ,
Trying to make the best of my life,
Trying to make sure I’m at the best form,
Trying to make sure I love myself ,
I know I’m not perfect,
I have my flaws , we all do
I know strengths & weakness
I know my worth
I know that one day no matter my flaws or weakness
One day I’ll be that perfect creature to that special person
I stare at my reflection and recognize,
All the things I used to hate about my irrelevant being.
Pale skin and freckled cheeks.
I see my self at the age of 7,
Applying thick layers of lotion on my skin.
Hopping they would disappear.
I smile as I take a look
At my fun-sized body.
Walking in my mothers heels
When she wasn’t home.
Hopping someday I would grow.
I get closer and gaze into my eyes.
Crazy shaking, boring brown.
I used to draw my self,
Wanting still watery eyes.
I spot the scars on my skin,
Trying to hide them under my skirt on my first date.
I am mid twenties now,
And I stare at my reflection.
I recognize my father in my freckles,
I feel 153cm of fun in my body,
I see sunlight
Written pages in my eyes.
I relive memories with every scar.
I learned to love,
But please teach me now...
How to love the growing pain
And my deeply scared soul.
How to love the drunk girl
In dirty clubs.
How to love the person,
I try to bury every night.
The feeling of a cool breeze
and warm sunlight on your skin
takes me to outer space

The feeling of letting your body
to freely sway against the rhythm
of a spiritual song

The feeling of pride and eagerness
when grasping new information
just for pleasure

This is what I feel should turn people on,
Turning them on to strive for more than what they deserve.
Someday you’ll love you.
From the sparkle in your eye,
To the pitch of your laugh,
Even the color of your hair.

You will love every part,
From every wrinkle,
To every crinkle,
Every part of you.

But they will try to tear you down,
To make you frown,
To make you think you’re not worth it.

But darling you listen to me.

From the way you walk,
To the way you talk,
You will be mocked,
But don’t you listen.

From your weight,
To your height,
You are all wonderful to me.

Maybe one day you’ll see,
The beauty I see.
The way you were made,
So beautifully.

But until then,
Do not forget,
On how true beauty,
Comes from within.
I hope one day that you love you the way you deserve. You are worth it ❤
Art work once hung from walls
Gets trampled into the floor
Has you zone into the smaller details
And zone out from the bigger picture
Neglect and forget all the things you love about yourself
In troubled nights and days
these fettered words
shall be spoken
in my eyes
through tears
and my heart shall hear
its own echoes
and I must feel
how much worth
I have left in me unless
my mind disagrees.
We all come to a point where we feel irrelevant to our ownselves.
Malak S 3d
You weren’t supposed to leave me when I needed you the most
My heart bleeding onto the concrete floor, next to that bashed up car and my traumatized thoughts
You weren’t supposed to etch your name into my heart, but you did so anyway
All that’s left is a scar, the white blood cells unable to clot the pain away
Most nights, I’m stuck in one of my nightmares
They all start with me calling out your name and end with you walking out the door
You weren’t supposed to ask for my heart if you weren’t worthy of its’ keep
But damn, I guess we all ask for things that seem so far out of our reach
I’ve written so much of you
I’ve called the Moon after you,
You have almost become a figment of my imagination, your being almost unobtainable
I’ve built you up so perfectly, no flaw, no imperfection,
And that is the cost of a heart that loves unconditional(ly)
We dive into the ocean, swim deep into the blue, wide eyes at the beauty, no more breaths, we begin to heave,
Our lungs slowly suffocating,
The air, they no longer keep
We drown to save our art, make sure it survives
You were my muse, my everlasting glow
I saw galaxies in your eyes, even though I had multiple of universes in my own
It was simple really,
All I’ve ever wanted was for someone to hold me tight, kiss me when I’m doubtful, say a couple of words to make things right
Act on the pretty verses that laced that pink tongue,
Mean what you say, don’t parade around a handful of indirect lies
See, I have had my heart broken a couple of times.
I have given my being, without batting my eyes
It is time I invested in myself, in order not to falter on broken promises
I have treated carefully through the pieces remaining of my heart,
But I think it’s time I made amends with the parts of me that loved me enough,
That helped me stand up and pull myself out of my slump.
I am more than those who have claimed to ‘love’ me
I am a form of Love,
Maybe one, still in disguise
Marloes 3d
Sometimes I see a brief glimpse of light.
It is shining on me like the sun in the evening
It is so beautiful, so gold and bright
I can't believe I am the one receiving

I realize that I am fortunate
To be the one to witness this stunning view
I never again want this door shut
And to be left in this dark room with nothing to do

If only I had the power to open this door
Just enough so that the wind won't close it again
I wish to watch this sunset a little more
I need a plan
Every once in a while (Mainly when I am manic) I feel positive about myself. I realize that this isn’t very often. Also usually when I am feeling like this and not manic, It’s a little bit of positivity. I want more. I want to feel positive about myself more without having to be manic for it.
ella 4d
they found love in a field full of strawberries,
but here i am writing my poetries.
i got inspired, again, with my instagram’s post lol. you can check it out at @gtfo.ella. x
they will constantly tell you
that you're not enough
not pretty enough
not smart enough
not interesting enough
not admirable enough.
and by repeating it
they'll convince you
that you'll only be happy
and good enough
when you fit in.
you're gonna try your best
to be what they expect:
P E R F E C T.
only when you realize,
perfection does not exist,
and that you're not
oblied to be anything,
then you'll be happy.
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