You know the feeling
When u thought
You're special
And you have different treatment
Than others
And then find out
You're not
You're just the same
As everyone else
Filling an empty spot
That can be filled by anything
Not just
If I'm always the odd one out
I must follow where everyone goes
Regardless whether I want it or not
Just to keep everyone close
I've been conditioned to learn
From society, to always want more
More friends equates to more love
Be more successful than before
But fame and fortune do not excite me
I cherish privacy and solitude
I'm slowly learning different is okay
I am more than willing to pursue
None for one,
A fun dance for many.
I´ve always been different,
Abundance more than plenty.
But for this, I´d been shunned,
And this stayed true.
Rambled on alone
Until I had found you.
A fine florida boy-
Who understood why
I prefer shellfish to selfish.
One fish,
Two fish,
Red fish,
No Phish.
Anya 2d
On the girl's side:

Are you going to winter formal?
No, I wish I was. They even have a candy bar.

On the boy's side:

Theoretically, if I was to consume cyanide...
You know you could...

On the girl's side:

Look at how perfectly I filled the gel!
Yeah, girl power!

On the boy's side:

Who filled the gel C?
I'll use you for my source of error.

On the girl's side:

Eugh, beef tacos:
I never eat them, only paninis and pizza...sometimes

On the boy's side:

Ooh, beef tacos!
Finally something good to eat.

I find myself smiling. It is true, I'm only describing a tiny microcosm
Not nearly enough,
to make conclusions

Aligning to stereotypes?

Maybe, I don't know
But I do know,
While listening,

I was fighting to keep a smile off my face
How funny people can be when you remove yourself from
Main character to audience
brinn 5d
nothing will ever be the same
i knew it the moment i left
but even still i was surprised when i came
back and everything had changed.
they glued labels
on my body
that won't come off
without removing pieces of myself
and it hurts
almost as much
as watching them
bend and twist
and break your
to fit you inside
a box your heart
has outgrown
she spoke
as if there
were colors
running through
every word.

i spoke
as if i had
a blade for
a tongue.

different pigments
doesn't change
the fact
we have the same
different religious beliefs
doesn't change
the fact
we're made of the same elements
different ****** orientations
doesn't change
the fact
we are all human
different social classes
doesn't change
the fact
none if us are
consistently happy
different lifestyles
doesn't change
the fact
we're all imperfect

Contrary to popular belief, chaos and tranquility were friends.

It was our ignorance that made it seem as though their camaraderie was competition.
Everyone seems to take polar opposites and make it seem as though they're enemies. I just don't understand it. Just because two things are different doesn't one is better than the other.
you have everything;
excluding me.
i have nothing;
not even you.
not even your love.
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