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yasmin 2d
in the middle
of the crowd
is where I feel
most alone.

they ask me
about the weather
and I tell them
of my storm.

theres a tornado
in my head,
a wildfire
in my heart.

they look at me
with regret.
i'm an alien
in their eyes.
In the world of a girl, me,
there is always a story
waiting between the pages of life.

In every word, in every scene,
I catalog and dissect the meaning
of everyone and everything.
Like some sort of word scientist.

But life isn't always sunshine and rainbows,
sometimes it storms, and there is only grey.
I quite prefer the rain to the rainbow.

But I am not like everyone else,
who gossip about boys and sports
whilst putting on a pound of makeup in the morning.
I am...different.

And in this world, the difference is frowned upon.
So what if I dye my hair odd colors?
So what if I'm a girl with hair short like a boys?
That doesn't make me anything less.
I am more than they could ever imagine.

Just because I sit outside in the rain
or eat my lunch alone, headphones injecting lyrics into my skull
that only I can understand the meaning of
because my brain is my own, not anyone else.

And I don't care that I prefer the company of fake people on screens,
just so I can escape my miserable existence in the real world.
I don't care that I fight every single day just to make it through
and then realize I have to do it all again in the morning.

I don't care. Because I stopped caring a long time ago.
I stopped caring when my own brain decided to rob me
of everything I held dear and turned everyone against me.
I'm just a story in my own head, playing out like a badly written movie.
But that's okay.
Because I wouldn't mind it if I was just a story among millions.
That still means that somewhere,
someone is reading it.
I know it's long, I've seen longer
wc 5d
i have always loved
my wacky socks more than all
of my other clothes

they started mismatched
then all knee highs, and now they
are so colourful

they're still mismatched and
knee high sometimes, but all i
want is wacky socks

socks are anything
and everything, a nice,
unique part of me
Maybe if you were ******* me it’d be enough for you to want to marry me, and release your notion of security.

Maybe that’s what it takes. Maybe that’s why she was different.
I know this isn’t true, now, but. It was a hard night that night and I figure it deserves to be shared anyway.
Amy 6d
please accept me
for who i am.

accept that i'm:

hang on,
why should i ask for your acceptance?
when i need to first learn to accept myself.
love and embrace who i am.
because one day there will be a person who will love me for who i am.
but first i need to love myself.
learn to accept yourself. There will be a person that will love you, but what about yourself? You are first and should always be.
Chiara Sep 29
I’m not like you,
I may never be,
But I still need friends
Who accept me for me.

My hair may be purple,
It may be cut short,
There may be piercings
As well as tattoos.

I’m not an alien,
Just ‘cause I’m different,
But you’ll only know that,
If you see me for me.

I’m more than I look like,
I’ve got a big heart,
I will be your friend,
If you want to have me.

But do not assume,
Now don’t get me wrong:
That I’ll change for you,
That would be wrong.

I’d be glad for your friendship,
But you must see,
That I need friends,
Who accept me for me.
Jeff Lewis Sep 24
Such amazing strength,
To be so weak and
Yet survive.
Weak by choice or station?
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