nish 8h
The night sky seems like a reflection of your eyes
Those orbs twinkle with mischief,
should have seen that before I fell so very deeply in love.
But with a soul, seemingly as old as the universe itself,
how could I resist this insane attraction.
I'm merely human
temptation doesn't evade me.
I've sinned a countless number of times,
but falling in love with you was my redemption
because even God is waiting for you to come back to heaven.

Yet I have to stop and think,
out of all these hearts you've stolen
is mine just another line on your tally?
Will you be there tomorrow
when the sun filters through these fading curtains.
Or is your departure much before the first dew droplet
sliding off a sprouting leaf?
I won't know
until I wake and find your indents on my bed
and the smell of your comfort lingering around.

And even then,
I will have the smallest, fragment of hope
that you'll come back.
Because maybe
just maybe
I was a little bit more different
from the rest of your tally marks.
-To the one night stands we fall in love with.
Bethie 14h
I used to say I wanted friends
To have a person to the end

I got my wish, just this past year
But now that wish has changed, I fear

For in my life these people came
And then they left me still the same

So now my wish has changed, you see
I still want friends, but I want them near to me
Making money                                         money can't buy!
                is one skill.                     is a different one
                                    Making life
Everytime Heaven cries
Oh Hell breaks loose
For Hell was never a caring person
but for Heaven's sake he did.

Hell saw doves roaming around her
How everytime she walks closer to Hell her Father latches on every creation He did to stop them.

For their love was forbidden
but in the eyes of Hell
He saw the garden of Eden in Heaven
for in the eyes of Heaven
She saw purgatory in Hell
that only her heart can be the judge to his actions

They all fall in love
and in their eyes
they will never be different.
Oh yee of little faith
Wyatt 3d
Forge your signature
on the shell of my heart.
Send a bullet through,
make it quick for me.
Beauty like yours
makes me drop dead,
as they say.
Wrap your arms
around my body
I’m a novice,
and I don’t know
how your love works.
I've been cold, distant
for most of my life
but girls like you
make me wish I was

Although I never will be.
I wish I was different, I wish I could connect with you. I wish my love was honest, but all of my moves feel scripted.
Wyatt 4d
I’ve told you before, right?
I’m many different people.
They have grown as I have,
swaying me different ways.
I’m kind, evil, lost.
Soaked head to toe
with different thoughts,
it’s like a tidal wave that
takes me fifty feet under.

I can’t
concentrate on one thing,
we can’t
come to an agreement.
One day I’m
rebuilding my mind
and the next I’m
drinking the poison.
One moment I’m
talking like the wise
and the next I’m
idle in the gossip.
I’ve told you before, right?
I’m many different people.
I’ve told you before, right? I’m many different people. One sentence is a glimpse of hope and the next is my new apocalypse.
Sophia 4d
oh, the trances

of their beautiful dances

their lovely glances

make me want to see

how much lovelier i would be

if i were a different me
Sophia 4d
when i see myself in the mirror

i've always dreamt of seeing a different person

a better person than i could ever be

but when i stare into the eyes

of the exact same person as me

i'm faced with cruel reality
Laura 5d
Ever since we met
I haven't gone a day
Without loving you
I haven't known a day
Without your name
Written all over my fucking heart
It didn't take me long at all
To figure out that
You're kind of the one
The one I want to be with
You let me paint your nails
You think it's cute when I chow down on a burger
You tell me you love me when you're deep inside of me
You do face masks with me
You say my snort is adorable
And it all feels different
When I tell you I love you
It all feels true
For once in my life
Compared to all those times
In the back of my impala
When I said it just to get them to cum
So I could go home already
No this time it means something
And I've meant it since day one
When I said it in the laundry room
You looked back and smiled
While I blushed up a storm
The hurricane hit me hard
And changed my life forever
Following the words of tongue
         that flow like rivers,
coming from different streams.
             Each can venture on different
meanings, like the flow carrying petals
          of indifference upon
                   the riptide of contemplation.

Even though everyone shall drink from
             the knowledge flowing, each taste
            may divide from another and even
though the source maybe the same.
         Every sunrise is minutely different from
Gleaming on the flow of words, the reflection
                   upon each maybe not the taste of others.

Let us not differ on the source, but let us drink
                quietly upon the reflection that with
every drink brings ripples of reflection upon
all that drink from the knowledge that is swallowed.
There is one source and we are all part of its meaning.
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