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Marle 1d
The truth can hurt sometimes.
The lie can hurt sometimes.
Sometimes. All we need. Is an open heart.
An open heart..
An open heart..

True, true, true.
You tell me all of the truth.
The truth. The lies. (True...)
It's true... (It hurts..)

The love is not there, I can tell.
But maybe. Just maybe. You can help.
With love & the lie. (The love and the lie..)
There is nothing more to say.
So baby, I cannot stay.
Tell me. Am I the truer love?
exist 3d
being different
may mean you’re not normal
at least to society
but it also means
you’re brave enough
to break the mold
and to me that’s more rewarding
than fitting in
break the mold 2k18
I heard your voice today
after four years
I heard your voice

I imagined this day before
I thought we would talk longer
share a couple memories
laugh a few times

"I missed you"

"I thought of you"

"I miss the fun"

endless conversations
playing in my head
I've thought of millions
but not a single one right

im at a loss of words
this is totally new
I heard your voice
but I had no choice

who was that person
with the nails on a chalkboard
razors in the shredder
type of voice

"hello, is this Angela?"
"who is this"
"oh, well... it's Alex"
"im not supposed to talk to you"
(you sound like a trained killer)
"I know, can you tell mom I said hi"
(you executed perfectly)
"im sorry"
(dial tone)

who was that
my used to be sister
I dont know

I thought it would be different
I was wrong
do I deserve this life
she spoke like I dont

she used to like me
so who is that

I heard her voice today
after four years
I wish I could forget
after the first time talking to my step-sister in four years in July.
we have a lot in common
but maybe we're more different than we think
how could you love me?
you say you adore me
but i can't see how
there's always something wrong with me
and i'm not just saying that to put myself down
i mean it
it's the truth
there's always something that makes people run
and i don't know what it is
but i'm still me
i'm allowed to be myself
and i'm not going to change myself for anyone
i thought we were dreaming of being something more
and not just the way our bodies connect
i tried opening myself up to the possibility before
but my last boyfriend used me
he wanted my body
nothing more
and i've never told anyone this
but he told me he thought about ****** me
so forgive me if i don't want a relationship based on that
because now i'm too scared to share that part of me
he made me feel absolutely disgusting
and i never want to share that part of me again
unless it's with someone who will stay in the end
so please
if you really don't want me because i won't share that with you
then i guess we're just not meant to be
i'm sorry
Heera 6d
Sometimes people show love differently.
You can complain they didn't do stuff for you, its ok.
But you have to understand the difference between a billionaire offering you a car,
And a guy doing a part time job, offering you a walk and ice cream

On comparing it seems like nothing but in reality, the first one offered you abit of what he had.
The second, all he could afford.
Love, isn't relative
Crow 6d
This way to the show, folks
The most amazing show you have ever seen
Bigger, wider, deeper
Wondrous and terrifying
More beautiful than your dreams
Uglier than you can imagine
And all for free
If you speak very loosely, that is

Watch your step son
Don’t trip on the unintended consequences

Step right this way
There’s no time like the present
In fact there’s no time left at all
Take a peek behind the curtain if you dare
What’s the worst that could happen
Probably best not to think too much about it

See the man without a plan
Watch him stumble through life
Be amazed as he defies death on the streets
His struggles with addiction will amuse you
Enjoy the bitterness of his regrets

Be stupefied by the clueless wonder
Taken advantage of at every turn
Thrill as he turns into the human doormat
Feel free to wipe your shoes on him
He likes it, really

Prepare your senses for the shock of
The compassionate woman
Stand bewildered as she is betrayed by lovers
Gasp as she weeps for people she does not know
Make her a promise as you leave fellas
You will make her day

You will be stunned by the man who is not like you
Be horrified at his minor differences
Criticize all his perceived flaws
Feel free to mock him, he is used to it

What’s that ma’am
No don’t feel sorry for them
They like it here
Three hots and a cot you know
Only some humiliation each night
And twice on Saturdays

Come one, come all
Leave the show smug and satisfied
About how much better you are
Than these miserable examples of failure

All this and more and not one penny to enter
The only fee is part of your humanity
Just drop it in the box right here
On your way in
Eno Oct 10
We ebb and flow
On the same
..     ..  ..
  ..  ..     ..
..   ..  ..     ..
Our waves lap upon one another
Sometimes more like a lover
Sometimes more like a brother
..     ..  ..
  ..  ..     ..
..   ..  ..     ..

The difference is
That I have journeyed
So far
To get here;
You have only just

And this is why
You’re not ready.

I must find the strength
To leave you
Dancing upon the oceans surface
On your own


For only then
In years to come
May we find each other
At the right time
And love what remains
maire rolin Oct 10
Homebound, on the trail to new horizon.
Lost town, forgotten from where the trail was and where it began.
Like roses and cherry blossoms,
beauty isn’t forever.
I admire the concrete, the cement, the asphalt and rocks, at least they stay.
The songs I sing, lost their melody and beauty.
I head to concrete city
Where the hearts are exchanged for pennies and forgotten memories.
For once the leaf, the bird, and the frog..
aren’t things I admire.
I now find love and resonance in the solidness of structure,
And then maybe my heart won’t rupture.
Moeshfiekah Oct 7
So you wanna put on a show.
**** momma that's a low blow.
Ya slick and you're sly like a crow.
Ya runnin' ta catch me , ya slow.
There's something that you gotta know.
Ya tell me to give what I owe.
In the darkness of lies , you glow.
Ya tasting the demon you grow.
Destruction ya sip on-the-go.
Now I'm rhyming and braking the flow.
Ya braking  , deflating , do you need a tow?
In the light of day you're a ***.
Words speak a language of their own
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