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JoJo 2h

These shapeless faces
don’t have any value
until I looked in the mirror.
Suddenly, I knew my worth.
and so should you.

Claudia 2h
Your life has been hard,
It has
And you're not even seventeen yet

You've just learned to wear your hair in a ponytail,
Even though it doesn't cover your face as well

Now everyone can see that face,
That tiny little forehead,
And those eyes that aren't quite green or gray or blue,
But full of hope

That is the color of your eyes

When you look in the mirror and hate yourself to pieces

When you wanted to grab a pair of scissors and cut of those beautiful belly rolls

And when you wanted to carve out a new shape for your nose

Theo's still hope,
In your eyes

Because that is what your made of,
and it shines through

Every time you've been broken down countless times

Every day on your way to school
Stepping through the gates of **** on earth

When they called you names
The sticks and stones
Staring at you in the corridor

When you got through your ninth year

When you saw your grandmother and all the safety she was die,
For the third time

When you realized that this time she wasn't coming back

When you told your dad you hated him,
And every time you realize you still do

When they crushed you
There was still hope left in you, if only the smallest grain

You always believed there would be a better day,

Even when you sunk the blade of a pocket knife into your own skin,
And you could barely see through the tears in your eyes,
And you mom cried,
And she held you,
And you said "No, you'll gett blood all over yourself"
And she screamed a little,
And there and then, at fourteen years old you thought that this,
This is rock bottom

You knew the only way out was through,
You knew

And that's why you made it,

Because no matter how sure you were that you'd given up you never really had.

That's why you,
Eleven years old,
You didn't jump ,
You didn't

No matter how hard you believed in the freedom of bones cracking,
In just a second
Floating away,

You never managed to convince yourself it would be worth it,
Because what if the sun will rise tomorrow and you will be okay?

Or maybe that won't happen for another week or ten or twenty years
But it still wouldn't be wort it,

Because WHAT IF

You don't want to miss out,
You don't want to be the jinx,
Miss your whole life just because you got tired so you left early,

So instead you flew
Because you knew
You' pull trough

And you did
You bright bright ray of light
You brilliant star
Even though you are covered in scars

And that's okay,
It's okay

Now look in the mirror,
Look me in the eye,
And say after me

                                ­It's okay
                                 You did it

                           It's over now
Because of you
she learned to cry
without making a sound

Because of you
she learned to hide her puffy eyes
with carefully applied concealer and eyeliner

Because of you
she learned to hide the marks on her wrist
with full sleeves and fancy bracelets

Because of you
she learned to not let someone in
through the walls she has built around her heart

Because of you
she learned to be on her own
and be comfortable with it

Because of you
she learned to love herself
in ways you never could.
Amethyst 19h
Do you miss the warm rain like i do?
The way it would caress our skin; it’s touch was light as a feather. Almost unnoticed, but too nurturing to be forgotten.
And when warm rain fell, the sun always followed.
We’d bathe in tender golden light.
And she would wrap us snug in her rays, only to let us nap on her sister’s green quilts of velvet.
In this moment nothing mattered.
There was you
There was me
And there was the warm rain.
Nothing mattered except for us.
We didn’t have to argue or yell, and no tears were shed.
Just you me and the warm rain.
It would dance across our sunburned cheeks and shoulders, mingle with our freckles, and get lost in between our intertwined fingertips.
Although my eyes were closed i knew you were smiling. Smiling the smile that i’ve longed to see since September.
I didn’t want this moment to end i just wanted to stay
with you
Mom yelling for dinner woke me up.
There were white tiles under my head and a shower head infront of my face.
i stood up, wiped the running water from my eyes, and turned the **** to the shower off.
pearls of water formed and chilled as i hopped out while looking for a towel frantically.
I paused the outdated song playing from my phone, that i once resonated with you.
I look through the fog on my bathroom mirror
and i see me.
without you
but i see love.
love inside of me, past my now fair and satin skin
beyond my fading freckles and rosy cheeks
there is love.
and maybe one day when the grass is green again, and the falling rain is warm
i’ll find love there too.
In the warm rain.
Isla 1d
we are forever secure in the insecurity of simply being
to hate is all we know
it is safety  
but what fool mistakes strangulation for affection.

although you have surrendered your icy grip on my heart
in the early hours
cold fingers still pry my eyes open
so you can seep into the edge of my vision
when i dream, you sleep beside me
when I breathe, you are in my lungs
a whisper
a steady rhythm
a constant reminder
to be burdened is all we know
it is safety
but despite that
i exhale
and i let you go
guess who's still surviving ****
How many parts? Transient…
Tearing apart? Permanent…

An angry one. Powerless…
It’s never done. Sorrowless…

The battle rages. Survival…
Till one prevails. Revival…

Is there a third? Unaware…
Has it been heard? Everywhere…

Forces at play. Unresolved…
Hear what they say. Unabsolved…

Fight for your soul. Unlivable…
Your self-control. Forgivable.
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I didn’t think about me.
I forgot I could trust myself.
Me saved me.
I needed me.
I will never
forget about me
thank you for helping me find me.
Self deprecation;
        a constant cycle of negative connotation.
Losing all concentration,
       where medication became an obligation.

          anxiety and depression.
Thoughts of contemplation,
I sit back, proud of my progression.

Years in the book;
       broken and used.
Stole back my dignity they took,
         sick and tired of the abuse.

No self-worth, I believed.
      Drowning alone;
No meaning, I deceived.

To feel alive,
     I wondered, 'how does it feel?'
Would I thrive?
    Or would I need heal?

Today I stand tall and strong,
       head held higher than the clouds above.
Preaching to others they belong,
       knowing how it feels lacking self-love.

Better now, with one goal in mind;
      Walking the broken through the storm.
All it takes is to be kind.

As the rain pours,
      drenched I'll be,
instead of indoors,
        hiding from reality.

Seventeen; that I am,
      ready to conquer any war
and that in between
          down to the core.

Off to college,
        leaving the past behind;
gaining new knowledge,
        attempting to fix mankind.

Proud of who I became,
      preaching positivity.
Not in search of fame,
      but in search of change.

In and out of highs and lows,
     coffee in my hand;
Dreaming of a world of love and peace.
       Here I stand,
              A Masterpiece.
Late night coffee,
with night time tears.
The touch to my body;
                    I disappear.

The coffee is spilt;
                    skin dented of fear.
Mental breakdown,
you are not welcomed here.

Hands clenched;
                                     intertwined with the sheets.
I lay silently
in the late night coffee,
               drowning within.

Constantly told,
                        this life is worth living.
That I troubled to hold,
                           sitting in my own prison.

I have my highs and my lows;
from I'm doing good, to
No one knows.

Wondering am I worth it?
What's my purpose?
On the road I go.

Too weak to carry on;
                          Razor to skin.
"**** yourself,"
                          lingered on in.

Ready to go,
                              God lifted the blade.
Slid down on the tiles,
                    "Forever," I prayed.
Take the pain away
Wash it from your face
Erase the days of questioning your own self worth

Unbutton your shirt
Lower your skirt
Grace the earth with your body
And bare your soul to the world
Be anything but unforgiving of yourself

You are more than your scars for
They are merely affirmations
Of a path well traveled on
And you wear them well

Don't let anyone tell you different
Just be the difference between then and now

Be unapologetically thankful that you are never alone when you're at home with yourself

Shower yourself with love,
Beyond limit,
Because you deserve it
I wrote this after my ex cheated on me
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