Jaceeyy 2d

Another beauty product that was tried and tested
by models who are made to be perfected
Setting unreachable standards of beauty
To gain profit through everyone's insecurity

I have doubted myself, the process was hard and rough
I tried to conform to their standards but it was really tough
Until I realized I am not happy anymore, so I decided that I had enough.

I will not succumb to their standards anymore
I will instead love myself and see what's in store
And if ever my insecurities will strike again,
I will remind myself that I am strong and won't be broken

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that is true
So don't doubt yourself for no one can be like you
Being different is beautiful too
And someone will yet appreciate you

morning glory Aug 31

you keep saying that i've changed.
i know,
these bones don't feel quite the same.
so many different versions
of me have passed by you.
always afraid; always so alone.
our souls have intertwined
so many times
and we don't even know it.
but i know in every variant of myself
i have loved you.

based off the song same soul by pvris
Kasey Wheeler Aug 29

Trying to do things new cause peoples opinions of you to change
Trying something different causes images of you to be renewed
However, these new images may not be accepted
They called me slut for wearing a shirt that showed the outline of my boobs
Nothing was showing
No cleavage
No bra
Just a too tight outline for their taste
Their taste
As if their taste means anything to me
As if their taste should control how I feel in this shirt
I might have cut my hair,
I might have change my clothes,
I might have change the way I act,
But that's just me figuring out myself.
I need no one expectation of who I should be,
To stop me from finding the woman, the person, the sister, the friend that I should be,
Who I want to be
My body isn't their portrait,
What I wear doesn't dictate what they should think of me,
If I wanna wear something that shows more,
Shows something they don't agree with,
Or something that's no so flattering on my body in their opinion,
Shouldn't make them respect me less,
Shouldn't make them speak rude words to me,
Shouldn't make them speak ugly about me to others who don't even know me!

Trying something new makes everyone's head spin round
Trying something makes people disrespect you for doing what you please.

Never trying anything makes you to complacent to the views of others.

Please don't judge others for what they wear. Find who you are and enjoy it.  People will dislike it, not accept it. But its for you to enjoy, not them
Geetika Aug 28

sometimes i feel as though i am such a tormented soul
for i gaze and graze upon thousands galore
i feel i am flexible
i can transition from hard to soft, in the matter of seconds

like the night sky and it's embers and flames
i feel in tune with all thousands, millions of decays
i look upon the women before my own

gazing nights and mystical convictions
i am formed by millions of these convictions

nothing encompasses my broken heart
broken for it is
as divided as it is fluid--

thousand lies
nothing that is fluid
nothing that is understanding
is ever grounded

nothing that is fluid
nothing that is understanding
may ever be able to stay.

Brenda Mukisa Aug 17

So we beat on boats against the current
Borne back ceaselessly into the past
You forget what you want to remember
And remember what you want to forget
And we are quotation marks, inverted and upside down,
Clinging to one another at the end of this life sentence.
Trapped by lives we didn’t choose.

The heart dies a slow death.
Shedding each hope like leaves.
Until one day there are none.
No hopes… no nothing.
My thoughts are stars.
I cannot fathom into constellations.

Beautiful things only grow to a certain height.
And they fail and fade off.
And in that moment.
I swear we were infinite.
I hid my deepest feelings so well.
I forgot where I placed them.

We’ve all got both light and dark inside us
What matters is what part we choose to act on.
That is who we really are.
She is madness, sanity.
She is hell….and paradise.

Lady K Milla Aug 17

She was different from the rest
She was a furnace
Different from the plastic girls
I used to date
She was true to who she was
She melted the fake to the floor
If you could withstand her heat
She would sharpen you like a sword
So blacksmith I became and with her fire
She engulfed me in love into her flame

Mims Aug 15

Turn off the light
I can't see your face
Touch my heart
Inches apart
Making my mind race

Over and under
Enclosed space
Not a trace
Of broken here
Nothing like pain
Or reality is anywhere near


Because we turned the lights off.

We get different in the dark.
Carol Aug 15

you were different
I resisted falling for you
but you were also confident
that's when my love for you grew

H Aug 13

I am different
Just like you.
I wear my hair up when I read,
I don't hit the right notes when I sing,
I forget to think before I speak,
And I trust no one,
Just like Moulder taught me.

Every time I want to hurt myself,
I cut my hair,
Everytime I want to cry,
Smoke fills the air,
And when I'm desperate to be heard,
I reach out to notebooks that are tear covered.

I'm different, oh I'm different,
Just like everyone else,
I'll blend in to the crowds,
Just to be tripped over.

I don't feel so strong all the time. Life has lost it luster and here I live.
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