I choose you
Despite your flaws
And harsh words written on your back
I choose you
There will never be
an indiscretion I will
not face by your side
Because I choose you
Through every broken promise
And every broken dream
I choose you
When you choose the ones
who cannot love
but can always receive it
I will choose you
To face each dawning day
And prayerful night
I choose you
To love and cherish
To break and build
I choose you
I choose you
I choose you.

A love note.

Aug 19. 2017

Did you hear, Magic Mirror?

My best friend said she suffers from depression.
Last week, she slit her stomach and tumbling out came a pile of ribbons.
A glittery red, spread out on the bed, they slowly melted through the floor and sank beneath the boiling surface.

Did you hear, Magic Mirror?

The boy across the street says he models for fun.
Except, he doesn't wear any clothes.
Except, there isn't any show.
Just a camera, his stepdad, and four carefully shuttered windows.

And did you hear, Magic Mirror? About the man they found sprawled face down in a ditch?

His skin a soft white, lips a blood red, he'd laid there quietly for a couple of days.
Maybe three.
Maybe five.
Carved jaggedly into his pale forehead: Faggot.
In fact, all over his mangled body, like a demonic chant that hisses and wails.
Faggot, faggot, faggot.

Did they ever consult you, Magic Mirror?
Longing for answers of identity and love, you spat in their vulnerable face, cutting them with your vicious shards.
Like soft ash, harsh gasps of air blew them away into the deep blue night, where they gently landed in unrequited tears.

im in the dark, listening to sad songs and writing about you. how immensely cliche
You have so many forms
the sad clinger, the brooding skater, the temperamental singer, the switch that is you
i allowed each of you in, to my mind
i gave my glow of adolescence away
and when you were denied, you erased me from your world
im a ghost of you
past loves passed in these dim halls
im haunting the school and you haunt my thoughts

though im dead to you im thriving in myself
im painting away the pain
abandoning the users
writing away the waves of crushing self-doubt
i have had time to lick my wounds
time to do something and live

tell me that I can't
        and I'll show you that I'm more than
tell me that I'm worthless
        and I'll point out my infinity price
tell me that I'm nothing
        and I won't prove it because I know
                 my worth, it doesn't mean you
                 have to.

You have worth

When the lines turn to curves
And flat chests turn to breasts,
When the skin feels wrong
And the body feels alien,
Remind yourself there is something underneath it all;
A soul dwelling deep inside,
Waiting for you to call it out
And show you who you truly are.

Lauren 3d

"Why can't you love you?"
"Because I lack perfection..."
How ridiculous!

If no one is perfect, and we can love others, then why do we require perfection of ourselves in order to be worthy of self-love?
Alana 3d

The world is on fire
When I say the world I mean my mind  

How can I say this, you see.. people often think I'm scary because this world, I own this. This shit is mine, again when I say world.. I mean my mind. I mean me.

Some things are difficult to say but I am here writing down every thought because spreading ideas is what's helped form this world
Brutal but honest
Shy but confident
No one can bring me down
Because the world is on fire
I mean my mind

I'm saying this is me!
Heart on my sleeve
I am the danger, I am the colour
I am the heat I am the beauty
I am the smokey aftertaste people only read about in poetry

How can I explain?
This world will probably end in ashes so you might as well dance with the flames

constrained by society’s idea of a pretty picture, you weep as you cross paths with mirror glass.

you are an angel held back by your own tears.
you toss and turn through these endless days, veins choked tight by your darkest fears.

and you're whimpering in your sleep even as I lay beside you, and I’m on the brink of drifting off when your lips graze my ear with a whisper;

“how can I ever be somebody if I don’t have the right body?”

you are beautiful beyond words. you are a child of the universe. don't you ever think for one second that you are not worth it.
Janna Smith Aug 6

"small" boobs
"big" thighs
"fat" belly
open mind

but that's basically me and it's nothing wrong with that

my eyes
green one
with orange dots
I only like

because I felt unique by having something like freckles in my eyes

I just sometimes can't say
that I love me or my body
because I feel depressed
by being obese... which I am not

just because someone told me something which I know isn't even truth

They told me that I was fat
because they knew that it will hurt me
even when I knew it was not the truth
but by the time they bullied little girl
I remembered words they told me
and they are sometimes
playing in my head
and I feel depressed

because some kids are just cruel

- j.k.

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