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Hannah 12h
I hate you.
I love you.

The same amount of words
 ­                                                                 ­           cOmPleTely DifFereNt.
Can change someone's life
                                                 ­      or
                                                                ­                                   Negatively.
Choose wisely because it could
                                                    ­ you
                                                             ­                                             too.
In the end, it all comes down to you and
                                                             ­                                             Words.
Lance May 24
Black Sheep,Black Sheep
Fade away
Black Sheep, Black Sheep
Go Away

Always living A lie
Many wanting you to die
Yet always crawling to survive
Despite never wanted to be alive

Wishing to take part
But being torn Apart
Black Sheep among the white
Always getting the Bite

Why walk
When always given the talk
Why continue on
When only wanted to be gone

Black Sheep, Black Sheep
Stay away
Black Sheep, Black Sheep
Never stay
I have always felt left out by my family, always the odd one out, the outcast or the person always yelled at. I try to fight but I always end up short. And that's when they told me they never wished me to be here anyway. And I knew I was the black sheep among the white. Always different. Always left alone.
Lee May 23
pain --
a level of hurt
so severe
that we gave it another name.
Stewie May 23
Sometimes I feel as if no one will understand me.
I am complex. I am me.
Afreen May 21
Why hide behind,
the shadows?
there's so much to see,
your heart's blazing,
with dreams,

They won't get it,
it's okay,
to be that lonely star
in the dark,
shadows of the world.
It's okay to think differently, but not indifferent.
3 am thoughts upon introspecting myself.
Lara May 19
The world

What is the world?
Does it describe our world?

The world of every single one?

You might be my world or I might be yours.

Everybody has their own perspective.

Everyone’s is the right one.
It might be different of what you’ve imagined but it is your world.

You can change your world
and you can have an impact on the whole world.

You can make the world a better place.

You have the impact
Use it
Make it your world
Remi May 15
I am the maneless lion among the pride
The white horse among the herd
The black swan among the flight
The hornless ram among the flock
The flightless bee among the hive
The clawless kitten among the litter

Yes, I am different
But that's what truly makes me a wonder
Being different isn't always a bad thing. If you're different from everybody else, embrace your difference. Its what makes you a wonder 💖
You do it again and again and think it'll be different
That you'll be different
But its just a monotonous path of indifference
And resentment
be different,
doesn't mean you're
right or wrong, the permission to hurt,
just finding your place
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