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Bohemian Mar 11
Amid that rain
Enchanting the moment are kept a pair of cup with tea
Alongside nice 'weather forecast' hailing
For it says not a prolonged raining
And you've plans for the evening
A novel by,maybe re-reading Pride and Prejudice
Read with a fragmented focus of your screening
Thought about it at night,part one,slightly lacked a few things.
Bohemian Mar 10
A hammock in your balcony hovering,
Windchimes tinkling
Rain outside
The word submerges there
Oblivious,you turn.
Well,a hammock is a swing for elders ;)
Deniz Eilmore Feb 17
In my mind
I create worlds
Of endless possibilities
Ones in which I do not pretend
I can be who I am
Tammy M Darby Nov 2018
It without reservation can be said
Light on their indistinct feet these apparitions
Having no physical form

Cavorting of course with analogous kinds
On human emotions, they dine
Waltzing with elegance and ease
Disappearing as they please
Showcasing their unearthly skills
Rattling their chains
And moaning with glee

Ah yes it can most assuredly be said
I enjoy
Dancing with ghosts of the dead
It is the event of a lifetime
And is a rare phenomenon amongst the living

But not be envious of their steps
For throughout their existence they may never rest
It is a clandestine situation at best
Though they frolic gaily

Imprisoned between two worlds
Ignoring their dilemma
Nebulous phantoms
Continuing to whirl

Still, in good conscience, I cannot deny
Even with their trickery and constant cries
And disregarding the fact they are dead
What a delightful experience it truly is
Dancing with ghosts of the dead

All Right Reserved @ Tammy M Darby Nov. 3,  2018.
Re-Write Feb. 11, 2019
All Material Stored in Author Base.
trhey may nevr eestSo if you seek ***
At the age of 10,
I enter a world manipulated by a smooth console
with knobs to weave myself into a different skin
level up with every ****,
and move with a certain skill.
At the age of 12,
I open a world stacked on my shelf.
Some world lying there parched like the desert,
accumulating dust and letting its texture fray away.
Whereas some lie there with their syllables
paving roads to adventure
and intoxicating the air with its tropic odor.
At the age of 14,
I scroll myself into another world;
where vision is pixelated
and lighting is perfect.
Instagram and Snapchat are the societies that exist,
ranking your position with the followers you keep.
Endorphins are the taps you receive
and filters are what you apply before you leave.
At the age of 16,
I pick up the VR goggles
and sleep under lucid rainbows
and a different constellation.
Everything is under my control,
the timezone;
a stimulation that feels so real.
At the age of 18,
I meet people of different hues,
discovering new worlds in them.
With different nations weaved on their skin,
and composition of carbon, nitrogen, spice and sweet ever so different in them.
Indigo Jan 21
You're a blue whale
You can not fly
I'm a blue bird
I live in the sky
You say we can not meet
Can not love
Till we die

But there is a line
That collides the sea with the sky
A line very fine
Yet divine
A thin surface

Too close to air for whales to find you
Too close to sea for birds to find me
Keep this our secret
Love me
On the edges
Of our two worlds

Love me through the storm
Love me when the seas are angry
Love me when the winds blow
Love me when the ships are sinking
And the buildings fall
Even if the storms bring death
You and i know
They are the time our worlds combine
Every one will run and hide
Hold me
Hold me tight
Everything will be Allright.
She explored worlds only known
To those who had patience and perseverance
A world without visuals yet gave sight
To those willing to create it
A world filled with diverse people
Who all shared the same voice
A world so loud in words
Without making a single a noise
She had many worlds she could explore
Too many for her to decide
Each new world lined up on the shelf
Aligned with past adventures to remind
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
Maybe the two different worlds
we lived in weren't so different.
We saw the same sunset.
From one of my absolute favorite books, The Outsiders. I strongly suggest it to anyone and everyone. It is one of those books you must read in your lifetime.
Try Dec 2018
lead to future sorrows,
rather remain swimming in the oceans corals,
then open up the next portal,
into anothers world.

© Try
OswinPotts Dec 2018
I dream
of the places I can't see,
of the places where i long to be.

I dream
of the worlds inside my head
that come alive
when I shut my eyes.

I dream
so that the stories play
like movies on my eyelids.

I dream
in time to the music
that pours life
back into my veins.

I dare to dream
that I can be better
than who I am now.

I dare to dream
that the world
could be better too.

I dare to dream
so that the pain goes away
so that I can no longer feel.

I dare to dream
that I am brave.

But if I dare to dream
of a world
where I am strong,

dare I believe
that I could be
as strong
as in my dreams?
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