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you're trying to figure out
whether she's really
wearing Gucci,
or if it's a fake bag.

I'm trying to figure out
whether that look
in her eyes is grief
or another sadness
that I have not yet
learned to understand.

you're judging her
because her teeth
aren't perfectly straight.

I'm judging her
based off of the words
that come out from
behind those teeth.

you're hating on her
because she doesn't
wear her makeup like
the rest of these girls do.

I'm loving her because
she has the courage
to stand out, and the
self-respect to not care
if you don't like it.

you're studying her looks,
but I'm focused on her soul.

that's what makes us different.
Beckie Davies Apr 27
Different can be lonely
Lonely is my home
You see things in a certain way
When you're seeing them alone
Different is the only way I know
different is the only way i know
Pum Sid Apr 13
Some are destined
to be one of the flowers
in a garden of lovely buds
to do ballet with the butterflies
and sing with the bees.

Some may be one of the sprouts
that gracefully grows
in a vast ethereal meadow
to exchange greetings with the birds
and hear the lullabies of the breeze.

And the Sun would favor
to shower them sprinkles and enthralled sunbeams
for they are the children of morning glory
and the soul of dancing bushes.

Perhaps, I was born different
for I knew to myself
that I don't fit in a field of darlings
where most wonders went to dance.

I'm like an abandoned death cap
lying low beneath the oak —
I slumber with the owls
and I howl with the foxes;

When they choose to stand
under the fall of stardust,
I was lurking somewhere unknown
dipping my fingers in the mud.

But melancholia had stopped
chasing after my silhouette
because it knew that I was breathing fine
outside a circle where I got to be myself;
head empty, heart weightless, and soul free.
SerenaDuru Apr 13
Why is it that it is when I am most alone, I feel most present?
I feel like an alien on Earth. I do not understand how I was birthed here.

My home is beyond my physical state, my home is beyond my emotions, and even my desires. My home is where none of those things could dream to reach, in all their perversity and incapability. I will not hurry from Earth, but I do know that this does not even slightly resemble my home.

How blessed I am to know what I am not.
Martin Boško Apr 10
To see the World without the light
To watch the flow of the wind
To listen to owls in their flight
To hear the spirits sing

To feel the breeze of a windless day
To taste the river of love
To smell the words other people say
To dive into waters that flow above
Raven Feels Apr 3
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, people are not what we want them to be:>

What makes him so intense

What makes him so mad that the clench of his jaw shapes him

What makes him so stiff that  his gesture of amusement  softens his infuriating rage

What makes him so confused that the irritate demeanor longs for more rather than ease

What makes him so wild that his nerves pace with tire of need

What makes him so boisterous that the favor of calmness portrays his body

That his ice breaks offering her the aspiring warm from his heat

Raven Feels Apr 3
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, pens can express when the tongue can't:}

What makes her so different

What makes her so quiet yet her silence flowing a million words

What makes her so dark yet the room in her presence shines

What makes her so desperate yet her eyes  hopeful for savior

what makes her so inert yet the  sweat on her screams excite

What makes her so sad yet her way of fidgeting is fighting a smile

Yet she manages to fuel him

with a sift of need for more of her fascinating enchantment

Lee Aaun Mar 30
curiosity alone
can cause problems,
but when it mingles
with resilience
you create a different story
your story, you create it
Chris Mar 24
I studied much science, then shifted to art
That presented theater to me
I shifted to history, why do we fight?
No effects are without cause
What is the source of war?

How does humanity have religion?
Where is the basis of our decisions?
Our complications, observations, & nations?

I look to the sky.
It is always beautiful.  It is undeniable.
I know people like facts. I love them.

Logic entangled with emotion..
We walk through risk's rosy brambles..
We often end up in shambles..

It became luck, morality, and intelligence..
You call it common sense..

It is ironic how uncommon it has become
We laugh and smile but..

Too many live numb..

Feeling when we're young, fading with time
Into our beloved, imagined normality..
You call it typical life..

I call it insanity..

Simply because evidence proves it to be..

Don't be mad at me
I'm not mad at you..

I just can't understand..
Why you wouldn't want to understand..

We say science helps humanity..
So is it confirmation bias?
Where does our fear come from?

You want peace but help to end it..
We're only different because we lied..
To mirrors..
Then judged others..
Our money as a glue for a fatal game of fate..

It is not my place to judge you
You are you and I am always only me..
You say you want equality
We say we love democracy..

Why then does Earth.. A pale blue dot..
Help itself to its own death?

The truth is simple
It is simple because it is facts and logic
It is also never perfectly obtainable

Call it Heaven or the universe..
Either way..
Mysteries are infinite..

Nature is a woman of secrets
Time is a man of faith and honor

We really would benefit from listening..
To our parents.. To our God or no God..
Our Gods and Goddesses or their absence..
To our imaginative possibilities..

I will never hate humanity
I will never judge you


I will call you out when you act crazy
When you nurture insanity..

We are human but not very humane
That is the reality

I only will ask you one question..

I want to breach into your secrets..
I want to define your theaters of war..

I want to find conflict's source..

The truth is often scary
It will still set its seekers free..
If we are more than few.. It can do that..
More and more quickly..

What we're doing never worked
Survival and peace calls for something new..

I think of pure truth..
How it can be scary and still save lives..

So.. here is my question to humanity..

Why Are You Afraid?
This is only my observation.
I cannot fix the world.
Only people working together can.

2020 was like pandora's box. We have been hiding from ourselves though. We didn't open a box. Just pulled back a closed curtain. I think we can fix our mistakes. It will take your mirror and helping one another though. On a scale that will need to be global to work. Peace is not impossible. It will take time and facing our mistakes though. A future of peace is worth striving for. Whoever you may be.. Stay safe out there. Remember to smile.
Daivik Mar 23
You are in an empty room.
Nobody anywhere
And the world, it's empty

Descend the stairs
Look at the stars
The snow covered firs
A vision says hi

Now return
Open a book
Drink some water
And sit & sit & sit
And think & think & think
Why are you reading this poem
When you could be changing the world
Again from class 8 shud I share more?
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