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Why would I settle for crumbs
When I deserve the whole bakery
So I’ll allow this to weight down my lungs
To free myself off this slavery

It’s a privilege to be with me
In all honesty I’m a luxury
Cambrie May 4
Should I grow my hair
Stop biting my nails
Lose a few pounds
Shave everywhere
Have a dainty nose
Clear skin
Lightly shaded eyes
Slimmer thighs

Should I change my speech
Never use profanity
Only speak when spoken to
Talk softly
Laugh lightly
Tone it down
Have a higher voice
Solemnly ever ramble

Must I change my entire self?

Goodness, no.

I know my worth and believe I am stunning in every single way.

Recently learned how to love me and I can only thank myself for that wisdom.
Ursula Wolf May 2
Oh meddled river,
Carry my soul away on your bare back,
I am raging up in my void.
I was so lost in this concrete world…
My thoughts were painted backwards
And my body was floating above
Others’ ambitions.
My eyes were my responsibility,
To see the chirping bird
Behind the dead cat in the street.
My hands were my truth,
To touch some love
After a disappointing rush.
My lips were my secret,
To talk to myself after
The treason of humanity.
I'm not straight out of a magazine
nor worth a different gaze

men don’t faze
women neither want to taste

I’m somewhere in between
nowhere to be seen
this one was sitting in my drafts since last year
How many almosts and goodbyes
are there in a lifetime?
Life is too short they always say, so live it to the fullest.
But each silent farewell kills me a little inside.
You don’t know how many times I’ve died in this lifetime.

How many laughs will escape my lips,
how many I love you’s shall I say
in my one lifetime?
Because every time I do, I remember to breathe
and from death of a thousand cuts, I begin to heal.
Lauramihaela Apr 9
I want to say
I love you
I want to say
I hate you;
I want to say
I’m sorry
I want you
To apologise;
I want to explain
And I want
To remain silent;
I want to regret
And I want to
it all happens
For a reason;
I want to
Go back in time
And I look forward
To better days;
I want
A lot
And that’s
Cedric Mar 26
A snooze rouses a slumber,
You hear birds chirp a beep.
Turn off your alarm and shower,
Start your leimotif.

From black to gray your eyesight wavers,
The world just looks so bleak.
But then a memory tries to banter,
"Ah! la vie est magnifique!"

Time to time convictions shudder,
Sometimes you feel defeat.
But from losing comes laughter,
Springing back to your feet.

Life goes on til' after,
Night and day repeat,
Sometimes you'd feel asunder,
You'd wake up in one piece.

Live, laugh, love in blunder!
It's all a one-way street.
To cry is to shoulder-
Your victories so sweet.
A commissioned piece made for a friend.
Mortal  to my  thoughts,
broken by the eyes of the world,
the warmth in my heart hides from her cold breath.
Trying to tread softly, so that I don't awaken her judgemental tongue
I've lost step to what makes me happy,
to make keep her quiet.
The world will always judge you, let your eyes focus on you and her.
Nida Mahmoed Mar 18
Everything starts from a Mother,
Feminine energy,
Energy; has the power to give
first home to a child,
A sense of security and
a sense of peace,
And a hope to breathe and grow,
And everything ends on a Mother,
A soil,
A mother to open itself to embrace
you' when you say
goodbye to this world,
Embrace your feminine energy,
And lead your life with confidence
and strength,
Because you are a woman,
A woman of Courage,
Strength and Love.
aye Mar 15
how could you?
how could you
pry open my legs
then my heart
then all my
many other
disposable parts?
(c) ayesha. h [2022]
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