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Arima 13h
I was the Iron Maiden,
alchemized flesh
Only knowing hardness
and pain.
I've been the thorns,
spikes  that did nothing
but drew blood
from gentle touches.
The waves were my hair
dragging you into the undertow
of my tumultuous thoughts.
all waves recede
leaving a blueprint
for growth to follow
close behind.
The brain prompt is well-being and growth.
ejb 1d
you are sexy
you are beautiful
you are strong
you are woman
you are heavenly
you make me weak in the knees
you are loveable
you are fuckable
i want you
i need you
you make me crazy
you are exactly as you should be
i haven't been feeling very sexy or feminine recently and it's been bringing me down a little so i wrote this to remind myself that i am a sexy ass bitch and deserve to feel that way. And i think it's a nice reminder for all the woman out there who sometime forget just how amazing they truly are.
I hope someday soon
My heart will stop
Asking about you
For my eyes to see you
In faces of strangers
And my limbs to untangle
From the ghost of yours
That left a long, long time ago
I hope my heart will one day
Be able to forgive me
For giving it away to someone
So reckless and beautiful
And that my body stops aching
For the scars you left
Are constant reminders
Of all that was lost
Once upon a first love
Laura 1d
Who am I?
What makes me so special?
To be loved in this world
To be loved in a time like this
When everyone is full of hate
And nobody can find it
In their black hearts
To be kind to anyone?
Who am I?
What makes me so special?
So worthy of love
When I'm just a nobody
Just a small speck of dust
In an endless wave of sand
A little pebble
On the bottom of the ocean
A tiny snowflake
In a blinding blizzard
Who am I?
What makes me so goddamn special?
When nothing in this world
Seems special at all
Except the concept of love itself
Because it's so rare
My mother used to tell me to breathe.
When I tense up, when I get so nervous I forget how to move.
My mother used to tell me to breathe.
When I was little and would scrape my knee, crying so hard I would forget to breathe.
Sometimes my mother is still here.
Reminding me to breathe, I hear her voice inside my head.
When that strange man who is walking past stares a little too long
When I have had too much to drink and I do not stop him from touching me.
When it gets too much inside my head.
When he tells me he can not love me anymore.
Sometimes I just need to breathe.
Amanda 3d
Many of the rumors about me are true
My insecurities reflect the past
Cards that I discarded weren't all that bad
Metaphorically folded too fast

You can assume whatever you want
Could imagine a million possibilities
In a lot of them you are probably right
I just feel I am viewed as a person diseased

It's only natural to judge in haste
I try to change their impression
I struggle with tired stereotypes
Hope those I love can see my intentions

My eyes betray sad stories
Vaguely told in shades of brown
And all throughout mistakes are woven
Punctuated by tears leaking down

I was a loser for awhile
A burden who offered less than nothing
Let my issues get the best of me
Friends have tried to give guidance
Wasn't ready to accept advice, kept ducking

Immature approach to solving problems
Erect a wall to guard my heart
Let my issues get the best of
Embrace sin when life falls apart

Find it amusing when hypocrites whisper
With each passing day grow stronger
It was difficult at recovery's start
To be judged a person I wasn't any longer
Your past does not define you
melody 3d
wake up, it's September again
time to love my friends and make amends with myself
i'm trying to gain altruistic ecstasy through things aside from wealth
from my hands i will rise and from my mind i will provide
i'm uncovering the distant parts of my heart that i let die
i'm an optimist with experience and i hope you don't ask why
a mischievous gust of wind sets my sails to another try
opened eyes and ears, surpassing over thought fears
i'm finally remembering how to get here
lost maps and closed hands
i’m opening up and lifting my head
contemplating this moment and releasing the dread
light fills me up and i can't come down
i wake up once again, only this time i'm found
If he resists his tendency
To inhabit his fantasy,
Would he welcome reality,
Over his made up tragedy?

Open to let his eyes be true,
Perceiving real as something new,
Made to feel life like his dreams do,
When dreaming is all that he knew?

To live for real to no avail,
His fantasies would never fail.
He kept the world behind a veil,
No real people matched his tale.

You’d say all his fantasy does
Is fantasize imagined flaws.
He’d love the real him because
He was fantastic as he was.
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Widespread rain descended
In the corner of my dreams;
A monsoon of drenching relief;
A tide to wash the slate clean.

I am a woman now;
Not a girl.
And all of the wounds I’ve won
Unfurl across my body
And my soul
Like shiny medals of valor
Or one, fragile, papyrus scroll.

And thus garbed, and so adorned,
I will wade through the cooling waters of
This cleansing storm.

Widespread rain descended
Filling my outstretched arms;
Quenching the memory of the battle;
Bringing the strength to end the war.

I am worthy now.
I am enough.
And in my hand, I crush the dust
Of guilt, of shame,
Releasing these bitter grains
To the absolution that comes with  
The drumming of
The rain.
I am not beautiful,
No matter what people say,
Because it's always a daily struggle
To look at the mirror and accept myself.
I'll end up hating myself anyway.

I am not happy
With how I weigh,
Because I'll never be as skinny
As those girls on screen, flaunting themselves.
I obsessed with numbers, and I still am.

I am not confident
With anything I do, or say,
Simply because I'll always never be enough.
I'll only end up cursing my work and words.

What I am, though,
Is someone constantly struggling
With trying to accept herself, and coming to terms that
I'm pretty okay.
If it weren't for my friends, I wouldn't get any progress.

Someday, slowly, I'll get there.
I'll learn to accept my flaws,
Embrace my soul and tell myself,
"You worked hard today.
You did it."
Still learning.

I constantly hate myself but I'm learning not to.

I'll get there soon.
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