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GhostCat Apr 16
Have you ever had one of those days...

Where you just feel sane?
No reason to why
The clouds just withhold all their rain
And you're sailing on your way...

Where you want to punch everyone you meet in the face
To sort of justify your head state, and put your feet back in place?

Where everything feels strange?
Like nothing is original;
And passing thoughts cant be tamed?

Where you.....where you just don't really know how you feel?
Those days seem to be the ones when everyone asks if you're okay
And you are
But the more that you're asked;
The more it grates against the grain, driving you insane...

Where you plan everything out
Write it all down
Feel confident you'll act it all out
But instead you find yourself glued to the couch?
Lounging about...
In your pants
Eating cheesy Doritos for no apparent reason?

Where the suns rays penetrate and renovate
Invigorate your being
Leaving you feeling as though you can touch the highest of ceilings?

Where everything doesn't go your way...
As though someone's just taken the biggest of ***** on your parade?

Where everything thing happens all at once
One minute your napping
The next your arms are flapping
Getting stressed and restless
Relentless flitting decisions causing sticky dispositions
Narrowing tunnel vision
Hearing that's constantly shifting
Contracting and relaxing
Entangling webs and...

Have you ever had one of those days...

Where you just wanted to write about it?
I wanna sink deeper
Flowing in your ether

Twist & turning all night, pausing every breath
Have my heart through this bond & my soul through this kiss
My conscience, your conscience
Your conscience, my conscience

Take our time
Laying side-to-side
Sensational baby
Can’t hold out in this fight
Feeling your love fall so deep has me drowning
15 minute break until the next round

I wanna take you down
(Take take take)
I wanna to take you down and put your body to bed

I want you to lay me down
(lay lay lay)
I want you to lay me down and show me your best
Zack Ripley Mar 26
If, today, someone walked
up to you on the street and asked "would you rather be seen or heard?", what would you say? Would you humor them and stay? Would you simply walk away? Growing up, I always heard kids say "I wish I was invisible."
Maybe it was because
they were shy.
Maybe bullies made them cry. Maybe they were embarrassed about how they look.
Maybe they just wanted
a safe place to read a book. Whatever the reason,
I can't help but wonder...if, today, someone walked up to you
on the street and asked "would you rather be seen or heard?", what would you say?
Would your answer be different than what it would have been as a kid? Or would it be the same?
Zack Ripley Mar 17
it's easy to criticize people
for how they deal with pressure.
but it's important to realize that pressure,
like people, come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes;
they affect people differently.
because he doesn't drink just to drink.
and she doesn't smoke just to smoke.
they're trying to forget how broken they are inside.
trying anything to escape their minds.
escape their lives.
and, at the end of the day, that's all we want to do too.
ScaryGary Mar 17
I know I have a lot of women hating on me, but it's ok...I don't hate you, and in fact if you're decent looking and not lazy, I probably fantasize about doing stuff to you. Good stuff. I don't think of women as lesser, in half of the ways, I guess I'd say. Some things you don't even want to be part of, believe me. The cruelty that is woman and the cruelty that is man are different.
This is the ******* I post on Facebook, off the cuff...I am not a false person and I do love women...especially 25-50 without kids. Hit me up, I've been celibate for 7 years
Persephone Feb 1
Ah yes, love has a way of tasting differently when god birthed you hungry
Wyatt Jan 28
Another chapter
in this same old story
but maybe today I will go
down a different path
to break the monotony.
Kind compliments
to a random stranger
or maybe I'll decide to try
something new for dinner.
It's always the small things
that can turn around a bad day
so maybe that little push
for some difference can save
what I feel are always sad days.
I've been defeated enough lately
so maybe today I'll listen
to a new song and look
for something beautiful
outside of this window,
at least for once.
If every day feels the same and if we really are the authors of our own lives then we need to write a new chapter in this same old story for once.
A B Faniki Dec 2021
Meet Jane, she squanders her life chasing love
Now everyone thinks she squanders her life
On sweet nothing but
By Jove! what a thing she has experienced in her lifetime:
Only God knows;
Yet they thought she squander her life on sweet nothing

Meet John he lives his life struggling
Now everyone thinks he is in love with struggles,
But is life not full of struggles.
O! What a thing he has seen in his lifetime,
Because he struggled with it, yet they though
He squanders his life searching for fool’s gold
And empty dreams.

Meet Jack he spends his time drinking and partying
Now everyone thinks he squanders his life having fun.
Hmm! All work and no play make Jack a dull boy and this
Dull Jack has the hounds of hell on his heels when he is
Sober, they had no idea what he was going through;
Yet they thought he squander his entire life
Being miserable and drunk all the time.

Meet Matt he works all his life to earn a living
And everyone thought he squander his life working,
Ah! Is not more work the reward for hard-work and
No one cares that he has promises to keep and places to
Be, yet they thought he squanders his entire life working
And may end an old lonely fellow.

Meet Abby she squanders most of her livelihood on fashion and
Material things and everyone thought she squanders her livelihood on useless things.
Oy! Some things have to give, that’s the way it has been but
No one cares she had a craving to satisfy and insecurities to hide
With cloth that glitters, yet thought she squanders her life on material things; so that she could be the center of attention.  

Let them think all they like. Let them say whatever they think of
We all have our crosses to carry, our insecurities and habit, and promises to deal with.
Life is meant to be squandered on something whether it's on a noble deed or a selfish act?
Life is meant to be squandered on something whether it's on a
Meaningless or meaningful Things?  
Life is meant to be squandered on our wishes and whips and
We have seconds of it to squander,
We have minutes of it to squander,
We have hours of it to squander,
We have days off it squanders,
We have weeks of it to squander,
We have years of it to squander,
We have a lifetime of it to squander till we are no more,
Till we return to the very dust that we are created out of.
all fingers are not equal. We all have our crosses to carry. Different folks different stroke. yada yada yada
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