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Kaka Jun 1
You are much more than your skin & bones.
You are much more than the lies you were told.
No, you are not scattered fragments of mess.
Listen to me,
what you are is a mosaic made of gold
You are beautifully whole 🧡
I love you
Kaka Jun 1
You did well 🧡

When they said you weren’t pretty, you didn’t believe them.
You did well.

When they said you had a mean heart, you didn’t believe them.
You did well.

When they said you brought bad luck, you didn’t believe them.
You did well.

When they said you couldn’t do well in a bigger city, you didn’t believe them.
You did well.

When they said it’d be hard for you to find a partner, you didn’t believe them.
You did well.

When they showered you with all the negatives, you filtered it all - only listened to your heart.

You never turned sour.
You did well.

When it seemed like all the doors were shut & there was no way out. You stubborn child - you still didn’t believe it.
You did well.

All that noise, all that dirt & like a lotus, you bloomed through it.
My love, you did so effing well!

I am so proud of you ❤
You did well
Kaka Jun 1
Please be good to yourself.  
Be patient with yourself.
Be a friend to yourself.
All the love
you yearn to shower upon someone else
How about,
some of it, you give it to yourself?? 🧡
I love you
Afeksi cita May 29
Katanya, tak baik untuk memendam
Tetapi, tak semua rasa mudah memadam
Katanya, janganlah selalu dipendam
Nyatanya, tak semua cakap bisa meredam

Mereka, bisa menuntut
Tetapi, haruskah hati selalu menurut?
Mereka,  bisa bertindak sebagai penuntut
Tetapi, rasanya.. jiwa tak perlu selalu berlutut

Ada masa.. untuk menarik diri
Untuk bersimpuh, dan memberi diri afeksi
Ada masa... untuk menangis, memendam semua emosi
Untuk menyadari semua hanya proses menjadi asri

Terima kasih, sudah selalu kuat
Berdiri dan menjalani semua walau terasa berat
Terima kasih, sudah selalu kuat
Untuk kamu, yang terhebat..
Dear Love,

I found you in the back alley way
near the barn on a bike
and swimming in the glen.

Saw you jump right in,
*** out, into a freezing pool -
middle fingers in the air
like some weird baptismal funeral.

I felt the weight of your losses on my shoulders
like a backpacking trip from hell,
and the way your lips pressed against one another
in an empty room.

Heard you laugh in an empty room
and fill cars with God-awful karaoke,
windows down and smiling the whole time.

I tasted your tears when you laughed
so hard that you cried, or cried so hard that you laughed,
bittersweet like a chipwich in a 711 parking lot.

Smelt your pain like a two-day-old dish
just waiting to be scrubbed, and
your happiness in clean clothes and roadside flowers.

They say soul mates aren't real,
its just who you put the work into.
Each day I wake up to you,
raw and real and still trying,
still learning and loving and giving it your all,
and honey that's just why I love,

chlorine Apr 20
am I the only one who's hello poetry website is super glitchy? SMH. hi tho, I just wanna say I really love this website and the people on it. thank you to the anonymous, and to all the creative people online :) I don't see myself as someone who claims to be a writer, although at times I wish I did so I could claim some new identity. creativity is powerful. creativity helps me work through and understand PTSD and power and control narcissistic dynamics in my life. when I'm on this website I feel connected and accepted. thanks for reading and encouraging self expression. issa healing journey. here's to discovering and becoming our most authentic selves :-) - L.M.S
Ursula Wolf Apr 15
This life accused me.
I didn’t answer,
Because under my skin;
I found Anima Mundi.
dear basil,

i know long distance is the bane of your existence
and you feel like the only person that understands you is
more than 1000 miles away
(maybe that's true)

i also know that you are cursing yourself at 3am
for wanting to be held
thinking that means you are toxic and codependent
but it's OKAY to want love
(i promise)

it's okay to cry yourself to sleep sometimes
because loving across distance is hard and painful
as long as you pick yourself back up in the morning
do your skincare routine, feel beautiful
sing to yourself, be whimsical
smile at strangers, wear your heart on your sleeve
(your heart is not broken, just tired)

but you can do it
live in text messages and phone calls
write letters, send care packages
until you can kiss his soft lips goodnight
every. single. night.
(it will be worth it)

(i promise),
RAHHH i'm so in love it hurtsss.

anyways it's been a whileee. i hope you have been keeping hydrated all this time, my loves. remember to care about yourself :)
i care about you!!

One day
I will look into the mirror
and not hate what I see

One day
I will be glad that I am finally me

One day
I wont be disgusted by my reflection

One day
I will love my imperfections

One day
I will rise from above
And finally give my body love
Trying each day to love myself
Aida Mar 6
I sat alone, with thoughts so deep,
A mirror showed my soul to peep.
It reflected back my deepest fears,
My pain, my doubts, my unshed tears.

But as I looked into that glass,
I saw beyond the pain amassed.
I saw the strength that I possessed,
To rise above and face the test.

The fire burning bright within,
The will to fight and never give in,
To break the chains and be set free,
To rise above, and truly be me.

So now I sit, not quite alone,
With a newfound strength I've honed.
I see the beauty, the love, the grace,
Reflected back upon my face.

With every challenge that I face,
I know that I can find my place.
For in that mirror, clear as day,
I see the power to light my way.
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